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Gear Day

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BorrowLenses: Gear Rental Hows and Whys

Sue Bryce, Jared Platt, DPReview Staff

Gear Day

Sue Bryce, Jared Platt, DPReview Staff

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5. BorrowLenses: Gear Rental Hows and Whys

Lesson Info

BorrowLenses: Gear Rental Hows and Whys

Going to finish out this day with a little bit a video from the gym and the folks at borrow lenses who we're going to show us a little bit about how to use their service and how to get the most out of it so we're going to watch that and then I'll be back at the end to kind of wrap up the whole day so let's go ahead and play that video I I'm jim goldstein I'm with marlins dot com I have been a long time employee and customer and I wanted to introduce you to our great service which is an invaluable resource for any creative whether you're shooting photography or videography or even if you are up there in the upper echelons and you call yourself some photographer we are a great resource we have over fifteen hundred different products that span a variety of different uses from photography video as I mentioned, we have a variety of accessories lighting audio and there's nothing too great or too small that you can rent through us so everything from the ari mira down to a cf carden and anythi...

ng in between such as camera bags c stands, apple boxes even more cow bell and what makes us so incredibly flexible and a great resource and invaluable is the fact that we are an online company so you can go online and rent our equipment and it gets shipped to you directly via fedex straits, your doorstep or wherever you designate that we shipped to. We also have twenty, two hundred more than twenty, two hundred different pickup locations via fedex. So convenience is the name of the game and it's. Just a wonderful service. That's one of reasons why I'm here within the company now because I'm a firm believer in it and we like myself. I was a photographer outside of the company. I came in and we are staffed by a variety of different photographers and videographers which adds to thie amazing top rated service customer service that we have. The fact that we have professionally or formally trained photographers and videographers makes it incredibly easy for us to answer any questions that you might have when you call us. Um, like I mentioned, we have a massive selection of gear. If you need it, we will likely have it unless there's like a huge crunch, which is very rare. The fact that we are the largest resource online for this makes us your go to stop. You really want to make sure that you try us out and if you hang out towards the end of the presentation, we will have a discount code to say thank you for watching and also to give you a sample of the type of service that we provide. Now one of things I wanted to go through in our talk today is the fact that we have a variety of different people that use our service in different ways first I'll tell you about my story and then also introduce you to two other people who use us in different ways as well tv an idea of the type of benefit that we provide to different types of businesses let me die then and start to tell you a little bit about my story and how I came to be within borrow lenses and the type of work that I do as a creative um actually let me take a step back let me go back and tell you exactly how the service works because I want to say that there's no confusion uh first what you're gonna do is you're going to order online like you would with any other service the only difference is that you're going to designate a start and an end date the start date is when you want the gear delivered to your door when you sign for it and theo end date is when you want to put it back in the box and ship it back to us so you're not charged for the duration that it's in transit your only charge for the time that you receive it and sign for it and then you're out using it however you need to know for your particular project or or gig? And then when you're done there's a return shipping label inside, you slap it on the box and put the gear back in the way that you received it and then send it off and that's pretty much how the service works in a nutshell, um, I think the person was incredibly happy in the video that you saw that's hopefully what we're striving for with our great service and are high quality products definitely tried out. Now we will go back to a little bit about me. I hate to be that guy about me, but I myself do a variety of work my personal projects center around landscape photography, so I'll show you a few examples for me. I focus primarily on photography rentals. I do do some video but it's not nearly as much as I do straight photography, and for me, the benefit that bl provides is that it increases my productivity and allows me to be more creative and you would think like, well, how does a rental company actually do that? And for me, I have a very happy assortment of gear that I that I take out withing, but how I do that, I have multiple cameras, so I don't just rely on a single camera, which is in this behemoth of a bag have a variety of things like a tank but I've got seventy two, two hundred fifteen sixteen to thirty five cf cards I have a motion control unit within the modem. Oh, and my filters. Um, but what's really important is that I always take out multiple cameras, so on a tripod because someone helped or guy um, I have a fish eye, which I love to rent actually own one, but I'll take out multiple lenses and multiple bodies in order to get multiple compositions as we go through some of the stuff that I shoot, you'll see that the exposures that I'm taking are on the order of ninety minutes to seven hours, so if I want variation in composition, then I need multiple cameras working at the same time as the stars go by it's a once in a moment kind of thing, so if I want that particular shot at that particular time, then I do need multiple cameras from different angles and so having these a variety of different lenses and cameras lined up, allow me to walk away with will say on the order of sixteen shots versus two or three shots for one night shoot that's a big deal because it sounds more like the film days where you walk away with sixteen shots, maybe twenty four, but for the type of outdoor and fine art work that I do, it works out pretty well my favorite items the iran's full dish my bag because really what I wanted to kind of highlight is the fact that I supplement what I own with a variety of different cameras now I I own still a five d mark two and that's not the most sexy camera anymore but it does the job and so when I'm out in the field I also use a five d three and who knows now with the new cannons that have been announced that I'll be trying some of the other higher end cameras maybe the five mark four of its ever announced and more than life help double with the five t s five g s arm um so the lenses that I really particularly like to use are the zeiss fifteen millimeter lens because it has a very hard stop for infinity which is very nice when you're in the dark and alone and freaking out about raccoons rummaging through your bag or my scaring you um all real stories it's the little things that get you not the big ones and also twenty four millimeter lenses with a very fast lands and at one point four lends the broken on in the cannon so these are the types of cameras that I take out the the fish eye allows me to get a very distorted and white of you about one hundred eighty degrees roughly and the's ice is a little bit narrower not a whole lot hundred thirty something like that under thirty degrees but without a lot of the distortion and has better better response for stars and what not so some of the type of work that I do we can look at some of the examples here this has taken with a fifteen days ice which is a great lens when my favorites and then um we have ah twenty four that was used for this particular view there's a meteor streaking through the sky as well as the star trails taken from glacier points in yosemite and this is a perfect example of why I take out multiple cameras because these shots would never have been taken if I didn't have multiple cameras I was focused on another type of shot one that I thought was the one that had to be taken and was the only one and if I had only focused on that I would have walked away with a very different and result eso on the left here this is taking and the owens valley and got the milky way over some petra cliffs thiss was actually taken while I was actually doing another shot a very long sequence for a time lapse and then also for star trail shot and then the photo on the right with the north star through a hole in a tree this is in bristlecone pines that was done with my trusty by the mark too but I had three other five mark three shooting at the same time and this was just like well let's just see what happens and so when I said that this rental service allows me to improve my creativity this is exactly what it frees up my mind I know that I'm getting exactly what I want but then also gives me the freedom to actually experiment with other equipment or with multiple units and then this is what I was exactly talking about it's like the hardest hike and all of yosemite came up here in the middle of the night had hiked up with three cameras shooting in different directions got a moon bow this is nighttime just moonlight and start trails above the falls and my only company were to rascally raccoons who we're looking for food and the trail was like maybe like two feet wide so any kind of jumping in the middle of the night could be treacherous and uh this is another one the other thing that's really nice about having multiple cameras is that I can be working when I'm sleeping so this is a very long exposure that was taken in death valley and I was comfortably sleeping in my tent while the cameras were working so again it's it's for an outdoor photographer it's like having a second shooter you have other cameras working for you when you're either sleeping or freaking about raccoons apparently so that's enough about me I wanted to introduce you teo mike mme element who is loyal customer of borrow lenses he's a event shooter very different than what I dio but uses the service and a very unique fashion compared to me but very common for a variety of other customers so might want to come on out we'll put your camera bag we'll talk a little bit how are you good to see you again thank you a moon bow no you can't see it with your eyes no only your camera sees it because your night vision isn't there but I digress ok tell me tell me about how you use borrow lenses the type of stuff you initially having your bag is a core foundation and then how we help you expand to do what you need to do so I got a bar lenses love our lenses and if you order online this nice I actually have the privilege of being right down the road from borland's I go in I see everybody's smiles and you go on the order it's simple they always got everything I need people helpful very helpful excellent and nice to even better okay so whatever I don't have whatever I need for whatever job whatever I don't have in my bag so I have a lightweight tripod for event shooting of course to capture every moment gonna be will move fast you got small lightweight try body got my led light crucial for ah event video because you're kind of all over the place in different rooms this is a road mike got my five d a baby mark three low light is amazing looks familiar looks familiar well, do that right there course let's go wins is well connected got the zeiss lenses got a fifty in a thirty five for the dark shouldn't you for this five d and his ice could shoot candlelight fantastic I'll do that right there a little guy with a little guy come a task him um I rented this a couple times before bar lenses before I bought it yet we get people that rent stuff when their gear fails there is out for repair where if they're doing multiple gigs they they're pulling the additional equipment that they need so this is your own that's awesome absolutely like like I said like if you're thinking about buying something you wanna go bart lenses and actually tested make sure it works with the nature or set up make sure just war experience you know, like I I actually rented a few different ones um and they didn't work for me so I went with this one. So did you rent this before you bought it? Absolutely yeah, ok, yeah I rented zoom first then I went to the task and I went with the task yeah, fans tasking another little bag I got the sign heuser wireless I think these are the g four's. Okay, um yeah s so like for your for your foundational elements of what you shoot with then what do we come in and help you with that in the current structure of your the current yeah, like a shot of where you are with your dear yes oh, this isn't enough to shoot an event a wedding or to capture multiple moments little moments in a big event I would need I would need a couple different lenses and it's good for me because my budget is spent on other stuff obviously like everybody's you can't have everything you want to have everything but you can't that's why I like bar lenses too because it's like I don't need to have everything I can speck out a job and I can go through my equipment see what I need and I could just go on the website and add up my wish list who my wants and needs throughout the wants just go with the needs and I get the lenses I need and I could rent him and you could get it for a couple days just for the duration of the shoot what's nice if you pick it up yeah for three days I go in one day I use it for one day then I have the gear for an extra day that can use it for another project which is nice so do you went for extended periods of time with corporate because it's everything from three days up right three days after ordering probably rented for a year I don't know we don't have people to do that really okay we do it's pretty crazy lucky them I would love to keep all the gear but yeah you got to return it but um so I ran I ran from three days to seven days depending on the job and of course depending on you know, the job the project whatever um so are you building out for yourself for second shooters for any special projects like give me an example like where we come in to help you the most so we should probably like twenty weddings a year and a lot of them you know, a bride and groom has a fixed budget of course I always try to try to keep the standard two shooters but reality is sometimes they we just got the basic package which is one shooter and it's always one five d you always get this nice little one o five I would get the one o five I was gonna seventy two two hundred and that can cover basically ah one man shoot because I got the task cam for the audio I might get the bride I like up the groom not the bride nowhere to put it on the wedding dress I've tried it's not gonna work here s o so we might get the groom the fishing at whatever um and and that's just death that's just the one camera shoot so but let's say let's say I need to cameras or I need two guys shooting three guys shooting then I just add on on the web site just add a couple more five g's a couple more seventy two to hundreds and I could cover every angle and uh and we all know these lenses and bodies are not getting any cheaper so I noticed that you weren't pulling out the twenty four to seven with seventy, two hundred these air these are expensive lenses so it certainly is more convenient and easier for you and more cost effective to kind of like ramp up on these books costly items for each gig absolutely like honestly, I don't like this and like just a plug that you guys told me to say but I would not be able to run my business without bart lindsey's like I swear um I can't afford a three thousand dollars lands or I mean the price to rent is so worth it because technology is changing um I mean I was there around before hd came out you know, when I thought hd was just a gimmick I was like okay, but now I'm on board and anything I need to borrow lines like just you know it's a little button ad ad and and then uh itemizes it out so I could be like ooh let's take off the insurance because I have insurance or let's take off you know I don't need I don't need this seventy you know and I don't need the twenty four to seventy I could use my thirty five right here think about it it helps me think for my shoot are you building out as you're quoting the clients it gives me a rough for sure yeah, I mean it gives me a rough on any job let's say we're not doing an event like a we're doing a wedding we're doing like a talking head ceo so I could rent a low light kit or I could rent a small led like it I can rant um I grant a couple cameras and tripods on a need and so I'm assuming it helps with keeping cash flow going you're not putting so much capital and equipment but you have it available to you as you need it is what it sounds like and in terms of creativity are you able to try like other ones? I know that for this type of gig like these are your standard goto zehr you trying other things like cinema lenses or any kind of special he lenses as well? I'm kind of the regular dude I do specialize in video, but I I love shooting photos and I should have been shooting foes forever but like the till shift almost around the till chip for photography when we're doing like time lapse stuff um haven't motome oh, I love them all so that's more the photography style but I incorporate that into every video so like we'll be using the amo timo with till shift or with with the lands I rented and use that for the title sequence of the wedding video you know it's always like a fine makes of photo and video, but of course we'll go back to the studio and we edit it's all video it all turns into a video as we mentioned it a couple times emotive mo is emotion control robotic camera him? Yeah, I thought had incredibly versus how they don't see a lot with now with the video as well, but also a time lapse yeah it's kind of thing you could do a lot with it and barely break the surface of what I could do with it like all this gear all bar lenses it's so deep you know, I only kind of like kind of just get through the top level, you know, like I read today, I went to the slow motion camera a couple weeks ago from our lenses and and some led lights and the thing about the slow motion camera you wantto this is the f s seven hundred soniya the flicker so that the faster faster frame rate get that flick it but with these new led lights there's there's almost no flicker um compared to like the older lights so I wouldn't have even known that without just renting it and testing it out. So yeah, and was somebody able to help build out that that seven hundred forty parlance sir? Were you able to do that on the first time may be the first time I rented it I think maybe I the guy's a bar lens I walk in and I feel like oh, I don't mean to bother you guys but can I kind of play with it in the lobby and that's because I live you know, close to the studio and they have no problem that bring it out one there one there video tech comes out help me out with it it's really easy camera but if you write to something a little more techie and it kind of scared like timid like they're gonna walk you through it and um kind of hold your hand through the process you know, on on on on anything because this is confusing stuff absolutely so we have a few photos and stills from some of the work that you shared with us yeah having a little bit more about like what you were using for each of these photos so each of these I'm using this's a photo this is ah I'm using the seventy two, two hundred with five d um because it has that that fall off I love that the depth of field uh you know photography I think they call it boca okay, okay. And uh well it all depends who you talk to your exactly probably hashtag get the same yeah I mean this's one my favorite photos and it was recent too so excellent probably copied it from another awesome photographer photographers are great hello? Great artist steals huh? So this is this is video this is a screen shot super blown out um for one reason or another I think I used this photo actually for the dvd menu when yeah, I still deliver dvds to the bride and groom you kind of have to anyway so yeah, this is actually video five probably same lens I mean this this could be like video and photo to me are almost similar like identical ous faras how you shoot you know, video you're kind of shooting throughout your movement but photo you kind of, you know shoot, move, shoot but you're still catching the same moment so I mean that's that's a that's a great shot at one of my favorite golf courses yeah it's beautiful elephant this is video this is an interview with the bride and groom are with the groom and the best man kind of like a clever little like ring shot because I forgot to get the rings earlier in the day and I knew the best man had him or their view of the situation I guess courses I think in the video he grabs the grabs the rings and then slaps him five or something um this is wedding from this week actually this is a photographer we're doing video and we work hand in hand with great photographers that's why also I've you know, bin creeping into the photography game just because I see the best photographers working at these weddings and I get a little tricks and yeah it's amazing what you can pick up I love photographers and I'm telling you they got skills and they feel like they're like they're all like ninjas you know they got the right equipment we'll have to create a ninja package and injury yeah video photography ninja package yeah this is, you know, probably same windows my favorite lands of seventy, two hundred they were just walking, you know, just walking to the ceremony because they're probably I just you know, you turn around you book like one hundred yards and then you just kind of start snapping, but this this seventy two hundred of the five d and this is actually really good wedding to these photos came out great flowers were popping and I'm pretty sure I was on manual mode but these cameras were great if you're in a pinch if if you go auto auto focus auto auto exposure fantastic. Fantastic. Thank you very much for sharing a little bit about your business and how used bar lenses incredibly helpful. I know that we we really, really pride ourselves on the fact that you are so happy with their service. And I really appreciate you volunteering your time to come out and help share a little bit about your business and we help you help somebody got something from it. Almost service. Just a regular dude. Thank you. Thank you very, very much. I'm lookinto google moon bows well, because they're awesome. Get actually like bigfoot spring one springtime is the time. Okay, yeah, we have to talk off camera some way we will. All right. Excellent. Next up, I want to introduce you teo ferguson so ve rogan he is a cinematographer. Come on out, jackson hey, jim how's it going, it's going great. Thank you so much for taking the time, tio. Oh, sure, what about your business? Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it, so this is your poor yes. Bag this is my life's blood. I have packed it way too tight. The guys that the airlines always tease me because they pick it up and super bowl do you have in there so let's pop this bad boy open this one over here. So, first off, I keep a large pair of rails on the side just because there is no other place to put him because my bag is packed so tight. All right, let me put this foam off to the side and show you what I got here. So I find the biggest thing that's in my kit is a lot of foundational equipment. I do have a camera in here, but with the way project shape up these days sometimes one, cameras not right for all jobs. I myself have a black magic pocket cinema camera, fully caged out cable lock can speed booster and vanity because I have my name carved on it. But I find this a great for a lot of jobs, but sometimes not everyone but that is what is in this bag. I have a collection of a lot of filtration. Neutra density is very important to a lot of these modern cameras as they're rated at eight hundred a say, and you have to make sure you're prepared to deal with infrared and I are pollution so really quick I noticed that you have like this monster cage on an otherwise very portable camera we do the same thing with ours that we rent out um can you why why so heavy on oh sure it's like a cheese plate kind of so I rented the two and a half k a micro four thirds mount version of the camera and I saw the view factor cage at bar lenses and I loved it so much how you could mount hot shoes all over the place you could put a naga arm wherever you could put a recorder rails everything and this camera has fallen off a car on the at fifty five miles an hour onto the freeway skidded all over the pavement and because of the cage it was perfectly fine so I called view factor up like this was the best thing ever and I see why borrow lenses puts these cages on their black magic cameras there great. It makes a small otherwise iphone sized camera much more functional giving you that riser plate fifteen millimeter rods and places for accessories which you absolutely need in order to use this camera thanks for letting me know more about that as a photographer myself and it's always interesting to see how this breaks out for videographers it's it's cute how it'll go from so small to so big very quickly in my own kid I only own one zoom lens I own a twenty four to one o five sigma just because I figure a a mid range zoom lens will do ninety percent of what I need to do but if I get a specialty job I need something really fast I need something very wide and it's something very long then that's where I source and go for the rental but otherwise this is just my main middle of the road lends a lot of no just tools in my bag you gotta have screwdrivers for everything allen wrenches I never leave home without a color checker because you never know who's going to be handling post production on your project so it's nice to quantify what the colors in your image you're gonna look like I was trained on celluloid motion picture film and I am crazy about my light meter I measure all my ratios and not every camera lines up to the light meter the black magic does but it's nice to know if you're doing an interview you got eighty foot candles for the key is a little bit of a and our cake thing now for a lot of people that they might not actually use that word or see these light meters and cameras air pretty good these days, right? They are pretty good but sometimes it's nice if you're and not saying I bring this to starbucks or anything but if you see the lite hits someone a certain way maybe you want to measure it and you got a sixteen to one ratio on that basis. Whenever it comes time to do your own projects, you want to replicate that and you can quantify those measurements that way I myself own aizu kudo e v f because being trained on film, I like to hold my face into the camera. And if I do need a monitor on extra recorder that's something I source because I don't like looking at screens. I like having my face in the camp. So that's what I like tio rent out and that is my camera bag in a nutshell. Ok? And then so how do you? I would imagine if this is your foundation starting point than for a lot of gigs. You need things that are for cinematography. We're talking things that are very, very pricey. So what types of things you come to borrow lenses for in order to kind of build upon this foundation? Sure. So it depends on the shoot I'm doing but what's nice about the black magic and reason such a fan of it is the micro four thirds mount allows me to rent any lens I choose, I can adapt nikon cannon, pl or just use native mike. Four thirds I find cannon is so prolific in the market that it's easy to just rent a seventy two two hundred throw it on this thing and it's great I've rented ny cons before because I like the manual aperture of the speed booster you guys have a set of volt landers and the micro four thirds mount that air on f stop zero point nine five which is a amazing very fast I rented those for a feature and those things really saved my butt in a couple of spots because the black magics really it's not a low light monster so in order to meet in the middle I got lenses that we're basically like the stanley kubrick barry lyndon lenses and it was great s so that's kind of how I supplemented I it is the right lens for the right job because I find it's it's like having different brushes you don't always use a wide brush to paint fine details if I want something to pop a little more I might rent this ice photo lenses if I'm doing something mohr exotic I'm shooting animals you get a seventy two, two hundred or get a four hundred prime and really just narrow in on the subject so the zeiss we took a couple of leads up aside this is the same one that I actually use for my stuff which goes to show you the wide variety of uses that you can apply these lenses towards this isn't a cinema lens but it is a zeiss photo lessons to use them for what types of gigs so ah lot of the time when I rent those ice photo ends is it's whenever quality is of the upmost but we don't necessarily have the budget to go full cpi to the's ice photo crimes have hard stops on both sides makes manual focus an absolute treat but the fifteen mil in particular is just so distortion free it's a very flat pretty image unlike maybe something like the eleven to sixteen toki no which is a very great practical lens this fifteen is it was clearly made by someone with some magical when powers but I'll rent the photo primes if I'm doing more commercial work I find I just need the higher image quality and there's something about the photo primes and the c p two's where there's a three d quality where even though it's flat image that characters are popping off the back and it's not even just step the field it's just it with light wraps around them in a certain way with this glass and it just looks absolutely beautiful diz ice is one of my favorite and I know that the cpi two's air incredibly popular they go out quite a lot for cinematography projects yeah and the c p two's all have standardized year pitches they're all the same diameter so they all fit in the mat box, which is great. And if you do have to go into those ice photo problems which I do so often I keep a fat variety of step up and step down rings just because you never know this fifteen is enormous while the eighty five might be tiny. But if you have all seventy seven screw on filters, you got to make sure that you can put him on all your lenses if you're shooting outdoors or you need a polarizer, you need some black promised whatever it may be. Yeah, this one's unique give you haven't used zeiss lenses they don't all look like this this is an ultra wide and they have a built in um lens hit on here so not not all zeiss lenses or this scary that's the type of video cameras that you often rent we have a c one hundred here is an example the sixty one hundreds probably the most common one I rent a lot of people are big fans since the five he came on the scene in two thousand nine that's been kind of it looked cannon is very popular. People love the way it render skin the sensor is almost impervious to infrared pollution and they finally put that cannon sensor in a body that was much more video friendly has built a neutral density if you go out through the hd my port to one of these at a most recorders you can bypass the internal kodak and it'll match the quality of the c three hundred you have all your false color your scopes, your history grams you can record longer than twelve minutes, which is nice so it is actually a video camera xlr inputs headphone jacks it's made to be shot for video the biggest thing for me was shooting a camera like this is it's small it's nimble, but it'll do just about everything I need d'oh it's kind of like holding on old bull x if you ever shot sixteen millimeter it's a taller camera than most um I think the most appealing thing for me is neutral density because so many of these cameras are rated at eight hundred eight s a and you just can't change it, it says in the menu you can but I've taken my light meter out I've measured the dynamic range in divinci you can't it's stuck it eight hundred so built in nds make your package smaller, make it lighter and allow you to get the exposure you want in any lighting condition have you tried the digital molex we carry that I haven't gotten to shoot with it yet? I thought the turret option was really cool because I like being able to spin lenses back when I was in film school um I think that's great I worry that black magic kind of beat them to the punch on the super sixteen sensor with the pocket camera there's such a big company but I'd be curious to try out the digital bollocks I've seen some really impressive demos from and the dmg files were just very very neat to see they preserve the retro kind of like a package of how the camera looks is quite a trail of it the crank on the side the torrid options I think you can get it in just about anyone's mouth and it seems were as the industry's moving we're like technology agnostic which is kind of cool you can have a nikon one day you can have a cannon together you can moved to pl even those I c p two's coming every mountain under the sun and you guys have every single mount under the sun so instead of renting adapters which may be clumsy which may ruin infinity focus I can now just rent cinema lenses in a cannon mountain put him on a c one hundred and you're ready to shoot feature and furthermore because this is still in the family of cannons if this was your a camera you could have a being a c there were two five d's and use the maybe his car mounts we need something a little smaller and it's too risky to put a camera that's heavy on a mountain you mentioned also that you do rent the car mount that we carry? Yes, that matthew's car mount is one of the coolest things I think in your arsenal and I rent that thing all the time. You used to have the single one. Now you have the tri cup one, which is really I was on a motorcycle commercial last weekend, and the director was just flabbergasted at the set up. We're doing, we're putting the camera down by the car. We're putting it on the tank of the bike. We're going over the golden gate bridge. We're going through treasure island. We're doing some really wacky stuff with it. I mean, it was so stable, we put a fifty mil on it, and the fifty mil was just lock solid. Like not having ruling shutter problems. It wasn't jiggling. It was just boom here's a fifty here's your shot. Nice. And so so it sounds like you use a variety of lenses and cameras that we offer, which is fantastic. And like, it sounds like there's a parallel here. Like as I was talking about my situation, it sounds like this also helps you creatively like getting more options to experiment with absolutely because I just like film of yesteryear you pick different film stocks for different purposes you have low light you have sunlight the motorcycle commercial segment with the suction cups were renting originally it was a very nighttime exterior spot and we were going to rent a bunch of seeing one hundred's and do it that way because this camera is very clean up to twelve thousand years so which is insane but we realized very quickly that there were other logistical problems it's hard to light at night and I know there are other low light cameras out there we looked into the sony a seven s is which I believe you guys carry and the s log is very powerful on that camera but the client ended up changing their mind and it becoming a daylight exterior spot and then the black magic with its progress and big dynamic range ended up being the right camera for the spot so the pocket camera was able to go safely on car amounts will the big camera could shoot outdoors and do all the cam hero shots were a bike being parked or guy kick starting the engine or what? Not so we were able to mix and match and you mentioned something that we haven't talked about yet which is uh clients sometimes change their mind sometimes last minute how does their service help with that is that allow you to kind of like you know, navigate on the time. Yes, time with some of our lenses has gotten me out of a couple of tough spots before I was renting ah big black magic package for a big television commercial and I accidentally I ordered a b batteries, but I ordered a beam out plate and I didn't catch that I was ordering at one in the morning. I'm going paid up the next day, but I got a phone call like, are you? Which one do you want there's an incompatible like that? They caught the caught the air fixed it right away. Thank you so much. I just clicked the wrong box. It's, you're burning the candle at both ends and it's nice that they're not just sales people. They're photographers and cinematographers that know how this equipment is supposed to coalesce together, which is great. I had one shoot where the rental wasn't in san carlos office, and I was in total trouble, so they gave him a five d instead of aah, black magic. We were out to shoot a black benji had just come out. And I'm about to roll camera on the commercial and one of bar lin's employees shows up on set and hands me the camera and gave him the biggest hug like man that's fantastic you saved my I always promised that we have to remember where you are but it's great to hear that that worked out it's one of the perks of being local but it was very nice he didn't have to do that I was very thankful for that and it's it's nice that you khun switch cameras for jobs because they're not one camera can do it all anymore we have so many specialized tools that you need to diversify you know mike mentioned that he might not be able to do his business if it wasn't for the service that we offer it sounds like for the number of cameras in to swap out it sounds like that might be the case for you as well so it's true if I'm doing really high end work and I need to rent a set of cooks I mean a cook lens one single cook lens cost more than my car so you just it's cost prohibitive to buy that much equipment in the turnover rate is incredible while I do like the c one hundred they have released two c one hundred mark two and who knows how long technology is going toe it feels like things you can invest in our tripods light meters lenses so seem to change a lot over time, although they do get better and better and better. But because of the technology turnaround, you could invest ten thousand dollars into equipment, and then five months later, it's totally obsolete. Eso bar lenses prevents me from being getting in a single like that that's great. You know, the irony of this is that, um, I see the debates happen all the time online, which is, as you put it, like, if you buy it, the turnover is too fast, and if you are waiting for a new gear, it doesn't happen fast enough. S o I guess either side of that administration, we're here to help you, you're not gonna feel guilty that you just bought something when you can just get it whenever he wants, and if you really want to try something that just came up new, then you can always reference us well, it is tough and it's, not just the fact that technology is turning over, but you're also when you deal with the rental house, you're dealing with expertise, and if there is a problem, they will, they will steer you in the right direction like my battery mishap, or why are you running cf cards when you need see fast cards? You know, little things I appreciate so I have a few stills from some of your work you want to just kind of give me some insight it's like what were you using for some of these? So this particular project was shot on super sixteen millimeter and we rented a couple of the kino celebs from you guys because we got we got a grip truck in there and what was lighting for the uninitiated all lighting celebi is a really high end led that kino flow offers colored changeable dimmable it's a great beautiful soft light and we got there and we needed something that flickered appropriately and this is like something was burning and the celebs did the trick. We have the celebs just off camera we're sitting in it about twenty eight hundred calvin and just rolling up the dimmer every night and it would be the motorcycle commercials because the motorcycle spot we did this is a black magic pocket camera with a cannon speed booster with we rented a takina eleven to sixteen for this one I believe we're at full eleven for this shot uh four stops of nd I are on it, but this is the matthew's car mount and it's jammed over the top of a rental truck that way we're able to see out the back and we wired hd my into the car looking on a little seven inch marshall so this another black magic pocket cinema camera we rented the loom ix twelve to thirty five for this a lot of hot tungsten lights on this set, but when we did test screenings everyone was concerned that the pocket camera and the bigger two and a half k one working a cut and I was like, yeah, I'll bet you guys fifty bucks you can't tell them apart and they didn't this is the same feature same set up this is a twelve thirty five lou mix this shot I was just a huge fan because we got this great a puff of smoke as the car drives away of the county line sign a little bit of lens flare in there I enjoy imperfections and lenses you have owens breathes air flares a fun way I'm all into it it has the variety of the uniqueness of the shot. I think so. Definitely. So this is another black magic cinema camera shot. This is a cannon twenty four mill. We needed something ah, little faster for this particular shoot. So we rented the one for canada all serious lands through speed booster aa lot of hard tungsten light on this one. This was for a web show that's being pitched to amazon right now about what will it would have happened if the cuban missile crisis had went out so this character is kind of talking tio his subjects so to speak but yeah the black magic allows you to use hard light a lot more than some of the cameras with less dynamic range that was really important for this particular shoot we needed that wide berth on lighting that's great well thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about it we appreciate how you use bar lenses and sharing your gear and how you use it always insightful and I really do appreciate it well thanks for having me today really fun excellent so we'll put this c one hundred off to the side here and as we close in on the conclusion of our of our discussion as a reminder we borrow lenses really pride ourselves on the fact that we are staffed by photographers and videographers just like you as you can see here we have everybody under the sun with their favorite gear we are located on the west coast and the east coast were based out of the san francisco area our main headquarters and then we also have a regional headquarters out in boston so no matter where you are on the coast or in between weakened service you so thank you very much for learning and talking about bar lenses way hoped to hear your experiences on how bar lenses works. You can find us on facebook on instagram, twitter and it's all under borrow lenses or bar lenses. Dot com and, of course, you can find us at marlins dot com. Thank you so much for your time and happy shooting.

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