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Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

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Marketing a Good Experience

Neil Patel

Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

Neil Patel

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Lesson Info

4. Marketing a Good Experience

Lesson Info

Marketing a Good Experience

When you're doing all this asio stuff, in essence, you wanna mark it a good experience. No one wants to goto a crop sight, good content, good links, intent it all comes down to optimizing for what people want if you don't optimize for what people want, you're not going to rank high that's why engaging content is really valuable people want that. Have you heard of the same continous king? It really isn't the ceo world content is everything there's this interesting graph that I love when you're crating content that you need to keep in mind it's easy to lose and it's harder to gain an essence. It takes twelve positive experiences to make up for one negative experience that's why? When someone goes to your page, you want to make sure they have a really good, positive experience with the content, everything that they're saying if they don't, they're not going to talk highly about you. If they do, you're gonna get more social activity and it's going to help boost your rankings, as you can se...

e there's a ton of sites that rank really well because of how many shares they have you also to increase your experience, you want to make sure you have a mobile friendly design if you don't yeah, people aren't going to keep using you. Mobile friendly you have you heard of the term global getting or mobile army get in or whatever they call it was a big update that google didn't lost twelve months to really shift the focus for sites that aren't mobile compatible and of course, there's a lot of ways that sites are penalized and they're named after animals. I don't know why pandas, penguins, hummingbirds google loves adjusting their agron updates by name and there's some things that you need a look out if you don't want to be penalized, you want to continue the rank in the long run the first is don't plagiarize make sure there's no broken links, high quality content you don't do things like cloaking cloaking is showing a user one thing is showing a searching is something else in a sense, creating the best user experience will ensure that you don't get penalized. Google's not out there too penalize you are saying, hey, we don't want to rank you, we want you to pay for ads they don't do that, they're saying if you create what's best for the user, we ideally want to rank you number one because it makes the user is happy and they'll keep coming back to google and searching again with panda with one of their updates this was all content related avoid duplicate content, avoid thin content that doesn't provide value with penguin make sure the links coming to you our legitimate if they're non and some spam e sites like bag recites linked to you or whatever it may be and you see him because google search consul shows you which links that you have you can take him, submit him to their disavow tool and I'll remove those links although the link will still be live it won't hurt your ranking hummingbird is another one right it's all about contextual search and relevance for example when you do a search, you'll see stuff on the side people are searching for different things based off of what they're looking for is that author is that not is this voice is, um for example, if you search for kanye west, you'll see all these results on the side bar from kanye west, his author bio to the songs he's written right these are all part of google's updates to make sure the results are very relevant and when you're doing search, you need to think about more than just the u s we don't have the majority of the world's population, you have to go international when you look at the population for example I'm explained to brazil right now brazil has over two hundred million people us has over three hundred million currently, but brazil has over two hundred million people it's like one hundred as competitive as a u s and they have two thirds amount of population sure they don't spend as much but think about that it's a hundred times less competitive in the us I'm easy I'm like getting traffic like hotcakes just by translating my content everyone's like oh cool we can't find seo continent brazil I love to read it and they spend money too the way you khun research potential countries to target is going your google analytics short by location right you go audience you go to geo thing click on location and I'll show you all the popular locations countries that you're getting traffic from and this will give you ideas on which countries to start targeting first internationally international cured expansion there's a lot of tools like ecm rush similar web google adwords cure planner they'll help you find relevant keywords that are outside of your country you also can do this by setting up your domain names if your domain name is your domain or your brand dot com you can do your brand dot yes right if you're trying to get a different country or you could do your brand dot com slash yes or you could do sub domains yes dot your brand dot com the different domains and subdirectories typically are better you don't want to use sub domains as much um actually this and what's your target language if you look at this side won his country but when you're targeting the language if you notice with south south america land america places like that spanish is spanish it's pretty much the same throughout latin american mexico portuguese is different brazil they speak a bit of a different portuguese then they dio in spain another example of this is arabic it's different throughout the middle east for that reason let's say falls just targeting spanish I would do your brand dot com slash yes with this one with google you can identify country yes dash s right that's telling him that hey it's not just a specific language it's a specific language targeted towards a specific country it's like p t dash b r it's saying this is portuguese for brazil or if I do slash pts just portuguese in general and even if it may not be as relevant towards people in spain because it's a bit different portuguese will still show up now a tra flange that's what it's called is a bit confusing just google h r e e f l a n g and google has this video that's like twenty thirty minutes long and it explains how to translate all your content so that way you can rank it and not get into political content penalties when you're doing all these things with seo, you need to make sure that you optimize for relevancy doesn't matter if you're translating using different navigational things designs mobile if it's not relevant and whatever country you're doing, you want to create a different experience you won't do well here's the example of how I'm translating my content to portuguese in brazil works well and last but not least in s e o u wanna optimize videos right? Videos khun rank extremely well you guys have all seen this one dollar shave club many ofyou woman have not but probably mostly males have when you're optimizing videos there's a few things one make sure videos are descriptive so with the videos you can have descriptions, text underneath descriptions of the videos the titles of the videos also need to be relevant you can put keywords in the descriptions the girls of the videos could be clean you can't even put videos on youtube because you two have so much authority and then bill links that you dupage and you'll find that you'll get more ranking so we have a bit of time left and now I want to get into some q and a and we have a couple of quick claire for clarification questions particularly about the keyword planner tool on google adwords lot of people trying to sign up and seeing that they need to enter credit card info I just want to know is it really free or do they have to pay for anything you shouldn't have to enter credit card info? If your gmail users you can use a cure planner for free okay um if there make you enter credit card is because they're trying to make you set up a adwords account even if you enter in a credit card they don't charge you anything that credit card is for when you run an ad that way you can get started but what you do is you just don't and he adds, um going back towards getting about the long tail keywords do you recommend creating unique pages for each long tail or is there a way to optimize a page to try and capture is many long tails it's possible you want to capture as many long tell cures within one page when you write block post this white belongs gets so much traffic or even wikipedia you're automatically including a ton of long till keywords within a page for example if you're talking about dog food do you think that you only mentioned dog food in the thousand word article you may talk about what's best dog food what you've tested what your dog loves what they hate what keeps them healthy like dog food that keeps your animal lean or pet lean all these cures naturally appear when you're writing the content so when you were talking about the date it was in the beginning and you showed some had up some page rankings had a date on there some didn't I I personally like you said users like dates so should we include dates because users like the dates or should we not in the title tag ideally you don't want to unless you're targeting a key word for a date like best nike shoes in two thousand fifteen in that case you want to use the date in the title tag google and all the search results they do put a day as well that day is when the pages last adjusted or modified or change so there's two days on a page one could be the google day on one could be the date that you put in the description or title and in general you want to try to avoid putting dates in your titles or descriptions unless you're targeting keywords that contained dates so I'm not sure if you're going to go over this and like on upcoming segment but how much do social shares influence um organic search drinking google says they're stands on it isthe social shares don't impact rankings some of these companies like being I believe they have a deal with twitter they still mayor they may not some have had in the past in which they're getting that social data what ends up happening is when you get one hundred thousand people from social you're getting more eyeballs when you get more rivals what happens people click through they read some will link share tell their friends about it as yet more links on more comments and content you rank higher so social shares the official stances social shares don't directly impact rankings but of course if you get way more eyeballs increases the likelihood that people linked to you so your rankings do go up so indirectly yes so do you recommend updating published dates on blawg posts often is there any best practice with when you should be doing that? I don't recommend updating uh the published a on block post unless you're updating the content as well because then people would be like oh this deceptive and I found out that surgeons don't necessarily care if you're up to your content they more so cares you're content still relevant my guy tow online marking that ranks number one is really all that husband updated in years but everything is still relevant it's a beginner's guide tiding over anything that could just be time sensitive or only works for a specific time frame and for that reason is still ranks and I keep the date the same so that way I'm not uh being deceptive to users and they know that hey this is a bit old but it's still relevant thanks for the information I'm you mentioned the yost ceo site map tool yes I'm doing more and more websites with square space and I'm interested do you recommend a site map tool for square space and any comments in general about seo for squarespace I haven't used square space much it's already pretty seo friendly out of the box uh there may be plug ins and tools for square space and either way I believe in square face you can modify that html code right so you know I was just going to manually do it if you need tools only use generic tools that work for any website so for example with xml site map we're just google xml site map creator and then there's these stools online in which you put in your girl all for free and they generate the site map for you you download it and you can submit it to google search consul thanks for talking with flies diagram of seo strategies for link building there was a box that special sauce you haven't example of one or two of those then being special sauce then yeah google how car engines work there's this euro called anima graft or something like that and it shows you like a jiff of a motor moving and talks about like fuel going through and you seem like wow this is how a car engine works that infographic like unique things like that had over a million views and thousands and thousands of links like I want to create one right now um what happens to your body when drugs go through it like cocaine and stuff like that so then you know you can see cocaine going away from some of sniffing it probably bad to say but many good going down your body and then something like just sparking a little kids like running around, right. I think cocaine makes you hyper. I don't know what they say or, and then it could be a picture at the end of someone crashing and like sleeping, because I think it makes you tired as well. But that stuff would do really well, like fighting drug rehabilitation site. That thing would go viral no one wants to talk about hey, emma, drug addict, and I need help, and this drug we have, click some cost fifty dollars fifty dollars for one click from google, but that infographic, I bet, would go viral. People let's, share that.

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user d74fd2

First, I would like to thank Creative Live for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the live audience in Neil Patel's course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful and useful class . Neil Patel is extremely articulate and knowledgeable in the SEO techniques. He shared his ideas and concepts unselfishly - some a little complex - in a manner which even a non-techie could understand and appreciate. I am a young Chef at a 2-Michelin star restaurant here in San Francisco, a writer and an entrepreneur. I have a blog and a website right now, and am in the process of building another website - so this course came at the perfect time. I have not been getting enough traffic to my website and blog and Neil has taught me a bunch of strategies to overcome this challenge and, eventually, be able to stand out in this crowded field. I am now ready to generate not just traffic but relevant traffic to my sites that will produce a high conversion rate. This will enable me to share my knowledge and experiences, reach a bigger audience and reap some financial rewards in the process. The cost of purchasing this class is so well worth it - I have no hesitancy in recommending this to anyone who would like to increase effective traffic to their websites with strategies that can be implemented immediately and easily. I cannot thank Neil enough and the wonderful Creative Live staff who made the participants feel so welcome. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to get to where you want to go, and I think I got that today.

Karla Arreguin

I follow Neil's blog like so many others. I cannot afford to hire him yet but one day, I will be wildly successful and I will definitely give him a call then so that I can hopefully purchase one of his product offerings. This class is great and he has a great sense of humor. He is effortlessly funny. He knows how to teach complex SEO things in an easy and enjoyable way. I don't normally leave reviews (this is my first review & probably my last) but I feel I owe him a review due to everything that he has taught me on his websites. I learned a lot in this course but because he is so pleasant, I didn't notice I was learning; it was fun. Thanks Neil!

Jon Leland

Neil Patel is a REAL authority. The real deal. In this course, he packs a ton of information that can be useful to both the newbie, or even more expert people like me. I definitely got a few new insights. There's so much here that it can be a bit like drinking from a firehose. Tons of info, so you may want to take advantage of the videos to review as you create your action plan. Also, note, this course is very SEO-oriented. Among other things, via this course, Neil woke me up to the reasons that organic SEO is still important (those leads convert better) and corrected my mistaken belief that social links counted toward domain authority. This is a thorough overview with many practical suggestions and I'm sure one of the most complete 3-hour introductions to this subject available on video. Neil doesn't just know his stuff, he walks his talk with lots of examples based on his extensive research and vast experience. A solid course, in my humble opinion 😉. I was in the studio audience and glad I went.