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Fat Burning Tips

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Optimizing your Diet

Abel James

Fat Burning Tips

Abel James

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2. Optimizing your Diet


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Optimizing your Diet

I'm gonna show you how you can follow on anti inflammatory nutrition plan which is based on the ancestral template but also is a little bit different because not everything that you eat that's old is good not everything that you eat that is new is bad there are some pretty cool things that are happening in bio hacking and technology that allow you to actually use science really science that shows that certain foods or even portions of foods can be really good for you supplementation is a terrific example of this we live in a completely different world than the one we used to so issuing all modern technology might not be the best plan if you want to have optimal health you need to kind of look at solutions wherever they may maybe even if you don't like them which happens to be something I'm going to show you how you can engage in fat burning training and uh like I said before it's not what most people think basically chaining yourself to a treadmill every day or for hours at a time it t...

urns out is not the best way to loose that it's not really the best way to live it's actually not the best way to extend your life or anything like that it might actually be detrimental to your longevity as well as supplementing strategically to fill in all the gaps in your diet so this might not mean synthetic nutrients. In fact, most of those don't work particularly well. Some do. The thing is about supplementation is that your body doesn't just absorb one thing. In fact, it might not absorb it all what it really needs, what it responds to is getting access to not only the nutrient or micronutrient itself, but the co factors that come along with it, allow your body to absorb it. So if you were just kind of blindly supplementing with synthetic nutrients or basically most multi vitamins that you see out there on the shelf, you're just getting expensive p most of the time, and in fact, you might be damaging yourself in the process because some of these nutrients are toxic and they'll build up in your system. Other ones basically are excreted very quickly, especially if you don't absorb them. You don't have the co factors that come along with them, so I'm going to show you how you can supplement strategically, um, in a way that allows you to fill in the gaps in your diet, and some of the supplementation can actually come from real foods. Most of my supplementation comes from foods that I'm using a supplement, so like the people on this kind of an example, turns out I wasn't following the right one for me that's really important do that's why it needs to be customized and this is your job the bottom here. So the first thing you need to do are something that you need to do over the course of time is identify and then avoid your problem foods. They're different for everybody, and this is kind of cool to over the course of time, certain foods that might work really well for you don't work anymore. So gary tubbs was on my podcast. He wrote how we get fat, good calories, bad calories, one of leading thinkers in in this era of modern nutrition, and so he is on my show and, you know, he's supposed to be this health guru who knows all of the research front to back you spent years writing his books about how we get fat and all of a sudden he found himself twenty pounds overweight and he hadn't changed anything in his diet at all. He basically had been doing the same thing what he understood to work very well for his own body and in order to keep the weight off, uh and he found he put on the weight anyway and so he's like, ok, what can I do, what what is causing this right now? So he looked at lifestyle factors and we all have that we all have stress you know, I didn't sleep particularly well last night unfortunately, even though I'm going to be preaching about how important it is when you're traveling when you're writing when you're stressed out it's tough to have that all the time so that's not really a factor that he could control that much, but his food was one that was pretty easy to control and and test so he, you know, basically added some things in took other things out and went after the answers of what might be behind this uh, this fat game and he had heavy cream in the morning and he'd been doing this for decades really well loved it in his coffee and as soon as he took that out all of a sudden that over the course of a few weeks the fat melted off once again and so it's something that he had been doing his entire life for whatever reason his body doesn't like it anymore it doesn't work anymore on so that's really important to recognize because your problem foods might not just be problem foods right now, it might turn out to be the case that you know, years from now I can go back to the great fruit orchard and pick a bunch of moment with them and be just fine, but in the meantime you know it's no skin off my back if I eat an orange instead of a great fruit that's just fine with me, but that's part of the journey that's part of the fun and if gary talibs has to do it than you do to also you need to adjust, you're optimized diet to your own metabolism, you know, if I'm running marathons like I used to do it's, I'm not going to be eating the same way that I do now it's not appropriate anymore because I'm not burning through enormous amounts of energy in order to run thirty miles a day just doesn't make sense same thing with people who are of different ages or different genetic predispositions when you go to a restaurant it's kind of absurd that you know, alison, who I'm generally eating with is served exactly the same portion as me because she's two thirds of my size has a lot smaller of ah frame and also doesn't work out the same way that I do doesn't carry nearly the amount of lean mass she's completely different hormones, smaller stature, all this stuff. So the fact that we would both be eating the same food at the same restaurant no matter how appropriate that food is for our bodies is kind of ridiculous, you know, the portions that we see in america are inappropriate for most of us um and I know I said that that and I'll be saying mohr that calories aren't really the thing that we need to be worrying about but the amount of food that you eat the amount of energy that you consume is important too fat loss understanding that is is just common sense I mean if you eat loads and loads of food all the time then you're probably going to have an excess of nutrients andan, excess of carbs and fats and other things like that so the very fact that most people just kind of eat the same portions whatever is served to them um once you get around that you find that it's a lot easier to maintain your body mass there's a wonderful book um about why french women don't get fat that I enjoy even reading a za man I think a lot of men could learn from it as well and it's it's basically just an exercise in not moderation but common sense if you have a super rich breakfast uh and then you're not really hungry later or even if you are you have a light dinner have a light lunch it doesn't make sense that you would be just shoving food down your face all day one of the biggest reasons that we're doing that right now is because of foods that we are eating are designed to make us more hungry that's what you'll find a lot in restaurant food and packaged food they're designed to be palatable so that you want to eat more because eating less doesn't generally make a lot of money for the people who are trying to make money from you eating food although the rest of them exceptions to that like one hundred calorie packs what a genius marketing decision that was where you can basically give people less and less and less food and charge them more money for the same thing so sometimes that there are exceptions there but the simple fact is you need to adjust the amount of food that you eat the type of food that you eat how many carbs specifically to your own metabolism and that's affected by your body composition your your genetic makeup you know that the size of your bones so I'm built completely differently then someone who's rail thin as well as someone who is bigger boned so we should be eating differently exercising differently it's really important you also want to adjust to your own deficiencies which kind of ties into that they're with supplementation we all have different ones we were raised in various places our bodies we have different gut bacteria that help us absorb certain things or give us problems and make it so we can absorb other things so you really want to make sure that you find and adjust to your particular deficiencies there lots different ways that you can measure for that I'll show you how and, uh, they aren't always the one that you I predict there are some predictable ones, you know, most of us today don't have enough vitamin d, vitamin a k to omega three's, we're having far too many omega sixes, enough omega threes and the list kind of goes on and on magnesium aa lot of us today, um, as a result of industrial farming practices, eat food that comes from soil that was basically deficient to begin with. So magnesium is a big one that basically seen disappear. There have been various estimates about nutrients in the soil or the lack thereof over the course of time, and in the past few decades, especially after petro chemicals were added to the industrial farming practice and we moved to mono culture or single crops. Basically, we burned up all the nutrients in the soil, so we're looking at, you know, seventy, eighty percent less of these nutrients that our bodies are built to handle well and need to survive and thrive were basically not getting them from our food anymore. So it's really important to find what your deficiencies are there some that most of us just have as a result of being humans today there are other ones, their specific to you, and then you also want to adjust to your hormones and hormones are not that sexy unless you're watching those new commercials come out having low t where you get to drive a muscle car and like look all cool and hang out with hot chicks his hormones are something that you don't necessarily need to worry about but you need to be conscious of the one of the biggest inputs into fat loss or fat gain is in fact not even the foods that you're eating or the training per se that you're doing or anything like that it's how your body responds to that it's the hormones that regulate how your body responds to those thanks was really important to keep those in check make sure that you have a healthy level of testosterone leptin grill in and all sorts of other hormones and other natural pieces of your body that are in well ordered fashion and that are working correctly in the way that they should in the human body so this is something that like reducing course all they're definitely lifestyle changes that you can make in order make sure that that happens but there are other things that you can measure more specifically if you have a medical condition for example so it's really important to get with someone who knows exactly what they're talking about on dh tryto hack this stuff for your own body to make sure that you're eating the correct diet for you and your home hormones and conditions to address your deficiencies to adjust to your metabolism and your goals as well. I mean, if you want to be super lean, then you're not going to be eating the same way that if you want to put on loads of muscle it's completely different and I will show you how I did it, um to basically take myself down to that, I walk around it like one seventy generally one sixty seven, one, seventeen feel healthy, I feel vibrant at that level. I took myself down to like one forty eight when I was running marathons because you don't need the extra weight, you just want to kind of be lean and very skinny because you don't need all that muscle that at the same time you want, sometimes you want to build muscle, it totally depends on what your goals are. Um, so you need to pay attention to your diet in order to meet those goals a cz well, as obviously identifying and avoiding your problem foods, even if I say that a food is the best thing since sliced bread, which pretty much everything is, uh, you want to make sure that you're avoiding it if it doesn't work for you, but I will show you these three things and I'll coach you through how you configure out these bottom ones, but no one can do this for you. Except for you, so a running theme throughout all of this is that I don't teach people what to think. I teach people how to think sometimes it's just a simple matter of showing people that it's important to think for yourself because I think a lot of us have kind of just conditioned ourselves to be like, oh, oh, yeah, okay, we'll follow that advice, especially when it comes to medical doctors and I'm certainly not against doctors. Like I said, my mom's, a nurse practitioner, I know a lot of wonderful doctors, especially in this community who are very great people, they do great work, but a lot of folks, I don't understand that that doctors aren't really well coached in nutrition. We'll learn a bit more about doctors themselves as it relates to nutrition in the next presentation, where I completely freak you out and it's important to know that you can't just follow advice. It doesn't matter what that advice is, even if the advice is right, because at some point over the course of your life, advice might become wrong. So whenever you encounter a new situation, you have to know how to think not what to do you need to figure out what to d'oh. You know, so if I tell you exactly what exercise everyone needs to do right now to burn fat, I could tell you there are some that work but like it's not gonna work for some people like I'm not going to tell someone who's four hundred pounds who desperately needs to lose loads of wait to do a burpee right now, it doesn't make sense, but if someone wants to build muscle and they weigh one hundred twenty pounds, then maybe that does make sense. So when you find yourself in a mexican restaurant with a bunch of your friends and they have chips sitting in front of you and then you're presented with the menu, I don't want to say order the guacamole and the beef. I want to say, this is how you navigate this situation because it's a difficult situation and, you know, five years from now, fifteen years from now, it's going to be completely different. So we're going to be covering maura about how to think, how to react to these unpredictable situations, to make sure that you're always acting in your own best interest. So if you follow a diet that works well with your body, if you avoid inflammatory foods problem foods, if you start training effectively. This is what we coach people to do this is what a lot of people who are in this field some of whom will be coming on this show, dave asprey is another person who who basically advocates a a diet that is very close to the one that that I recommend jarden john berardi is someone who's been on my show excellent, excellent work I know some folks in the audience have already started working with him these are the results that you could expect if you switch away from the standard american diet something that works well for you almost effortless fat loss and effortless is is a bit of a problem word nothing has ever effortless but it's a heck of a lot different than dieting and starving yourself so you might be losing fat without even really trying just by eating foods that worked well for your own body, less water retention and puffiness when you see people who are inflamed like I used to be, you can see, you know, you kind of see those jowls and the puffiness around the cheeks. The thing that actually makes you look lean and healthy isn't necessarily being skinny. I'm sure a lot of you folks know uh, people who are skinny but don't really have faces that look skinny, right? So what you actually want isn't to be skinny you want like a healthy face at the same time it's kind of bizarre when you see someone who has like a very like chiseled face looks great or really skinny face if you're a woman that's that's that's you know got these beautiful angles and color in the skin and then they have like a big belly and that's kind of strange to and I can show you how how that happens but this is all a long way of saying you want to get rid of water retention and puffiness you can also look forward a healthy color and the skin and even even tone people will uh will notice that you looked better it happens all the time date one of the coolest things I was actually, um talking to someone that john durant about this recently and he just wrote a new book about about paleo the paleo manifesto really cool book and on the show we were talking about how when you see someone who is failure or who eats this way it's like you could tell these people are thriving they have this color in there face they have this energy that no one else seems to have and they're totally rocking out so that's something that a lot of people report in the first few weeks sometimes it takes a little longer for for your body to adapt to that as well as clear skin and increased acne reduced allergies improved sleep uh increased lean muscle increased energy level improves strength, speed and athletic performance mostly because you're not fighting with your own body and eating a bunch of crap anymore you're getting rid of toxins, you are allowing your body to recover more quickly when you feed it and fuel it appropriately as well as decrease recovery time. We're also looking at increased sex drive and sexual performance, mostly because your hormones are going to start optimizing themselves over the the course of changing your diet in a way that allows your body to perform the way that it should ah, heightened sensitivity and taste and smell that part's pretty cool you take people who are just like, oh my god, I never knew what a tomato tasted like and that the fact is that when you're battering your face with sodium and fake fats and enormous amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners, if you're used to eating that sort of thing, you've kind of lost your palate you can't taste anymore, so when you take that all that junk out for a while your palate re calibrates you can actually taste food and it rocks real food tastes good uh, you'll also for a lot of people it including someone in the audience he was talking to before the show it can help to decrease blood pressure it happened for myself as well I went from having high blood pressure and having to be on meds, or at least having been prescribed a bunch of meds to not at all in having very healthy, like athletic level blood pressure, reduced inflammation, good stuff, improved digestion, ah, little zero gas gas is something. While it can happen from certain foods that are good for you that's kind of the exception most of the time you're having gas because something doesn't agree with you or you have basically lots of bacteria in your gut who are not playing nice with the food that you're eating. Uh, so a lot of people report that all of a sudden they don't have all that much gas anymore and that's pretty cool too, especially if you're on an elevator like this morning decreased dandruff is one that aa lot of people experience I myself had like, I very sensitive skin I always have, and I found that all of a sudden a lot of that stuff went away except for when I just went to thailand and I was eating the food that was in a different language, and I know that it had msg and wheat and soy and a few other things in it, and all of a sudden my skin went bananas and I had all these rashes and like, yeast spot it was just absolute disaster, so a lot you can you can decrease the likelihood of that happening, but you can right food making sure you're not eating the wrong food and that's kind of the cool thing about all this reduced body ordered increased migraines the way that this is, um, written right now, the way that I wrote it, the way that most people who are expecting fat burning would interpret it is that all of a sudden, you know, you're going to increase your sex drive and decrease dandruff and no gas and it's not really like that. None of these things should be an issue going to go on this last one either it's like we shouldn't be fat in the first place we shouldn't have skin that looks absolutely disgusting. We shouldn't look like dinosaurs under thirty three you know, we shouldn't be slogging along all day trying to get through the day chugging five hour energy or whatever we should be sleeping at night. We should like these these allergies that we're having or completely unprecedented, a lot of this stuff is unprecedented all we're going to do here just get rid of your problems by allowing your body to be what it naturally should be so it's, not like we're curing all of this it's, like you shouldn't have that any of this in the first place. We're just used to it, it's it's ah it's not normal it's common is a huge difference there we get into why a little bit later so this is actually from a friend of mine, ryan in california and it's ah, sometimes the hardest usually is the hardest to convince the people who are closest to you to make any sort of change in their own life, even if you know you desperately want to tell them something that could change their life, it's extraordinarily difficult we'll get into why later, but I was this was one of the first people who, you know, basically read on early version of my my book and he's just like, you know, maybe I'll give it a try and he's someone who had never really had a problem with weight or building muscle or anything like that, he just kind of wanted to see what would happen, and he was interested in what I'm doing. I thought that was cool. This is what he said, he said. I've been using able system for the past three months I've seen results beyond what I thought possible farm or than exercise alone I've lost fat I didn't even know I had have mohr energy and feel better pretty much all the time while eating taste your food, you owe it to yourself to try this out this is someone who, as I recall, was my roommate in college. He said he doesn't believe in vegetables, and he basically like I said he wasn't overweight or anything like that. S o one of the coolest things about all of this is you don't have to burn fat, you don't have to be overweight to follow this advice, you can dramatically improve your own life, even if you look fine, even if you feel fine because you can feel better and once you've experienced feeling better. There's no looking back, you're not going to go back to being gassy, not sleeping at night, being super puffy and having bunch of acne it's just why would you ever do that once you've experienced how amazing this is, so I'm gonna end this piece of the presentation with are you ready for the body in the life of your dreams? I hope you're not in your head because you all can do it whether you're you know, three hundred pounds overweight, but whether you're dramatically underweight this, these protocols, the way that you eat the way that you train on dh most importantly, the way that you live can help you get better you can feel superhuman and that's one of the coolest things about all of this, and I really look forward to sharing that journey with you guys.

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Mary Kalabokis

Able is a well-researched and well-spoken presenter. I thought he was spot-on with everything he said. I really enjoyed listening to this course. It is very much in line with other authors and books that I have read such as Primal Blueprint's Mark Sisson, Tim Ferris 4-hour body, Wheat Belly, Why we get fat, Dr Mercola and many others. The concepts are simple and not difficult to implement. I believe he is in a group of people in that are emerging in forefront of today's health. I read some of the other reviews and the negative ones were so off base. He is actually full of important information that is accurate and that most of us prefer to ignore because it is easier to just go through a drive through. Thank you Able! You simplified some very complex and controversial topics in a way that was easy for us to digest. (Pardon the expression.)

Brian Roma

Abel James knows what he is talking about. I have lost 45 pounds in 8 months following these guidelines. This healthy lifestyle has completely changed my health and I owe it to Abel and the information that he shares.