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Fat Burning Tips

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How to Burn Fat Right Now

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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17. How to Burn Fat Right Now


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How to Burn Fat Right Now

This is putting it all together how can you start burning fat right now? So let's reiterate that good nutrition is really the key to all of this good nutrition according to linus pauling to tell two time nobel laureate says good nutrition will prevent ninety five percent of all disease even if it's not ninety five percent I think we can all kind of air in that direction and be a heck of a lot better off than we are right now. I also want to say once again that this is not a diet a diet implies that you'll do something for seven days or twenty one days thirty days or something else that's easily marketable and very easily digestible gimmick this is not that you could do that if you want to but it's not good for you and it's not something that will actually change your life in any sort of meaningful way except for perhaps giving you something to compare yourself to some some picture of yourself when you were a super skinny and now you're fatter which makes you miserable well, you actuall...

y want to do is make change to your life to part of your identity make being healthy quarter your identity and you can actually as a side effects like they've said in the last segment lose a heck of a lot of fat in the process so no lollygagging, no nonsense, no excuses start right now because if you say well, I'm going to start on tuesday or there's a wedding coming up and I need to fit into this particular dress it's much less likely that you'll do it so I'm going to tell you how you can start right now step one toss all of your crap food all of it I mean it bag it up give it to one of your enemies throw it away I don't care you don't need it anymore if it's not going to help you reach your goals, don't let yourself rely on will power you won't be able to ignore it you know a lot of people kind of make excuses say that well I have kids and they want fruit roll ups and they want all these cereals and sugary snacks and stuff like that why are you feeding this to your kids if it's not good for you it's not good for your kids either so what I encourage you to do is is step one toss all of your junk food all the foods that you that you thought were healthy toss those too step to load up on fat burning foods this is an iphone picture of my actual shopping cart a z could see it is just packed with veggies you know a lot of people are just like all your paler you must just be eating turkey thighs all the time, enormously dinosaur sized turkey set guys that's not how it works this is how it works, and actually this is really heavy on the fruit. I can't remember exactly why we had that much fruit then, but we were certainly excited about it for one reason or another if you want to lose fat. Avoiding fruit is dr sara said for a period of time, isa great way to make sure you're not getting too much for us, which go straight deliver and it's really easily stored as fat. So load up on lots of this kind of stuff the green veggies, your fridge should look something like this. This is another iphone shot of our fridge it's um, random time that it just kind of pulled because it's, illustrative of what a fridge should look like. What we have in here are I know you're probably drawn to these these air, actually red velvet cupcakes that are made with beets and vegetables in them there's really food in there? It's a recipe that was developed kind of by my mom kind of buy me kind of by allison, but it's made of really foods and their retreat, and we enjoy them immensely and we don't eat them all the time, but it's important to accept and embrace that indulgence is part of this lifestyle eating foods that you enjoy is part of this, so make sure that you have things that you enjoy getting the key get in and start making things that you enjoy not that hard as george demonstrated when he was just completely improvising and making something that would have taken probably three minutes if you weren't jabbering on like a madman the whole time way also, I mean, I'm not totally against cos or food manufacturers, there are some wonderful food manufacturers out there who are trying to bring the best quality food to you, but it's hard to have a market if people aren't buying it, so things like, uh, carry gold butter is a perfect example of something you can find all over the place that's a grass fed butter and you can also find if you look hard enough here in california, you can get raw milk and rock cream and other sorts of raw or fermented dairy. If jerry works for you that's great! If you find that dairy doesn't work for you might be because you're eating junk dairy, which is processed and full of all sorts of things that don't work with your body this happen to my brother, he was always like black toast intolerant or he reacted poorly had a tummy ache is a little kid anytime he had dairy but after working on a farm for a while and eating fermented dairy, he worked as a cheese man for a while and learn to love cheez. It worked just fine because it was raw, high quality, um she's also yogurt works well for him now as long as it's, not ultra pasteurized and all this other stuff and it's close to ross as you could possibly get it. So lots of veggies here, plenty of eggs gets a meets down there have some homemade fermented foods, some yogurt, probiotics, some some flowers and coconut flour there to cook with sprouts berries. This is what your fridge should look like one of the best things you can do to ensure that you're getting high quality food, and even more than that, avoiding all of the toxins and pesticides and genetically engineered it feeds that store the toxins in the fat of conventionally fed animals is to buy organic, and yes, it can be more expensive. But as I said before, cancer is also expensive. Obesity is extraordinarily expensive if you're not paying for it now you're paying for it later. If you can't pay for right now, there are other ways to get it help out at your local farm when you do, you'll find that you can go home with a hole basket off foods, often for free um grow something in your backyard we'll get to that in a second, but when you buy organic foods, they never intentionally anyway use genetically engineered ingredients, and I say intentionally because these genetically engineered foods on dh plants in particular are so pernicious and won't die so they when the wind blows, they can actually contaminate organic fields so it's not guaranteed to be one hundred percent free. Neither is carry gold butter, but ninety seven percent is a heck of a lot better than just buying, you know, genetically engineered ingredients straight up, no artificial pesticides or fertilizers that's important because it is, uh, it's indicative of having healthy soil and that's what you need if you want nutrient density and the foods that you're eating, um animals if they're organic or reared without routine use of antibiotics, growth promoters or other drugs, this is very important if you want to be healthy yourself, because if you eat a sick animal, you will become sick over the course of time. Grass fed beef isn't fed genetically engineered corn or feeding this. This applies to, um, to pretty much any animal that's organic when it is you're dodging a lot of the toxins and the pesticides and the junk foods and and you're dodging a lot of the sick animals just because it's organic doesn't mean necessarily that its health you can buy organic marshmallows at whole foods you can buy all sorts of ridiculous junk foods that are organic because they know that people will buy it don't just buy because organic but the foods that or next to each other if you have a feedlot conventional beef organic beef organic is always better even better than that is pasture raised these that's grass fed and that may or may not be certified organic but if it's if it's grass fed then that means that it was raised in a way that nature intended and that's really important for the food that you eat and it's important for your own life as well go to farmer's markets this is one of the best places you can get high quality produce as well as meets there's nothing that gets you closer to uh to your food than meeting your farmer this is actually my little brother mark this is farm. This is one of those turkeys that constantly attacks him and me when we visit when you look someone in the eye and shake their hand it changes the way that you you the people who create your food for you food does not come in packages it comes from the earth it comes from a farmer and when you look someone in the eye and shake their hand you figure out whether you can trust them or not and the cool thing is when you go toe farmers markets and farms you find these people aren't doing it for the money it's like people a lot of times though will email me or say something that's just like eight dollars banks are you kidding me? They are gouging it the's farmers are making so much money I can't believe they're taking all my money that's not how it works at all these farmers are doing everything that they can they're they're working you know fourteen plus hour days to bring you the best possible food they can so when you when you buy something you're supporting them they need all the support they can get so if you have that sort of resource please support local farmers this is the future each of veggies this's my terrible puppy when she was littler than she is now even sheets veggies every once in a while like I said the celebrity secrets number one before anything else they eat their veggies and almost all of the time they're organic um they're full of non starchy fibrous greens that's really important it doesn't have to be you know cale it doesn't have to be spin it sure anything else in particular but if it's green and it's fresh it's probably good for you it could be lightly cooked it could be in a smoothie doesn't matter just fill up on your veggies ah pound plus day really help you burn fat off your body you want to commit to physical activity it doesn't matter what what you enjoy but find what you enjoy and do it this is this paddle born paddle boarding up in maine um and you know some people would say that's not great exercise but it's a lot of fun and it's some exercise its physical activities it's getting outside right now right there in that picture we're manufacturing vitamin d so we're loading up on vitamins as well exercise should not be torture it should be fun one of the reasons I didn't show you the exact exercises that you need to do is because I can't because you were out there and I'm right here and I don't know who you are if your four hundred ten pounds than doing burpees is not appropriate right now doing squats might not even be appropriate but if you take on the responsibility for knowing that training is important if you commit to it then you confined through the information that I gave you the perfect exercise or set exercises that work for you that will help you reach your goals and you don't if if you want the biggest bang for your buck right now focus on your diet first and then you can always add in exercise as well I encourage you to do it right now but if you do anything first focus on your nutrition get that in order and you can always stack on exercise and optimize everything a little bit later. That's what naturally happens to a lot of people? Because they find when you're fueling your brain, fueling your body, all of a sudden you have this energy that makes you want to get up and do stuff and that's pretty cool and buy in this picture, she totally just laid like that. I don't know why my dog does ridiculous things, but this definitely deserved a picture, so don't torture yourself with exercise with them instead of play that's. True, but you don't don't torture yourself with exercise and don't torture your duck. This was a picture that one of our coaching clients sent in, uh, cam said that this is their treadmill. Forget that that's, what exercise should be, how could you not be inspired when you're looking at this picturesque view ofthe climbing mountains? That's, prequel, that's way better than a treadmill? It just kind of like looking at cnn or something and being scared out of your mind because something is supposed to kill you, it's probably an egg or fat that's not going to kill you, by the way, step for de stress, we talked about a few ways to do that breathing is something that absolutely important there take some deep breaths you're probably doing it right now because your subconscious brain knows that you're supposed to and if I talk about posture you might actually start sitting up a little bit as well de stress focus on your your posture in order to do that deep deep breathing comes from your belly not from your chest um I asked one of my friends who coaches professional athletes what's what's the like biggest thing that you do to increase their performance so that you know they can they can do anything from improve performance in batting averages or sprinting times or the height that you jump and he said without even a pause of hesitation he said breathing I thought that was so cool so you don't have to be a professional athlete to focus on your breathing you just need to learn how to breathe and uh doing that is actually fairly easy sometimes you just need to take the time to breathe so focus on breathing during you know just a a free second of meditation if you know how to do that or if you're stuck in traffic instead of freaking out just take a few breasts blacks were all freaking out all the time if if you freak out a little bit less you're gonna burn more fat I promise prioritize sleep sleep cannot meet I can't talk about sleep too much um it's pretty much the most important thing that you can do for your health besides your diet it's not a sexy topic it's one that a lot of people like to skip over but if you're not getting results it's there's a very high likelihood that it's because you're not sleeping well and it's because you were stressed out so these air to not very sexy topics that alive people skip over but if you're not getting results and your diet is in order um and your training effectively that's probably why you need to focus on your sleep that's when you build muscle that's when you burned release growth hormone you can burn fat while you sleep make sure that you're getting enough of it one of a couple of quick hacks there is I mentioned that my room looks like a bat cave and it's a little bit creepy it's true so the windows have curtains and they're black literally black because when you have light on your body your body can actually sense that and it messes with your hormones it screws with your release of course saw melatonin and lots of other things that physiologically need to happen in order for you to have deep, deep sleep so make sure that it's as quiet and as absolutely dark as possible being a little bit colder can help is well get you into a deep restorative sleep um there's some hacks having a grounding that in your bed that's also been really good for me and a lot of people who we've worked with it can help reduce your exposure to, uh, electricity emfs and all sorts of other things they want to spend too much time on that but you can check that out actually dave sells I believe grounding that's on his website upgrade itself on and it's about seventy bucks or something like that that can really help you sleep as well if you're traveling or uh if you find that you just can't find a place that's dark and quiet then I have something called my head fortress which is basically just on eye mask and to ear plugs and that is like three dollars four dollars maybe and that can dramatically improve your sleep so no excuses there either you'll as a bonus you also look super cool while you're wearing it and no one will mess with you abel al b j c many money other people how many hours of sleep so that's that's a little bit tricky but for most people it's between seven and eight hours they find that that's where they feel the best but but the real answer to that is or the way that you could tell when studies do it is they take alarms away and they put people in controlled environments and they see how long they would just naturally sleep before they get up and that's the number that they usually find so that that works for most people if you get less because you don't have time that's kind of a problem you're working up a sleep debt if you're not paying for it now you're paying for it later focus on your sleep but if you if you find that you can't get that much sleep then make sure you focus even more on the quality of your sleep like dave said and if you don't mind one more really quick on that subject harry what about short naps during the day? Do you feel like we need those? Are they helpful? Yeah, I think that they can be really helpful for a lot of people my dad always takes a twenty minute power nap and he's refreshed and there are a lot of reasons that that can work well for certain people but not necessarily for everybody I'm not a napper it's never really worked well for me but taking about twenty minutes just to unwind and laid down that can also be very, very restorative helps you de stress and kind of be refreshed so even if you're not sleeping thing kind of relax and that's really important so if you if you nap too much then it can take away from you sleep at night and that's not something that you necessarily want but that's really a personal decision. So if you find that naps make you feel better and maybe you journal it or you track it on a fancy app or something else like that, then by all means you should definitely take a nap, but otherwise just just be wary of it interfering with your actual sleep, which should happen over the course of the night. Uh, these are my folks. This was pretty cool, huh? So it it took a while after I caught the super health bug or the total nerd bug or whatever else, when I researched all of this stuff to death and getting picked on myself and then came out with these ridiculous, grandiose conclusions like whole wheat is actually bad for you and don't eat our official anything and avoid toxins and all this other stuff. It takes a while for people around you to really think that you're saying again, if ever that that happened to me with my folks at first anyway, it took a little while for them to be like, wait a second, maybe there is something to this, and they was pretty easy, actually, once they, uh once they found out why I thought the way I did about well in that sort of thing and was actually so interesting because my mom listened to my podcast with dr bill davis, who wrote wheat belly and prior to that, you know, I said, you know, you guys, they're getting older, I care about them so much, and I want more than anything for them to live as long as possible that have a quality of life that's unparalleled on dh part of that to me, based on the information that I have is excluding modern wheat from the equation. And so she listened tio my podcast and came away from that she's like, oh, my gosh, I'm definitely going to eliminate wheat, and she finally did it, even though I've been saying that for a long, long time, she had to hear it from someone who came on my podcast and said, you have to eliminate weak and then she became the the biggest advocate after she she lost, you know, five pounds in the first week and then more later and it's so cool, because this this transformation didn't just happen to me. My dad was kind of a really good example of how I am built my bone structure my size and in his thirties, and while he was raising me, his weight was going up. High blood pressure it's genetic it's happened over and over again to people in our family and so he was pushing two hundred pounds for a long time and you know as you get older that becomes more and more important for your health you want to live a long time and when he started making some of these changes and reading the same books that I was reading and the same research my mom was looking into and that sort of thing the cut wheat they started basically living this lifestyle my mom lost a heck of a lot of weight and she is just beaming super healthy super happy and they're both you know my dad's sixty she's my mom's coming up on it my dad went from pushing two hundred even over two hundred two in his one sixties um and I think it's even one sixty now and she has more energy than he did for the past couple of decades he feels awesome and it is when you make this change you're not just changing yourself you're changing the people around you and they'll start to rally around you and push it forward and like I said before it's there are two types of people the ones we're getting better once we were getting worse and it's not just about you if you decide to get better the people you care about will probably decide to get better too might take a little while it will take a lot of difficult conversations but it's absolutely worth it because you get to spend more time with the people who you love and care about so you're not alone so many people have experienced incredible results by not even necessarily following my protocols oh are trusting one hundred percent of the things that I say you don't need to do that, but if you just stop doing what you're doing now if you're following the standard american diet, if you're following the advice of eat less and exercise mohr and here take all of these drugs if you just stop doing that and focus on real food, you'll find ah huge thriving community of people who are super healthy super happy glowing ah and I'm going toe introduce you to a few of them right now so humans are biochemical marvels your body is incredible you can literally turn twinkies into fingernails if you could do that, then you can burn fat too you know that excuse that well, it's just my genetics but I've tried to die before I tried to change my lifestyle before it just doesn't work for me you can do it to you could be better than you are right now, so this is joshua this is when he was sixteen I love this over the course of about a year and half you lost over one hundred pounds at sixteen years old he's healthy, happy and fit and even more than that joshua started a blawg called slim palate and he has recipes on it that are absolutely delicious they they rival aa lot of george's earlier recipes that he came up with who sixteen when he started this stuff he lost one hundred pounds if he can do it then why can't other kids why can't kids who are obese and six years old do the same thing? Why can't you do the same thing hundred pounds sixteen if he has the willpower to do it you do to this stuff works wanna in tennessee my waist and thighs look and feel smaller and this just gets better and better you know I love this because it's not about the metrics it's not about losing wait it's about looking and feeling better that's what you want to do you want to feel healthier than you did before this is from lee who's part of our lean body inner circle he was morbidly obese at three o nine with a fifty five inch belly no longer obese a two thirty cents then he's come down quite a bit more this is from someone you might recognize she's in the crowd right now this is this allison and she went from running on this treadmill three times a day to working out a few minutes a week and her body is mohr tone than ever and best of all, I feel like I'm aging in reverse with something that she said is something that I I can definitely attest to as well I mentioned this before that's why I've scruff on my face it's something that is so difficult to describe when you you go to re unions or you meet up with friends you haven't seen for a long time and and you barely recognize them because they don't look like they used to and then they say to you oh my gosh, you look exactly the same as you did fifteen years ago that feels pretty good and the uh the power of the human body is absolutely incredible in terms of how it can restore itself as soon as you start feeding it really food nourishing your body the's changes kind of just happened whether it's you know, losing a bunch of weight which doesn't matter nearly as much is feeling good or you know you reduce your inflammation so people can actually see your face they can see the real you or if it's just a matter of getting some of your your bio markers in order so that you don't have a heart attack tomorrow these are all things that happened when you eat real food instead of formulated this gets like those obese guerrillas that we talked about earlier christopher his progress in a few months I went from a couch potato who switched to cross fit and paleo so that's that's one of the things that can happen when you combine both eh? An effective anti inflammatory diet like paleo and something that is a intense exercise regimen like crossfit like high intensity exercise resistance training in the cool thing about crossfit is that it's it's built in both those things they can take it a little bit overboard sometimes, but if you find a good gym you find a good trainer when you combine these two things that can happen in just a few months this one always makes and they figured a lump in my throat this is from nicole she sent me an email a few months ago, she said if she hadn't found my podcast, her son would have ended up having a surgery that was completely unnecessary. Basically he had had a history of health problems, high inflammation and I'm not going to go into the specific things that were wrong with him, but basically he was he was choking at night, he couldn't really breathe. She also listened to one of my podcasts about wheat and gluten, removed it from his diet and as opposed to what her doctor was saying and a number of doctors actually were saying that he needs to get all of this stuff removed from his body and take all these medicines and kills as a young child he simply she took a week out of their diet they weren't gluten free and he got better you can make surgeries and life times of pill popping and expensive medications completely unnecessary just by doing one dietary hack one small dietary change could do that but it's not just all this stuff where you're you know, feeling better that it can do you can also be a bodybuilder this is chazz he's a good buddy of mine we I worked with him that basically taken down from thirteen plus percent body fat from well over two hundred pounds to about one hundred eighty pounds in just a few weeks by eating a cyclical ketogenic diet of real food paleo foods and then in the end we dialed up the carbs and kind of major that all the hormones were in order so that he could get to an unnaturally low body fat which is necessary if you want to compete as a bodybuilder off three percent, which is absolutely insane so this stuff isn't just, you know, kind of like, whoa oh, you're going to feel better and you would have to have surgery and all this stuff it's like you could be a body builder too if you want to it's not that hard actually it's to the matter of following your different metrics over a few weeks and hacking your diet appropriately eating right exercising it and eating right and exercising in the way that I described before, not in the way that most people talk about it so you can re program your genes to be a fat burner. This is something that we didn't really know a few years ago that starting to catch on in the research today and it is powerful, powerful information these are the same genes people come up to me now and they're just like, oh, you're so gifted, you must be naturally athletic, you're not aging, you feel great, you're full of energy all the time, I can tell you I didn't used to be full of energy, you know, someone just told me that in the last talk I was talking way too quickly and I was kind of walking all over the place and I am right now, it's, because I'm excited and full of energy and that's something that a lot of people aren't used to it's something that I was not used to it all when I had the same genetics in my early twenties as I do now in my late twenties, you can change your genetic expression as well, and you can change it in a positive direction as opposed to a negative one, so imagine me in my early twenties, if I kept doing the healthy things that I was doing before, like eating ah low fat diet almost zero cholesterol in my diet staying away from red meat running over thirty miles a week uh and doing loads of other things that were supposed to be healthy but turns out that they weren't I would be easily pushing two hundred pounds right now may or may not have a heart attack I don't know you saw what happened with pot injures cats things aren't getting better from the genetic perspective if you're following the wrong advice if you follow the right advice, I would much rather have a kid right now and pass along these jeans than those and if you care about the future generation, which I do very, very much, then focus a bit on your own health if you ever want to have kids if you have kids right now maybe especially if if you're pregnant or planning on having kids make sure you're getting rid of all that stuff that could hurt you hurt your body and hurt the next generation and those air toxins pesticides gm owes other junk that is far too easy to consume and be exposed to in this modern world so dodge that as much as you possibly can so indulgence is part of this one of the reasons that I don't talk about a cheat day is because like george said, it can encourage people who have had a history of eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia to do things that are not healthy choices for them. So what I encourage people to do is take one or two meals a week and indulge find something that you really, really enjoy, but if you really enjoy donuts, then don't just go to crispy cream or dunkin donuts and get it get a stale donut from the er from the airport convenience store or something else like have the best possible doughnut you possibly could just just have the best. Don't you ever tasted the best way to do that is by trying it out at home. What we have is basically a library of our own recipes and other people's recipes like george that we pulled from, and we eat from there because we know that we love those foods, and so usually on the weekends, we'll have a particularly indulgent kneel or two, maybe we'll do a little car brief feed. This is something we've been doing a lot lately, where we take sweet potatoes, alison's an absolute genius in the kitchen, you take sweet potatoes and use them as buns for a burger. This one, I think, was a beef burger with bacon and cheese on it as well. This one actually might have been egg, you could do it with eggs or turkey, it doesn't really matter, but, you know, people say that, well I don't have anything to eat any more I can't eat hamburgers, I can't drink coffee because it's not paleo I'll tell you what, you can still drink coffee. I don't care if it's paleo or not it's good for you if you have the right kind it's very high in antioxidants, you get clean coffee, you're not going to be consuming a heck of a lot of pesticides or toxins either. People say I can't have pancakes anymore will I eat pan case? They just don't have chemicals in them or wheat flour or anything else that I know of that would hurt me or make me fat. These are totally gluten free, totally really food, and we made them at home and they're absolutely delicious we make him with bananas and sweet potatoes or other real food. This is what really food looks like. A lot of people don't really wouldn't be able to identify some of these foods. A lot of children wouldn't be able to identify these foods, but you should your food should be colorful actually, what this is are the ingredients that go into a soup you can see those rami t bones that we have there, that they're full of connective material on bone marrow and the things that are going to help you have clear, youthful skin, you know, if you look back at eastern medicine the way that they view or the way that some of them view how to fix yourself is if you have a broken kidney or broken liver, then you give me or liver, and so if you're just eating muscle meat, you're not really getting this full spectrum spectrum spectrum of nutrients, but if you focus on eating nails details or knows details and you focus on getting a lot of kinds of veggies in there, then you'll find that your body is getting exactly what it needs. So we mentioned doughnuts earlier these air, some of my favorites, alison just made me some of these for my birthday last week. These air apple cider doughnuts cooked in bacon fat, and I challenge you to find anything better on the face of this earth than apple cider donuts, cook and bacon fat it's, stupid good and so many of these foods are good because flavor comes from nutrients it doesn't come from. I mean, it can come from things that big basically act as excited toxins in your brain and make your neurons fire until they basically break and explode like msg does or pound your face and your palate with salt or trans fat or other chemicals that mimic real foods if you want to be healthy and eat real food and eat the most delicious food of your life. Then you need to start looking at real food and avoid those things that hijack your brain into overeating into eating the same disguised corn and wheat over and over again in different forms of pizza and tacos and chicken nugget things that may or may not have chicken in them. You want to focus on real food and your pallor your palate will reward you by by showing you the best food that you've ever tasted these air some burgers, it's another way that you can eat this is kind of a good illustration of what a fat burning neil would look like. We have burgers here while the game it was probably, you know, wild pasture raised beef or antelope or bore or something. Ah, and it doesn't really matter which one you're eating as long as you're getting that spectrum as long as it was wild and raising the way that nature intended with very colorful veggies as a side that's that's a great example of what are people lunch or maybe dinner would look like and we pizza too it's gluten free something you may have seen yesterday when I was with george that I was wearing a shirt ridiculous meets a shirt you make meets a two it's kind of a joke you could put bacon on top it's delicious the way that you make me tsa is by basically using the crust uh, putting meat as the crest I should say and then covering it with tomato sauce and maybe cheese and loads of veggies on top as well and it's kind of a joke but it's absolutely delicious as well so you can also eat cookies apple pie when you personalize your nutrition fan, you confined foods that work extraordinarily well with your own body that make your brain field rate and then fat loss happens is a side effect building muscle happens is a side effect because all of a sudden you're healthy you're getting out of your body's way so you're not inflamed all the time and you're allowing your body to do what it does best, which is function optimally so you start with an anti inflammatory diet like the one that I described focused on real foods and then you take away your food intolerance is the way that you can do that is either through testing um I know some of you asked where do I do my testing? There are a few great places to do it. My food allergy testing was called a leap m r t test I got that at true health labs dot com there are a lot of other places that you can get that a cz well let's see, you can also do ah thirty day elimination diet off particular foods that might be highly that most people are intolerant of or allergic to that's very effective as well, especially if you combine it with an app or a journal that keeps track of things just don't work well with your body and what you come up with when you combine these two things is your optimal nutrition plan, and this is one that will require a little bit of tweaking on your part, but that's the fun once you find that you can basically whatever you want and you will somehow miraculously, miraculously be healthy and be lean, it just kind of happens like george. I don't know anyone who eats that much bacon, but he obviously maintains his figure despite having the propensity to be over two hundred pounds and put on a bunch of weight he doesn't have, you know, this gift of genetics, he eats loads of ah bacon and deserts and baked goods and all this other stuff, but it's all made with real food that he knows works well with his body. We do the same thing and that's exactly what you khun d'oh! Once you find out exactly what works for you, and you don't even have to do that quite yet, because you don't know what doesn't work for you, you could just start here by avoiding the foods. That assured you earlier you should not be eating and focusing on the ones that you should and you will feel loads better than you did before so once again just very quickly I'm going to show you my job which I'm almost finished with here follow on anti inflammatory nutrition plan engage in some form of fat burning training supplement strategically preferably with riel foods and kind of fill in the gaps with actual supplements as well that may or may not come from ah bottle there's a service that helps you measure where you are the biomarkers that we've been talking about called well miss fx jim keen their founder came on my show which you can find it fat burning man dot com we talk about a lot of the specifics and one thing that I should just say right now obviously two days it's tough to cover all of the things that I'd like tio in such a short period of time but I have seventy plus show's over a year of shows with some of the top people some of the top thinkers in this field at fat burning man dot com and pretty much anything that you have a question about you confined if you go to fat burning man dot com and search for that term on the on the side bar it's it's completely free I want to keep it that way I don't have any corporate sponsors I do this all because I believe in it and I want to help you as much as possible also, if you do enroll in this course, you get my book the wild diet included as part of that that includes all the foods that you should be eating first problem foods and other things think that thank you rusty appreciate it let's see what else so for this piece your job so I should say as well before I forget if you'd like some of our recipes and you have an iphone or an ipad cave man feast is the name of our app it has over two hundred of our recipes of georges recipes is best handpick recipes we use it all the time it's two ninety nine where going to be updating it with more recipes down the road we're also working on an android version which will be out soon and it's not hard to find caveman feast in the app store we also post lots of recipes that civilized cave man cooking dot com which is georgia's website as well as my website fat burning man dot com ok, so let's move on to your job you want to identify and avoid your problem foods adjust this diet to your metabolism you want to eat until you're not hungry anymore but not overeat because what's the point in that you want to eat for the way that you feel not for the way that you look in the way you think it should work and then just to your deficient she's so you can find those usually with with testing like wellness effects there are certain ones that are kind of invisible that we don't even know how to measure yet the best way to address those is by eating your optimized diet, which is nutrient dense and low in toxins, so make sure you're doing that and then adjust to your hormones and conditions. So if your goal is to look like a sumo wrestler, you know how to do that? If your goal is to look like a bodybuilder, we've shown you how to do that as well or if you want to be in that middle section where someone like me and someone like dave asprey george and a lot of us are right now, naturally it's not because we're working out all the time it's not because we're stuffing gross food down our throats all day it's because we're eating foods that make us feel great and we're exercising every once in a while. You know, dave is not a big fan of exercising all the time george has gone back and forth on that, but right now he's not exercising a heck of a lot I'm not either, but I do stick to that rule where I do resistance training once a week I do high intensity exercise about once a week and that's, a great place to maintain. And you can also, if you combined just those two things with a healthy, nutrient dense diet that's low in toxins. Then you can get amazing results to more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.