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Organize Your Client Information with Evernote

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

8. Organize Your Client Information with Evernote

Lesson Info

Organize Your Client Information with Evernote

Let's talk about clients now so the way this is different from managing your relationships is because when we talk about relationships it's more about remembering to follow up when we talk about clients it's about managing that process off working with you so the nature ofthe these two activities is quite different and if you have that structure for yourself wow you will turn that client integrating fan for sure and two you will make it easy for yourself on the back and to manage the entire process by now you know the steps basically you'll break down that process off working with a client into steps make sure that you referenced everything that you need to collect from the clients and here you can look at a couple of types of documents like stuff that needs to be collected before you actually started working with them that client intake wind on boarding party and also anything that you need from them once you actually start working with them this will heavily this will differ a lot de...

pending on what you do and what industry or you are in but then once you get in your clients you will just copy that template and start following the steps so to make it a bit more kind of visual let's let me out ask a couple of you to share with me the process off if working with you and how the template could look like and then I will take you into my ever note and show you the template that I use yes so um I'm katie hunt from transfer boot camp and I do a lot of one on one coaching with people um they're mostly clients that are in the stationary gift industry they're looking for a lot of different helping a lot of areas but mostly how to create a wholesale program how to do trade shows and things like that so when I'm working with people one on one the first step is I asked them a lot of information about just like in a more casual concept conversation about what type of help there needing what kind of questions they have if I'm the best coach for them I work with them if somebody else would be a better fit I get them in touch with them but for people that work directly with me once we once we agree to move forward there's a scheduling component so getting them on the schedule finding it air time and then I have a questionnaire that I send them that kind of again outlines and further detail their needs and what they want help with there's the payment process of invoicing them and collecting that any follow up that needs to happen the actual call itself and determining the method of meeting if they're close by we do meet in person or else by phone or scape um and then there's the follow up afterwards if I've agreed to send them re sources or introduce them to somebody that would be a good fit for them on dh then also the testimonial component of getting their feedback for that so that's kind of my work for process I'm sure there's things in this thing and there's no but this is perfect and those are actually the steps that's you khun list for yourself in your evernote template note how do you manage that process right now to you I have a that I work with so there's certain things that he handles the scheduling in particular and the invoicing I do the initial intake and talking to them to make sure that I'm the correct person for them and I should have him I don't know why I don't have him email the questionnaires thumb but usually I do that and I don't have it live listed out similar to your podcast I just know what needs to be done and I do it so I don't have a actual checklist that I physically walk through but um we'll come back with suggest second so uh do you see how having the checklist would be useful right yeah because I know I work with just very limited number of clients so I know that for us when we have just like one new client every month for example it's manageable okay like I remember that I just send them question there and I need to get it back but one even if you have a handful of clients you don't want your kind of like ok we have the steak mental checklist like I need a question to receive that questionnaire from the client and I also need us to do this and then you need to do that you don't get him to want you kind of we have that in your head but as you know if if you get several clients and they're a different stages of this process this become so much more so much more complicated because they okay who is that what stage like who needs to send me something who I need to say in some sense something like them majestic becomes like very very how overwhelming the other thing is I noticed that when things do slip through the cracks it's usually the things that will benefit my business it's the testimonial portion and or you know it and not that it false to regularly but those are the things we as business owners want to capture because it will help us find new client having a checklist would be incredibly helpful and for a number of reasons that things don't slip through the cracks like you talked about but also the delegation portion absolutely and since all links never note our life you can have that linked to your survey directly in that template note so that whenever you're vagos to that note and they hey sees she sees that task like she knows okay here is the link and here is the name of the client like like all she needs to do is just send that email maybe you can even save the kind of short warning that's female yeah as well so that they call they need to do and we do that in order to make sure that the outcome that we get like when we work with somebody is what we need and then if you kind of flick control all of this individual documents you leave less things to kind of chance or it doesn't have to be a person that you work with in the regular basis if somebody comes in and like they have that checklist iq they know that they need to do that it's not that they require this like long training to make sure that's what whenever they've completed the task you're just like okay, this is not what I asked for I'd be curious to know from you from you and as well as others in the group what kind of template emails are you building out for your client management and I don't mean to distract from process but I feel like something like this could be really great for building an automated emails that you europeans constantly text expander so I can just type in like, you know, cynical and thank you and it's like hey blank thanks for and so I have a few that I have said it, but I like the idea of at least having notebook and every note that has all of them there, and I can use text expander to kind of but just one place to reference all of them, I think, would be really, really him, right? And you can just think about okay, like, what are the types of emails that I sent in the regular basis where next time you write an email and it just like, okay, like, I write it practically every other week like you congested ads like the task, like the quick note, never note, ok? Like save a template for the specific occasion. So whenever you get to that task, you're just, like, okay, like that that can go into the notebook with the sample emails. Personally, I used canned responses, but again, like this that's something like whenever I I need to delegate something that person needs to have access to that templar, too. So it can also exist in every note as a note, and then I can just cross link it to that know so that they have access to that make messaging itself as well, thank you. You had a question I was going to say so melissa didn't woody and my business is living a creative life and I run a lot of online programs teo help empower people too find and feed their creative hungers because creative expression is is the one of the fastest routes to happiness and self fulfillment and it's how we change the world and it just was occurring to me that oh and I do want on one work as well but I do a lot of work with groups and I could still be making contacts and keeping track in a very much easier way for me to fight figure out like a which of them my various programs has this person been through because often want a reference that in a direct note to them in some way and I can't remember and then I spend you know half a knauer digging through you know my sales receipts or something like that to try and find that information so brilliant someone that's been through a program would be different than someone that's been through a different program right steak's actually hey or like oh this person's been through every single program so I got a v I p treatment I liken to some degree I mean people are segmented out in male champ but if I want to send them in an individual email than that and if I haven't ever no contact for them than that. Information could be held right there. Yeah, and let me show you my sample that I think you will be able. Teo, adjust to to your needs. So if we could go for a second to my every note, something like that will talk about. Right so for me like I differentiate my clients a short term clients and long term clients and basically it's it's about the type of the relationship that you're building with them short term clients are usually those transactional clients in the south lake it's kind of just like get their money and run away but they get somebody who okay, you don't really like invest as much in the relationship itself and it's not like somebody who requires a lot of no attention so for me like an example off that can be one ofthe session or something like that so I would 00:10:06.591 --> 00:10:12. uh oh capture their website email address and make 00:10:12.54 --> 00:10:15. sure that they capture how they came through to me 00:10:15.24 --> 00:10:18. so if they were referred by somebody I need to make 00:10:18.11 --> 00:10:21. sure that I need to think that person again in a certain 00:10:21.07 --> 00:10:26. way um we're like ii also I think if if they come 00:10:26.29 --> 00:10:30. through a specific maybe we guessed post or something 00:10:30.15 --> 00:10:33. then like I know that what what that next step would 00:10:33.03 --> 00:10:36. be for example gets post again on that side or just 00:10:36.18 --> 00:10:38. a creature out to that person and make sure that we 00:10:38.58 --> 00:10:41. do some kind of majestic webinar together or something 00:10:41.07 --> 00:10:45. so that I get access to more off that person's audience 00:10:45.11 --> 00:10:48. if they're interested in my staff so this this can 00:10:48.7 --> 00:10:51. be very telling when the next to me it's also question 00:10:51.74 --> 00:10:54. their answers and here again see melissa services 00:10:54.74 --> 00:10:59. bought so I know like if I can upgrade them to something 00:11:00.05 --> 00:11:02. else so whenever like somebody doesn't want the one 00:11:02.84 --> 00:11:05. time session with me I can easily reach out to them 00:11:05.34 --> 00:11:08. and say that okay I'm starting this a program in a 00:11:08.34 --> 00:11:11. couple of months I haven't announced it's officially 00:11:11.38 --> 00:11:14. but if it's something that you want to register for 00:11:14.24 --> 00:11:16. an eye I would know that ok there right fit or not 00:11:16.66 --> 00:11:20. after having a session with them like I can just again 00:11:20.06 --> 00:11:23. it's to take appropriate action and then would you 00:11:23.15 --> 00:11:24. like every time you have correspondence with them 00:11:24.99 --> 00:11:28. would you put that into this into their contact note 00:11:29.82 --> 00:11:32. like if if there's you had some correspondence and 00:11:32.02 --> 00:11:33. there's some detail about that that you want to remember 00:11:33.94 --> 00:11:38. you got a note like august second talk teo her about 00:11:38.36 --> 00:11:42. yada yada yeah and that could be something for example 00:11:42.33 --> 00:11:45. I can see on social media because usually with with 00:11:45.63 --> 00:11:48. my clients were kind off making the same groups in 00:11:48.58 --> 00:11:51. go go blast or facebook and they see them asking question 00:11:51.44 --> 00:11:54. about something and I know that okay like if they're 00:11:54.8 --> 00:11:57. struggling with that like my program can help with 00:11:57.37 --> 00:12:00. that so let me just pull up and I can give them on 00:12:00.47 --> 00:12:02. advice of how they can do it but if they need a bit 00:12:02.93 --> 00:12:05. of kind of hand holding then I can I think I know 00:12:05.8 --> 00:12:08. that I can invite them into into the program so so you would maybe noticed so they were talking about something on the google plus group and you'd go jot that down in the public eye I can copy paste like their question where I can like grab a screenshot of that and like add into the notes so it can be whatever seems to be easier at that point do you also like if you're if you have a one on one client do you take notes of their session with you and put that in the contractor is that in a different show you know so for my long term clients and usually these air people that I work with for three, four months at a time you can see that the upper portion is very much the same as for the short term clients but then what happens in the very beginning like we have that diagnostic session where I can uh specify for myself what are kind of the systems because the way I work like we create systems for for them and that I need to know what are those uh systems that they're struggling with with most and that I would help them with and once they commit to working with me here is declined in tape in take part the contract make making sure that the contract is returned payment welcome packet like to me that I use it a lot because that's the document where I kind of set boundaries I talk about the curious how are working together we'll look like like he hear us hear my promises as a sort of provider like your responsibilities because they okay the cure is the world that you will need to be doing us a client to make your your next steps so that gets captured in the welcome packet and then initial consultation and then I usually have a bonus and make sure that the bonus gets downloaded so once I start working with them I use this template for for myself and a sago I just take my copy pays this part and added to the top so the latest session is always at the top might I like for me what I need to know is what was what were clients wins what declined this still struggling with what what we discussed any observations what is the homework that I gave her andi even like kind of like personal stuff for me like I fell that okay like this is something that she asked a question I did not know an answer for or like something that's I did not handle it in my in my view like something that where I can improve so I can put that for myself a swell and these gets too just like added at the bottom of the note and the guy would just fill them out like that and I just this gets us so brilliant. The question you have the check boxes. Yes and no up above there. And I'm curious why you have. Yes know, instead of just a checkbox for when it's been completed. Because if it's, if it's to know that this note gets tagged, like once, I made a copy of it and put the name of the clients instead of the label, like I need that, I need to tag it with follow up or something. So it can be, you know, a certain point. They, until I actually way, can't make say that. It's it's. Yes. So if the if the time comes when I need to get that back and it's still a no, then I know that I need to send a full about female, where I need teo like chicken with a client to see what's happening, so it just makes it more visual. Yeah, yeah, there's, just for me, kind of. But I know if it's no, then, like the next step is to follow up. So cool. Okay, we can go back to the presentation. So if you are in service. Uh give your service provider you can definitely adjust those templates if those simpletons think far from like how you work with your clients you can just outline you are steps and if you're working with your clients and project based based basic we'll talk about that in the lesson about using everything quick management so again oh I've mentioned this before but make sure that you save you never knowed everything that pertains to that client and that can be general details if you're asking them something questions than answers to those to those questions any agreements that you are signing any homework that progress report so see what are those tic like moving pieces off you are managing that client that you use in your business and I'll add them into your ever note and the benefit is that you start kind of just capturing a few something that you do but once they're in your ever note you will you will know that oh they care I can improve in this way or were there I can add this element but then make slowly slowly the way you were working with your clients will grow into this like structure that is easy for you to manage and something that your client's rave about and the ultimate benefit is that when somebody refers you and they did it, they talk about the way you worked with them. You you will make sure that you can replicate that protest for that person to so that it's kind of like that will actually position you as the as a true expert, because you can replicate like that. Those winds and that outcome for client of two clients. So now what I want to leave you with is that created sample for for your clients, identify information that you need for that protests and decide how you will be organizing you. Our client related notes. Whether it's going to be in notebooks, whether you're going to use tags and see how you can label them, and how you can organize them in those notebooks and tax structure.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

Natasha knows how to keep a person organized. She is the creator of Systematic Success 2.0 and founder of SystemsRock. In this class, she’ll teach you tricks and techniques for turning your Evernote account into an active business management hub. 

You’ll learn how to use Evernote to: 

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Don’t waste any more time looking for new tools to manage your business – learn how to use Evernote to bring in new sales, finish projects, connect with industry influencers, and generate amazing new leads. Evernote for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova will teach you how to handle the day-to-day operations of your business in one central, easy-to-access location.

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