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Take Action!

Lesson 30 from: Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Ann Rea

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30. Take Action!

Lesson Info

Take Action!

Welcome back to fulfilling your creative purpose we just finished up with lesson twenty nine step up and own your power and now I'm going to go into the arl last lesson lesson numbers thirty how about taking action? Wow. Ok, so this could be a good one? This is the point of this and, uh remember it's all about starting where you are today not tomorrow today taking action today so, um I'm actually including something uh in this exercise I slipped it in at the last minute uh because I had read about it and I thought it was a really close very closely aligned with what I'm teaching but to give credit where credit is due this is not mine this exercise were about to do this actually belongs to tony robbins and um he has this formula that he's used with presidents and athlete as in all sorts of very successful people and it's called the vi to mom. Okay, what is that all right it's just a way for you to remember that you start with your vision and what do you really want what's my vision and ...

hopefully by tuning in to your purpose you've got a much more clarity around what you really want, what it's gonna look like and then the two the v two is what's important about it or in other words, how does it reflect my values okay, we delved into that didn't way okay, so they see how this is pretty closely aligned now em is how I'm gonna get it. What methods will I use so the resource is is part of that right on setting certain goals here is an important one the elephant in the living room oh what's preventing me from having it what are my obstacles is where we have to it really honest about where weaknesses are where we need some help and em ah, the last one is how will I know I'm successful? How will I measure my success so the smarter goal is a way to measure success it's one way to measure success because maybe measure success by so many more new clients. So many more new subscribers so many published articles um I don't knows successful execution of your contract I know you're going to decide how you're going to measure success. Maybe it's maybe for you, clark, you don't need any more clients, felix so kind of like maybe you need a new measure of success, right, um and that's part of your process here is trying to figure out how you gonna what do you want what's a getting clear vision of it? You think you know what your values are? You're looking at that you can accrue pretty good understanding your obstacles and then how you gonna measure all right? So what we're going to dio is, uh we're gonna workshop this so if you're at home right this formula down and just kind of follow along and clarified to the extent that you can what your vision is, what your values are, what methods you use, what obstacles you currently have and how you're going to measure success some people in a measure in dollar amount some people want to measure it in time number of clients I don't know we're all going to be different so I'm gonna ask one of you to come on stage and write for me because no one could possibly read my handwriting because it's kind of crazy so who would like to do that? You only come on up all right, so felix um I'm gonna have you can actually sit where you're sitting uh, what I'd like you to do yoni is just right down this outline and you could just put a v to m o m uh yeah like this yeah, like along well, kind of like we did in that lesson and felix, what we're going to do is just try teo um manifest what you're trying to create by committing to writing what you know all right and you can work on this later we're just going to get you started and for those of you who are listening at home, you going to perfect this just get started that's the that's the hardest part is just getting started. You can revisit this when you've gained more clarity maybe you've identified a few more obstacles or maybe you have had a gn insider realization about your values and then you'll come back to this so this is like a living breathing document it's not something you just do check off your list suit like finally your taxes it's an ongoing thing. So felix, I want you and I want you to do this because, um, I want you to be bold and I'm gonna ask you to use a mixture of grammy dan's remembering process and this idea of athena okay, all right? And so that you could have fun with this, uh because it's hard to say what you want and claim something big when you're in front of people, but if we just play with this and pretend that you got yourself a magic wand or athena is lending you her golden wand and you can have anything you want, what somethin you're looking, you know, you're remembering you look back on your life and just take a deep breath and I want you to describe start to describe a vision of what you created remember what you created, so what happened time I wrote this book and it was amazing because a lot of things I've been waiting to say has finally been said or been written down and I'm traveling remember the time when I was traveling around and talking to people and reaching more people and sharing my gift with people and inspiring other people to come out of the psychic closet you say hey, you know what? You're not alone there's a lot there are a lot of people like you and I and I just remember the time when I did talk show interviews to share my book and to give my book away to some of the audience members it was a really fun time how did you feel I feel amazing and tell me where like beast is more it's even more specific you felt amazing you felt what else I felt satiate I felt I I'm actually living my purpose I feel like everything I've ever wanted everything I've ever wanted to feel is now right here and now and I'm experiencing it and I'm able to share it felt fulfilled yes okay cool all right all right so that's pretty awesome where you see how this going and doesn't help to like just pretend a little bit here because this is we're making all this up as we go along everything everything's made up s o we got we got a sketch of your vision and you can keep doing this maybe when you're going for a run or you're in the shower you can flush out this vision now you've described a pretty beautiful vision very powerful vision you're fully self expressed and you're very fulfilled that's how you feel now why is it important that you do it? I mean, why did you do why do you remember what why did you do that? Why did you write this book and travel and speak and invited psychic closet members to come out of the closet? Go on these talk show interviews and give your book away. Why did you do it, felix? You remember I wanted to help people to realize that life is short and that we're all here to do something and I want to motivate and move people I wantto share the message of spirit. Okay, so you did it because you want to move people and power people and share the message of spirit. And where do you remember what your values were like? Why? Like what specific what's up but what was so important to you? What were your values that people I learned to love and accept themselves and and that so love and acceptance is one was one of your values in this life and understanding that death is not what we think it is it's not what what other people said it wass so one of your other value feared your other so one of the other values was teo, you know, alleviate uh fear around death of the death that was important to you yes ok just kind of your mission in away party mission all right so do you remember how you got it? What what methods did you employ? How did you how did you execute this vision? What what did you do like what? What methods so I know you wrote a book so you wrote a book but in the book what else did you d'oh I tapped into resource is other people have helped me I remember meeting all these wonderful different people who've helped me along the way. What did they help you if they help me to market my book so you you found see youse marketing methods? Sure and you have you got identified? Expert resource is wait that I mean to get exposure they help me to introduced they introduced me to mass media outlet so use networking teo has a method teo broaden your sir support network and they've supported me and you felt okay and you um built supporters okay? All right, so and so you did use video to demonstrate your, uh, talent also okay, some video blogging and um did you and I'm just guessing but I think I remembered you had several keynote speeches you did speak engagements yes, okay remember that john when I did that ok this making sense yes, ok now let's get riel what what almost time to edit this what almost prevented you from having it? What were your obstacles? They're gone now they're gone but what were they I know one before you came a creative life you didn't want to be on camera right? That was it. I was thinking that a lot of work for fear of being in front of the camera it's gone now though yes it's an obstacle you already went around, right? Were there any other obstacles that you had to overcome or go around to create this vision? Yes, I now I understand that you can't do this alone and that I need to reach out mohr tomb or people say you could help me okay great and not be freed as for hope okay can't be afraid to ask for help. All right, so you one obstacle was fear around asking for help and you know you got rid of that any other obstacles? Uh, aside from self image uh, so one obstacle you overcame was yourself. Your self image improved so much that it was no longer an obstacle, right? Ok, remember that you guys remember that remember that to retrieve you guys ever go to the ice capades and they have these little cars on the ice rink and they pick up some of the kids in the front row and then not the other kids don't get shelled around on the ice rink and they all start crying it's horrible never see that that's what the kind of feels like we can't do everybody but can't do everybody but we're gonna try our best all right but you guys are gonna learn what are you learning from this this felix is um because I really should do this course for like, you know, ninety days but whatever we're just we're got to keep it tight all right um so now you're successful felix and you can point two ways that you can measure your success so you're looking back on your life you have this a fabulous life you manifested this vision you, um were admit you did it based on your value rooted in your beliefs and your values you didn't waver from your truth even though we're skeptics even though there were critics you stood firm and your values and in your truth and you identify different methods to help you accomplish and build that vision you faced her obstacles with um a fearlessness and you worked through them and how did you met? How did you measure success now that you look back how how how did you measure it? Ah balance of everything with finance a balance in energy, physical energy taking care of myself having a chef for having someone to cook meals that are I remember when you hired that chef because you invited me over for dinner. Just helping my family. You helped your family. My parents along with me on the book tour. Yeah. Your parents loved that. They love that. Just like when they had martha stewart make them thanksgiving dinner in new york city that wrote it happened, by the way. And how else did you measure success? I think I remember when, uh, your book hit the new york times. Bestsellers that's what? I remember I thought that was a measure of success. That was a big feat for now is big. Yeah, we had a big party. What else happened? House? Did you measure success? You're totally balanced. Like this whole mind, body health, family relationships, money was really, you know, balanced. You got the book on the new york times best sellers list. Anyways, that you measured success. Yeah, people telling me thank you and vice versa, because, you know, uh, they've helped me, and now I can give back mohr, right? You received letters of gratitude, and and you really saw the impact. The positive impact you had on people's lives and continue doing workshops now kind of changed it to workshops to help other people, to develop their own abilities, to help them with their life, so so you helped people so when it may be part of your vision is that you've helped a whole population of people who were closet psychics come out and own their power is that what happened? Our mother that that's great. Okay. And um so when you did that it was just uh you know again what your values that you mentioned earlier wass that um you did so something about empower empowering people right? So that's in line and the method you used is, um these people read your books they went to your workshops they saw you in video yes, all working out great. Do you see that press how this process is have fun with it. All right, so that is if you could all do this either. Uh, you know, later but, you know, buddy up with somebody it's much more fun have, you know, I did they're remembering process with grammy dan twice now already because it's like so much fun and we're just really goofy about the whole thing. We're just ridiculous about the things we remember. So I mean, just have fun and s so this is a blend of grammy dan's the remembering process I mentioned that he was a guest earlier on in the lesson in this course and he wrote a book called the remembering process with joe by tally and this is a this is a basic method that tony robbins uses to help people optimize their performance and increase their success so we got one, maybe one more we'll see who's next wants to do it whose arms going up all right, so cathy leonie will you keep writing? You didn't see your arm go up so busy writing whatever oh, I'm happy to do it but if you only want me to write well you do it we're going we'll go is we'll go as fast as we can we'll just do what we can okay, so cathy how fun we're just remembering okay? It's not logical nothing logical about any of this but I want to know you're looking back on the landscape of your life and your history and you remember that had created this vision and just fill in where you know what? What what did it look like? I remember when I had my own television show and had brought craft back to mainstream television I remember that that was awesome. Um and I remember that it created a community for people to, um work with the model it created to set up a similar events news on the style of craft videos that I was doing like crafting events, crafting like crafting meet ups needed like that probably major city events okay, all right, major city events of crafting going on all right uh what else what else do you remember and I remember that it afforded my husband and I to really enjoy um vacations and help our children with their college expenses see it play money yeah, you had plenty money remember when she had plenty of money john there is money and kill us money I like living modestly critic you know happily modest people know there's such a thing but is your vision you doing I want ok how did you feel you have a tv show you brought crafting back to mainstream tv you had this community model that was in part of your business you had events in major cities you were it afforded you ah, really nice lifestyle with your family how did you feel? I felt um fulfilled and proud and, um I felt like I was not wasting my life because I was actually maximizing my life s o you're proud you were fulfilled and you were maximizing your time I mean your energy is that right? Yeah. Okay. Anything else you wanna add to your vision? Have you ever heard the irma bombeck quote? Um when I see when I see god at the end of my life I uh how does it go um I hope well, when I at the end of my life I hope that I have no talent left that I can actually say I used all you gave me s so I I feel like that's a really great motivation for me is to just I'm just going to keep a lee press your talent will express it so your your vision is you fully you've expressed all of it got it all out there okay but with honesty and integrity and good business sense of course yeah the only way we do it okay, so when you think of this when you feel into this how does that make you feel good yeah, thank you feel energized definite remember my an ism my an ism is does it give you energy? Does it take it away does leave you feeling flat gives you energy has me energy katie went around that we're on the right track. All right, so why did you even do in the first place all this? Why? Well, I feel like I was given a health and talent and and obviously purpose based on now that I've evaluated my pain in my joy and um like I just can't imagine breathing without doing something with all of that so you valued creativity on self expression that was one of the reasons you did this what else? What else did you do this? Well, I I did it also for my family I want to help provide for them so you value financial security and abundance and so that's the other reason you did it and I'm in a partnership so I value contributing to that okay so you valued partnerships and relationships with others well that would be like my husband you know that I don't well we yeah yeah well that's important part of your life are very very important okay, so you value your family I heard that right say the reason okay any other reasons you did this because of your values your core believes it feels really great feels great very stimulating to be able to use your creativity and yeah do something with it and value stimulation of you get when you create on wii outlets I would like create alive so popular because I'll love creativity validating to make it a good income doing it so you also value being validated who does it it's great it's wonderful and I think and I value being appreciated because I think if you create a community and it's it's actually thriving it's something you're giving the people what they want and you're being appreciated for it so okay so you value reputation yes. Okay great. All right, so how'd you do it? How did you create this wonderful beautiful vision? What methods did you use? I remember when I sent letters and emails teo people in my network in the um craft industry and expressing my goals and asking for their input and I remember when you actually crafted a whole deliberate campaign around that and you had you sent out letters and promised to follow up with a phone call and then you had phone conferences with these people and you write do you remember that part yeah and it was this whole campaign of this whole off all the people in her network and then asked each one of those and she asked everyone in her network to identify two other resource is who could help her execute this vision do you remember that I remember that oprah was on the list I think o presente list yeah I remember that I totally remember that okay so what else what other methods did you employ you networked hell out of things and what else did you d'oh I worked on my health so that I had more energy to do it you did you worked on your health what did you start doing I walked every day he walked everyday what else did you start doing diet you started dieting or or eating different unhealthy food right change your nutritional ratified my pattern you modified your nutritional pattern and remember that that's right what else did you dio could you need a lot of energy for this oh I thought that's right I remember when she started medicating yeah I meditate and then she meditated again and then I kept doing it and you couldn't stop I read that yes any other methods I pray and you pray a lot she prayed a lot she got divine intervention time time I've always had that divine intervention I just give you but she you kept doing it alright so that is one of your methods awesome all right so now let's get real what almost prevented you from having that vision I know it didn't but what almost got in your way um distractions distractions almost but did not get in her way start meditating and then that was like okay what else well I needed a little bit of start up money to do some of the things I wanted to do so um maybe not having well you did have it you've just found you found some capital okay okay cause I you're yuri did this already done our deal's done in the universe is done any other obstacles that you overcame nothing's coming to my mind we don't need to make any more you could go back to this all right last but at least we're winding down to the end we'll do this real quick how did you measure your success when this happened how did you say I have executed my vision how did you measure it um I get I think that's an emotional response for me is shine I think that's very just very fulfilled you felt very fulfilled. Yeah. How convenient that's in the title of this course um I and everyone said that my financial security you had a balance sheet that was smoking hot yeah yep I remember that and I, um and again back to the community and maybe that whatever I had created was being modelled by others or people were starting to replicate your spite be inspired by your model that's what happened? I remember that remember that started popping up when you start to become more visible okay, so that is our final lesson lesson thirty ah which is about taking action and so what we've done is we've linked you know, an overall vision we've we've learned about smart goals hoping we learned a lot and this whole course I've really enjoyed this and I want a tell you that uh not only justin and I worked on this course for nine months all these people these camera people, other people I can't see I don't even know what they do they all worked on this course uh worked really hard people flew in from new york city and austin and get paid a dime they came here to teach you so I it's my intention to inspire and teach you and to help you fulfill your creative purpose last but not least what we're going to have coming up is a before and after video of our students here who are very courageous and brave during this course so that you can see their transformation so thank you again to creative live. Thank you again to our host. Oh, thank you again to everybody for making this happen, because it ain't gonna happen without everybody. Else's! Help!

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