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Fat Burning Tips

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Foods to Avoid

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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5. Foods to Avoid


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Foods to Avoid

Industrial vegetable oil is dangerous that's something that oh man so many people are just like vegetable oil I know that a health because he loads of vegetable I have lots of of canola oil and I know that it's good for me it's good for my heart to see the american heart association has its its insignia emblazoned on the front so it must be good for your heart the problem is it's not high put vegetable oil in my car not my body so when I was explaining my own personal journey coming from washington d c the austin after I paid off my loans I basically made myself broke and I'm just like I owe myself in adventure I want to go check out the world visit friends and stuff like that and so I bought a nineteen, eighty five mercedes diesel and that car is bombproof totally cool and s o I went to dartmouth and one of the things they have there is the big green bus and a lot of my friends do that which is basically taking waste vegetable oil from restaurants and running the bus on and driving ar...

ound the country. And so what I did was I drove my car on biodiesel a bio diesel blend in some cases depending on the weather and that sort of thing so every time you know like pulled up to a stop sign you could smell fried chicken like french fries it was very bizarre it's a wonderful fuel it's kind of like a high octane fuel but if you put it in your body it tends to make you fat and sick because modern vegetable oil processing looks much more like a meth lab in grandma's kitchen canola oil is in fact subjected to caustic refining chemical solvents, acid bass, industrial steaming d waxing, bleaching becoming and deodorizing because it smells so bad that no one could probably everybody if they maintained that smell in the store. Now I don't know how many of you have taken a spoonful of canola oil just I tried it, but it tastes like cat vomit. It really does it's not and anyone who's out there who has some canola oil I dare you to try it's disgusting it's gross! Thank you for that. But it's uh it's not a food that makes sense for us to be eating at all. In fact, canola isn't even a real word. Canola comes from rape seed which isn't good for marketing at all for obvious reasons so they decided to make up a new word. It's an amalgam of canada and oil brilliant so most of it the canola that we have today is is subject to all of these chemical processes to create a product that is highly oxidized and that's bad because it increases inflammation it fills you with free radicals oxes optimization produces health a minute excuse me health damaging and age promoting free radicals free radicals contribute to systemic low grade inflammation the kind I was talking about before and the silent development of chronic diseases so before you you know, spoon a bunch of canola oil all over everything that you're eating and try to shove it down your throat even though it taste disgusting just wait a second let's figure this out together this is something else that you know when people say, oh yeah you die it doesn't matter you khun out exercise it you can uh you can worry about it later when you start to get fat, you know when you hit thirty two or whatever that is their twenty two or seventeen or six um but the fact is you're right, it does affect your I q formula fed babies seven q sixty eight points lower on breast fed babies that's a little bit scary to may I don't know about you guys, I know that I feel like I think a lot better when I'm not having a bunch of soy canola gm owes corn, wheat and other stuff that most people are consuming because they think that it's healthy it's not another thing that most people don't really realize is that we consume eight to fifteen pounds of chemicals a year in fact this is another one my favorite quotes were living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons this is kind of a sad state of affairs I would say you also carry over seven hundred synthetic chemicals in your body right now and most of you probably have even more than that because the statistic is a little bit old the problem is most of these chemicals haven't been well studied and we don't even know what they do in our bodies and I'll tell you why this is a problem later because you know, most people just like yeah, I know they're chemicals and it's just kind of what's out there there's not much you can do about it but the fact remains that when you hop into a car and you get that new car smell you're breathing in petrochemicals and that's not something that your body is well adapted to deal with and it is something you have to deal with. This is something that we all have to deal with because of the state of our world today and there are ways that you can deal with it but the first step is acknowledging that it's a problem and it's a problem so even veggies and uh and fruits you know these healthy foods that are part of the food pyramid or the food plate or whatever they're toxic, they're covered in chemicals and then sold to you with with wax on them in a lot of cases to make him all polished up there's a thing I included in my book the wild diet, which is included as part of this course if you purchase it that that basically comes up with this situation where you have this beautiful conventional apple that's been waxed and polished and you know, it's it's, it's enormous. And you can tell that it's super sweet or so your eyes think and then you have this little organic apple and it's kind of got these little dimples in it and it's not as big and it's got this kind of thick skin and maybe a little bit of hair something's kind of this weird little airline thing. We have a bunch of those in my backyard in new hampshire where I grew up and the worms love animals love them take my dog, my parents dog when they go there, they go with chase apple's around backyard because they've just love these natural apples. But you do that with conventional apple they don't. If you have the worm on the ground, then which direction do you think the worms going to go? And is it going to go after this waxed covered in chemical perfectly looking apple that's, the product of some farm that you know in fiji or south america or somewhere halfway across the world that's been basically transported and stewing in a basement for a while and maybe wound up in a convenience store where you I bought it and then put it next to this organic apple that was came from a tree behind local ted's house like which one do you think the worm's going to go after and who's smarter you or the worm? The worm is we we have been duped we have been tricked by our own psychology you know, like when you when you look at an apple that's that's what used to happen the health of that apple, the nutrition and that apple was communicated in the way that it looked but the way that apples look today are manipulated in a similar way that we've turned you know wolves into little wiener dogs we've taken apples and turn them into freakin apples so the most conventional the most toxic conventional produce that you always want to buy organic or these apples celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, imported nectarines, imported grapes, bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, kaylynn collard greens and the reason you want to avoid these is because they're just covered in chemicals and what's the advice when you get a strawberry that's conventional means just like all wash it off it'll be fine from is these things often penetrate into the pope covered in dozens sometimes hundreds chemicals, and we have no idea what these chemicals do within our bodies, but what we do know is that these chemicals were produced and are sprayed on vegetables and fruits to kill anything that tries to eat them, so no water probably won't do the trick. We also find toxins in a lot of our cosmetics, and they really run the full gamut. Um, I I just read something I don't know if it if it's true, doesn't matter, but I believe it if it is that that the vast majority of lipsticks contained lead, um, other other chemicals and compounds that are added to things that we put on our skin are known to be carcinogenic. In fact, most of the ingredients that you see you need to understand have been linked to some sort of problem or another with your body, but yet we're still just kind of, you know, I was in the makeup room before this, and I'm just like, oh, god, no, yes, I'm freaked out any time that I don't have enough information, right? Um, and the fact is, no one has enough information to predict what happens when these these chemicals that are novel to your body are are basically absorbed by your body and then digested or excreted, or sequestered in your fat or in your liver or somewhere else I don't know anyone smart enough to figure out all of the interactions between over seven hundred synthetic ingredients that are in your body right now do you? I don't so I don't trust any scientist who's just going I don't worry about it I worry about it and I think you should too and one of the things that you could do is just avoid this stuff I mean it's not complicated will it be more expensive? Maybe, but how expensive is vinegar if you want to clean your house, take a bit of vinegar and washer counter it might not be a sparkly clean you know to have this blinking window or these shiny car seats or whatever, but at least vinegar won't kill you this so there are a lot of trade secrets in the food manufacturing industry and one of the things that they don't have to put on labels of foods or what's actually in those foods were the compounds that are used to create those foods or treat them or what have you? So when you get a strawberry milkshake from mcdonald's or some other fast food place, it might say on the ingredients when you get through all of the corn syrup solids and the soy proteins and all that other stuff that you don't care about her understand you find something it says artificial strawberry flavor and you're like oh you know that's fine like came from strawberries or something uh it doesn't that's why it's artificial it was made in a lab and anyone who can pronounce these I'll pay you one hundred dollars they think this is insane I cannot read this I'm fairly well educated but it blows my mind this is not something that I want my body I'd rather just have a freaking strawberry right make your own shake this isn't something that's going to do anything good for you look at this can anyone predict what that does when you combine them together? The reason they're combined together so that they're more palatable so that you want to eat then mohr so that you buy mohr that's why they're in your food not because they're healthy or because they're safe it's because they make more money for the people who were, uh creating these these foods and if you think you're better off with natural favoring this went viral pretty quick when I posted about this secretions from the anal glands of beavers produce a bit bitter smelling orange ground substance known as historian that is used extensively in vanilla and raspberry flavoring it's illegally labeled as natural flavoring so if you're eating natural flavoring there's a high probability that you might be in contact with some beaver but this is especially problematic if you claim to be vegan gets a little dicey there so even tap water is something that easing across the board healthy water itself. This is making me thirsty, just talking about it, although I shouldn't be drinking it out of a plastic bottle. Technically, it's not something that is good for you because it's it's filled with fluoride and chlorine, both known to be cross indigenes. A lot of tap water also contains traces of herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, and they've even found rocket fuel in water. More than twenty three human and one hundred animal studies link fluoride to brain damage. Why is it in our water? Because it's good for our teeth. Great! Uh, ok, I don't want brain damage, no matter how good my teeth look, I really don't uh so when you certain I don't totally freak you guys out? I want to say, oh, you could drink your water, it's, it's, magic that in america and a lot of the developed world, we turn on our faucets and water comes out. That is incredible! We should we should celebrate that. But what I'm saying is that the water that comes out of it might not be good for you and there's a few things that you could do to make sure that it is, and all you have to do is basically filter it at home. And you wanna make sure that you get a filter for fluoride as well as chlorine and some of the other things that are in it they're not terribly expensive it's worth every penny and it will absolutely improve your health, as I was saying before, toxins often act synergistically on unpredictably in your body because we just don't understand what they do. We developed them because we're like, oh, yeah, that kills bugs that's issues that one or it's like, well, that kind of tastes like an orange yeah, let's use that, but we don't know what that actually does to your liver or your brain or your kidneys or anything else um, but we're just loaded up with this stuff this's from the one hundred year life, which is a book that on a little bit hesitant to recommend to people because it will freak you out so much and my goal here is not to freeze you into crippling in activity so that you just hold yourself up in your it's, your cave or the garden of eden or wherever else you think might be a pristine environment it's like just pay attention to this stuff because what you don't know well cause problems, and in fact it might be responsible for the problems that you have right now what your liver can do for you is either burn fat or digest and deal with toxins and so if you were loaded up on toxins than you can't burn fat so if if you avoid most of these toxins instead of eating them and consuming them putting up put him on your standing which by the way I didn't mention before is the largest organ in your body when you put it on your skin it usually takes a few seconds sometimes a few minutes to be absorbed into your bloodstream directly and if that's a bunch of petrochemicals then maybe that's not quite a good thing because a two year study of four common food additives aspartame which we'll be covering later msg which will also be covering a little bit later artificial cover coloring two different kinds of artificial colorings found them to interact in ways that interfere with normal development of nerve cells. What this means said its neural toxic it makes your head up to seven times greater neurotoxic effects on nerve growth a nerve cell growth when combined then when the additives were applied individually this combination of additives were typically found in a child's bloodstream after a snack or a drink. This kills me because the whole reason that I do this I'm getting like a lump in my throat right now is to prevent a child from eating something that is killing them and what we're seeing right now or these obese sick children autism is through the roof cancer is through the roof diabetes is through the roof and we're going to get to why this is getting worse and worse a little bit later when we look at some animal studies of what happens over time when not only or your mountain nourished but full of toxins and it's not good so we need to change this now so let's look at how you actually induce obesity I feel like a lot of times you know it's easy to run down a rabbit hole and be like well you know how do you lose weight let's just kind of like pull of these hypotheses out from thin air I think it's beneficial to look it we'll know how do you make someone in fat maybe from there you could be like well stop new and that make sure you do the opposite of that and then actually you could lose some weight so how to scientists induce obesity in the lab because rats and mice these guys are naturally lean they just I mean they're not fat being fat is not natural it's a problem generally speaking so they actually have to like force the's the's rodents and other animals to become obese so how did they do it they inject them with msg msg increases appetite by up to forty percent and triples the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas in these little rodents and they rapidly grow fat. So are you consuming msg if you eat food at a restaurant in a foreign country that's from a box that's from a fast food restaurant, then thie answer is yes, you probably are, and it goes by many names because they know that msg isn't all that popular anymore. People were starting to catch on, but it could be in yeast extract could be in broth or flavoring, or even natural flavors were flavoring. Somehow, chemistry is very good for you the natural these days could the enzymes or so sore protein concentrate, which is supposed to be great for you at new superfood, so high protein, isolate even way protein concentrate gm owes or not safe just going to go out there and say that anyone who says that they're safe are basically saying, well, we don't know that they're dangerous that's to me, something that's exceedingly different than saying that they're safe because in order to say that something is safe, I feel like you need t watch a human and maybe another human over the course of their lifetime to see what happens if they consume something or not. And if something happens over the course of their lifetime, which, by the way, takes a lifetime, then that's probably bad um, so gm owes the definition of gmos from the world health organization for organ as our organisms, in which genetic material dna has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally, which means if something doesn't occur naturally, our body doesn't really know what to do with it, and this is the scariest thing to me. It was like, you know, I knew for a while the g most were kind of like a little fishy, maybe a little weird, but they don't even require labeling in the u s a lot of other countries don't allow you to even have them, they're because they're not recognized is safe. But problem is, if you eat bt corn, which a lot of us do, you're eating a toxic pesticide. It's not just the these gm owes are not genetically engineered to improve your health. They're genetically engineered to improve profit and margin and yield and transportation, and mostly to kill bugs. So be bt corn. What it is is basically, they take the genetic material off pesticide, essentially look the chemical compounds of pesticide and inserted in a corn plant like that. The pieces of the cells of the corn now contain a toxic pesticide as part of what they are and what that does to plants are excusing what that does is basically it make sure that they are resistant the plants to being sprayed by a bunch of chemicals that kill every other plant killed russian bugs. With bt corn because it's actually within plan what happens when a bug eats it is that it ruptures their stomach and they die and yet they say that it's perfectly safe for humans problem is it really hasn't been around for lifetimes and we don't really know what it does except for the fact that when little things eat it it ruptures their stomach and they die and we also know that when you eat it it doesn't always just pass through your system aa lot of times it stays there within your gut and when that happens you start manufacturing a toxic pesticide from your gut which goes throughout your body and kills stuff that's what it's designed to do this is not for your health this is for the company that produces it gmo corn has caused rasa developed horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage and premature death it's been linked to many, many study the problem is that most of these studies don't really happen because who's going to fund something that says that gm owes air bad people who don't have money in the first place and it takes a lot of money to run these studies it takes lifetimes as I was saying before and who is going to sponsor that we have so much money behind these companies that are basically saying well, this new this new thing is safe it's not a lot of the time or at least I don't believe that it is because who could know? We don't know, so the best course of action is tryingto avoid it with problem is seven out of ten items in your grocery cart contained genetically engineered ingredients and you don't even know about it we don't even have to label them these are some of the foods that are typically gmo especially if you find them in america corn, soy, canola sugar from sugar beets so if you see sugar or sugar beets like oh wow it's from beats that must be healthy no it's not it's jim oh cotton which suddenly is food these days and one of the things that happens that's really interesting is way start with these foods that are industrial waste liquid protein was a side effect of producing cheese you know from producing colony of all these cotton plants and oils and it's you have to pay to get rid of this stuff and these geniuses there's like well, no it's turned into a product so that we can sell it instead on dso now they put it in your food so these industrial waste products instead of having to pay to get rid of this stuff which fluoride is included in that well off a sudden instead of going to pay to get rid of it, they're paid to put it in your food um and I don't know about you but I don't love cotton seed oil doesn't taste delicious too may hawaiian papayas that's kind of a weird one some squash feed for conventional livestock and farmed fish so that means if you eat something that is uh that is not organic or not while they're uh where you don't know where it came from, the problem is it's not just that like you're not eating a cow you're eating with the cow ate too on what was in that and how that was developed and what that was sprayed with s o when you track all this stuff down through the system if you eat conventional livestock or farmed fish you're eating gmo is the way that they make fish fat and grow really quickly is by loading them up with g m o soy and a lot of the a lot of the cases and other foods like e thiss join down and soy is preposterous I think we can all agree about that and the further that we distance ourselves from what nature intended for us to eat and how we live the further we distance ourselves the more problematic it becomes uh diet foods oftentimes are toxic so ninety percent of the studies claiming that aspartame is safe were funded by the food and beverage industry big surprise there the problem is ninety percent of the independence that he's found serious health problems related to aspartame even the national institute of health catalogued one hundred sixty seven adverse effects from consuming aspirin same they include birth defects depression, mental retardation, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain tumors, epilepsy multiple sclerosis parkinson's and alzheimer's yum this is where it gets even more interesting because I like looking at you know, people who are in the military or professional athletes or bodybuilders or uh you know, people who have had mastered their craft they kind of they understand things with their own like secret society of being a celebrity or something that that they avoid that they know are bad for them the u s air force warns pilots to avoid using aspartame due to its potential to compromise their ability to fly a plane that doesn't sound safe to me like if they know this and if the u s air force is recommending that people avoided then why is it safe? It's not and the truth of the matter is that the fda doesn't even really have a team of researchers who were just like you know, scurrying around trying to look for things that are that are dangerous or making sure that they're conducting studies before something is safely released to the general public it actually just evaluates the studies that the industry's and when you sponsor a study there's a tremendous bias to make sure that that study says exactly what would be beneficial for the person who sponsored it and all the money most of the money comes from these organizations, who would profit immensely from these new novel substances that are supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is from the former fda commissioner. The thing that bugs me is that people think the fda is protecting them. It isn't what the fda is doing and what the public thinks it's doing or is different as night and day. So what we learned is that the food industry is expected to police itself, like wall street and oil companies. And we know how well that that works. I think we can all agree that some things have gone wrong sometimes there's a conflict of interest. So I want to ask you, why is the same company that made agent orange making our food? This is something that's really easy to forget about, but a lot of these companies that air that are all of a sudden in, in charge of in many ways, the food that we eat nationally, is consumers in internationally. If, if the countries will allow those novels substances into the country's at all these, these are not companies that have your best health interests in mind. They are tremendously profitable companies give them that, but they also produce chemicals and pesticides, and these things that manufacture toxic pesticides within your own gut and you know they've been they've been called on this stuff before, you know, uh, monsanto so if if I recall correctly was the existed in the first place they were founded to develop saccharine, which is carcinogenic, we learned on that was around the turn of the century and then we you know, a lot of people got cancer because of it. So why? Why are we trusting these companies that have all these chemical additives and toxins and that's their business to be in charge of what's healthy for us because you find that you know, popcorn is supposed to be the new diet food? Actually, popcorn isn't gmo in that particular instance, but it's a food that is not really a diet food aiken I could tell you that soy is supposed to be tremendously healthy a lot of these foods that that they come out with a lot of these new novel sweeteners they're like, oh, this is the best thing ever you're zero calories and it's totally safe it's not gonna make you fat. The problem is that we don't know I am not saying that these are absolutely going to kill you that they're going to make you fat I believe that they will I believe that they will make you fat I believe that one of the biggest reasons that we are fat and sick is because we consume so many of these weird things that our bodies don't understand that scientists don't understand that the government doesn't understand and I want to stay the heck away from all of that I think that you should too so I almost ate up all that time scaring the crap out of you but we might have time for a question or two so we actually don't really have time for questions right now, which is okay because a lot of the questions that were coming in are more like ok, so I'm terrified yeah, clearly I can't eat anything and we can't drink water and we can't put anything into our bodies so what do we dio which I know is what we're gonna do after we come back, right? Yeah after we break for lunch? Well, yeah, that was really helpful we're getting a lot of feedback from from online about just you know what teen when not tease looks great, we're breaking for lines so I'm gonna be really picky. But now what do I eat on and we're going to have a forty five minute break and when we do get back exactly what are we going to go into? So when we get back I am going to hopefully quell your fears a bit and tell you how how I eat, how you can eat and how people who are tremendously healthy living to be in their hundreds do eat today and have always been eating and it's something that, if you're freaked out that's. Great, because now you're going to know exactly what to do to solve all. Maybe most of these problems. So stay tuned for that.

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Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.