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Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

Natasha Vorompiova

Evernote for Mac

Natasha Vorompiova

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Lesson Info

5. Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

Lesson Info

Use Evernote to Dominate Your To-Do List

Well let's talk about dominating your to do list and here I will show you how you can use ever note as your task management too and that is important so that we are clear what we need to do every day and also something that we do it to prevent ourselves prevent ourselves from stretching getting over committed yeah so let me see so just like when we talked about structuring ur ever known and kind of like stepping back and looking at ok what type of information goes will go into my ever note I suggest that you take very similar approach with tackling your task list so before they're going into okay like how I deal with my daily to do it let's map out your week and again to me it's something that I used because even though I'm a structured person I'm not the type of person who can work very well with the daily like very rigid schedule because if something doesn't go according to that schedule I think like okay my days it goes to waste like what was the point so it's in me working with the...

weekly task list is much more comfortable because I've like I know what needs to happen approximately every day but then if something did not happen that day it can be rolled over to the next day uh and for for that what I do is just I look att what ideo week in and week out, and usually those full into three categories. One category of items is everything that I do it to kind of maintain my business of the present level and that khun b outreach social media. If you are doing facebook as it can be facebook ads, that was like individual 00:01:59.982 --> 00:02:03. business related accident. Yes, second category ef 00:02:03.55 --> 00:02:07. is nose high leverage project that we're working on 00:02:07.55 --> 00:02:09. like something that normally takes our business to 00:02:09.99 --> 00:02:13. the next level and that can be creating new products 00:02:13.88 --> 00:02:14. or maybe 00:02:15.89 --> 00:02:18. collaborating with somebody again. That brings like, 00:02:18.8 --> 00:02:21. new audience to us where allows us to sell more product 00:02:21.77 --> 00:02:22. depending 00:02:23.67 --> 00:02:26. I'm on the nature ofthe our business, and the third 00:02:26.04 --> 00:02:29. category is all that admin stop that we do, protesting 00:02:29.86 --> 00:02:33. our emails, replying to our emails, working on those 00:02:33.01 --> 00:02:37. individual, smaller tasks. So when you mop out your 00:02:37.58 --> 00:02:41. week, make sure that you set aside time for all those 00:02:41.7 --> 00:02:46. different individual tasks and like, let me just give 00:02:46.2 --> 00:02:48. if somebody wants to map out with me, they're weak. 00:02:48.66 --> 00:02:51. Let's, let's do that so we'll use our trusted post 00:02:51.89 --> 00:02:52. its 00:02:53.47 --> 00:02:55. so does somebody want to map out their weak with me? 00:02:55.75 --> 00:03:03. Come with you so and st oh, let's, see how many days 00:03:03.87 --> 00:03:05. a week do you usually work? 00:03:08.77 --> 00:03:13. Well, let's, say five. So this is the mahdi 00:03:15.11 --> 00:03:18. to use nature wednesday. So let's say that there is 00:03:19.47 --> 00:03:21. thursday and friday, 00:03:22.57 --> 00:03:25. ok, and right now you don't really have to worry about 00:03:26.07 --> 00:03:29. which day of the week you do something. We'll just 00:03:29.06 --> 00:03:32. start with, like, random runned away, what's what 00:03:32.27 --> 00:03:35. you do on a weekly basis, and you remember that we 00:03:35.91 --> 00:03:37. have those categories, except that you do for your 00:03:37.99 --> 00:03:41. business, the admin staff, the high leverage projects, 00:03:41.38 --> 00:03:45. what's. What actually happens. Okay, well, I always 00:03:45.44 --> 00:03:49. record a podcast episode that's, also a block post. 00:03:50.57 --> 00:03:51. What cans 00:03:52.37 --> 00:03:53. block five. 00:03:56.12 --> 00:03:56. Huh? 00:03:58.95 --> 00:04:01. No, I'm totally going blank on what I do every week. Okay, you check your email. I check my email a lot. Yes, tick. I have a mastermind meeting every other week. Uh, I have, uh, facebook community. He spoke and whatever. Whatever program I'm running online programs. Black yeah, I should have used the other one that could be tender one, okay, sorry about that, okay, but ultimately make four. This is something that you can do with with post its and see how all these activities, like where they actually they fit throughout the week, for example, with podcasting and block post it. When when does that usually happen? Which day of the week? Well, actually, usually do it on saturday, sunday, but let's, say monday, but okay, so when does the mustn't mess tin mines? Thursday. Okay, that happens with thursday, so we put it here, um, the facebook group I'm checking in daily daily. Okay, so think that's something that nick say, facebook staff spending on a daily basis. Yeah. Chicken, email, daily basis. So you get the idea. But now, now that you, you could've listed everything that you do, is there a better way to kind of group those activities so that you don't really have to switch from task that that they're very different from one another? What? What can you think off? Well, sort of. The email on the social media stuff, the email and facebook that tends to go together pretty well. Uh you see anything that that like if I'm on a call or something like I'm hosting a call and then having a client call kind of putting those together my brains kind of in the same yes exit head space exactly and that's that's very great example because often times way might allow our clients to kind of just like, okay, here is my schedule at the time but it's best that if we allow them to say book themselves every thursday afternoon and tuesday afternoon so that we are in that thank you cream of mind we're ok we're just dealing with clients like we don't really need teo like speaking, speaking with a client advising them and then the recording podcast or like something because like that will that that will not be very helpful that's something that we will waste a lot of times because until our brain kind of freak switches over to that other task, we lose a lot of time. So as you list all this individual things that you do during the week, look at how you khun group them together so it's kind of like you can create this flow for yourself and client calls is great way off great example like something where you can like, batch those and do them on specific date with podcasting and making out into book post that that stuff that was something that needs to happen like altogether so that you think you don't need teo switch to something else and maybe if it's sampling your schedule allows you can do like several recordings at once so that again the technology's also doubt you've done all these recordings than the cue make made them into a book posts and think you're down for the month say if the kid did it take for once so as you map out your week look at all these kind of hints off how you can organize your time so that you are being more efficient another important thing is look at it when when are you most uh I don't know person writes protect definitely morning, right I do most my cory I'm also on an artist so my my music and my painting I do it in the morning and also I tend to write best in the morning to you and that is very important to know about ourselves because we have to set aside time when we do something drastic for for those periods of time so I'm also morning person if I set aside threating block post to the afternoon like I will never finish it uh and at the same time like with client meetings like when somebody asked me a question like okay, like I can answer even in the afternoon, nick, I'm ready so as you map out your week, see how you can create those kind of seems for yourself and like when would be the best time for what activities and then look that's okay here's my availability here is approximately like this amount of time that I have for each task and you will be able to realistically see how much time you have but when somebody asks you now can you like do something for me with me you will know and you will not stretch yourself too thin does this help going right now to show you an example of how you never know what excellent thanks okay but marie I also wanted to ask you you have a great way that he organized you are weak just tell us a little bit about that similarly I tried a group so that what im doing content creation it's always on certain days of the week um clients can only book also on certain days of the week similarly so but if I'm in mentorship mode I've been mentorship mode and on just limiting the number of times a client khun book me in a week has definitely increase my productivity for sure so I just try to theme each day right? So content creation days you know, social mentorship and that's been really helpful okay so now let's look at how you can create that in every note so with me going to my ever notes and here is this sample weekly task list template so I've told you that I'm a template freak, so we'll talk about temple it's much more how in other lessons so and this is there's something that's I created just to kind of show you how this can look like so this existed as just with that map on the board initially and then I grew them how under each day of the week so you can see that here I have my top priority items and these are those high leverage activities that I engage and like to take my business to the next level again like that could be creating course or say writing on guest post something like for uh for uh for a for a blogger that's I really admire with the large audience then I can I set aside time for outreach for social media there is a time for admin stuff so every tuesday I upload my block post and like I review it before it goes out there is also pride private client work set aside time for for learning so weak whenever you are taking courses they make sure that that blacked out in your car calendar two and again the quiz with the weekly task list you can be very flexible but make sure that when you can map out your weak you know when approximately everything will be happening and for me fridays are usually days when ideal my reviews and when I look through my ever know to see that everything because where it needs to be, um and, um and so forth. So so melissa can you see now how you are we could be a mapped out in another note make a evernote note that looks basically like this yes s so this is this is my temple and the way I use it is that I recreated for every single week and if I would just add like smaller items like we'll talk about smaller items in just a second but then I know what needs to happen every single day nick and I can I usually create couple off notes for myself in advance like for basically what I do is that I go and if you right click you can uh copy two notebook so that you can recreate this notebook and all I do is then I just change the uh the title off the note with that weak the date yeah with the dates over that week and this way I know which week I'm talking about and what I would also also do is if you are organizing ur notes into notebooks you can simply use this reminder future too upend the note to the top off your notes um or you can drag it into your shortcuts right here so you will have this quickly access to this note too and this this is something that allows me to keep truck off everything that I need teo do during the weekend as you can see, I'm also using this check boxes feature and that this is something that it's it's right here and this is basically turn this my list into the task list so I know what's been done what hasn't been done so if if we go for a second into the presentation so this is like how my uh we're kind of like high level view off my weak but what's important that like you also keep truck off smaller items so these things that pop up in an hour held like oh, I need to follow up with this person oh I need to do something for for this specific project or something kind of just like okay I thought I would do it this way but then we start doing it and that technology doesn't allow it or it breaks just like okay I have to find a different route so all these things that pop up in our head it needs to be recorded in every note and before you start adding them again think about how you will be adding them into ever know to be able to find them easily maybe you will have a notebook dedicated to your tasks or may be you will have attack that you're using and that khun b to do tasks urgent waiting if you're waiting for something follow up if you need to follow up with somebody yes mary so I have some clients that use a sauna and so they've added me as a user in their asana do you have any feedback on sort of how to manage those two duis that air kind of client specific so in the week would it be like check a sauna for tests or should I actually bringing in those two duis into ever note which kind of feels like duplicating that those two duis do you have any suggestions on how to manage these two places that you're two duis live yeah, that that item can go on your weekly task list on you are like clients client work and if you want to specify what needs to happen you can just specified like first dick check asana if there is anything for that client but then the q set aside a certain amount of time if you know what will be that work clothes you can kind of just engage and see how much time you can aside sit sit aside for that but yeah, I would recommend just kind of making note for yourself never note and not to be creating it as yeah, as long as it's not something that was kind of like stand alone task that you need teo I'll come back teo and use every note to track. So just like we talked about adding that small stuff into ever note can be just, uh adding creating you note were adding voice voice note to make sure that's you create searches for yourself. So in the lesson about searches I mentioned that it's important two master this this way with search notes because whenever we eat we meant we use ever know to manage our task list we have to be able to easily find those task items because ever notice not designed as a task management also whenever you open it you will not tell you like okay like these they're yours half who is it this but if you say for yourself a search I have for example for myself search for urgent I don't think items that they're tagged urgent items that they're tabbed waiting I think this attacked full up so whenever I have for myself that block of time that I do admin work I run my searches see what comes up and just work through the items I start with most important and urgent ones and then I moved tio something that if I have time for something that can wait then I do that yeah so you've got notes that air tags they urgent or follow up and then do you just delete the note when you're done with it or what do you do if if you don't need that note you can delete it easily or whenever I said to reminder if we could go back to ever know just for a second to show how you set reminders so if you have and note that you want to set a reminder for and you will click on this little aiken and then right here you will be able to add the date, and, once reminder is set, you can mark. The task was done, and then evernote, majestic chicken off like that. So you you will know that it's done, or if you don't need that, you can just erase it all together, make delete it, delete the task completely like putting it into the trash. I didn't even. I don't even know that reminder thing existed. So I think it's it's really sure that this this features think very very valuable feature that's we don't always use but this is a super great so whenever you said the reminder if you just if you don't want yoo hee raise that note you can just clear it and then that item goes away from from the list ofthe reminders great but if it's a single oh item that is kind of just like okay full up with george and that not that no doesn't need to exist who can just you can just delete it all together but if it's something where you added some links to other notes or links to other things that's you might use in the future you can keep that note but just huh do it to be the mother and are you gonna talk about shortcuts I don't I've never used that feature before either um well with with shortcuts with you can do with me just move something that and all you do and like that can be note somewhere like whatever it is in the notebook you can use simply click on it and drag it right here and this is your area of shortcuts and basically it allows you to access certain notes or notebooks kind of directly from there so if you are in in your notebooks you can drag it the notebook into your short cuts or you can add individual notes group and we'll talk about that in the lesson about managing projects. Because then we will see. Okay, we're working on this project, and we need to access it on a regular basis. You will not just just have safe search, like you will need to access that information immediately like that. When that's, when you will use that shortcut area to kind of get that quick access to that note or notebook. All right, so going back to our presentation. So save searches use check boxes set reminders for time sensitive items and every note will actually prompt you about like those knows that argue so we don't need to worry about that so it's it is super important to add all those small things that we think about and to ever know what just because we don't try to remember everything like this is something that prevents us for being much more productive or working on one single task until we finish it because we remember about something else and then there is no way for us to kind of come back to that item later like no reliable way and we know that okay if we don't jump to complete that task it will never happen because like we kind of snows it's over in a couple of times so we interrupt ourselves to do that and then like that leads to the next task so the project we were working on gets never completed and in order not to kind of feel that you are out tor is different directions make sure that all this small stuff goes into your ever knowed properly tagged or improper notebook and you can actually come back to it and rely less on your memory to remember what needs to be done and last very important bit here is that create your task management routine so usually what I do in the beginning of the day I review my task list I run my searches I see ok look this is what I have for that day and I kind of like plan it out then throughout the day and especially at the end of the day like I see and check off everything that's been completed and make sure that I said priorities for for the following day and then a very important part is you get into the habit of doing end of the week review and that's when you will go back to that note that you've created for yourself for that week and see what actually happened and what did not happen and this is this is not to kind of make yourself feel guilty for not completing something it's perfectly okay like we do so much in our businesses we wear so many hats it's difficult to kind of keep track of everything so it's it's perfectly okay if nothing if something was not completed but when you are actively interacting with your task list you will you will be able to kind of okay this item stayed behind now for two three weeks is it something important yes it isthe maybe I should bring somebody else on board to help me with that oh maybe it's not as important like let me put on the back burner for a while until it becomes more important and set for yourself reminder to come back to that item but that he will not be rolling just like over items from one week to another you will not feeling guilty because you are to do this growth that you will be actively interacting with your to do list and like okay like I am in charge like this did not happen like what was the reason what can they do about it um and again like you are the boss of your business and see how you can organise your weak and like the date day today so that at the end of the week if something did not happen like you have a solution for it you don't have to have everything happen you just have to have a plan teo to work with it next so you are take away come here stick take away create your weekly schedule like map out your week on dh then depending on how you will be adding your two duis into ever know decide if you have dedicated notebook or tags and depending on that then create searches so that you can easily find those items in your ever note and make sure that you set aside time on the new you are weekly counter for those small items because that's what sometimes kind of oh hold his bag because we don't estimate enough quito set aside enough time for those small stuff on that nick we overcome it but if you keep actively interacting with your to do list you will be able to see okay like this is I can handle this way or this is I can handle that way.

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Millions of products are marketed to small business owners promising increased productivity and improved project management, but small business owners don’t need more tools – they need results. Learn how you can get more mileage out of the tool you already know and love in Evernote® for Mac with Natasha Vorompiova.

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