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Fat Burning Tips

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Fat-Burning Exercise

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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15. Fat-Burning Exercise


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Fat-Burning Exercise

So I know that a lot of you have been wondering where does exercise enter into all of this and I know that I have downplayed it a bit but that's not necessarily to discount the importance of exercise and training but mohr tio basically prime you to know that it's not necessarily about over exercising a bad diet that's not a good long term plan it's about basically optimizing your diet and then adding on some sort of useful activity some sort of activity that you enjoy or some sort of training that allows you to hit goals that are really important to you so that could be building muscle losing fat the way that I like to think about it and this isn't a perfect science by any measure but the way that I like to think about it is that basically the way that you eat determines your size uh you know how how big you are how much fat you carry how much muscle you carry the way that you train impacts your shape it kind of determines you know depending on the muscles that you exercise or try to f...

ocus on to grow or shrink or extend you can get you know that triangular kind of male body you can get a very thin body if you'd like you as a woman or a man you can lean down so that you can have more of ah sprinters bodies were not carrying that much body fat or you can be like a power lifter. This diet and training are essential pieces to the equation, and each one needs to be scaled against the other one. So all of you, all of what I've talked about in terms of diet will be augmented by your goals in terms of what you want to be able to do at a performance standpoint at or if you're just thinking about aesthetics, this can all be scaled, so I'd like to start just by saying, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. I think a lot of us and that's from groucho marx, aa lot of us just kind of think that in order to be fit, a lot of people, you know, come up to me if they don't know who I am, just like, oh yeah, you're very fit, you must be in the gym all the time. No, I don't really go to the gym at all. I've never liked them. I think they're stinky and kind of miserable. Most people are grunting and farting and doing all sorts of weird stuff it's not really an environment that I enjoy at the same time, I really appreciate the importance of resistance training and certain equipment that you can use in a gym to improve your own body. To make sure that your heating all the muscles that you should if you want to maintain lean mass especially as you grow older a cz well as uses some something that I do when I'm traveling or on a cruise or something like that is if you have an excess of food energy, the best thing to do with it is turn it into muscle instead of fat and so if I'm traveling and that's generally what I'll do that's when you'll find me in the gym because I don't have, you know the very small not equipment that I have at home um, so I need to go to a gym in order to make sure that all of that cheesecake, all that gluten free cheesecake goes straight to my legs and my arms and my drunk and everything else that's good instead of my belly and my love handles on it's pretty easy toe hack that when you know how that works. So I'm going to show you a bit about how that works now. We talked a bit about thermodynamics with dr sarah during the last session and one one way that I kind of explain how ludicrous it is in terms of burning off calories and how that's a perfect science you know, there are a lot of these tracking mechanisms that air just like you burned off ninety eight calories by doing this today and that's so not it doesn't really work like that and this is kind of the way that a lot of people think about it. If you eat too much food, you can just kind of burn it off before it's stored right? You have to burn it off really quickly and if you have too much water, you have to sweat it out before it stored. Wait a second that's not how it works at all but it's kind of a similar way of looking at it, isn't it? It's it's a dramatic oversimplification of what happens? What happens when you drink too much water? Everyone knows this yeah, you might you might blow a little bit if you drink way too much too fast is actually toxic and you might die and drown yourself quite literally, but generally speaking, you don't have to sweat it out before it stored you pee it out, you excreted in other ways. Similar things happen with food you'll find, and you'll probably hear from mr dave asprey during the next piece of this session that you can eat an enormous amount of calories that some a some points in specific waves and it's not stored as fat it's more complicated than that, so don't rely on you know those counts on the treadmill or your fancy watch or anything else to determine the amount of energy that you're burning off if you see that you burn off you know four hundred calories during your workout the worst thing that you can do is go get a muffin because you think that that's you've earned it at this point you haven't because assumes you've eaten that much muffin you've offset that entire training and mohr generally speaking uh so the best way to look at this is not in terms of thermodynamics you're not exercising to burn off energy you're exercising and training to adapt your body to this shape and the amount of lean mass that you'd like in order for you to meet your goals so if you want to burn fat one of the best ways to do that is by building muscle muscle like fat is in a lot of ways metabolically active that consumes energy that's great it raises your metabolism exercise also boosts up your growth hormone in a lot of cases you do it too much you can also raise your course saw as we'll get we'll get to in a second so is mohr exercise better as you might have gathered at this point I love to get a pig on myself I am experimenting all the time and I used to run marathons as I mentioned before it's something that was like meditative for me a lot of people kind of talk about oh my god you're training for a marathon was that look like what is your training regiment for me, it wasn't really like that I'm just like no, I want to run a marathon and I'm going to enjoy it there like that must be miserable on like no it's basically just like hanging out outside and moving your legs for about three hours sometimes for hours on a long day and uh and you know that's if you go into it with that mindset it's not an exercise of torture or punishment it's just like I get to hang out outside this is kind of a fun thing to do it's like taking a leisurely walk if you've built up the adaptation to be able to withstand that now it's a little more extreme than that, obviously, but I wanted to see, you know, I had heard that uh less is more when it comes to exercise is about adaptation exercises as a dose, things like that and from aa intellectual standpoint, I kind of understood how that works, but I'm like let's see if this actually works and so what I did was I compared my body composition and a variety of biomarkers that I had as well as my weight and body composition, body fat, that sort of thing when I was running marathons compared to when I was running sprints um and so what my my marathon training looked like was generally thirty to fifty miles a week of running and I was actually weight training as well, but not in a way to really build muscle and I assumed that you know, I would be in kind of the best shape of my life would have a very good looking body physique that everyone talks about when you're super fit what actually happened was a lot more interesting, so one month one I was running marathons I finished in the top like three to four percent um and then a month two I was doing ten k, so a much shorter race and I felt my training with sprint's instead of running all the time I was focusing on burst training like we talked about with dr sarah in the last segment and I was only running about five miles a week total maybe ten miles a week for that month and this is what happened in month one this is when I was marathoning I kind of look like sam the eagle from the muppets right here I I wrote a block post about it and I'm just like, oh my god, I put myself next to sam the eagle I can't do that here for legal reasons, but the it's uncanny it really is, so I was right now I'm about one sixty seven sometimes one seventy kind of goes up and down I don't really care that much as long as they look and feel good um which I do by the way right now feel feel terrific but right here when I was running marathons I was down a one forty eight pounds and if you can imagine me that much skinnier it wasn't necessarily on ugly side but it definitely wasn't something that made me feel great or fuel strong or powerful and that's that's how I like to feel I just kind of know that about myself and it's also how I'm built you know like my particular body type isn't one that would excel necessarily at running for long, long long periods of time because I naturally able to carry muscle and it kind of suits my frame so I wasn't really like adapting to my natural predisposition to excel at the same time I really like running always have did cross country and that sort of thing so I was running fifty miles a week and it's relatively low intensity cardio you could argue that it's higher than that but let's just say that it was jogging or running at a slightly elevated heart rate I was measuring all sorts of different things but let's just stick to the ones that are important here um so one month one super skinny burned off all my muscle looked ok not bad right but month to this is just a few weeks later I think was four weeks later I went I put on almost ten pounds of lean mass, I reduced my body fat and I went from being puffy and super skinny. And this is quarter saw that's what quarter solved does? And you can see that my frame is just different. And it's I mean, these pictures aren't perfect at all their iphone pictures and I should have taken better ones, but I felt different and that's the most important thing I had color in my face that came back you could my chin actually kind of expanded once again. Um, and then you can see more definition in my muscles. I have more muscles because my muscles wanted to come back because I was burning them off when I was running fifty miles a week. And so when you, when you talk about someone who's, super fit, you think while mohr exercises better it's not it's really not this. This was something that I learned, and it hit me like a truck because it's it's kind of indicative of how I felt by looking at those pictures, but the way that I actually felt, you know, when I journal it as I'm want to do on when I measured all my biomarkers, my blood pressure actually went down considerably here, oh, I should say, my diet didn't really change here much at all. I did eat less here but I put on muscle and I ate less because I was burning off enormous amounts of energy and I know I just said that thurman dynamics um a calorie burn off doesn't really matter but when you're running thirty miles at one time of course you're burning off more energy but if you want to out exercise a bad dot diet that's kind of what you have to do and unless you want to do that for the rest of your life not really good plan if you want an ideal body and I can also say that from a strength perspective I was rocking out here and I was weak here and I want to rock out I don't just want to run for a long period of time I should say here just another variable that kind of stayed the same in the ten k I finished in the top three to four percent as well so my my performance was about the same in the marathon is the ten k but I'd rather I'd much rather be here and I don't know that that's a much better long term plan and from a lifestyle perspective I don't know how many of you have done this but running fifty miles a week takes a really long time I don't care how you chop that up I would much rather run five or like I do now pretty much none at all so we we saw this a little bit before as it relates to toxins and nutrients and that sort of thing on what it is is a dose response curve so a little bit has no effect the top effect if you do tons of it if you do too much of it you might die like the first person who ran a marathon and then if you do a little bit maur you know it might have a moderate effect so this applies to exercise as well what you want to do when this is adapted from dallas and melissa who do great work at whole nine life exercise as a dose is a really interesting way to look at it dr sara touched upon this a bit during the last session and what it is you don't actually want to just exercise mohr and move your body more necessarily you want to exercise appropriately so that you adapt your body adapts to what you're doing to it and this is once again a little bit of an oversimplification but it's illustrative of what actually happens when you exercise so what you want is to be in the positive territory if you're looking at this so a little bit of exercise doesn't do a whole lot ah whole lot but once you do a little bit more of the right kind of exercise they're hitting the optimal status what you're doing there is you're maximizing adaptation which might be muscle growth or it might look like an increase in via two max or something else that is related to performance until you hit this this level at the top where it peeks out you're spiking your cortisol you start which as you might recall, eats your muscle adds fat and does all sorts of harm to you um and then it goes downhill pretty quickly so if you see someone who over exercises you get injured, you get inflamed you shorten your telomeres, shorten your life not a good plan at all so what you want is that the right amount of exercise and it's amazing I've been more testing on myself to see how little exercise that could actually get away with and maintain my body mass and it surprises most people don't know there's just a few minutes a week as opposed to running fifty miles a week so what you want to do like I just covered is maximize your gains and that could be performance or building muscle or toning muscle or whatever else and you want to minimize your stress so the more that you exercise, the more that the benefit goes down over time because the stress goes up and what happens when stress goes up this quarter saul basically takes over your body and does all those horrible things that you don't want so you want to aim for that sweet spot so how do you find that sweet spot? Well, it depends on what you're doing so we're all kind of in and this is adapted from naturally intense dot net um we're all you know, kind of sitting there at at a state of homo stasis which is basically that means that you're not doing much of anything and just kind of stagnating so what exercise does what training does it's a stress exercise in and of itself is a stress on the body and your body needs to adapt to it so the stress challenges your home you know, stasis but if if you don't stress it enough if say you're just on the treadmill for a long period of time but you never really challenging your body then all that happens is not a whole lot you burn off a couple of carrots, but if the exercise stress is large enough to actually cause your body overload which we'll get to in a second then you elicit on adaptive response that means that you actually are challenging your body you could do that through burst training, resistance training something that's that's lifting heavy something that's running really quickly burpee's push ups all those things tend to do that as long as you're challenging yourself but if you do too much your body is actually unable to adapt to the stress because you're there's too much volume or you're doing too much too soon you don't actually build muscle when you're in the weight room or when you're using an ab roller or whatever but you don't need by the way at all the time that you're actually building muscles when you're sleeping when you're releasing growth hormone when you're not exercising so if you exercise too soon after you have exercised before and basically overloaded your body with stress you're actually going to be decreasing your performance that's called over training you don't want that it results in injury, illness fatigue increased quarter saw decreased performance what we want is to follow the green so let's say that we challenge homo stasis and the stress is large enough that you actually elicit an adaptive response you're overloading the muscles and the cardiovascular system on a lot of other things in your body these mechanisms it's it's more than your body has handled before it's it's something above your baseline level than your healthy body which is fed well which is sleeping which leads a lifestyle that's generally otherwise low in stress then you find hyper trophy an increase in strength, power and performance and that's what you want you want to get better not worse and a lot of people kind of just get worse or kind of stayed the same because they're not overloading here what you're looking at here is a really cool way to think about all of this say this is your baseline fitness level it extends all the way over here so if I'm able to lift one hundred pounds doing one particular exercise let's say it's my bench press which isn't that high at all let's say that's my baseline well what happens when I push it when I overload the muscles and uh everyone knows that feeling of the burning sensation afterwards you can't lift that same amount anymore you lift the failure perhaps and you feel it well then you can't really lift again for a period of time and if you try to this is going to keep going down so what you want is you want to overload the muscles and and usually that will take a short period of time not a long one if you do it over a long period of time it just keeps going down so you lay off for a while and this is where you cover recover you you rest and you recover you don't target the same muscles and try to overload them too quickly because it results in too much stress so what this is this is the cool part your body overcompensates because it's if you challenge it here if you overloaded it's like what you're telling your body this this micro evolution if you can think about it that way um you're telling your body that that the environment is such that you need muscles now you need to perform better now you need to reduce the amount of fat on your frame you need to tone your muscles you need to change so your body does your body wants to your body is constantly adapting its constantly changing to suit your environment you wanted to change in the right way not the wrong way so train here adapt rest adapt and all of a sudden maybe you can lift one hundred ten or one hundred twenty the next time instead of your baseline level of one hundred and that's pretty cool and this might sound like it only applies to men right now because I'm talking about the bench press but this absolutely applies to women as well and one thing about weightlifting which we'll get to in a second is that resistance training a lot of women or just like well, I don't want to look like arnold schwarzenegger don't worry about that that's not going to happen even to me or anybody else without loads of drugs. So if you're a woman taking loads of drugs such that your genitalia is slowly changing into male genitalia and that sort of thing that maybe you have to worry about that but if you're not the way that hormones work in the body is such that men put on muscle fairly easily they also tend to lose fat a little more easily then women as we went over last time but women when they when they do this when they train their bodies to adapt instead of building huge muscles generally what happens is the muscles become toned and when you have more muscle on your frame is a woman that means you can eat the same amount and you can have less fat and that's pretty cool. So so these air some guidelines for low intensity activity, which is this is the stuff you should just be doing anyway it's not really exercise per se but it's something that our bodies are designed to need a lot of people know that dogs require a walk if they don't get that walk, they go absolutely crazy and they eat your couch same thing happens to you you slowly go in saying if you don't work out, I promise you you're less happy if that happened, so what? What you can do is basically just like, don't I don't even countess as exercise because you don't necessarily need it, but it will make you happy it will make you healthier it's really good for you, especially for people who are, you know, a bit more overweight and can't do the high intensity activities like sprinting that I'll be talking about in a second this is awesome just be active find something that you love and do it so most days of the week aimed for about forty five minutes a day like I said, this is not a strict guideline but it's it's an awesome goal so that might mean just you know if you have a meeting or something take a lot talk talk with someone and walk it doesn't have to be anything more than moderate intensity you're not really burning off calories here you're just training your cardiovascular system to move itself too basically flow if you're sitting there you're kind of stagnating it's not good for you being on your feet is something that keeps your brain active keeps your body active really important and being able to carry a conversation is a good guide to show you that you're not pushing it too much it's not really going to boost up your quarter stall at all um in fact it's been shown to dramatically reduce stress there have been some studies have shown in terms of happiness that taking a walk reduces depression more than anti depressants so they found it initially that it reduced anti depressants or reduced depression as muchas anti depressants but over a long period of time it did even better so instead of popping pills you could just go for a walk about that talk about saving money that's this brilliant so examples would be walking, biking, household chores, gardening, hiking, chasing your dog or your children or anything else like that resistance training so this is what I was talking about you could just call this weight lifting um very important for women, especially as as you age hit menopause these sorts of things, it gets harder to maintain lean mass, and we've found that if you want to not only increase your life span but the quality of life, then you want to have healthy bones, strong bones you want and the best way to do that is by maintaining your frame, your lean mass and this is one of the best ways that you could do that through resistance or weightlifting. It doesn't have to be anything complicated doesn't have to take that long at all do it about once or twice a week aim for less than forty five minutes procession it could be a heck of a lot less than that. There are a few people in austin um a great trainer basically had someone who's, a friend of mine come to him and she's like, oh my god, I only fifteen minutes a day, but I really need to get in a workout, it's probably not enough right and he's like I got this and the cool thing is, if you're exercising right, if you're really challenging yourself, you can be absolutely smoked and gas, they're not able to stand up after five minutes after two minutes I see you're shaking your head, you know what that's like and it's it's totally true, so I don't think that you need to be in the gym even to do this certainly not longer than forty five minutes in a lot of cases my my sessions or a lot shorter than that you want full body compound exercise is one of the biggest changes that you can experience in your own body composition is I see there are a lot of guys especially who want to build muscle checking their protein shakes and that sort of thing gordon the gym all the time and you can tell when it's mirror muscle oh and what that basically looks like is this or this kind of bizarre shape where you're you're all like this and then all of a sudden goes out here but you have these think thank you little legs and caps and you just look ridiculous and you can actually use it for much of anything at all what you do to have a body that is aesthetically pleasing interestingly is make it functional as humans were all designed to see something see another human who is functional and healthy as attractive so what's the real reason that you're working out it's probably to feel better and to be more attractive being more attractive tends to make people feel a little bit better so if you're focused on building muscle, make sure it's coming from the right places what you actually want to do is not build muscle per se but change your hormones because it's your hormones that are changing in order to elicit that adaptive response to build more muscle in the right places. So if you want to have a good upper body, one of best things you can do is exercise your lower body because that's, where you're going to challenge your hormones to change, to give you more muscle in the right places. So some of the best exercises you can do are squats, dead lists, push ups and pull ups kettle bell swings just press rose. All these things there, there are plenty more. And you know what? As long as you're doing something, I don't really care what it is if you can find a trainer who works with you, if you feel like you need that, I feel like that's great, you should do that, but you certainly don't need one as long as you're getting the right form, so I'm not. The purpose of this session isn't really to show you the right form and demonstrate all these exercises. I know that creative life has a lot of other courses that will be coming up that demonstrate that sort of thing kelly case start does a great job in terms of form, some of the best in the world go to him to train he was on my show, brilliant, um yeah, he's totally cool. So if you'd like specific ways to exercise specific exercises than our encourage you to check that out, but this is just kind of mme or the principles of how to exercise effectively because I don't want to go into the specifics of each exercise don't have enough time for that because people who are four hundred pounds can exercise in a completely different way than someone who's one hundred pounds. But the most important thing is that you are training and some some fashion or another so one type of training that's gaining a lot of traction recently that's been actually shown to be aa lot mohr effective then just jogging for a long period of time or walking on a treadmill or something like that is high intensity training and a great fat loss plan this this is actually one of those things that I'll use that terminology we'll torch fat off your body if you do it right, this is where you basically just give it absolutely all you can. Dr sara talked about how what she does is basically she goes out and she jogs a little bit too warm herself up and then she has that burst where she runs, she sprints as hard as she possibly can for about thirty seconds, and then she comes back down that's her heart rate go down for about sixty to ninety seconds, then she does it again. I believe she said she did about eight times that's a good amount of time for most people. Once your heart rate goes back down, you can challenge your body to do it again. Generally speaking, you want to avoid this on consecutive days, because what the whole point of this is that you're challenging your body and if you're challenging your body, you're going to be smoked. So on the next day, it's not really going to benefit you. In fact, it might hurt you because, as we saw on the graph before, you're basically not allowing yourself to recover. So you want to make sure that you recover, build up your intensity slowly? Sure, you on the next slide, how that works focus on form and safety first that's really important you want to have the first thing that you should do is make sure that you're not going to get injured because once you get injured that's almost impossible to exercise it. The bummer I have a post about on my website fat burning man, about what to do if you do get injured, um, and it's it's a bummer. I just injured my shoulder not too long ago and it's, amazing how much stuff you need your shoulder for and it's amazing how much stuff you need your ankle for you don't realize how much you use all of these little pieces of your body until it's absolutely broken, so don't break it, so a good way to do that is fine, if you a history of it, if you were an athlete that you probably know how to not get injured, but a great resource, at least at the beginning, if you're not used to exercising, is reach out to a trainer who can show you exactly what form to use if you're sprinting, or if you're in the weight room just to go, don't go to a trainer, who's, basically tying you to a treadmill and say, run for a really long time, fire that person, don't listen to a word that he or she says, okay, so that examples of high intensity training or sprint spy school sprints, burpees, jump rope, anything else that gets your heart racing and really challenges you. So what high intensity or burst training does is it improves both anaerobic and aerobic body systems in one workout and that's pretty cool, because you're not just jogging for a long period of time, which has been shown to be improve the cardiovascular system, but you're also queuing that adaptive response to improve your performance or if you just want to maintain your performance, it's uh it's not that difficult to do, but you want to make sure that you're challenging yourself once a week at least I think that that's a pretty good amount that's what I tend to do in one form or another, I treat my krav maga sessions as my high intensity training these days, it also activates hormone sensitive like pace, which mobilizes fatty acids for energy use good stuff increases the metabolic rate long after the workout to speed fat loss. Who doesn't love that? So you keep burning fat far after you stop exercising, as opposed to those low intensity exercise where you're really only like utilizing energy while you're doing it? These ones actually allow you to keep burning off energy long after you finish, even if it only takes four minutes. So those people just like, well, I don't have time to exercise. I'm not going to debate that right now, but I'm pretty sure you have four minutes. If you do this right, then you're going to be absolutely gassed and you probably won't be able to stand up and you will elicit an adaptive response, so these air called to bottas. Really popular in cross fitting and they're catching on in a lot of other spaces as well it is relatively simple it doesn't matter what the name is, what the principal is is taking twenty seconds of maximum output and then allowing ten seconds of rest and doing it let's say eight times in a row which takes you know, four minutes sometimes will do it for five minutes and it's always a good idea to have a little bit of a warm up to make sure that you don't break your ankle or do anything else stupid as most of us do from time to time including myself so it is a good idea to not only have a warm up but a cool down as well some stretching is good if you say you don't have time I don't believe you, but a four minute workout is something that is excellent on the road. What I tend to do is uh especially if I'm traveling if I'm stuck in my hotel room is burpees, which are basically going down like this are you guys going to hate me and jumping right back up and clapping as as quickly as you possibly can with as much force as you possibly can as many times as you can in that twenty seconds and then you rest for ten and you do that for five minutes if you're not smoked, you're doing it wrong it's an awesome way to get your heart beating to feel like you've got your workout in that day, but it doesn't have to be burpees at all. It could be sprints very easy to do if you're not really at that activity level yet or that body composition than doing it on a stationary bike is an awesome way to do it as well. Just it's it's very safe, basically, all you do is pedal at hard as you possibly can for twenty seconds and then lay off and you can keep pedaling if you want to or you can completely stop for about ten seconds and then you just do it again and you do it eight to ten times and it's a brilliant work out it. It works for better in terms of that adaptive response than a lot of that long extended cardio does. We've learned that the way that most of us stretched as little kids who were taught to stretch like I was when I played baseball and football and basketball and all that stuff for you hold those positions for a long period of time and keep pushing and feel that burn it's not doing anything unless you feel that burn that's actually completely wrong, what do you want to dio is warm up your muscles and lincoln them a little bit, but not too much because if you lengthen them too much at the beginning of your workout then basically you're you're more prone to injury so a good way to warm up is through dynamic stretching where you're moving around here basically twisting around your spine you're doing other things that raise your heart rate and make your muscles a little bit more limber you know go on like this making sure all of your joints are moving and if you need to hold a stretch just do it for a few seconds instead of like tryingto fight with it and break it apart that's not the right way to stretch what you actually want to do is keep breathing into your stretch and lay off if you feel that you're tightening up if you're tightening up you're going to be more prone to injury so look into dynamic stretching good trend so basically find a trainer who knows this stuff and you will be going on the right track a lot of crossfit instructors are easy to find these days I don't necessarily say that it's a great decision for everyone because it's super high intensity but a lot of those trainers followed a similar philosophy in terms of what actually works in exercise so that could be a good resource even if you just go to say you know how should I stretch at the beginning? What is a workout that's that's great for my personal body you know on three hundred eighty five pounds obviously I'm not going to be sprinting it's it's a great start for people and don't get too freaked out because doing anything is better than doing nothing. So this is from the unplanned photo shoot that I showed you before I don't do ab exercises you don't need to either you need to the whole thing about hemming abs is reducing the meat the amount of bought body fat that you have and once you basically burn off the belly fat, then abs have been there the whole time um, yes, it does help to have a strong core, but if you do the exercises that I was talking about before those compound full body exercises, those will help you get a strong core so that you not only don't have that fat anymore, but you have abs you don't need any gizmos, they're just trying to take your money most of the time um one of the biggest changes that I made in terms of my own running form, it allowed me basically, but my my pattern was to go from running for a while and getting to a state where I was pretty happy with my performance and then I would inevitably get injured shin splints, any problems I t band issues all sorts of issues that would make it so I'd have to back off for about four to eight weeks and I would lose my performance that I had before and then do it again so my maximum amount of running that I could do without getting injured was about eight miles then I decided that I would look into why I was running so poorly and it turned out to be my terrible terrible squishy running shoes that cost about one hundred twenty dollars that was supposed to perfect my form but they don't know what these big squishy shoes do are they numb your feet to what you're doing to your body and so they allow you to do a natural things like land on your heels and what that does if you land on your heels basically what that's doing to your whole body is sending a shock to every single jew that you would have and stopping your momentum and then you're coming back and doing it on the other side over and over and over again it's not a great way to exercise it's not a great way to run quickly or anything else so one of the best things that you can do is learn how to run correctly like a human should if you see the way that kids run at playgrounds most of them run correctly which is basically being aligned and landing not at the back of your foot so you're striking like this on your heel but in the middle of the foot or closer to the ball of the foot but not really like pointing down and landing on your toes you don't want that, but if you where you might notice that I'm wearing kind of barefoot shoes right now these rv rooms I like him but a lot of times I, uh I'll just be barefoot most of the day anyway good for grounding is good to have strong feet when you focus on strengthening your feet then all of a sudden you find that you can run for longer um especially if you build it up slowly that's something that's really important if you shift from running in these big squishy shoes that making completely numb their going to something that's more minimal and it's not just the rooms there are other brands. Dave will be coming on in a few minutes and he's going to be wearing adidas is what your cheap knockoffs I think of these, um but that's, what happens when you have enormous feet, as dave loves to mention especially to me? Um, so what happens when you when you switch is that you want to back off the amount of volume that you have if you're a runner very quickly and focus on rebuilding with the correct form and there are some great resource is about that she running is a really good book born to run is another one that's that's very popular on it's pretty cool being barefoot and learning how to run again the correct way is what you want to do if you're a runner and so if you're striking your heel, I'm just going to flat out say it, you're running wrong most of the people who win marathons and on sprint's and other sorts of athletic events they're not heel strikers there people who were just naturally running that way so try to run that way it's it's going to reduce injury I went from running, you know, eight miles at my max to being able to run thirty plus miles after I built it back up, which took a few weeks few months to do that, so make sure you're strengthening your feet. You know the interesting thing that happens when you switch over from wearing this those mittens or paddles on your feet to wearing almost nothing is that you cannot run wrong because as soon as you do how it hurts like crazy and there's no way that you can keep doing it you're like, wow, I was running wrong for a really long time no wonder my back hurts no wonder I am injured all the time if you run like a human should you can actually run for really long periods of time if that's your goal pretend like you're a kid getting outside is fun we forget that sometimes fun totally counts you know, kayaking, tubing, anything that's that's outside is pretty much good for you just stop sitting there and doing nothing sorry again, guys, um schedule your workouts this kind of comes back to what I was talking about before if you just kind of wait for your exercise that happened during your free time, it will never happen because none of us have free time, so make sure that you schedule your workouts and and have a commitment and like I was showing you before, it doesn't take that much of a commitment. Ah, good rule that I follow to maintain which is a very similar rules, especially for fat loss for people who are just getting started is one resistance exercise workout per week one high intensity workout per week and on most days just be active. Do something fun. So if you schedule those, if you know that on mondays you go to the gym or you know you swing it cattle about kettle bell around your house that's brilliant do that and if you do something on wednesdays or sundays, it doesn't really matter but just make a commitment another thing that you can do that I do that I love is I have one of those completely ugly but very useful pull up bars on one of the doors leading into the, uh, one of the rooms in my house and what what I do is basically in the morning when I'm getting my blood pumping during my morning ritual. As I explained earlier, just hop up there, you know, and do fifteen pull ups uh or so just to get the blood flowing through my body and having those things around, having a kettle bell, you know, in your living room or outside or in your shed makes it so you don't have to lace up your shoes, put on your clothes and do all this other stuff and go to the gym it's just right there. So you make sure that you can actually do it. Like I said before, it's a it's, a mental game, it's environmental design, the easier it is to do something that's good for you, the better, because the more likely it is that you'll do it. Um, so keep some sort of activity reminder around you, whether it's a pull up bar or kettle bell or something else. If you can't do that at home, then make it easy for yourself to go to the gym. So if you know that you need to wake up the next morning, don't wake up late and need to find your shoes and your socks and all this other stuff like the night before find your shoes, your socks and your workout gear and have it packed up in a bag so all you need to do is wake up and go out the door and then you'll do it. But the more hurdles that you have that day, the less likely it is that it'll ever happen, so make it very likely to happen when you get bored shake it up dr sara was talking about this it doesn't just apply to sex that applies to pretty much anything in your life if you want to be happy if you want to keep adapting, I found uh let's see last year that basically I had felt like I plateau dh at a level where I know howto hack my body to build a bunch of muscle or burn it all off if I want to or get slim or get big or whatever and you know, I'm carrying around this muscle and I always wanted to be a ninja turtle when I was a little kid and there were really turned out to have happen. I loved karate and I knew that I wanted to get into it, but it's like, you know he's carrying around all this muscle but what's the point of carrying around a bunch of muscle if your barista can wipe the floor with you, I felt like I couldn't use it it was like I was a cream puff and I didn't want to be a cream puff anymore. I want to be a ninja turtle, so I started doing cross, which is self defense. Every defense is a simultaneous counterattacked totally love it not perfect for everyone, especially if you don't want to get kicked in the nuts but it's a lot of fun for me, so what you need to do every once in a while, when you find that you get bored from your routine, shake it out, do something else that's totally fun, and you'll find that you're a lot happier. This is what my gym looks like. This is a lot more fun than the stinky, you know, chemical filled, disgusting basements that you find most gyms, and I like to go outside. I like to be in the sun it's not that crazy, and I do it pretty much every time that I work out. This is in new hampshire when I was traveling way actually packed up everything that we had last year and lived out of a camper van to make ourselves uncomfortable because I thought that you know, everything that we had our life was just too easy, too predictable, even though it was super knife, so we decided to make it less knife and lived out of a camper van for a while and I packed that kettle bell and that was just about my only workout equipment for months and my body composition was just fine because I was doing body weight exercises I was using the kettle bell and I was working out outside and it was absolute blast this is actually a familiar face from the crowd alison just going outside go outside so much more fun than the misery that most people experience and with that I'd like to open it up for questions about training in particular not not a huge amount of time because I want to get dave up here to talk about butter in your copy and hacking and uh we can also cover some training elements with a q and a with dave as well but let's open it up a little bit fantastic we we do have plenty of questions we'll ask a couple here and just for everybody out there who are asking for specific exercises I know you want him but that's kind of not really what we're talking about here we will have opportunities in the future to talk about that with with other instructors, but for this works up, we're going to focus more on the generals of working out you teo at my website fat burning man dot com I have plenty of exercise is that you can check out there, so just do a little search and you'll find plenty fantastic that that is a great option. We have jamaican engineer question is it better to work out in the morning or night before going to bed? Also should we do heavy lift when we're fasting? Yeah it's better to work out that not work out this kind of the way that I answered that question so it depends on your goals it depends on your physiology. There are a lot of pieces of research that basically say one or the other we can throw them back and forth at each other if we want to but I think it's compliance is really the issue more than anything else what time of the day makes you more likely to do it if you really want to pack on loads and loads of muscle, this probably isn't a sufficient course for you that's not the focus of this course. The focus of this course is to make sure that you get the body that you want and getting the body that you want as long as it's not super unnatural is actually as easy as eating right and training to elicit an adaptive response that increases fat burning and toned muscles throughout your body that's what is so exercising in the morning is great exercising at night is brilliant too I tend to myself exercise a little bit in the morning as I said just to get the blood flowing in terms of building muscle I like to exercise in the afternoon pain tolerance is highest at night and a lot of cases for most people so you can lift heavy then sometimes I lift heavy when I'm completely fasted other ties other times I want a sweet potato first so it's like don't worry too much about the specifics as long as you're doing it right ah question we have from danza is to ask you the importance of flexibility and mobility were oh it's so underrated so underrated so um k starters program dr kelly he's he's perfect for that he he's going tio you know, I watched his whole course goes over that in great detail mobility is the thing that actually makes you strong it's not just having big muscles it's using them correctly that allows that to happen so mobility is one of the most underrated things that there is you see a lot of these, you know, muscle bound guys kind of walking around like this and they're not nearly as strong as they would be if they were limber and actually did some yoga from time to time love it. Why k girl and there were a lot of questions actually about people who are have a lot more weight to lose like a girl's question if you have a larger amount of weight to lose is it better to exercise more often than say someone like you who is in better shape on do you have any recommendations as far as just starting the exercise program for someone who is much more overweight, say one hundred fifty pounds to lose right like that? If you're that overweight, the best bang for your buck is definitely focusing mohr on your diet and exercising a lot, because what happens in a lot of cases is that it's, not just a you know, exercise deficiency, it's a hormonal imbalance, and so you can actually cause a lot of damage if you have a lot of inflammation in your body by doing mohr and mohr exercise not to say that exercise is bad, but if you're carrying a lot of weight on your frame, you don't want to put too much stress on your bones and your ligaments and muscle connections and that sort of thing, so I wouldn't advocate that you start with sprinting bicycle work, maybe a treadmill or elliptical something that's easy on your joints is probably the best, and weight training can work really, really well for people who are carrying a lot of weight because you actually in order to carry that way, you start off with quite a bit of muscle and so you can find that you can do a leg press I don't know if any of the people who are, you know, kind of underweight or or normal weight I have worn a vest that's fifty or one hundred pounds but you can attest that holy smokes you need a lot of muscle to carry that around so you even if you are carrying a lot of extra weight you might find that you're a lot stronger than then you think you are so build some more muscle and it will make it a lot easier for the muscle to come off but don't try to like exercise off extra weight well, I think we're going to take maybe one more question and then we'll bring david yeah, so quite a late start eyes interested if you could recommend heart rate ranges teo for intensive verse normal exercise yeah, the closer that you get to your vo two max without making your heart explode the better when you're talking about like high intensity exercise obviously you don't wantto you'll know when you're pushing when you're pushing hard enough like I have a fancy watch that measures all of that stuff and they're certainly ranges that that you can work with but there could be partially determined by genetics on bacon change over the course of your life as well as it relates the vo two max in that sort of thing so I would say more importantly than that gold by the way that you feel if you're pushing pretty much as hard as you can you know it but don't push past that that's where you get injured that's, where you get sloppy that's, where you fall down and break your nose or whatever. Don't do that. Focus on getting your form right to slowly warm up, and then just push pretty much as hard as you can. Lay back, push again and do it about eight times. And it is a wonderful workout works really well.

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