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Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Lesson 3 of 5

Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyle

Parneet Pal

Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Parneet Pal

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3. Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyle

Lesson Info

Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyle

So why is mindful intention so important? Think about why should your fast brain I care about this goal that you have just written down because that goal was written by us slow braid your conscious brain, right? But why should your fast brain care and this becomes really important because the things that the fast brain cares about remember we said it was really it was a seat of our emotions it was the seed of where our primal drives live so the fast spreading cares about things like our safety if things it cares about things like reward you know pleasure and reward it cares about things like social connections you know how close our relationships to our family and friends and it also cares about things like our values, our purpose what do we want to do in life, what we stand for and finally it cares about things like our self image and our identity. So the key then as you set your mindful intention related to your goal is to connect your goal to something that you're fast brain cares a...

bout and that will really help to ground this goal in an emotional foundation that will be very powerful later on ok, now don't worry if you haven't done this before, I'm going to lead you all through a short mindful visualization exercise that will help you to identify how to connect those two together, okay so what I'd love for you those at home as well and of course in the studio I'd like it to go ahead and sit up in a way that is alert yet relaxed and close your eyes making sure your hands arresting gently on your lab both feet are planted firmly on the floor and I'd like you to connect with the sensation of your spine and just making sure that it's upright but not rigid and as you do this I want you to connect with the sensation off your press wants you to follow your breath in all the way to your lungs and then follow your breath out and as you connect with your breath I want you to see that your neck and your shoulders and your back start to relax just a little bit more as you really settled in to your body connecting fully with the present moment and I would like you to visualize that you are out on an open field it's a clear night and you decide to lie back on the ground looking up into the sky and you see that there are millions off stars up in the sky and you noticed how wonderful it feels to connect with the sense ofthe magnificence on all and really fast possibility and I would like you to go ahead and place one hand on your heart you can lift one hand just bring it to your heart center and as it connect with warms and the sensation off your hand I want you to imagine you reaching this goal that you have set for yourself. What is your life look like when you have set this goal? And now I want tio to see how might you reaching this goal help strengthen the relationships in your life? Is there a connection? How might reaching the school? Strengthen your sense of yourself, your identity, who you are and what you stand for in the world. How might reaching this goal help you align with your purpose and the impact that you want to have in the world? And having connected with this reason the real reason the school is important for you in your life, I want you to reconnect with your breath and then just gently, maybe taking a couple of slightly deeper bretz, bring yourself back into the room and open your eyes. So what I'd love for you to do now is to take a second and write down whatever came up for you. You know this is the next point on your blueprint is the reason why this goal means so much to me? Why is his goal so meaningful for me? What is my mindful intention? Just go ahead and identify that and know that again, you know, this is something that you can keep clarifying as you go along this is doesn't have to be the end all and be all this is just the first step so to give you an idea when tom did this exercise he realized that managing stress yes it would be good for his business and yes, he wanted to make a lot of money but really the real reason that this was so important to him was because he believed in his product and he really wanted to change people's life and have a lot of meaningful impact on the world. So when he connected managing stress with the fact that this was the impact that he wanted to have in this life it just made his goal that much more powerful and gave it that fast brain emotional empowerment that's needed to sustain that goal. And then for angie she realized that losing weight was not about looking good or following her doctor's orders losing weight meant she would have more energy and she would live longer and her family meant the world to her and and if she was healthy that men she could spend more time raising her grandkids and spending quality time with them. Okay, so she connected losing weight with love off her family ok again connecting that slow and fast break does that make sense? Okay, great, so what I'd love to do right now is just very quickly um if he'll from you so I love to hear maybe one or two goals and intentions that folks in the studio audience have said and then from the chatroom as well if you if you'd like to share would love to hear that doesn't have to be anything elaborate just very quickly your goal and your intention so we'll start with the studio audience but anyone like to share yes rhonda my goal is managing my stress yes and the intention is really to get me out of what I call the yours just the feeling of not really being able to get to where I want to be because I'm so worried about so many different things I really want to learn how to manage that better so that I don't have that kind of cloud over me when it's not necessary for it to be there thank you thank you for sharing that rhonda and I would ask you one follow up question so what would not having that cloud around you then enable you to do in your life well I think in the immediate future it it just kind of restores my vibrancy on dh then I've been saying for years that I want to live to be at least one hundred because I think like once you get to that age you get to just say and do whatever and I really we e o my goal is two hundred but who's counting yes so I love that so see, I loved hearing that you want to live a vibrant life that up to one hundred years old that's fantastic. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. Um chris do we have somebody online? Yeah. There's one year from tanya who says I want to reach my target wait next year and I'm halfway there but it's been slow going this common actually leads into another question that we had from jim and a couple of people voted on this maybe you could just clarify jim wants to know why is it so important to know the intention before choosing a goal? Maybe you could just clarify the difference between the intention in the goal and which comes first sure absolutely. So the gold comes first so you just need to identify what is the change that you want to make in your life. So that comes first and the intention is sort of thie own behind the goal. Okay? It's it's sort of like the fuel that will help set the fire so I hope that helps clarify. So the intention is what will connect? Like I said thie emotional charge of the fast brain and because the goal that he said is a very conscious, logical, rational thinking that you've done but when you link the two together it will then give it that much more strength and help you carry along, especially in those weaker moments. You know, when the fast break dancer sort of resort to the old habits. When you continuously remind yourself off that emotional reason and intention, it helps the fast brain sort of get back online and say, well, wait a minute, you know, this is important to me. This losing weight is not just about looking good. It's, perhaps you know, the impact that I want to have in my life, so that sort of connection and remembering helps to lay down that network in the brain so that the next time you're tempted, you don't go down the old routes. I hope that was useful. That was really helpful follow question is, can you have more than one intention on a goal? Absolutely. You can have as many intentions as needed, it's all a question of being really clear with what you want and really connecting emotionally with it. Terrific question. Thank you.

Class Description

Eat better, move more and stress less, with a little help from science.

You know you want to make changes to your lifestyle and live healthier. So what's stopping you?

In Designing a Healthy Lifestyle with Wisdom Labs, you're in for some good news: you don't need to work harder to live better, it is more a matter of design. 

In this class you'll learn:

  • A surprising and impactful reason why lifestyle choices are so important for your health 
  • Which strategies work best (as proven by science) when designing habits 
  • How mindfulness can boost your chances of success 
  • What to do when you fall off the wagon (again!)
Rather than getting overwhelmed by all the changes you would like to make, come to class with a lifestyle goal in mind. By the end of Designing a Healthy Lifestyle with Wisdom Labs, you'll have a clear road-map on taking the first, next step and building on it till you get to the lifestyle you desire. 



What a great class!! Parneet shares some great insights and tools that break down why we procrastinate or don't act on our goals. The science behind it is pretty fascinating. My favorite part was that it was short! Don't get me wrong, I'm a big creative live fan and customer. but sometimes the long classes become overwhelming and hard to follow. Absolutely recommend this 100% I'm exited to start applying her concepts and see what happens!

Nena Metelo

I enjoy the way Parneet explains, so calmy and eloquently, small triggers that help big life-changes. She helps us find and integrate in everyday habits the really small and easy steps we need to help us achieve grand goals.


Parneet is an intelligent, warm, and engaging person. It is amazing how much I got out of such a short course/lecture. She explains everything very clearly, and I know that her strategies are going to help me live a more fulfilling life. Thanks, Parneet!