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FAST CLASS: Start Late, Finish Rich

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Build A Dream Account

David Bach

FAST CLASS: Start Late, Finish Rich

David Bach

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14. Build A Dream Account

Lesson Info

Build A Dream Account

we talked about your retirement account. Now I want to talk about everything between now and retirement, those of your dreams. So you tell me something that you want to dio in your life that has nothing to the retirement. And chances are it's gonna fall into a dream account. That could be your vacation account. That could be buying your first home. That could be buying a second home. That could be going on a great trip that could be quitting your job, some of you watching. Right now I know that your number one goal and dream is actually get the hell out of where you are right now. And what I recommended in smart couples finish rich, actually, was that you make a whole list of dreams that you take 30 minutes and you just brainstorm with a journal and write out all your dreams. Dump out on papers. Many dreams you can think of. Okay. And then take a look at those dreams ago. What am I really the most excited about? Take a look at what those dreams cost, because here's the interesting thin...

g. When you brain dump down your list of dreams what you're gonna find out is that a lot of your dreams don't take a lot of money. In the very beginning of the presentation of the I said I should say the class I said, You know what? You don't have to be rich to live Ridge. I remember that. I'll say it again. You have to be rich delivery. A lot of your dreams don't require money. They just require action. Getting your dreams down on paper shows you that. So with the dream account, you think about your dreams. Then you create investment accounts for your dreams. Your investment accounts should match your time horizon. So it is less than two years. You're gonna use one of those online money savings accounts I talked about earlier. Once you get to 2 to 5 years, you should consider bonds or T bills or bond funds. The reader 10 years you're gonna look at stock funds, balanced funds or you'll use one of those diversified robo advisor portfolios you'll use like acorns or stash or every one of these other firms. Once you get past three years, then you can start looking at it more diversified portfolio

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Try a Fast Class – now available to all Creator Pass subscribers! Fast Classes are shortened “highlight” versions of our most popular classes that let you consume 10+ hours in about 60 minutes. We’ve edited straight to the most popular moments, actionable techniques, and profound insights into bite-sized chunks– so you can easily find and focus on what matters most to you. (And of course, you can always go back to the full class for a deep dive into your favorite parts.)

Full-length class: Start Late, Finish Rich with David Bach

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A proven, insanely simple plan to get out of debt, fix your financial life, and achieve your financial dreams— no matter where you are on the financial spectrum— “Start Late, Finish Rich’” is a one-day program that has helped millions and can help you achieve your best financial year ever.

Author of nine New York Times bestsellers, including #1 New York Times bestsellers Start Late, Finish Rich, and The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach will teach you why it's never too late to live and finish rich. He will also share the secrets to becoming an “Automatic Millionaire” and how ordinary people with average incomes can achieve extraordinary wealth.

You’ll learn the basics of financial responsibility, and quick, specific actionable steps to help you increase your savings, improve your investment returns, and crush your debt. David will show you why you’re already richer than you think.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to build financial security starting with as little as $5 a day
  • The #1 Millionaire Habit that changes everything
  • Why budgets don’t work and almost guarantee failure
  • The secret to having a “retirement, dream and security” account
  • How to become rich faster, as a freelancer or small business owner
  • How to organize all your financial information, using the “Finish Rich” file folder system
  • How to create an “Automatic Millionaire Blueprint” system to automate your financial life forever
  • How to create a retirement plan that works “automatically”
  • Why you need a will and what needs to go in that will
  • How couples can work on their finances together and not fight about money
  • Why women must take charge of their financial future today, and what’s the fastest way to own your financial power

Whether you are in debt, living paycheck to paycheck or simply feeling behind schedule on your savings and retirement dreams, David Bach has helped millions take charge of their financial life and he can help you, too.

The proof is in the numbers. With over seven million books in circulation around the world, over a million students, and over a hundred appearances on NBC’s Today Show, David’s teachings work. This one-day program takes a true deep-dive, change-your-life, comprehensive approach to fix, crush, and handle your financial life and financial worries once and for all. It’s never too late to live your dreams.

WARNING: This is NOT a get-rich-quick program but rather a timeless, simple approach to money that anyone can act on in minutes. If you are looking for an “earn more money program, make money online, get rich in days not decades,” this course is not for you. If you want to learn in a fast, fun, and non-judgmental environment, how to build financial security for life, then this is for you. David tells it like it is, and he empowers you to take action now.

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