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Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

Lesson 9 of 10

Strategies to Double Your Growth

Neil Patel

Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

Neil Patel

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9. Strategies to Double Your Growth

Lesson Info

Strategies to Double Your Growth

Last but not least conversion optimization you got all these people coming to your website if none of them by what do you want to do stop screen whatever it may be if you don't get any sales not going to be in business long I don't care if you have a photography site you're selling digital proxy official you have a consulting business doesn't matter what you have if you don't figure out how to convert these visitors into customers you won't be in business law number one is flip around your funnel now hypothetically speaking let's name allie all right allie will you marry me waiting talking for almost three hours has got turned out all right but that's good if you said yes what would that mean like something wrong right? Nothing you're crazy but if you said yes you see there's something wrong why wouldn't you say yes I just met you I haven't met yet I'm just listening to you all right so ali well listen to me I said get married to me the reason if you ask anyone on the street will you g...

et married to me? I don't care if they look like brad pitt or angelina jolie or if you look like brad pitt and angelina jolie the chances are someone's going to say no now hypothetically if you ask someone to go on a date with you you have a much higher chance of them saying yes let's say you go on a date or two you do some coffee then from there you do some dinner dates then you may be you meet some family members and there's the meats and family members of you then you guys move in together you guys get along for a year or two and then I go back talley and say now that we've been living together for a few years we get along will you marry me? Yes she rolled her eyes with that one that means she would have said no I'm kidding it still feels weird but assuming she really got to know me and was all natural happen over a course of three, four years there's a much higher chance that she'll say yes that's why you see all these dating sites like tinder and e harmony and match but you don't see all these marriage websites like mary me dot com I don't know I'm making it up or whatever they may be because most people wouldn't get married right away that's what's happening with your website someone comes to your website and what do you d'oh you ask him to buy from you now? Sure some people will buy from you that's why I was telling you earlier that one or two people out of a hundred will buy from you three or four if you're extremely lucky but that's pretty much it it's like marriage if you have people come to your website and you try to say, open up your wallet and give me your money, most people are going to say no, but if you flip around your funnel and say, hey, I want to get to know you before and then I want to ask you to buy your gonna get way more people buying so I tested this out with one of my websites hello bar I said, don't buy right away put in your girl first you pop in and you are al and then from there I get you to use the product. You start going through it, you start using it, you install it on your website and then I ask you, hey, install the scrap, maybe pay for a premium plan, whatever it may be. Can you guess what happened when I said use the product first tested out? Don't even put your email in first just putting your girl low commitment get to know me first. Got a fifty two point one one increase in sign ups, that's huge all by flipping around my funnel. So don't just ask people to marry you right away get to know your readers get to know your visitors, educate them that's, why blogging is so valuable that's, why social media so valuable when someone sees you seven times and they get to know you and then you ask him to take action, they're much more likely to do so by doing this you'll find that you'll generate more sales you can flip around your funnel and all cases, but it many times you can there was a company called or a brush they flipped around their funnel by saying, hey, get a free brush just pay for shipping sales skyrocket and they said it because we're doing this feel free to share it on the social web they kept doing this they kept getting more and more cells it's all about giving a low commitment product first or offering first and then asking him to buy a big product later on. This, in essence, is almost like a trip wire you're getting someone to take a small action that's not too crazy, not too expensive and then in most cases they see us for example, I make most my money consulting with big companies like facebook, not facebook I mainly work with to amazon, google does in the main too they make a lot of money, they could pay a lot of money and I could get paid any time if I have one I get four to five thousand consulting leads a month I can easy charge a company one hundred thousand dollars a month for consulting, but I don't have the time nor do I want to do consulting now if I told you guys in here let me help you guys flourishing your careers you're business whatever you may have and I'll help you not consult with you for a whole month for seven dollars when lissy has take me up on that offer you could be out front allie saying yes you saying yes for sure now but she said no to marriage earlier I got her with something no rolling eyes she said yes now by doing that why would you say yes by doing that offer? Why value low cost high value then if you got really good results he started making more money some of you guys maybe small entrepreneurs are big entrepreneurs were working for someone else doesn't matter what size you guys are and then I offer you guys something for a few thousand or five or ten thousand you're much more likely to say yes because you got a ton of value seven dollars that's how it works when you flip around a funnel you just have to make sure that first offer doesn't kill you or break you. That was an extreme example tried you usually don't want to give away something for seven bucks that's like expensive like consulting or whatever maybe idea number to evoke curiosity people will drop off from your website unless you give him a reason to stick around if you go to a home page or what page you're doing, google search in many cases, you'll hit the back mind you go back? Why? Because you didn't find what you're looking for. They didn't give you a reason to stick around. So how do you get something to stick around on your website and keep buying or staying around and engaging more video? Could be one another way is all by giving them a reason to stick around. And in this example, it comes from my own website, in which someone put in a euro and after they put in the euro, I'm like, do you want more traffic? All right, yeah, well, more traffic. Then, as a test, I started showing them how many errors were found, just like, oh, wait, I'm getting more more heirs, would you leave if you saw that you had seven ares in that process as it's going up and up? Yes or no? No, you would want to know how many eritrea, so on the next step, I didn't put in a form field. Uh, you don't get to see there's yet. Give me your information that resulted in over sixty three point, five percent following up the way we actually came up with this idea as I was chilling with mike like the guy from the nutrition website he's a good friend of mine I was like mike, we get all these leads how do we get people to stick around and he was like, dude, you know what makes me stick around mcafee always run those anti virus checks on my computer and they always find viruses and it goes so slow but I have no choice but to stick her out now first off I'm thinking in my head why do you have to keep running your computer for all these virus checks? What are you doing on your computer that you shouldn't be doing hey, the second was I'm like, how can we put that into our business and it worked flipping around the funnel showing people air say wow, this works well it does extremely well it's idea number three don't forget to follow up have a buddy his name's tim sykes he decided that he wanted to give people homework he wanted to stay at the top of their mind he sells this package that cost like seven thousand dollars if you want him to teach you how to trade stocks so you could make morning you have to pay seven or ten thousand or something like that that's a lot of money it used to be where you go to his website you watch a video and you fill out a form field sales reps call up they say, hey, do you want to buy for seven or ten grand or whatever it costs? Tim was generating sales, but not as many this year two thousand fifteen he publicly state how he did fifteen million dollars in revenue all self funded. You know how he decided to give out homework assignments, so he decided that, hey, if you want to be interested in me mentoring you to make money, you got a first do all these homeworks thomas, he gives you seven of them, he doesn't even care if you do all seven, he just knows that by you having homework, assignment and committing, you're much more likely to buy an essence. Tim taught me you have to train your users your customers toe by, he said. If you get on train him to click, you ask him for micro commitments, they're much more likely to give you a yes when you ask him by so here's examples of me teaching you if I send your email saying, hey, check out this latest block post, it'll teach you x, y and z on marketing and I'm telling you, hears them blocos click to read it what ijust dio I trained you, that if you want to get valuable information from me, you have to click to get it. I then may make you feel awesome serving or former field so I say hey, I'm going to do ah webinar if you want the weapon or to be more tailored to your business make sure you fill out this survey so that waken taylor to you I'm again making you take action then when I send you to a product that I want you to buy and I say check out this product what already teach you to dio I taught you that if you want to receive a benefit what do you have to do? Click that's all examples of trading people to buy and by doing this tim generated eighty four point seven percent more revenue that's a good amount of money by giving homework assignments I would never thought that giving students or email subscribers even people who already successful homework assignments would make you more money but as you can see from tim it does the next one quiz your visitors no, I'm not talking about a quiz that a professor wouldn't give you already won over homework assignments but don't get carried away and make people for quizzes but you can quiz people to get him or engage here's what I mean there is this site for this company called crew and they built this tool called how much to make an app their development shop so they decided that we're going to show people quizzes to get him to engage everyone wants to make it up have you heard friends saying oh I got this cool idea I'm going to create this app that's going to help me find people in my place or whatever like around me that I can date that's tender and then have you ever heard people giving similar deals like oh I got this idea for ap we're gonna have to do it where it shows you all the business people that you can network with that air around you right and I'm like oh like linked in on your mobile phone like yeah but it shows you little dots where people are around you see to meet up with them and network with them I was like all right those are all examples of abs that people want to create so crew decided you know what everyone's wondering how much would it cost to create these ups so they decided to critic quiz out of it so you could get started next one we're ab need to sink data across devices yes no I don't know all right and they keep ask you all these questions once you get to the end they talk about they give you a quote and they say hey are you interested in talking to someone in order to create this out and you can you say yes or no or putting your form fields or exit but they found that by engaging they generate way more leads when you're trying to critic ways there's a few things you need to do one start with five questions no more, no less just five as a base on you contestant later but strong with five it's a short enough amount where you're going to get a lot of people too quick there you also want to use images when possible you see the crew one they're using images they don't just say yes no I don't know they're using images to describe it, so you know where to click you also wantto limit your responses toe four choices per question you can have one or two actually you need more than one but you can have two or more you don't want to have more than four two or four max now there's this company called, um revolution golf and there's this guy who has a video he's like, hey, I'm john mcclane and I I can teach you how to reduce your strokes by like two points or whatever it may be I'm not a golfer so he makes you take this quiz to figure out why your strokes or your handicap or whatever it may be in gulf isn't as good as it should be people fill it out and then they try to sell you products based on where you could improve guess how much in revenue they do because of that quiz twenty million dollars a year they also u dvds and stuff to help you improve your golf swing, but first yet to take a quiz now doesn't that sound crazy? Go to sites like amazon? And yes, amazon makes a lot of money, but we're no amazon and they say, pick what you want and buy, but these guys were making so go out quizzes first and then you buy and they're generating tons of revenue from it. It increases side of sin engagements I've test this out two hundred eighty one percent increase in sign ups, that's a lot of exercise, all by telling people to take a quiz first there's another person named kimberly schneider she's a nutritionist. She made people fill out of quiz that's I think twenty questions, thirty questions and she had over eighty percent completion on her quiz from someone filling get out to becoming a lead that's huge that just shows the power of quizzes and how easy it is to get people engaged. Next one idea. Number five making son of easy how many times have you guys filled out something to sign up? Ten twenty times you know the name email password I bet over one hundred over a lifetime. Would you agree with that? Don't you hate signing up again and keeping track of those pastors? Ay dio people are lazy, I'm lazy why not make signing up easy? Buffer does this thing called authentication log in with twitter log in with facebook log and with lincoln, you could just sign up through any one of these services that's awesome all by just using a third party. You guys all have facebook accounts, twitter accounts if you don't there's another option with three mil address and that's fine by doing this, what you'll find is more people will sign up. So we tested this out on one of my sites kiss metrics signed up with your google account can you guess what happened to our sign ups didn't go up or down up and how much by fifty nine point, four percent now you may be saying, hey, is that the only option you're giving that actually is the only option we get? But what about all those people that don't have a google in madras, such as microsoft? Well, microsoft became a client, and I don't know how, but they signed up with google that your shows there's a lot of people that work at marks up to use gmail nonetheless, yes, you're you may be missing people, but you can do what buffer didn't say sign up with your email as well. But we generate a lot of side up, so we decided to do another test after this, and I'm like, you know what? Sign ups and nasty word everyone thinks that they had to put in a name, email, password phone number to sign up let's have him log in with google. What happened then? We got another twenty two percent increase in sign ups by putting log in with google over sign up, so you got a fifty nine percent increase the previous time and then a twenty two percent on top of that, that growth is calm pounding, so that means in total we improved our conversion over ninety percent by switching to set a name and email log in with cool that's huge. You could do facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, whatever it may be. Test him out, I believe pinterest, facebook! You own a santa for pinterest log in with facebook. It works really well now the last tip we get before we go into some case studies and examples and life site audit is getting personal. I learned this from the dating world I was working with match dot com at one point as a consultant, and I found that their secret sauce is to make people feel special, that's all about making people feel all warm and fuzzy. If you make him feel warm and fuzzy, they keep coming back, they sign up, they try to meet people, whatever it may be so with match, they always say when you go to their home page or so I I don't know what it is now, but when I was working with them, they would say we're in san francisco right now so they would say there's five thousand three hundred sixty two singles in san francisco. What are you waiting for? Oh, cool there's a lot of single people in san francisco let me sign up. That's a lot of people I should be able to find one that's interested in me, right? That's? Good odds. So I took the tim sykes model. I took his page because he has this video on how he's determined to create a millionaire traitor. So I popped in the city. Hampton sykes I'm determined to create a millionaire traitor in the city. I live in las vegas in las vegas. Mentally question is, will it be you? This was so effective? Were getting emails from people being like tim? Tim I don't live in las vegas. I live outside a city uh, of vegas called henderson, but it's really close when I still qualify I'm only thirty minutes away I'll drive to las vegas and do whatever I need teo I did the same thing do you want more traffic? Hey, I'm neil patel I'm determined to make your business in las vegas successful my only question is will it be yours? I was getting so many emails and is because the damn geoeye p thing because I'm not that technical was off and it wasn't always showing the accurate city sometimes you're in san francisco like I was in my sister's house in san francisco and has say, hey neil uh hey neal are hey I'm neil patel I'm determined to make a business in atlanta georgia successful my only question is will be yours I'm like, damn it my sister's in san francisco why's it showing atlanta georgia I'm not going to get the people emailing me saying, hey, I have a five hour flight away can do it qualify so assuming you get the technical side right which you should or you can go to any lengths to find someone you can get the conversions up so much so that you want to take this gop data and then pass it on to the next form fields right so we would put it into all the steps but the I p the information already getting it saying hey felt your name now your address whatever it may be and there's so much more effective because people filled in all their information due to the fact that they felt that was personalized for them by doing all of this, we increase engagement. Tim did by sixty eight percent. Now what I mean by the sixty eight percent is he sells a membership. People engage so much more that they actually renew their subscriptions year after year, where he generated quite a bit more money well into the double digit percentile. It just shows you personalizing thing, making feel warm and fuzzy, making feel that there's experience for them converts better.

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