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Fat Burning Tips

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George Makes Raw Cookies

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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10. George Makes Raw Cookies


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George Makes Raw Cookies

What we're going to make you want to call him fat burning cookies? We could just do that. Sure, it was good that will come on fat burning cookies. But, you know, this awesome kitchen space we have here with no appliances. This is the great part, right? You got to improvise a little bit. So, you know, no love lost for creative live will make this thing work, so no bake cookies air awesome. Personally, like a lot of people always get drug out to these social gatherings in these events they have to go to, and they're like, oh, I got to bring a dish I forgot, right? And they're like, well, I don't have time to bake kind of anything. Well, you got five minutes, you can throw stuff together, get messy and then make this delicious dessert the people eat. So I was sitting over here and, you know, the awesome people are creative, live, measured everything out for may. Um, so that made it really easy. I think I know what everything is. I really do. But what we're going to do is because I really ...

believe and we talk about this often is having fun in the kitchen, it's something that I really, really love, like. If you see my kitchen at the end of the day baking, you know, I had fun on do you know that the maid that I hired to come clean, it is not going to have fun? Kitchen is trash, I merrily my girlfriend, ana, but she gets to eat delicious food out of it, but I think it's true, and I was standing in the kitchen earlier, and we had launching, I was having a conversation with someone, and I made this point that I think everyone needs to hear, though, is one thing is like, we can't stress about these things, like we sit here and talk about it, you talk about preparing your body for these meals and living this lifestyle to reduce stress. The last thing you should do is be intimidated by something in the kitchen or stress about it, because it's not gonna be enjoyable, and you're going toe perry negative experience with something that's meant to nourish your body and make you feel better. So, I mean, have fun make a mass like love, the food that you're making and it's going to taste better. And I know that sounds cheesy, and I feel like I'm going to be on an infomercial of that, but it really is serious to me like I've gone in the kitchen on days, something I need a recipe for the website. People are begging me and begging me for this recipe, and I'm like, I'm not really feeling I kind of want to get through it and it tastes like crap. I can't get a good photo of it, and I'm like it's just not meant to happen today and then the next I wake up rays of sunshine, rainbows everywhere, and I'm like, I'm gonna make a recipe and I come up with these delicious desserts. The photograph comes out perfect. I'm like, I just want to share it with the world and and it's really a simple mindset, but it works perfectly so let's do these ones, so this one is going to be a ah, you could do with a woman flower pecan flower, but I call it a pumpkin pecan no big cookie or macaroon, depending how you shape it, you call it energy balls, whatever you want. What I was looking at this, I turned around and saw these delicious pecans and figs behind me, too, and I asked if I could eat the props and they said I could, so we're going to improvise for a bit because I think that's important, so I'm going to make half. The regular way with that, I will talk to the recipe and then we're going toe kind of wing it and see what we get let's hit it if it tastes like so. All right, so this one's really easy? Um, if you're following along, which I hope you're not because you're really fast if you had all this prepared already, but it's ah it's a cup of shredded coconut, unsweetened shredded coconut and just to kind of help us out of it, we're going to feed the audience a little bit, and with the magic of television, I snap my fingers before we came on and they're already made so the audience members air getting ready to enjoy some. So I'm going to sit here and talk with a smile on my face if I get quiet it's because they're nodding their head no when they didn't like them so let's hope that doesn't happen, but if you hear the news and as it's a good thing and this is going in the right direction, so we have the cup of shredded coconut, we're using almond flour for this one. You can use the cauliflower you could use my academia flower, which is one of my favorites it's not something that you can buy in the store, but if you have a kitchenaid mixer and the mill attachment as for not the grain mill but the vegetable shredding attachment with the fine steve on there you can make mca damien a flower, and it is like the best thing in the world like I'm always guilty of sticking in some almond butter on a spoon and sticking in them academia, flower and it's like a desert for may so is a good way have success. I'm going to continue teaching now so way have a court, a cup of almond flour, so one cup shredded coconut quarter cup of almond flour, and then we have a pinch of sea salt. Um, whatever you want, table saw whatever you have, you don't need it. I just like the contrast of having a little bit of this sweet with the salt way have some lovely pumpkin pie spice. So this is a teaspoon by my guest, I don't measure anything, so they made this really easy for me is I just normally I just spray and pray, toss it in there and hope it taste good in the justice I go. But these exact measurements of making this really fun for me pumpkin pie, spice, and then we have a quarter cup of cocoa powder deliciousness, not too sweet, I don't recommend taking a spoonful of it's like the cocoa powder challenge. So how clean is I go since someone else has to clean up after me and I feel bad so we're just going to take the dry ingredients and mix them together really really well I just want to get it right now I know it smells so good you know if we had some like organic dark chocolate you just dip this food in there stop talking george salivating like all over the stage right now that's ridiculous so once you have the dry ingredients mix well it looks like some chocolate coconut cereal yeah right so then we're just gonna add are wet ingredients um we have this looks like about two tablespoons of coconut oil and a little bit of water they warned me about that and I didn't listen it's all right though and then we have um a quarter cup of raw honey hopefully local but I didn't buy it so I'll taste tested for in a second let you know if it's good that's the other thing this is another valid point the kitchen if you're not licking your spoon and putting it back in then your food's not going to taste that is like a proven scientific fat that I've researched myself so enjoy those out there it's love and love comes through on the spoon so he had the honey well I looks like about a half a teaspoon of vanilla and then the ever awesome pumpkin and then I'm going to give you the lovely job mixing us cause you need to go to work. Well, I threat this little experiment we have behind it's a deal. I just want to see what you're gonna dio. Yeah, um you know, you could just do with four. All right, so all these back there I saw these over there I saw these pecans and these figs and I have this addiction to figs thanks to bill in fairly from the problems that these people are ridiculous they're like a paleo royal couple that just do everything perfectly it's disgusting and there's just way too nice. Yeah, not even fair. I love in the death of my best friends, but they just gross me out there to artistic and smart and amazing and everything so these feel like races, cars he races it's a drum he was a landscape architect. He plays the drums he's an amazing photographer. He knows how to cook he's an amazing man that I strive to be, um so rough good dude. So yeah. So I'm just going to take this fig and dice it up here that's looking for to get I had a little bit of water on accident because we were keeping the coconut oil room temperature here uh, random notes for you, coconut grove coconut oil melts in about seventy six or seventy seven degrees, so if you have a cold house like me, like I keep my a c on sixty eight because I'm like a polar bear, my coconut oil stays solid in the pantry, but if you have a warmer house, it'll stay room temperature, so depending we don't want to use the microwave so you can warm it up in a water bath, like over a small water bath, or you can leave it out at room temperature and I'll be ready for you to use. But as soon as you touch it, it will actually like melt. We touch coconut oil with your fingers, they don't come down pretty quick so quick and on that note, coconut oil is amazing for your skin, it is and eat and your face and anything else you can think of, I think twenty of inappropriate e mails about other uses that that's what I was going to, but I was I was going to keep it like pg pg thirteen good job, george s so I'm just going to dice this figure up and hopefully not cut my fingers off in the night, and I don't use every day and I wanna eat one or two that's good also, yes. I feel bad for people saying this's my favorite part of teaching cooking demos I love these things because I had said appeared lick the spoon and eat is I go like this tastes amazing and I get like angry it looks from here on I'm like home sorry my bad my favorite is like the chocolate on spoons like when I'm making like a good nagy you're spreading a frosting on something when we go you don't get to dip your whole cooking in the chocolate I'm sorry I just some burst line so george I would love for you to while you're prepping this yeah talk about going from zero to being like a kick butt cook what happened between how did you actually do that? How did you know get over those mental barriers that are necessarily involved google university that's what I call it so I paid forty five dollars a month for my college education and I got it on google that's like the best way to explain it but the power of the internets amazing these days like we you know when we grew up like I had to go outside and climb trees and fall out to have fun, right? Like now kids get to play games on aps and online and facebook all day right and it's unhealthy it is is sometimes it's an amazing resource of information and I think it's key that people as much as I talk and learn, if I don't do it, I don't learn as well, so I like to do things to kind of ingrained them into myself so I would go find youtube videos. I would go find recipes to try and fail a couple times in like I got this and the next time it's smooth as butter, like every time, so could I use butter is a good example? Absolutely I like that. You know what you're stepping in, george? Quick question. Yeah, a how much pumpkin? And where did you get that pumpkin? Is that from, like a pumpkin puree? That's a great question, so I did forget that is a quarter cup of pumpkin as well. The recipes on my website wayto linked to the chat room. So, folks, if you are awesome for the recipe and go into a chat room and we can share that with you s o the link is on my web site, but it is a quarter cup. What I like to do is like during pumpkin season, I'd like to just grab an extra one of those like snack pumpkins, you can cook and roast it off and then puree and freeze it if you can. Everybody sells most local health stores they sell like canned organic pumpkin, most the cans or bp a pre so that pumpkin puree is perfectly fine. They are there are a few that are pumpkin spice puree, but most of those add sugar and they hide it with different names like sucralose and a sweetener and there's it's in there five times don't get that one, get the regular pumpkin and spice it yourself, so always we're going to improvise on how to crush these, but collins and I'm gonna make a lot of noise. I warned them I was going to make a mess and I don't have to clean up so it's really awesome. All right, so we have some crushed pecans, so let's ah let's, use this awesome spoon wherever, when you have his one day, you can put it back in and I need a plead. So once these are all mixed together, you literally use your hands were going to get messy in a minute because I really don't mind wiping everything on my apron on my jacket, you're just going to roll them into balls I use the medium cookie, scoop it home, you know they have those awesome cookie scoops where you stupid plop it out on the plate, nice and clean, I do that all the time, so depending on how big you make these you may get ten you may get twelve they got thirteen earlier, which is my lucky numbers were good that's why they tasted so good so we'll make half like this cold and then we'll add these ingredients in which if I had to guess just let's get the mate for people here's a tablespoon it's like two tablespoons of figs and three tablespoons of crushed young people collins even taste just to make sure that they're fit for human consumption so what holds these together is the coconut oil so once you mixed them once you roll them you put on your plate they're going to be sticking you're going to make a mess you just put in the refrigerator fifteen, twenty minutes normally the coconut oil will solidify and they're fine at room temperature like I said, unless it's a blistering hot summer day in your living room, you're going to be good so those ones that you guys had were out for about fifteen, twenty minutes they were still find so it'll it'll stay pretty solid as you go through this, so feel free to get messy and play so that's what I'm gonna do, you know, do it guess in the chat room uh has an imaginary question did uh says didn't realize that this was no bake is baking not paleo or is that just what this particular recipe taking is completely paleo? But baking with no kitchen is not possible that would be my best answer for that one I don't like it may sometimes your creative life we make them be created yes way work I love I love baking like my favorite thing is I was never traditionally baking a traditional baking taught how to bake or anything like that, and the one thing with baking everyone talks about is everything has to be exact, right? I don't like that at all. My favorite thing about paleo baking is nothing has to be exact. Yes, you're just wing it like there's a few ingredients that you use like coke enough coconut flour, coconut flowers, a moisture hug because of how it's created is so dedicated and dehydrated to absorb tons of moisture like I have a recipe for a cake, I think, and it uses ten eggs to a quarter cup of coconut flour to get a good consistency so it's pretty crazy but outside of that throw stuff in a mixer in a blender like that awesome blend tech that I use at home right down there and go to town thrown it open and see we get like that banana bread that's, another world paleo banana bread eight ingredients in a blender poured into a pan put in the oven I don't like this whole I can't bake thing because anyone can press go yeah, you know, like if you can peel a banana, you could make the banana bread that's like the best way to look at him. I didn't want to use like this so easy cave man could do it. Yeah, it didn't feel right sorry, I thought about it, but it just it didn't flow with the conversation there's someone in the chatroom who was like I held off for his long like good before you made the joke that's awesome! I think he says, I love hearing that he knew nothing about cooking at first that's where I am right now and it's freaking me out a bit, but hearing your story is inspiring same here I cook nothing and it's it shows on dh so that's something that I have been wanting to get started on a lot. Do you have any suggestions as far as where to start? Recipe wise meal wise? I do I'm this is actually something that ass all time and what we were talking about her that crockpot pulled pork that is like the best place to start it teaches you how to use a slow cooker, which is like the most underutilized tool in my opinion, when it comes to big cooking, baking I mean, I made for todd is in it. I actually tried making banana bread in a crock pot. It was pretty epic. It worked too, but it was a little too much effort for the reward. I could've just stuck it in the oven and about a third of the time. But the crock pot pulled pork would be hands down the easiest one. Like we said, it takes about five minutes. Prepare and then once you do it, you can put it in your fridge ahead of time and just let the flavors and the spices marinated meld for one day, two days, three days or put in immediately. Then you throw in the crock pot of the court a couple water and low and slow all day. I mean it can go overnight. It can go on your work there's no stress about it. You could buy a bigger pork shoulder and feed yourself for three days. You could make a pulled pork salad the next day you can make like a slaughter of it. It opens up possibilities and it kind of gets your mind wandering and it shows you how easy it is. And one thing I'm sure you'll hit on her talk about what you do, these transitions you have to set small, manageable goals, you have to give yourself room to succeed because you need the momentum to keep going in that snowball going, so don't go try and make like a paleo creme brulee, which is almost impossible and don't try and take this epic cake with thirty five ingredients and seven tears and coconut milk ganache and all this other like no that's above my level that anybody got time for that so small management goals so that crockpot pulled pork is amazing for an entree for sides it's really great with paleo I mean like you khun dice up any vegetables that you want, you can saute them in butter coconut oil or my fat of choice, which is bacon fat um, I will say that quality matters on that though I don't know if that's something able talked about, so I do have an unhealthy obsession with bacon not because I eat so much of it because I'm not obsessed with it. I talked about it all day I was telling this lovely gentleman over here that I was on vacation my girlfriend up at mammoth the other day and I dropped a slice of bacon in my coffee cup and it was like a stirring stick even though there was nothing but butter in my coffee, but it tasted amazing, so I put it online and everyone started putting bacon in their coffee was great, I've done, I've made a whipped bacon fat almost like butter and put that in my coffee that's amazing if you literally just take bacon fat and whip it into mixer change your life you can put it on brownies, cookies he's a mad scientist it's going right and my cholesterol's amazing by the way. J k I know someone's going to ask what my hdl mailed it's great thank you for asking and I feel amazing, which is what the really important part of this is. So so for sides I have a few awkward ones and we're runs on my website. I got a blueberry brussels sprouts recipe and I never liked brussel sprouts. I thought they smelled funny they were really intimidating when I walked on the farmer's market see this long stock and there's like these bulbs hey, I'm like, what are those? I don't know what it was I thought it was like a game he throwing like a baseball and uh I was like, I don't know what to do with this and I literally was looking in my fridge one day I had blueberries that I just hand picked these brussel sprouts about to go bad and I don't like wasting food and I'm like if I just had bacon it's going to be perfect, so I went bacon blueberries in brussels sprouts and just pan sauteed them and they tasted amazing like I was telling people like I just put blueberries in brussels like you did what I don't like well the name sounded really cool so I figured if it succeeded I could market it pretty well and people might make it and it's easy you know like you just talked toss those brussels sprouts chop him up some butter some bacon fat throw in a pan just saute until their soft yeah you know and like that that's one of my things like I'm a mess and I love this like this is great it's fun even if I'm sitting here teaching without a kitchen it's still fun for me and it's supposed to be for you to like don't be afraid of ingredients you know the rule that I set out for myself in the beginning when I had to learn this whole cooking thing because it was kind of important for me to run a cooking website was ah that I had to try a new ingredient every week so I'm blessed living in southern california I have a farmer's market all year so I can always go on get within season but I mean I've walked up this farmers market I've seen things before I'm like what is that and then I'm like and how do I go about even getting that to my house never mind cooking it like there was this squash that I had to cut with a hand saw eso this thing it was a hubbard it was a hubbard squash it weighed like twenty seven pounds and I'm like what you know and he's got pamphlets on what someone did with it because it's so intimidating to people but I was like I have to use it like caught me off a section I just get a roast it tasted like any other squash roasted like any of the squash but the size almost intimidated me now next holiday I'm getting a full one I'm cutting in half time stuffing it with vegetables and I'm just roasting the whole thing I love it and I mean like that's that's the best way to go about it like I found out that like delicata squash is a really, really good squash like if you cut it up with coconut oil some seesaw rose six like dessert I actually made brownies so yeah so I know we kind of lost the recipe but all I did was took the same recipe I added two tablespoons of figs two tablespoons of these lovely crushed collins and then I put it in here so now we'll make some other years so one thing that I want to touch upon is that I believe saw this the other day that we the average american spends like twenty seven minutes a day preparing their food we spend generally speaking mohr time than that watching other people prepared their food on tv there's there's this huge celebration and distance of you know these brilliant chefs were doing great work and it's beautiful and what they're doing is is steeped in decades and hundreds of years and thousands of years of traditions of cooking exactly the way that you should it's intimidating right? So that makes it really hard to get started because how can you compete with that? But at the same time you can do things that are like wrong from a traditional standpoint right from a culinary elite is a stand very in brussels exactly us and it can be you know, delicious food it doesn't matter like you don't have to be a perfect cook you just need to get in the kitchen and have some fun I think we had fun when I was there last mean alison in the kitchen like it was a there wasn't a bakary going down what was nuts we had it we had like three ducks going didn't weigh had three ducks going we broiled the docks in water first knowing then she knew this was some secret I did know about most amazing doc ever we just took some freshly is orange juice and boiled it down with some poll today made a reduction and we're like through it if it works, it works but doesn't it doesn't make some bomb cookies you made this was somewhat carrot cake there was like against the law is the best way to describe what is so good. So yeah, I mean, I think that that's what I always talk about like, don't be afraid of it don't don't be intimidated just do it. And like I said, the worst that happens, I have a beastie barbecue sauce recipe and put on anything that tastes good and then if that doesn't work and it's a desert, puts him honey on it and call it a day, eat it and you'll never make the mistake again. But, you know, I did. I just wrote an article for a website again today, and they asked me about specifically paleo meal planning, and I wrote back to this article and I was like, hey, I was like, this is my best advice for everybody. They wrote back to like, that's, great advice for everybody. But what about paleo specifically? Right? And I really had a hard time wrapping my head around it because I don't think there should be a differentiation it's the same either way. But having a plan is always going toe make things easier for you and better, and what I really do is like I don't go to the store or to the farmer's market until he was in my fridge, even if I don't want it. Or I don't know how to make it I'm gonna learn because I can't waste it like one of the things we hear is everything so expensive well it's expensive because you waste half of it and honestly that's the point like I don't even want to know how much the average american or even average paleo person throws out everyone I mean I have huge eyes when I go to the farmer's market right? I'm like oh that's pretty rainbow chard it's cute that'll go good with this let me do this and I come home this fridge and I have enough produce studying thirty people like what am I going to do? So then I chop it up and put in the freezer that way it doesn't go to waste and I can still use it but I'm just his guilty but I forced myself to use it and and I save so much money eating this way buying my meat invokes supporting local farmers this whole farm to table movement this knows the tail not wasting the animal using the cheaper cuts of meat like you can take a chuck roast which is super super cheap even a grass fed chuck roast or a bison chuck roast and you can throw it in a crock pot and make pulled chuck roast yeah I did it a couple weeks ago it's on my home page I think I did it with bison though and then I just used ah regular barbecue sauce to go with it and it's absolutely amazing and I think the whole thing cost me like seven dollars and it would have fed like ten people like tell me how that's expensive that's the price of a friggin big mac you know it's crazy so that picture of my dad with that liver that was this big before nine dollars you got for free so like here we go but that's one of the coolest things about all this like everyone else is so freaked out by all of these organ meats and off cuts that like a lot of farmers and butchers can't even get rid of them so they'll give them to you for free or they'll give them to you for like next to free bones fall into that you want some tips on that stuff oh yeah one of the things that I I'm a little baby when it comes to trying to foods like I don't have sushi for the first time until like two months ago my girlfriend like we weren't boyfriend girlfriend we're going for sushi we're having a business meeting well I can't eat that you're out of your mind like they have chicken she's like no they don't have chicken you know sign matter there and I ate sushi and tasted amazing and I'm really gonna try these new things but liver scared may heart scared me um god bones like bone prophet who does that? And like I had by bobroff that's not really bone broth, that's, that's, water in bullion yeah, that's doing nothing for you. And I started sneaking liver into my own food, but I'd make burgers. I'd get a pound of ground beef and I grind up like four tablespoons of liver, and all it does is add, like the most delicious like, earthy tone to that burger and it's like, it tastes amazing. I started adnan the meat loaves, and then I started on this whole bone broth kick, and I'm like, I can't eat that. And then we went out to dinner for my birthday, and I had that roasted bone marrow like the tomato onion reduction jam and so out of hand, and I was sitting there like I almost picked up the bone and just looked right through me like this is so civilized of me being the civilized caveman, right? But I mean it's crazy, like when you shift that that mind shift and that's and you eliminate the fact that these foods were weird to you, like my father grew up eating liver and onions like it was normal, like he didn't have to like him, but that was the norm back then, because they didn't waste any of the animals and I think is as much as we're joking and making this delicious recipe which is done by the way I'm just not going to garnish it with chocolate fingers um but one of the things is like everything that I see now in these days it really bothers me because I get these comments in these e mails and everyone's like well can I make this recipe would just chicken breast well yeah you could but the fact that you're buying sex chicken breasts it doesn't click in your head what it took to get those you have to use these animals whole chickens taste better you get the bones you get the entire broth that comes from it then you can use the carcass to make a chicken broth like I don't want you just to go buy a sirloin I don't want to just go buy a rib I don't even know where that came from the animal I want you to buy every part of the animal because you're missing so many amazing flavors you have like pork cheeks is one of my favorite things and I'm a bacon addict talked about it right my new favorite thing is pork jowl bacon and I was like what's a job no idea right? Well I had pork cheeks before well right behind the pork cheek is this fattier cut of meat than the belly and you could make bacon out of it and it blows my mind and I would have never thought about it, never tried it, it tastes better to may get a nice and crispy garnish that's almost garner's pancetta and, you know, I would have never known, and I think people really need to get outside their comfort zone and that's why I recommend everybody buys like, ah, half of the hog or eighth of a coward court I want youto have, you know, stew meat and ground beef and a chuck roast and a sterling rose, but I also want you to have the marrow bones, and I watch of the cheaper cuts that you're not going to be used to, because you're going to get amazing flavor out of you, cook it low and slow and you're going to save yourself, your family, tons of money and you're going to get all these nutrients and all these things that you might not get just sticking toe ground beef and chicken breast, which we know is not really a making for a fun diet like you can only eat it like about two different ways. Yeah, it's, boring and it's not that great for you and like there's, so much more fun to be had with all this weird food, the weirder it is more fun, but no one's yelling at me from looking my fingers

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Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.