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Evernote for Mac

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Master Evernote Search

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

4. Master Evernote Search

Lesson Info

Master Evernote Search

Let's talk about evernote search now and this is the second part ofthe creating that structure that you can trust because um the important thing is when we start adding information into evernote you can see that it's very easy like ever not makes it very easy for us they're all these different ways that the quicken just like, funnel everything into evernote and as we do that we have to make sure that the notre properly tagged or they put in the right note books so that we can find them so that's a very important piece off making sure that you can find what you're looking for to actually create that information depository that you can trust if you go there you can find what you put I mean teo ever note so let's look at a few ways that you can do it again like here they're a couple off kind of like levels ofthe difficulties that you have basic search allows you to just search for specific keywords or if you search for for a phrase you need to put it into quit quotation marks and somethin...

g more advanced will be to search to use search operators so let's, let me show you now in my ever knowed how you can't do that so the search bar so in the very beginning when you're just starting to use ever note and you have that structure for yourself, you can easily go back to either your notebooks or tax to that structure and fight that find that no it's, very easily, just manually. But as you add more and more information, it's, you can rely on evernote search because it is very powerful. So here is your search bar, and what you will do is them if you're looking for a specific keyword, for example, toe plate. So if I search for anything that contains the word 00:01:58.507 --> 00:02:01. template ever notice from, will prompt me all these 00:02:01.75 --> 00:02:05. different no it's, because I'm a freak. That's. What? 00:02:06.91 --> 00:02:10. So if I'm looking for something more specific, for 00:02:10.92 --> 00:02:11. example, 00:02:13.12 --> 00:02:14. how let's say, 00:02:15.52 --> 00:02:15. uh 00:02:18.32 --> 00:02:21. clients into and I use quotation marks so that ever 00:02:21.96 --> 00:02:25. not search exactly. For that phrase, you can see that 00:02:25.06 --> 00:02:30. evernote prompts for me. All these notes were, I used 00:02:30.57 --> 00:02:34. that exact phrase client intake, and it actually highlights 00:02:34.27 --> 00:02:39. them for me, so that I I can easily spot that's that 00:02:39.52 --> 00:02:43. phrase. And now let me show you how you can search 00:02:43.4 --> 00:02:46. for something. Using different search operators. For 00:02:46.91 --> 00:02:50. example, you search specific notebooks, so you put 00:02:51.52 --> 00:02:52. notebook. 00:02:55.92 --> 00:03:00. Notebook and then say in the I want to search 00:03:01.32 --> 00:03:01. no one book 00:03:03.17 --> 00:03:03. templates. 00:03:05.42 --> 00:03:09. So here, ever know what prompts me, my notebook templates, 00:03:09.65 --> 00:03:14. and I can even go and narrow it down a bit further. 00:03:14.61 --> 00:03:19. And I can say here, client intake again with quotation 00:03:19.56 --> 00:03:22. mark, and then it will show me on ly the templates 00:03:22.94 --> 00:03:26. that have client intake phrase in them, 00:03:27.62 --> 00:03:31. so and this is something that might take a bit off 00:03:32.22 --> 00:03:35. time to get used to. You can go back to the bonus. 00:03:35.75 --> 00:03:40. Pdf and look at the list of the different search operators. 00:03:40.52 --> 00:03:45. There is also linc teo brother, agree source, and 00:03:45.17 --> 00:03:49. that you can use. But the reason this is so useful, 00:03:49.24 --> 00:03:54. so in the same way you can, for example. So if I get 00:03:54.9 --> 00:03:57. rid of client intake, I can search 00:03:59.42 --> 00:04:00. tags 00:04:01.84 --> 00:04:02. ten. 00:04:04.84 --> 00:04:10. Tank and I used tag template, so you can you can see 00:04:10.26 --> 00:04:14. here that everything tagged as template was, 00:04:16.23 --> 00:04:16. huh, 00:04:17.98 --> 00:04:22. ever know to prop them all, thanks to me, right here, 00:04:23.04 --> 00:04:27. why these searches are important once you find something 00:04:27.23 --> 00:04:30. that you're looking for, but another shortcut that 00:04:30.79 --> 00:04:33. ever knows creates for us is we can actually save 00:04:33.74 --> 00:04:36. those searches. So we talked when we talked about 00:04:36.57 --> 00:04:39. structuring, ever note for business. I talked about 00:04:39.96 --> 00:04:41. the importance off 00:04:42.53 --> 00:04:47. setting time, setting aside time, tio, make sure that 00:04:47.27 --> 00:04:49. you are ever note, like that structure that you create, 00:04:49.5 --> 00:04:52. it is being meant maintained. So if, for example, 00:04:52.86 --> 00:04:57. you do that every week, every seven days, and you 00:04:57.12 --> 00:04:59. need to look through the notes that were added in 00:04:59.77 --> 00:05:02. the last seven days. What you can do is the search 00:05:02.88 --> 00:05:06. operators. This search operator would be created. 00:05:09.64 --> 00:05:10. Not spelling today, right? 00:05:13.34 --> 00:05:14. Created. 00:05:15.64 --> 00:05:19. Hello and hey! Seven. 00:05:21.44 --> 00:05:22. T seven 00:05:23.84 --> 00:05:29. so if if you run the search, and if you do it, say, 00:05:29.24 --> 00:05:32. every two weeks, it will be day fourteen, the thirty 00:05:32.55 --> 00:05:36. weak as as often as you do it, but what you can do 00:05:37.13 --> 00:05:40. them, you can say this search. You will go to edit, 00:05:41.54 --> 00:05:44. find, save search, 00:05:45.74 --> 00:05:48. and you get teo, rename it. See 00:05:49.64 --> 00:05:51. palast, weak 00:05:53.24 --> 00:05:53. notes. 00:05:56.24 --> 00:05:57. And say ok 00:05:58.64 --> 00:06:00. so every week when you do that's review off ur notes you can search to your search bar and you can find that search already saved in your evernote run it and you will have the notes that you created over the course of past seven days and like this is a shortcut for you teo like not teo look through everything that you've added and trying to see what what was the latest and actually it will not be just the notes newly created if you from modified something it will pop up in the search as well but like this way you will be able to very quickly access the notes that uh we were recently added to ever note and make any changes if necessary maybe something will have to be deleted maybe something will be uh appropriately filed but this will be a short cut for you and in the lesson of how we manage our task with way talk also about how we can organize oh how we can save searches that help us pull up all those two duis out and tasks that we need teo be doing on a regular basis so well can't we'll come back to that so this is how search operators work just quickly see with with you what er some useful searches that you see for yourself that you could save it never note and come back tio tio save yourself time searching for those notes on a regular basis I host events eso having a tag that was associated with all the different events that could quickly see them um but also I work with different sponsors for youtube and so I think having a tag of some sort that you know tied to the specific event and the sponsor I like that it can be multifaceted yes absolutely 00:07:58.635 --> 00:08:02. you can have several out 00:08:03.48 --> 00:08:07. those qualifiers for yourself nts for you whenever 00:08:07.6 --> 00:08:10. you start organizing new events you can go back teo 00:08:10.38 --> 00:08:11. similar event 00:08:12.94 --> 00:08:16. that that you ran in the past and lexie okay who were 00:08:16.1 --> 00:08:19. the sponsor for that event with this person or company 00:08:19.93 --> 00:08:22. be interested again so absolutely that's great example 00:08:22.71 --> 00:08:25. so any more examples of searches that you might save 00:08:25.63 --> 00:08:29. what what is that types of information that you you 00:08:29.5 --> 00:08:31. tend to search for on the regular basis 00:08:33.08 --> 00:08:36. yes uh I'm always searching for one of one of my ever 00:08:36.94 --> 00:08:40. notes is the the html colors on my website 00:08:42.42 --> 00:08:45. I'm always searching for that one note that aged male 00:08:45.95 --> 00:08:49. colors so that it doesn't bring up a bunch of notes 00:08:49.63 --> 00:08:52. but yeah absolutely it doesn't have to be but as as 00:08:52.85 --> 00:08:54. long as you know that that's the note that you have 00:08:54.81 --> 00:08:57. to be going in a regular basis it's the searching 00:08:57.66 --> 00:09:01. for it you can save that search and quickly access 00:09:01.45 --> 00:09:05. it yeah was just thinking code snippets write code 00:09:05.72 --> 00:09:07. snippets that I use over and over again for websites 00:09:07.57 --> 00:09:10. that would be a perfect place to to keep them absolutely 00:09:11.18 --> 00:09:15. yeah I'm using databases of us all the information 00:09:15.4 --> 00:09:18. and so maybe one no, it could have all the database 00:09:18.66 --> 00:09:24. and like the shot cut yeah toda absolutely knows that 00:09:24.36 --> 00:09:27. you wanted to add something the same thing I have 00:09:27.2 --> 00:09:31. a different note for the various different optimize 00:09:31.03 --> 00:09:34. for my website for different things that I need options 00:09:34.05 --> 00:09:36. for and that the code is a little bit different so 00:09:36.72 --> 00:09:38. have a different a different every note for each one 00:09:38.46 --> 00:09:41. of those so save search for that would be really useful 00:09:42.38 --> 00:09:46. yeah absolutely okay, so if we go back tio 00:09:47.48 --> 00:09:49. and with with these searches just let's let's stay 00:09:49.9 --> 00:09:55. for a second you can easily modify them you can delete 00:09:55.11 --> 00:09:59. them all together so if you go uh so if I if I remove 00:09:59.3 --> 00:10:03. it for a second and bring up searches again so you 00:10:03.9 --> 00:10:07. will see right here this little edit options so from 00:10:07.84 --> 00:10:12. here you can edit your search it you can rename it 00:10:12.55 --> 00:10:15. you can add other search options you can delete it 00:10:15.89 --> 00:10:19. all together so if you created it once and then you 00:10:19.3 --> 00:10:21. you don't you're not using it that you don't have 00:10:21.44 --> 00:10:24. to keep it but think evernote allows you'il these 00:10:24.31 --> 00:10:28. different ways tio make sure that you can access information 00:10:28.49 --> 00:10:30. that you're looking for on the regular basis very 00:10:30.81 --> 00:10:33. quickly so we can go back to the presentation 00:10:35.9 --> 00:10:36. and 00:10:37.84 --> 00:10:38. take action 00:10:39.7 --> 00:10:42. play with different ever know search operators and 00:10:42.13 --> 00:10:44. get comfortable with them again you will have the 00:10:44.51 --> 00:10:47. list in the bonus pdf guide and you can see which 00:10:47.88 --> 00:10:50. ones apply to you if for example you were like your 00:10:50.98 --> 00:10:53. primary way off organizing you are ever notice notebooks 00:10:53.79 --> 00:10:58. maybe try and see how the search operator notebooks 00:10:58.59 --> 00:11:02. work if it's for you it's tags see how 00:11:04.0 --> 00:11:07. how you can search for four notes tagged in a specific 00:11:07.71 --> 00:11:10. way so it's it's something that we just have to get 00:11:10.55 --> 00:11:14. into the habit of like doing on dh it will it will 00:11:14.29 --> 00:11:18. become second nature pretty quickly and then try saving 00:11:18.12 --> 00:11:20. which weaving modifying searches and playing with 00:11:20.12 --> 00:11:22. them so that you can have exactly what you're looking 00:11:22.85 --> 00:11:27. for can you talk about the advantages and disadvantages 00:11:27.54 --> 00:11:31. of using a note notebook structure versus a tag basic 00:11:31.72 --> 00:11:36. structure out personally to me tagging allows for 00:11:36.06 --> 00:11:39. more flexibility just because with with notebooks 00:11:39.91 --> 00:11:43. I feel that that notebook can that no it khun belong 00:11:43.46 --> 00:11:47. in just one notebook and to me sometimes for example 00:11:47.78 --> 00:11:52. it can be something um like my night blow post idea 00:11:53.13 --> 00:11:57. but at the same time it can be something that I can 00:11:57.46 --> 00:12:00. also use in say uh 00:12:02.52 --> 00:12:05. nick free challenge that I do so I think 00:12:06.62 --> 00:12:09. tags allow for those notes to kind of belong in several 00:12:09.99 --> 00:12:13. places at once so that's way too me adding tags allows 00:12:13.37 --> 00:12:17. me a bit more flexibility plus ever note like you 00:12:17.51 --> 00:12:21. get how many is that? I think it's the one hundred 00:12:21.93 --> 00:12:27. fifty notebooks with if I was ever not free yeah version 00:12:27.77 --> 00:12:33. and um I think it's five thousand I if I'm not mistaken 00:12:33.05 --> 00:12:35. for the premium version so that there is that limitation 00:12:35.94 --> 00:12:38. off how many notebooks you can have what's with tags 00:12:38.84 --> 00:12:41. that can have unlimited number of tax as long as you 00:12:41.08 --> 00:12:44. keep them a bit more organized that doesn't help yeah, 00:12:44.66 --> 00:12:48. thank you expanding on that example of you have a 00:12:48.25 --> 00:12:51. block post that is of interest to you that that material 00:12:51.68 --> 00:12:53. can be leveraged in a lot of other ways like you were 00:12:53.69 --> 00:12:56. talking about it could be a social media posted exactly 00:12:56.73 --> 00:13:01. a podcast exam so would you do you have, like a marketing 00:13:01.73 --> 00:13:03. notebook that you would put that in but then have 00:13:03.93 --> 00:13:07. tags for each of those different uses for that content? 00:13:08.12 --> 00:13:12. I don't have the marketing notebook I usually just 00:13:12.11 --> 00:13:15. use tags, but you can't do that to make it easier 00:13:15.49 --> 00:13:18. for yourself especially say if if you are running 00:13:18.07 --> 00:13:20. a search and that you can search that specific marketing 00:13:20.7 --> 00:13:23. notebook for that specific note, you can definitely 00:13:23.94 --> 00:13:27. do that it's it's really up to you but feels more 00:13:27.37 --> 00:13:29. comfortable and more logical to you just like stick 00:13:29.96 --> 00:13:35. with that look. Yeah so you got a scheme of tags. 00:13:36.62 --> 00:13:40. The problem that I have with ever note is that I get 00:13:40.51 --> 00:13:44. so lost thinking about well how do I tag this because 00:13:44.72 --> 00:13:48. my mind just doesn't work in that systematic way so 00:13:48.18 --> 00:13:51. I'll throw a tag on there but it's not necessarily 00:13:51.39 --> 00:13:54. like it's at the time what I think I might be searching 00:13:54.24 --> 00:13:57. for but then you know two weeks later when I'm actually 00:13:57.75 --> 00:14:00. searching for it I don't remember what that tag is 00:14:00.09 --> 00:14:03. so can you talk a little bit about you're like how 00:14:03.22 --> 00:14:07. you tag it's obviously it's working for you so when 00:14:07.38 --> 00:14:09. you use you have a note and it's going to be something 00:14:09.85 --> 00:14:11. that might be a social media post it might be for 00:14:11.78 --> 00:14:13. an event it might also be a block post it might have 00:14:13.82 --> 00:14:17. all these different purposes how do you tag it well 00:14:17.67 --> 00:14:19. you mentioned something very important and that's 00:14:20.06 --> 00:14:22. it's kind of like looking and they consulting with 00:14:22.55 --> 00:14:26. our future self like what would be the way I can search 00:14:26.6 --> 00:14:29. for that note in the future so what would be the time 00:14:29.7 --> 00:14:33. that I will find logical in the future to use so that's 00:14:33.22 --> 00:14:35. that's one thing but another thing a lot of times 00:14:35.78 --> 00:14:38. I suggested in the beginning and like I used to have 00:14:38.19 --> 00:14:41. that in the beginning I have that structure like I 00:14:41.14 --> 00:14:43. took a screenshot of it and I printed it out so that 00:14:43.45 --> 00:14:46. whenever I tag something like I can go back and look 00:14:46.86 --> 00:14:50. at it until I get used to okay, I use attack that's 00:14:50.03 --> 00:14:53. called template and the templates because another 00:14:53.31 --> 00:14:56. danger off with the taxes that you can create multiple 00:14:56.45 --> 00:14:59. variations of the same tack and you you want teo try 00:14:59.91 --> 00:15:04. to avoid that and what you can do in never notes and 00:15:05.44 --> 00:15:08. now that's something that's uh like I can I can record 00:15:08.65 --> 00:15:11. in my youtube and then you can look for that specific 00:15:11.94 --> 00:15:15. example but you can you can select notes again run 00:15:15.77 --> 00:15:19. the search if you have multiple attacks the multiple 00:15:19.04 --> 00:15:21. variations of the same tag you can run the search 00:15:21.28 --> 00:15:25. for all those tags like on tag them and retarded improperly 00:15:25.02 --> 00:15:28. again so like if during that half hour every week 00:15:28.42 --> 00:15:30. that you kind of organized you're ever note like that 00:15:30.93 --> 00:15:32. could be one of the things that you do if if you feel 00:15:32.99 --> 00:15:36. that okay like my tagging is the getting out of control 00:15:36.83 --> 00:15:39. you can decide for yourself okay for this kind of 00:15:39.7 --> 00:15:42. notes I will use this specific tag make sure that 00:15:42.82 --> 00:15:45. you keep it somewhere it can be just a piece of paper 00:15:45.43 --> 00:15:48. next to your locked up so that you can reference in 00:15:48.55 --> 00:15:51. the beginning and then we named them re tagged them 00:15:52.15 --> 00:15:54. uniformly so that's like that's the only time that 00:15:54.74 --> 00:15:57. you use for for that type of note and the more you 00:15:57.34 --> 00:16:01. use it think the more it will look it will out it 00:16:01.08 --> 00:16:04. will easy to remember what but it was. But again if 00:16:04.12 --> 00:16:07. for you notebooks is more like a logical way of structuring 00:16:07.71 --> 00:16:10. you actually really like using tags better. I just 00:16:10.34 --> 00:16:13. haven't. I haven't done it very effectively and just 00:16:13.37 --> 00:16:16. that very simple idea of having a list of all the 00:16:16.39 --> 00:16:19. tags in their hierarchy and having a print out or 00:16:20.44 --> 00:16:22. and ever know that lists all the tags that I can, 00:16:22.65 --> 00:16:25. that I can pop open. That that alone is, like, uh, 00:16:26.19 --> 00:16:27. it's, like, really hopeful.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

  • Manage repetitive processes
  • Collaborate with contractors and keep track of clients 
  • Whip through tasks and projects
  • Tame information overload 
  • Manage your business systems
Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

Don’t use a Mac? Check out Natasha’s class Evernote for PC.

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Wow! Natasha Vorompiova's Evernote for Mac course blew my mind! I've been using Evernote for years, but have always known I wasn't using it to its full potential. The tool is so open and unstructured, though, and I just couldn't wrap my head around how to use it more effectively. Natasha rolled back the curtain on HER very structured way of using the tool inside her own business, and exactly how to apply it to MY business. Her templates alone are more than worth the price of admission, plus I learned all kinds of tips that are already making my business so much more organized. She covers everything from task management and project management (and how to systematize with Evernote so you can bring in assistants EASILY) to customer relations management and more. If you use Evernote, you need this course!

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