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What do I Deliver?

Next we've got to kind of look at how are you going to deliver? Um you know what's your what's your favorite way to deliver and there's a wonderful book right here called the big leap okay, um it's a fairly quick read I give it a three to five, three to five hour read um by gay hendricks um, I actually got it on kindle and I'm buying more of these for my clients to because what gay talks about is going into your zone of genius versus years down of excellence many of us have operated for many years in our zone of excellence, and we're missing out on that zone of jesus that zone geniuses that channel place it's that place where you're so completely tuned in turned on engaged in connected you're not even aware of time you're not aware of what you're doing, you're just immersed in the experience and you're at your peak. This town of excellence is a little bit behind that you're fully aware you're doing a great job it's all going well, but you're aware you haven't gotten to that extra step ...

where you're no longer even aware and there's a gap in there and when you can perform in zone of genius more than zone of excellence that's when you'll feel a significant life shift big a zone of excellence still feels like work zone of genius doesn't and when we're in a row zone of excellence, what happens is I saw your face over there thank you when you're in your zone of excellence, what happens is you get complacent you'll feel a bit bored you won't be fully engaged and you will actually start to sabotage yourself this sound familiar to anybody? Yeah yeah because you're really good at it still it's rather like when I stepped out into hospitality purchasing which if you're not entirely familiar means that if you ate it drank it right with it or slept on it I bought it and I was moving city states and companies every eight months for the first five years what was that that five year mark that I started looking at things going okay, wait a minute I'm not loving what I'm doing I'm good at it I'm making good money on one of the few women and it but this isn't working for me I was actually miserable I would start to go in late, which is completely unlike ma'am an early bird and I couldn't wait to get home at night so I knew there was something really wrong with the whole equation and it was hard to leave because I was good at it and I was being well compensated and that could be lethal so even if you're good at something and you're being well compensated and people are praising you for it doesn't mean it's your zone of genius it just means that your zone of excellence and that means you need to look closer and ok wait a minute I'm really good at this but do I love it? Does it juice me? Does it energize me? Does it make me feel good or do I just feel wiped out and depleted at the end of the day and that's really what you want to think about so look at the things that you've written down is there anything there that you're really good at but it doesn't juice you because if there is take it off the list scratch it through erase it blotted out scribble it out whatever is going to work for you but take it off the list because that doesn't go into your brilliance in your blind spot it really doesn't this is about getting what you want and understanding that you've got to decide what talents you want toe leverage every day and stop playing it safe it's very safe to stay in your zone of excellence the danger is the sabotage that will occur and we've all been there when things were really you know feels like everything's going fine and all of a sudden something hits and we're like where did that come from because everything was going fine but it wasn't going fabulously and you were bored and you were disconnected and that's a dangerous place to bay so I want to know when was your last zone moment and what were you doing if you can remember it making dinner thursday night making dinner thursday night awesome vicki rochelle what did you make I made a ten in the swat salad I get towed to shock a lot and a smoked vanilla bean sorbet wait wait right there you're bringing to get towed to shook a lot and tomorrow I have one in the freezer with movement no being a survey that was yeah we'd be happy to help you with that way really would ok very cool said it was a thursday zone moment that's awesome ruth if you got one to share uh working with the client earlier this week and also doing some writing very cool very cool okay, yeah um tuesday think the other the past few days I was working on a music uh this wasn't marvin art thing for a show that there was a deadline there's a deadline you know right after this class so obviously can't do it right now so you know a little bit nervous about the deadline but then after you know a half hour so I got into it and was just you know going out and it was you know really great yeah yeah awesome bridge yeah, it goes right back to the design stuff I bought it I found this really cool sofa and it's got delivered and um then I had to rearrange this whole thing and I just it was like three hours later and even I know that feeling that I literally had no idea and rearranged the whole room around that's awesome that's awesome judy about you well, you were talking about gps, so I had I had by gps on to get here this morning and I'm also rehearsing for a performance on saturday night and I'm singing along and I went and it said when the next turn wasn't it I totally didn't hear that I just do it I think I have to turn that off because I'm singing at the top of my lungs and I was just going with it that's awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who reverses in the car I'm not singing, but I speaking usually and I do that in the guard to yeah oh yeah, yeah ok, so the great thing about this is you've all had really recent zone moments, there's every chance that the the online community there's people in there who might not have had his own moment for several months or even a couple of years or longer and pay attention to that because if you can't remember your last so moment, it means you're not playing and profiting and living and working in your zone and it really is like making your business your playground for profit when you're in your zone because there's nothing you'd rather be doing and time disappears it not only flies, it disappears, you're not even aware you don't care about deadlines, you're like, I'm just I'm in the zone, it's all working for may and pieces of this prepping for for this and prepping for you all did that for me when I was looking for images, for example, now compiling the actual power points less so and sending pieces of it to a fabulous talent that I found to dress him up because that's not my forte, we've established I'm not a graphics person, but looking for the images was a blast. Just compiling the workbook was fun because that involved writing and pieces of it. So when you can create your business in a way that you have a predominance of zone of genius and less so their zone of excellence because that's where you'll get frustrated it start to sabotage that's when it's really going to make the biggest difference and that's what we want to look at, so I want you to go to that space. Chris, did we have any folks online talk about their last known moment? We had some people who were charming in here now this one comes from kathleen elise, who said my second latest zone moment was about an hour before this class began I was having a meeting with a potential client and I have never been so excited about a project I can't wait to get started that's great way also a comedy gumball machine who said that her zone woman was writing listeningto one of my favorite jazz bands dreaming of playing the drums way had another furniture mover who said they had one while they were moving furniture at two thirty am way tend to do these furniture moves it really weird hours will suddenly get inspired and feel energized beyond all reason and behave and everything around yeah, that snake so this really is about operating in your zone of genius you actually get to be in your highest and best place at that point um and it's about finding the format for that. So we've got a format your genius some of you've already sort of formatted by sharing what your talents are, but when you say for example, your talent is being a speaker or writer, what are you speaking and writing about? Because it's not everything um they make up artist that I worked with this morning um rights for children and young teens that's very specific that's not who I would ever be writing for so it's who are you writing for? What type of things are you writing and is writing even it or is it more of speaking you may hate to speak, I love to speak, obviously, um rumor has it some people think I'm good at it. I hope so. I love this image of of writing because that's really what it isthe um, but again, remember what I said before, if you're not willing to get published now there are those people, I'm a starter, you may be a starter or a finisher. I think I got much of starters in the room, actually maybe maybe one or two finishers, but the reality is there are people who are better geared to publishing into writing that can do a gifted job of publishing other people because that's their gift, then they can in writing, if you can find one of those people work with him. Um, next one would be online training. Some people have a gift for online training for being virtual. One of the beautiful pieces that creative live allows us is to have you in my physical audience and then the wonderfulness of the online audience at the same time, which is really an extraordinary opportunity because otherwise virtual training for me can be very stressful because I'm speaking into a big black void, and I've often wondered if somebody couldn't come up with a screen saver. With wonderful faces that lit up the right points in my actual presentation, they would laugh, they would smile, they might, you know, look a little sad at certain points, I think I'd be great nobody's come up with this yet, it's very frustrating and then what I consider, you know, live training, teaching, which is different than speaking because I can deliver a keynote and there might be three key points, but teaching, I'm actually creating a transfer of information and looking for that end result, and then one of my favorites that I'm not as good at is thie by hand creation again. It's a format, so won't you be thinking in terms of what's, the best format for your gifts format could be designing you may be a designer now I am a designer, I'm also a speaker. I'm also a writer. I have my own publishing company, so I guess my publisher also, um I'm not a by hand creator. Um, but the designer piece of it is that's that's a skill set that's, a talent to be able to design something, whether it's a website, whether it's, um, fashion, whether it's the interior of a home it's, all a skill set, same thing with crafting or building it's a skill set it's a talent a lot of this can be trained, but if you don't have an inherent passion for it if you don't love being in that place doesn't make any sense and then there's caregiving again that could be trained you can train people to be caregivers they have a lot of training for it but the reality is if that person is not a caregiver at their core it could be a disaster a disaster so you really want to put people is often it's possible in not only there zone of genius but delivering in their best format and then we want to know what your favorite format one of the top two so write down your top two formats for delivering from what we just walked through and you actually got him inside the workbook to make it easy on page ten top of page ten and I gave you some additional ones there says speaking is live keynote motivational you know what kind of speaking are you doing writing content creation? Are you getting published by others or you responsible also for publishing yourself? Publishing means your expert curator you're actually responsible for publishing other people's material you may also be an expert collaborator or compiler online training tele seminars, webinars teaching live workshops and seminars by hand creation paint sketch sculpt so many different ways and formats you could do this sewing her scrapbooking collage ing is there a way for example, rachelle you could take your talent for food in the kitchen and apply your collage inabilities or do you already do that? Biggest foods find a collage with yeah, it definitely is designing creating designs to be produced by others as a designer you don't typically produce now as an interior designer you often produced but I'm not producing a sofa I'm producing the room and selecting a sofa designed by someone else to put in it and then building furniture structures, vehicles are you a builder and delivering care for others physical therapy elder care anything like that? What your top two formats where to start in the middle this time what do you talk? Tio uh by hand creation design awesome by hand creation of design perfect and they dovetail really nicely rich do my top one you're sure bullet's get by with one it's designed excellent. Okay, I'm excited right duty oh, this is a toss up on mine I would say I love speaking that's probably where I'm really in my zone but I'm really good at organizing other people's information. Um and I look at that as designed and I've done that I've done that my entire life even when it was really hard to d'oh that when they were typewriters oh also I make it I make it not only clearer um and make the words clearer but I also visually make it digestible and exciting that's also partly publishing that's what I was I wasn't sure double shake that one because you're finessing their material yeah yeah ruth definitely live teaching and writing okay, awesome and we're shallow we got yours already figured out yeah taking live by an education and so it's weapon clause okay, very cool amy online we have some online carol j says by hand creations and speaking jade says the only thing that takes me out of my head of ideas is drawing and then vallas is live teaching by hand creation red scorpios is by hand creation life teaching and cheryl says teaching is definitely one of mine and also by hand teachings of big teacher like you teach that's neat that really is all right, so now you got the format you got your talents nailed down you gotta understand how you can build a business on this and this comes back to those adjectives that hopefully you all created at break or before so pull those forward please if you don't have eighty, you can work with what you've got if you can even create twenty quickly, that would be awesome. Um you can certainly take the ones that I'm going to give you here because what we're going to do is we're going to sort through those and I'm gonna walk through these first, and then I'll show you what the exercise is to establish your values because your values inform what you most want to do on a daily basis. Ok, so you get community and connection, how important is that to you? You've got these, by the way, in the book that there's an example here, but I haven't actually recorded the community connexion in there, so if you want to write that down, you certainly can community connection, curiosity and adventure is a huge one for me and the hot air ballooning thing I love hot air ballooning I mean absolutely love it, I've done it on three continents, I think it totally rocks. First day I went up, I came down, I said, we're going to go back so that really that's I'm all over curiosity, venter and I got a curiosity for my mother and the adventure also because she was an inveterate traveler. Um, next step would be entertaining and fun. Do you do you really like things that are entertaining and fun? Now? My eighty of entertaining and fun is very different than this image because I like small groups I do not like big like in atlanta, we have philips arena too big for me don't want to do it, I'll do the botanical gardens for a concert or I'll go to one of the much smaller venues um entertaining at home I really enjoyed doing that having a good time some people can't stand entertaining they want to go to somebody else's house I have lots of friends like they love coming to my house but they don't throw their own parties because they're scared to they're afraid some he's going to comment on their draper or lack thereof it's an interior design fear motivation motivating inspiring is that important to you? Is recognition important to you people telling you you're awesome? One of the things I spoke with my client about this morning on the phone at six was she felt that should really knocked ah presentation she done recently at a ballpark and her boss never said good job and I said, you know, I think the reality here is not that you did anything less than a fantastic job it's just that he's used to looking for the flaw instead of looking for what's right? And a lot of us find that so you have to be able to give yourself the ata girls in the ata boys and be able to pat yourself on your own back and say, hey, I'm doing a good job doesn't matter that I'm not necessarily being recognized for it if you need the recognition ask for it asked for hey I felt like I knocked out of the ballpark would you think you know, you can always ask you will only get in this life what you asked for if you're not asking, you're not getting for a reason and it's about paying it forward and being generous now that doesn't apply to everybody not everybody likes to do that. Some people say I pay it forward, I don't wanna be generous, it just happens to work well in my life and it's a lot of what I do and then there's a lot about being enthusiastic joy and delight these air just some values they're by no means you know, your values or what you wrote down in those adjectives and that's what I want you to work off of now, I'm betting that some of you had these words included, um, but I want you to distill your list of adjectives down two groupings grouping together into ten groups I don't care how you do it, but for example, enthusiastic joy and delight all kind of go together community and caring go together because when you group them down, we're going to go from having like eighty adjectives down to just having ten rows of adjectives and we could make it five rose if you don't have eighty to work with, however, when you have bring it down into ten groups can't get up and I'll make it even easier in another example ok, this is about organization. I happen to be a very organized person, and my sisters would both call me a neat freak it's, the only one of the three of us that was that's, what got the nickname so you know, that may not be your thing. Aa lot of creative aren't particularly need. I am one who will leverage the procrastination tool of organization to get more done. I can't work in a cluttered environment, it just makes me crazy and healthy and fit. I came to that late in life. I came to that after my thirties. Tell me a long time to figure out that I really needed to to get in shape, and that's made an enormous difference in all the rest of my life, so I have a very high value on healthy and fit and high value on love and being cherished high value on that may not be a high value for you. Your words are what matters. Not so much the words I've got here, although these air helpful springboard that makes a big difference.

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