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Evernote for Mac

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Evernote as a CRM Solution

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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7. Evernote as a CRM Solution

Lesson Info

Evernote as a CRM Solution

Let's now talk about ever note as a serum solution and serum stands for client relationship management software and they are really, really, really fantastic serums out there like don't get me I'm not suggesting if you're using something in it works for you just stick with that however nurturing relationships and like this is why we usually use a serum to kind of keep in touch with people that we we need to keep in touch with think that is something that is deceptively simple because this is something that we know we need to be doing we know that we're in the business of nurturing relationships regardless what we do but at the same time these air the type of things that's usually full on the back burner something that doesn't feel urgent important something that we're kind of okay, that there's this emergency I need to take care off following up with somebody is not that big of a deal and how what I would like to suggest to you is that if you feel that you were just didn't want to figu...

re out how to huh navigate another new tool if you just need to develop a habit off following up with people, start with ever note start using ever know to follow up and to keep track of everybody who you want to keep in your network and actually like that will help you to master you are skill of nurturing relationships as well as ultimately propelled out the success of your business and here I will tell you but every story my my own story is that when I started my own line business I was very happy that it was an online business because I thought that as long as my side outlines what they do and I'm great at what I do like everything we could everything will happen the clients will be coming I will be serving them everybody will be happy and that was not think that was at my evidence I the reason for my attitude like that was because I used to travel a lot lee guy I was born in ussr im off to cyprus for my first degree than the states for the second degree back to cyprus now in belgium and every time I would move I would leave people behind and regardless how no way would always in town to keep in touch but that I would forget to follow up or something would happen we would grow apart and like to me it was just like okay like I don't want to have any friendships because it's very difficult for me to keep those friendships alive so I will not just deal with that part so it was just like all my business great I don't really need to worry about relationships and that and then seven months into like me running my business I'm just like okay like something is not working right there okay like something is happening but it's not moving at the pace that I wanted to take my business to grow then I started looking at different people who like I was respecting like other like I respect like other business owners or somebody who is just like really progressing very quickly but their businesses and one thing that kept popping up every single time was like their network and like the fact that they were relying very solidly on people in their network and they were helping them to grow their business so I was just like okay, I need to do something about this so I called up the number off the people that I met in running facebook groups like somebody who I felt bit of connection with and I started sitting up with them this fifteen minute skype sessions and they would ask them what they were working on, what people that they would want to meet what is something like they would need support around or kind of flick what information they could find useful and like that would be conversation that's what will not be a weird kind of interrogation look okay, so it was it was quiet not show and I would I would in that time trying to build my network like I'm trying to see the just to make sure that I have that those people and I don't feel like all along like I'm just doing this online business and like like this okay like my university is me so and after a while it became quiet natural because as that network of people that I was regularly communicating grew I was able to refer people to one another I was able to send them interesting information I was able to just kind of check in with them from time to time and like see okay what how did that launch go or like whether you're working on nexus is there somebody something that I can help you with or somebody I can introduce you to so that became quiet easier and I suggest to you if if you put follow up on this back burner come back to it because this is going to this is investment off your time that will pay off and it will not be surprised to you to find out that I said just to have a template and you will see for yourself what are those species of information that you need to keep about that person but basically people start with identifying the types of people that you want to keep in touch with and some of them will already be in your network some of them will be some people that you want to meet and kind of like the relationship with um then you'll collect basing information basic information about them find out where they hang hanging out online like where you can kind of flik watch them to see what they're up to, maybe they will be asking some questions or asking for support. And that will give you those kind of books that will help you to start. Convey er stations with them were continued conversations. If it's somebody who is already in your network and jack, just like with templates that we talked about before you would copy your template, rename it with the name of your contact, depending on how you're organizing your notes, either put them in the proper notebook or appropriately tag it, and then add that contact's information. So let me go now into my ever known to show you how it will look like. So here is the template that's I use. And again you will get this template out in the guide that you will receive that free. Pdf mona speedy have that he will receive together with the scores, but to see for yourself, if there is anything that you want to add anything that you need to know about that person, you can simply add. Adjust that person. Oh, thiss template. And then whenever you want to add a new person too, you are network. You will just make a copy. And because I cop it a note previously into the snow. But whenever you do it again, then evernote allows you to create. This thing to do is match faster. So I have this template again. And what I would do is just say that this is bruce turner. Okay and you will just start filling out their information so here I have an example for you jules taggart so that there's her side her email address what's how kind of the interest that she has that she also has this community called dr hi additional information and some notes so as you start building the relationship with that person you can at the copy paste information from say your email conversations with them or say grabbing those screenshots 00:08:00.127 --> 00:08:04. from social media the update that they posted in their 00:08:04.31 --> 00:08:07. sides and they said look I'm working on this new project 00:08:07.43 --> 00:08:08. so as you 00:08:10.41 --> 00:08:13. as you work on kind of ignore shim without relationship 00:08:13.29 --> 00:08:17. see what will need to be added to this note about 00:08:17.41 --> 00:08:19. them and let me show you very quick 00:08:20.63 --> 00:08:26. huh trick that's you can use so in the beginning once 00:08:26.57 --> 00:08:31. you start adding your contacts into ever note so you 00:08:31.99 --> 00:08:34. will be copying these template renaming it with the 00:08:34.85 --> 00:08:37. name of the contact feeling out information like you 00:08:37.42 --> 00:08:42. will get a bunch off notes on your different contacts 00:08:42.44 --> 00:08:46. so if you want to organize just those those notes 00:08:46.19 --> 00:08:49. a bit out further what you can do is just stick you 00:08:49.63 --> 00:08:53. can highlight them say like these are for example 00:08:53.84 --> 00:08:58. these are my contacts related note and you can create 00:08:58.83 --> 00:09:02. a table so this will be 00:09:05.37 --> 00:09:06. magic 00:09:07.53 --> 00:09:11. I think this is this is I recently figured out this 00:09:11.9 --> 00:09:14. is the this is such an amazing way. Tio 00:09:15.93 --> 00:09:16. have you are 00:09:17.87 --> 00:09:23. oh a reference individual notes into one single note 00:09:23.37 --> 00:09:28. and you will see once we when when we talk about project 00:09:28.23 --> 00:09:30. management we're managing 00:09:32.08 --> 00:09:35. even even team members this will help it ok like this 00:09:35.14 --> 00:09:37. is information about the project you select the notes 00:09:37.54 --> 00:09:40. that you want to work on create able of contents and 00:09:40.96 --> 00:09:45. whenever you click on that note it takes you naturally 00:09:45.82 --> 00:09:49. into that no directly so like this will save you time 00:09:49.28 --> 00:09:50. to organize 00:09:51.83 --> 00:09:54. different no it's under kind of one umbrella 00:09:56.43 --> 00:10:00. so let's go yeah how is when you originally started 00:10:00.33 --> 00:10:02. talking about this I was thinking that I would set up a notebook called it contacts and then anyone that I added would be put under into that notebook however howard is that how would this table of contents which is incredible how would that work in to the notebook strategy structure exactly the same way so you will have your notebook with notes of different contacts you will create this table of contents and initially you will create it and it will add to the table of contents everything that all the notes that you've highlighted as you start adding individual people like you'll have to manually add links to those notes and for that you would just right quick copy no telling and that will be the same link that you would add to that table of contents but basically that will be the note that will have the summary off all the notes in that notebook you can actually said to reminder for it to pin it to the top of that notebook so with notebooks it works perfectly and actually with projects because I organize my projects and no notebooks to think that's what I would feel like I have my own notes I have that table of contents pinned to the top so I can always go to that note and look for for somebody who I'm specifically that I'm looking for were like that individually piece of project or something thank you yeah I'm just curious do you have a separate notebook for contents contacts or do you just tag them? I just had it and you tag them contact well it depends because I break them that my contacts into these khun b potential partners it can be ah potential clients past clients so with potential in past clients you can treat them as you are contacts whenever you work with somebody like then we will talk about separately of how you can manage that but whenever you are just kind of trying to see if that person their lead right leave where somebody worked in the past if you want to keep in touch with them you can treat them in the same exact way but I think for me it's past clients perspective clients a potential partner influencer ii just to use those individual kind off so those would be individual tags inside a cup a contact tag like sub tags underneath a contact exactly and I think to me I don't really so I'm not concerned as much about structuring them under the same umbrella jin's because as you start using these notes with specific look for for each specific person you would just set a reminder for for yourself so ever note would out uh problem to you when you need to follow up with them I would just have them follow up or like something that the action that I need to do and then they will come up in the indice searches that you're not actually tagging them as a contact you're tagging them according to the action you want to take with um I tagged them according to the category where they belong and I tagged him with the action okay, I need to take this is where I'm like really? This is very new thing for me to wrap my head around because the whole concept of tagging I have read about how powerful it is but it's like uh so confusing to me so it's really helpful to hear the specific ways that you tag things because I know you do it in a way that makes a lot of sense. Yes so to me for example, I am working on the launch and I'm looking for potential affiliates like I can go into my ever note and look for we put people who attempt with potential partners every note will bring the those notes to me and I can see okay like this person like their motives would be good for for this product or like this is somebody who I can reach how teo and who would introduce me to somebody so I just look at individual categories and take action take action that's like I need to take but in order to not to forget to follow up with them like I said reminders for for myself and in addition to that I set aside time on my weekly schedule that's like I need to do the outreach for me under outreach it cools all this actions that ideal and I'll show them look let's go back to the presentation for a second out so when you fall out with somebody doesn't have to be this like dry follow up it's actually you can play with different ways to do that it can be of course it will depend on the nature off the relationship with that person but that can be sending notes or sending small gift I currently live in belt you wherever I go I bring chocolate eh so you can see what's what would be that gesture that you feel like that you like doing or something that it feels not show to you something that are used a lot is introducing people to one another to me it's I enjoyed so much and that's so simple because it's such a non invasive way to touch base with somebody like whenever they're working on a new project and I know that or whenever like I know that that's something that they're potentially could be interested in like say I I know some people who record interviews or interview people so whenever I meet the new business owner who I admire I'm just like okay get interviewed like let me introduce it to this person so you will see you will find your style and what works best for you and mix and match this different ways tio a touch base with people see how often you need to follow up with them with potential client leave you can be touching base with weak this is spending how hot they are well you know what I mean you can following upstate every couple of weeks or maybe every other day with a past client you can be touching base with them every three months every six months say with with marie when when you design a website that you can just be like doing that eclipse that anniversary so that could be once every twelve months so see for yourself what would feel like natural to you something that will not kind of make the other person feel like okay what what is happening here yeah you guys but I feel like I can tell when someone uses a serum system right? So you know, someone sends out an email introduces you are just kind of keeps in touch with you and it makes them seem really thoughtful on dh they just kind of come to top of mind right so wait yeah so andy against you know how you can use ever know teo to manage it yet can we take one step back you mentioned that you don't have like it's like I mentioned I was envisioning this being a contacts no book you said you don't use the notebook you just used the tags so where do you so are all these people lose just to never note or do you have like to me like I said I'm trying to understand the logistics of it yeah and how you use it for me they are like all all my notes are in my vault notebook and whenever I need teo for something are there like run a search so I heavily rely on on tags so I make sure that I tagged in the way that I can find this this notebook this this note afterwards so I can either search for them or I can go back into my attacking structure and then if I double click on the tack it will bring all the notes tacked with that tag so for someone like you they relies heavily on tags you probably have only handful of notebook and the vault being one where you basically pushed everything that been handled or you know but you'll set reminders for follow up or you'll tag them in different ways so that you can find them easily but you don't have you know you have your inbox where things will go am I understanding that right you only have a handful of notebooks yes and that's that's right yeah yeah and again like you mean that that works but if you feel more comfortable with no this just stay with that because there is there is no right or wrong way to do it like you have to find a way that it is more comfortable to you and something that feels more logical to you I think hearing the examples helps me determine what will make me most comfortable coaches anderson like the volt system I get that and that's helpful thank you became terrific yeah so are you not using any calendar also because you used tio you said two timer or like yeah for me usually I have for each category off people I kind of know the time frame so if it's if it's an influencer for example like I will not bombard him like with a mass every couple of weeks it can be say every month or every other month if it's elite against depending on the lead that it can be every so depending on the category I know like if I fall off with them like for what spirit of time to set the but he wanted to reform myself with the next time and it's, just a never note you don't use, like a attached calendar or something else. No, I don't use counter for that now. Hey, and again, it was as as your business growth, and you feel that you need more structured system to keep track of your contacts. You can. You can totally do it, but I I love like there are certain serum solutions that I absolutely love and it's like. I see myself going back to them. But for now, when my number of contacts is manageable and like I can, I can do it. You never know to me, it's, it's, easier to do it over now. So where you would start create a list of people tio with whom you once you keep in touch with, go back to the template that I suggested and see if you need to adjust it in any way and then start creating nose and populating with the contact information off those people and then create that, like, once you're done creating those individual knows, create you table of contents for yourself.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

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