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Targeting Cold Audiences

Lesson 21 from: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results

Azriel Ratz

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Lesson Info

21. Targeting Cold Audiences

Lesson Info

Targeting Cold Audiences

in the last lesson we dug into the potential on facebook on how to target warm audiences in this lesson, we want to truly understand the two best ways to target cold audiences on facebook. The first one is lookalike audiences. Facebook knows you better than probably anyone else in the world. There was a study done a few years ago where they had people take a test and they had their friends, their parents and their and their significant others take the same test on information about you and what they found was that facebook back all those years ago was able to predict the answers About information about you better than your friends, your parents and your significant other were now almost 10 years after that study and it's likely that Facebook knows you better than you. So if I upload any custom audience to Facebook, whether that's my email list, a list of phone numbers, People that come to my website, I can create a custom audience and then a look alike audience from that, that group of...

people. So what does Facebook, do they look at that large group of how big your email list is your 10,000 people? And they want to find common threads between each of these people. Maybe they're all the same gender, They're all around the same age. They live in the same place in America. They have very specific interests or religious beliefs or political, but whatever that might be their facebook is able to find specific trends between all of the people on your custom audiences. And then from there they can now create a look alike audience of other people in whatever country you want to be able to target people just like your people on facebook. So if you have a list, a custom audience that you've been running ads to and you see how well it works, whether that's your purchasers, your email list or some very high quality audience, it is very likely the next best audience that you can run. Two is the lookalike based on that data. And again, there are so many options for what you could do. So if you want to target a new country, you can choose any country you want. It will find a list as long as the list is more than 100 people in that country facebook and find a ton more people in any country to be able to target them simply based on the fact that facebook believes these people are just like the people already on the list in your custom audience. So you should definitely be testing whether that's Different ways of testing a single audience. Like you want to do your email list and you can do a 1% audience, a 3% audience of five all the way up to 10%. Or you can test a bunch of different audiences, each of them, 1357 and 10%. So this allows you to create Dozens of audiences. So you can create a look alike audience of 2.2 million people based on their email list and a different look alike audience of 2.2 million people based on your website. Visitors take both those audiences create to add sets within a single campaign, let them run against each other and actually learn which audiences facebook is able to find people that will be buyers simply because they are similar to lists you already have. Besides lookalike audiences, there's also interest based targeting where we're gonna get into detail in the next video exactly how to find those interests. But just so you understand the way interest works is different than what most people believe. Most people think interests are simply based on the fact that people like a specific facebook page. That is not true. Just so you can understand the difference between a facebook page. Like and an interest I want to talk about donald trump. Donald Trump today has just about 20-25 million likes on Facebook. But if you're trying to target the interests of Donald Trump, that list is over 200 million people, which means that many of those people do not actively like the page of Donald Trump. So how are they ending up in that interest group facebook is looking at pages they visit that have the facebook pixel just like your website. They're looking at posts that people are commenting on, their looking at videos that are being posted or commented by those people and based on activity you do on facebook plus third party websites that have the facebook pixel facebook is able to understand that you have an interest in this topic simply because posts that you engage with have to do with that thing. So this is the best way to understand the difference between a facebook page like and a simple interest that you can target. So now understanding that those two things are very different. We want to make sure when we're building our interest audiences were specifically picking out people that have a positive interest in that thing we're targeting. Right? So if you're trying to target Frisbees, you have to think maybe a lot of people have some sort of negative interest to that thing. So it's true they're interested in it because they fall into people who engage with posts. But you really want to ask yourself is the interest I'm targeting positive. So that if I'm reaching people like people I think would be interested in my products, are they actually positively interested? So that's very important when building your interest list to do that. Which reminds me that there is actually a third cold audience. So we spoke about look alike and the power of lookalike audiences. We spoke about interest. The third one is really not used enough on facebook and that's behaviors facebook on top of all this interest data has a lot of personal information about a lot of people. So what behaviors can you target on facebook? You can target people that our parents and you can actually choose the age of the child you want to reach. You want to reach someone who has a child that's between the age of zero and 11 and 35 and six. All of these are possible because of behaviors. So what you have to make sure to do is go through, you're the behavior section in the ed sets and see if there's anything relevant to people you want to be targeting, whether that's financial, whether that's relationships, you're only targeting people that are engaged. That's a behavior that can be targeted people that work at specific jobs or have specific job titles. That is a behavior. So that's the third one that you for sure should be using if it's relevant to your business to tap into these behaviors of data. Facebook knows for example, let's say you want to reach someone who has a friend who recently got engaged and you want to target them with an idea for a bachelor party that's a target able interest or someone who recently moved. That's a target able behavior. All of these things, you simply have to go through the list and see if any of them are relevant to your business and if they are these are incredibly powerful audiences simply because facebook knows these particular people are very interested in. Whatever product has to do with that behavior now that you understand the three possible cold audiences that you could use on facebook, we want to jump in to how to actually find the best interests for you to use in your assets.

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