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Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

9. Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Lesson Info

Make Evernote the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Now, let's, talk about every note for project management. Here. We're going to talk about how you can use ever know it as a repository for your project related information and also a platform to manage those projects. And I will show you how you can transform. Ever note into on information and communication hub and also, like, make project management a bit less intimidating, because sometimes it can be so before we actually talk about difference. Ways that ever know it can help you with managing project. Does anyone of you work with clients and project based, baste basis out teo? So that we could see how we can organize that in evernote. Yeah well it's it's internal project management but as I mentioned previously I host events one of them is called paper camp on dh there's a lot of moving pieces to that there's the curriculum that we create there's an event logistics the hotel and the venue there's two core pieces there's speaker travel in logistics their sponsor information there's j...

ust a lot of moving piece has to that so my project management is not so much with extra clients but it's more with my internal team of keeping track of who's dating what absolutely and how do you see ever known could help you organize that information better or that entire process my gosh how could it not? Ah ah a lot of different ways I think the tagging system you've already described I think having different pages for different some pieces of the project would be fantastic of the table contents would be great just quick get teo I think many of the ways you've ari okay and in this specific case you would be sharing a notebook and not individual notes so that you our entire team has access to that information you cannot share a staff you never know do you can share like either individual notes or notebooks but whenever you are collaborating on a project it's best to share that entire notebook unless somebody's taking care of the suggest ix one little piece and then like you can share with them that individual note but whenever you bringing somebody on board especially if it's in the middle of the project it's best to share with them that outline first think that's summary and they walk them through kind of like okay like this is how the project is organized like this is our the moving pieces and this is the part that you were responsible for and then they'll be able to jump in right away and I'll show you an example of how that can look like you never note but just to give you a few pointers make sure that you keep all information about that project in ever note so that like we talked about having a lot of information in dropbox have ever no links to never know what are our lives so you don't really need to move those documents physically and two ever note but you can just reference the links so that somebody who is working on that project with you can easily access those documents as well um also just like I mentioned earlier make sure that they're either put in a specific notebook so if if you're using tagging structure than their appropriately tact and that table of contents know this super helpful teo keep track off all these like moving pieces so I understand how if I have if I have a project in a notebook that's sort of a no brainer like everything related to the project goes into the notebook if I were to use a tagging structure instead how how would I do that? Well that case I would suggest a notebook just because we don't how usually work on the project by ourselves and sharing individual notes eyes okay, maybe you are using tagging structure and you're good with it but you have to make sure that whoever is working with you on that project can access that information and like like it's it's a container like you don't they don't need to search for their ever known for this individual notes so for those cases I would recommend going with with notebooks thanks is a project right like you could look at it where is like tagging? You may have notes that you're going to use in reference with podcast but also with a program right? So tagging seems like it applies maur if a note couldn't could kind of live in a few different places exactly and that will be very useful if you are you around the same like you work on the same project over and over again so whenever you create whenever you work on the new event, you can have examples of half how something was organized before so for that you can use tags to be able to reference those notes or easily find them two again, share them with with your team or have some examples for for yourself. Just look at it a few tips and then I'll show you how you can organize it in ever note so link to individual notes for further detail like here if it's the project that you are working on actively make sure to drag it into your shortcuts area teo to access it and if there are other people helping with the project share with them different project related notes we're the entire notebook with them so let me go quickly into my ever know to show you how it will look like so here is an example off oh I remembered what I was going to say whenever you have a project that you work on kind of like the same project that you work on a regular basis this note the summary note that can become a template in and of itself like something that you can recreate for the next project and you know that's okay for for me to manage this event like these air the moving pieces I need to make sure that this part is taken care of this part and take this part and these air larger categories and under each category there some individual pieces so like this is an example ofthe awful launch action plan so I can have oh for myself this different categories the timeline how different milestones any individual uh reference to to the note that will go into more detail about that my team what needs to happen so these are kind of the stages so I work on the sales speech like here is the launch contents. Here is the copy. I created all the graphics. So whenever I need to work on the next launch, like I can just copy this specific note and it no that's, okay? Like these are the pieces of the launch that I need to make sure that's. Ah, now, this is kind of my almost to do list for this launch. And if I've done this before, then I know that, okay, like carrie, something that did not work last time. Like, let me change it. But you already have that map of the entire launch. And actually, when it comes to launching another bonus that he will get with this course is small pity of guide those who walk you step by step of how to manage launches with with videos. And it will help you to kind of organized that that part because you know that launches are very oh, kind of great. Yes. Yeah. I think there are always many pieces and like that will be very similar. How to manage projects too. So you will be able to apply the same. Oh, a way off doing it when you work on individual project, but here is you can see how it can I look like so how what's important is we can go back to the presentation so what's also important to note is that whenever there are any stages off your project or any notes that need to be done by certain date make sure that you said I said reminders for them again use check boxes to make sure where you are in the process and also whenever you have different u members working on the project you can put for example initials in front of every task so people know what they are working on and if you need to reference anything do that as well and this is something that's al mentioned again in the a lesson about collaboration but whenever you are working with somebody on the project and you're using ever note you have to kind of tell them how you use ever note s o that because ever note is whenever you make um an update you write something it's automatically updates for for everybody who shares that notebook so you have to decide for everybody who will be working on this project how the print the no so your progress on that project it will be managed whether maybe somebody will be writing in red what what they've done and they ever knew what is not how a system that is designed to be project management but like the fact that you can easily share notes so you can easily collect information about different pieces at the fact that you have that work chat feature where you can communicate about like what you're working like makes it really, really great platform for managing projects, too. So if you don't feel that you need something a bit more complex, that will allow you to do more things ever notice a fantastic tool to do that. So I make sure to organize first related notes in in notebook and were appropriately tagged them. Create that summary. And once you are done, if that's a project that you work and you know that you will, how do you do it again? Make turn it into a template. Majestic. If you use, for example, were template in the title. Do that. If you just tell them templates, do that, but it will save you so much time. Next time you're working on a similar project.

Class Description

Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a Mac? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for PC.

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I loved this class. I learned so much about this powerful program. It put my business on a whole new level. Easy to follow and spot on. Worth every penny.

Melissa Dinwiddie

Wow! Natasha Vorompiova's Evernote for Mac course blew my mind! I've been using Evernote for years, but have always known I wasn't using it to its full potential. The tool is so open and unstructured, though, and I just couldn't wrap my head around how to use it more effectively. Natasha rolled back the curtain on HER very structured way of using the tool inside her own business, and exactly how to apply it to MY business. Her templates alone are more than worth the price of admission, plus I learned all kinds of tips that are already making my business so much more organized. She covers everything from task management and project management (and how to systematize with Evernote so you can bring in assistants EASILY) to customer relations management and more. If you use Evernote, you need this course!

Color Expert Kate Smith

Natasha shares some good ideas on how to set up systems for your business. While I do use Evernote for organizing my research and writing projects, I have instead applied her suggestions to what I currently use to manage my business -- Gmail, Gqueues, and Dropbox. I have been able to keep an empty inbox and never miss a task. Now I am working to set up and document for a VA to take over some of the tasks. The recommendations for how to do that are excellent.