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Boost Your Reach Through Collaboration

Lesson 26 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Boost Your Reach Through Collaboration

Lesson 26 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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26. Boost Your Reach Through Collaboration


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Boost Your Reach Through Collaboration

so that becomes to boosting your reach through collaboration. And this is what I'm all about because, um, seriously, like all these guests that you have seen me, Brooke, bring on stage. I have collaborated with them in some way or another, and I know that they would go to bat for me and I would do anything for them. And like I said, there's no ulterior motive other than to help and want to have each person succeed. And that's really what I'm all about is seeing other business owners succeed. But you can really expand your reach when you to collaborate. Okay, so selfie stick in hand because we're on periscope, and that makes it even a better experience. Like Brian showed you from the stage. He has all those gadgets. I do have the olo clip for a fish. I don't always have it handy. So you know you're gonna have that a little clip to get more people, and you need to make sure it's in your pocket. But the selfie stick works services being covered, but she's on the end there. This is a maste...

rmind at my house on the cape, and I'm like we're going live on periscope ready and like, this is behind the scenes of the mastermind. And this was down by the harbor. And, um, you guys feel like you're with us in the picture, right? Isn't that fun? So this is collaborating because I knew if I went live on my periscope feed and I could give a shout out to the three of them so all my followers would start following them at mentioned them in the title that they would get more followers. So I knew that I could help them get more followers. I knew that they would connect with them if I gave the call to action. Make sure that you follow them, and they're all smiling and they're all happy. And we're all looking at you guys the digital eyeballs that Brian talked about, right? Here's another example. I was a speaker at Angie. This is where I met you. Wow. Get the Michael and talk to you in a second. This is a This is it. I was the keynote speaker at a travel event, and he's gonna be able to tell me the name because I do a lot of these and I don't remember. And I'm like, OK, everybody, we're taking a picture and I'm like, Let's stagger because by the way, there's a lot of people in a photo. The best thing to do is stagger behind you. And so it was It was like wedding White Knight seven wasn't white, and I had no idea who these people were, but they I I always like to connect to everybody before I speak. So I know that I have some energy when I'm on stage. And so they were good. They'll listen to me like this is gonna be fun. You guys, come on, just get behind me and do it. So this is where I met Angie. And so, Angie, I would like for you to talk for a second about the first touch point you had with me and the instagram process and just going back to core values with your business and your brand and how you've come full circle with being on point in your business Romance travel forum in Punta Khanna in the Dominican Republic. And so is the keynote speaker on the stage and was talking about how to use Instagram to grow your business which, up to that point, instagram for me had been pictures of my nieces and nephews. So it was a real turning point for me and how you can use social media to grow your business and introduced this idea we've been talking about for the two days like it's all about your email list. It's all about how you're connecting with people and how you're building a community. And so I started working with Sue, and one thing that she really helped me see is that you have to figure out what you are the expert in what is the thing that you really know the best, which for me is Disney World. And so, using my instagram accounts at trips of Angie and at tips for W. D. W really sharing that value and that expertise that I have from visiting there so often and that we really started to look at OK, you know, I can work with travel, you know, people who want to travel one on one. But I also like how can I expand my region, help more people? And so I drafted ah workbook that's now for sale and so just really building out the business so that I can create a bigger community and help more people. What? I'd like you to touch on because you were really broad when I started working. You are like you like this. Traveled, Traveled, like, Whoa, Let's narrow this down. But two points I want to make here is that you you are an expert at finding vegan, vegan and free and talk like talk about your 64 right? Yeah, I know you're wanting one things to really brought out, which I had never thought about was. My husband and I are both over six feet tall, and so travel for tall people has a set of challenges that I don't think about because I do it all the time. But, um, she help me see, like, just listing off all those tips. And then I also help people who have to be gluten free because my mom has celiac and so telling starting to really tell that story and let people know why that's so important to me and why I take it so seriously. Just like we were talking about this morning. You know what Bryant said? Everyone has a story and So you know, Suse really helped me think about what are my stories and what are the ways I can connect to people as they think about traveling? Yeah. Great. Yeah. So I was the first picture of Angie and I together is pretty funny because she's, like, literally over a foot higher than I. But we did take a photo, but good. Thanks for sharing that. But that just jog my memory when I was, like, Wait, and she was there. That's where I met her. Okay. And so another one is when Sonny came to my house on the cape and we shot this video. So we talked about this a little bit. How rigged up it is. Okay. So just so you guys know we have posted notes on the tripod. Okay, Sonny and I like, what are we talking about? One of the points that we want to make. How are we gonna bring value to this video to give content and I'm like, Wait, should I hold up a hydrangea? Because we're on the case. So Rachel's Rachel's always in the background, taking the perfect picture. So just picture Rachel over there and Sunny has this camera, that camera and then Rachel's holding the camera and I always bring the hashtag signs. We have signs for everything. So this was just a really fun behind the scenes. Um, and that YouTube video is sitting on Sundays feed. So I just want to show like this kind of behind the scenes is really like It humanizes the brand a lot as well, and you get a sense like I'm dressed in the nautical vibe. Sonny's got the you know that she's got the total fashion gray tone going on over there, and we're one with our brand. Even in the videos that we're doing everywhere, we're doing them. So the last example I want to show you is this one here with Steve, and he is just a fun in person as like, you got a taste of him on stage and he's like, Do I will smile whenever you Thomas. I'll like him like, What are you doing? I'm like, put the emotive pillow in front of your face, just like OK, I'll do it. So, yes, I take my pills in my signs everywhere, But this was a collaborative collaboration, Stephen. I did after a live event. We both spoke at Kim Garce event in Chicago at Social Boom, and there were people that hired us to be part of a mastermind that Steve and I decided since we were going from Dallas to New York to speak and then back to Maine. Let's make the most of our travels in our trips and let's put together a mastermind in between the days and this is where we met Suu. I'm gonna have you talk for a second as soon as I talk about this. So I always, always, always want to have a photo whenever I do something where I can actually celebrate other people. It's not about me all the time, although it might appear to be, it's the people in the photo that I want to tag on Instagram. It's the people in the photo that I want to connect with each other. And so all these people in this photo it when you find that photo on instagram or actually tagged so they can all easily connect with each other. So, Sue, you are on the bottom holding my favorite hashtag sign. And this is when you first met me I think that so you want, like, this whole collaboration and how you decided to join into this mastermind you went? I don't even remember the story. This was crazy because I was listening to one of your scopes on a Saturday morning and you said and I was going to social boom. Okay? And you said on your scope, You know, we're gonna have meet up on Monday and you know, anyone who's interested talk, you know, let me know. Get in touch with me, and I messaged you right away, and I am right. And you gave me your cell phone. I think we were talking in, like, 10 minutes, which I'm like, Really? And so you grilled me pretty hard. I will say for this to come here because I want it. Then you would be good for you. Yeah, And it was. And the thing that was so cool. It was suing Steve. And there were seven of us. Eight of us. I'm not sure, but it was so enlightening, I think for all of us. And we've made connections just like we all are here. Um, and life people were all made connections, and we reviewed each of our businesses pretty in depth, and it was really cool cause we all got to hear everyone else's. And we all got to participate in everyone else's reviews as well. Right? Which was really helpful. Because when you hear other people's experiences, some of that can kind of relate to you, too. So hugely valuable. That's really how we started connecting. That was where I did my first scope right here. And, um, I'm still on my journey with whatever is happening. I'm just kind of just starting. But that's where it all started. So I really my heart. I love that picture. Oh, good, yes. It's great. I love I didn't really intentionally put I forgot that you guys were gonna be sitting here. You added so much value to the visual. So thank you. So, how to reach your ideal collaborator? Honestly, there, Right in front of you. The people that know, like and trust you. And there, you know, you just you just have to ask Phil partner with you or help you. Um I get asked to be on podcasts all the time, and now I have to send it to my assistant to schedule them. But more frequently I said yes more frequently than No, because I know that you never know how how you can reach another voice, another person and help someone. Eso that collaborating on podcast is also another great way. And you know, there's a lot of people that do podcasts now, And you need to just find your favorite podcasters that are in your space and just ask for an interview like Sue has an amazing podcast. I'm sure several of you sitting right here can go talk to sue and get interviewed on her pockets. And I was just on. Yeah, I was, wasn't it? All right. Thank you. All right. So you so you just have to really get Get out there, get organized, reach out in the right way. That's not the first thing that should be out of your mouth. The first thing is, build that relationship and don't ask for anything. Just build the relationship and be authentic and really set the expectations of what? What do you want to get out of it? And what do they want to get out of it? Cause a lot of people that asked me to be a part of a virtual summit or podcast. They want me to share it all over the Web after, and I have to say to them, Listen, I happen to this interview. I don't have it in my content calendar to share it the way that you want to share it. I can tweet it. I can share it on Facebook. You know, I'll let them know what the Oh, maybe in one of my Facebook groups, But I don't say yes to the broadcasting of their content. That's their responsibility all the time. Um so So just make sure that you set the expectations the right way. So here are some ideas for collaboration. So you saw the YouTube videos I talked about? I've done with Sonny. I've done with Steve. I've been with Amy Schmidt, our anyone with the YouTube channel. If I'm with someone in person, Nathan Lack and I just shot a YouTube video. I will make sure Peggy Fitzpatrick and I, when I'm with someone that has a channel I know can add value to my channel. I always message them before I get together and I say, Well, you do A You tube video with me when I'm with you in person. So just set that up beforehand. If that opportunity is there, get featured in people's blog's or guests guests. Or you can write if you do like writing right for other people's blog's that have more exposure than yours. And, as I said earlier, always hang people on instagram. So example is that we took some photos today all of us or most of us, and we should. You should be tagging each other on the pictures whenever possible so that people in your community could get to know each other and then post on Facebook. So, you know, tagging with those post on Facebook. So here's an example of that. So Vincenzo Landino and Amy Schmidt Tower and I do a hashtag scope past Sunday. Who in the audience knows about that? Because you guys have tuned in and that's gonna be happening this Sunday and I'm on Pacific time, so that's gonna be a little challenging. So So this is something that we organically crafted after being together on the Cape. We've got together at my K post. We were not planning on starting school past Sunday, but we had so much fun Periscope ing together the three of us because, you know, Amy has all her luggage with all her equipment. And Vincenzo is just like Brian fans. Oh, with everything. And I'm loving periscope and like, we're scoping and we're getting people tuned in on my channel on Amy's on. And we're like, this is kind of cool. People really like the three of us, and we have different personalities and we bring different pieces. Like Amy is the YouTube, um, you know, go to YouTube and tens a live streaming and instagram. So we're every Sunday at 9 a.m. e S t We do a hash Texaco past Monday and you're not. You said you're not up, so people are watching it on the replay. Yeah, so yeah, so So people have been watching it on the replay, but we have a Facebook group because we decided that we want to bring together our community. So let's create a Facebook group with no expectations other than of pulling together this community around the content that the three of us air sharing every Sunday. It's kind of like doing a podcast. And the three of us doing it together. We each have 20 minutes typically of content and we passed the scope to each other and then we pass it out to someone else that might want to scope using the hashtag scope past Sunday. So I want to call attention to that hashtag and again you could. This is something you could be monitoring on a tag board scope past Sunday. I look at it in my tweet deck because I want to see all the engagement from because there's so much activity on Sunday when we do this. So this is just another way that I've collaborated with to people. I did not plan on this collaboration. It just organically happened. And we're now heading into, I think our 13th week this week of doing this very consistently every Sunday. So that's pretty cool. Any any comments from the audience about collaboration or how you guys think you could do it? Jeremy, we grab a night and did Yeah. Yes, it is. Go past Sunday was actually how we linked up on you. Haven't Tendo pass it to me after the second or third week? You guys did it and immediately you d end me on Twitter, your cell phone number, and we were on the phone right then and there, chatting it up and seeing how you know we can collaborate because he had mentioned what you did and your intentions of doing it. So do you want to expand on your You help businesses grow their email list like that's your expertise, right? Yeah. Helping get more subscribers so they can some over their products and services. And, you know, these are three people that I could help and or they may know people that I can help. So it was awesome. Just collaborating with people who are, you know, in that same space and also doing it at a higher level than I am so you can collaborate and expand your reach. Yeah. So you Yes, you and I e d um, do you want? Because it soon has been changes. Like or one of them endorsed you in a big way. So if anyone, if anyone that I'm connected to, endorses a person in a big way, I trust them. I know them. I like them. I want to meet the person they're endorsing. It's just the way my brain is wired. So I immediately I probably wrote down your name and I'm like, This is something I need to connect with And I did in the new and I chatted. And then you've been helping me re purpose, content from glad that I'm doing because you're really good at that. You want to talk about that a little bit? Yeah. Um, so we have a lot of content, whether it's periscope or black or whatever it is, and I help people take that to then build their list with it or to add value to their communities afterwards. And you mentioned you're doing some blab stuff and I said, Here's how you can help. Let's try it out. And you know, we're doing ever since. Yeah, that's great. Yes, I love it. That so bad happened on periscope. I never would have met Jeremy if I wasn't going to go past Sunday. This this organically came to bay, right? All these great connections in the audience. You guys reminding me how how I met you. It's funny question online, too. So Santa Bell and says, Oh my God, Please tell Sue I just updated a client instagram account And within 30 minutes a friend of hers from Scotland reached out and they reconnected. Oh, I know it's so great. But she also had a question. The same poster. Why would I Why would I or should I have multiple Instagram accounts? Okay, so I talked about this briefly, which is personal, which is you or your business. So if you are really trying to get focus on attracting your ideal client, having a business account is really important. And it's just I know this firsthand and everyone I coach in service. So who was speaking the minute you get very clear on who you're trying to bring in and you're very concise on that messaging and you Onley share that kind of content, your instagram accounts grows and you attract that target market. When you use instagram personally and there's kids and dogs and cats and exercises and food you're eating and then you're showing me what you do is too confusing. And people they need to see it visually and know exactly what you do and be connected to instead of personally. Now, in time, I will share this. So now that I have almost I think 23 over 23,000 followers on my personal account. Um, my, I show personal information there because people know me. I'll have a lot of people that follow me. But when I had under 500 followers, people weren't interested. I got maybe 10 likes on a selfie like people didn't know who I was. Yet I wasn't established as an industry leader. But now that people know me, they like me. They trust me. They want to be connected to me on a personal level, and that works as long as you have the business side. Taking care of first was a great tip. The last part of another question was how we talked a little bit in previous segments about how often to post on Twitter, Facebook, etcetera. How about an instagram? Is there? Ah, do? Is there a happy spot? Where? Okay, so So you definitely don't want to host to frequently and clog up someone's new speed or they will most likely unfollowed you too frequently for me is more than three photos a day. Um, there are acts that you can use like dip tick. I know that I saw a few going out there, I think, Right, you've had one where you can have multiple photos in the same image. So if you're at an event or you're here, it creativelive and you want to just be sharing all the great people that you're meeting and everything, and it's kind of the consistent saying content. Putting it in a flip program or in a video so that it's all in one post as opposed to five posts over time is too much on my soupy Zimmerman. I am posting their with in the spirit of teaching and celebrating the people that I'm surrounding myself with. But I'm not literally posting every speaker that's been on stage with May s. Oh, I'm tweeting about every speaker on stage with me, but I'm not putting it on instagram on my business account at the Instagram expert. Once a day, I that works for me once a day. Sometimes I can go. I could skip a day cause the content so good. So it all depends on your business. But what The message I really want to get a point here across here is to not post too frequently and too not post infrequently like crickets. People won't know that you're there, and you won't be top of mind

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