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DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion

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Rustic Centerpiece Part 3

Kelli Walker

DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion

Kelli Walker

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4. Rustic Centerpiece Part 3

Lesson Info

Rustic Centerpiece Part 3

Why don't we do our go dishes which are these bright coral color? These are another really cool flower that came from one of my favorite growers in the valley jell o mold I have grown these once before in my yard but uh the flowers turned out great but I had to speaking about bugs had these awful green caterpillar things that were on him and they like when I went to go they're huge and when I went to go pick him off that it kind of reared up at me like that I mean really what's it going to do but it kind of scared me like I'm not doing those again that's really weird okay, these these air great that coming on a wide variety of pinks and purples and you'll definitely find these in the stores also in mixed arrangements in the summer time there they're super light looking I think they're great they're really, really pretty. So we're going to add these for another I would consider these another mass flower because they're kind of a large look to them and it's going to add a a deeper color ...

a pink to the arrangement so I'm going to stick him down yeah probably like in between the lilies in this lower area and if we have some that are long enough stem I would probably put a few up top also to spread out the pink color and this one looks like it potentially could be tall enough to go on the top so I'm going to start putting a few up here because we don't have a lot of color up in the center part now it doesn't have to be high but just to add a somewhere color above where your lilies air sitting if you have one long half have these are good these air really cool and a lot of these haven't opened yet so as it progresses it's just going to be really pretty and I think these air considered coral they're color which is quite the elusive color it means many different things to pay people it's like a pink orange tone that's really popular okay, so I'm gonna spin around this one's really big treaty is him he's got a little more damaged leaves on a mill so I'm going to try to pick some of those off. Kelly, what is the name of the purple flower again? The last time we did yes, bud leah are butterfly bush yeah, and you know you'll find those definitely if you've come purchase flowers from like a farmer's market that's a very common flower to seeing arrangements through there, so if you don't grow your own and they grow all over the country so I would assume in other parts of the world to it's probably a pretty common bush okay probably so we're probably ultimately going to use more than five this time. I think you'll have a fair amount to choose from, and we're just going to spread them around for more pops of color. See if this wanna be tall enough. Also, I see you're putting some up above two, which is perfect. It helps bring that a brighter shade up to the higher point really gotten flowers before at markets or, you know, just to make arrangements. How do you know how much to spend on the flowers? Well, it's going to depend on the time of year they their prices changed every week? Honestly, especially the price of roses, it just it's a you know, supply and demand it's wintertime again is going to be a higher price typically than other times of the year. And also another good thing to know is especially in the states times a year when that there's a huge amount of flowers going out mother's day, those times eight years, the prices are going to be even higher. It'll be probably more difficult to find what you want. Another one I'm always surprised at is the rose parade, which is the what the january first that happens down a california if it takes a ton of flowers for that. So when I if I ever have like a wedding that's ah new year's wedding or something that's really hard to find good quality flowers that time here and that really surprised me um it didn't make sense because they make all their floats out of flowers so them but, um I don't know if I answered your question though completely knowing how much to spend is that right farmer's market or to the store and I want to make something like this myself. I have no idea how much lily with cost writhe greens or any of these flowers to know if that's a really good price or rice spending a lot yeah it's going to vary tio to some degree on you know how much in bulk they can purchase to lower their prices so like trader joe's and costco are goingto have they actually sell roses for less than what I come by him at the wholesale market not by a ton but a little bit because they're buying in such high volumes farmers markets you're typically going there because you want to support a local grower and she like the organic aspect of it they're going to have maybe a little higher prices and they're not gonna have a ce much volume and then your flowers your mass flowers are going to be your more expensive ones, so you're lilly's your roses, your peonies mostly because they're a bigger flower that it feels a lot more room you're not going to need a cz many of them but their price is going to be higher though two s o I find doing a blend of using a lot of greens I know that's not not everyone's taste you know I get a lot of people saying they don't want any greenery but I like blending the greenery with the flowers to help even out the whole amount of this something like this is going to cost a lot of money I would I would probably say it it's going to be you know, one hundred fifty or two hundred dollars if we were to price it out just because we're using a lot of a lot of material if you did a smaller version of it you know it wouldn't take us much if he used some of it out of your garden and purchase some that helps blend it too so yeah okay we all feel good about those last ones we do the good isha all right we've only got a few left okay let's put in some queen anne's lace which is our white fluffy die I love these ones because they truly look like like elizabethan lace when you look up close to them these grow all over the road sides this time of year you've probably seen him everywhere I'm sure they grow all over the world yeah right so you can just you know, stop your car and picks him but they are notoriously droopy they they're ah hollow stemmed flower which means when you look at this stem I know you probably can't see this right now it's it's only it's like a like a pipe there's no solid part to it so it has even less area tio absorb water from if that makes sense so if you were going to forage which I completely d'oh you need to have your bucket right there you can't you know like pick some and then walk home with um and then you know, there you're going to have a harder time making sure that they survive but it's not impossible just have to be prepared yes because they're hollow do they stay in water or I know some hollow flowers like let's say the pot puppy you have two special treat it so it doesn't the right sound me? Yeah, some will do for sure this one is you feel that's pretty strong so it's not going to be an issue for you, but you're right there are some flowers, will you? You wouldn't like pack the bottom of them with cotton or so keeping those air really they're not the common ones you're going to find in stores they're much more of a floor a special kind of flower but just just be aware though in regards to holla stand ones that not only will they not absorb this much water so you got a that clean cut and putting in the water is really important but they're also they're going to crash more easily you know you could you could collapse your stems a lot easier these air pretty thick so I'm not so worried about them in this regard but other ones you might find uh will be damaged a lot of love faster yeah way we're going to stick these you know we're doing kind of the same thing I want to want these to sit out farther that's maybe the one of the main differences so that makes sense see how they're sitting out so you can beyond like the lilies and the other flowers because they're airy and I like tio have that movement with them I like keeping the greens that you can see how they come in way pull up one more stam mike your goodness talk about tough your main one that some blooming it's there but it's got some new ones that are gonna hang out above it and I like that I like having those guys move around him all into vines and things floating out in above I think it adds a lot of texture to your your arrangement which which is really nice yes I'm finding that my arrangement is very tight um yeah a little bit um no I if it's bothering you you can definitely pick it up exactly and pump it out yeah there and I'll kind of loosen it up a little bit and you just kind of pulling so what she was doing is she is lifting it up and pulling out her flowers a little more to give a little more and that helped immensely yeah yeah. Thank you. Okay, where we don't know if I like this one so much so here's one a good example so he broke never mind it's going to say he was dripping but he truly was broken ok so again queen anne's lace so this there's a wild variety but there's also once that you can grow in your garden that are part of the deal family they have white dill and and the sharp true screen dill I used that a lot the short treats one the typical dale flower smells like deal so you kind of have tio if you felt here's one of my stems that didn't make it in try that again. Um so you need to consider that fragrance if that's something that you don't want in your arrangement that really strong herbal smell but the white ones I don't believe have that deal fragrance so that would be kind of kind of cool and I grow them sometimes I don't I don't know if I have them in my yard this year they're an annual see you'd have to start them from seed every year or just find him on the side of the road or from your local flowers supply place this again with the another common farmer's market find or even in your your local grocery store that's it's very popular for any of those ok, so I got them around the edges and probably going to stick one in the center you see pam's doing that to one up a little higher so it's filling in that center part and then, um and then I think we'll probably done with this one and we maybe just have a couple left back to some greenery again, it probably you could probably stop now if you chose to, but we're going to move on yeah, I know she could actually fit it is great, I just like I think it's like I'm like unit and that I love flowers is too much. I have to stick as much as I possibly can in her an arrangement because there is too hard to choose kelly in the head question from she yeah, she says you're using a lot of stems, but the arrangement still feels very loose is this because of the large amount of foliage you're using versus a smaller amount of flowers yes, yeah, I think that is good way to describe it that the foliage gave us a good base so we're able to spread the flowers out more s so it doesn't look so so tight. Yeah, that would be a good way to describe it. And just if you could remind luisa what is the name of the coral? Flower it alone god, isha! Good isha! Yes! Thank you. Yeah, I want to say the common amos floss flower but I'm not positive on that. I know go dish is definitely what you would call it when you go to the store to look for him. Okay? We're okay there looks like world, but same point we're going to just add in a few last things we're going to put in some oregano you'll have that it's got this little purple flower here and this is I grow a ton of this it comes in purple flowers and white flowers and my understanding is the purple flowering variety is the garden oregano, not the edible and the white flowering one is the edible one I don't know maybe you can eat in both haven't tried it. Yeah, it definitely has that oregano smell which is great, which is in the leaves itself eso anytime you brush against it you're going toe get some of those oils on here we're just going to put in a few of these I mostly like him because again it's a filler on ditz it's going to add in on another letter level a texture and I'm going to want them to sit out a little bit again kind of like we did with the, um queen anne's lace some of these aren't going to be as um um spray as others so you might want to you could gather to or threes skinnier ones together if you wantto make them look a little fuller but you don't necessarily need to and we'll just plop a few of these in it's going to bring in a little more the darker color, which is really good to have a lot of different tones and here we're basically have three colors I'd say that we're using today, which is purple, yellow and pink greens are always kind of considered a neutral in flower arranging kind of like same in fashion, right? You got your khakis or whatever your neutral tone is and then you you add in your your other color so greenery has always considered a neutral when you're thinking about colors though honestly it's got it adds a lot to it, so I'm not really sure why it's considered that okay, I'm going to I'm realizing I'm arranging behind you at a few down lowers kind of in where we did our good isha so you can see him a little better and at this point since we do have so much stems and here you can do a riel so I'm entering I'm adding it at a really steep angle but still make sure that it's in in your water but it will add some more to our lower part where it's more heavily greenery at this point in time and not as much flowers, so just a few of those will be good they're getting pretty always fun to play with flowers okay? A couple of those that one's a little will tee, but I think he'll perk up that's another good thing so if your flowers they're looking a little well team like this one's looking a little groupie, you can always try to revive it by re cutting it and sticking it back in some water and then just seeing if it perks up again a lot of times that's all it takes sometimes if it's some some won't they won't ever recover flowers like hide ranches are notorious for being hard to revive, but a lot of things will come back because they probably have not been out of water for too long okay, how we do and you're feeling good, we're almost done with I think this one place one more and I think I'm probably good for the oregano from jamie kelly yeah, who asked who said that she had seen in a tv show I think we're a movie about a florist cauterizing the flowers? Yes, could you talk a little bit about that there's some flowers will be using copyist later there's certain flowers that that also have a hard time absorbing water or they keep a lot of sap, I guess would be a good way to describe it and you literally burn the bottom of their stanza poppy is definitely the most common one for that the the kind of popular using today is like the only one that you do not have to do that too, but typically your big lovely red poppies that you see in the fields and stuff for some that you would need to do that with. So then you would you would have to know where your stem length isthe, you know, get that already trim it to where you want it and then you burn it closed so that it all if you don't do that, it just it won't absorb water at all for seems kind of counterintuitive, but that's the way it works for those flowers. So kelly is speaking of pop poppy someone had asked about using really fragile flowers like poppy an arrangement and how you go about incorporating them into yeah great was when they're so fragile and gentle I do use them it's about placement and we'll show that a little bit and when we move on to our other design that you'll just wantto place them above other flowers, they're kind of like the icing on the cake there the real pretty ones you're not going to use them a ton necessarily and that's how old we'll show that later too, but you definitely wouldn't be sticking on way inside where they're going to get bumped and bruised by other flowers so they would be more like what we did with our queen anne's lace where they're sitting at a a now outer angle from everything else so you can still enjoy their beauty but they're not going to get damaged as much so yeah ok um we're gonna add let's do the grass we'll finish off of the grass if we still have some time we'll throw in some of our vines so this is this reminds me of what you would find in a meadow, right? Which probably hopefully no one has allergies. I don't know if these air hugely paul in base, but this is actually a grass that I purposely planted in my yard and you'll see this grass used and landscape design is a really common and I'm popular now because they're really water tolerant are drought tolerant rather and a lot of things this one's called a kalama grow fastest karl foerster I know that's going to be impossible remember but it's a very tall back of the border kind of when it blooms is taller than me it's like way up here and it does this great movement in the winds but I chose it today because not only is it an area grass, but it's has a pink tone or purplish tone too, and I thought that would be very cool with what we're doing so we're going to kind of finish off our arrangement with this is an outer um an outer fluff now this the's air going to be a little more difficult to threat in since we're like probably stuffed to the gills on what we've got in here so I find it it's going to easily bend when you put it in so what I do is I start threading it where I wanted and then I reach up my other hand and feel it s and then helped push it in at the bottom if that makes sense because if you were to just push from the top down it's probably going toe hit a resistance and snap so you're going to try to guide it through this maze of stands with yours other hand which I am already finding and then it's too tall out it comes I want to have it sit where the bottom of the grass is just barely tucked inside the arrangement that makes sense once I get this in I can illustrate it better but all right find a new spot ok here goes so just barely inside so that it's still hanging out a long ways yeah and you're doing that perfectly and since it's so airy it's and I like how it kind of bobs when it moves around let's see if we can find a better one than that I do a lot if I don't choose grasses that I use a lot of vines for the same purpose and I brought some today that well, maybe we'll save him for another one of the arrangements and he is a lot of like clint mattis fines great finds there's tons of vines out there that you can use just to add that kind of flimsy okay and you don't need a lot of these again maybe just a couple tucked around we can try some of the lower angle I don't know if they will go in quite a successfully I think it just depends on how you're arrangement is for stem stem count so I got three some of these air more open than others so I like the ones that are more open versus so here's one that's closed if you can see that it's and that's more color but I like it when it's more open so you guys having problems getting a man or is it going okay not too bad I didn't weigh got extras the son of a deal yeah, but at least you know now that you've tried on this like okay, next time I need to help that get in a little better or just try another spot you know, sometimes it's just not meant to be there so that one went in pretty easily but I feel like minor all kind of hanging out on top so I'm gonna try to add a few down around the edges toe china, balance it out a little bit there use doing that you I mean it would be fine, but I'm going to see if I can get a few to go in from the sides just tio more more steep angle yeah like that it's funny how we're all using the same materials in the same style but they look slightly different in a good way oh yeah it's looking good everyone's got their own own way and you know in another time you arrange it might turn out a little different. I bet if we stuck my other one up here, maybe I'll do that when we're done we'll compare and see if I got a a duplicate or not I doubt it ok that I'm gonna do one more lower one and then I think I'm probably good and this to me looks very rustic it looks very nature connected to nature we're using a lot of elements that you would find growing naturally not some not quite as garden looked but mourn little more wild which I think is a good thing and we're using those vibrant colors that seemed to all kind of bloom out there at this time of year brighter pinks and purples I think they look good okay going to clean this up and pull my other one up here and see see how we did who's the next guy ok, so this is the one we just did now this is the one from before I can already tell this one little bear similar though I think only then we did one less thing I had some lines in here but otherwise that they're pretty close overall yeah and you guys look amazing they're beautiful would you do something like this for your own home? Do you think you're a certain situation now so you can change the colors that you could make it very monochromatic and just use one shade you know all purples or something that the real easy you don't need to use this many varieties but I kind of like that I like that aspect of it so great good job you guys it looks really good it helps to have done this because if I look at a picture it looks impossible, right? You know it doesn't seem over like overwhelming, yeah, but then, once you've hands have done that, you're like, ok, well, next time is just, you know, it is not. That is not as complicated as you think, but keeping that, like we mentioned before from another person, that that that grid idea, I don't know if you guys are visualizing that a bit, too. But I kind of do where you're just you're turning the base a little bit and just keep rotating where you place the flowers in, so they're just not. Not everything is on one side, or are bunched together. You just slowly making a spiral look to it, and I think it looks that turned out really great.

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