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Create a Twitter Video

Lesson 15 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Create a Twitter Video

Lesson 15 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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15. Create a Twitter Video


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Lesson Info

Create a Twitter Video

I want to rock some video before we like, join here. We're going to a demo here in a second. I want to talk about Twitter video, cause this is ridiculously important. So 82% of Twitter users watch video like when it's in Twitter, right? 90% of the people that watch the videos on their mobile phone right and native Twitter video, meaning the video that's created within Twitter. Not like YouTube video or some other where you're sharing, but literally native like dominates engagement. Big time, right by like 2.5 times amount of replies, almost three times the amount of retweets and almost two times amount of like, right little hearts not stars anymore parts. Okay, so there's lots and lots of things, right? So let's check out a type of video that we can do. And I guess I can just sit down here and grab this phone and we'll do this here. Yes, awesome. Okay, let's check this out. So you just come over to your on your mobile phone, right? Your let's pull up the profile and here we are on the ...

profile, and if you want to do a tweet a video. All you need to do is just grab like a tweet, right? And then you can just hit the little, uh, photo icon and then you have the option. If you hit the white camera, that will take a still image. And it would take a still image of everybody out there, right for good. Or we can hit this little guy here, which is for video, okay? And we we wanted to we could film the people out here which we could do that. Okay? Or right up here in the right hands corner, we can hit to flip the screen, and then we're rocking my face. Now here's a couple of things to know about this. If I want to shoot, direct the camera. I must look at you right. If I looked directly into the lens, I am talking exactly to the user, and you guys can see here on the screen the difference of me looking directly at it's like I have direct eye contact. If I am looking at myself and I'm delivering a message, I am no longer present with the viewer, right? The studio audience can get this okay because I'm not laying That was watching screen get this to actually right, because I'm not looking at you. But if I change my gaze now, I'm looking directly at you. And this is when it becomes very powerful because I'm showing up like crazy. Now, the easy thing is, all I have to do is this hit and say, Hey, guys, rocking of creative creative life. We're doing a demo. I'm holding down the button We're recording at seven seconds here. And ultimately, I'm gonna release this video and I'm gonna shoot it to you guys because I'm doing a demo and showing you how important Twitter it's I can stop. And I have 15 seconds here. Now, if I wanted to, I could ship the video right, or we can use jump cuts. So for those that love YouTube and love jumped, jump cut style, I can hit the record button, which we're going to hear in a second. And I could jump cut to something else, which may be like, Hey, did you guys know that? You know, I just showed you guys how to use video, but there's something more important, which is that Twitter video gets you like almost three times amount of Artie's Right now I have six seconds left and I could, like, change and come over to you guys. Here we go like this the have you in the background and say I love my studio audience. Go create a video, right? And that's it. Right? And then we come to done right now it's done. The video's done. If I wanted to play this back, I could hit the playback button and watch it. But I feel good about this. I feel like really good about this video. I'm gonna ship this video, okay? And I'm going to write a little tweet, which is how to rock a bye. Absolutely. Getting not just how to create a Twitter video at what I do at create our Let's let's do this with the help of at creative life hash tag to be Oh, man. So be get So show it. Li, right? Yeah, And I could do a bit. We link if I had it in my haste. I better not, Pacey knows would come up ok dot L y Oh, yeah. Get social. 2015. Ok, so we'll just typing in here? Yep. W b I t 0.0, why the I t You don't need the w We had a Butley. No, no. But leaves here. How funny. Okay, slash Get social are lower 2015 social 2015. Awesome. And so let's teach on this. So we had a really good headline here how to create a Twitter video. So if somebody's scrolling through the oh, how to create todo great with the help of creative lives so I'm getting exposure from their audience. Okay? Plus, I'm using sues hashtag cause there's I just checked it before we got in here is, like over 568,000 impressions on the hashtag this morning. Okay, so I'm getting hundreds of thousands of people that are searching this thing already, and we're promoting her course. Right? So this is like a solid, solid tweet. Yes. You need to Debbie W w you don't Yeah. You still needed a VW? Okay? Yeah, right. And then So, boom, we're gonna tweet that little guy, and this is going to go out and it takes like there's a delay here. I wish I knew the delay off hand. It's not very long and maybe, like 30 seconds. 45 seconds. And ultimately, that video would publish here directly on the phone. Okay, so why this is publishing will come back to that. I want to share another story. Let me back up to on back to slides here. So this image here that's gonna be on the screen the second cause we're gonna show some, like examples here. I showed two videos that I've done previously. OK, one I did with Sue and Rachel and Morgan at Social Marketing World last year. And people retweeting about three retweets or something of that nature. But this other one, this one right here I shot at Dallas. Love filled to the airport before I left to go to social media marking world. Now, this is a crazy story, right? So for those of you don't know, I spent 10 years of my life. Touring is a musician. And there were times when I go into pack sun and people like Can I have your autograph? You sure And you would sign autographs, right? So when I left that world and I was in this world, I had this experience again. The first time going to Social Media Marketing world, right? Was walking through that the hotel lobby to strolling through is actually going to be used to walking through. And somebody's like, Well, whoa and comes running up. It was like hair You a j mixed. I'm like him. I'm thinking myself for you. I don't personally like, I saw your video on twitter of you leaving the airport, and I noticed that you were here, so I just wanted to say hi. Hi. Thanks. So that was the end of the conversation. But here is what I'm getting at. This video has two lights like nothing no retweets, nothing but get here. I'm flying from Dallas to San Diego halfway across the country, and somebody runs through the lobby and says, Hey, I saw your video. So the point that I'm making is just because you're not having all of these retweets and all of these likes doesn't mean that people are not paying attention. And it does not mean that you're not influencing your audience, right? So you never know what the ripple effect of you sharing your message is. This makes sense big time videos. Awesome for this. So Here's the other thing I wanted to get into, which is having a consistent, constant calendar. And this is actually the bonus that I'm giving everybody. They're getting, like, the spreadsheet that shows you. This is what you need to do. This is your plan, right? So all it is, it's like Monday and nine blinks Tuesday, nine blinks, and you do this for the entire week and you drop in the types of content that you want to create, right? So this is why saying no your stance. Know what type of experience you want to put out into your industry and then ultimately, come on back here and then say, Hey, guys, it's a quick tip. It's a block post. It's 1/3 party share. It's a statistic. It's a video. It's an inspirational quote, and then you come in to do the work using Hoot Suite from Show here in a second and a scheduled out. Knock it out. Everything done. 15 minutes. Boom done. Otherwise you're going to sit there and stare at a computer screen. But like right, so don't do that. Issues the Schedule K. Now here's the ninja tip for you guys. Using hoot suite. For those who are like because I hear people in the audience like online is where you're like, When do I tweet? I get it right. We can get into that like an advanced type of thing to knowing exactly when to tweet. But if you don't know when to tweet, then just follow along here. Go use hoot suite they have on auto schedule feature. Okay. Their algorithm knows the best times wind to ship your content. You don't have to think about it. Let them do the work. Let the smart people who are programmers be like This is when you need to tweet if you're just getting started. So you have no excuses to not tweet nine times a day and say, Oh, well, I don't know when to post. That's your story, not mine. Do the work. Okay, so you come in here, go Teoh settings, boom settings, auto schedule. And once you get to auto schedule, the pop up comes up. You want to do Sunday through Saturday nine times a day? Set your time between eight. Am and seven pm for your area, right. So mind the central times, you're on East Coast said it for East Coast and then save. And you come in here. You're right. Your tweet hit auto schedule boom. It drops it. It may drop it at 2:10 p.m. It may drop it. 11 a.m. It may drop it p.m. But once it stacks nine tweets deep for that day, the next tweet you drop will stop for the next day, Stack nine and then move the next day and you can auto schedule for the entire week cape. So I need to blow through this idea of promotion. So here's what I'm talking about on promotion. Play the follow game. Lots of people wants to publish the content, and they want to sit there and then wait for the people to come to them. Okay, I'm all about being like super proactive. Remember why I talked about the beginning of the segment? Know who the top five thought leaders, authors, speakers, podcasters and associations are in your industry? And then who's ever following these people? Let's go and set a timer for 15 minutes a day and go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and go follow these people who have a bio a cover photo in a personal profile picture. So if you're target market is women, don't go follow men. Pretty simple. If your target market's men don't go follow women. So I'm not telling you. Go out and be a spammer. I'm telling you to go out and connect with quality people within your target market. Now, by doing so right there. Like, who is this person that followed me? They're going to go to your profile. If you take in my advice toe, have the authentic profile picture you're showing up with power, they can feel your energy coming through the photo and your they're gonna connect with you. They're gonna look at your bio and be like, Oh, this person does this. I'm that type of person and she helps them with this. She can help me. They click on the link, they go to the list If you're in your site. If your site has an often offer, that's congrats with what you said, right, They often. Now here's the other cool thing about this. Lots of people when they start following the send your tweets that says thanks for following me right and then making a mistake and responding back. You're welcome, right? You like, end the conversation. They'll remember. It's all about relationships. If you walked into a networking event, you wouldn't be like Hey, glad to meet you. Like Good to meet you too. Crickets. You don't do that right? You had you would ask a question. You'd be like. So you married you kids. What do you guys do for fun? Hey, you're a marketer. How do you keep up with everything? Hey, you're a consultant. How long have you been in the game? Like asked these types of questions that are congruent with your off line conversational skill set. If you can do that, guess what happens? Your organic reach and your organic oppressions goes through the roof because you're creating. You're creating connections. Everybody's starting to see that. Your followers, this thing, you're communicating their followers starting. See, you're communicating like get mawr brand exposure. And if you get strategic, you can take them to that next step. The email, the Facebook communication, the 15 minute phone call, start closing business, setting up coffee. You guys see how this is powerful, right? Super cool stuff. So let's just recap here. You have an authentic profile image. You have the rocking bio. You have to create the cover photo pixels by 1000 pixels, tweeting nine times a day, using the bonus that I'm giving you guys just to this plug in. Do the work, right have the content calendar, which is what I'm giving you. Guys use offline conversational skill sets to connect and engage your people and then play the follow game. And they can understand that consistency each Trump's perfection, like you guys are going to wait till you get all perfect. I gotta wait time No, I write the right headline like Stop, I just get in the game Just go and allow yourself to level up is you go in the process Cool. So, Lily, I want to come to asking questions from the studio audience I mean, from the from the online audience. But before we do that, it was like a slight delay. We're gonna come back to here and do any of you guys have any questions? Yes, regarding tweeting nine times in Hoot Suite. I've been actually telling it when to tweet like 9 12 So is it better to just let it like you said, I have never used that auto auto scheduler like that. So here's the dealio. Great question. By the way, you don't know what your best times to tweet are. Your you're assuming so I would say Go use social bro dot com to pull the data toe, let you know when your best times to tweet are. And once you know that if you already have the audience, then you can start tweaking to fit that audience. Like my peak time is between 10 a.m. and, um, and 1 p.m. Central time. So if there's something I want to get to my audience, that's when I drop it. But if I told you to do the exact same thing, I may be doing you a disservice, because your audience is not my audience, right? So if you already have the audience, you social bro. If you don't have the audience and disco without a schedule, awesome. Thank you. So I know I've noticed on Twitter like I'll get invited or to subscribe toe lists. And how do you use that to your advantage? Because I don't know what to do with them often Let's check out list real fast, so the Twitter feed is like like it's like crazy. Like when you start building a large following, you can't keep up right, so people add you to list, ultimately be able to curate their experience. So if they're adding you to, let's say they add me to social media, marketing experts list all the time, so they're paying attention to my content Now. The way that you could use this to your advantage is you uses a prospecting tool so you can go through and be like, What? Listen, I added to. And if your affiliate people maybe like if they're like your analyst, let's say if Social Media Marketing there's referral partners potentially in there, then maybe you want to go see the fight. See list. You can see everybody who's a member, and then you could go through there or again connecting with your target market. If you sell to people who are marketing pros, Miss Sue right, you can go in there and start following these people to bring them into your world to make you aware that's how you could use lists for your own personal consumption, but also as a prospecting tools? Well, yes, ma'am. So with the list thing, couldn't you also use it in the opposite direction? Because you will find out what people see you as by where they put you, Because I noticed I get put into a lot of lists because of my Twitter feed. And it's interesting to find out where people think that I fall and so you can gauge if you own brand by how where they put you in the list. True, it's a good feedback tool to see how, like if you're being added to the right list, if it's on point for what you want to create, another thing that would help you, you know, instead of waiting for them to add you to the list. This figure in my own point on not off point back to Social bro use Social Bro. It'll do an analysis of your accounts crew all the way to the bottom of the analysis of your insights, your community insights, and it will give you like a bio. I mean a tag cloud based upon what you're tweeting out a lot so you can see if you're on pointer off point with your message. Great question. Any other questions? Were we gonna have any here? Life from online? People have been really excited about. Sure. Segment A J So the first question is, what about businesses with different verticals? Wedding photography, portrait photography? Should we have multiple tweet accounts? Twitter accounts for each one. Great question. So no, I mean, it's photography. You are in the vertical. You are in the vertical. Help photography eat right? So if you're doing wedding for doing portrait Great question, by the way, just go all in on creating epic photos for people, voters or this thing that actually capture a moment of time capturing experience. So for you, you want to own I create magical moments. Now, you do this in various ways to do this, Be a portrait. You do the senior pictures, you do this wedding photos, right. So now you want to get strategic and using hashtag you have time to get in today. But we could use something else, like right tag dot com toe. Actually find out what are good hashtags for you to use And if you're tweeting about stuff for weddings and that's what your content scheduled for that day or for the week is then used the appropriate keywords in the hashtags within that. But you don't need like 50,000 Twitter accounts. Just go with one and allow Hey, this is what I stand for in the area photography. And these were the modalities in which I can serve. So I hope that helps a great question. Smurfy also had a question. And that is, if you are just setting up Twitter, if we do what you say and start following, tons of people will look bad if we're following tons of people and nobody was following us yet Ah, great question. So here's the deal on that, right? So it doesn't look bad, right? And I have this conversation with on a podcast we had like, Oh, well, if you're following this like 20 if you've had fallen 21,000 people and you have 24,000 followers, then you're not an influencer. Are you kidding me? You can see me that way, but I'm building my list every day and I'm still like cells. Conversations like it doesn't matter would be like me walking in and people like, Oh, dude, you're You're following 22,000 people. You're not serious? No, They're gonna, like come in with the connection of meat. So back to answer your question because this is still relevant Here is Yes. Like, if you're like people aren't following you back like you're just following and following following People aren't following you back. There's a couple reasons like maybe your content isn't very good. Maybe you're connecting with the wrong types of people, right? So you could go use a tool like managed flitter dot com to then unfollowed all of these people who aren't following you back. And then you need to start asking yourself questions, which is like, Well, why are these people not find my connecting with the wrong people? My connecting with the wrong accounts Start shifting to see if you can finally start ramping things up. Because if you're on target, though, it will grow really quickly. Question. And also is there a sweet spot for hashtag usage? I did a great blawg post on this about hashtags, which is used no more than two after two hashtags. The engagement actually proven to go down, right? So use one or two hashtags do not use more than two. So those are our questions online. But I wanted to point out to everybody that a j you did your video right here. And now it's on our tag waken See right there how to create a Twitter video with the help of creativelive. So it all works the sister here, So I wanted to just do a little call to action 80. That was great. Thanks so much So for anyone that seeing this tweet, it would be great for a J if you follow him and Retweet and tell him what you learned Because this is all this is all in the spirit of growing your audience and giving value And he clearly gave a lot of value here today. So for those of you that are watching go give him some love on Twitter because that's what we do here, right? So follow a J. You can retweet this to your followers for extra bonus points from Scooby and obviously check out the hashtag and connect with other people within that hashtag. That's what I want to ask you. So you talked about buffer and I have a If you don't mind saying more because I think this will be relevant to help me go through some other tools that we use. So this is all your contacts. So this is all a J. You guys take a screenshot. Definitely check out a J here. So here's some other tools that we use. And I wanted to just come from eso we used. I used tweet back. And when Rebecca when anyone's on a Twitter chat. Or if I'm interviewed on a Twitter chat, which I often bam and OMG talking about time going by quickly that our flies by so fast you have to answer every you know a with a kid like every question with an answer, and you have to keep up with it in time. So I have tweet deck open and I have all of my columns open. The APP mentioned the hashtag, and that's pretty much when I'm following during a Twitter chat. And so it's like a lots going on at once, but it's really great to have that open. It's free, and I like I like doing twitter in the mobile app. I work really well in the mobile app, so I'm not on hoot suite. I'm not on tweet debt throughout the day because my days all on mobile So that works well for me when I'm on a Twitter chat or if I need to follow Ah, hashtag like on Sundays go past Sunday when I need to follow that hashtag get social in which I will definitely log on tonight and see all the engagement there. So that's what we use. A. J also sprouts so show we love Sproat show social for for scheduling our tweets. So that's what we do. And just to let all you know we schedule probably about, I would say, 12 to 15 a day. Rachel does that. She schedules are tweets based on the content that we've published to drive traffic back to our email. But I am literally the one engaging on Twitter all day. I don't have a team doing that. I don't outsource that because I really it's all back to building those relationships that you talked about. I'm really all about building those relationships, and I've been connecting with some of you online throat today. That's really me tweeting back at you. And so I think that's so important for people to understand that there are other tools we pay for sprout social. That's a paid tool and fast. Like you talked about how you're the one engaging. Yes, the majority of influences. Guys are the ones engaging like you would be surprised. Like that's why I say, you know, without barriers like you guys have access to influencers by connecting with them, not promoting your stuff like a great conversation. Exactly. And so you mentioned Buffer. So I wanted to put that up there, and then Bentley was the last tool that we use, and I've talked about it frequently throughout the day, which is that link short? Inner. It's free. Here's what you need to know on Instagram on your Facebook page on Twitter, you can have that Bentley. I think we create custom links for each page, so we know exactly where we're traffics being driven to to our website every time somebody ops in. So we know, for example, that Instagram gets us close to 201 100 to 200 new often a week, which is crazy, awesome. So that's like my preferred platform form, obviously, but we do get often from everywhere, so that's why I want to bring that back to your attention. So what you learned today about Twitter and a J kind of rounded up some of this, but I wanted to talk cause we crossed over a little bit, which is great. So some basics from me and lots of basics from a J. Whether or not it's right for your business, I absolutely hands down when you guys think of me think of Oh, she says, I love Twitter. I love Twitter because I love. I love waking up to conversations that I could be a part of very, very quickly. So I'm all in on Twitter, and once you master it, it is an amazing platform. And again there's a learning curve. I'm gonna be honest, and I don't know how long your learning curve was on it, but I I think of all the platforms that one just took me the longest learning everybody all right, And you never end on the learning, right? You always There's always more to learn, and I learned something So and then, like a day said, he had his proven marketing plan and that bonus that you talked about you want talk about it a little bit sore. Yes, it's literally the the plant. Like the spreadsheet, the day to day operations. So you're not spending hours a day on Twitter? I told you guys that you take you 15 minutes to schedule all your content. The only way that you do that is if you think through the theory, it's the content that you want to create. So you just show up and do the work right? Otherwise, it takes, like, three times, amount of time. Because you're like, trying to think what through? You got to do it. Just like take out all the guesswork, create system, which that's what the plan is that gives you the system, and they just get up and do the work. So awesome. Well, thank you. That was awesome. Great way to end a one from this expert. Let's give it up for a J. Okay. Recap. Day one. You guys a one. There's a lot on a recap here. Okay, So we talked about the online business cycle. Are you guys still glad that you printed that out? You have that in your hands. Lots of notes on that. Can you just hold it up for a second. I want to see the No. I just want the reinforcement that my students in the audience are actually doing their work. Yea, Awesome. Wasn't this great? This brilliant. Okay, so that is, like, such a big part of what we covered today. How to find which platform actually fits your plan. And I really want to emphasize I know that, you know, you heard from Sonny. Heard from Rachel. You heard from Rebecca and Nathan and a. J. And everyone has their expertise in the platform they like to be on. I don't want you to feel like you need to do all of them. I want you to do the ones that are best for your business, where your target audience is and how toe create content that actually gets that engagement in a tractor target market. I'm sure you all have a lot more clarity around that after listening in for the day and then Facebook and Twitter as your promotional platforms. And I do think that both of these are very, very important for every business owner. So that was the recap. Now what? Wait. There's homework for all of you. I am a teacher. I'm giving you Homearts. I'm not grating you, but I'm gonna give you homework. So I want you all to evaluate your Facebook and your Twitter accounts. How active are you on these accounts? Like how you are you posting once a day once every other day. I think these will be great things to talk about tomorrow. I just want to hear from all of you guys. But definitely do your homework and really assess what you're doing, what you think you're doing, right? And what you think you need to work on. Are there any questions from the live audience? Your focus is in the travel space, right? You want to just let elaborate with Yes, I own my own travel business. I helped plan vacations for busy families. And so one big take away from today obviously is content, you know, What value are you bringing to the people who follow you on the social platforms? And can you just talk a little bit about whether that should be different from what you're delivering via email? Great question. So often I will in bed an image in my email, sometimes a video but usually an image that has to do with the story that's in the email. Remember, I talked about the email the way what's worked really well for us, as we find, too, in our business constantly tweak things is telling a story in the email based on what we know our followers would appreciate and like, so that the one that I referred to recently was that I was coming here to creativelive. And, you know, the last line was Now I gotta go put my makeup on. Let me make you laugh when you read the last sentence and let me make you feel like you're actually with me in the green room, getting on my makeup or some version of that. So in the email, I do reinforce some of my imagery of my brand that you might have seen in an instagram post. And by the way, everyone listening this might. This I'm just gonna share. I'm gonna end on a really great to be ninja tip is that you can't drag and drop an image from instagram dot com to your desktop. But if you go to icon a square dot com, you can drag and drop any image. So I'm telling you this, because often an image that I want to share is in Instagram. In order for me to get it embedded in the email, I have to find the image, and I want to drag it to the bus stop and put it in the email or email it to Rachel so Morgan can put it in the mail. I want to find the perfect image. So I'm telling you this because that is where you can drag and drop an image that you might have shared on instagram and often what you'll see in my email, cause this is my preferred platform. Yours might be periscope or some other version where I would drag that image in. So you feel like it's all cohesive. Does that make sense? I know that was a long answer, with a little tip in there, but that was good. Know that helps that the emails more about the stories and really thinking about how how you're connecting with your email list. In fact, on, then that your social media platforms is really more about tips tricks, how to establishing you as the expert right? You kind of link them to create a cohesive visual experience. Exactly. And I've been on a couple of your scopes and you're really good on scope. And I think that some of that that energy in that language that you're sharing and the storytelling that you do there is perfect for une male like you've got it. Just don't Don't overthink it. You know what's going on in your scope, and you can share it there. Thanks. You're welcome.

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