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Take Action

Lesson 23 from: FAST CLASS: Your Social Media Bootcamp

Jasmine Star

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23. Take Action

Lesson Info

Take Action

we started this day, and I want to be very, very, very honest, straightforward a end. You came here and you had everything you needed to 60. You walked in the doors and you had it, and you will walk out of the doors and you will have it. I think what happened as you stood out on Terry and you walked into the doors without ever annoying doorbell that we all heard again and again and again to the creative like building is that I think you came in and you were suspected you were gonna get answers. Answers to some of your hot topic questions about social media and business. But I can't help but think that in your search of answers in the back of your mind, could it possibly have been permission, permission to be seen, permission to try new things, even if it doesn't make sense to other people. Permission to look at the rules and say, What's your system, Jasmine? Great. I'm gonna do it my own way. I know that what we came in your of or possibly was like a strategy. And this is the thing I s...

aid again and again. But a strategy is nothing without action. Do you love yourself enough? And do you love your business enough to take an action so that all of this was worth something? Because I know that I don't stand up here on behalf of me. Austin here but happy you begging you to take the action Because I shared everything that I know on social media, like legitimately everything I know. I show you what I know. I show you what I did. I held nothing back. And some people on the Internet is like dating that girl is crazy for sharing it all. Maybe maybe I am crazy, but this is what I know from a statistical perspective is that only 2% of the people who are watching are going to take action. 2% of the people who are watching this are going to say it's worth it. I will do it. The system is based on everything that I have spoken about for the past three days and that is deciding what you love and then doing it, creating the content, figure out who you're speaking, Teoh, creating a business, creating connection, battling doubt, producing more content and then repeating this process every single week, every single month, every single year. When you may or not, you may or may not be getting results. That's what I'm asking you to do. In that fun. I know that many people won't even start per phylum inspired. But just like likes and Commons, inspiration doesn't pay your bills. So all I'm asking you in this moment is to be the 2% that actually does the work. That's it. I am asking you to prove the statistics wrong. I am begging you, imploring you to be consistent. I am asking you to show up on the good days on the bad days on the fantastic days and on those really hard days, I am asking you to be seen. I am asking you to do the work and I'm asking you to do one wild thing. And that is to defy the odds. Because in this class I shared everything I know. And the crazy thing was, we have come to realize it wasn't about social media. What was it about taking the vision that we have for the future and then turning to ourselves and making it reality to say to others around you. Hey, I started this and I thought the idea I wanted to do was really crazy. And then you leave and say The idea that I want to do is still really crazy, and I'm gonna do it anyway, I'm gonna look at the odds stacked against me and say, we're good.

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Katrina Julia

GREAT class! I LOVE learning AND applying from Jasmine from IG, Social Curator and here on CreativeLIVE! I immediately started applying key things to expand my IG + social like stories + tips (already doing reels consistently) + setting up my launch plan. In less than 1 week already seeing over 2,000% reach and over 4000% growth in accounts engaged! Whoop whoop! Highly recommend all the things!!!

Rachel Tenney

This is by far the best social media class I've ever taken, and I can't believe the price tag! I've spent way more on many other courses that can't even compare. This is truly a whole blueprint and so well produced. I love Jasmine's humor and down to earth strategy. One of the best business purchases I've ever made!

ayman sadiq

thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more info. please keep sharing.

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