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Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

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Cracking the Code to Joy

Ann Rea

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Ann Rea

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Lesson Info

17. Cracking the Code to Joy

Lesson Info

Cracking the Code to Joy

Welcome back everyone to fulfill your creative purpose is going to give a brief overview about what this course is all about. One of the things that's kind of missing from business school in art school is how you actually build a profitable enterprise that profitable creative or artistic enterprise and I've identified eight steps in that entire process and I'm teaching the first two, which are visioning and valuing, and those two are probably the most they're the most important because they're foundational, but they're also the toughest and so that's what this thirty day course is dedicated to helping you flesh out and it's not an easy course it's a tough course and you have to really be willing to be open and honest and vulnerable, so I'm giving you with full disclosure this is not an easy course, but either is running a business. If you do the work, though, I will promise you you will have a transformation and you'll have breakthrough and you'll have your best chance ever of actually...

building profitable and deeply satisfying and fulfilling creative enterprise. So I'm dedicated to really sharing this information with artists because I've seen so many artists transformed if you tuned in yesterday you some of some of my artists, students from all around the globe and they're really changed not just they're not only making more money with their art, their really changed there are a lot more focused, and there are a lot more confident and as a result, there are a lot happier, so I know that's a big promise, but it's on leah promised if you actually do the work and so I've spelled out ah lot of the exercises that I give to my private clients in this discovery journal, which comes with purchase, and I recommend that you do these exercises and you do them with someone who trust and who has your back because you're not going to succeed by yourself. So what I'd like to do is just start a big over a kind of a general overview of what we've covered, even if you haven't seen the previous episodes of this course, you jump right in that you can, I promise you'll get something out of today's course also, and the other lessons to come. So we broke this into different weeks in the first week we looked at why find my why we all hear this find, you know, you gotta find your why you've got to know your purpose. Well, you do because there's so much energy and effort that goes into building a creative enterprise in a business, and so you have to know why you're doing it and you have to know who you are and what you stand for, um and that's the next weak that we dove into that who are you and what do you stand for? And then we looked into the controversial point which was where we looked at our most painful moments and turn those into our understanding our greater purpose or the greater purpose of those painful moments. Why do I ask people to do that? Because if you look at the most painful moments in your life they stand in stark contrast your most deeply held values. So if you really want to know who you are and what you stand for this week really will help you get there and then we looked at defining our mission once you know why you once you know your why you have to figure out what you're what you're what is what are you going to do about it? That's your mission I have invited a friend of mind on and his name is dr george pratt director george pratt is the author of many books his most recent book is called code to joy now why am I bringing a sign? Write me bringing a psychologist onto fulfill your creative purpose well dr pratt has worked with grammy award winning musicians hollywood producers people he can actually share their names larry king he's worked with olympic athletes hey has worked with soldiers who have post traumatic stress disorder and I have worked with him personally and he has developed a methodology that is grounded in science he has many clinical studies teo prove the beneficial and lasting outcomes here's the thing if you suffer from trauma it's going teo interrupt your ability to focus on your business and in order it is also going to focus your ability to relate well with others and to succeed and be happy which is what we're all about here it fulfilling your creative purpose so that's why I decided to invite dr pratt on to share um some some of what? Some of what he's what he shared with the world in many of this book so let me give you a little bit of um background on what his basic thesis is so most of you are probably familiar with cognitive therapy so that's talk therapy right that's where you sit and talk and talk and talk and talk about your problems which is all fine and good that's traditional therapy however thie analogy that doctor pratt offers us and I think this is my experience and it's been true for me is that if you have suffered a trauma talking about the trauma is like yelling at the tv to try to change the channel it's not gonna work trauma is instilled in our electromagnetic system which is what we are we're in electromagnetic system when you actually go get your you know you have you have let's say you have a heart issues you get an e e g right or e k g measuring the electromagnetic activity of your physiology so it doesn't stop with your heart and your brain your brain is firing electromagnetic um impulses through neural pathways traditional therapy doesn't actually intervene and change those neural pathways so what dr pratt has developed is a forced up solution toe actually unlock some of that trauma some of those electromagnetic short circuits and those short circuits can actually be repaired so what does that mean in a practical sense? So let's say you've got a, uh really really frightening ah fear of spiders for example so dr pratt I've seen this he's blake put put a celebrity through this actually this this protocol where she was absolutely terrified of spiders and at the end of the protocol which was the end of the thirty minute segment she she wasn't comfortable with spiders but like she was a completely different person around the spider so what he did was he helped repair the trauma and the other reason I'm bringing dr pratt on is because I want to get it things quick, you know? It's just sort of like when I looked at my mentor wayne tebow, he came into hiss, you know, fame and recognition he was you know, he was later in life and I thought, I don't really wanna wait that long and I feel the same way about emotional issues or or psychological issues that could be blocking us I don't who wants to wait? You just want to get to it in the meantime, I'm kind of curious to know where everybody is at this point how they're feeling I don't know if I want to start off with john and and how you've kind of just embarked on this journey from the beginning and where you are now and how it's made you feel um yeah this I mean this journey has been it's been great and really difficult, but I would say really, really worth it I think when I when I started I lacked clarity and focus and now I feel like I have a huge amount of clarity in a huge amount of focus and motivation what do you do differently? Like before you started this court? I mean, I know you're going to work a lot on you're going to dedicate more time and resource is tow the monthly experiments, but what else? How do you think you'll behave or act differently? I feel like I have a better filter about when when opportunities come to me, which happens a lot luckily I I used to just say yes toe all kinds of things and now I'm running everything through the filter of will this help me build my creative enterprise into something that is going to impact many, many people or is this a distraction so your focus has shifted to how is this going to serve others? If I hear you correctly, how is this going to serve others? And this is like one of the one of the an isms, right? It's not about you it's about them when you make it about them that it will be about you right? So monthly experiments was a project as we talked about is mostly a personal project started as a completely personal project and then I accidentally started to realize that it was helping people and because it is online it was helping people kind of all over the world that would get messages and I basically I was serving people without knowing it and now that I know I can do that and I put some intentional effort but I'd like to comment on that so most most often it is that an accident it's a fortunate accident so what? My course this fulfill your creative purposes about instead of hoping for a happy accident or discovery you're going to be deliberate about how you serve others that's that's the that's the big value proposition of this course and doing all of the work in this course you know, there's the hoping is not marketing I think dr pratt is ready perfect let's, meet dr pratt hey, george yeah, and how are you and great how are you I'm doing great well, I'm glad we got you on so we have a studio audience here with five of my students and we also have a way worldwide broadcast going on right now and I just wantto to bring you up to speed I shared your book code to joy and um what I'd like t to do georges we talked about sort of in a general sense what you dio and people you've helped and how, um energy psychology works in general but you have specifically worked with creative people and I know you some names you can't mention because they're famous but can you mention a little bit about the people who creative people who you've worked with and what the outcomes were? I'd be glad to so just a za background I'm a traditionally trained psychologist but my goal has always been to try to help people in a better way a zai say I um my goal is not to just help people suffer more effectively my my goal is to help fix problems, manage dilemmas and create success so I just a za za background drop I can deal and have dealt with some pretty gnarly situations and this is relevant here kidnap cases plane crash is the worst things you could imagine it and the same kinds of tools that help that so dramatically works beautifully to help people achieve their goals because yeah, eso and one of the nice things you don't have to believe these things to have them work. So in in my work, I've helped academy award and uh, uh winners grammy winners have common right common helped look, we'll get common. Willkommen wrote a nice quote for the back of the book. Larry king wrote, the introduction is only whenever I think and super bowl teams, lots of professional athletes, several gold olympic gold medalist territories is on the back of the book on she's, she's quite a wonderful person, and but also just helping people be creative and, you know, we've talked, I know you're you're such a fantastic artist yourself. My mom was an artist, my daughter's, a professional photographer, and I kind of said, well, maybe that gene kind of skipped me, but I used to have ah, musical group, I still am a voting member for the grammys, so I kind of expressen old, different way, I guess eso helping people we all have blocks of one sort or another. I would call this I call ish on dh code to joy micro traumas, little things that don't seem like a big deal, but even up from about the age of zero to six we have no conscious filters, so we're going to pretty much absorb, whatever's told us of our parents, said you're never going to amount to anything that is going to be kind of stuck in there you're gonna want to take that out on boundary pattern that from about six or seven to about twelve we have some partial filters after that it's a little bit better but we could be influenced by friends, family, schoolmates and we developed these underlying beliefs about what we're capable of and that's kind of what gets stuck one way or another and so when you change those underlying beliefs, then you can kind of do anything right and which is which is really exciting I call this the flea and the elephant in the book yeah, this is a great analogy let's talk a little bit about this and I just before you go on george, we were just going to mention I saw dr pratt on larry king a couple times and I thought what he was doing was amazing, but it didn't quite buy it like I don't know if that's really gonna work and when you and I started working together I said I really want this to work so badly, but I'm not really sure I believe it's gonna work and what you said was it don't matter if you believe it or not is still gonna work because the belief is your conscious mind and that's not what dr pratt is dealing with he's dealing with your subconscious processes so to that point, george, explain the filly and the elephant analogy, because I think this is a beautiful point of understanding. Well, most people do not understand how powerful the subconscious is, so I used the metaphor of the flea and the elephant if a flea is writing an elefant, and I'm talking to you from lloyd, california right now, so very near the water. So if the flea wants to go to the ocean, which I would want to go to, but the elephant that it's writing on wants to go inland, you're going inland, no matter how much you consciously want, because you don't have the power. The power of the subconscious versus the conscious mind is one million times one million times the power. So if you're going to do anything, you want to do something that involves the subconscious, because you would be so much more effective, right? So that's, that's and it's uh, technically, for those out there, the number of neurons that fire per second at the conscious level compared to the subconscious level is twenty to forty, neurons firing per second of the conscious level, twenty two, forty million neurons firing per second of the subconscious level. So it's it's, a very powerful thing most of the time, and I've had many people come to see me, including performers who you know they have egos but there you know it could be kind of brittle, you know, they they want to prove they want to do things right they don't want to acknowledge problems, but the ones that do the best r and I'm thinking of of some on some regular siri's that where had just delineated what had happened in their life one had played a part in a school play and she got she got negative feedback from that that was still in her head even though she's fantastically successful she's still traumatised by that incident that happened during the elementary school or I wouldn't be much years old she's probably uh early thirties now, but it still stays with her, so that was the first thing. So we have we have the flea and the elephants way also have micro traumas and we have asteroid hits micro traumas are little teeny things that they're almost like throwaways like who would even care about it on off on off statement by a parent or a loved one oh yeah that's just the way she is or he is and then the person internalized what what's wrong with me and then the asteroid hits are obvious one severe accidents loss of family members, et cetera but the influence of micro traumas is huge that's why in the book we have a little chapter called an interview with yourself you go through and check off things have happened and that some that seem very minor but when you correct those you start feeling stronger about yourself one of the the uh one of one of the people that is very vocal about me eyes rob dirt iq and so I was on fantasy factory once and since we're going find a lost season again coming up apparently again I'm gonna be on it yeah but what he what he talks about what I talked about what I did on the show was on blacked his cousin who is drama from kind of staring at walls this is this is true we actually did it I saw that episode yeah and then he went on and so rob asked me said guess how much drama made on his own last year I said how much he said twelve million dollars so yeah okay I need another treatment george it on blocks people and you don't even know that you have blocks there's two basic let me distinguish the difference between pots of thinking and positive beliefs and this is really important positive thinking is when you're just trying to think positively okay I can do this I get their conscious minds right right but when you stop consciously thinking about the positive you uh the the subconscious which is you're never going to succeed if this pops up and this is very important element I've spoken for tony robbins I've spoken for john asked her off on these issues the power of the subconscious is just so powerful, so conscious thinking is when you're a positive think is just when you're consciously doing it positive beliefs, which are what we want to move you into that's what we want to get into, we want you to believe that you're powerful, you're worthy, you're good, you're connected when you have these kinds of beliefs that are influencing your life, you're really unstoppable let me ask you a so so george the coat code to joy is something that everybody can get and it could you break down step by step in this book the protocols for identifying trauma and the acupressure and energy healing meditation exercises various exercises that actually help you release the trauma by my speaking and I on point perfect yeah you identify it then you clear it they give me one other example you've been to the hawaii symon I did yeah and you met robert while his daughter was there the very first year you went to the tenth year that we do it on a big island uh and she said we were going to go swimming with dolphins the next day and she's twenty two at this point he was not wanting to go I believe right she said I have a little problem uh uh she said that well, I can't swim and I don't want to swim and I can't even drink water out of a glass because you said she had a trauma in a bathtub or something like that nose so I muscle tested her in front of everybody and I could do a little demonstration was showing me that like and so what happened is there I said, okay, what at what age did this black occurrence? I was muscle testing her and age three came up now her dad is standing there and she says I don't remember what happened at age three and he goes, oh my god, I had you at the beach and I was holding you in my arms and a wave swept over both of us that's right? Yeah so so that since that time she had forgotten about it consciously but it still was below the surface so she had to drink water out of straws her whole life she didn't she didn't want to take a bath she could only take showers I remember it all we're talking about this now yeah yeah and so that's a good little example so we identified it we cleared it and she went in the water the next day and she even went in a in a life fist jove off of dog drove off of the boat was out swimming with swim support so it's uh, yeah, it is like let's let's do this, george if you don't mind what I'd like to do is I'd like tio can you suggest how we could do, uh, best do a demo with you there? And I've got five students in front of me what's what will be the best way to proceed? Uh, we could just ask if anybody I could do a general thing for all of them or I could do if somebody has a block or anxiety or fear or something that's very clear I could do a little demonstration. Why don't we start? We'll see which how much time we have but if we could start with a general approach because we have people watching from all around the globe right now we have these five students here we could actually do some muscle testing just to be clear, muscle testing is applied kinesiology so if you want to learn more about applied kinesiology, you can read code to joy. You can also read a great book called power versus force, which is one person you worked with. I love david hawkins. Yeah, so that's a big part of dr pratt's protocol is applied kinesiology, so wanna waste if you wouldn't mind george lead with a general exercise maybe something like we would dio you know actually that we would do in the beach in kona or that you would recommend people do on a daily basis is and just let you take it from there do you want me to do a little demo with shelly for about a minute and then I will take people through a little protocol or let's do that. Okay. All right. So let's see here um okay, we're going to get shelly we're gonna turn this around here, okay? Okay. Thank you. Okay, I shelly I'm licked up you're not this is an come on over here. So this is shelly for my office who's following here too and she say hi so the first thing we're going to do is when I should put one hand over the top of your head and hold your other hand out. Now this is a test to see if people are properly polarized so I'm gonna press down with it even pressure on her wrist so hold okay this resistance flip your hand over and with the same degree of resistance hold they flip your hand back over hold ok flip your hand over hold I feel a difference you're stronger and the with with the hand on the top of your head this means that your polarized now I mean she's out of alignment energetically yeah. So once you have a seat here for a second, I'm going to go back. I'm going to just kind of describe things, and then I can muscle test shelley again, if if you like. All right, george, dr pratt just did a demonstration of applied kinesiology, which test the muscles strength just to test against certain traumas to measure certain traumas. So that's, what? He's setting up right now? What were first doing is checking for electrical integration, right? One of the tools that I use our three tools, we use the conscious mind it's, a very small part of things. If the conscious mind worked well, somebody that was having pan attack, somebody would say, hey, stop that, okay? I never thought of stopping them. So the second is the sub colleges. We talked about how powerful that is. Now, the third element that just is fantastic is called the human bio field or energy psychology. Now, the previous booked code to joy is a book on energy psychology called instant emotional healing, acupressure for the emotions. And by the way, one of the consultants on the manuscript what? Edgar mitchell, who was the sixth person to walk on the moon, so he was we're very grateful for him anyway, so we want to use the conscious by the subconscious mind and then the electrical activity around us we are like copper top batteries and when we're out of alignment when the top of our head is no longer positive problems occur we have we have medical medical uses for electricity of the hospital e k g e e g we are electrical when that electrical pattern gets affected in a negative way and creates problems so we see that shelly is pop properly organized when uh person puts her hand over the top of their head and they are organized properly their arm will be stronger in this position position reversals of position correct right it's a test for overall plan pretty okay now so if you're properly polarized then you khun dio muscle testing but what I'm going to do is I'm going to take you through a process because if you're upset about something when you think of that issue you're probably not going to be properly polarized ok what happens with clinical kinesiology auras we call it muscular neural feedback is when you say something that's true ercan grew int all your muscles in your body are about five to nineteen percent stronger right and this is absolutely true this is uh this was identified a t a medical school study in two thousand fortunately because it has been used for fifty years but now we have quantitative factors just strengthening our belief in it when you're thinking something on its industry a properly lad it's just much more power so george pfister paraphrase so this is not new age woo hopeful thinking this is now this what the statement that dr pratt just made has been science typically proven when you are telling the truth your muscles actually demonstrate what percentage increase in strength a noticeable in every five nineteen percent so you can call your muscles in your body you're just house we're we're assessing one right so it's true and it and then if you're lying right if you're making a false statement then what happened to you you're going to be five to fifteen five to nineteen percent weaker great so what can you can you lead us through the er protocol or what was your grace uh shelly I think you're fine for now so I'll thanks so much um here let me come around there everybody get ready everybody we're going to see the world in a new fresh way we're gonna actually doing exercise and you could do these exercises on your own and I have actually included dr pratt has been very generous and has actually allowed me to include some of the exercise actually they exercises I do on a daily basis in the discovery journal and so if you were going to go through one one of these protocols but there's maurin there if you'd like to do more and there's ah the large medical school study is referenced on my website and there is a tremendous amount of information videos on my website. What does your website dr pratt what's your website dr george pratt dot com gr george pratt dot com and don't you have a relax ation video or something? If someone signed it's sold for fifty dollars because it's a dvd and there's two there's two in there and people can download it for free it's the deep half an hour relax ation it's also a dvd of beautiful morphing images of beaches and waterfalls s oh it's good to look at for a while and then close your eyes and then just go with a deep relaxation experience it's great for sleep stress worry don't drive and listen to it they don't I've got a pilot say we had it on in the cabin so that's not good that's not good alright commercial airliner actually some pretend we're back in kona and you're leading us through an exercise on the beach and I see dolphins in the in the water popping out of the water I would take myself back there so what we would do that we're going to start from ground zero? This is a two thousand year old meditation, but I call it balance breathing it's an adaptation of some other things you're going to place your left ankle over your right and your right hand over your left interlock your fingers and just rest your hands in your lap and just talking to the roof of your mouth there we go hello everybody hey I saw you there um smiling and yawning over there okay that's good uh wake up no it's okay to relax it left ankle over right right hand over left tongue to the roof of your mouth is you breathe in relax the tongue as you exhale and you would do this for two minutes now we'll do it for about thirty or forty seconds but you'll get the idea you can also use this as a tool to go to sleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night to go back teo to goto sleep quickly what it is it's a battery charger it's to strengthen uh the north south polarity and george peep this meditation is two thousand years old and placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth during the in hill what's happening helps helps create the electrical charge and in the a subtle energy system of the body now subtle energy was first had identified in about nineteen thirty the person who gave it that name was a fellow named albert einstein and because it was below the level of detection at the time it's not now there's many fascinating things going on and so this is I hope you investigate energy psychology more fully and it's just it's a wonderful tool thirty minutes was there also a there was a stanford study on this particular meditation with the tongue of the roof of the mouth wasn't there? Well, they're stanford, harvard and the top medical schools teach elements of energy psychology now in their medical school program that's I think what you're thinking yeah, so this protocol we would do we would cross our hands are left foot over your right foot. It would do this with your arms. Okay, go like this, okay? And then or if you just leave it in your lap or you could just but the point is to cross cross your body so that your us a midline on two axis right crossed the midline and make it opposite. So you're left foot's over your right your right arms over your left do you make yourself comfortable? Put your iphone time iran for two minutes. Put your tongue uh, on the roof of your mouth on the inhale. Exhale slowly and do this for two minutes. So that's the first part of the protocol but I do on a daily basis, so you've got the instructions and what would be another protocol that you would suggest, george okay, then the next thing I would suggest three things every morning okay, is a is a beginning to connect to creativity to unblock yourself to connect with your subconscious the second thing so that you would do that for two minutes the next thing is you for one minute is helping you to be grounded many times people that are creative there they have so many wonderful things going on in their head sometimes it's hard to get grounded yes because you're just so full of great energy right and so here this will do it in sixty seconds I didn t see I do this for two minutes but you could do it in sixty seconds I didn't know that so good to know you have the well the first one is two minutes the first ones to miss but the second ones will you on ly have to do so you can't fit this into your schedule man I don't know what to tell you this is not this isn't this isn't long yeah it's like pushing your teeth and it will it will give it will it will open doors to success and happiness that are just fantastic so the next thing is hands on your abdomen just on your abdomen which is the third chakra which is safety and security and perfect and then put your feet flat on the ground and for sixty seconds you would imagine a connective cord from your abdomen to the center of the earth helping you to just feel connected solid, secure, strengthened and if you still feel like you're, you're just totally orbiting your body in some way, you can even tap your feet against the against whatever surface you're sitting on standing on and just to help get you back in your body to connect with the center of the earth. And you would do that for about sixty seconds. Okay, so I'm just going to repeat it so that people at home can take note, so you're gonna be seated and you're gonna put your hands on your abdomen, repeat two feet flat on the ground and put your timer on for one minute. Breathe deeply and imagine accord grounding you to the center of the earth and if you're still a little bit fidgety, you khun, tap your feet on the ground and ground you're we're basically you're grounding your energy in your grounding, your whole being so that's, the second act exercise and what will be the third one you'd suggest, george so the next one is critical and this will change your life, and it sounds like this sounds I just wantto just want to stop you right there, because that sounds like a big promise, but remember, just have to read the endorsements on dr pratt's book, and I'm gonna tell you from my own personal experience that's sun over promise but give you have to do it you've got to do it and you've got to do it on a daily basis right? But if you do it it will change your life there's absolutely no doubt and I was I suffered from anxiety and depression for many years I had plenty of asteroid trauma in my life and no one helped me like dr pratt help me nobody so thank you for that my pleasure and so the nice thing is these tools I have clients now in about forty countries so the nice thing is you don't even when I work with people they can be anywhere and skype or other services or phone uh the nice thing is that help exist and right and you think I want to point out is dr peretz book is not overcoming anxiety, overcoming depression, overcoming trauma it's quote to joy so you're about like and those one things that struck me george was you said I just I talked to you about what issues I traumas I wanted to work through and you said, well, how about if you just how but if you're happy like, you know, how do we go for happy like we really raised the bar and that actually didn't occur to me that that was could be an objective so well, the nice thing is you can you the you just have to get some things out of the way so that naturally were designed to be happy and joyful stuff happens life happens so you learn to tools to clear them and you can overcome anything I heard one okay the third one there's a spot in the middle of the pledge of allegiance position yeah, I'll demonstrate it to so it's right it's right above your nipple and you're going to feel around it's kind of crazy athlete between your left nipple in your left collarbone and so you're going to flatten your hand rubbed the spot in a clockwise fashion as though a clock is sitting on your chest and just let these words go through it's a statement of complete self acceptance you don't even have to say it aloud but I'm gonna give you the enhanced version but it you know when I do what I say it aloud unless I'm allowed okay, I'm going to stay a lot we'll give you the enhanced version you can't say I deeply except myself but I want you to deeply love and accept yourself so here we go clockwise clockwise halfway between left collarbone left nipple let the's words go three maybe even close your eyes and just absorb these words just take a deep within you I deeply love and accept myself I deeply love and accept myself I deeply love and accept myself I deeply love and accept myself. I deeply love and accept myself, and I deeply love and accept myself, and I deeply love and accept myself. Now this this area that we're stimulating it's called the neural emphatic reflects that actually controls part of your limp system but is very important. And if you do, did those three things that I've shown you every morning, your life would be better. Now we haven't cleared any debris, but for sure we have stabilized your energy, which is a huge step forward, and if you're going, many people are going to because of issues that they're going through they're they're going to be flipped in their polarity, peter back a little bit because we could just see half your face. Alright, thank you. We go ok, alright. And so what I would recommend to people there's something called the six week stabilizer program where you do what I just showed you those two things, plus rubbing the spot on the chest when you wake up, when you go to slave, me and bernard every three or four hours during the day just rubbed a spot and five times think I do play except myself, so I did this in the way that I was able to pull it off is I set my iphone timer and that's what you just have to do get in the habit of setting your timer to do the six week protocol and the one thing I wanted to mention georges, this spot is kind of, you know you've hit it because when it feels a little bit tender because actually through the rest of the flesh in this area and that's when you know you're hitting that lymphatic point right when you feel that great yeah, judy's wondering, is it best to do some of these exercises lying down or does it matter? No, just a crowd over your comfortable yeah do it if you can, if you want to do it lying down, but I mean, I just follow the instructions he's laid them all out for you, so you know, there's no need to modify them if you if right and just it's fine it's very flexible. Many people like to do this in bed before they get out of bed in the morning, and if they want to do that, you know allah better, but it will give you the right perspective on the day and then also just isa little side if something really bothers you during the day, if you think of that as a target and you rubbed the spot on the chest suddenly while you're thinking of that issue and if you're around people you might just kind of pretend you have a sore muscle and you're rubbing this spot but you're thinking yourself I deeply except myself while you're thinking of that target will usually take twenty percent off that target and a few seconds so on the other you know when the phrase I deeply love and accept myself you've also expressed that georgia's I deeply love and accept myself with all my challenges and all my strength so that's another version of it to write perfect yeah so and then one other I think I believe you with is if you are really stressed about something that you're really kind of hot I would tap on the outside of both eyebrows this is actually the gall bladder midian and this is very powerful and if you're really stressed out there tap there not while you're driving now let's say you know getting down or you're in bed on just tapped there for about four minutes will be very relaxed yeah wow, I am so grateful to you for the help you've given me like my heart you're my pleasure and I'm just glad that you are sharing your gifts with so many because I have seen your art work and that adorns of lots of fabulous places and is absolutely spectacular so I know how good you are and then also for you to have your other gifts to besides your artwork but you're teaching ability and many other things so you have found your niche and I'm just thrilled thank you so much, george and thank you for taking time out of your very busy day I know you've got appointment scheduled back to back so this was a real gift and take take pleasure really so thank you so much have a great day and I'll be in touch soon you have encouraged them to do that free download because that help so many different things and and and just be well be happy be healthy and just use your gifts imagine if you were total by the way she's mean and I realized this when I started testing for this with nora muscular feedback most people operated about ten percent of potential so one of the things that I do with olympic medalists and athletes and and professional entertainers I just simply unblocked them toe open up their potential and then you can muscle test and see what you've got yeah, you can actually chase her out where you're at it's amazing you can actually figure out where you're out on a scale of one to ten so I mean you've got a big this this is a big gift I would definitely go which nucleus you name your website again dr george pratt dot com or right d r george pratt dot com and there's a ton of stuff on there for free and and so and people you've worked with are talking about the changes that it's made in their lives you there's more people on the uh on the first page of people that I've worked with that I've helped right but they can take a look at it and you got there's no excuse it's so quick it's so quick so easy this is like you know brushing your teeth like really it's that easy it that that's everything that I think it's hard to get your head wrapped around that it actually works like could it really be this easy yeah can actually be that easy so thank you and have a wonderful day and I send blessings to all of you thank you bye thank you I love him so uh what'd you guys think yeah he's a gear and he is the real deal I mean this is um I have to confess when I I first heard him interviewed on larry king I was fascinated but I was incredibly skeptical and then I heard him again on larry king again I was fascinated but I was incredibly skeptical eventually I bought his latest book and I started reading it and I didn't finish it then I heard him interviewed on the radio and I was something clicked inside of me I got up the next day I read the book cover to cover and I called his office and I started working with him and because I wanted more than what was in the book and then I um this september I went teo kona and I went to a weeklong workshop and swam with the dolphins and we had our we had our we had our workshop on the beach in kona and the dolphins were jumping out of it was like fucking fantastic it was amazing it was really amazing but he has and I met other people who he worked with including gentleman who was undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer while he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment he started working with dr pratt he started jogging in his oncologist said, I know what you're doing but your bloodwork doesn't make any sense so you just keep doing what you're doing so it works on a number of different levels so a psychological trauma and physical increases through physical healing so again I knew it I know I'm in california right now I'm in san francisco and you might not believe all this I didn't believe it either, okay? But I'm telling you it's not just me you could just read the endorsements you got a big gift I think if you got nothing else from this course, I mean nothing you didn't do any of the exercises you didn't watch anything else if you would just do these exercises thes three exercises there's gonna take you three to four minutes a day like you got a huge huge huge huge benefit if you'll do that I mean it really is that impactful so I think I've emphasized that enough, right? Okay all right, so let's go on to our lesson and we're going to do a little bit more of a deep dive if you're falling along in the discovery journal we are on lesson seventeen and um dr pratt has given me permission to actually include hiss exercise is that we just talked about some of the exercise we just talked about um in this particular um part of the discovery journal so again these air actually what I do um the getting grounded in your body right and that's where we do this crossover where also the chest and there's illustrations so this it's important that you actually find the acupressure point you don't miss it you don't want to be it's not gonna have the same effect if you go over here or if you go over here you need to identify the spot on your chest it feels a little bit more tender and it's kind of between your ribs and that's the spot you've got to hit every single time and I believe if you go to dr prats if you go to dr pratt's website he's got illustration so you khun really hone in on it it's got all sorts like video demonstrations this isn't complicated it's just committing is committing to your own happiness and your own health and like he said most people operate potential like ten percent of their potential so imagine if you just increased your potential like ten more percent where would you be where would your life be would you be fulfilling your purpose would you be happier would you be more engaged with your relationships ing improved your relationship with yourself improve probably right so it's worth it so I want to talk a little bit about some of the traumas that are common two creative people so the good the good side of being creative is that we're pretty sensitive in general we're pretty sensitive people the downside of being sensitive is that we get injured much more easily insulted much more easily right where fuel criticism much more harshly and that creates a trauma so who here was told that they couldn't draw or that they didn't know how to spell or that their grammar wasn't right or that used and in a sentence to begin a sentence or that I mean you know there's a number of them so what I want to do is just gonna check in with the studio audience and I'm going to actually ask you to name a trauma that comes to mind that maybe or may have undermined your confidence or undermined your ability to move forward and fulfilling a creative enterprise because I'm gonna guess everybody here has something that happened maybe you got a criticism online people could be hateful online, hateful so you put your work out there and you bare your soul and someone comes along online, you know, if they were sitting your living room they would never dare say such a thing but because they're anonymous and their online they are hateful and that can if you don't have to have it in the right perspective that can really undermine your confidence. So has anyone experienced a trauma that maybe upset their creative confidence? It's who's willing to go first, jen, what happens? So what? What do you think? What do you what trauma comes to mind? So what I thought of when you were talking is when I was in college, I took a drawing class um and I had a crush on the teacher, so I took the class and he really kind of he liked me too, but he gave me a hard time in the art way because he was like, you know, you just you don't get it like you can't stick with this, you gotta take things further, you've got to keep going and you give up too easily and he kept saying that, and so then you know that you integrated that to me couple times like in the last years I've been doing things you like and actually I'll never draw again wow well that's pretty dramatic I mean to be honest with you and and and so every once in a while in the last year I've they kind of but like fun things like kids markers and crais pause and stuff thinking okay, I'm just going to do it a little bit but actually it really like I don't really like it I don't enjoy it it sort of took the fun out of it for me all right so john can you volunteer? Was there a particular trauma or upset? Um I get like, grammar feedback on my writing sometimes and I do mine online and I don't really take that personally but I did have someone when you personally say like what are you doing? You're wasting your time with this monthly experiments project such a so dumb or it's not going to be it's not gonna help anyone it's not gonna be successful and I did take it to heart a little bit what s so when you say you took it to heart what what change or what what did you do which what did you not do that you were planning on doing like how did actually have an impact because you can't dismiss this stuff it has an end it's it's the your beliefs shape your actions shape your life to shape your experience that's it so what? So you got so someone put this little a bug in your head you are wasting your time with monthly experiments and what happened? My kind of unwavering confidence about it wavered and I stopped investing as much of myself my energy my time into it to the point where I just stopped writing altogether you quit yeah, I kind of quit so not permanently but no, you had to come on this course and put you right you think you came back like, thank god you didn't win because your experiments are so cool yeah, and they're going to have such an impact so yeah so but you okay, so you quit and you quit drawing yeah, I guess I did and I never took it that seriously, so I never really thought about it that way before, right? So it's not that you know we're weak people, its that we want this infects our unconscious there's our subconscious mind we're not even we're not consciously aware of how it's changed the course of our actions. So one of things in the book is you list your traumas, you just start listing the traumas like small upsets really things that might seem minor that are still having this long lasting effect. Remember the illustration off dr pratt was talking about how the robert his name's robert, his small daughter was in his arms of the ocean and age of three and she could never figure out why she couldn't drink a regular glass of water. This is true. I met robert her father this september that was still running her life and it was unwound in a matter of minutes with these protocols she's dove in the water she went you know she's going to go back next year I've been in the water so yoni, can you give me an example of a trauma that undermined your creative confidence? Um I immediately thought of two professors I had in school I was professors are great for them. Yeah, it was uh I was, um liberal arts college but I was an art major and one of them was a sculpture sheets are very well known artist in new york city and the entire class had had a, um assignment and he ripped apart everyone. It was like a unilateral just one chair who's crazy it was like nothing was good. We all sucked and he was raging I mean, he was so out of it that I almost didn't take it seriously but I did take it personally and I decided that I would not do any more sculpture while I was at school again you quit done all right, so let me stop you there is if you're home do this exercise right now start asking yourself where were you? Where is your confidence undermined doesn't have to just be around. Obviously it doesn't have to just be around your creative enterprise. It could be any trauma that's actually still running the show subconsciously, it's still running the show. So, um, again, it's, not cognitive therapy, so when I'm going to talk about this, we're just gonna identify it, and then you do these exercises and you will see a shift. So you're so that's what? Your example, you have a sculpture teacher who ripped everybody apart is probably completely unrealistic and unfair criticism if he ripped everybody apart had nothing good to say, but you still wound up taking it to heart. Yeah, and I just swayed away from that part of the department and went more into the graphic arts and drawing and painting, because I just thought, I must be terrible at sculpture, so I had a professor who told me that women can't draw well, that's right? I was an intern at his design firm, yeah, and on dh then I major an industrial design, which was mostly it was male dominated, and that was a continuous um, yeah, women don't women can't be designers, industrial designers, they can't do that. I heard that all the time I heard it all the time, and the male professors would act accordingly so it was very difficult because there was this underlying belief that women couldn't be industrial designers and this one professor who is spending all this time interning with was telling I need it wasn't shy about it women can't draw women can trawl we can't draw all the time when you're young and you're a student um you have so much respect for investors that they must know and you don't write well you're their students and there's a teacher so they must know right exactly so it was a real struggle tio not um you know be taken in by by those comments on so yeah all right, so you quit yes people that are kind of resonating with yoni and um that experience ron says my grade ten commercial art teacher called me out in class and said I would never make it as an artist it was isolated and of course she never did it again to another student but so it's definitely relatable situation since says my mom told me I would never be able to draw on it took her thirty five years to go to art school after that wow. So these remarks can really have a damning effect on the trajectory of someone's life but you can actually unwind um it's gonna be kind of something first okay? Felix, can you name a time where you got a smack down from trauma yeah, I was in kindergarten and we were doing the twelve days of christmas and I was seven swans a swimming which put me in a white uh long johns white top with pink and light purple feathers all around me. So wait a boat. There is a photo somewhere I have to ask my parents but I just remember being traumatized like just there laughing people are laughing at me and I hated it on it was just a nightmare. I think you still feel it in your body. I think so. I think I might I just thought of it today. Just like five minutes ago. Like oh, wow, this I think it prevents me from I can't wear pink first why won't wear pink? Um really and that's associated with that out? I think so. I just made the connection. Maybe so yeah, really and there's another thing I was left handed and everyone was put pencil in my right hand and I would switch and people with no put your left when your right hand so that I think kind of mess me up a little bit I can actually do some things with both hands, but you're ambidextrous done a little bit interesting, all right, kathy idiot, did you experience any trauma or a situation that you can remember that undermined your confidence creatively, not until today really not talk today, just till not like something came up because somebody come from you. So so what happened is something came from your unconscious to your conscious mind. Exactly. Um, I've always been very supported artistically from my family, but I remember when I was very young and I had a job at an ad agency did paste apart and that I was dumb art director eventually, I remember the boss that the person who owned the company his wife was having a conversation. I overheard her say, I don't know what they were talking about, but I honed in on this phrase that she said, you know, artists, they're kind of weird, you know, I actually, yeah, this is that my mission is to kill the artists like you've never heard that phrase, I didn't know we weird creates, so I I that messed me up for so long because I thought, well, okay, I'm not r sum a graphic designer. Oh, so you didn't want to be an artist because really, really you're changed my I think it changed my path that I was very much more technical about what I did because I didn't and I because there was a stigma with being weird, the way she put it. Right wasn't weird integrate because it's like I mean like really weird and theirs is a love the midwest and you don't wanna be weird you gotto be mainstream and like everybody else and um it changed so much of my life and how I lived my life so that I wouldn't be perceived as weird I was very insecure about being weird and I don't think it was until maybe my forties like I did remember that thinking kind of rethinking what is weird and maybe she couldn't appreciate creativity or that we were more creative in our personalities or whatever I don't know but I think that really changed me a lot hearing that phrase so this is exactly how you do it so if you're listening at home, this is how you do it you just start listing these events and you start to actually you know that stuff's going to bubble up that you maybe forgot like kathy forgot and now she's putting two and two together that maybe you wanted to make sure no one perceived you is weird having forbid right and that you were more technically focused and somehow yeah more it's interesting this fascinating stuff isn't it? So you know to to craig swan since point we were doing the goal setting exercise, you know, it's all about emotion were emotionally driven we think that our conscious, logical mind is running the show it's so not running the show it's all emotion. And when we were reviewing the goals, one of the steps in the five step process remember was to identify the goal and then identify the emotion you want to experience associate it with that goal. So yes so this is about you actually, I'm thinking is we're going through this you have in your work on yourself have you found that you making that choice to go into industrial design? I was kind of subconsciously in some way making things hard on yourself because of the background I love I've always loved design, you know, I wanted to be a designer I always and I and I still love design I felt when I was in art school and ironically I went back to painting. But when I was in art school, I felt that industrial design was more relevant art than painted the tradition, the current tradition of painting and I found it fascinating and I was very inspired by one of the professors who was ah founding fot it was a founding father of industrial design and he founded the department is amos viktor schreckengost could look him up very famous and I wanted to study under him and he was an industrial designer. He was a ceramicist and he was a painter and he was I'll run it he also owned many patents and was an incredibly successful entrepreneur and I I thought he was most inspiring professor about brad issue is a real renaissance man and he didn't have any divide between money and making art none whatsoever s oh yeah that's why I chose that path and it I thought the but I didn't want to just, uh doodle around the painting studio I wanted much more I wanted much more so I chose that and um yeah, I still love both so um let's move on what I'd like to do with this remaining segment is I'd like to go back we started doing some of the connecting dots exercises, we looked at purpose and we looked at mission we looked at unique value proposition in the target market that it's we served with the people in the audience and if you're at home um just make yourself an outline and I want you to fill in the plate, the pieces that you can fill in and if you if you can't well you can't you'll get to it. So this is a process this isn't, you know, check the box if you guys noticed this takes a fix some time, right? So who did we leave off with? Remember you left a yoni was at uni with kathy points of yoni two points of yoni all right, so you can sit there we could do this from the stage um so we're doing a workshop this remember when I said if you write about what you think your purposes of your mission that it can be more challenging than just saying it out loud recording it and transcribing it so the instructions in the free exercise is the free eight exercises that come when you are a svp for this course I ask you to write about it and I ask you to write your exercises in the discovery journal but if you're finding that too challenging just say it out loud no one's listening say it out loud and pretend that you are that all knowing all seeing wise, compassionate athena of yours self number athena remember doctor he talking about athena athena actually guides the hero through the hero's journey and athena is a patron of the arts and she's also um noted for her ability and strategic warfare and she is all about the truth. She always brings you back to the truth. So you're going to be your own athena yoni you have that within you you have you know what your purpose is? You know your values are and you know when things are kind of off and his doctor pratt just taught us we can actually feel it in her body when we are off what he demonstrated that first applied kinesiology um exercise remember it was about uh the muscle applied kinesiology about muscle testing muscle testing scientifically ca measures if you lie or if you're not grounded in the truth your muscles will all the muscles in your body will register it around I don't know ten or nineteen percent weaker so feel into your body put your feet on the ground and we're just gonna say it out loud okay so when we talked about your most painful times in your life all right there's a purpose athena knows why you suffered right? So um we had an instance where you, um as a child had to witness he had experienced abuse and you learned that you can't rely on yourself you can't realize sometimes can't rely on others and you have to rely on yourself then you got that lesson again where you needed to trust your intuition trust your perception and rely on yourself right then you got the lesson again with your son you had teo again suffered another hurtful moment and realized you need to trust your perception right and what? What? Um I, um I smearing back what you said what how would athena say? How would athena express the purpose behind those painful moments in your life? Athena would say that I need to trust my instincts and act accordingly so pretend you're athena pretend I'm yoni yeah, you be athena, you get the golden rod long flowing dress, right? All right, I'm yoni I've just been through this court these horrible circumstances how do I feel? Sam? Sorry, I've I'm sorry that you feel so bad you've been treated very poorly, but it's okay, you're strong and you need to know that you can handle this to trust your instincts and follow what you know is right and what you believe in there you go big go see if she tried to write that we got that on camera. We got that on tape so you can watch this later, see what you just said because she wasn't she was pretending, teo, you know, you have got outside of yourself, right? And you were helping me versus trying to help yourself it's he's here to help other people. It isthe right? Absolutely. So you're real clear about the truth when you're helping other people. So this is what you want to do. People watching at home just follows exercise. Just pretend you're athena because athena knows everything she's all powerful, all knowing, and she guides the hero in mythology. All right, so do you see that really resonates, right? What you just said, all right, so if nina says this is the this is this is your why right she told me what my why wass the purpose behind my suffering now you also had joyful moments okay, so what were your three joyful moment ah one was graduating from college um one was receiving the you graduated from college and you were the first in your family to graduate from college. So this is why this it's particularly significant? Okay, that's one that was a real accomplishment and you know, I felt really good about that um second wass the birth of my first child and the third and you felt well that was very powerful it was wonderful it's transformative and the third was winning a first place award from the de young museum so it was because you feel you were in the first place place award from the deal I was shocked because I just I mean, I knew the work was good but I didn't expect of all the artists who were also incredible artists to be chosen for that and it was very um what's the right word, you know, it just made me feel good, but it also made me appreciate that my talent I'm I'm at a loss for the right word okay, so actually I think you just said it you appreciate you were you appreciated your talent and one of the things that we've talked about as it relates to your mission teaching iphone ah graffiti is that you have and if you're in a position to help other people trust their instincts trust their perception and appreciate their talent, huh right yes so um given that I'm gonna be oniy again you be athena tell yoni what her mission is your mission is to help other people to find their passion and express it through technology and iphone iphone ah graffiti or photography technology specifically exactly do you believe that yes, I do. Okay that's that's a lot more clarity that when you came in here dang okay I believe it. I know from what I've learned about you that you're kind and you're nurturing and encouraging you'd be an excellent teacher and you're not really going to be teaching iphone are pretty you're really gonna be teaching people to trust their own and stinks perception and appreciate their own talent that's the value above and be on teaching iphone ah graffiti that would be your unique value proposition do you see that, huh? Okay, so let's take it to the sky next step which is the target market? Who will you serve? So you already have some people who take your courses and there are probably some favorite students of yours who signed up for all your courses and then there is some students who are not so favorite we don't want any more of those we want more of these. All right? So give me a psychographic profile of thie this this favored student of yours what's? What are their biggest challenges? Were they most challenged by they're they're lacking awareness of the capabilities and their incident instincts to what they love and what's your mission to teach the mat to give them the dc. Other dots are all connecting. Okay, you get it. You guys getting it, ron from online that says, I really struggle with talking to my child styles, child self. I'm sorry as we've been doing here in class and just talk about the purpose of the painful moment, though the more I revisited it and stayed out of the story, I was able to be more objective. Should I be able to be specific about finding purpose? I mean to be ableto verbally identify the exact lessons or exact instances, and if he's having trouble with that, how can he? I'm not sure I entirely understand the question, but I'm gonna make a good rough stab at it, so his name is ron, so high run, so run. First of all, this is a process and not easy. So good for you for having the courage for doing in the first place that's number one don't give yourself give yourself a break, give yourself a pat on the back and be patient and kind to yourself, and the second thing is, um I'm so glad you said that you're staying out of your story because you are totally on the right track this is not psychotherapy we are not getting into the story he went to get into this story you can schedule an appointment with your psychotherapist that's not what this is about now you have to feel the emotions surrounded but that that that story evokes but I don't want you teo like marinate in that that's not the point so that's point number two point number three is just do your best and you're gonna use your imagination which as a creative person that's our strongest asset so we're perfectly suited to do this exercise because we're creative so just imagine that version of yourself whenever you experienced a particular painful moment not not a period in time but the actual specific a moment where you really felt the pain and then like athena would put your arm around that imagine version be very compassionate one of the things that makes us compassionate is when we really hear how people feel and we we understand I understand that you're sad I understand that you're shocked I understand you're disappointed so use those words like you were athena and be compassionate so you have a name and the reason you're doing this is so you have an emotional understanding of that particular painful moment then imagine use your imagination again I know you have it here, athena you could be a male version of athena there might be one in greek mythology I don't know but I've got athena on my mind because of dr e so then you just just make it up just make it up like like a paintings made up like everything is made of just make it out make up what it's a lesson just make it up just like just like yoni did make it up and it's it's real go ahead unit on the other thing I want to say that people who are struggling with it is it doesn't happen in one sitting well we have done this I've done this now from the homework and then talking to you discussing it with my classmates being brought back to the studio and talking about it you know, thinking about it, talking about it online and it's a process it's a process and that is why we made this a thirty day course instead of two or three day live course because I know that it takes time to process and integrate thes concept's it's not a one day class and it's not like I mean some parts of it are fun some parts of it are really intense and right uh it's you gotta cry to do your homework I mean, who does that it creative life? What instructor does that mean? I'm the only one who does connecting a little bit with marina she's wondering the negative stuff is easier to believe and I know we talked about this and some of our previous lessons. Why? Why is that white? Well, I'm not you know, I I probably defer to dr pratt why negative things are easier to believe than positive things or compliments. I'm not really sure why I think it's, probably because it creates a more impact, awful trauma and therefore excites more more electromagnetic activity in your neural pathways. I'm not a scientist, but that's my guess um so that's the downside of criticism and trauma the upside is that we learn more from painful memories than we do from joyful memories. Actually, we'd know lorne from both its why have you do both? A lot of people have forgotten the other part of this exercise is to identify the joyful times in your life too says that people are so wrapped up in the painful part of the exercise, so yeah, don't I wish I had an answer, but I think that's what it is, I think it has a cure, I think it has to do with the neurological activity that's activated or excited during trauma, we have someone else it's watching that says, and you mentioned that your art must serve a purpose, and I know we've stressed that a lot yeah, so if my purposes body image is that okay if I feature myself my body and my paintings to share my experience, you know I don't know enough about her value proposition I would say I don't have an answer because look, if you as long as he is, she understands what her purposes she understands what her mission is and she indeed has a unique value proposition that clearly serves a target market that any monkey can understand like it's so clear it's so the value proposition so vividly obvious then she's on the right track there's so many ways to get there so that's my kind of an answer to that question not knowing I don't know enough about her to really answer it with absolute certainty, but if you follow the process, you'll be fine yes, b does this serve others serve other you're not going to get paid if it doesn't. So instead of asking, can I do this or that? Does this does this with that serve others? If it if it does it's all a problem yeah does it spoon let's be more specific? Does it solve a problem? Does it alleviate a pain? If it doesn't, you're not gonna have a sustainable artistic animal you no one will pay you, you are you have a hobby and that's that that's the weight as life and nothing I could do for you you got to do that. Um there's a great book to call the millionaire millionaire maker. Oh, god, I named you mention the book and now I don't remember the title, so I apologize for that, but essentially he makes the same argument he's talking about writer yes and he's saying, you know, at some point, you know, having talent is a minimum price of admission, but at some point your your craft, your ex, your writing, whatever it is is good enough. We're just gonna get out and get on with the business of marketing it. So, um, that's very longwinded answer to your question. Terra has a sale specific question because I am wondering if and or anyone in the studio can relate to the experience of working really hard to build a relationship with a potential client, so either by offering like free initial consultations or advice, but only to find that converting the person to a sale is very difficult. And if you have any cider in studio, have any insight on maybe what's wrong with the sales approach or what? Yes, so I cover selling in my first creative live course, I cover selling I like the sandler sales system philosophy, but I will warn you, when I first encountered it, I thought it was really hokey and not applicable because it's designed to speak to corporate clients big corporate clients um but my friend simon stokes if you're watching I was patient with me and he taught me to sandler sale system and he used to sell ah private jets to celebrities and ceos so he understood that this particular sale system really works for the luxury market um but it works for at any particular market but in particular the luxury market the sandler sales system is really not about selling as is qualifying your prospect and you find out what their problem is with their pain is and see if you can solve it and if you can't you take the fish off the hook so what I'm gonna guess is that she was probably exerting all this effort and could've qualified the prospect earlier in on the earlier in the process so this particular course fulfil your creative purpose we're not covering sales but I would offer that I would offer my first course as a resource for how to handle sales and the sandler sale system is a way to handle sales. We had a couple people ask this so I just want to apologize again so and talks a lot about the workbook and all of its content in the course that she's given and you've given a lot of exercises but are there more exercise in the workbook or is the more instruction to guide backs sizes so I want to make sure that everyone's well there's a little bit more detail because you've got a written instruction but uh and so it's very helpful to have the discovery journal um but does that answer the question? Yeah, yeah, but a copper you cover everything and cover a cover it in the course and the broadcast okay, but it's a great resource I mean, it's thing is this is like we've talked about this is intense you only talked about how many times she went over the same exercise over and over and over again before it started clicking in her head that's very, very common sea, you know, it's very helpful to go back and revisit this stuff. Would you guys agree or am I making it up? I couldn't imagine just showing up here and on city even sitting here being able to interact with you and getting the same benefit as doing the work that is in here and in these excess that's what real benefit or us the work it's the work the work will change you sitting here and watching will not change sitting and watching I'm glad you're tuning in I'm happy you're turning in but you got if you want the real benefit, you gotta actually do the work absolutely like anything else in life yeah, you say to that even though you're really clear about your purpose in your mission and your value proposition, if things change over time, like you've sort of changed how you do things over time, game clarity, I would say that I would say the fundamentals haven't changed but explain clarity and other opportunities is if, um, come into my life that I hadn't imagined before, but my core values and who I am as a person, they've not changed, not at all, so it's very grounding to do at work are eight last minute thoughts on this lesson. Last minute thoughts on this lesson so, yeah, I'm going to say it again, just do the work, you know, and and I would say that's obvious, but schedule it say, on saturday from ten a m to ten thirty I am going to do this work, and I'm going to find someone in the facebook group is goingto be my accountability and encouraging partner, or I'm going to call a friend and I'm gonna do it with them, like, schedule it and find someone to help you.

Class Description

Find new avenues for creative expression and challenge old assumptions about your potential to make money as an artist – join Ann Rea on a journey to uncover your creative purpose.

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose will show you how to develop a profitable artistic enterprise and write your roadmap to financial success by doing what you love. You will systematically examine your values, beliefs, and talents and come to a clear and honest acceptance of where your artistic path leads.

Ann Rea will coach and inspire you through an interactive experience – yes, you’ll be doing homework – that will help you work through the barriers to living your true purpose. By the end of the course, you’ll master new skills and enjoy unparalleled clarity about your purpose in the world. 

You’ll know how to:

  • Identify resources that will help you advance your ideas
  • Collaborate with mentors and masterminds
  • Create an action plan devoted to you and your financial success
  • Move past unproductive projects and focus on priorities

You’ll hear from artists who’ve applied these changes and find out about the steps they took that transformed their lives. Ann will also cover the practical matters of caring for your studio, balancing your books, and defining your value proposition.

The stale old message that says pursuit of your creative passion will leave you flat broke and burned-out is outmoded and untrue. Tap into your creative self and find a wellspring of ideas, energy, and economic opportunity.

By the end of this series you’ll have a clearly defined mission and know how to make money by using your creativity.

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a Creativelive Student

I think this course is extremely helpful if you follow her steps and do the work. This course can go through some very intense emotional moments, but it is all towards the greater goal of refocusing you and helping you find your meaning and purpose and most importantly, taking action on that to help others. I had many breakthroughs, but one of the areas that most helped me was to be patient with the process and give yourself the emotional payoff along the journey towards your long term goals. There is a lot of psychology in this course and it is necessary to tie your emotions into the actionable steps to get you past your struggles and focused on what is really truly important to you. I highly recommend this course if you want to get unstuck, want a road map to making a living as an artist from where you are today, and want to fulfill the best life that you can achieve.

John Muldoon

I'm so grateful to be a part of this transformational course. I've gotten so much out of it already, and my vision for my creative enterprise has never been more clear. My thinking and vision have become much bigger, as well. I can see so clearly how to use my creative talents to create a profitable business that I can work in with passion and integrity.

Don Diaz

“Like all worthwhile pursuits, you will get out of this what you put into it” Ann Rea. I am having a positive life changing experience thanks to this class. Now, I am able to identify much more clearly that my hobby was only fulfilling me and was not providing a service to anyone, therefore it was not allowing me to obtain the financial success that I am after. I expect to continue to mature during this class. I want to thank you, Creativelive and Ann Rea for creating content that will allow us to grow and possibly succeed in life.