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FAST CLASS: Start Late, Finish Rich

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Your Purpose-focused Financial Plan

David Bach

FAST CLASS: Start Late, Finish Rich

David Bach

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18. Your Purpose-focused Financial Plan

Lesson Info

Your Purpose-focused Financial Plan

Why are you doing all of this? What in your values? What do you care the most about? Let's create a financial plan based on your soul and your heart. I think the problem with financial planning is it's actually been Let's your number and we can't relate to that. But we can relate to our what we care most about. So I started asking my clients what's really important? What's your Why why are you here? What do you want? What do you want to accomplish? And I started asking people, Do you want to be rich? Which can only a lot of people would say Yes, I don't know if they would today, but I'd say, Do you want to be rich? And if you do want, if somebody said no, I don't want to be rich And I say, What do you want to be? So I wouldn't be financially secure. Great. Why I want to be out of debt. Great. Why? So this question of why helps my clients and you gain clarity around what's most important to you. Then the financial plan becomes around about your purpose. What's your purpose in life? What...

I want to know is why are you here today? Where are you? Exactly where you wish you were instead. All right. I started the class off, and I said, chances are if you show up for a class called start plate, finish rich. You think you're starting late, right? By the way, how do you feel better now than you felt in the beginning of the day? Because you really is hope, right? You're like there's all this stuff than Aiken Dio. So where do you wish you were instead of how are you going to get there? The whole goal today was to give you all a ton of actionable ideas. By the way, remember I said that. Very. Begin the class. What's the one idea how many of you guys got? One idea? Okay, what you got? You didn't get one idea. Put that camera on that guy. He's like no man did. I've been here for an entire damn beat, Okay? In the production room where I went to check my slides before the segment, two of the guys in production room increased their 41 K plan yet. Right, So that's awesome, right? So that's when these guys watch people do this, do that. She shows all the time. So that is going to change your life. So here's where I would say automatic millionaire mindset is this What do your core values? How are they gonna help you get to where you want to be? And here's what I want you to think about. Money helps you be. Money can help you dio Money can help you have. These are three things that I've I've taught for almost two decades the challenges in our society Our society is set up in the reverse of this order, which is that money is were designed to focus on First, what do we wanna have? What's all the stuff that we need to have to impress? All those people that we don't really care about that aren't paying attention. What do we wanna have, which often forces us to do things that we don't want to do to pay for the stuff that we wanted to have? And we never get to focus on who do we want to be and so so often in life, you see people, maybe your experiences in your own life, where you're working so damn hard for this stuff that you wanted to have things you want to dio you wake up at some point you're like, This is not why even want to be? I don't I don't feel in my life like my life is working the way I wanted it to this people get to the journey they go. I thought that this was gonna feel different than this happens a lot with success, by the way people put their whole life into building a business or a whole life in a success. And they get the success and they get the brass ring and they're like, No. What? So I flip this on his head and I say, Who do you want to be first? And now it's not on the slide, but I just started teaching something else. You can write this in you the 1st 1 to hear me say this. Who do you want to become? So who do you want to be? Who do you want to become? Those of you who, by the course later we give you the values based process in the worksheets in the quick start system. Milwaukee to pretty quickly how to do this. But you. What you want to do is you want to create what's called a value circle. So you this little you've actually got this in your hand out. I tell people, Make a long list of your values. Go home tonight. Think about what's most important to him. That's a value, not a goal. So if I go back real quickly here, the value would be security. A goal would be retired with $1 million value would be freedom. The goal would be pay off. Your mortgage value would be happiness. The gold BB differing value could be peace of mind. Local would be. Don't worry about debt value. Could be family. The goal would be spent more time on the kids value. Could be spirituality. The coal would be good church or temple. When you look lives that aren't working, typically it's because someone's got values and someone's got goals and they're in conflict. And so that conflict is like this all the time. Where they're spending money is not matching up with the value system. The way you fix finances and you go, what are my values and one of my goals and you get them to work together, controlling you. Do that and you've got biscuit unbreakable force that pulls you towards what you really want to go do in life. Who does make sense? It's kind of deep and sort of spiritual, a little esoteric, which is why I left it to the end of the class, but super important. So here's your exercise right out your values. Come up with five core values. Put him in a little circle. Which ones most important doesn't matter. But I find that you can focus on five values, then create five specific goals based on those values. So come up with your top five goals for the year financially, like leave here and think yourself five goals you've got, then write down the value next to them has to what that goal was gonna help you achieve. That makes sense. That way. You'll be super clear like you like. If I go like the biweekly mortgage payment plan like, that's a technique, what's the value gonna help you dio be? Freedom might be okay Now what if I play this all the way out? If I can pay my home off earlier I can spend more time doing this is this and this setting goals help make your values riel. People underestimate the power of writing down goals. Never been massive amounts of research that simply show for a fact that people who write their goals out statistically achieve those goals had, like an 8 18 90% more likelihood than people who don't write out their goals. Which takes me to the finish. Rich squared the finish rich clarity. Question. I started the class by asking questions if we were getting here together one year from today. What one thing has to happen for you to feel you made great progress on your financial future. What? I want you to dio his Think about that on the way home today. What's the one thing I told you? I wanted to take one action step. So write down the one action step and go act on that today

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