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Fat Burning Tips

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Guest Dave Asprey

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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16. Guest Dave Asprey


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Guest Dave Asprey

Mr dave asprey, the bulletproof. Exactly. You'll always be a cream puff to me. Thank you. I appreciate that. So for those of you who don't know if you've been living under a rock, dave is, of course, the bulletproof exact he's. A really cool guy does brilliant work over it. Bulletproof exact dot com. We go way back. We talked about bacon, the first palio a faggot who was good times. Dave is also the man who convinced me through his work that putting butter in your coffee is a great idea, which it is, by the way. So, dave, why don't you talk a little bit about what you do? All right and how much it rocks? Well, thanks, great introduction able I'm a bio hacker, I've lost one hundred pounds and I've kept it off for more than ten years, and I spent about three hundred thousand dollars learning things about the human body that should be in the manual that comes with you when you're born way don't really get one, so I grew up at arthritis, my knees when I was fourteen and a lot of chronic au...

toimmune conditions and things like that, they were getting in the way, not just of my health, sinus infections and things like that. But I got to be three hundred pounds when I was twenty two or twenty three, that was a pretty serious problem. I'd always been chunky, but it just got worse and worse, and finally, I just said, hey, I've got to do something about it. I'm very fortunate in my early career was successful in the dot com boom, and for two lovely years I have made six million dollars. Chris went bankrupt after that, it was a good couple of years because it let me literally research and then, like, I'll try that and that and that and that, and I literally would just like goto, whatever ebay, amazon, some company that probably isn't around anymore, and they just order stuff, and I would try everything, and I would read the research on call the researchers to the point that I run the silicon valley health institute today, which is an anti aging research group that's been around for twenty years, I'm chairman, and we've been for twenty years, bringing top experts in every month to give a lecture in palo alto about anti aging and health and wellness and how the body works. And what I found was a set of doctors and care providers and researchers who totally don't agree with what the guy I used to see for five minutes would tell me so over time, I got to be friend these people, and now I've been able to distill some of their advice into a program that I use with people who come to me, people who are ceos or professional fighters. It doesn't really matter. People want toe perform better, or just I would say, to kick more ass and you can kick ass it being a soccer mom, if you can kick us sipping a grandmother or at actually animate fighter or a professional poker player, it doesn't matter, because the core principles of human performance are the same and there's the body in the cells and the movement of the body, which you just heard about there's things that happen in your nervous system itself, and then there's different levels of the brain and the highest level there's your cognition. The thing you think about most of the time is just the tip of the iceberg, it's all the rest of it where you can get the most change and that's what bio hackers do we look at the whole thing, and even now the world around you changes you in order to give you more information about yourself and to let you change more quickly than you ever could in all of history, because we have all these cool gadgets. And we're going to be seeing quite a few gadgets over the course of this next segment when we start though dave by one of your specialties is in kind of like the quantified self around self tracking how do these people who want to change their lives and get that ideal body actually measure their progress? I mean, there there are the ways that are simple and low tech like looking in the mirror and basically seeing what jeans fit you but there are much more interesting ways to do it as well that involves some technologies that you're very familiar with you already hit on the first tax its premier yeah when I was trying to lose weight like way myself every morning and we know I have to have a fat monitoring scale that really monitors with my feet are wet or not those things don't work very well but uh it turns out there's a study that shows if you look at your weight every day it's harder to lose weight and it's your pants in the mirror are like the most important bio hacker tools ever. Um the reason is not that you are actually getting fat each day or not getting fat the reason is that you're getting inflamed or un inflamed every day you can get two pounds of fat in a day, but I guarantee you that if I went out there and ate chocolate khorasan that tomorrow you would see a spare tire that wasn't there today and it's not physiologically possible that this little across on which didn't have a pound of fat and it or a pound of carbs or you know that many calories could possibly make me gain that much weight. It's water that my body's going oh my god there's a problem here I need to dilute and then excrete the stuff so information is the marker that you track in the mirror not fat. Fat is a slow moving marker, but let's talk about gadgets yeah, let's do it here's one this is one hundred forty nine dollars. Thank you fuelband kind of cool and it's something I don't if we can zoom in on it, but let's see, I'll tell you my fuel has a little bar there and says, I have to have three hundred, thirteen hundred and twenty eight some things there you go, you got it. I feel like I should be doing something rude. He sure is not measuring just like you drumming on your steering wheel or anything like that. We're good. All right? It definitely will measure like if you do this, I know because I was trying to beat someone else and I'm like walking doing this and I got a super high scoring like they're I want but honestly, the number of steps were taken a day. It's not a variable. That means very much now the fact that you're aware that you moved mohr today versus yesterday is good. But whether I took twenty, five hundred or ten thousand steps today not so good. It estimates mileage. But the data you get when you plug this in your computer includes a graph of when you were most active. When did you do the most? Is kind of interesting, so quantified self devices like this or like the withing scale, you stand on the scale, it gets your way, it shows you and it sends it to the web. So now you have a track of your daily way, which may or may not help you lose weight, but you could see a long term trend. The old way we does would write it all down in the lab notebook. But we're all too lazy to do that. So quantified self is about gathering data and then looking at it historically and saying ok over the last few days, last few weeks, last few months, last few years, what direction is the trends going? Kind of like watching the stock market. This is really cool because it lets you then make a conscious choice. But I don't know if I can ask a question of you all in the audience right now how many of you have made a conscious choice not to eat a bagel and then ate one anyway? Okay, there's got to be something in there that acts without your conscious knowledge, right? So gathering historical data the way we do in quantified self is hugely valuable for learning what you actually do versus what you wanted to d'oh and you thought you did a total very different because our power to deceive ourselves is incredibly high. I learned through the course of doing real time feedback what a powerful self deception artist I am way all are everyone is and there's a reason for this and this reasons that the core of the recent bio hacking works and the reason is that there's different parts of your nervous system and the part of your nervous system responsible for keeping your meat alive is super dumb it's his dumb is the dumbest mammal but it's also about ten times faster than you can think since we have this mismatch is a part of you that works out fast that works faster than you can think about it working that means that things has eat the bagel and it convinces you to eat the bagels even though you didn't want to and that's annoying, so this willpower paradox comes into play and what we can do now that we have real time signal processing and low cost sensors, as we can actually measure what's going on inside the body and I can literally show you with tools. Look, your nervous system is increasing its stress levels, and there are other ways to use real time, not historical data about real time data to talk to parts of your body, your nervous system that you don't know how to talk to when you talk to yourself, you talk it three hundred fifty milliseconds a third of a second, but your body only listens to someone talking ten times faster than that. So alvin and the chipmunks have nothing on your subconscious. So what we do there is we use tech now on the bio hacking side instead of to look at what happened a long time ago in to try and predict what's going to happen next. But to teach the body to behave, someone use a clicker training to teach a dog to sit. The reason those works so quickly is that we tell the dogs hey, you did it right right now because they get real time feedback. So the secret for getting control of these things just get your cellular biology. Eat the things that abel's talked about drink coffee with butter and m c t oil in it because your cells work better and because that's starving part of your brain that says eat the bagel eat the bagel either big all the time well shut up and when it shuts up the cravings are gone you don't have to get the bowl of candy and all of a sudden all the willpower you're wasting on that becomes yours to use for whatever you want to dio and for me I was a senior executive at a big company at the same time I started the bullet through fog and it's amazing amount of energy that I had because in my mid twenties I had such severe brain fog that I was really concerned about even keeping my job because I couldn't pay attention all day long and here it is basically like doing two full time jobs and then some and playing with my kids and seeing my family and all this amazing stuff it's because I didn't waste my willpower I was wasting it on trying to not eat things that my body was desperate to eat because my body was malnourished and now you're kicking but not doing all right I'm pretty happy with it you want to see some guy just yes please all right this is kind of a futuristic one but it's one that's super cool open source e g made by olmecs one hundred fifty dollars thing that will measure your brain on your computer so you can actually glue this to your head with a little bit of sticky pace and see what's going on in real time now. Normally this is thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of thing, but electrodes, you kind of ugly little sticking your head. Most people aren't going to do that. If you went back ten, fifteen years, this device would have cost one hundred thousand dollars and only been available in a hospital. This kind of feedback where instead of getting the historical was my brain doing yesterday? Honestly, who cares? What's my printer right now and what is it doing wrong right now? Can I fix it? That is really cool stuff. This is a very low in example, I use a higher end e g at home, and I have since nineteen ninety eight to teach my brain to behave itself because honestly, it didn't. I've been formally diagnosed with eighty years ago and even had all the symptoms of asperger's syndrome. You wouldn't believe it, but I used to sit in meetings and I do the thing that asperger's people do, I'd stem uh, like count really three for all the time one to I could not even pay attention if I wasn't doing this and then I had like all these other odd behaviors it was all in my brain and my brain didn't know it was doing that part of what's cool here able is that we talked about this because your backgrounds is no science but the brain only has one nerve inside it you've all seen hannibal lecter the kind of scary movie takes off the guy's brain and still talk to lift his head his brains in there and you still talking that's how they do brain surgery you really in fact my mother's had open brain surgery like that and it's it's incredible but you don't feel anything inside your brain because there's not a nerve in there except the fifth cranial nerve that comes from your rear molars that goes into the brain so if the brain doesn't have nerves it doesn't know it has something wrong with it if you cut your arm your arm oh look there's damage and it'll heal but this is why we see like gulf war veterans and close brain closed head brain injuries are such a big problem so what we're doing now with these kinds of technologies is we're showing the brain how it's doing and once you do that without even you having to try anything the brain will start doing things better by itself and this is unleashed a whole bunch of new capabilities from taking people who aren't working very well and making them normal and I use it with my like ceo coaching client types to take brains that are already really good and just completely like amplify them off the charts like twelve points in the forty years of zen program that I do so that's high in futuristic science kind of stuff forty dollars sensor from fraud will go down a little bit this is a pulse oximeter tells you your heart rate and it tells you your oxygen levels in fact there's probably another little screen on here that's you know I'm all excited, but I'm highly oxygenated ah, there is upside down it even draws a little graph I was on a flight recently I flew like one hundred fifty times last year and they could do that is there a doctor on board like I'm definitely not a doctor but it was a cardiac thing because I was watching happening, so I page lydia said here give the doctor this so he used this forty dollars sensor on a guy having a heart attack heart attack in an airplane because of this of this powerful technology in your hands, what do you use it for? If you're just a normal person? Well, you could get a heart rate or you can tell if you're over trained and overtraining doesn't just happen from people who lift heavy things outdoors with dramatic lighting and big shoulders no, nothing like that it happens and people who don't sleep enough a lot of the clients I have are like high performance business people and they never rest I'm guilty of this too they never rest and then they don't get enough sleep they get on the airplane and they lift everything's and then they're going to do a triathlon and when you get there their symptoms like like how their quality of sleep is you'll get their quarters all and you look at their pulse ox post oxygen levels you can actually figure out their overtrained there's a company rest wise who uses an algorithm to do this forty bucks for what used to cost ten thousand dollars in a hospital this is a useful data signal so cool and there's a couple more things one is right here you should have seen what they did to the t s a because I had this on when I walked through the metal detectors yesterday uh or day before and they're saying wait a minute well guys I'm not take my pants off there's no metal in my pants I forgot I was wearing mask my chest monitor here so finally I went to open it and I said I'll take it off and then the to say that you know like she was going to melt if she saw my chest here I was surprised but this is a really neat little device in fact I'll take it off for you yes sixty bucks it's a polar heart monitor now you could say only need to wear this for exercise I've been wearing this for three days because I'm a total geek but if you want to know what how relax are you when you sleep do you know I don't why not wear you out all right let's figure this out real time right now so what I would suggest is we slap your heart rate monitors the bluetooth one and there happens to be an app we're not going to do a full lap time because this is just a short interview is called h r v sense and yes bulletproof makes it this is a thing that will look at your heart rate and show you not just your heart rate which is kind of boring you get that with your fingers it shows you the spacing between heartbeats now they will have you talked about hurry variability no, I was saving that for you you rock all right so your heart it is how many beats a minute but what if all the beats happened in the first ten seconds and then there were no beats for the other fifty seconds s o the spacing must matter a little bit right? Well it turns out that we've known in cardiac labs for a long time that when the space between each heartbeat is exactly the same which is to find this low variability you're about to have a heart attack you're going to die you take a deer and you show them a tiger there hurry variability flatlines they get ready to run away so for you you khun train yourself to change the variability of the heartbeat so you want a heartbeat that sounds like this that dumb dumb two dumb, dumb dumb it's not rhythmic what would be not so good as it was to dum dum dum dum that's a sign of stress so now that we understand this is a sign of stress, this app which is like two bucks will monitor you and it'll tell you you have a high stress if we have a low stress level which is kind of need and then you can actually train yourself to change it and the way I trained myself is with the inner balance sensor it's a ninety nine dollars thing we carried on upgrade itself and what it is is a very simple device eclipsed your ear and it teaches you the light turns green when you're relaxed, the light turns red when you're stressed now I could also say do deep breathing exercises and most of you would do a deep breathing exercise, but you wouldn't turn off your fight or flight response, which is what we're really doing here you'd think you were doing it, but you wouldn't know you could made meditate in a monastery for a while I try that it's a lot of work too many beans too way too many beans how do you meditate when you're tilting anyway? So long story so what does this heart rate variability stuff do it lets you do it would have taken years with like a meditation teacher I almost got it there he did it most of us don't have many years and most of us don't have time for that so now we're using a sensor to be very precise make the light green and I love taking like like hardcore engineer computer programmer types who are like not into that stuff at all and they think I'm a crazy like orange glass wearing hippie ex computer programmer or something like you were one of us but you went over to the hippie said I think they're right to be fair e still still pearl or something. So when when you look at that one of those guys that when you say let's just make the light green it's math they'll do it and I remember this one phone call through the best ever uh, super focused, rational, literal programmer and we taught him how to change the spacing between his heart beats and all of a sudden he calls me up he said I just did it for twenty minutes straight and I think I had a spiritual experience it was pure bliss I've never felt anything like this before, so this I'm not saying you change your heart rate to have a spiritually experience, I will tell you that buddhists, before they had heart rate monitors, were teaching people like open the heart, open the heart what does that mean? Well, I can tell you it means make the light turned green, and it means that the ratio of this space to the ratio of this space is different than it was before. There you go. We took all the mystery blew out of it, and now we're doing math and this is the simplest way to put yourself to sleep quickly. It really, really works and it's a ninety nine dollars sensor, and for me, I couldn't tell the quality of my sleep because I sleep with one of these things and it's tied to my app, but I'm also lazy. I don't always there's another app when I'm a huge fan of cold sleep cycle, it runs on your iphone and all you do there is you take your iphone, put it in airplane mode do not sleep with an active phone next year head that is just dumb there's plenty of evidence that that is not going to make you live longer there's no benefit to doing it's put it that way and what this will do so use the accelerometer thing that shakes in your iphone and it will use the speakers to know when you're actually moving and the amount you move tells us a lot about your sleep so we know if you're in deep sleep or rem sleep or in light sleep, so when you wake up, you get a graph that says I slept this much and it rates the quality of your sleep. Now you could say only a total geek would worry about the quality of their sleep, but it's not like that. You have no idea. How will you stop last night you woke up? How would you wake up is probably if your alarm went off at the top of the sleep cycle, you felt great if it went off at the bottom of sleep cycle, you feel like a zombie. It didn't have to do with quality of sleep but had to do with quality of waking so able to use like a sleep monitor like this. Yeah, I have ok, is it this one or a different one? I read, I've used a bunch of different companion planet go back and forth, but let's talk about this one, ok, cool, so this is need because the other thing it does is it waits until you're the top of a sleep cycle and then the alarm goes off and if you've never tried something like this, it is transformative because you always wake up like I was that the top of a dream and I'm ready to wake up versus your like completely groggy and your zombie if you start your day out like that and they throw in some like changing environment around, you had a little assault your water when you wake up because that lowers the stress in your dream glands and all of a sudden what would have been like a stressful zombie morning turns into you I look up, I felt good and I had energy all day long also, if you do should doing something wrong before sleep and its routing your sleep quality, you'll know I do this crazy bio hacker experiment I wanted to live like an eskimo, so I decided I would eat like only fat and meat and like one small serving of broccoli every day for three months and see what happened. Well, what happened is I woke up nine times every night without knowing I was waking up and I woke up feeling like a zombie, but my sleep tracking stuff showed me that I was waking up my body was like, could you wake up and find some damn carbs like stop sleeping start eating so I needed to listen to myself a little bit more than I wass and this kind of knowledge something's wrong with my sleep with and you can change a variable but if you don't know something's wrong, you just wake up not feeling good and if you don't feel good it's not that I didn't feel good it's that I didn't do my job I was nice to my family I didn't follow through on my workouts your whole life changes if you don't sleep well and even if you don't sleep very much at least make sure that what sleep you do get you cram all the value into that you possibly can and without data from again this happens like a buck or two it's sleep cycle but it's incredible what you can do for almost nothing because this five hundred or seven hundred other device has so many sensors built in that we can now take advantage of its so cool and we're going to see the next like five to ten years on enormous expansion in self tracking blood measurement basically individualizing your own medicine and performance and that sort of thing based upon things that you can do right from your house. So can we talk a little bit about that in terms of let's talk about blood testing in terms of sure maybe which biomarkers should we look at if we want tio burn fat and actually have good health let's start right there there's the cardiovascular uh like cholesterol the lipids those were things that everyone's been trained to look at what I look at first though is looking inflammation cause you're not gonna lose weight if you're inflamed and the whole dietary set of recommendations that have worked on like even for the better baby book which is around fertility and also how do you get information out of the body bulletproof coffee like I wonder if there are any studies about butter and inflammation or any of the other ingredients and inflammation there's tons of studies out there that show what those ingredients do for information in the body so we started measuring things like c reactive protein which is a great markers and relation homocysteine by the way secret homocysteine goes up if you eat too much protein this is why back when I was losing my weight initially trying to do atkins you could lose half the way and then you'd stop. I spoke a at low carb conference recently and there were a lot of people who'd lost two hundred pounds and had another hundred pounds to lose and couldn't lose anymore in his excess protein this is why like super high quality protein matters instead of just like you know bulk up man my goal I don't know about you but my girls never been looked like a balloon animal you know have a good strong so I love bodybuilders by uh and they're one edge of the bio hacking, and then the anti aging guys who eat like forty calories a day and they were all cold all the time, that's like the other end and the rest of us, or somewhere in the middle of all that, and we could get all the data. Yeah, I like hanging out there like you want to see a bodybuilding eat an anti aging eye because it looks like snack size, but anyway, so they're homocysteine c reactive protein and one of the most important ones, and when the one that I track in my clients is called l p p l a too, and this is something that expresses whether the arteries are being damaged by cholesterol and you want that to be very low because, well, cholesterol and you must have talked about the second western was sort of like what your hormones are made out of, but it's, nice to have hormones I think it is comes in handy brains they're made out of fat two hearts and brains like cinnamon, important elements of being human. So those those types of things you're going to raise your hdl cholesterol going to raise your total cholesterol? Well, your inflammation all goes away in its inflammation that's at the root cause of cardiovascular events, so you want to lose weight dropped the inflammation when you do that, the first thing that happens is your brain turns on and you start feeling more energy, more focus, the brain fog clears, the cravings go down and then the way it just sort of comes off as a side effect. I have people on bulletproof coffee in the morning, the kind of intermittent fasting with that who've lost a pound a day for months until they were done. And the cool thing is it's, not like a pound a day with all my willpower every day, it was like I just didn't want to eat lunch like isn't that like, liberating way that so, like there's, a huge difference between, like, I mean, a skip lunch today just kind of like fighting a way through it and just having it happened you're like, oh, I skipped lunch today, you know, there was lunch it's, way easier and it's way more fun and that's that's just kind of what happens once you're balanced, you know need to be shoving food and greasy burritos down you're going in the front seat of a car anymore just kind of like hanging out is a person and the food is there and it's good for you, it's like, maybe elite that's pretty cool, I flew to korea from victoria bc two weeks ago and I don't eat airplane food even I was flying in business class it doesn't matter you just don't eat airplane food if you want to live a long time this is how it works s o the stories kept coming by like are you sure what? I'm not like you can try to feed me all this mostly joined food on and I just looked at me like I was a zombie like thiscause I didn't eat for twenty hours oh my god and I was thinking I'm glad I didn't eat, so when I weighed two hundred seventy five pounds I used to be in meetings and like eleven forty five would come and eleven forty five guys I know we're supposed go till twelve but I'm gonna have to kill one of you and your arm is a drumstick like I cannot sit in this room and more and I would get up and walk out and get to my meeting there's ten people in there sorry guys, I'll be back I'm going to get chicken breasts and that kind of just I can't use my world powers guy I don't have to do this anymore it have haven't experienced that in so long I almost forget what it's like but I look back on how I behave now interact with other people and just the amount of my own power that went into like food, food food? It was ridiculous and it was unhealthy, but it wasn't like emotional eating, it was starvation eating, they're different, and you can have both one thing that I am a huge advocate of in my own personal life, which is key to genic fasting and internet fasting. So I want to make sure that we talked about this a little bit with you. So this is what fat looks like from my fridge a couple of weeks ago. It's awesome! There is plenty of fat here. It is not going to stop your heart if it comes from a good place. Also, if you prioritize fat and don't eat, sometimes your muscles will not fall off. I just want tio get that out there and say that it won't happen. I went from not fasting here and basically eating the way that most people do, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I wanted to see, you know, if I could actually put on some muscle or if I would waste away if I didn't eat every two to three hours, I did not waste away and in fact what I do now, what I've worked into my life since is intermittent fasting and very much a similar way to the way that you advocate which let's just say it tends to work aa lot more seamlessly, right at the beginning for men as we talked about with dr sarah godfried sometimes it's a little trickier with women so you don't just want to jump right into doing a seventy two hour fast to see what happens you want to start slow one thing that I know a lot of people are probably asking about right now what the heck is bulletproof coffee why would you put butter in your coffee why would you do akita genic fast all right let's talk about straight intermittent fasting and how bull prevent imminent fasting works into that so straight intermittent fasting says that you don't eat for eighteen hours a day but you eat a normal amount of calories the rest of the day so if you're going to eat twenty five hundred calories that means you have like a really nice big dinner uh this sounds almost unimaginable except that you feel really good you wake up in the morning and you're not really that hungry and the hunger passes and all the sudden you get more mental focus do you feel good and you start burning fat what I found though with my clients who have really intense cognitive load during the day is that it was causing problems because right around noon is when you start getting really like ok it's been a while since I ate I had dinner last night and I'm getting a little cold like I ran out of calories and I'm losing my focus well, it's, not bad to get cold and lose focus if you're trying to stimulate the body to change things, but if you're trying to, like, run a board meeting it's a problem. So in my own experience, this was happening to I decided that I would look at this invention that that I've made called bulletproof coffee, and we'll get into that in a second, but and use that in the morning during the fast, and this is somebody that I had never seen on any thing, I honestly think I invented this fat in the morning thing. Maybe I didn't if some else invented email me, please, I'll give you credit. Um, what what I realized was that if I had pure fat, including the upgraded mtt oil that I make, and my coffee and butter, I was not triggering any of the carbohydrate or any of the protein digesting machineries. My body still thinks I'm fasting, but I get the calories, and it just so happens that the upgraded m c t oil I use helps with putting your body into a state of ketosis, which means fat burning mode instead of sugar burning mode. So all of a sudden, all the like, good cold and the lack of energy went away, and I even wrote about women and bulletproof intermittent fasting because women need the fat more so rather than just jumping and I'm gonna get nothing if you have just fat, even a tablespoon of fat in the morning it takes the edge off the hunger and it keeps your brain awake and aware and focused but you still get all the cellular benefits and the hormonal benefits of a fast so it's talk with bulletproof coffee is that in detail it took me years to get it the way it is I noticed at eighteen thousand feet into bad I went to a remote part of western too bad wantto learn some things from the buddhist monks there I was really cold negative ten degrees tired and I drank yak butter tea, which isn't that delicious. And it was like like some, like a recharge thing in a video game where you know your level up. Whoa, I came back and I tried making, you know, butter, tea at home and it was disgusting and I realized that I was using the wrong butter. So after a while I rose grass fed butter was really important has come from the right cows, the yaks, tony grass. There was no grass to eat moss, but same difference. Then I realized that he works but coffee, which has been a great passion mind for many years worked better and there's lots of people and like shamans and what not in south america, who use coffee as a cognitive enhancing substance and certainly throughout all of the western history. We've used coffee for that reason, but I noticed some coffee had a big difference versus others and re engineered the coffee process to make beans that don't have things and then that slow you down most coffee beans like about ninety one point seven percent of coffee beans, depending on what year in what region of the world have stuff that forms during coffee processing that slows you down. Coffee is magically good for you, but it also can contain things that are bad for you. So every cup of coffee is somewhere in here. If you drink coffee, you crash coffee crash that will cause food cravings and you know you're blurry, you don't feel good, even sort joints or a headache when you get coffee that has none of the bad stuff and only the good stuff, which is the means that I made the upgraded coffee. What happens there is instead of crashing, you just feel really good and then you come back to feel normal, and if you're trying to use this as an intermittent fasting tool, you don't want to crash at ten a m because you had toxins in your coffee that made you not feel good because then when you get toxins is the secret of food cravings that's actually coming out of my next book to, but well, break it here on your show, you do it when you get food, toxins or even environmental toxins like paint fumes or something. Your body says, I've got to get rid of these. How do I get rid of toxins? Well, I eat sugar when you eat sugar, your liver has more energy to make a tv and literally you can start oxidizing toxins. You also want to eat more fat. So if u something happens either environmentally or in your food, say, or in that cup of cheap coffee that you were drinking and it triggers this for you, you are going to experience food cravings when you experience with cravings, you're more likely to eat junk, and even if you don't eat the junk, you just burned precious willpower for no good reason and that's why I like I do all the things I dio you had butter two tablespoons up to a tablespoon of the upgraded mtt oil. Too good like two to normal one cup measures of coffee, and you blend the heck out of it it's not like a layer of greece on top. When you're done it's, creamy and delicious like the best lot ever and if you google there's two and a half million search results for bulletproof coffee, this has taken over the world as a viral phenomenon because it works so dramatically it's it has become like a stalwart of my nutrition I've been doing this for seven years now in the morning most mornings it's all I have for breakfast and sometimes I don't even bother with lunch is transformed it because I'm liberated from food I only the good stuff and I don't crave anything and it tastes so good unsalted butter we don't mention that right cocky soup and not so good, so so george actually prefers it with salt I'm just like your crazy, but we all know that it's it's absolutely delicious it's something that I enjoy myself when you're skipping a meal and doing a ketogenic type fast that's a great way to make sure that you're not losing energy your brain feels great one thing that's extraordinarily important with this is to not just use any coffee like starbucks or anything else that you can find. Coffee is actually one of the things that's just sprayed and covered with pretty much as many pesticides and toxins is you could possibly think of and toxins also pop up during the processing of most coffee, so you want to make sure that you're getting clean coffee dave's coffees absolutely fantastic I've had it myself it's delicious it's clean you feel like a rock star m c t s or something that are their just brain food straight up you feel awesome when you have those let's talk about m cities for a minute though there's four lengths of medium change regulus rides and I was getting into the biochemistry but that's ok two of them are really important coconut oils like sixty percent one of those four but only fifteen percent of coconut oil is the really good stuff which is what is in the upgraded mtt oil and when you get right down to it the most precious four percent of coconut oil is what's in the brain octane stuff that I make which is on ly one of the four m cities but it's the one with the most cognitive boosting power so you can actually tweak whether you want more weight loss from doing the c eight c ten the upgrade entity or you want more cognitive focus from straight c eight it's amazing what getting the right length of fat does for your entire ability to think I'm blown away eat that you'll think better yes so dave thank you so much for stopping by bringing all your little gadgets and toys were very exciting site toys I just wanted to catching my here able loved your work man thanks thank you thanks so much for coming on so

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Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.