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Class Introduction

Lesson 2 from: FAST CLASS: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

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Lesson Info

2. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

My name is Jasmine Star, and I'm a photographer in business entrepreneur from Newport Beach, California and I used social media to build every business that I have ever created. I'm also the founder, along with my husband of social curator, a monthly social media membership that empower small business owners to show up, build a brand and market their business every single day with the resource is that we provide a I was renting memory cards. I was shooting anything that moved. I was using YouTube and Google and crazy enough, I started this thing. Hold a blawg and I started blogging. We started building following, and I started connecting with people in real life, actually online. And I was like, What is this thing that's happening? And then a big shift happened for a girl who had not a camera who decided to become a photographer and three years later, was wanted one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Top 10 most influential, most socially influential. I don't say this as a...

humble brag that annoys me. I'm just saying What I come to know is my truth is that when people now come to me with their wild and crazy ideas with all the reasons why it won't work. I'm just going to sit back and not be like it will if you want it. And what happens is that I learned that you cannot out give the Internet. That is why I am here today. I am here because people like jazz. Now you're really gonna share everything you know I'm gonna share everything because I believe in, like, the overall good that when I stand in my purpose and you standing your purpose and together we are purposeful, we're gonna create massive changes. I don't care that you know everything that I do. The real question is, will you do it? Of all the tens of thousands people who are gonna watch this class, 2% of them are actually going to deploy on the things that I do. I will share. I will share. I will share everything again and again and again. I'm gonna keep on talking over the noise in the back of the NATO thing. Not today saying I'm talk louder. That's what we do in Latino families. We just talked over the other person and we just keep on going So this is OK. So around this time around, like the whole creative life. I started using social media and I started using social media because it was free. I was trying to build a business. I needed to get attention and I didn't have money for formal adds. That still remains a large case of what I preached today, wherever you are starting your business, social media is free and yours for the taking. So I started using as a photographer and the people like, Hey, can you teach me how to do that in my photography business? I said, Sure, of course. And the people who weren't for photographers were saying, Can you teach me how to do that? My business And I said, Okay, why not? I become such a vocal proponent that in 2006 USA Today said, We see what you're doing and how you're talking to business owners, and this new thing called the algorithm was presented on Instagram. How do you feel about it? I came out and I said, I think it's a good thing

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Ratings and Reviews

Katrina Julia

GREAT class! I LOVE learning AND applying from Jasmine from IG, Social Curator and here on CreativeLIVE! I immediately started applying key things to expand my IG + social like stories + tips (already doing reels consistently) + setting up my launch plan. In less than 1 week already seeing over 2,000% reach and over 4000% growth in accounts engaged! Whoop whoop! Highly recommend all the things!!!

Rachel Tenney

This is by far the best social media class I've ever taken, and I can't believe the price tag! I've spent way more on many other courses that can't even compare. This is truly a whole blueprint and so well produced. I love Jasmine's humor and down to earth strategy. One of the best business purchases I've ever made!

ayman sadiq

thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more info. please keep sharing.

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