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Case Study: Cyrissa Carlson, Immerse Photography

Lesson 22 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Case Study: Cyrissa Carlson, Immerse Photography

Lesson 22 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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22. Case Study: Cyrissa Carlson, Immerse Photography


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Case Study: Cyrissa Carlson, Immerse Photography

I want to talk about service up for a minute before I bring her on serous. That is the epitome of a person who I said, beginning is literally doing everything correctly, and she is a testament to everything that we're teaching over these next two days. So I want to tell you what she's doing right. She has multiple focus business account. You know exactly the kind of content you're getting every single time you land on services account, she knows how to grow her list and not just get engagement on Instagram. She takes him back to her list, and she involves and engages with all of her clients. He also uses her hashtag. He knows exactly what hash tags to use to get people to find her. And she is a photographer who is in Ohio, and she knows exactly what tags people are searching so that she can get more clients to be taking pictures up. So here's some examples of what that looks like, and on top of everything, she's adorable. Okay, so text overlay. So she has text overlay on her honor phot...

o. I think that's Ward swag, and she's telling people that she only has, like hardly any spots remaining to sign up for a class. She's telling you, Go check your email if you haven't signed up. So she's telling people on Instagram check their email cause she knows most of people on Instagram are on her list. So this is how she's getting people to sign up and Booker and she books her spots right away. She does this cross promotion from Instagram. She also involves her house Happy customers. So I'm assuming that these two just got married or they're going to get married. Yes, they booked their wedding. That's her hashtag commerce weddings, and she brings them in as they're part of her family services uses this language like when she works with a client, she feels like they're part of her family, and you get that sense that they are just the way she talks about her clients because she loves what she does so much, and they clearly are happy. I can just picture service. Can you hold my sign and take a picture because this is what who does, and I know it works, and I want you to be part of my family. So she's taken a lot of what I've taught her and put the spun on it for her own business. And it's really working well for her. And like I said, she also does the cross promotion, as I talked about, from Soupy Zimmerman to the instagram expert she crossed promotes people from a Merced photography at Amherst Photography. I want you all to be falling Ceresa, and she takes him to the Sparkle Society at sparkle dot society. So that is her business account, where she teaches photographers how to use social media for business. This is her second business, so I am just so thrilled and excited to bring Ceresa on. But before she goes live, I want to tell the story is the story because it's pretty good. Okay, so Ceresa, like I said, watch my first creative life course and love learning Instagram. She had no idea what it was, and she e. I don't know if she asked me or she weight. I think she then yes, she then found me on Cape Cod from a geo tag at my store. Scooby Doo, like I was actually getting my nails done and my employees told that told her to go to the nail shop where I get my nails, walks in and says this might seem a little weird, An awkward, But I've been stalking you, and I know that you're here, and I really want to meet you. Like, Wait, sit down. We got to a video like I didn't let her say anything else. Like, I have to document that You found me from a geo tag right now. This is what I teach. So she found the Geo Tech. She found my store. She found me in the nail store. We literally took that picture within seconds of meeting each other in real time. And then Ceresa became my photographer. She takes all my phenomenal photos. I hired her because she is so good. She gets me, he gets my energy. We've shot videos together. And when you're with Theresa, as you can see, like you use your scarf and your backpack to put your IPhone to shoot a YouTube video concerts in. That's how to do that. So I've learned so much from service. So she's become a dear friend and someone who has has been crushing it on instagram. So I'm really excited to bring her all to you and share with you all how she has been crushing it in her business. So welcome, Sarasa. I know. I'm gonna see you soon. Yes, that was quite a welcome. So I was sitting here laughing hysterically, Like, right now they all think I'm a stalker. Thanks. So well. Is that true? I'm an enthusiastic watcher. Okay, good. All right. She's totally I'm brand on point. Look at this set. Theresa, it looks so good. You Oh, my gosh. Look adorable. Okay, so I know that you're on instagram girlfriend and you friggin love it and you're on other platforms. I wanted to talk about what platforms your most active on and why. Okay, so there's three APS that I really love the most. The 1st 1 is believed or not Facebook. It's really the strongest tool. I believe her ads. I mean, you can really and I know you guys have talked about that. You can really hyper focus in on your client, so I love Facebook's for its simply, it's add usage. Now my fair app because it's fun is instagram because it's visual. You can put the text overlays like I love glitter, and I love crazy, and I feel like on instagram that is perfectly acceptable. So I feel like that's my little happy place. And then I'm on this other little app. I'm kind of obsessed with it because this friend of mine told me I had to do it, and I try to ignore her. But she got me on periscope soupy Zimmerman. And now I'm obsessed. I've been able to grow. I have almost, I think, followers now on periscope. And I lied like we get on weekly, a team of photographers and I, like power out is amazing. So those are my favorites. That periscope is quickly gaining in love for my whole heart. Well, one of the reasons that you're so great on periscope is because you have a dynamic personality and you love video and your great on video. And you're comfortable on video, right? Yes. Was it Were there any hurdles for you getting on periscope at all? Um, honestly. And my Mac, I've been sitting here watching you, and my Mac is telling me it's gonna go to sleep. So we're just gonna go ahead and be impromptu and we're gonna move because this is what you do when you're live on video. So I'm gonna show you right now. This is what periscope is like people, because you expect one thing could happen and an entirely other thing happened. So cynical headed. Move. Okay, so this is why she's so good on periscope. So this is that you guys so well, remember I said to you, progress, not perfection. You cannot be perfect or think that you have to be things happened. Life happens, and you just have to roll with it. And Theresa is so good with rolling with it as a photographer, just just positioning you in the shots that you need and also on video. So service it. Did you have any apprehensive other than Oh, my gosh, Who do you really want me to do? One more thing because you have me doing a lot of like what? Any other apprehensive? Yeah, well, you know, the thing with periscope is it's it's live, so it's very unpredictable, and you don't know what someone's going to say or questions they're gonna ask or if your technology is gonna work. So there's a lot of like unpredictability like just literally, what just happened here? And you just have to know. And, you know, this is something that you I'm such a perfectionist, and you really helps me with us. Like getting it done is better than being perfect, you know? And so, with periscope, I think that's really helped me Teoh embrace that imperfection and be willing to just let my heart be out there because with Instagram and Facebook, it's a highly curated seed. But on periscope, it's the real deal. Like if your battery's about to die on your computer, you can take that. People are going to see it. So just learning to embrace that. That's good. That's good. All right, so let's talk about how you're using visuals to build your photography business. Absolutely. So if you guys study any of the numbers or the data, you know that photos help you sell online. The stronger your photo, the more you're gonna sell. So if you haven't Etsy shop, if you are on eBay. If you were trying to get someone to book a photo shoot with you, the best thing that you can do is tow. Have amazing strong photos for your account. So and we like the research out there, says that 90 people who have a photo attached to their posts have 90% more eyes on their photos, so learning to leverage that is super super important. So for me, I do a lot of text overlays. I do a lot of videos. I do a lot of silliness. Um, and I study as you taught us I started my number. So I know what people respond. Teoh. They respond to silly selfies, and that's why I have so many my new speed. So I listen to my audience and I give them the visuals that they ask for or the visuals that they show me that they appreciate. The listening is so important and giving more of what's working. Absolutely OK, so what do you do differently this year that has been the most significant to your business? Hahaha a question. I was really thinking about this one. I think the best thing that I have done and this is something that is entrepreneurs. I think we have this tendency to think that we can do it. All of our we could do it ourselves. We can do all on our own and you guys, that is so not true. And I think one of the best things that I did was hire a coach and shameless promotion as soon be Zimmerman, You know, but one of the things that her team's Rachel and Morgan is usable senior. Amazing and really taught me how to grow the email list and drive to the email list and have a call to action. And, you know, it's so amazing that so many of us in this creative realm, we think with our creative brain and not our business brains. So this year I really focused on being more strategic and not just posting a warm fuzzy because I want to because it's pretty. But what is the strategy with my endgame and really being intentional about what I'm posting when I'm sharing? Because if you know your end game, you know your goal, then you can backtrack and think of the steps that you need to take to get there. So that's something that you know you and Rachel and Morgan have really taught me to do. Over the past year, I've seen tremendous impact on my business because of it. That's awesome. Okay, so and I love that you that you're crushing it, right? So So you have worked with us to do three photo shoots. I'm kind of obsessed with doing photo shoots with Theresa, and I want you to talk. About what? About why having professional photo shoots are so important. Oh, my gosh. This is huge. And actually, I had my own head shots done this morning. Rachel did a periscope a couple months ago, and she was like, if I put my makeup on, I'm not gonna waste my mascara. So I was channeling my inner racial did. I did my own head shots this morning, and I'm coming here are creative lie because you as if you're a business owner, think about how many times you've gone to post, you know, on social media, you're like, oh, for up with photo my gonna put and you start scrolling through your phone and they look on something that you can steal off line and then you to look for stock photos. And here's the thing. If you hire a photographer or learn how to take amazing potus for yourself, you can have an arsenal of your own amazing stock photos that show up showcase you a showcase your products a showcase exactly what your brand is. So by having those high quality photographs, you're gonna increase your sales. You're gonna save yourself time. And as entrepreneurs, we all know time is precious and time is money. And having those high quality photographs frees you up to do other things. And if you have someone asking you if someone creating an ad for you, if you need a head shop for something, if you have everything an essential hub, you know, for me it's on my website. I know a lot. People use Dropbox. If you have all of those things in a central place, your team can access them. And so one of the things I know, a lot of people like Oh, I can just do it myself Or, you know, my cousin can do it for me. She's got a nice camera. But the thing is, you guys, you really need to hire professional, because when you have the professional, they can really capture your vision. So, like when I photographed Sue, I know is gonna be a whirlwind. I just know what's coming, but we also have a very clear cut strategy. So on our last photo shoot, Morgan was literally like, Okay, stores. But now I need a photo for a Facebook ad, so it needs to be a wide horizontal shot. Sunnis a oriented on the right hand side, and so we knew exactly what we were after. And so when you think ahead and you plan ahead, you have this amazing arsenal, photos that you can use going forward and it's amazing. It's amazing. Look, you can dio right? And one of the things that you you created for the course was a bonus around that, right? You want to talk about that? It's just a simple, like PdF Brandon guide, and it shows you as the artist or out of the entrepreneur what you need to do to develop a branding photo shoot, because it's very different from a normal photo shoot. Like a few photographs, seniors are, you know, families or weddings. A branding photo shoot is very different because you're not just thinking form. You're also thinking function like okay, so I can use this on the banner of my website or you need to be a square ratio, but I need to be over here so I can put a text overlay here. It's very much thinking 10 steps ahead. So that PDF guide that everyone will get when you download it will show you exactly like the 10 top shots that I love to take. We'll show you things. Couple examples just did a shop for Lululemon. So there's a shoot of a little lemon girl in there, so it's a really good tool. Behalf, I want you all to connect with Theresa. Yeah, immersed photography on instagram. Let her know that you saw her here. Theresa, you look fabulous. This has been awesome. You added so much value. Thanks for taking the time in being here. I love you, My She's doing all right and she getting people to her list. She's growing her email list with a very target audience that wants more of what she does. How could you not fall in love with his personality? He's awful

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