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Yoga For the Mind

And we're about to have what I like to call yoga for the mind, which is the in class exercise. Here he is, isn't he fabulous? I love if I can work this way, I would, because I think this is a great way to work. So it's the values assessment and the example is use theeighty adjectives and adverbs that you had listed organize them into ten creative categories. You put it in anyone on this categories, ray, each category on a one to ten scale if you aren't living it, you're not aligned, and we want to look at that so that we can bring you into alignment over the next couple of days and then beyond that, and I'll show you the example of what I mean right now. So, for example, these were all words, adjectives, adverbs that came off that list and they got grouped in this manner and the numbers on the outside the four the five, the nine the ten is where they are in that life right now, so obviously a nine and a ten there are aligned, but the foreign the five, not so much they need to bring mor...

e of those values into their life, they need to add more friendship, community and connection and sharing they need to add more adventurous intrigue, meeting new people and then the recognition grateful being appreciated this seven they need to ask for more of that. So can you take the words that you've got and can you create ten creative categories and if you could even give me five that's fine and then we're going to score them, you'll be able to score your own to see where they fit if you're living a ten across the board well, my hat's off to you because I'm not doing that I'm really not getting any questions online, chris we actually did have a question come in now we can address this now or we wrap this up but this is a question that came in regarding the zone that we're talking about a second ago but people have been voting on it so a number of people want to know this was posted by laurel lavender susie illustrates also wanted to know now they say that I find that I get in the zone on new projects but often burn out before it's finish any suggestions and lots of people seem to agree with you that's a classic starter position ok in this life there are starters and there are finishers ok now the interesting thing is there are about a ten to one ratio you have ten times as many starters as you have finishers that it only takes one finisher to finish what ten people have started so what you want to do is pay attention those places where you start to lose interest are those places where you can bring in someone else with a complementary skill set to complete it for you. And is that a place you could also delegate two or outsource? Because I understand that really well now I emerged from having a full time and her design practice into being a full time success strategist and business designer as a designer, my favorite pieces of the process, we're sourcing new product, not writing up the purchase orders, not chasing down the orders, but I did it all in the beginning, so that then I had a framework that I can hand off to an assistant to an intern to someone else that made a really big difference. This stuff that you're not loving is likely the non creative pieces it's the repetitive pieces, and it probably involves some level of paperwork and analytical work pieces which creatives don't love. So when they're repetitive, if you will create the master of how it's done, you will then be able to delegate that effectively to someone else, whether it's someone who comes into your workspace and works beside you, or whether it's, an outsourcing online and I'm a big advocate of virtual outsourcing, I've done a lot of that. And design I usually had an intern on board and no more than that and I also had a ton of vendors and my vendors would do the pieces for me that I didn't want to do, for example in design when it came down a drapery I didn't love doing all the measurements and I didn't love doing all the calculations at a workroom who did that for me? So find resource is that are willing to step in and take that responsibility off your shoulders because they understand that when you are in your zone of genius, you are in the most amazing place possible and they will get more business from you when they free you up to be in your zone of genius because their zone of genius is the stuff you don't love to d'oh that's the best part about it so that's my long answer to a short question, but it really does make that kind of difference their starters they're classic starters and I'm a classic starter also in the early stages of your business you have to do it all yourself you have to get good at being that finish her, but as your business grows and expands, you want to look for those resource is that will not only finish you, but we'll take the middle pieces those icky middle please pieces that especially involve a lot of paperwork off your plate um it's like bookkeeping I haven't done my own bookkeeping and decades I have a bookkeeper who does that for me? I have an accountant hey, I don't find my own taxes he does that for me um I think that's incredibly important and so many people especially when they're starting out or even people who've been in business for ten years will say, oh no, I can't let anybody else do that for me I've got to do that myself like no you know it's not a good use of your time get over that control factor I'm very happy sending everything in my account I'm very happy along my bookkeeper into my system whenever she feels like getting in to reconcile and do those pieces I could not imagine until I had her I never reconcile the check I know how to it's just that a loathsome task and such a not good use of my creative energies and I don't want to do it because if I do it creatively oh it's not going to pick up now well in the in the banking into things got it all so you find finishers and find people who zone of genius is that middle piece you know and then a part is the world is designed so that there are finishers and starters and it only takes one finisher to complete what ten starters start it's kind of an amazing balance there but it's very very true all right, so anybody completed I got a couple of heads up here judy I'm struggling a little bit with this okay, so tell me what you're struggling with me let me she don't ever take a peek well, those were the adjectives they came up with cool I'm okay and I'm just I'm trying I'm having trouble organizing that ok so when you see here um so that is your titles these titles yeah so um and see here enthusiastic and inspiring can go together um iran's former and creative yeah there you go yeah and then transformer and creative because creators transform things different okay um well I love your love your adjectives okay, um I would go let me see here catalyst and clara fire go together and intuitive okay and then uh used to get instigator goes in there too okay? They have no later down yeah you've got motivating okay. Motivator well ok motivator yeah, that all goes together um and then your coordinator your volunteer your synthesizer there's all go together okay. Do you see how I'm doing so yeah it's it's still part of my brain is still not working quite the way they think this is young for the mind this is younger for the mine okay, so yeah, keep going I mean great joyful goes under enthusiastic also okay, so you know I'm just I'm just yeah loosely grouping is there's no there's no right or wrong and you how are you doing? You even you even have writing like a designer holy cow this is screaming at you rich wear some kids just listened oh, trust me often now let you get out of its estimate out listening okay? You look like you got a pretty good start on this. Yeah you're rocking along okay now here's the tricky part what I need you to do that is I need you to write him out together you know, even if you just partial words ok is you gotta score um you got a score where you are in your life right now with that value ok? Okay. All right. How are you coming, katherine pretty good. Yeah, yeah there's some that are just kind of on their own, so I put them in a true way category. And this lady is hell you like left handed is that that teo that's a now it's also not I press that way really owe you have groups cool. Okay then start to do some scoring where when you're you're in life right now where you living on a scale of one to ten with those values, ok, how much of that values showing up in your life ok and so assuming I want to live all of these values because some some of the adjectives I might not want to be oh, it is yes koto ten is your tenant tennessee you're completely align your living your value your rocking it okay some please I'm not sure I should wear that you count yeah, I have a wonderful life I'm pretty much at seven yeah of them yeah, but there's room for more we're gonna do we have any tens in there at all? No, I wouldn't sound that time in anything quite okay we're gonna get you there they are right rochelle how're you doing on this rock actually getting my not to my numbers yet but I'm almost certain was my looking through the technology very impressive I can't I need their full keyboard to type so get slowed down my dad are a body online guide the questions they are there they working on this one two people are working on it we had some questions come up and we have just a few minutes before we head to our break but maybe now you want to touch on this question that came up from calo p and a few other people voted on this they said that low self esteem is my biggest wall to move on how do I deal with that and not believing in myself wow yeah that's a hot one as odd as it will sound, I struggle with the same thing. Um, so the best thing I can tell there several little tips that I use one is I keep an index card with a list of my accomplishments in my personal times, its group, and they could be accomplishments from years ago. They could be accomplishments from last week. Um, I also have a regular gratitude practice daily when you are in gratitude, your self esteem becomes irrelevant because you're in a space of being thankful and grateful. And one of the things that you do want to be thankful grateful for is yourself whenever you bash yourself, you're bashing all the people around you that love you. So when you sort of start thinking about like that, loafer self esteem on a level is incredibly selfish. So it's also about I don't love the term fake it to make it, but there is a part of that because, like, I feel much more powerful standing up here like this than I do when I'm sitting down here like this. Okay, so how are you carrying yourself? How are you showing up when you're sitting at your desk? If you're having an off day, the first thing I'll do is sit back in my chair, sit up in my chair and take a deep breath we have a tendency to to shrink ourselves during the course of the day whether it's at our desks or whether it's in the car for writing around a lot maybe it's with friends and we hunch a lot and we start to physically become smaller people so therefore our esteemed shrinks within us and the three um three people that I shared my mother struggled hugely with self esteem she could not watch a performance of hers on television without completely shredding it and that's something that we all gained from her thanks mom lovely little gift to your left is their most of us got it from our parents or from and how we grew up so you do want to be aware of it and each day you want to look for that win you want to go okay, what did I do today that made me feel good? What I do today they made me feel like I'm special that made me feel like I'm worthy that made me feel like I'm making a difference and go out of your way to do those things. In my case a lot of it's really kind is good sound kind of crazy, but a lot of times when I'm taking a taxi someplace or if I'm eating out all start asking the service person in the case of taxi the driver about their life when I get out of my own life man and then I hear these stories back and then oh, what you thought about this so that's really cool or how amazing and my time spent building them up build me up so when you get out of your own story, that makes a huge difference makes a huge huge difference. Okay, so going to wrap this up? What are you doing today? That is the line with your core values. I want them to answer that I want you each to make sure. I mean, ruth sounded like you're on good track is you got a lot of sevens across the board. Anybody hear any tens? I do awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Ok, a lot of them. Yeah. Wow. Cool. Okay, fantastic. You're living alignment. All right? We get the ones or twos, okay, we get it. We can fix that. We can fix it over that over the next next couple of days. Judy, how about you? Um, I feel like I'm I've got six sevens and ten cool. Okay, great, great. All right, I've got ones and twos as well. Ok, so you got you got okay, but you're going you're going from by fans who? Ok, cool. So the ten unit you want to keep that in view and keep that going and then work on the ones remember, we bring those more into our lives is the idea they're not weaknesses there. Just you know, I'm not doing enough of that. I'd like more of that in my life. That's what this is about, okay, there is another special bonus. Move it forward. Thirty one days to a better you in business and life. This is actually based on those move it forward. Moments that I mentioned earlier. There's thirty one days of them in the book and it's a bonus for being you dot com. There is a whole page of bonuses at that location. And from there, we got a little bit of homework. Hey, make it a sensory experience. I want you to design your perfect day. And this is about what? It. What does it look like? What does it smell like? Ok, what does it taste like? I could go for one of those right about now. Um oh. How'd I lose my words off the top? That's? Terrible. See if I lose any more words here. Know? What does it sound like? This is my favorite one of all. What does it feel like? Ok, then. I need to know if you've had any pack your bag moments that's what appear ideas pack your bag moment that means that you've got what you came for man you are ready to pack your bags no you don't get to leave by the way same with the online crowd nobody is leaving. Nobody is leaving you know what? But I want to know if you've had those moments so let me know those tweet him out have you had some sort of light ball moment? Pack your bag moment ah ha takeaway wow! You know, I didn't know it's gonna get that? Because I'm thinking there's some flashes of brilliance going on there and then what's next what we got coming up is pick your ideal client one of my favorite places to go and then we're going to jump back into my facebook group I want everybody in there I'm actually going to make a commitment that I will go in there tonight and answer questions, so if you're live online right now and you've got questions on, do you put him up in there? I will do my darndest to get up there tonight I'll make the commitment I'm gonna go up there tonight we're helping out miss that magic show I was planning on going to on and literally go down the full page and answer every question that I possibly can okay, um, I just think it's that important, I want to support you in this and then connect with may find me online, follow me. Chase smith, anime friend may not show what else you're supposed to do if you connect with me on linked in, you better tell me where you heard about me or I won't connect with you. It has to be a first person friendly invite none of this nonsense where, you know, you're just randomly giving me that that default I want to, and he was a trusted member of my network. You okay? I just don't go for that, and then we actually completed this home building business success with, um so I'm excited about where we are because we got your values nail down, we know where we want to put work forward, and we've got your vision boards, so questions that come out going forward, you all will get a chance to look at your vision board, okay? Is this decision bringing me closer to what I want refer there away from what I want, and I'm really excited that we got some tens on those values.

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