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Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Lesson 21 of 30

Connecting Purpose and Profit

Ann Rea

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Ann Rea

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Lesson Info

21. Connecting Purpose and Profit

Lesson Info

Connecting Purpose and Profit

Welcome back, ok, we are now in week five, lesson twenty one if you're following along in the discovery journal and that's about it connecting the dots between purpose and profit right now I'm going to start to make some business sense out of all this emotional work we've been doing. So here is the basic structure really in order to get paid that solve a problem in the marketplace, which is a very foreign concept to a lot of artists, people artist but I'm telling you that's how you that's how your enterprise is going to be sustainable and we're going toe actually use our in studio student is to sort of do some work shopping around this where we look first at their purpose and that's your why then we're going to look at their mission, which is there are what what are they going to do now that they know this is their purpose? What are they going to do about it? Their unique value proposition that's a u a v p if you can't read my handwriting and that's the how right and then who were you ...

going to serve? Is the target market that'll make sense that kind of general outline come on, nod in agreement okay, good day, all right, okay, so, uh, now, john, because you're sitting there, you come on up you just gonna we're just gonna do like a rough outline for you john and um you're not looking for perfection here we're just trying to get um you two more clearly articulate what you are the next chapter in your life is gonna look like creatively and it starts with your purpose of course and you looked at the most painful times in your life and um there was there was a take away there's a lesson for each one of those what was the lesson or lessons like was the overarching lesson and if you need to we can go one at a time um I think there's like a common thread this common of theme okay, you say um basically that life is really short and precious and I don't wanna waste mine living in any kind of circumstance that makes me unhappy if I control it great and so you're the why or the purpose is to make the best of the time you have to use my my my sphere of control is my thoughts and my actions so to use those things to create a life that is meaningful to me okay? So stop right there when he was really precise language I'm going to use that smaller one because we're because I will battle because he will babble all right? So what do youse really precise language so that you don't sound a sound like a hallmark card what you just said was um having exercising control or effort around your thoughts and your taking charge of my life to make it good right be like that sort of hallmark e so when he specifically said about you didn't want to waste time in life in the way of that the way that you had is because you weren't taking control of your time right and wells, what else happened? What else caused you pain? You weren't taking control of your time or just no having my priorities right not having your priority right? Okay, so the purpose of those lessons those three painful lessons were what was to get my priorities right house another one get your priorities right and use your time is my time wisely? Okay, so what I want you to do after this is all said and done as actually wants you to go and record this so that you actually because you were she johns really on the spot right now and I want you teo really articulate it from your heart like what you'd actually say to that remember when I asked you in the exercise to go back to that suffering version of yourself and put your arm around him and say man, this sucks but there's a lesson in this and you speak the lesson out loud and this is going to help you articulate your thoughts and actually focus your efforts but essentially it's about taking control of your life by taking control of your time your priorities and your habits is that right? So just put habits so that's your purpose so you had to suffer that was painful experiences so that you could learn this is that all right? Some john this is some john up in one sentence pretty much pretty much does okay, see check all right. So that's her why? All right so the mission is what now now that you fixed now you've experienced this what are you going to do about it? Um it's interesting. The common theme from a lot of my painful lessons also was that I didn't I didn't deal with change well enough or I didn't make change happen. Uh that was kind of like so is that that s o so taking control of time and priorities inhabit so that you could make positive changes could make positive change or growth happen okay reach goals it was like change growth so it was just so so that you can make positive change happen that's the why you have to take control of your time you have to take control of your priorities habit so that you can make positive who would not benefit from learning the skill of this is there anybody in this room who would not benefit from this? There is there is there in need in the marketplace for this yeah right okay before he's just a writer and a blogger but now he's got a purpose we've just amp things up considerably all right so now you've got you've got this knowledge that's come from your painful experiences now what are you going to do about it I'm goingto help other people create the life they want and go through make the changes they want to make in their life and that includes their habits reaching their goals um or just a personal growth of any kind really so you're really going to teach people the mechanics of change people the mechanics of change and I think you're also going to put a spin on it and put a spin on it because changes really difficult for a lot of people almost everyone gary it's scary it's hard we fight against it but if you do it in the right way I'm actually gonna quote someone who quoted me okay creatively here before you get yourself to quote someone I've been quoting someone quoting me it's it's not it's not so so apparently I said when you embrace life is an experiment change becomes fun instead of hard okay and I didn't really know I said that but someone watching creative alive quoted me and apparently I said that okay so when all right so go ahead and write that down and when you embrace life is an experiment change becomes fun instead of heart it doesn't it like when you think of changing a habit it's like oh, hey I don't want to do that thirty days in rehab but that's not fun yeah now that's what you like change changing a really deeply deep habit dearly does not you know it's the idea of fun or if you want to create a new habit whether it's like this is it was being filmed in january where everyone a lot of people are like oh, this is the year that I embraced this new fitness habit or money never going course by the way it's evergreen a lot of people you know they're trying to it's not always about changing something that's currently in existence sometimes it's about creating something stealing something new okay, so lets a lot of people are and it changes a big industry would have been, you know, changing habits with its habit of dieting, the habit of exercising the habit of stop taking drugs stop drinking um whatever it isthe right there's it's a huge industry it's an enormous I actually there's the addiction industry itself is enormous, right? Um so given that how are you going? What you gonna do that no one else is doing what? How is what you're how are you going to help enact change in a way that's different from anyone else? I'm going to help people take on monthly experiments to that are designed to change one small piece of their life, so every month you can change one thing. It could be a small thing, like you're gonna wake up earlier, floss your teeth and floss your teeth. You're going to stop drinking alcohol, whatever the glass of water in the morning. Yeah, or I was just talking to craig on dh. He was saying, like, if you have a business and you make a daily goal of getting rejected for a proposal every day oh, yeah, there's, a lot of sails called like kidding. Getting three rejects basic say basic sales training is earning so many rejections a day, so that's absolutely a great have it get your habit. You will make so many more sales, right? I've never done that experiment, but so what's important is that sounds dreadful. But what's important here is that it sounds like from what I know of your monthly experiments, that you're going to make your going to take a playful and fun approach this and I think. That is the unique part of your equation that it's fun the value proposition is you're going to enact change, but the unique part of it listen closely unique is that you're going to make it bite size pieces only thirty days and it's going to be fun and playful and you're also experiment and support from a social community online yeah there's a community that already exists and that's going to get bigger and bigger and so there will be a community of people who are trying to change fitness have it maybe we'll meet ups like scott didn't s'more all around the world talking to scott about that I think is happening here you go okay, see how this is going to think how we flowed from purpose and we're just we're gonna work on, you know, one person at a time if I don't get teo, I'll get to you later, okay? But we're just going toe work through john's as the first example, yes, go to the unique part. So how did you make that unique? Like we just said that fun and he's taking a playful approach if you go to rehab there's not a lot of play, okay? Or if you go to weight watchers, I don't know, I don't think it's fun doesn't sound fun to me it's like a way in, so and that it's not fun it's the end of my nose so john's unique value proposition is make this it's called experiment it's not a monthly goal it's an experiment and you might pain experiment may fail or you may find out that it didn't you know, maybe something e did a most experiment where I did a four day work week and because I I've done experiments about scheduling my work and I thought, why don't I see if I can do only work four days a week and maybe scaled it back to three or two or one? And my four day work week? Basically, I that meant I spent friday, saturday and sunday in wine country every day a week for a month and I didn't work on friday, so I work monday through thursday and that was really fun it ended up being a big failure because because because my consulting model meant that people expected me to be around five days a week, but the sort of head lesson there is, I was really happy with it, but the clients weren't happy, so maybe that means I have to change the consulting model so you learn something, learn something if you fail it and if it's a failure yeah, and it was a really fun thing to do, which I highly recommend people do so then now asked thirty days or now last week so the the next part of this is the who so that's, who is your target market? So who are you going to serve? People who feel stuck in their life? And they feel like they're not living up to their potential in any area of their life. So that's, everybody, I'm telling you that's, not a target market. So this is a challenge for a lot of people, this target market. All right, so what? I'm going to encourage you to do as I know you had success with a writer in europe who completed a whole novel as a result of one of your monthly experiments for those people who you've actually already had a positive impact with, and you have, and they have experience results from the experiment. I want you to build a profile of those people because its target so the target's not the whole thing, all right, the target's, this point in the middle, you need that really? I mean, I would do an interview with them and let me give this piece of advice to everybody listening one way you can really get to know your target market and to actually enter the conversation that they're having in their head is ask them this question, what are the two besides insomnia what are the two things that keep you up at night we're going to find out what is that doing what you're gonna find out what their pain points are and you're gonna find out if you can help them or not help them and that is what I would recommend that you do like some case studies of the people you have already helped that's much more targeted this saying anyone who wants to enact change because every single person and every single person is just not gonna sign up for your monthly experiments even though they're very cool any wall should I know all right so um you get off the stage and I do thank you thank you that was good so you're experiencing pain in your life and we had a one on one and we talked a little bit about the lessons uh that you earned with each one of these painful experiences your purposes you're you're why you determined by you suffered these experiences so why did you have these painful experiences? What was the purpose of those painful purpose? What came out of thumb was to trust myself and then act accordingly trust yourself and act accordingly that was my wife okay, so give us a little bit more background you your first painful experience wass you had a uh well just give me the headline you don't have to know the details abusive parent abusive parent okay and that had a pretty in big impact on you. All right, so you experience that right and the lesson you learned from that wass well, I guess it was teo er that you can always count on other people ok, so you can always count on other people see you have to count on yourself all right? And the second one was, uh, unfaithful boyfriend and the lesson wass can't count on people can count of people trust you're stressed yourself, right? And the third lesson was your son my son and his difficulties with his learning disabilities flunking out of college the lesson wass I can't fix everything can't fix everything I and there was no one I also needed to trust my instincts about knowing what was going on okay, so now it is her purpose seemed to make more sense about trusting your own intuition, trusting your own perception right and acting on it okay, so trusting so whatever I just said what I trust my instincts and act accordingly we're actually more importantly whatever yoni decide because who cares what I said? Um powerful powerful wisdom, right? If you live that would your life be different there times when you didn't trust your instincts or your own perception and you, uh got sideswiped a few times? Okay? It's important? All right, so now you've learned this because you took this course what do you do about it? Well what do you think your mission is? Um my mission is teo get people in touch with her instincts and trust their instincts and as it relates to their art what I'm good at is showing people the way to get there and to believe in themselves which is the opposite of perfection et tous yeah so that is so your mission is to help people in their creative process trust their own instincts and trust their perception and act upon it which is foundational to any kind of creative success do you see how they're linked together? Okay through creative process help she's going to help people trust that learn to trust your instincts, learn to trust their perception and then act accordingly. Okay, so the next question is a unique value proposition how you going to do that because you could the sky's the limit but you have to choose your lane right? So how are you going to do that? So my lane currently is with iphone ah graffiti and I've been a a big proponent of that working at it since it came out in two thousand seven and what's great about that is everybody had one almost everybody almost everybody has one so you know getting people to use that tool teo express their creative potential with what's in their pocket okay, so and that's it that's very okay, so the uniqueness there is there's a ton of photographers who come on creative life and who teach amazing photography skills but the way the unique way that you're going at it is take what's in your pocket and access in the moment you know, trust her trust her instincts trust your perception and use that tool that's in your pocket right? And that's the that's the iphone or I iconography when I phone I photography okay, so so yo, knees unique value proposition is to use photography teo help people access it almost like an arrow. Yeah, pretty much using using refusing what's what's in their pocket actually, I wrote it down and it came out pretty well. Yeah t even wordsmith all day long we're just trying tio this lesson lesson twenty one what I'm trying to demonstrate is how this whole methodology flows and to give you a sense at home how this flows and why we went through all this rigmarole around painful experiences and joyful experiences and all of this all ties together because, you know, this is such so grounded in the your truth of your experience do you feel more energized about this than anything you've done before? Yeah really connects them right? Yeah, I mean, it connects the truth of who you are and your strengths and your lessons in a way that no other business plan in the past, I'm gonna guess has ever done and that's what makes it sustainable and that's what also makes it engaging and interesting? I don't want to learn more. I went alert you what do you want to learn more about it? All right? And so now we're gonna go into target market. So who is going to be served by this who's going to be helped by this value proposition? Who is it? Well, so far, the majority of people who come to my courses are female. They tend to be over thirty and under seventy. However, I've taught young children I've taught groups of men in corporate situation, so okay, so the age and the age and gender is not really a relevant factor and defining your target market. Ok, so what I'm gonna challenge you do same thing I asked john to do because the new territory for you, you're not one hundred percent clear on who your ideal customer avatar is. So I want you to later think about who you've loved working with you pay you gladly for your courses and ask him those questions where the two besides insomnia, one of the two things that keep you up tonight and then just sit there and listen, okay? And then you're going to start to get a psychographic profile not a demographic profile but a psychographic profile of your ideal customers ok not gonna talk to the ones who are paying the but I'm gonna talk to the customers who love working with any way you want to attract more of them and the wisdom michael port you know, fire the ones that are not really working for you does this make sense so you have to flesh this out a bit more but you see how we go from why what how and who you see the process not yes, I d'oh yes. All right, so we have time really quickly for one more would you write and kathy you can since he already up here save some time lucky but we'll get to everybody okay? I promise no one will be left out way more this all right, all right. So it's a painful experiences in your way you have and as a result of that you learned some westerns and we had them one on one. Um what was the overall purpose of the painful lessons? Um that I had a lot of strength. I don't think I ever, ever would've considered myself a strong person, although I know in my history was I've gotten through some tough stuff even some good tough stuff, but right I don't think about being a strong person but beef before you came on creative like correct you guys you guys have gotten a chance to know kathy you might not know her whole experience but she's strong woman strong yes all right, so what? You you had teo I'm not gonna go into the history but you had to deal with some death and tragedy that were really tough and what kathy had to learn was that she actually had the strength to deal with it she actually had the strength to get through it and actually drive through it didn't feel good none of it does but you had the strength within you rate so that is um okay who who doesn't need to feel strength especially in moments of loss and crisis anybody who doesn't like really want to like how do you tap a reserve of strength? Because it's not all you don't always have enough within you sometimes you have to lean on someone else to gather strength do you see where your purpose is starting toe come together. Okay, so you're, um your mission now that you know that the reason you had to endure was that you had to learn um that you actually already possess the strength what's your mission as much as you can articulate it and the mission is the what what, you're really good at helping me with this because I know I have the answers I have trouble articulating it but um we talked a lot about compassion, and I think, having suffered and building strength, I have a lot of compassion for people who need to be reminded that they're stronger. Okay, so maybe your mission is to actually help people find their own strength. This isn't complicated. See, she that's it? Yeah, that's it all right? And so we're going, we're gonna wind this down quickly because we're coming to the top of the hour. How can you do that? I mean, if you just give it your best shot, kathy, because this is all new territory for you. How do you think you could do that? I think I gained a lot of mind through creativity, so I think I'd like to share it in the same way. So one of the things that I observed and we'll see where you go with this, ok? So kathy had to do a lot of homework and sharing and one area that you have particular compassion, his veterans and that's, a population who has also seen a lot of death and destruction and felt a lot of loss and who needs strength because they're usually young and they don't have the emotional reservoir or support system to, you know, get through it, which is why the a is busy, very, very busy. And I'm just going to leave you with this thought and we'll finish up your process later on but one of the you know, you're a block you're crafting blogger and one of the things that I noticed about craft, whether it's knitting or whether it's um making ornaments or jewelry like there's like so often is a gift right? Like your your grandpa like your grandmother or somebody makes you beautiful her sister makes you beautiful quilt, right? Right? Or, um a baby blanket it's often expression of gift where what I do it's total paintings are you know they're for show right there really for show what you do, what I know of you, you're really helping people craft an expression of love for someone else and experience they get from doing that right and not just the hood here let's go to your most joyful time and then we're going to wrap up the segment. You told me that one of your most joyful times in your life was when someone made something for you and gave it to you right? I had been following a friend online and she is making this beautiful quote and I would comment about how beautiful it was and ultimately it was a gift for me and she sent it to me and it was just the most you think only how how very overwhelming joy moment are you scott? You're starting to see how we, uh, kathy started like she could take that you could take your pain, you could take your joy and take a very specific business direction. You see that now we're not done with everybody, okay? We're just doing this for this first swipe, all right? But if you look at in a supportive look at your joyful moments, too, they inform you also, but I see you've got an incredible compassion for veterans. I know that you and your husband wanna go toward the nation in rv I deliberately introduced, you know, made sure you connected or met or scott densmore, said kaseke, so you would see what his he and his wife are doing, and I am starting to see a very interesting enterprise. So what scott's doing is he's building community? What if you had a bunch of colter's thatyou went from, you know, state to state helping build? I'm just making this up because it's all made up and they're making quilts and they're going to give them to veterans and you're going to charge them to learn how, but they're going to give them to veterans of the veterans can feel comforted and welcome home. Well, maybe not quilt, but some things I'm just making out, yeah, right, I'm just making it up. This is all play. You can write whatever you want. Todo, right, but it's a targeted raid idea. Thank you, that's. What I do know. So all right, so all right, so that's. The end of lesson twenty one, we got into some of our students. We're gonna go a little deeper, and you guys can stay here. Figure. All right. So, um, lesson twenty one is really just take your own stab at connecting the dots between your purpose. Mission value proposition in your target market. That's less than twenty one, and next up is less than twenty two, and we're going to turn our personal missions inside out. Thank you very much.

Class Description

Find new avenues for creative expression and challenge old assumptions about your potential to make money as an artist – join Ann Rea on a journey to uncover your creative purpose.

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose will show you how to develop a profitable artistic enterprise and write your roadmap to financial success by doing what you love. You will systematically examine your values, beliefs, and talents and come to a clear and honest acceptance of where your artistic path leads.

Ann Rea will coach and inspire you through an interactive experience – yes, you’ll be doing homework – that will help you work through the barriers to living your true purpose. By the end of the course, you’ll master new skills and enjoy unparalleled clarity about your purpose in the world. 

You’ll know how to:

  • Identify resources that will help you advance your ideas
  • Collaborate with mentors and masterminds
  • Create an action plan devoted to you and your financial success
  • Move past unproductive projects and focus on priorities

You’ll hear from artists who’ve applied these changes and find out about the steps they took that transformed their lives. Ann will also cover the practical matters of caring for your studio, balancing your books, and defining your value proposition.

The stale old message that says pursuit of your creative passion will leave you flat broke and burned-out is outmoded and untrue. Tap into your creative self and find a wellspring of ideas, energy, and economic opportunity.

By the end of this series you’ll have a clearly defined mission and know how to make money by using your creativity.

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I think this course is extremely helpful if you follow her steps and do the work. This course can go through some very intense emotional moments, but it is all towards the greater goal of refocusing you and helping you find your meaning and purpose and most importantly, taking action on that to help others. I had many breakthroughs, but one of the areas that most helped me was to be patient with the process and give yourself the emotional payoff along the journey towards your long term goals. There is a lot of psychology in this course and it is necessary to tie your emotions into the actionable steps to get you past your struggles and focused on what is really truly important to you. I highly recommend this course if you want to get unstuck, want a road map to making a living as an artist from where you are today, and want to fulfill the best life that you can achieve.

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