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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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1. Class Introduction


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Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels - Day 1


Class Introduction


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

everybody. And welcome to Creativelive. My name is Lily Tongue Crystal. And I'm your host for our class. Get social. Connecting your business channels with Sue be Zimmerman. Now you are in for a treat. Our instructor is colorful, energetic, generous. You may know her as the instagram expert and insta gal alive. Suba Zimmerman is a master of online business promotion and instagram for business. She's the founder of the online Instagram classes into results and ready set. Graham. She also teaches entrepreneurs, business executives and marking professionals How powerful social media can be. She's an amazing instructor. Please help me in welcoming to our stage Sue be Zimmerman. Good. How you feeling? Feeling good? You guys are all family. Good, cause we have a lot in store for you today. Great. And I want to ask, you know, you have been here twice. You taught two classes here creativelive your creative life pro on. I'm wondering what inspired you to come back and teach this third class? Ye...

ah. I really wanted to teach business owners that social media is a part of a much larger picture when you're building your online business and that you really need to have a fully developed promotional strategy in order to have success, and I love nothing more than teaching. Other business owners had to have success in their business because I come from a place of giving and wanting other people to succeed. And today I am bringing all of my re sources and so much of my community. There are 14 amazing people that I've connected to online that are sitting here with me right now, and I'm thrilled to see each and every one of them and also 10 amazing instructors that everyone's gonna hear from over the next two days. You will hear about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram, yea, my favorite solution of your platform, YouTube and live streaming and so much more. And it's going to really help everybody decide which platform is best for their business. So that's that's really what it's all about. It's awesome, a comprehensive strategy for social media. And did I say generous? I did call a generous and she is very much that a lot to get started on. So I'll let you go with it, and I'm gonna thank Thank thank you. Hey, you guys, I'm just thrilled to be here, and we are going to get right in to the social side of your business, and it's really all about having the right message to the right people at the right time. So today, this is what you're gonna learn. You guys ready? You are gonna learn how to make a strong impression online. You're gonna learn how to build a foundation with published content. You're gonna learn and understand how native interaction on Facebook, twitter, livestream and Instagram and Pinterest actually works. And you're gonna have systems and tools to make the strategy stick. Okay, so I know many of you have pain points. I had them to believe it or not. And some of them I don't want you guys to have. Okay, I have you covered. All right, So some of the pain points that you might have is that you don't have a clear strategy. And honestly, that was me about a year and 1/2 ago before I brought on my content creator who has helped us really systematize what we dio. So that's one of your pain points. I have you covered their ah, lot of people, especially a lot of the creative life. People are so busy making what they sell and you feel like you don't have time to embrace yet another social platform. I hope that we'll have a lot of clarity for you as to which one is best for your business. And a lot of people don't know what to post. They don't have consistent posting strategies, and I know that this is a big pain point, so we're going to get into that one as well. And then, lastly, you don't have systems set up. And let me tell you, when you have systems in place, you can have success. So I hope to to overtake all those pain points that you might have here because I really want you to have a very clear understanding of which channels are best for your business, which is going to be different from everyone else sitting here in the audience. Each business has a unique aspect to it, and you need to know what channel is best for your business. So who should tune in today? Everybody, If you're not tuning in or if your friends aren't tuning in, tell him to come to an end with us today If you are a business owner, you should be here if you are, ah, creator looking to have an online, a stronger online presence or if you're someone new to the online business world and then someone who has an idea that you just want to test market and you're not quite sure how to dio. So connect your social channels. This is a place for you as well. So I welcome all of you here with me today, and I'm thrilled that you are watching and tuning in from all over the world. So again, if you know anyone that needs to be watching, connect your social channels, tell him about it. All right, So I want to give you a little bit of a background about me to be Zimmerman and how I got on this instant. Awesome stage. I have been a passionate entrepreneur pretty much my whole life. Like many of you, I embrace crayons at a young age painted at a young age, and I had my first business selling hand painted bar. It's which air here clips that you put in your hair, and I was selling them at recess when I wasn't supposed to bay on the money that I earned from that really gave me the confidence to produce things and create things and buy things that my parents weren't willing to buy me. So I had this entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age when I graduated from college with a degree in nutrition, which I never use. I then started my first business, and you can see it poking out of that journal called Box Rebellion. This is a business where I was hand painting boxer shorts and selling them Teoh businesses all over the world, and I landed deals with Disney and we started selling to the retail shops after I was hand painting them and the demand grew so much that we started silks, winning them. And this was the business 22 years old that I started that became a $1,000,000 business. So at a very young age, I learned to follow my passion, follow my heart and do what I love, and that gave me the mindset which really created the path of how I got here. So I'm not going to talk about all 18 businesses that I've had, but I just want to highlight tomb or the next one is. When I went about eight or nine years ago, I was selling my double sided tape to the scrapbook industry. And I know many of you listening or probably scrap bookers or have scrapbooks in the past. And I was on stage teaching at q B. C literally how to embellish your photos with our treasure tape. And we use speeds and cabbage, Schantz and ribbons and, you know, at heart I'm a creator and this business was the only business I had that actually was not successful. But I was on stage teaching and I learned to teach. And I love teaching and showing people how to create beautiful things so fast forward to today where I am known as the Instagram Bert, I've been teaching thousands of business owners all over the world. How have success using instagram, which is ironic because now you can embellish right within the app. And clearly I'm gonna be covering more about instagram tomorrow. But I've been teaching social media for about eight or nine years, and I know how important it is to have it be a part of your whole social strategy. A whole business strategy. So I'm thrilled to be here to teach you so much more about social media and connecting all those channels so that you are consistent wherever people find you.

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a Creativelive Student

I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!


I was one of the fortunate ones to be in the live audience of this amazing course. Sue B Zimmerman brought a powerhouse team to the stage and they didn't hold anything back. This is one of the most complete courses I've ever taken. It's great for those just beginning all the way through to tips for those who already have a good handle on their social media. BUY this program. It is surprisingly inexpensive for the massive value it contains. Excellent!

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