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Couples & Money

Lesson 4 from: FAST CLASS: Start Late, Finish Rich

David Bach

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4. Couples & Money

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Couples & Money

Here's a study that was done on couples in mind. This is like 4000 couples participated in this traits that make a spouse sexy, hot, attractive. You know, the number one thing people said by me actually responsible. Really sexy to pay bills on time 91. By the way, the this is this is women and this is men. Um, paypal's on time. 91% Maintains a budget open about personal finances. Knows a credit score. Yeah, people weren't so like, OK, you know, your credit. Score your hot like, you know. But these were the things that made a spouse or a partner attractive. So how do people look at themselves? This is what's interesting. We all think we're pretty awesome, but we're solidly convinced or spouse doesn't have their act together. So they said, Are you practical people? Self reported that 42% of them you have a totally practical How's your spouse doing now? I'm not so good. 27%. Are you conservative with money? Oh, yeah. Pretty conservative. 22%. How about your spouse? No, Definitely not. Um ...

are you impulsive? I am not impulsive. Is your partner impulsive? Totally. impulses that 21% impulsive. Do you avoid dealing with your finances? People ignore, Never avoid. Does your partner avoid yet my partner voice. Are you emotional? No, I'm not emotional Is your partner? Yep, so we think were amazing. And we're like, It's all our partners fault. So we started digging into this, and we found out there's this huge couple and money disconnect. So 33% of couples don't agree or no where they plan to retire. That's one in three couples, one and three couples. And by the way, we have a whole lot of baby boomers. One and three have not actually had a real discussion about when they will retire and where they will retire. 62% don't agree on the retirement age. 47% don't agree on whether to continue to work at retirement. 73% disagree on whether they have completed a retirement income plan. So then, they said, one of the worst habits 14% of couples surveyed said spending more than I make 28%. Since spending money on unnecessary things, 23% said not saving any money. The key to talking about money as you need to have a money date, you need to create a time a safe time when both of you are ready to talk about money. So you really put a date on the calendar. You're like, OK, you know what? Either we're not agreeing about money or we just have to go into the negative, just like let's have a date to sit down and talk about our finances. I'm gonna go through some exercises that you can do is a couple like how to get your finances organized, create couples exercise? How did your values great couple of exercise agreeing, taking his blueprint out and going You know what? Let's just work on one thing. Let's just work on this. Let's agree. Is a couple on a pay yourself first plan. Let's pick a percentage of our income. Let's start there. Fantastic. Small winds can change the course of a couple's relationship when it comes to their money. The other thing with couples and money is honesty. So when you look at why couples often break down the relationship with money, is that a ghost? The root of trust

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