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Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

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The Remembering Process

Ann Rea

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Ann Rea

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Lesson Info

15. The Remembering Process

Lesson Info

The Remembering Process

Welcome back everybody we are now in lesson fifteen which is a very special lesson very special bonus lesson it's called the remembering process with grammy dan grammy dan come on up and have a seat here nice to see you too so graham began okay daniel barrett but I'm not calling you that not only I don't want to I wouldn't know who you were talking about it wouldn't know who you're talking to your way there and in the room no all right so um used to be a client of mine is an artist I worked with yeah yeah I found you on a on a message board for another business coaching thing you had left a comment image that's right which I recommend by the way it's fantastic and then your handle you know your signature said artists who thrive someone does someone makes that their objective this's my peeps I like lightning typed and write the rest so to be honest though you were the first musician who I'd ever worked with and I said yeah I don't know that I can help you want to be honest because I rea...

lly don't know anything and I said no that's okay you remember that I remember you're like I don't know about this I said no it'll be fine let's do this yeah it's kind of like know you it's artist to thrive right you let my people okay yeah it was okay but I'm alright and so what happened was I said, okay, well let's, just start with where you are and let's talk about what you want ultimately and I asked you what you want and the first thing that you said wass grammy I was thinking a lot about the grammys then it's ironic cause I don't think as much about the grammys anymore, right? It's funny how we have these, um, north stars and it seems like that would be the only north star I want the that car that whatever that represented progress and achievement and accolade I want all the things that it's still right it represents that represents acknowledgment you work it represents a substantial place amongst your peers. All right? Uh he doesn't want that steady stream of work to me it represents and represented I love the tools I love recording equipment it would be I would imagine most grammy award winners have an even wider palate great tools they get to choose from so you'd have more stuff and so, um it more stuff. Um, so everything that s I don't think about grammys quite as much, though I still have a screen saver that tiles grammies awards so, like I went about linda my grammy's every day coming from the kitchen of the studio and there's grammy is just falling right so so what happened was you know, we talked about where you know where you are, where you want to go and we also would sometimes you present a challenge or an issue or question and so I said to you, well, I don't know remember I don't know anything about the music industry anyway let's ask grammy dan what he would dio remember that I remember very well and it was like you had tapped into this thing you tapped into the book I would later write um I had been tapping into that kind of thinking to create music for years and when you did that on the sort of business side of things, it was a brilliant so it s so you were using this in music, but you hadn't transferred the tool to creating a business and creating your enterprise wrote a book called remembering process in innit? You sort of go past your you go past your goal. So it's it's not on ly five years from now ten years past that and you remember all of the details that technically happened yet? But I used to do that as a kid to write songs that would sort of remember, um I'd remember a song that didn't technically exist coming off of a radio right and that's how I would create it it was just kind of like a game I would play well, this time it will be two taps into the powerful force that is your imagination which is a natural asset as creative so we might as well use it and it goes pick it goes past the goal setting right goes pat way past the goal setting way past it and it kind of makes you feel like you did it already. Um so that part of you that's kind of afraid it might not happen sort of gets fooled and it just sort of drops your shoulders and you say, well, if you can feel that really you know it's sort of suspends your own disbelief it's an odd beautiful process and I did it with my friend joe by tally who ended up co writing s o I recommend this book it's a great read it's really really it's I think I think any artist can benefit from this book and and then it would have a positive effect on art making and it would have a positive effect on making business it is having the life but yeah it's good for you it's fantastic it's sort of it's been a real accelerator and it's fun you know don't forget to have fun with it and play with it and because it gets kind of grind sometimes you think of your goal and then you think of all the steps you have to take and it at some point you got to remember why you're doing it which is to have fun and have joined and meaning in your life and this process really brings that in and to tap into a broader part of yourself you know I mean we can if it's just pushing buttons I mean we can just sort of be with switchboard operators I don't think they exist anymore but something where you're just like a to b e did that in art school that was one of my jobs actually wear this hole is old fashion we had like this really antique looking thing and I did that so can you give us one example of when you did the remembering process and then it came into existence it actually manifested in your reality is there any particular remembering that stands out or recent remembering well there's a term what? What ah, what there's so many and I can't think of it I'm gonna promise because we talked about one one and things you talked about um you're you're in austin and we were talking on the phone and you said I've I had this idea of being on a panel you have never been on a panel, right? Yeah, well that was I don't know if anyone's made a vision board but one of the things that have put on my vision board these you know, things you want half dreaming and um I wanted to be in a broader conversation than just music I wanted to I put a picture of charlie rose and a malcolm gladwell who wrote out liars and uh because I thought it was I loved watching those guys talk about culture, life and how how all these things come together I wanted to, um to be part of a broader conversation and when you said it was gonna be on the panel it was kind of like it's happening it's starting to be I mean, I never really set out to write a book to be on a panel on never never it wasn't those particular cast of characters but essentially that happened it's happening and going past that you know, when I make a vision board I go way past it and I remember all the things and now now t give ah five second description you know you're not gonna remember exactly what happened I mean it's it's you start to play with um what might have happened what you kind of remember happening it's foggy but in that sort of elliptical or foggy state you have ideas you wouldn't have otherwise if you were just making the linear plan have you guided people through this process you guide your artists through this process absolutely all the time and it's very in the moment it's very it's like two friends reminiscing like oh, I think you know didn't you didn't you start uh photographing and entirely different subject than you ever had what was it was it athletics no I don't think it was that you start playing with it too haven't brian you're having fun when you're kind of room it like too old too old friends reminiscing about something okay and uh but then some then you'll get a hit right something a land like an insight yeah it was baseball that was the weirdest thing I don't like baseball but you know you start playing with um and that was you know uh there's a magic in our subconscious and then I take it a step further you don't have to go on the sleep but I sort of bringing that woo that law of attraction energetic side of it that you're also tapping into your spiritual self the part of you that's connected I won't go to foreign but it's connected to something bigger than I think I can handle it yeah divine whatever I don't care what we call it uh but when you go past linear thinking and list making you start to acknowledge that you're part of all creation that you can kind of gently play with that relationship to the divine I know it's kind of heavy stuff but it is not for me it can you know so it's fine you know what people look beautiful things have happened for me in that pursuit even um even knowing that I don't have control over it or even know what I'm doing just playing with it has brought out parts of me and in my art and in my business that have been just easier with the world more playful but also a lot more productive enough so I'm wondering if you would be willing teo guide one of our students in the remembering process and have that fun playful conversation about how they actually uh got to where they're going but you may be willing to that I find somebody in mind but I want to see who volunteers but I actually have somebody in mind who wants to play a little bit feels real playful yeah let's do it right so many times but you take the lead grammy dan okay john what is a one desired outcome that uh that you're here to play with how how how far am I going like right now or often in future anyone any state that you want to be living in like a alright internal state or he or just like a simple and goal like something you wanted and what is your medium again? Uh I'm a writer and I run something called a mostly experiments project so my end goal would be I want that to be my profession and my life's work perfect perfect so it's real simple first just be like oh man take it take it to put your uncross your legs taken, you relax around, all right? Do you remember? Yeah, really? Your body language like yeah, really? Because you have to plant. Do you remember when you weren't writing full time? Yeah, it seems like so long ago, right? Yeah, like, years ago. So you see, you have to play what we're gettin c and I remember I remember what that felt like what was it going through your mind back in the day? So the first step is to agree with the now so we know that in the remembering process, we remember that he achieved this goal, but like an is talking about you really have to agree we're here right now exactly where we're supposed to be. So the first thing I'm doing is I'm agreeing with you the present circumstances. Yeah, the present circumstances isn't it beautiful that you started right here right now in the creative live studios horde home and your pajamas? Do you remember that? So? Because because that's don't we sometimes spend a lot of time fighting our current situation? Yeah, instead of saying oh, man okay, this is the perfect launching pad for where this is going if you just do that, you will release so much tension that's cool each step is is it will each step is worth doing even if you don't get to the further so all of you this is perfect right now I mean just that it's so beautiful right now this was the perfect vantage to get where you're going there's it had to be this way don't you remember that it had to be this way yeah because that thing you were struggling with sort of gave you and end up giving you don't tell me about that so so you remember you getting very very okay and present with where you were at owning it owning the good in it then what then what how about how long do you remember it taking to get to full time I think once I really decided it was less than a year but I think the thing that I struggled with for so long was just actually committing and killing a successful business in order to take on this new goal. So now I remember it's vague I remember you started to do some different things um maybe uh you had like a uh a new outfit that you would wear a lot remember that you started to do some oblique strategies some things that were not directly at the goal that made you feel differently differently about about where you're going do you remember that yeah, I know exactly what it was what was it I started climbing again start climbing mountains again one hundred percent. It was like a metaphor. Yeah, um and I and then this is where you can be playful with it. Did you start wearing carabiners? Like on your belt? Like, no matter what you're doing? Yeah, you're just like you really like it sometimes you really like the guy? I think you that's weird you had? Yeah. That's well, it was a symbol to you that you're climbing again that you're you're back, you're you're back into the climb. Yeah, um, I remember tell me, it's vague because, you know, we I got to know you a little bit over that year, but I was just getting to know you back when we're on creative lives. So, um so play with little bit of what else do you remember? See, I kind of remember it not actually working against killed you didn't have to kill anything you had to modify. Yeah, that it wasn't about oh, I love when he realized that that he didn't have to just it was all or just that he could actually maybe even keep that other business going and receiving passive income. You remember that armor that I do remember that I was just talking about that, which is what helped me get there yeah, it was like I was both and instead of either or and that carabiner was the thing that you know is the symbol of just like I know they can go joined you know, that's that's a joint so it's playful there but do you see the difference between how about this? Just so you can feel the contrast? You know, I think, uh I think you ought to do both I think you do both. I don't think you have to kill the other thing. Yeah, like that's just business advice, right? Doesn't it make you feel funny? It's like it just kind of crashes the energy right? But when you when you play with remembering you leave again it's there's something very spiritually about it because to me it doesn't have to be because it could be very engineering base to like somebody would play chess and reverse engineer their win right? You can be very concrete, but if we remember and it's hazy we can play with it together and get little bits but leaves something open to divine. I mentioned some things that I remember because I remember some sleaze I remember it that would remember when john was on creative live with us and people started going to monthly experience monthly experiments dot com is getting this following and they sort of see reading his experiments about different changes that he's made to his experiments and they were like, I want to do that and they started teo started gain some momentum just just because he showed up for this court remember that it was like he would seem so energized and he seems so clear afterwards and it was just a little bump and it started to change the trajectory of everything remember that I remember that very well and I'm going to go, I'm going to step out remember that you d'oh well, thanks and I'm gonna tell everybody here wants to make a change everyone who's listening to this class wants to make a change so they they they he let checked it out it's perfect and you're just putting yourself out there if I were in your shoes and I'm stepping out of the remembering for a sec, I would wear my climbing clothes while I worked because your vibration was a said id all of my clothing is made pretty much by climbing clothing companies great continue that you're on it so I would do whatever it took to associate how you feel about climbing. I would first of all start climbing again and because you have to become aware of the clues, your subconscious and your spirit of giving you did you guys notice how much his energy went up when we start talking about climbing do you see how it's not it isn't scientific but if he can somehow uses carabiner internally to join as a reminder as a reminder to join that energy about climbing with its climbing his artistic and business goals do you see that you guys get it is it seemed like something you couldn't because you and I is that feasible let's do another one but yeah there's a what we're doing is we're raising our vibration and we're using this remembering to not scared and spooked the energy like are we should do this but like play with it a little bit you really get out of the should like I should do this and I should do that and I have to do this and I have to do that you are wiping all of that away and without remembering process all free choice you decide how you got there and you decided how it felt and who you met you who helped you and that's a very different orientation than this strict plan yeah and the more you do it the clear the details get and the more you get you know it's kind of like uh do you remember what you dressed up? As for halloween and fifth grade cheerleader having trouble memory? I was expecting only because that was like a weird year all right who's next that's too good I just got to let that one so this is something you could do with a mastermind partner really like this is like again, if you're by yourself trying to tough it out, don't tough it out by yourself go to join dot artist with dr dot com he asked to join the mastermind reach out to a friend who's supportive and you can trust and who can play this game? It's fun! I'm calling you to do this I want teo like I don't even read the book and I thought it was cool but I never thought I could just call grant me down and ask him to do it any time and it's great with a partner or you khun doing job. I totally do this, right? Yeah, quite a bit. We've done incredible things with yeah. Ok, alright. Who was flexed? Felix, are you really taking? Relax and take a deep breath. First of all, what do you like? What I like your like. Your energy feels very familiar to me. Like I feel like you do you're doing what I do in a way in washington. So felix is ah, is a clear audience psychic medium awesome! And so he ripped his creativity in a different capacity than most people on creative live but it's all create creative energy that's flowing through him yeah there's stuff that we don't I don't know what's going on but just to play with it and and tio join it a little bit it adds a different light to my life and the people that have been willing to try it very visible oh cool need what color is it okay what what uh what do you want to play with where uh well when I was a kid I was telling everybody I was gonna move to new york city and be on tv okay people like where is that coming from when my parents like I don't know felix is from ohio oh great so that's kind of stress level high ones yeah I know your story so yeah I mean I don't know where this came from but I just always wanted to do something on tv related the tv just since I was six or seven you still feel that in your heart and tries to do it absolutely so I felt that good okay um well I remember it vividly I think I might have even been in the audience when I might have been there when you were filming and I remember uh because this conversation kicked off uh kick quite a bit in motion if I remember correctly it was so long ago that it's vague and I'm going to step out see when you go far past it you can play with it it's not it's this uh makes the it makes the energy just kind of collapsed but when I say I think it was sort of that I have a good friend who when she's helping me um plan should say my dream of your dream you know so I'm not I don't want to put my finger prints all over your dream I want to be like it was kind of like that was it you correct me if I'm wrong but I love that you said I don't put my fingerprints all over your dream because I was the artist will say what's my mission and just tell me if I have it on my I d be a noxious for me to tell you what your purpose is in your mission that is up to you to determine yeah that's uh don't uh my friend joe who I'm talking about all the time job I tally he would say he'd said something I was helping him with a musical thing and he said he said it's so lovely said don't rob me of the struggle ah don't rob me of the struggle because that's that's where you where you get your juices flowing where you get the confidence the ownership of it so certain times we want to reach out for help but other times you know don't let someone rob me of the struggle even if they have an answer for you so um I remember laughing a lot you know either before or after during the taping I remember how much fun you had uh you remember remember what we were laughing about? We were laughing because I was probably dressing up playing make believe and pretend I was a musician or singer you went for it yes I remember you went for it that was by dressing up you went big when all you went my colorful everything that's fantastic um who who else was there in the studio do you remember who supported you? My father awesome anyone else uh or any details about your dad being it there they all used to be in a band used to play music and uh he had all the music equipment around microphone speakers and I would just go at it pretend I was on stage so there was a big musical element that was like one of the so maybe it made sense that I was there maybe I was able to make some music with you to that was super fun. I wonder I'm wondering like how big this tumor how big his audience wass when he was on tv too remember general big your audience wass was it like a networking kind of thing or or a table kind of thing do you remember it was just a lot of people cheering and dancing and laughing having fun that was just part of that right? Like a big celebration let's play with let's play this awful game again be like so you want to be on tv I think you should go try to find a producer yeah that way maybe we'll get a referral to somebody I know a guy yeah it's somebody'll know somebody right? This is fun it's playful but there are details when he started talking about tv did he talk about music? No, not at all he just talked about tv did you see when we talked about tv his energy went up so your subconscious or your spirit whichever however you want to look at it they're giving you clues about details and things you want to pull in to create energy forward it's not going to do it for you the remembered process isn't going to write for you or book your studio or whatever it is but no I tried I tried I lost a few weeks just waiting um well what it will do is it will either depending on your how you look at it it'll either pull from your subconscious or your spirit or both and it'll give you details and clues as to how to build energy because can you resonate that if you could just build sufficient energetic steam forward you could get whatever you're here to claim whatever apart so it's so it's about building energy and getting clues as to what makes this special for you and in the book you know you have a whole book and I explain it. Joe explains it there's exercises but it's really fun when you see it in practice it's a it's a game it's like you get you go back to your childlike innocence um where you can just feel so riel that in some ways it it is and you can sit and we also you shared a specific exercise that is part of part of the book too so you can do this by your homework e love written homework for it and I'll do home great he hates it but he did it because he is a trouper and he plays well with others so yeah so felix can can you look if you made time for in space too remember how you got to where you know you're going where you're having, um a bigger impact um to a broad audience I mean right now you're a book solid and it definitely transforms and change people's lives but can you see if you made just like, five minutes or you just remember to do this in the shower? Well, I said change with this can already affect your current work because what I got was a sense of play maybe maybe you start by bringing that jovial maybe you dress up may be addressed differently maybe you sing to people whatever it is you know long as it's in the lines of what you already do that it could be your subconscious just saying, well, we'll get to the musical but in the meanwhile bring that energy right to your current work it will inform what you're doing now can you see how knowing that you got there this is gonna inform what you do now I'm a climber I'm back on the mountain, you know, like that informs what you're doing it's a it's a whole different level I'll use the word vibration, which is very new agey but it's a different vibration teo does that word makes sense to you all you're vibrating at a different energy for what you're aiming to do and that to me is just the strongest tool I can think of, you know? And and you still get the joy of the struggle imagine that you're basically it's like you don't want it done for you you want to do it for yourself and get that energy? Uh get the satisfaction, but you just want to raise your vibration you want to know what that feels like the outcome, but they're moving backwards one hundred percent that's exactly what it is and doesn't it feel like those things kind of happened? Don't you feel that like if you don't feel like they already happened, you can certainly feel how possible they are it's so plausible I can see him singing I can see you writing it's it's like I can taste it already so it uh it kind of brings it into the current moment it's almost like you're really not he wouldn't have these desires inside of your head if they weren't possible to create that is a big guy say that to my clients at rubicon all the time um you're great desires are not here to mock you how you can't write that's like that would be I don't believe in that universe I just couldn't participate in that universe if our big dreams they're just here to mock us know they're here to call us to be our next highest vibration and we use any tool the remembering process and process as many as you confined to raise your vibration and that's that's what's next so to learn more about the remembering process go by the book remembering process and amazon the remembering process by daniel barrett way have musicians in the audience they could go to your website which is rubicon artist development dot com and I'm gonna give you three action items to take uh and complete all right and again refer you back to your workbook and um check um check and make sure you are making progress take a look at your calendar make the time and space to do this and don't try to duke it out on your own you know, find yourself a friend, go and find yourself a mastermind partner. Go to join dot artists who thrive, dot com and join the mastermind group. And, you know, just take action. Just keep taking action and reward yourself and acknowledge yourself for when you do take action. Where next lesson is lesson number sixteen and it's about living your good life. So thank you so much. Grammy. Damn pleasure to see you and less in sixteen. Living a good life.

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Find new avenues for creative expression and challenge old assumptions about your potential to make money as an artist – join Ann Rea on a journey to uncover your creative purpose.

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose will show you how to develop a profitable artistic enterprise and write your roadmap to financial success by doing what you love. You will systematically examine your values, beliefs, and talents and come to a clear and honest acceptance of where your artistic path leads.

Ann Rea will coach and inspire you through an interactive experience – yes, you’ll be doing homework – that will help you work through the barriers to living your true purpose. By the end of the course, you’ll master new skills and enjoy unparalleled clarity about your purpose in the world. 

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You’ll hear from artists who’ve applied these changes and find out about the steps they took that transformed their lives. Ann will also cover the practical matters of caring for your studio, balancing your books, and defining your value proposition.

The stale old message that says pursuit of your creative passion will leave you flat broke and burned-out is outmoded and untrue. Tap into your creative self and find a wellspring of ideas, energy, and economic opportunity.

By the end of this series you’ll have a clearly defined mission and know how to make money by using your creativity.


a Creativelive Student

I think this course is extremely helpful if you follow her steps and do the work. This course can go through some very intense emotional moments, but it is all towards the greater goal of refocusing you and helping you find your meaning and purpose and most importantly, taking action on that to help others. I had many breakthroughs, but one of the areas that most helped me was to be patient with the process and give yourself the emotional payoff along the journey towards your long term goals. There is a lot of psychology in this course and it is necessary to tie your emotions into the actionable steps to get you past your struggles and focused on what is really truly important to you. I highly recommend this course if you want to get unstuck, want a road map to making a living as an artist from where you are today, and want to fulfill the best life that you can achieve.

John Muldoon

I'm so grateful to be a part of this transformational course. I've gotten so much out of it already, and my vision for my creative enterprise has never been more clear. My thinking and vision have become much bigger, as well. I can see so clearly how to use my creative talents to create a profitable business that I can work in with passion and integrity.

Don Diaz

“Like all worthwhile pursuits, you will get out of this what you put into it” Ann Rea. I am having a positive life changing experience thanks to this class. Now, I am able to identify much more clearly that my hobby was only fulfilling me and was not providing a service to anyone, therefore it was not allowing me to obtain the financial success that I am after. I expect to continue to mature during this class. I want to thank you, Creativelive and Ann Rea for creating content that will allow us to grow and possibly succeed in life.