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Fat Burning Tips

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Introduction to your Health

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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1. Introduction to your Health


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Introduction to your Health

It's so exciting to be here I'm someone who believes in this stuff very passionately it's been a lifelong journey, really. I've always been very interested in health. It didn't work out too well for a while there, but now I think we have some things under control and there's a lot that I can teach you guys and will be teaching you guys in this course that can completely change your life if you put it into practice. So let's just get started with a note to the legal eagles out there. I am not a doctor. I don't give medical advice, although we do have a doctor coming on the show tomorrow, dr sarah, gottfried and she's a firecracker, lots of fun, so she'll be able to answer a lot of those questions. In the meantime, I would like to focus on fat burning tactics, lifestyle things, a lot of the subjects that you folks brought up in the audience before the show, even if it involves butter in the coffee and that sort of thing. All right, so I'm sure a lot of you are very curious about how I lo...

st twenty pounds in forty days, especially by eating bacon, chocolate steak, cheese and even butter by the stick it sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely delicious, and it works I went from being puffy and bloated and uncomfortable not able to sleep at night to someone who was basically in thriving health in just a few weeks on, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that is well, with your own body, I'm also going to show you how you can put on muscle with just a few minutes of exercise a week, not not ours. I know some people in the audience today are used to exercising for hours a day in order to get the results that they had, um, but you can actually do it in a lot less time, and I'm going to show you exactly how I did that and how some other folks that we've coached I've been able to do that as well. Uh, this is how I put on a great deal of muscle without eating. I'm going to show you how you can do that and that's going to be tons of fun. All right, so some of the ms we're going to bust on this is going to be a lot of fun are that you can actually exercise less, eat more and lose fat. You're also gonna learn how you can hack your appetite to eliminate cravings, we program your genes literally to become a fat burner instead of that store experienced superhuman energy, build muscle without eating it, loads of fat and not get fat reduce your risk of disease such as diabetes and cancer through healthy lifestyle change not by starving yourself improve immunity so you don't get sick, reduce allergies, experience clear youthful skin, improve longevity and tons more so here just a few notes from people we've worked with eyes from robert he says, this is my thirty seventh day and it freakin rocks ah wanna from tennessee says my waist and thighs look and feel smaller and this just gets better and better. David in new york says he lost five pounds and five days with no exercise. Then I lost another fifteen and three weeks thanks, abel, and this this is actually something that you can see that's fairly common when people go from meeting the standard american diet to something that actually makes physiological and biological sense. These these feats of losing a lot of weight in a short period of time can happen now, as we move on to this course, I'm going to show you why these these tactics too shed water or lose, you know, like twenty pounds in one night might not be the best option for you folks, but even just by eating a healthy diet and exercising responsibly, sometimes you can perform superhuman feats eso andean virgin in virginia says he's eating like a king, and he lost five pounds in the first week cliff in texas basically he said that this is the easiest thing he's followed in some thirty years of yo yo dieting uh jason this guy's a handball in love this guy I feel vital full of energy every day and super positive I feel like I can achieve anything and that's something that's really important in this when you're when you're looking at changing your diet and your exercise patterns you're actually moving toward a change in your life and this is all a thinly van hold version of how you can change your your life not the tactics of how you convert earn fat or the one perfect exercise that's going to torch fat off your belly I can tell you some of those things but it's not that important if you're not going to do it for the rest of your life what you actually want is a better life you want a better body you want to be more happy and you want a better life you don't want to just torch fat off your body for the rest your life doesn't really make sense and that's something that we're going to be covering a lot to my background is in psychological in brain sciences so I totally nerd out on the mental game and that's something we'll be focusing on quite a bit so in this course you're going to learn specific food types that significantly increased fat burning within your body the true story about what makes us fat and how food manufacturers, diet gurus doctors in the media have actually confused you and following the wrong advice most of the time, the key to losing fat by exercising just a few minutes a week, and the most effective method of nutrient timing to best simulate fat loss and muscle recovery and tons more. All right, so I'm going, tio cover my story a bit here, and I'm the one in the middle, we have my little brother, mark, older brother zack, and you can see from this picture that I wasn't gifted with one hundred percent wonderful genetics from the get go. I was kind of a chubby little kid. I went up and down my weight when I was a, uh, when I was a teenager, you know, some of the weight came off, and I did a lot of athletics and that sort of thing, but over the course of time, it didn't really work out that well, so my background is I grew up in the middle of nowhere in new hampshire, my mom is a holistic nurse practitioner, and any time we got sick or something came up, basically, she'd run in the back yard and get a bunch of herbs and smelly tinctures and bombs, and we would basically use that as the first intervention to help fix us instead of pill popping so that kind of gave me an appreciation for a low turn it thinking as it comes to this sort of thing in in terms of health it also gave me a bit of appreciation for uh, the eastern way of thinking about medicine that you can actually heal the body by working with it instead of throwing pills out and working against it s o that was really interesting it also gave me a bit of of an appreciation for fringe thinking as it comes to this sort of thing so it's time went on that let me down the path of being a vegetarian even a vegan on and off for a few years that was fine for a while but we'll see that it didn't actually work that well for me because of how I was doing it how I was working with my lifestyle. So what happened over the course of time is basically I, uh went to college had a bunch of loans I wanted to pay them off as soon as I possibly could so I took a job in strategy consulting in washington d c and I spent my nights moonlighting learning how to program computers and build websites and I'm also a professional musician so I spent nights and weekends doing that so I was a little bit stressed I was uh in a lot of ways not superhuman at that point my my stress was catching up with me my body was starting to get more and more inflamed I started the hip digestive issues so of course I went to my doctor and I'm just like, what can I do about this? Um he said eat less and exercise more I think a lot of you folks are familiar with that sort of terminology unfortunately it doesn't work he also said take all of these drugs and this this is a list that basically stacked up over time it started small and expensive basically went to huge and catastrophically expensive and I think a lot of people are probably familiar with that as well, but once I left d c I moved to austin, texas and I experienced some lifestyle changes there is playing maura music I was getting even more sick. I wasn't really sure what was going on because the diet that I was falling was exactly what my doctor record recommended. What the magazine's recommend on basically what conventional wisdom recommends is a healthy diet uh but what happened was I it all came to a head when I came home one night to my apartment building in austin and it was up in a thirty foot wall of flames and I lost absolutely everything save the clothes I was wearing on my body and it was devastating that was basically brought back to zero you know, being a full time musician lost all my instruments is working on a new cd lost that all of my work stuff all my clothes on my books and then my life took a riel turn for the worst and that's when I got kidney stones high blood pressure um that basically, you know, this has been building for quite some time, but it was getting worse and worse and worse to the point where I was supposed to take this laundry list of drugs to fix all of these problems. So in my early twenties, when you're supposed to be thriving and health in your prime I was falling apart I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high body fat ah broken thyroid we couldn't raise my body temperature above ninety six degrees some doctor said, oh don't worry about it it doesn't really mean anything other said we'll take all these drugs or do this or that or that he's very intense interventions that didn't seem like a good healthy decision at the time I also had ramp rampant inflammation you can see it in some of my pictures coming up that my face did not look like it looks now it was round and puffy and moon shaped and uh I also had you know, like I said poor sleep excruciating kidney stones and so I just decided that I would fire my doctor and try to figure this out by myself with everything else out of control in my life. You know, I understand that I need a pet project. I need something to distract me to try. Teo teo, fix it, improve my life so I can look forward instead of back. And what I found was it's. Not not all as it seems. The advice that I was following might not have been right on point. So I stuck my nose deep in the research and basically went back to my background and psychological and brain sciences. Read medical journals, bodybuilding forums, underground journals, every diet book I could get my hands on, interviewed bodybuilders, and and basically everything in between. I also experimented on myself like a frickin lab rat. Uh, you know, I was taking my blood measuring glucose measuring inflammation, other biomarkers, I was doing all of this myself. I didn't have a doctor in austin who I worked with through this or trusted. I'm just like I need to figure this out. I think that there's something I can do because clearly this healthy diet that my doctor recommends is not working. The short story is my healthy diet was actually causing me to be fat and sick. The very advice that I was following tio eat a super low fat almost zero dietary cholesterol diet made up of lots of heart healthy whole grains and other things that are supposed to be protective of of your heart on nurture your body or starve your body whatever that's supposed to make you thin and lean and get rid of your blood pressure and other problems that you might have this was actually at the root the very root of what was making me fat and sick so the interesting thing about that is that it was hard following a diet we're eating nothing but cardboard is not enjoyable it's uh it's miserable and I think a lot of people have experienced that they go from diet to diet from one thing to another slogan cabbage soup or you know eating out of nothing but tiny little packages from your freezer and all these others fad weird diets they might start for a little while and you might drop a few pounds but they come right back and usually they come back with a vengeance so I decided to do exactly the opposite of what my doctor told me I would do the things that were supposed to stop my heart and make me keel over in my early twenties and this is what happened in forty days I went from being fat sick and puffy and definitely going down like here I was certainly not obese but I know that I was going down the path if I look at my genetics some of the folks in my family that in there you know, as they made it toward thirty er their blood pressure went up there they started to experience a lot of problems in terms of biomarkers with their heart putting on weight more waiting more wait till you cross two hundred I was headed down that path and I felt like crap, you know, within a few weeks I felt vibrant and awesome and all these things that I thought were a part of who I was like not being able to sleep at night uh like having kidney stones or a puffy face or acne um or high blood pressure because it's genetic all these things that were supposed to be a part of who I wass just because I was getting older, my genetics or something, they disappeared and all of a sudden I'm like jacked in ripped out of nowhere and I'm like, what in the world is going on? Looking at my face I look like a completely different person on dh people who ran into me uh they're just there they say that they were like I barely even recognize you one of the reasons that I have scruff on my face right now is because I look like I'm twelve years old when I shave because I just keep getting younger it's bizarre but it's wonderful on dh this is something that is actually fairly common once you start getting these dietary and and lifestyle things in order it's actually not that difficult anyone can do it and I highly encourage you to start doing it right now. Now this is opposed to diets, which I think you know coming into a fat burning course, you're probably expecting something like that that's not what I'm going to teach you this is not a diet diets teach you that you can be lean, maybe thin, emaciated, but only if you're miserable and it's usually something that you can't do forever if you do it forever, you're starving yourself, you're you're wasting away and as soon as you start eating away um, after the diet has done, then you start gaining tons of weight because your metabolism has down regulated and it's just a complete mess. It didn't work clearly, so then you start your viewing going back and forth from diet to die, not a good plan. Ninety seven percent of diets fail the way that I actually started my my podcast was I went to folks who had compelling stories to share people who actually were in that three percent people who are able to lose weight a significant amount of weight eye looks for people who had lost at least one hundred pounds and been able to keep it off for five years, and there are a few of them out there, and I found them and I interviewed them like, how in the world did you do this? And that basically gave me a lot of perspective about how there are different ways that you can do it? It doesn't have to be dogmatic it's not about one tactic or one specific food, one diet it's about a pattern of behavior that actually enables this to happen in this course. I'm going to show you that the obesity epidemic is not a problem of willpower. People aren't just sitting down and stuffing their faces and lazy and that's why they're fat in fact, it could be quite the opposite. A lot of things that you're doing that you think are healthy are actually causing you to have metabolic disorder inflammation on all sorts of other things, so it if you follow these protocols, the ones that I recommend as a lifestyle change, there won't be any calorie counting. There won't be any marathon workouts, no drugs, no necessary drugs. I should say, if you have a medical condition that I'm not going, you stop taking your drugs, but you don't need to take any drugs to torch fat off your body certainly not miracle potions or gizmos like ab rollers or anything like that they're also won't be any super human willpower or gloom this is going to be fun so now I eat more and I exercise less and I eat the most delicious food whoever had it's awesome so a little bit about what I do now eso after I turned my own health around basically spent years researching the best ways tio teo burn fat as well as build muscle as well as improve your life so that you can maintain this for the rest of your life I decided that it was actually fairly straightforward this this advice um is not that complicated it's not difficult to follow I was shocked by how many people actually know that this is exactly how it works if you want to lose weight people who are bodybuilders or celebrities the celebrity secrets if you will these are what I'm going to be teaching you and they're not secrets at all it's just there is so much misinformation out there so much noise that no one knows what the heck is going on basically we have these these commercials that are telling us to do certain things we have doctors telling us to do the same wrong things we have the media coming at us and telling us to absolutely keep doing this and it doesn't work so what I decided to do was write a book you know, as a consultant I felt like I wasn't really fulfilling my life's goal to change the world and help people I felt like it wasn't enough and as soon as I started doing this I started my blawg um and I started my podcast shortly thereafter and I started getting e mails from people and these air right next to the e mails that I was getting for my strategy consulting job that the federal government and bureaucratic nonsense and some of the e mails that I would get would basically be like able you have changed my life I've lost twenty pounds this month my aunt lost a bunch of weight all of a sudden my my uncle is off his diabetes medication type two diabetes his doctor says he doesn't know what happened thank you so much and then they asked me a bunch of other questions about you know how what else show you what else can I do and then like next of that it's just like responding to these e mails for my day job that way to set up a meeting to talk about this meeting that you're having on tuesday but we met haven't bean discuss that it's just like I'm looking at that email next this other one and I'm like I can't do this anymore I need to tell people that there is a better way to live it's so important and it's so easy and basically right now you're seeing two types of people in this country right? The people who are getting better and most of the people who are getting worse and I think that we found a solution it's an old one it's not mine it's something that I discovered along the way after trying on myself and it's something that everybody deserves to know health is a right children being obese is not cool the way that things were going is wrong and I think that we can do a heck of a lot better so I started my podcast on dh within the first month at hit number two in the u s and when jillian michaels and me and I was like holy smokes maybe there's something to this so what I try to do with with my show and with my work is basically bring in some of the best thinkers in this field of nutrition, psychology, medicine, science a cz well as other fields it's very multi disciplinary and have passionate discussions about how we can improve our lives and improve the lives of people at large as well as educate people that what you're hearing right now conventional wisdom doesn't work the secrets to health aren't they might in fact may make you sick so it's been an incredible journey having show it's totally free if you guys haven't checked it out it's a fat burning man dot com I encourage you to take a listen at some point but it's something that I have absolutely believe in I and I don't teach that I'm a guru and I have all the answers I teach that this is the journey and nobody has all the answers if they have if they claim to have all the answers then run away it they don't nobody does I mean to say it again this is not a diet it's a lifestyle this is extraordinarily important if you if you look at the people who have actually lost weight over time or maintain lean body mass over time they all subscribe to this it's their lifestyle that makes it happen is not some crazy pill or door gadget or potion or anything like that it's how they lived their lives decisions they make every day so just to be clear thiss is extraordinarily fun and delicious I enjoy cheesecake, single malt scotch, occasional cigars too much wine and weekly feasts these air a few pictures of some of the foods that we make it home my lovely girlfriend alison is in the audience she is responsible for a lot of these delicious meals thank goodness the's air apple cider doughnuts I just had these the other day for my birthday that absolutely delicious this is what real food looks like. A lot of people haven't really seen this sort of thing before. I'm going to be introducing it to you. These air cookies made without gluten or additives or chemicals or anything like that, and they're absolutely delicious. This is my dog about to eat one of alison's apple pies, so just this's show that I haven't, you know, gone off my rocker and completely lost it since, you know, ah, lost the weight and turn my life around. A few years ago, we decided, actually, we didn't even really decide I was just outside doing my workout in my backyard, which I usually do, and allison was running around with the camera she's like, hey, you want to take a few pictures? And I'm like, sure, these ridiculous shorts, but yeah, why not, eh? So this is a completely unplanned photo shoot, as you can tell from the shorts, and this is from, I believe, the night before we had a particularly and doug indulgent dinner with dessert and wine. I think it was something like roasted lamb with sweet potato, and some pie or cookies is usually what we have, and then a dry red wine, so it's not like I was doing anything to prepare for a shoot, I certainly wasn't doing any of the tricks that a lot of the body builders do our celebrities, water shedding, taking diabetics to basically make your skin shrink and look nice and thin and didn't do any of that. No fake tans, just ridiculous shorts, and clearly it works. If you want a body, if if you're young and healthy, you can have a body that looks great. It's not I was not starving myself. Alikhan alison can attest to that. And anyone who knows made george he's going to be on this afternoon. He is a big fan of food. We are absolute foodies. That's the real reason that we do all of this and they all can attest that I am not someone to dodge food ever, unless I'm fasting. But we get to that later. Uh, so once you understand how your body works, you can actually look great by living well, not by starving yourself and here's. The cool thing that science is starting to back up a lot of this stuff you can actually hack your genes to burn fat instead of store it. The field of epi genetics is extraordinarily exciting because what we're looking at is almost a type of micro evolution, so the way that we formerly thought about the body and change over time is evolution, right? And that's it takes generations for that happen for mutations toe happen and that's what's driving the change toward being able to survive. What we actually have found in the past few years is that we're changing all the time we're turning on or turning off certain genes that are expressed in completely different ways. So genes that could give you cancer genes that could be protective against cancer genes that make you I have muscles or not genes that regulate your metabolism. All these things are actually turned on and off by the way you live your life every single day by the food that you put into your body. I'm going to show you that food isn't just something that you shoving your mouth in the front seat of your car, it's information and your body uses it to adapt to your external and internal environment. This is extraordinarily important, so one of these studies that first demonstrated this on a large scale was actually from dr ornish, who is very polarizing, even in, you know, by stands in my field. But what he showed is that through lifestyle change, it only took three months on they were looking at folks who might have or might develop prostate cancer. Three months of lifestyle change resulted in weight loss, stress reduction as well as and this is where it gets really interesting forty eight up regulated and five hundred forty three down regulated jeans. What that means is that these are exactly the same genes that I had before you know that excuse that I had all you know I come from a long line of burly, barrel chested mountain man I'm just supposed to get fat as I get older, I have the same genes now I'm not fat, I maintain a low body fat by eating better than I ever have mohr food than I ever have and it's absolutely fantastic so that excuse that you hear from people or that excuse that you hear from your your doctor or someone else who might be very well meaning in their advice but it's completely wrong that your genetics dictate every single thing that happens to you over the course the rest your life in your diet doesn't matter they're just wrong and I'm going to show you why your diet does matter and matters much more than most people think. In fact, eighty four percent of your your body fat lost your body composition actually comes from diet, not from exercise that's extraordinarily important to remember as we go through this on your genetics definitely play a role I'm not going to downplay that at all but at the same time you're not locked into your genetics in the same way that most people think that we are you can change the way that your body expresses itself the way that your body is made up you can I mean one example of how your body adapts is just if you go from not lifting weights toe lifting weights you get muscles that's kind of what happens if you do it right? I mean like this is something that you can do and you can see if you eat lots of veggies and not a heck of a lot of process crap then you lose weight that's something you can also see your body's adapting constantly let's make sure that it's adapting in the right direction so I assure you that being lean is actually natural you know what we're seeing in in our country in the world at large that's following closely behind america is that we're out of touch this is ridiculous and unprecedented the amount of obesity childhood diabetes, diabetes and large cancer all sorts of disorders that they're popping up all over the place no one knows why they think it's just kind of happening it's not just happening we're doing the wrong things there are things that we can do better there's a lot that we can learn there's a lot that we can learn from looking to our past I'm going to encourage folks to do just that so a lot of people are record recognized me is one of the major players in the paleo movement or ancestral health movement they ask me if I'm one hundred percent paleo and if I eat like a cave man on dh, I laugh at that I say yes, I do eat bacon it's delicious you chalk but you and I also smoke cigars and drink scotch so no, I don't live exactly like a cave man a drive a car live in a house I have a dog I don't necessarily do cave paintings or anything like that it's become a joke really it's been pushed to the fringe by traditional media and a lot of people who kind of say this is a ridiculous fat eating like a human has always eaten is not a fad it all that's what being a human is that's what being healthiest? So years ago there was a man named weston a price and he went around looking at how to improve dental health. It was actually a dentist and so he went to traditional cultures around the world and basically looked at how they live, what was different in their cultures across them as well as how is that different from what we're doing now or what we were doing that what he found was that humans and traditional cultures had little disease often no disease really strong teeth and jaws which is important because basically your teeth are exposed bones so if you have unhealthy teeth if you see it and you watch those documentaries about drug addicts or something like that, you can see that they have these little big to being teeth that's not indicative of good health it's kind of a demonstration when you have healthy teeth that you also have healthy bones so that's really important they also found the humans in traditional cultures had to lean muscular physiques exactly what we're looking to have now um what they also found uh and this is this is well understood by anthropologists and archaeologists ahs well that the transition away from being a hunter gatherers resulted in a decrease in human stature, bone density, dental development, overall health as well as an increase in birth defects, malnutrition, degenerative disease and all sorts of other things that you don't really want. This is something that's uh not really that well understood today by most people they think that agriculture basically was a solution to health. Agriculture was basically a solution that allowed more people to exist but more people were malnourished because of it. People are relying today on foods that are products of agriculture on more specifically products of industrial agriculture that we aren't well adapted to handle at all our bodies in some ways adapt fairly quickly like I was telling you before in terms of epa genetics but in other ways are mighty mighty conjugal dna and that sort of thing it takes a long time for us to go from eating wild the game tio eating twinkies or ho hos or drive through slurpees this stuff we're not really well adapted to eat it at all in fact, that breaks us so a lot of people want to know what what is the paleo diet anyway? It's basically the opposite of cinnabon s so this is a ben diagram that's kind of indicative of what it looks like to eat like a caveman which is nothing in common is what most people are eating today, especially in airports and convenience stores and that sort of thing. Now, um when we extend the conversation about whether or not I'm paleo I'm very quick to say that the ancestral diet is not a magic bullet what the ancestral diet is would pale you is is not died at all it's looking at well, how should humans eat? You know what? What is the paradigm that we should follow in order to eat correctly for our biology, for our genes, for lifestyles and uh, it's basically comparing that with most of the advice that we're following today that I'm going to be getting into in the next presentation that's going to be the fun part which is based upon, you know, science but not actual science, as it turns out, um, so when you look at ancestral eating and living compared to the advice that we're following today, one comes from something that we've been doing for tens hundreds of thousands of years. Another comes from this this nascent science that is not well understood, that has incredible complexities to it, that, in fact, a lot of people are trusting right now when, when they shouldn't be so in general, the ancestral template is just that a template, a paradigm that you follow that that says, is this food healthy or not? Did it come from the earth? Has been manhandled, or has it been manipulated by man or machine? Does? Is it covered in chemicals and solvents in that sort of thing? Or is it completely natural? On def? You apply that paradigm to modern eating. You can solve a lot of your problems, because what that does is if if a cave man would have eaten it, it's a simple way to think about it just psychologically, then you can eat it, and if you wouldn't have, then don't it's probably not good for you, so it has its appeal. It also has barely has a very significant pr problem it's a joke, um, so I'd like not to focus on that too much one of the coolest things that we're seeing today, though, and I'm sure a lot of you folks out there who are familiar with my work or mark system to rob wolf for a lot of other folks in the field were doing great work. Um, that paleo as a community has basically subsumed all of these other community, so now we have this terminology to work with, which is kind of cool. We have our own community and it's subsumed, you know, farm to table eating the whole animal, eating local a cz well, as you know, paleo primal ah ancestral weston a price a bit. All these people are kind of getting together, we're having conferences, we're talking about how we can move this forward because basically what we're seeing are the the people who want to keep things exactly the same and try to fight fire with fire and saying, yeah, obesity is getting worse, but at least we're, you know, eating low fat and eating the right foods is like, no, we're not this is not working, and then we have this other whole field of people who are trying to drive this forward, and yes, maybe some of it isn't quite supported by science yet, but how could it be, um the science in this field is itself a joke that's starting to change, we're starting to see much more excitement in the scientific communities around a lot of these hypotheses that we should eat like human should, but we're a long way to go, so I'm going to be talking about that a lot later in my presentation as well. So I'm going to show you is that it's extraordinarily important too? Not just follow dogmatically some sort of diet or nutrition if ice but actually personalize your entire lifestyle, including diet and training and everything else? I can't tell you exactly what's going to work for you, nobody can, um you shouldn't be disappointed by that at all it's a lot of fun to figure out exactly what works for you what I can do is basically show you what works for the vast majority of people, what makes absolute sense as well what won't work for you and just taking those things out that definitely won't work for you can get you halfway there sometimes a lot further than that. Just stop eating things out of boxes is great advice for someone just getting started and you find that you know you're losing five pounds in the first week and then goes on and on and all of a sudden your health turns around so sometimes following very simple advice could getyou huge results but if you want this to be a lifelong journey, which you should, then you actually want to identify and eliminate your problem foods. So this is where it gets pretty interesting, where I distance myself a bit from, uh, from strict paleo what this is, is, uh, a food sensitivity test that I took it from my own blood, and we look at the food dhs that my body reacts to in a very negative way, that my immune system attacks and seizes an invasion to my own body, what you see here, and what I was very surprised to learn was that a lot of these foods that I'm highly reactive to are, in fact, paleo their foods that humans have been eating for a very long time. The problem is they make me inflamed and sick, we'll see why being inflamed is something you absolutely want to avoid, because that's, the thing that actually leads to heart disease, cholesterol and some of these other biomarkers can be useful in some cases, but most of this stuff, it doesn't really matter unless you have inflammation throughout your body, and this isn't like spraining your ankle inflammation or, you know when something swells up, you can see it in terms of an injury, this is chronic inflammation that you carry within your your bloodstream within your blood vessels that makes you more prone to disease and all sorts of problems over the course of your life it's basically a huge stressor and you're not going to live quite as long you're certainly not going to live as well if you have chronic inflammation, so this is kind of cool it's it's a little bit depressing it's also kind of cool what I found I was eating grapefruit fairly often when I took this test and this is for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing I g as well as I g e testing so I was eating grapefruit alison's folks live on a great fruit orchard the growth all in their backyard super cool every time I went there I'm just like taking all these great fruit and super stokes because the really delicious problem is I'm highly reactive to them um that was interesting all live highly reactive to that two bummer because that's in pretty much every paley in food there is can't dodge that string beans who knew mushroom now this doesn't I should say this doesn't specify the exact type of mushroom I'm going to explain why it's very important in a wide variety of food especially heirloom foods older foods because that's the thing that allows you to have a lot of access to nutrients and not as much access to toxins and other things that could cost problems like this um there was some other this isn't the complete analysis of my blood work but also t green tea is something is supposed to be very good for you you're supposed to have every day you know it's gonna help you burn fat um it's also going to make me inflamed if I have it everyday so what you see is the red is that I'm very reactive basically don't touch this stuff maybe for a few months maybe for a few years maybe for the rest of your life what the yellow says is well yeah back off for a little while you can probably eat this over the course of time once you heal your gut and get some other things in order but back off a little bit when you do read into introduce it you want to eat a little bit at a time and not particularly often maybe a couple times a week um hops that's in beer I had a heck a lot a lot of that when I was a student at dartmouth and uh also it turns out I had a lot of corn in that beer we didn't drink the best type of stuff tapioca that's a weird one um american cheese which isn't even jesus all like there's a very good chance that I was reacting to all of the chemicals that make up what is called american cheese because I lived on cheez wiz in college um honey that's one that is also in a bunch of paleo foods a lot of ancestral foods I was taking a bee pollen supplement basically just eating beep on because it's so full of of nutrients supposed to be great for you one of those super foods not great for me as it turns out, andi even some of these other ones like reactive to coat coconut and some of the other proteins here green is basically okay. Another really interesting thing is that as part of my testing for this we tested for a bunch of different chemicals on food at additives and I remember when I was a teenager like a lot of us I had acne and uh went to go get oh, I talked to my mom you know, who's that ballistic various practitioner who you will see and some of these later presentations on like mom, I think I need some acting medication I think may get some clear is ill or something like that she is like no, no, no don't do that it's full of chemicals that's not something is going to help you probably won't even get rid of your acne. Yeah, whatever mom, I'm going to get it so skip ahead decades over a decade and she was totally right I'm highly reactive to the chemicals they use in these products and not just in acne medication but in a lot of household cleaners toxins that come from pollution and chemicals that you see sprayed over everything from food to furniture I'm highly reacted to those things could you clarify what you mean by highly reactive? There are some folks in the trial of homework sure exactly what you meant so basically being reactive to something means that your body sees it as, uh an invader and so you're having an immune response so any time you have a remote than an immune response to something you get run down when you get run down you're more prone to disease to a cz well it increases inflammation in your body which is very bad so does that answer the question that's perfect they get sweet um so we'll get into this a little bit more later I'll explain how you folks could do this whether you have access to a test like this which is I think when I got this one it was about three hundred forty dollars so it's not cheap but it's it's a great bang for your buck if you're learning to trying to improve your health you can also do this completely without testing doing it by yourself through an elimination diet which is basically going back to an anti inflammatory diet for a period of time on avoiding foods that are typically causing inflammation or reaction in most people and that's where it gets interesting for me too because um dairy isn't something that's really accepted is healthy by the paleo community or ancestral community, although that's starting to change, which is pretty cool and it's not something that I react to really it all it turns out I can eat way and most cheese as long as it's not american chief and I do just fine you know, I I've been known to drink a heck of a lot of heavy cream and enjoy every second of it I have a lot of butter I love yogurt, ricotta cheese you know that the fattier and richer it is, the more I like it and it turns out it actually plays nice with my body a two leased for now we'll get into why that might not always be the case uh, as well as eggs that's, something that a lot of people can react to, I eat a lot of them, I love it. Um, thank goodness for that. All right, so this is very important over the course of time you don't have to do this right away because you need quite a bit of information about yourself and everybody reacts in order to do this effectively, you want to personalize your nutrition plan so basically what we're looking at here, the anti inflammatory diet is something that is close to the ancestral temple it it's if you know that your body doesn't react well to a particular food of course you're getting rid of it food allergies are actually a little bit different than what I just showed you the I g testing compared to g food allergies or something that are not quite as common although they're becoming more common where you actually you know your face swells up your throat closes and that's a severe acute reaction this or testing that are showing you is mohr of the chronic inflammation and reaction that happens in your body over the course of time so those are two different things so don't think that just because you eat honey in your throat doesn't close up that you're not reacting to it in fact you might be reacting to it very very much so the anti inflammatory diet is where you want to start I'm going to show you why that's the best place to start um and then you want to basically remove all of your foods that don't work well for you and those are going to be completely different for you or you or me and that's the fun because you know I can chuck heavy cream other people can't and other people conjugate olive oil or have a lot of honey that's that's cool that's we're all very different there are certainly similarities but we're all very different and we should celebrate those differences you know if you have a body that's built to be a marathon runner you probably shouldn't be do like try to be uh powerlifter in the olympics follow what your body does best eat the foods that you like the most that work within your plan and that's what we get out here you're optimal nutrition plan and that's something that no one will be able to tell you unless you have a team of rock stars around you that we're gonna be talking about that a little bit later was talking to one of our guest this morning about that team of rocks are so you know exactly how your body works doctors, trainers, scientists people measuring your blood and that's where it gets really cool so generally for most of us will have to do a bit of this ourselves for some lucky few we might have a lot of information but then you actually have to do it yourself you have to follow it so it's not just about getting a bunch of information you know quantified self we're gonna be talking about this quite a bit tomorrow afternoon when my friend dave asprey comes on this show the bulletproof execs who I know a lot of you know and are excited about we're going to talking about quantified self collecting information about your own body and your own life but you actually have to use this information that's where the real power comes from once again my protocols are a paradigm not dogma question everything, even what I say, it's, very important for your own journey, it's something I do all the time. I even go back to my own books, my older shows, and I re evaluate, well, was that really true, you know, like, how can we? Can we see if I was a little bit wrong about this, or what? If we tried this, you need to do that yourself to over the course of your life, that's, where you really learn.

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Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

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Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.