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Build a Foundation with Published Content

Lesson 6 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Build a Foundation with Published Content

Lesson 6 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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6. Build a Foundation with Published Content


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Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels - Day 1


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Build a Foundation with Published Content


Systems for Sharing Content With Rachel Polish


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Build a Foundation with Published Content

I am super super excited to bring in my next guest. And my next guest is actually one of my team members. You guys, because I would not be standing here without my team. They're amazing. So let me give you the back story of this rock star right here. Rachel Polish. Rachel came into my life on YouTube. She was searching for instagram marketing. She wanted to learn more. She messaged me and Facebook on a Sunday night and I answered her. She's like, Oh my God, she answered, May and I said, Let's check. It's like, really it's 10 0 clock on a Sunday night like, let's shut. So we talked and we found out that we literally lived 20 minutes from each other, which was crazy because she found me on YouTube. And I'm like, OK, what do you want to know and who are Who are you like, OK, I needed in turn stat, are you interested coming over and talking to me? Rachel did come over right away that week. I think it might even have been the next day. She interned for May for like a little over a month, an...

d I quickly saw that she was just the rock star and she was awesome. And Morgan on my team is like we need to hire her. We're going so fast, we need someone in charge of content. Rachel is in charge of all the content at the SPC Enterprise, and she's a rock star. She is also occasionally my makeup artists, and you're gonna see why in a second she may think she follows me around to all my photo shoots. And when I speak on stage and I just adore her and she's amazing at rocking the Selfie, she taught me all about the hotel filter, which is literally when you hold up your phone to a window and take the perfect photo. So I am so excited and thrilled to bring to you Rachel Polish on the SBC team. Who is going to be crushing it here today? Quicker if you need me. Okay, Perfect. Not too far away. Hello, everybody. I'm really excited to be back on stage here for the second time. I had a great time last November when we filmed sell more with Instagram that's still available. If anyone wants to know more about instagram but way decided to do with this Mawr encompassing social media course because we realize there's a lot of similarities between people who are just starting their business, who are just getting going. And people who have had a business for a long time and now need to bring it online to be more successful and actually start to see some conversions and results from their social media efforts. So we put together this this course, and I spent a long time developing it with Sue, and it's kind of funny because as we were working with our producer, Aaron, who's watching up there somewhere way we're having trouble communicating what the common thread was going to be. And so I drew it out in a picture and I said, Aaron, this is what it looks like. This is what you first and this is next and everything comes along and it's together and she's like, Oh, now it makes sense And that's what you guys have been seeing as the online business cycle. And so I wanted to dive into that a little bit more to clarify a few questions people are having, and so to make sure that it makes sense for everybody. So you added the flood. I don't even know you Put this in here. Thing is me for anybody who wants to leave comments online and use the hash tags to be get social. My Twitter handle is reach a polish, as you mentioned earlier and on Instagram, I am just Rachel Polish because somebody has my name on Twitter. Um, and soup did give my back stories that won't spend too much time there. But yes, I did started intern and rapidly developed into a full time position. And now I spend most of my time figuring out our marketing are funnels and our content strategy amongst our blog's and YouTube channels. Andi, I put together basically the campaigns that we run for the different products and promotions that we sell. Some of them are our own products, like our most recent instagram course. And also we have some affiliate partners that we we joined partner to partner with two sell other things that support small businesses. So I work on both sides of the spectrum. I do you know, the marketing and the content piece. So I have a lot to share today. Get ready with your pens, your papers. So let's just jump back to this where everybody started. I wanted to clear up a few things that people were having questions with in the first segments, and I also want to dive a little bit deeper into published and promotion content. So likes who said. The chop is where you focus on your business channel, your business goals. Who you sell, what you sell to. You cannot move forward until that is clear. That has to be defined. You have to know exactly what that is, and some people they start off. They're like, I don't know, and I really like to talk about these things. But what are you selling? What what do you want to sell? What do people want to buy from you? That's where you have to start. You can't start creating things for those people if you don't know what the end goal is, so you have to really spend some time there and think about that. If it's not defined, if you can't walk up to someone and say I fell handbags. I sell business coaching to moms. I am a photographer for seniors in high school What do you sell? I sell car insurance. Like what do you sell? What you need to have that defined. The next piece is published content to spoke about this a little earlier. Anything that you put out into the world that will live on for longer than five minutes, like a Facebook post. Something that people confined if they Google, search it. Something that people confined on your website forever and ever and ever. People can't find a Facebook post on your website forever and ever. Never. People can't find that instagram photo that you took when you were in the Bahamas forever and ever. So you have to have things that will live on that give you credibility. The promotion piece. This is where I wanted to clarify the promotion is the promotion of your published content. You're promoting yourself in your published content. You're not promoting what you sell. You're promoting your content and yourself. You're not promoting what you sell. People get this. They misunderstand this. They think social media is about promoting what they sell. It's not the broad promoting your content and yourself and other people in your industry promoting the benefit of your industry. For example, I know Nina's into, um she's like your go to girl friend, and she's talking about all the things that your mom never told you. And so she's promoting her industry, which is guiding young women. And she's she's saying on her social media channels, This is important. This is valuable. She's not saying by my course or by my programmer by all of these things on social media. She's promoting the value of the information that she likes to talk about, knowing that eventually people who find value in that could buy from her in the future. Does that make that? I hope, though, for everybody in the audience, uh, then Okay, so you moved. Once you've got this promotion flow in connection between published content and and promoting that published content, so promoting your blog's your YouTube, your YouTube videos, your podcasts, you're growing your email list because you're bringing people in to your network. That way, you're not telling people your bring your not telling people by my stuff. You're bringing them in through the avenue of your published content. The nurture peace. I'm not gonna spend too much time here cause this is Um, this course is focused mostly on the promotion part because that's where your social media is. The nurture peace again is keeping that, you know, warming them up. Then you're selling to them via email, so want to clarify that a little bit you're selling to them via email 90% of the time you're pulling them into your email list. This theme will keep coming up in up throughout the entire course. You're pulling them in through your email list, and then you are selling to them there. You're not saying you're not pushing out all of your stuff on social media, I can tell you that 90% of every single thing that we we sell comes from an email that we push out to people. I'm sure many of you in the audience maybe saw a few of our emails just in the last week promoting this course. Thousands of people signed up from the emails that we sent, rather than just relying on the social media channels that we have is very effective. And then the nurture peace, which can be confusing again. So you've sold to people. You've told them. This is what I'm offering you, and sometimes they're ready to buy from you, and sometimes they're not. And even in both cases, it's very important to nurture those same people. The people who didn't buy from you. You have to get to know them a little bit better. You have to maybe prime them a little bit more before they're ready to purchase what you planned and what your goal is. And the people who did buy from you well, there, your biggest advocate. So you need to treat them like that. You need to give them the attention they deserve. You need to learn from them what made them decide to by in the end, and that requires communication and paying attention and keeping your communication channels open. So e mails and Facebook groups and serving and that kind of stuff, and you continue to nurture them. I want to kind of draw a line here with the published content, find out from them what their issues are, and kind of the problems that they might have, whether they bought or not, and you solve it by creating more content. So those common questions that keep coming up and up and up over and over again. How can you solve those problems? Oh, Mary just told me yesterday that she needs help figuring out what blog's did write about. OK, now I'm going to write a blawg to her. This is this is me talking in our industry. Um, now I'm gonna write a blog's help her figure out what blonde posts to write about. So can you see that? How this kind of becomes the cycle and it's cyclical and it happens over and over and over again, and this brings you back up? Maybe you find out from them in this nurture p that they are constantly asking about the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. I don't know about this. Can you help me with this? I don't know what to offer as my lead magnet. I don't know what to post about on instagram these questions we get all the time. That's how you know what to sell, cause you're getting those questions. And if you're the most common questions you get, you get from people often a good sign of what you could be selling. So that's why it's really important that nurture peace comes in twice because you have to keep that communication open. I wanted to dive in and talk a little bit more about my relationship with our published content, and our promotion strategy and I talk about as a relationship because it's always evolving, is always changing. I have to keep in mind that my thoughts and the things that I am thinking about, what our audience wants and needs might change. And I might need to switch things up. Also, the the business reality that we live in changes all the time. We just had to back to back things that were going on. We had an event. This, you know, September through October was kind of crazy in our world, so that also requires adapting. And you can't be so hard on yourself. If your goal wasn't met every single week, I got out 20 Facebook posts. Send this and that you have to be kind to yourself and not go crazy. So keeping in mind this relationship, I think about two things every single day. How do I reach more people with my content and my social media planning? And once we get more people. How do I improve and maintain a high quality experience for them once they find us? So whether they find us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube or our website or on creativelive or once who is speaking on stage, those are all activities that allow us to reach more people. But then, once they come into our network, what's their experience like? Are they happy? Can they find things easily? Are they frustrated because they didn't hear from us? And they sent us an email? Those are all things that that you have to keep in mind the name of the courses connecting your your business channels because they are all related when somebody finds you. I have this kind of concept of a two step first impression, and I've talked about this before. Andi. People really seem to resonate with this, and it's really when you when somebody finds you somewhere, they that's their first place. They don't you know. If they find you on Twitter, they get that little bio. Maybe they scroll through your last 10 tweets. But what do they do next? What is the very next thing they dio you don't know they might go to your website. If that's in your book, in your bio, they might click on ah, block post that you shared so you don't exactly know where they're going. They could go anywhere you don't know. They might just google your name. And so when they find you there, are they having a positive experience and that could be anywhere. So when you decide which channels to go on and do mention this a little bit previously you need to make sure that you're gonna have an active presence there. If you're just gonna, you know, show up. And not really it's crickets that that's not that doesn't give a great first impression. So I think of this, like to step first impression that people usually go through, um and so keep that in mind. When you're looking at all of your stuff, Do you feel like the same person? Everywhere somebody lands, they land on your YouTube channel, and then they visit your website. Do they feel like they got to the right place? And then once they're on your Web site, is it easy for them to consume or is it easy for them to contact you. Is it easy for them to understand who you even are? You know, if they just need to know a little bit more, let's talk a little bit about published content because this, um, is something that I believe to be so, so important. I believe you need at least one published platform and one social channel so you can do the two things. They only have room to do. Two things. One published platform and one social platform. Why communication? This allows you to communicate your ideas, your values, your, um your tips, your tools it built. You know, it builds that credibility. You are communicating. You have an idea with that you want to share with people. This is how you do it through published content, not ah, fleeting. You know, obviously fleeting thoughts are great for Twitter. But if you have something this powerful and meaningful right, a vlog post about it, record a podcast about it, put up a YouTube video about it, let it live on search. Funny, talked about this a little bit before. There's no better way to grow your network than putting your content out for people to come find you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever somebody Googles, you know, Sonny said she had What was it? 200. She got 200,000 views on one YouTube video in two months, and she, you know, you said we heard her say before. She's got 10,000 subscribers. Well, 10,000 people didn't watch it so many times for her to get up to 200. That 200,000 views those air people finding her in search. That's not just her social network. She's putting herself. You're setting yourself up for the best possible way to become found the credibility piece. When people want to learn more about you, somebody finds us. Let's say Sue, give the presentation about Instagram on stage and somebody wants to learn more. Where they going, How do they learn more? They don't want, You know they can't leave it up to social media. To do that, you've got to write about it. You've got to tell people about it. You've got to be proactive about getting that communication line across and teaching people and helping people. And for people who are selling products, I want to bring this, um out of the service space for a second cause I might might seem like That's what I'm talking about, mostly, but it really applies to everybody. So let's say you sell, um, organic beauty products. What are the benefits of those things? Why does that even matter to people? What is it like in your day to day life trying to source those things? Right. So let's say you write a whole block post about how you know the process that you go through. Well, what does that do to your audiences? Explains to them how long it takes, Therefore building up the value of what you're selling. So you're giving that communication across to build up that value around your services or your products not just, you know, sues on stage teaching instagram right and then email list growth. So by pulling somebody onto your content, you're opening it up to reach more people and therefore able to grow your email list that much faster content is share. A ble is a Facebook post, always super like. Is it super shareable? Yes, but how long are people gonna be sharing that? I mean, even the most viral thing you know, a couple weeks a viral blawg post a really valuable block post that's there forever, or as long as you want it to be. So you have to consider how long you want your your efforts to go. Is it just, you know that couple weeks or you want things to be able to last for months. Our most popular video on YouTube and and our blawg right now is the difference between Instagram and Pinterest. And we filmed that earlier this year, and it's still the most viewed blawg and video that we have right now. It's a hot topic. People are trying to find the answer to that question. We'll talk about that later in the in the course. Moving on. Okay, so where can you create? We talked about this a little bit. All run through it. Podcasting. This is a very popular avenue people are taking right now. It's great if you, um, want to get across audio, you want to interview people. It does require, um, editing and and planning. So there is a little more technical background to that. But again, it's very doable for anyone who likes to speak their message. Nathan Latka coming up in the show later today, actually, Yeah, later in the course he will. He has a great podcast. It's Number one. It's been ranked the top podcast by very credible sources, and and it's not because he just put it up on a whim. Here's a strategy behind it. It's working very well for him. Blogging. This is very simple. Easy A blogger is not an eternity like you don't have to write a novel in a block post. Often we have a couple paragraphs, three paragraphs. It depends what works for you. Now let's get to this and a little bit we do. Accompanying are blog's with video, so we're repurposing content. But it doesn't have to be this long, expansive thing. It can just be a few paragraphs. A few photos, some valuable resource is linked out. You could link to other block posts, but consider blogging Is something really simple and easy to get started with YouTube videos. Funny talked about that before that they're searchable. YouTube's the number to search engine, so your stuff is constantly being found. If you can use the right titles and you know set it up for search engine optimization properly. And this is something that people don't think of. Slide presentations on slide share. This is flight shares owned by Lincoln and it does appear in search. People can search for slide presentations and often really love them. I love sharing them with our audience. People really like it. It's a really quick, simple way to just Kim through. So if you've got a slide presentation, this is another really simple way to share teachable content. Um, the main reason we do publish content is to bring people to our website. You'll see this blawg here. This they're blocked. Page the header at the top. We bring people to our website. Why look right here. Email. So many lands on her block. Any blawg, any page on our website? This is what they see. Grab it. Our instagram strategy guide. We're pulling people in and that's how we're growing our email list with content. This is what one of our blog's looks like. I just wanted to show you guys we've got a photo header of the top. This is a very share a ble photo notice. It doesn't have to have your photo in it. The photo of your product just has to have some kind of relation to the title. And then we have a YouTube video embedded on the blawg so that we can be found in both places so we can be found on YouTube. But we're always sharing. Were not sharing our YouTube links were sharing our Blawg ling because people will get to the YouTube video on the blocks were providing a little additional context. And then we're using the video to support the written content in the block. It was really a twofold. It's very effective for us and you're bringing instead of just leaving, leaving it up to chance that people find you in YouTube. Your bring we're bringing them right to our website. Your content supports the value of what you offer. It doesn't promote what you offer. Explain this a little bit before your content supports the value of what you offer, not promoting what you offer again. You're selling beauty products that are organic. You are your writing and blogging about the value of using organic beauty products you're not talking and other things that are important to your customer or your potential, your desired customer. It pulls your target market into your business by peeking their interest. So you get their interest up a little bit by a block post and then they find you on your website. You need to play into their likes, wants and needs. What do they like outside of what you offer a gamble used in example, cause just your super top of mine and your Brighton yellow in the front? Um, you you speak Teoh like 18 Teoh 30 year old women generally. Is that correct? That's correct. Okay, so what other things? 18 to 30 year old women like What are they into shopping and guys and eating and going out with girlfriends. And like the latest sale at your favorite store on boots? Because it's fall and you know, the red cups that are super controversial right now. Um, what do they like? You can talk about those things to on your blog's because guess what? Those will bring in people that we are potential buyers. They're already interested in that kind of stuff.

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