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Thank you again for this book and thanks for telling us about body of work. Yes, I'm excited it won't be the last time you hear from me right studio on it's, an internet audience it's fun, it's funded to go on a new adventure, and I think it fits with our theme of everything that we've been talking about so far of entrepreneurship being a journey and an adventure of the fact that we test and try things as we go along, that we look at tools and processes that we can use in order to more effectively run our business, and also that we realized that we are growing, changing, evolving people, and so we can allow our businesses to grow in new directions, and we're really not stuck in any one way thinking about our friends, karmen and surged on io ve where maybe if you find that you've been moving in one direction and you're passionate about it, that if you really want to go a new direction, it's really only up to you to tell that story. I remember when I was in college my senior year of coll...

ege, I was preparing to study abroad, and ever since I was an exchange student in switzerland, in the french speaking part of moshe, then I had met somebody from africa from ghana, and I really was excited about going to africa so I went to the university of minnesota for kind of a preparation program, and I was all set to go to senegal, which was the country where they had their study abroad. And in the meantime, the year before, I've been studying couple widow, the afro brazilian martial art that I became very passionate about. And so even though I was excited about going to senegal, my heart was totally bring calling me toward latin america. And so a month into the three month program, I went to the director and I said, I know you have a program going to columbia. Do you think that I could maybe go there? And I switched, and it was a really excellent decision. I still totally have a goal to goto africa, but it's just an example that, you know, sometimes you have to follow your heart and what I believe I talked about in my new book is full, colorful contact, living right, whatever you're doing, put yourself really into it and try it and experience that go through some of the challenging parts like we were talking about in the sale cycle, where you might have to ask some tough questions. You might have to say no to people were normally you would say yes to them but if you're really committed to the process that's where you're developing and growing that expertise in your business right but if you want to go a different direction that's okay nothing is locking you in so what we're going to talk about is a really important part of growing your business it's obviously we have won ninety minute or so session to talk about marketing which obviously is a gigantic topic in fact it's so big that my good buddies john jan's from duct tape marketing and michael port from book yourself solid have both each done three full day training on marketing with creative live and I say that because they're excellent resource is I know that when I was learning about marketing in addition to robert middleton who I mentioned before from action plan dot com and I also read duct tape marketing I also read book yourself solid and so there are some really solid resource is available where you're really wanting to dig into a full on marketing plan that said I think there's some really important pieces that we can all really learn about really that components of a marketing strategy and also think about things in a really helpful way about what is that information that I can actually share with my market that is going to encourage them to really want to connect with me and do business with me and based on the interest that we have in the studio audience and the interest we have with our internet audience we can maybe dive into a couple different tools specific tools marketing vehicles I call them so could be facebook could be twitter or linked in or to talk about something like networking and look at specific ways in which we can apply a particular marketing strategy but let me ask all of you first what is marketing mean marketing is promoting yourself or your brand and so that people know who you are and that you're there if you didn't do marketing no one would know that you were are there and as a disclaimer I come from a marketing background so I think everything is marking like if you're talking to somebody about what you're doing I feel like that's marketing networking is marketing um you know, giving people gifts is a way of marketing yourself how you portrayed yourself on social media is your personal brand and I think brandon's marketing and design is marketing so just letting you know that way everything is marketing in a very excellent gift to give when marketing to your clients without beer wine yes, right okay, what else? What are other definitions and internet folks I am counting on you to participate don't let me down what else is marketing presto, kris with a k marketing as communication in all forms three eighteen media agrees on creating awareness in all hands the rainy day store summerlee marketing is attracting the right customer to your business on the right customer there's an emphasis on the right yeah, I think there's also the emphasis on how it means multiple things ellen says educating creating awareness, engaging your audience in all caps everything I think you have a kindred spirit there so right people, everything about how you show up in who you are very cool I think it's um it's communication with the purpose or because you know whether it's persuading are asking for them to give you money or I'm creating awareness around a cause great so with a particular purpose that can be awareness kind of related but I think it's also like making it easy for people to I'll find you and then and then choose you which goes kind of with the last two but reading clarity and making selection easier great easy to find you and what was last part find you and choose you. Okay that's cool. I like that distinction because there's something about if you help them to choose you you're providing something that's really clearly defining who you are and you might lay out that information in such a way that people can make an easy choice and it's amazing! Sometimes again we mention this yesterday that sometimes people don't even have anything for sale and wonder why they're not making money in their business. Sometimes people have a website that's completely impossible to figure out like what you actually do and what you provide or don't you know don't so I think that there's a lot that has to do with them being able to choose you effectively that's deeper I just wanted to add this one because now we're getting them flooding in from nader who says it's understanding the clients need so to me also marketing is not just that outbound communication but the whole marketing strategies and such behind it as to again figuring out what the product is itself awesome so understanding the clients need you said very much so it's also about differentiation thank you which nature adds on not just discovering what they need but what they want. Okay, cool. Who that's a good one. We're going to talk about the difference between what people who are good wonder later nature is not oh that's major the character in cars that's mater mater the tow truck okay nater like ralph nader alright, now I'm always gonna remember nature like major, but anyway I like both characters, so okay, what people needed and what they want all right fantastic yeah, absolutely I think you know everything about what it is that you've said is definitely marketing so there people out there who may not, I know that you exist at all, so you want to make sure that you're showing up in your present and people know who you are you know, we're communicating with people were attracting the right kind of customers were communicating with a specific purpose to create awareness and, um make it easy for people to find you and choose you that has to do with how you are differentiating yourself in the market. How are you describing what you do when I think about the active marketing and very specifically how it is that I know I have built my business? One of the ways that I think about what marketing is is to share information in that specifically solves my client's problems, my potential clients problems. So one of the main things that I think about what I'm marketing at the foundation is how am I actively sharing information that basically is very similar to the kinds of services that I actually would provide to somebody that's what people somebody would pay me to do I want to be sharing is much of that information as possible with people so that after consuming that information right and part of it is promoting for sure but it's promoting in such a way where I'm saying here's who I am you know I have in the escape from cubicle nation lady so here, specific ways that you can choose your brand here is how you take action on ideas here considerations that you can have when you're choosing the right kind of business entity, but it's it's doing it in such a way that people are actually getting their problems solved and by doing that this particular philosophy is one that robert milton from action plan marketing said a long time ago, which is kind of cool before any of the content marketing, you know, other terms that we use, right? What freemium is that was not kind of a thing, right? There's content marketing uh, freemium, which is like you give stuff away for free some of the model that we do a creative live get it all for free like stream any times re broadcast, and then if you want to have it as a reference than you can purchase that afterward, right, so creates this feeling of, like, openness and engagement and service and what's nice about that is I think from that perspective, people already know what you're about and they already recognized if you are sharing really good, specific information with them that you are the kind of person that can solve their problem because they see it, they experience it and so the model of info guru what robert middleton said way back in the day it was like fifteen years ago totally blew my mind I remember this I was so new to marketing I didn't have an mba I didn't know anything about business I'll never forget the first time I heard it, he said give away eighty percent of what you got for free but then twenty percent you want to charge a premium for and I never ever forgot that to this day and then you hear you know, variations on it that have morphed through time a cz people have talked about marketing differently this is not the on ly way to talk about marketing and it doesn't work for everybody. For some people this is not a model that that they're going to want maybe they have a little bit of a different percentage some people are still in business is where it makes sense to take out an advertisement right and pay for advertising. Some people do do a lot of work on the internet where they are running facebook ads and, you know, paying to get people on their email list and cool you know that it's it's, whatever really works for you in your business but I find for a lot of the creative type businesses that you all have that I think a lot of folks that are inter internet audience have what happens when you do use this particular methodology of marketing where you primarily see yourself with somebody who is helping to solve other people's problems? It helps with everything that has to do with all the good stuff that you want in marketing so you get people talking about you and sharing information in things like passing around your block posts you get reporters that are calling you, asking you to give quotes on stories because they recognize because they use google that you've contributing a huge amount of content on your block or on the internet around a particular topic and I have I mean, it's sometimes I'm amazed when I look at it myself, but it's really a hazing if you go to escape from cubicle nation and go to my press page so escape from cubicle nation dot com slash press and you look at the kind of press I've gotten it's pretty much what any pr person's dream would be new york times, wall street journal businessweek fortune money magazine psychology today incredible press I have never paid a publicist a day in my life I mean, maybe ninety five percent of that has come from journalists that are looking for information about leave your corporate job to start a business and what do they start to find? They start to find all these block post interviews that I've done other things solving other people's problems right which then mean that they use me in the article which of course then helps to reinforce my particular brand is an expert that helps my clients so so I think from that particular approach it's why I think it's it's so it's such a powerful way that you can go about things and has a lot of benefits as well being somebody who really is a trusted advisor on people know you because they know your work because sometimes when we start to talk about just promoting yourself and going out so people know who you are what what kind of feelings do you have if you're just thinking about all right going to this conference and I'm going to promote myself what thoughts popping your head internet folks or what thoughts popping your hand for here in the studio audience feels a little funny feels funny those little for me I don't really have anything yet don't make me get on life coach on you run go there you don't have a product okay that's what I meant yeah you myself yeah as a product like really right so you don't have like your starters yeah right yeah psychics are exotic like a reference that so it feels a little weird but I do understand why you need to do it why you need to promote yourself brand and build your platform if you will your eco system exactly yeah. You want to show up in fact, you want to show up way before you have anything to sell that's the really great thing when you begin to show up in a situation where people know who you are before you become broadneck kudo academy award winning documentary filmmaker would that be awesome we can say we knew you went right uh I mean telling you like stranger things have happened right a lot of it just depends on what your vision and how do you want to make it happen but it's really you know how are you always showing up promoting yourself yes I think by saying here I am this is what I do but also imagine if you have that thought in your head wherever you go anywhere anywhere you go of saying you know I'm pamela slam and I'm here to help solve other people's problems how might that shift your thought when you're walking into a networking event when you're coming here you know when you're going to a conference all of a sudden when you have that in your mind it can often make you feel really much more relaxed and calm and then what do you do when you're there to say my name is paladin help to solve problems you do things like sit next to a woman you know on the airplane and say nice to meet you tell me about your life and all of a sudden lo and behold I didn't push it I didn't push it to try to get her husband to sign it but work with me about the end of the conversation she was like, oh my god, how can I get you in front of my husband? And I wish he was here and write it just naturally happens as opposed to thinking here I am you know, to promote you what are folks saying out there? Let's say a lot of people are concerned about feeling too sleazy people are saying used car salesmen snake oil salesman yeah there's one tip here from ellen this could help some of these people she says the lincoln has a new content space to get your work discovered where you can upload videos, images and documents if you're afraid of feeling sleazy, this is a little bit better if you're maybe an introvert you just posted there and people can check out your work some right you let your work speak for you sometimes right by having yeah kind of one way to let uh people see what it is that you have to offer. Yeah, same thing multi level marketing er again three eighteen media saying I've encountered those folks the ones who worked the room from person to person like bees pollinating a garden oh, what a metaphor that isthe right yeah feels like campaigning right, right, right campaigning really working a room you know and everybody is gonna have a very different style I think right we have different style some of us are introverted and extroverted but I find especially when we look at this in the context of what we talked about in the sale cycle that really all that you ever want to do in any kind of first time situation networking situation or a social network is just to show up and find out who's here and what's going on with them who are they and you know, how interesting are they and then when you when you do have the up opportunity introduce yourself like susan was giving us the formula yesterday right then you can say with great pride you know my name is brooke I mean, I'm putting on the spot because maybe you haven't thought about the perfect thing to say but what might be one way you could introduce yourself when you're in a setting that would be a perfect setting for you look kind of like a watering hole I am broke through and I help lesbian brides find the perfect thing to wear on their wedding day okay? Wow, I saw you got the chills for that because when you say something like that all of a sudden and people can say oh my god are you kidding me? I'm a lesbian oh my god my neighbour is my sister is that's totally fantastic you know how interesting and you don't have to be coming up in shaking hands and saying you know how may I help you? Are you lesbian do you have money? Do you have money which is like that work the room kind of thing but you can say it with clarity and confidence that just kicks off a really interesting conversation where people say, oh my god that's the coolest thing ever tell me more about that and that's when you can begin to kind of create these connections and it could be sometimes that's the case where people say well, you know I'm actually don't have anybody like that in my life but you know I'm really like what kind of fashion do you do? I'm really interested in fashion and then maybe you you know give him a couple tips there and you help them out and you you notice that somebody in the party is struggling to take their jacket off and you're the kind of person who helps them to take it off I think a lot of this kind of philosophy of just being somebody who is there to be helpful and to be gracious is just a wonderful way to be in the world and it's also a wonderful way to begin to establish a certain expectation the marketplace about who you are now there's some people who want to be try to think of somebody who has like a really strong brand where they're more like a diva maybe your madonna or something right and you don't want to be the one who's helpful you want people to know that madonna has walked in the room you know and this is who I am so maybe you're going toe you know, treat yourself in a different way when you're in a public setting if you're that kind of person but I find that for most people who were you know, service providers you really do want to be known as somebody who's who's really helpful the more that you present yourself that way the more that you share information with people you get feedback from people the more that you could really customize and taylor your information to figure out what it is that people need did you have comments out there or I've got one quote that I think is key from terra di she says that passion is mistaken for pushiness no passion for pushiness that kind of rhymes sort of liberates right there right? So sometimes you can be super fired up about what you do and you get so excited that you forget that the other person has no idea who you are and might not know right what that great thing is that you d'oh which again is is kind of that the feeling that you want to invoke I think one of the ways that people feel the most valued and recognized is when you are asking them questions about themselves last night at the gathering that I was at there was ah, a former professional athlete who was very, very well known within his own arena, but when he was sitting at the table, he was the most gracious person he kept turning, somebody would ask him something about the, you know, his sport and he'd say, well, tell me more about you so, like, what? What's that book that you're working on and, you know, you're a mom to, you know, here's, what I like about my kids and I was sitting back like, man, this guy is awesome, you know, I don't even know anything about a sport, but what an amazing guy was clear that he kind of had that philosophy of being interested in being curious, and that is one thing I think that can help alleviate some of the stress that people have feeling like a used car salesman when your marketing you know, that you're just going up and, you know, promoting yourself the very best kind of promotion like vanessa is saying everything about who you are is actually your brand that's, your that's, your personal brand, I think that's what we mean your personal brand it is if you could imagine the camera was following you at all times, right? We tend to think, you know, the personal brand is the person that I am standing in front of the camera it's actually the person that you are when you wake up at five thirty in the morning in the hotel, right and somebody knocks on the door and wakes you up are you the person who screams at that person? Are you somebody who's kind and gracious? You know, how do you treat the folks at starbucks where you get your coffee? You know, if there were a camera following you the whole time, that's actually what ends up making up your personal brand, you know, and also it's kind of your your own personal and spiritual footprint, right for who you are as a person. So I think the main thing that happens in business today, which is really different than we've had before, is everything really is documented even without you knowing sometimes right that a lot of our life is documented photographs and social media and, you know, people say things off camera we were laughing today in the green room of we've seen sometimes newscasters who think that the camera's cut off in the audio's cut off and they go on like a profanity tirade or they say something mean about the story they just told you guys ever do that, but, you know that's that's you know really I think comin to you know, to how things work so the more that you're aware of that then you think you're right, you actually are promoting yourself but it's not you know, here I am and this is fancy no person but more you know, here's who I am and this is what I what is important to me and this is what I'm passionate about the best kind of marketing is totally going to be focused on the needs of your customers. So there's a certain strategy, I think I personally think that you know, your marketing is really going to work when you have a number of different components that are in place, so you have a vision and a purpose of your business that is really clear that you're actually extremely clear and confident in why does your business exist? And the reason for his eggs listens, I think has to be far beyond making money because if it were only about money there's probably easier ways that you could make money with less effort. You know, some like being a I don't know what would be like a job where you could make a whole bunch of money in a short period of time used to be you go up to alaska and you'd be a salmon fisherman or something people would go on for three months and they'd earn a huge amount of money in that short period of time and then they will be set for life and they wouldn't have to be you know, building everything else but really you know you you want to have a clear idea of what is that vision and purpose of your business be on making money so and this is that this is a fun thing I find this to be tremendously powerful and I call it your route in my new book I call it your route because I think it's the thing that absolutely anchors you in your passion in your purpose and gets you through especially those difficult times when you're in the early stages of square three in the heroes saga and you're like you know what I don't know if I can do this anymore if you have a clear route in an idea of your purpose that's actually what gets you through so let's talk about what for any of you who were here in the studio audience and then also for people who were in our internet audience what is the true purpose of your business what are you trying to do in your business already is mine sort of truth and clarity like finding it and helping people find find it so your purpose is to help people find clarity okay so what happens and let's talk about your people for a second your people are businesses that have a social bent, people who were focused on social change, social justice, right? You were saying that was part of what mostly in the area of, like food, food and food okay, okay, bart farming insists sustainability that sort of ok food we'll call foodies now I know foodies is different that's not the best term because food is you think of us like foo foo people too, right? Yeah, sustainable food sustainability you have to meet my friend emily. Hope okay. Emily h ow who's in los angeles who does all kinds of cool organizing with food swaps and everything you would love each other? Yes, a medal for it, like see essays and yeah, you know, sustainable small agriculture that sort of ok small agriculture, right? Very cool. Alright, so help these food sustainability c s a kind of folks find clarity, what happens when they find clarity? Well, a lot of people have a big sense of relief, like they sort of know why they're doing what they're doing, but they've never really articulated it. And specifically they've never really articulated the benefits that's a huge that's something that I see over and over again, they can't they know what they do and they might even know why they do it, but they don't really know how to communicate what the end benefits are for the people who were there at the end of their thing so that's one of the big things that I helped them try tio so when they know what the benefits are for their end client so for folks who they're trying teo influence in terms of making sustainable food choices right when they're able to understand the benefits and communicate them then what happens? Well to me it makes all their communication potentially easier I mean I think they kind of have to be able to manage their own brand you know after all this but I think it will want it can really save a lot of time and a lot of money and a lot of energy when they're more clear because then you know your visuals are much more you know you know what direction you're going to go in then for how you talk about what you do how you write about what you do and even sometimes you're gonna partner with if you do what you're going to sell so I think it all kind of funnels down teo okay a lot more like relief and confidence and leave competency already feeling almost more enthusiastic about what they do it's almost like they get to revisit or fall in love with their their business you know all over again okay awesome they found love with their business so let's say they do all of that exceptionally well and they execute all their communication and they're totally fired up in what they do and they meet all their goals what happens to their clients and their customers? Um well, they are going toe feel better about continuing to do business with them more more likely true what do you think that these folks really care about happening in the world? Well, they want they want um they want their original admission to be able to assist us to sustain itself, which is that people eat local sustainable food, right? So when it starts to come out when you have clarity about what you're doing and then you have relief because you have a clear statement of knowing why you're doing it, you know the benefits and then you know how to cook munich ate it well with people with less time and more efficiently and enthusiastically and people fall in love with your business you actually deliver on your mission you have people who are excited about eating and growing sustainable food write what happens if more and more people in the world are eating sustainably well, there's a lot more health oh yeah for people and for communities and for the planet and yes and why does that matter? Well for you personally why? Why? I mean attics you mean me? Yeah, I mean, it makes me feel like I'm attributing to to you know, furthering things that are I believe you know arguably better for all of us I mean better for you know, for other types of businesses that aren't even related to that and um and then it makes me feel more enthusiastic so it all kind of works like a hole I saw a nice healthy system because you could like walk outside and go I'm out tam and look at the beautiful you know, nature and say I am specifically doing something that's making this earth a healthier place to be you can walk around looking smiling people who are eating sustainable food and know that knowing that you're making a difference and you know I appreciate that you allowed me to dig further and further I can tell that like fifth questions he's like all right don't make me say why it is that yeah but really that when you really start to get to that place of actually knowing your route often it's where you kind of feel something catching your breath sometimes it brings a tear to your eye sometimes it's where you really shift and you say wait a minute you know this is not it's super cool the different processes and structures you so people feel more clarity and they have a process but really what you start to talk about in terms of the impact you have on the world is something that's much deeper than that there's no right answer but it's you really defining like this is why I am deeply committed to doing this work this is why I want to do it in excellent way this is why I don't want to work with my ideal clients because I want to serve these people so that that happens right that's really you know to get some clarity in your business which helps to drive things what what are folks saying out there in terms of their their purpose? Yes well, we ask people the question and monica mcneal said I really want to authentically document people's life story beyond a state shot or manipulated pose because I think giving a voice to your life story is empowering mmmmmmm mmmmmmm photographer right I am a soon wei have another comment from nature and he says that he wants to give people more options and flexibility to meet their fashion needs by custom designing their eyewear whoa, cool custom I wear okay um and then if nature were in front of me I won't do it because it'll be laborious to go back and forth on the internet. But if he were here right for like stylish uh customized eyewear um we could have so much fun with this one if you were here is that when you start to talk about, you know, stylish customized eyewear for many people especially if you look at like you know why I haven't people's needs been served things were talking about yesterday with susan I wear is something that some people struggle with right and oftentimes people might have had glasses from a young age finding the right kind of glasses eh rodney is the only one right here that we have who has very stylish customers glasses by the way which I think I think nature would be approving of that but when you start to talk about the reason like when people are wearing beautiful clothes then how do they feel what's their experience right what what does it bring out on people when they're actually really dressed in a beautiful way I'm a gigantic fan of any kind of styling show like what not to wear go ahead and tease me I love what not to wear clean sweep any kind of transformation show but I know that like stacy london first of all she always says it doesn't have to be matching matching it just has to go which I think is perfect marketing advice right for branding but she also says you know that actually you're close when you really get the perfect set of clothes it actually enhances and brings out your natural beauty it makes you feel mohr of who you are which is probably something you often say right brock for your your customers so when when you see that it's important, when you're doing this, digging in to figure out this first part of your business of what do you really trying to do? What what purpose does your business really serve? And you're able to define some of these deeper roots that is, what gives you that gigantic surge of energy? It's almost like in the movie avatar, you saw that with the blue people avatar, where everybody is connected to the earth is not cool, you know, people are sitting on the earth, and they're connected, and you see the like, energy flowing between everybody else, which I think they're heavily influenced by native american culture, and that right? Because often that that's a core thing of connecting with the earth, but that begins to be that kind of energy that you have, right, it's, deeper, it's, maur, it's more than just doing your thing, because, like anybody could make cool eyewear, you know what I mean? But nobody's going to do it like nater? Maybe he has a very specific story about why this particular issue is really important to him, right? And knowing that and having that purpose is going to be super important. So, yes, it's an interesting conversation that's going on here about that, I think, it's that conversation about altruism versus selfishness, that hand what what is out there? What is there? Is there all tourism? But it's I people saying that my purpose is actually a selfish that I want to put my own dent in the world but in a positive way um and and that um yeah the rainy day store she says in a way all entrepreneurs are selfish because they are creating something they love but it just happens to help others is not cool and isn't cool we use the term selfish right? I might say we're interdependent right when we are able to define the purpose of the mission of our business if jane gets to super fired up about helping the planet to get healthier and have helped people to grow sustainable food because she gets great pleasure from that it also is something that is really helping you know the rest of the world were were interdependent and I don't need to like judge the use of people's words but let's think about it for a second cause it's not really selfish or is that saying that I want create something that's really that's where I was going with this that redefining the word selfish yeah, I personally have been having to do that recently in my life where that concept of self care and is that being the secret but thinking about it in the way that rainy day store again for me, my purpose uh my purpose from businesses selfish I love shopping and finding deals so because I can shop and turn around and sell my items that I could buy more but the result is helping people finding clothes they need that they can't find and she has an ebay store so super cool interesting when you really get down to it yeah, exactly and you know, the only thing that's important is what is your own definition of what works for you? We can't you know some of us can say every business endeavor should be totally selfish, you know should be totally self less and altruistic where everything should end up having a social good that's what a lot of people that are involved in social business and social entrepreneurship which you rodney I know really care about, right? Uh is it fair to say that if you ran the world every business would have some kind of a social benefit or social good? I mean, I think it's even really going that way even richard branson wrote a book about that you're saying that you know that the way the world works now is that people really they don't want to be viewed as evil and they don't want to think of business as basically just taking and thinking but actually giving back and you know, young opportune entrepreneurs and people all over the world are are really looking for that looking for those that social good component tonto business and, you know, basically bringing value but still, you know, making a living exactly exactly you know? And I think to be the biggest thing is not that there's anyone way of being and there could be people who get super fired up I think about sometimes the guys I used to work with when I was at barclays global investors that were traders and they were just totally fascinated by the whole financial systems and making big deals and making money and, you know, maybe some of them they just love that thrill of the chase and, you know, the adrenaline it's not that everybody has to have that particular outcome as a coach, you know, it's like mice favorite trick and what I'm always kind of sensing is in general I found by having so many hundreds of conversation with people uh in general, just a pursuit of money just a pursuit of fame generally does not actually lead to fulfillment and happiness and it's just a specific observation from working with many hundreds of people maybe it's a select number of people who come to me because of who I am but I think you know, regardless of that, uh when you're defining the purpose of your business, you want to be really clear beyond just saying kind of what's that top line objective that you have right? I want to help people start a business. Okay, cool. But why? Why is it important that people get the tools in order to do that when you can answer you ask if any of you have children who are like two years old they only say why you know do that? Why? Why why get down to a little bit of a deeper level so that you can define with clarity the purpose of your business? This is everything that really to me defines the spice, the flavor, the feeling of your business. So if you are somebody like some of my buddies that air like these wizard twentysomething internet folks who were totally excited about just like selling a whole bunch of things right that becomes part of their flavor that becomes an excitement that they have a motivation and their brand that a lot of people can run towards, right but it's distinguished from other people who have a different kind of focus and purpose in their business. So you got to dig in and really understand what that isthe so first you have what's the purpose of your business beyond making money money is awesome money health money makes things happen but beyond making money, why are you in business which is the first part of your your marketing story? The second thing is to identify your target mark can we talk very specifically about that these last few days, right? Your ideal client avatar defining them you want to have specific offers ready so that you know exactly what you're selling at any given time and that you have your market strategy identified so you know, based on what you're selling what are the different marketing vehicles that you're using in order to help people get things done and then finally where you have some kind of an action plan in place right? So you know specifically how are you taking action on a consistent basis in order to get your clients so when you know that if you just have these pieces that air define you have your purpose purpose and you have your ideal clients and you have your uppers and your strategy and then your action plan which we'll talk about this one then you can really start to go to town so in terms of the information that you really are sharing with clients ways that you could begin to share information participate show up so people know who you are all of this information is really coming out of your clients and what they need and there's a very specific tool that I use a lot with clients which is called a content map where you just begin to identify of all the different things that are important to your client what kind of information resource is questions do they have kind of in relation to what it is that you are offering so let's do e j can I brainstorm with you? Okay. All right, so recap for us again kind of who was an ideal client for you describe her works its mom I'm a mom who's building a business and she's got kids probably like younger kids. Um she's got lots of ideas she's done a lot of training and now she's just been in a space like plain things into action um she has a couple of projects that she's like working on, but she feels like she doesn't have enough time to do it just kind of procrastinating she feels guilty she may be yelling at her kids more than usual she feels tired a lot because she stays up late when the kids are in bed like work on stuff and kind of get things done last minute, right? Because there aren't a lot of systems that kids are probably going to bed at all different times. Yeah kind of thing. Okay, so we can help pj out okay? And especially if you have any folks like that from the target audience that are tuning in right now or hear or if you know people like that okay, so what are all the things that your ideal client our is eyes thinking about like what's on her mind uh she's worried about she's like I have so much to do, I don't know what to do first, okay? She's procrastinating just after she needs to get done, but she keeps putting it off she, um, she has a partner, maybe even a family who don't quite understand why she's so driven to be in her business, she may be having moments of like doubt or fear she may be feeling guilty because she has to say no, sometimes to her kids, when they want to spend time together and do stuff I'll put guilt is a branch off of that beer, okay, uh, help around to chime in if whether the rest of you think about some of the things that these moms might be wanting to connect, I feel connected teo their kids, even while they're busy feeling like they never have enough time, never enough time, right time like also energy, feeling stressed a lot like want to know that quick kind of stress busters, maybe she's trying to figure out a structure with a balance between work and her. Yeah, that was sort of like when I started actually talking to mom's there like I just want someone to make a schedule for me and tell me what I should do every day, fantastic! There are some people online identifying themselves jennifer kent feeling disconnected from other more typical moms and her kids friends mom's oh, interesting yeah kris with a k says that she's a single mom trying to give her kids as much of her as their friends get from their stay at home mom get that competition with the other bomb interesting hey, so there's kind of the stay at home there's a stay at home situation versus, uh working moms and again loaded thing stay at home moms work their tails off totally wanted to make that way doesn't believe st yes I do three are okay so but it's kind of like, you know have a business his mom's and then single moms right that's a different dimension could be a whole different thing some way be inspired moms have a disconnect from her idea what she thinks she should be should my favorite word is a coach right and there's always I mean just as a mom and general like everyone has different parenting advice free of what you need to do not do and then also with your business like people how much it by so it's just like my goddess shut all that stuff down and get reconnected trusting or so wow seriously now thank you waken realize it crazy the amount of information right right so even like as you start to look at anyone this is called mind mapping right? A lot of folks might be familiar with it. You can use software for this sometimes to do mind mapping which is really fun there's suffer like ex mind mind meister and the s t e r which is super cool because often when you do this brainstorming exercise this is an exceptionally fertile math of information that you can pull from in order to be looking at your marketing your marketing information and so from any one of these branches right? You look a time what are some of the specific issues that she might have about time? Uh not enough time not enough howto scott away your tie's scheduling would you say jane? Oh yeah, just how how to schedule it more efficiently, right? Prioritize yeah schedule efficiently but then on the unexpected things that happen when you have kids, we'll make a plan and then they get sick and you have your way home from work or you can't work that day because you have to take care of a sick kid, right exactly so unexpected things. So for any any one of these things, you can start to dig in and start to see some very specific information so as you begin to see what's so cool about this and I'm hoping susan would be approving shaking her head vigorously right now when we start to map this out and again we're we're making some of this up, but again you're a mom, I'm a mom, some of the folks know moms or your you mama's well, yeah, his mom so some of the folks out there on the internet and so these air, actually, you begin to really see from their perspective, like, this is my world, these are the things that I'm carrying around in my mind, these air, all the different issues that I'm thinking about, we haven't talked about money, right? It's kind of a huge thing, right? Gigantic thing we're worried about money, how much is enough? And I'm gonna, you know, make enough, uh, retirement, if I'm an entrepreneur, all these different questions that come up. So basically, this is the beginning of this is where you at first, just brainstorm as many possible things and it's great when you do it in conjunction with your ideal audiences is an example of a particular exercise that brooke could do that all of you could do really, when you're looking at like particular, you know, offers that you want to provide our market, you want to dig in with find out what are all the things that are really on people's mind, and in some ways what's so powerful about this is let's say that you're only focusing on you know, time management. I know that's not what you d'oh, but as an example, if you were on ly focusing on time management and you didn't take into consideration that your mom's were also considering all of these other dynamics, you might underestimate the amount of time or energy they have to work on that particular issue, right? Whereas when you, when you think of all these things that are on their mind, then when you talk to them, you can you can use terms of, you know, resonating with them that you understand what their issues are. But you can also help to create an offer that's going to be working effectively within this environment right within the structure. Okay, maybe one of the best things you can do me you might do in the beginning is help them. I just creating a schedule and a structure right here is a sample. Let's, try this for a week, you know, because they're just saying, like, I know I'm capable and independent, but right now I just really want some help. Give me some help so I can have a recipe to follow. Okay, when you have this this particular content map, then you could begin to see also are there particular things that people need that could help you to segment out the kind of content and information that you're sharing from a marketing perspective so for example when I was doing this very thing with escape from cubicle nation as my audience right my ideal client is somebody who is in a corporate job who wants to leave and start a business I had a very similar brainstorm is this and when I stepped back and I looked at all the specific things that my audience needed that's where I found out that there were some major categories so one was education people just need sometimes to know how to do certain things so they need how to information how do you create a marketing plan? How do you set up your sales process right etcetera? How do you open a business bank account specific educational information? The other thing that I found my people need needed and still need as do I is inspiration people want to know that it is possible for somebody just like them toe actually make a positive change. People need community and I'm thinking again for you e j like a lot of these things might overlap with a lot of what you know all of us are looking to provide it can feel extremely lonely if you feel like you're the on ly one and that's one of the reasons why you've been setting up these local gatherings right that our daycare kid friendly because you know that it can feel so isolating and a lot of times you know they do feel disconnected from other other stay at home moms the last piece and this is this is specific to my business but we can kind of replace it with maybe what the equivalent is for yours my folks need promotion do you notice with great joy and glee that sometimes I mentioned favorite peer mentors client you heard me bragging on carmen right? I talk about abel the time yehuda willie jackson who I mentioned at every single possible possible time that I can one of the reasons I do that is because I consider it a huge need in my market and part of my job in really something that where I can use my platform to help get the word out about great things people are doing one of the characteristics of early stage business is that people don't have a lot of platform and so when I'm actually using my platform to promote others then it becomes you know, a win win for all of us so I'm not sure first of all to ask you e j any of these categories feel like kind of major categories that would also resonate for you in your market yeah definitely which which one's education inspiration and community okay inspiration community is there anything else that would be missing this really unique for your particular community and the work that you d'oh um I guess it's I don't know howto like phrase it but actually like a place to actually put things together like a mastermind or actually like implementing like I really loved when you were talking about doing like a google hang out let's hang out for ninety minutes and work on like you know our block post together yeah so actually like laboratoria workshop things into action yeah right action space or something okay, baby, maybe they're right maybe there's someplace like that words a co working space by they have day care, right? You know? And they get together and these women and then that was kind of like melts the two together with community plus an active space where they can get together and then yeah, they just they work together and their kids were playing in the next room exactly where they could build stuff. Yeah, and so it could be that there are in person places maybe like oakland, huh? I've never even been there, but like I just love them so dearly they they did the best kickstarter video I think I've ever seen you have to check it out look at oakland how one starts fantastic they're also doing enthusiastic I don't even know any of them and I would totally given my money really, really well done video very persuasive but there could be in person places to connect in workshop, but also there could be on line like you said, right? Google hangouts and so, you know, and maybe for part of it and maybe it's all mixed in different places, but you also have a spiritual connection, you have a soul connection made maybe there's something for you and your audience that you find is relevant in making sure that that's, you know, also part, you know, as an example, thie important thing is, when you start to look at these major categories of information or content that you want to share, this is where it gets super fun, okay? Because all of a sudden it's, uh, you have these places where you can dip in let's say that you're on twitter, okay, what's a way that you can get a piece of education out on twitter, it's like, hey, my twitter buddies here's a how to get twelve more hours out of your day, you know, when you're a busy mom education, how to then, like, oh my gosh, you know, did you guys see this ted talk little bit of inspiration right in your twitter stream? And then then you say, oh, my god at jane, forget your total allegro allegro jane, you know, do you know you really need to meet and you say this in public on twitter right? You really need to meet at vanessa justice you guys would totally love each other so you begin to build community there and then you know, you could also say, oh my gosh, you know, I'm hosting my meat up and we're going to be doing like we're gonna be building schedules together we're going to be working on our business plans come to the google hangout here so all of a sudden when you're conscious about these particular content areas that's how you make sure you know what it is that you're communicating with people and what happened sometimes I sew it this is exactly how I do my own marketing every single day of my business I look at my block and I'm like I have on ly inspirational stories the last five things that I've done have been inspirational stories, right? I need to write a how to post or oh my gosh, you know, I haven't really been doing anything in order to nurture my community, let me introduce some people to each other let me create you know mike, you're amazing it at creating community with each other, right everywhere you go you end up hosting a meet up right and that's the way you can meet a need within your community but all of a sudden it becomes super clear how you can choose what kind of content to share what it is that you talk about because what do you share? What information do you share? You share answers to all of his questions on a continual basis they're very often people who say I don't know what the hell to do when I get on twitter what do I do? This is what you do you answer these questions and you do it in the way that you're really looking at the specific content areas, right? Give a little education little inspiration, community and spaces in order to get together um so when when you're doing this for each of your ideal clients, because depending up upon the segment that you're looking at, I mean it can get it's one of the reasons I think, why, when susan was so adamant yesterday about saying special ice, you begin to see like, how complex it is for one particular segment teo teo effectively, you know, share this information you, vanessa put your marketing manager in here and maybe really zero in on the type you know, susan, when you wouldn't let me say type of industry but like a marketing manager that's trying to solve a particular problem boom, right, right doing more with less information about marketing in general event management, right? And all of a sudden you begin to see that you can provide this great information so that's where you can start to see how and why people will say oh my gosh, I can't go anywhere without running into e j and it's just like every in like so many people are you know connected to you and I read this great story and you're you're starting to really you know get up there in google you don't have to write all this stuff some people are not into writing some people want to do videos some people just want to be fantastic curator sze of the internet on behalf of their clients so let's say you're scanning the internet you know every day or every week to get the very best information that you confined in these categories that still is being somebody who is really adding value from a marketing perspective are we getting questions or comments do we have any debates going? I like those debates way have some kind of that's so people echoing the love for the community kris with a k says community is really important to her one of the best things about creative lives the community yeah yeah I mean just a lot of nodding heads community is the great stuff I've got a producer in the back danielle saying this stuff is incredible you can make the internal folks happy that's totally awesome totally awesome yeah yeah, well, you know, the key I think in the beginning is to really take the time to begin to brainstorm initially what the topics are after a while, when you when you begin to do it, then it becomes a point where you are just never, ever going to be running out of ideas, right? And and then the other thing is you could begin to see from a from an offer perspective if the's air all the needs that you have that your clients and your customers have, one of the ways that you're testing and trying and getting feedback is by sharing this information and seeing what people relate to, right where really all the questions and when you find that you might say, wow, you know, they're really a lot of people that are interested in this particular topic. Maybe I want to do an offer on it or there's a block post that I wrote that tons of people were super excited about, and maybe, you know, maybe actually want to create some kind of an offer around that that's how my book came about, I wrote a block post called body of work and lo and behold, it was like, wow, this like I liked it, a lot of people liked it, and sooner or later it ended up turning into a whole entire book a body of work a body of work a piece of my body of work yes so so that that's really where you begin teo to make those connections and so so the first piece that's really important is to brainstorm and create you're content map right think about who might be an ideal client where you have two distinct markets that's where you can make a choice like in your case brooke right it would be fantastic to do one for your m o b s and m o gs mother of the bride and mother of the grooms and then you might want to do another one for your lesbian brides and if anybody also in the internet says I have no idea like I don't know I don't know what my people want if susan were here she would stand up emphatically and say go find them and ask them them don't make it up don't make it up right you I think said this because in some ways you are your ideal client but these are also the women that you work with right yeah I mean I'm so like in my head about it that it wasn't until like I was talking to mom's like I was more about like I want to teach you to trust yourself trust you intuition and make the right decision right here like I want to schedule like e every day I want to talk about my time I'm madame for fascinating so I was like okay you know so it was just like I opening so like just like here the language and like really hear what people want as opposed to giving me what I think they need like you know yes oh I love you said that because now we can talk about the want versus need okay that's fantastic yeah and sometimes it sometimes especially in the coaching world you know we say like you know I want it on my people to be more awesome or to trust themselves mohr you know how often when you're this mom are you going to google saying how can I trust myself more are you kidding me you're like I want a wife I don't care like you know get me somebody who's going to help me out here right uh and so s o that's really where you start to dig in the want versus needs so cool and so important and man did we get ourselves in trouble for this so want versus need what is the difference between your clients wanting something and needing something they may not be aware but I just think they may not be aware of what they necessarily need but you know what they want okay so they know what they want what people generally one money money time less stress yeah these big things mike yeah, yeah I want to meet it's like their desires or when he when he asked him, just like the open end any questions ago, what do you want more of in your life? Those are the things that just kind of pop up in my work, it's almost exactly the opposite. Most people come in saying, I want a brochure or I want a website, but they don't necessarily know why they might really need a better messaging platform. I bet it's not the physical thing, they haven't done the wide, just like I was talking about yesterday. Focus not on why a lot of people come in and they put the one before the before the why, but they're trying to actually accomplish. Yeah, so I have to sometimes slip it it's exactly the same, right? I want a six figure business. Okay, cool. Me too. So why? Why? Why? You actually want a six figure business and it's based on this stage of where you are in business, what do you actually need? Maybe you need to get your dark website up, right? Because you don't have any kind of a website, maybe you need to get your first offer in place, right? That eventually will lead to a six figure business, if that indeed is what you want. In the chat room is weighing in, and jennifer kent says that she heard someone say once that sell them what they want, but give them what they need. Nader says needs are harder to discover, but wants are obvious. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I find that I find that to really be true and part of, uh, marketing language, that the tricky part of it is that when the internet is so busy, the world is so busy with so many offers are just constantly flying at us everywhere we go, right? And so we are often looking for those things that we think we want in any given moment. Those are the things that jump out, so sometimes we can get as coaches or consultants or what, you know, graphic designers, right? You might have a really clear idea that actually what they need to do is take time to do a whole brand identity discovery process, that's actually what they need and we kind of get school teacher ish, you know, like what you really need is to define your values, you don't want six figures you wanted to find your values first and get your own definition of success, and they're like, okay, cool, but like, this other person is going to give me the six figure business, so I'm going to go purchase with them that the balance here is often you're right, people may think they want things that they don't actually want, so you never want to be marketing. Sometimes it can be a little bit predatory to just be looking at those things like, you know, I'm going to make you a million dollars and, you know, if you work with me, you're going to be popular, you're going to be one of the it people for me personally, that starts to get a little bit on the, like, in some ways, it's praying a little bit on what we want, but not necessarily, you know, in a healthy way, I love the person who was saying, sometimes you you sell people, you know what they want the idea of what they want, you give them what they need. Jessica seinfeld, who's married to jerry seinfeld, the comedian she did this siri's of cookbooks, which I think ran into some intellectual property issues, if I remember right, somebody actually tried to sue her for stealing the idea so anyway, whether it was her or something of the idea she might have taken from somebody else. She had this whole series of cookbooks about how you slip in like spinach into your kid's food where they don't know it's there, so you make spaghetti and you like cook and blend up squash and make it a puree and then you put it in the spaghetti sauce so kids don't know they're eating vegetables or, you know, you make brownies that have some kind of, you know, zucchini juice and, um or something like that as a way of slipping in vegetables. So for moms that have kids that have a hard time eating vegetables, it's a way to do it, and I'm of that metaphor sometimes have sometimes that's actually, what you can do when you're doing your work is you want to be respectful, especially at first of saying, okay, you know, this is why you come to me, I want to help you let's talk about really the things that you want, let's, define it and get more clarity, but then in the way that you're actually working with them that's often when you can really start to focus on the things that people need and say, maybe you don't exactly need to go this direction, right? Maybe you want to start here instead of there with people who feel who maybe have a very high value in honesty, who are very passionate about their field, and they might feel like, you know, all mom should at all times have totally vegan food and, you know, nothing else is gonna work. And, you know, you have to, like, cook and way begin, you're not raw, but, you know, it's, like, you have to cook all your own food in advance, and this is the only way that you have to eat because they think that's what everybody needs, they may really have problem with the market, especially if it's a market like this who says, I just want to, like, eat something green once every three days, right to start. And then maybe once I start, I can begin to go in there and get some more energy, right? So I think that's really a very important distinction and the ethical line that we walk as marketers is not to be selling, you know, impossible dreams and praying in some ways, on people's, insecurities and weaknesses, it is supporting their dreams and helping to clarify their dreams and often learning what's underneath somebody's desire. Sometimes people have a desire to have great fame and fortune because that's really there their destiny because they want to do great things because they're excited about it, and they have a huge message to share in the world and that's a totally great direction somebody else want might want fame and fortune because you know what you know my mom and dad never supported me and my brother has been really successful and so I have to show everybody by being rich and famous and in general that story doesn't tend to end well right so you would not be helping that kind of person to just you know blindly help them get what what you think they want without really doing some of the work to figure out what you need so I love the fact that you ask those questions so the key I think when we start to talk about you know the marketing perspective is digging up and fleshing out what is that information that people actually need and then how can you deliver it to them my pointers right over here how can you deliver that to them in a really effective way so the social media marketing foundation is very similar right toe looking kind of your overall marketing foundation who's your client what air their particular needs what's your message right? One of my rallying clock cries hating your job intensely is not a business plan right? That's one strong message do you notice all that like twenty two times that we were talking about the book right? I always emphasized the purpose of my work is not so that everybody quits their job it's so people making form decisions about their business this is an example of a strong message that I want to get out there because I think a lot of people get you know misinformation that having a corporate job is bad and being an entrepreneur is the only good thing so that's part of how you want to distinguish yourself in your field is really by having clarity about what your message is what what are some of the messages to you guys to get a sense of what what is an underlying message for you and your business that set you apart one of the things like I say the clients is like trust your struggle and shine anyways nice nice that's really fantastic e everyone yeah that that that's awesome trust your struggle and shine away oh my god this beautiful beautiful and it's very distinctive it's very distinctive right when you think about your market and how that's going to resonate with them that's going to feel so powerful like wait a minute you know I can trust my struggle it's okay that I'm struggling I still have permission to shine wonderful, wonderful message mike what what do you what do you find yourself like saying the same thing over and over to you know when you get all fired up about what you're doing when you're talking about the rule that you want to see men fulfill within that world so why so my three big pillars are integrity and purpose and emotional intimacy so you know personal first one might be kind of taken from the four agreements. Just be impeccable. Uh, with your word yeah, I might steal the one that you had on purpose. Like, you know that. Steal it, please. Yes. You have to stand for something at any given time. Yeah, yeah. That's a huge thing for for men on, you know, just in our in our work and in our relationships like, are you are you dating me or are you like, are we single? Are we together? You know, it's, like, stand for something, whether it's like I'm going to be single or I'm going to be in this partnership on dh then emotional intimacy, intimacy, something around round crying or, like real men cry or, like real men are afraid of showing their emotions and yeah, not all emotions are bad and then my like my my personal mantra for life is if it doesn't involve lover fun, what's the point awesome that's all and so much of this. This this is part of really what creates the spirit of your brand, right and it's like in that that's where we see start to see how it is that you're showing up how you show up here, you're a hugger right how it is that you show up the kinds of events that you do, what you write your block post about, write what you say on twitter, how you show up the fact that you're willing to take a risk and be vulnerable right to be impeccable with your word even if sometimes you get pushed back for it right, that becomes a really important, powerful part of your message is there anything in particular is you start to dig in rodney with e with your documentary any kind of message that you see like for that film? Do you know yet before you don't yeah, I mean it's it's a personal message also, but I realized that I mean, on a bigger level it's a story that's not really told and it's a story about what we're two veterans in the philippines that are with what, for the most part don't have a voice and philippine culture has always been sort of oral history and but that part of history is dying so that's sort of one of the avenues that I'm going to approach it and when I start talking about it and and be part of my kicks are, you know, video is that and then it's and it's a big reason why I'm even doing it is that, you know there is a time there's literally a time issue where you know, even in my personal yes mai mai mai and we've alluded to it but even in my own personal kiss my my father passed away uh in april and he the reason why I'm whole reason why I'm even on that journey to find out about warty in the philippines is really because of him right? So and that was the reason why I started writing the novel the reason why I was realizing oh well, you know, I'm talking to these gun eyes so I should turn on the camera and hear their stories yeah and I'm sure there are tons of, uh, filipino americans that have grandfathers and grandmothers you know that are at that stage two let's capture that let's let's capture that lets still that story yeah and tell their stories so there's a that's kind of kind of where yeah, very powerful you know, one of the things that makes me think of is there is there is a powerful story that has not been told about world war two it's this kind of missing you know, missing voice and if we do not act now it will be lost forever, right? And even even in this journey it's not even just filipino americans but it's again to the connectedness when um one of my classmates in my writer's group heard husband she's uh you know, american lady her husband was actually a photographer and she was in philippians took all these photos and she she was the army photographer and then I bumped into one of my former english teachers and her father was actually, uh in the u s army and fought and you know, and we'll award to end the philippines yeah, so in this journey I'm even trying tow tell not just filipinos bed, you know, maybe you know, americans maybe even go to japan for some of the japanese veterans yeah, yeah it's very powerful and you begin to see that connection when you start to look at the purpose that behind what it is that you're doing and you start to look at the message it's really amazing, especially when it comes to a documentary right where you get people interested and I'm sure that people who were there also in the creative live audience were touched by that kind of thought to its with all of a sudden everybody starts to get that sense of like we do need this does need to be made its important for it to be made and there is a strong message that we really want to tell right it's a story that should be told so you know, in terms of some of the specific marketing vehicles you notice again like I talked about before often when we start to talk about marketing, we just get super tactical right like should I get a twitter account or should I have a facebook page or you know what should I do? And obviously as you've seen in some of the ways that we've really broken down the bigger questions to answer about your marketing plan if you don't have those things identified, you know, most people are like, all right, I got my facebook page, I'm on twitter now what do I do like look and then they see the stream coming thru zane, who was here in mind the creative live audience that silicon valley secrets from silicon valley we were in hysterics because he told me he said, you know, how do you keep up with twitter like I have to go back at the end of the day and read the entire stream? And I was like, zane it's, not your aunt and he mentioned it to guy kawasaki and he was like, what are you doing? Are you crazy? You know? But he was like, I don't know how this twitter thing works where is all of a sudden if you begin to look at it as thes air simply vehicles through which you could be sharing your message right? So based on where your ideal clients hang out, then those are the places where you should be sharing this information and maybe a couple of them right and there's like a jillion others I'm sure you know we'll miss a bunch in this case but just to give us the basic bucket right? Looking at twitter looking at facebook right? Having either a page or having a profile technically you should always just be promoting most of your business stuff on your facebook page yes guy might be asking one google pluses oh, I knew it was probably watching like sending the hate male right now because right exactly google plus yeah there any other big buckets that were not looking at twitter facebook lengthen you two you can tell that I'm forty six years old, right? I you know, last night I met this kid that was like eighteen years old for the past four years who's been doing, you know, like a video channel doing technology review on youtube my son when he was seven asked when he could create his own youtube channel so that he could promote his minecraft videos because yeah so seriously dude, obviously youtube is huge. There are a lot of content creators on making six figures oh seriously there's the like putting on my makeup drunk girl fifty thousand jenna marbles one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year for putting on her makeup drug were so in the wrong booth start drinking you know, like this's hard but you know, basically you know each of these different areas these air just ecosystems in which you could begin to share information okay and it's the same exact thing right? You go to a conference or you do some kind of speaking event what are you actually pulling your information from it's this map that all of you have in your head that's behind this right? You're pulling from it you're saying what is the most resonant, relevant information that will solve the problem from somebody there would be a totally killer uh talk he no talk now even better is where then that kino talk links very specifically back to an offer that you have currently right it's always better to be sharing information about things, topics that are related to something that you actually are selling right now and that's where you could make that nice, smooth, easy, elegant kind of connection. I am a really slow learner and I don't how long years in my business, he would say, can you speak of this event? And I'd say sure, totally happy to do it. And so every single time I went somewhere new, I created a totally different topic. I thought not at all about what I was offering I didn't have a follow up product, I didn't get people's email addresses, so you know what if you haven't done it it's okay, I'm just slow learner, I'm slowly getting better right I'm here in front of everybody I'm mentioning the fact I have a new book coming out which makes me feel very sophisticated as a marketer right but you know when you do those kinds of things when you have that natural link you have an offer that like specifically addresses the topic that you're talking about that's really what makes it easy and smooth but it's not just about oh I know that other one I'm missing mailing list right? Your mailing list is like key if there's one tactical thing that I want you to take away from today it is to definitely create a mailing list make sure that you're capturing people's emails right now even rodney if you're in square one in square to begin to really build your list to get the specific tactics around how to do this is where you can look att the creative life courses from john jan's from duct tape marketing michael port totally awesome fantastic information um yeah but that's yeah I was just gonna add one thing about networking events that I heard that really helped me is that you know you're someone that isn't into going to networking events like business events like thinking about places that you do so like if you go to like a yoga class or dance class like making efforts to go to a different class each week and tell him at least to be people what you do I found that was like a different way of thinking about networking. Just like connecting with people wherever you are, wherever you like to go. Perfect, perfect. I love that.

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