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Class Introduction

Let me tell you a little bit about Kate. She is a hospitality consultant, a service expert, an executive coach, and an author based in New York City and we are thrilled to have her here in our Creative Live San Francisco studio. So please welcome, Kate Edwards. Thank you so much Chris, I'm glad to be here. Good morning, I am a restaurant consultant but I'm also a hospitality consultant and service expert, so I worked in customer service for many many years and I've learned tons of lessons from helping people get a wonderful experience. So that's what I'm here to share with you today. I've been in the business almost 30 years. I've had experiences far and wide working with some small little Mom and Pop clients. I've also worked with some national chains and larger hospitality people who give a great experience to people and I also wrote a book last year called Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters. And you might hear me say hello once or twice 'cause it's one of my favorite words...

. I also am really happy to be here with you today at the Creative Live studios and I'm really excited to collaborate on this program with this class for you today. So, Course Promise; I am really excited because we're gonna talk about what customer service is and customer services does impact your business and you may know it, but you may not know it. So we're gonna highlight some of those things that come up again and again. We're gonna help you define your unique customer experience. When you understand what you're delivering, it's gonna be much easier for you to do that again and again and do so consistently. So that's what the course is going to do for you. I will also help you identify and eliminate elements of doubt in your business and your service experience and we'll make the definition between customer service and customer experience; they're two sides of the same exact coin. So today as we're going along, if you have any questions here I ask for your questions, for your hands up. I really wanna make sure that we're answering them as we go along. A couple classes that we're gonna cover today, couple lessons. Customer service as it impacts your brand and business. It does impact your business. If you've not taken time to think about this, this is the time to really start to put it together. The way you treat your people, is the way that they are gonna remember you and your brand. Consistency and the bottom line. Consistency is what people are looking for every single day when they are coming to you to get product services. To get help with what you offer. So consistency is key. Customer service verses customer experience. Like I said it's that coin so we're gonna talk about the two sides and then the three pillars of great service: number one is hello. Number two is trust and number three is communication. If you have one missing, that little stool is gonna topple, so it's really important that you understand how each three of these work.

Class Description

You’ve been reading your customer reviews online and something just isn’t right. Far too many of your reviewers sound tepid, unsatisfied or even annoyed. What gives? You know you’ve got a great product or service, so why all the digital discontent?

And then it hits you. It’s your customer service. Eureka! While you’ve spent all your time and energy perfecting your goods or services, you’ve been neglecting the most critical part of your business. And that has led to dissatisfied customers and a significant drop-off in sales.

Inconsistent, inhospitable or downright nonexistent customer service can kill a business. That’s why it’s so important to develop a mindset that puts the customer first and ensures they always have positive interactions with your brand, your team, and your products.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be aware of all the little things you can do to positively impact your customers.
  • Empower your team members to deliver considerate, professional and informative customer service.
  • Take charge and ensure your business represents your brand in the best way possible.
  • Get over your fear of not knowing how to engage with your customers.
  • Build your confidence and identify the things you’re doing right.
  • Make your customers lifelong loyalists.