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Facebook Strategies with Nathan Latka

Lesson 11 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Facebook Strategies with Nathan Latka

Lesson 11 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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11. Facebook Strategies with Nathan Latka


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Lesson Info

Facebook Strategies with Nathan Latka

so I'm super excited because you know what? The real brilliant mind in the Facebook space, as far as I'm concerned, is my buddy Nathan Leca. You're not coming up right yet because I am going to first talk about a little bit of a story about Nathan. All right, this is Nathan's third time on stage with me, and my creative life course just wouldn't be complete without having Nathan on stage with me. But I really want to take you back in time. So Nathan just turned 26. I know Nathan since he was 19 in his dorm room, and we have built this relationship over the past six years. But we really didn't meet in person until about a year and 1/2 ago, and it's hard to believe because we're together a lot and we collaborate a lot, and I want to bring that point back collaboration with those who lift you higher. Nathan lists us higher us being the SPC team. He's the most brilliant entrepreneur I know. He just launched this podcast. I don't even know what month, how long ago, but it's ranked number on...

e. He could give you all the stats on that. And I had a wonderful interview on his podcast. Make sure you download his podcast. It's called the top. And I'm sure he knows exactly what episode I am. I don't remember 24. Okay? Yes, he does. But it also, you know, you see pictures here with the SPC team because we visit Nathan in Virginia. He has been a keynote at my life event. We also have been on a blab a thon together. If Nathan asked me to do anything pretty much of anything, the answer is yes. And I know it's reciprocal on his end. So it brings me so much joy to have Nathan back on the stage with me again. Creativelive you great. There's energy in the room and fantastic smiling faces. Everyone's glowing. You guys were going online. I want to go toe Laurel Sue before we jump into content. Because Laura and I actually met last year on your creative life. I remember. That's why she's back. And and it was amazing. Laura, what do you think about last year and what do you most looking forward to learning this year? Well, you know, I was just thinking about this because last year and it came to Suze Instagram class, I think I had 300 followers on Instagram and I have 4200 now. Oh, wait. I got energized for that. And you know, is a solo entrepreneur. I only know what I know. I'm one person, and I only know what I know. And coming here, I get so many ideas and so inspired, I feel like I'm going home with a giant to do list. And you both inspire me so much. I'm so excited to be here. Well, illuminating soldiers doing great. You're crushing. And imagine a lot of guys watching online. You're in the same exact boat is Laurel. You may be a solo launched from our home. You're strapped on resource. And you're just wondering, what do we actually put my to do list to jump in and get started? So you're in the right spot. We're gonna have a lot of fun. Sue, Thank you for bringing me Facebook. We'll go back and forth. It will be good. Yes. Guys, we're gonna have fun today. A lot of you guys again. I was in your shoes of just recently years ago. And, you know, I was studying architecture at Virginia Tech. Okay. And any artist in the room? Yes. No, Maybe Lily is. All right. Let's move forward. First things first, Carry. I have a, like, a tough job. Have all these beautiful women before me. Today we have Sunny Rebecca, two of you guys. We got Jeremy holding it down in the audience. Give Jeremy Renner applause, and I feel comfortable. Jeremy were like brothers were gonna be good today. I want to talk about mastering Facebook for small business and why this is so important. You know, if you're watching online right now, you're wondering there's so many things to do. I hear about power editors and content. And do I spend money? Or do I do things for free? Or do I just convince other people to market for me? Or do I read an e book tomorrow? What about a webinar? Someone that I love? Webinars crap. What about the graphics for Pinterest? You're like, Whoa, right. You're all over the place. The most important thing about understanding what to master is you got to focus on how your customers learn from you best. So here's the one tries to write down those online and those in studio. A lot of stuff will not be relevant in my slide deck, but there will be some gold nuggets you actually don't want to miss. So maximize your creative life screen. If you're on your browser, get out of your email. Those of you in studio Here's what I want you to know. You'll know if your customers learn best via auditory, keen, aesthetic or visual. Those are the three learning styles. The reason Social media is so powerful is because each network caters to one of the learning styles. They might go. Nathan, you're crazy. You're making this up. Let me break it down for you. Long talk radio. What is it? Auditory kinesthetic. Yell it. Okay. What is Pinterest? Okay, What is Twitter for a question? Kinesthetic Both right. Penis, Haddock, auditory visual, right. Podcasting, right? Oh, yeah. All you have to dio to shorten your to do list is understand. How does your audience learn and only go on those channels? That's it. Really, really simple. You have to say no to things, though. Otherwise you're overwhelmed, right? Laurel? On our to do list. Go like five pages long and you're buying somebody those black moleskin notebooks you want to do with yourself. You keep them in business, you all laugh with, you know I'm talking about right? You guys are guilty online to You're not out of this. We all do that right? So let's break into what you should be mastering on Facebook. First things first. I am Nathan. It's really good being here with you guys. You know, soon I have known each other for a long time. You see there on the right of your screen 24 hours before that picture. And I'm on stage with former President George Bush in this picture. Speaking of 1500 venture capitalists at Judging University in Chicago articulating why think small businesses are so important? Not just for the U. S economy, but for the world economy. Jeremy and businesses like yours and Laurel and Kerry, right, that really grow the economy. So I'm on stage with these former presidents. Okay. I then traveled the globe speaking in art galleries around the world about how to use social media to really grow your business. I then last year is on course with with Sue and I had our my own creative life course called Facebook Marketing for small businesses. It did so well. We had people from all of the world listening, and it was really, really amazing. And then I'm speaking all over the world key noting now that was at the Ascend Conference where we just had a lot of fun email marketing strategies. So we did all kinds of investigative reports. We didn't want the Wall Street Journal that you guys would love Anyone raising your math person in here. Okay, good. I was not expecting that. That's good numbers data, right? P and L's balance sheets. We get excited about that stuff, right? Laurels like Get out of here. Okay. Wall Street Journal. We did a really in depth report after Facebook's Q one earnings call last year about the effective ad price increases and what that meant for small business. So we've worked a lot of these outlets published really great content to you guys are welcome to check out. So let's move right into the contents. Now we're gonna learn today. This is when you decide. Do you minimise your browser window and jump into Gmail? Do pop up in Skype. You go look at your phone or do you stay attentive? Here's what we're gonna learn first, why your business needs to be on Facebook. 2nd 3 ways to grow your page and how you can implement those things today. And lastly, how to double your email list using Facebook? Give me a big old Hecky s in the audience right now. You're ready for this. 123 Yeah. All right, let's do this first things first. Why? Your business is to be on Facebook by giving people a the power to share. You truly are making the world more transparent that we're seeing this in business. We're seeing this in social causes in general. It's a great thing for society. So the reason I bring that up is because most people actually underestimate the power Facebook and how large it is. I'm gonna be quiet now and let you guys just read these statistics as I put them up on the screen. 40 million plus active small businesses on Facebook. You get excited about that. There's a lot there, but it's also not a lot considering there's, you know, over 100 million across the globe. So it's still early. You're still out of the curve. We still have an unfair advantage in front row. We all like unfair advantages, right? Yes, that sounds really good. OK, so these are the stats. This is what you take your boss. If your boss is going, we don't want to be on Facebook or this is how you're prioritizing your list. If you know your audience learns via Facebook this how you're gonna validate your time. So let's jump into some tactics first. These seem very simple. And if you're just glancing over this watching online, you're gonna go. This is really, really basic. Well, what you don't realize is this is actually the most sophisticated. You can dio the thing you could do to optimize your Facebook page. And I'll tell you why it has to with a product that doesn't even exist yet. Facebook is moving into search. They're moving into virtual reality. And they're they're using something called metadata, which I won't trip into metadata, though at a high level. It's basically how you describe your business. What do you do? And when you set your page up at facebook dot com, Ford slash pages forward slash create if you don't select the right category when consumers five years from now are doing searches for the best coffee shop in San Francisco that my friends have been too. But you didn't list your coffee shop as a location. You're gonna miss out on all that organic foot traffic. So you want to make sure you want or, you know, conferences. My friends have been to that public figure X has spoken at right. Any of these combinations there are gonna be searchable in the future. You need to make sure you have your page crafted, okay? And sort of the right way. If you if you're watching on my knee. Joining Page created yet again right down that link. Facebook dot com ford slash pages forward slash create. That's how you can get it started. Okay, let's move forward. This is where you're going to select the right category. There's six different, larger, brand larger kind of buckets you can pick from, and then individual elements under each one of those. And this is an example of what I was talking about via search live audience and those of you online. I'll give you a chance to take a look at that search. You see there in Facebook, that's a hot night. You're out with your friends. You want to go to a movie theater, But you want, Make sure you go somewhere. That is going to be great. Well, if you have friends that you know on Facebook have already been there. That's a great indicator. Someone argue That's the strongest indicator. Carry on on if the place is good or not, Right Yelp tries to do. You do this with five stars. ITunes doesn't with 54 stars. Whatever. Amazon doesn't with some star system. But this is your friends. This is, like, better than stars, right? This, like, big league here. Okay, So movie theaters in San Francisco, you wanna make sure your categorised correctly. Next, you want to make sure you set up your URL easily so you can do things like this. Hey, guys, I'm Nathan. I'm so gonna be our creative live. If you want to follow me on Facebook, you do so at facebook dot com ford slash Nathan W. Laska versus You can follow me at Nathan lack of facebook dot com Ford slash Question mark 1357 Hashtag dash 765 doesn't work. Doesn't work. You wanna make sure you get your URL set up? I want each of you are all set up. All that does is it makes it easier for you to market if you're on a phone call with potential customer and they go well, have you worked with people? And you can say, Yeah, well, look at the events on my Facebook page, facebook dot com forward slash carries business or illuminating souls or whatever your business is. Okay, The way that you create that you are, Ellas, you go up in the setting section on your fan page in the upper right and you'll see apart. This is managed page and your customer, or I will be right in there. All right, let's move forward. Three ways to grow your page that you can implement today. And I say page, I mean Facebook page Now real quick in the audience. On the count of three, I want you guys to just yell out how many likes you each have on your Facebook. Page three ready? One to three. Okay, so an average of about 747. Good. Like that. Fast. Right. So you guys, that's great. It sounds like they're big numbers in there. That's wonderful news here is that we can grow those pages. A lot of people and this is we're going to start basic. They were gonna get deeper, that cool basic than deeper. A lot of people don't ask for the like it is. Sometimes it is as simple as just simply saying, go here to like my page. My mom just launched her Facebook page the other day, which was great. I loved my mom so inspiring, you know? You know, I don't know if anybody probably know my mom, but she really is great. She came on my podcast and just let me a new one. Because usually I am like, destroying people on my show. You know, I asked him how much money you make last month, and if they don't answer like tile opens an episode 45 in an answer and carry, I win form so hard will make your head spin. My mom gets on and she just hits me so hard. I mean, it's like the only time I've been on the defensive on my show. But it's great, right? Crates, balance. And now she has, like, this whole fan club with people that love her because she can keep me in my place. But that's what moms are. Four. Right? So next you want to make sure again, ask for the like, develop a content strategy. Okay, We just do some very simple things again. You can put that, like at the bottom of your website, the Facebook. But this is very simple and easy to dio. You can also again put it upon, like in your twitter by or things like that. Here's one thing I will say though a lot of people like you said that the list, all these different channels across whatever all their outlets, like a YouTube video, the description has, like all their things, it actually works much better. If you focus your funnel all down the one spot, which is kind of anti with, a lot of people are learning that you need to be everywhere. I would just challenge you to go back to the beginning of this episode, so if you're just tuning in now, you want to buy the course and rewind. We talk about how you should figure out exactly what platform you should focus on, how you can say no to everyone else that will help you figure out again where to put those links. Okay. And lastly, there's a lot of different ways you can ask for the like. This is one that most people miss. So what you see here is in your personal Facebook profile. If you edit your about section, you can actually hyperlink to your business. Most people don't do this, but guess what? Most your friends on your Facebook page, right, guys, online. You can look it. Look at it. Right now, your friends are going to the first people like your fan page. So in the about section of your personal Facebook profile, you want to make sure you get in there and link it directly to your business. Page, Who are you with? Me? I linked into my website, not my Facebook page. So I'm interested in hearing your reasoning for why to make it your Facebook page versus your website. Er, somewhere else, you have two great question. It's actually super simple and subconscious. The Hexi decimal codes on Facebook like the blue Hexi decimal code. All that mean that the code for the colors of Facebook the light blues it be like Sue me saying, Hey, um, I really want you to to sing for somebody I'm gonna say, Here's your shower and you can sing in your shower. Or here's an opera house that you're unfamiliar with. Come to the opera house and saying, Which are you more comfortable singing in the shower? The shower for sure. Right? Guilty, Mona Lisa. Guilty to guilty. I've seen the Snapchats guilty. You want to keep people where they're comfortable. So if they're already inside of Facebook, you want to keep them inside of your Facebook experience, which is your fan page. If you take them out of Facebook to your website, right, it's like you going from your shower to the opera house. It's a different setting, and they're going to get comfortable again. They're going to understand the navigation. They're gonna have to understand what you want them to dio So makes a lot of sense to just let people sing in the shower. Makes them okay. Sold. Got it. Good. OK, we have a lot of shower singers out there. I know it. Okay, let's move forward. Let's move forward. Some things that I do that I don't know what other people don't do this, but it works great. We all send so many email personal emails every day. One of the growth hacks that I really, really like is you can edit this signature like when you send it from your mobile device or you go to your settings in Gmail and you can actually set a little tagline down there. So, like, if we get mentioned in ink, which we did recently, Episode helped us get ranked number one in ink for the top new business podcast. Carry. This was great. It was amazing. We just linked to it in the setting. So every personal email I sent was essentially an advertisement. Anyone in here don't admit it if you do but raise your hand If you've used Hotmail. Yes, I don't admit it. If you do, what's a case we have Angie's brave have used? You guys use Hotmail online before? You know, one of the things that made Hotmail grow was at the bottom, it said, sent with Hotmail in the PS. It was literally a PS. We had Tim Draper on the podcast. He was the one that invested in Hotmail and actually gave them that marketing idea sent with IPhone right that Steve Jobs credited, sent with IPhone for the growth of IPhone. I mean, unbelievable. So use that little line. A little PS down there to make sure you're getting all the extra traffic you can get. Join it. Is that one tip. It's simple. It's easy to use your microphone just yes or no. You don't have a microphone, but thumbs up. Good. All right. It works. It's really great. Next. These are some things you guys can just screenshot your street if you're watching online right now, or feel free to use your camera's If you're in the live audience, these are actually text or status update text that we have used on our Facebook page. Hey, Oh, that worked really, really well. My aunt sweetest figure would give you some immediate tactics you can use to drop in your post plane are posting stream or anything like that. This time we're almost a 500. Fans were celebrating with a giveaway click, like for your chance to be selected as our featured fan for the week. That works no matter how many fans you have. Right? And all you do is at the end of the week, you're going and look, you can click and it'll show you. People like to pick somebody announced as the winner, and then you make their face your fan page profile image for a week. It doesn't cost you anything, but it builds a people's egos, which is a great currency to use because it takes nothing on your bank account with me. All right. We like currency. That doesn't take from our bank account, right? Yeah. All right. Next one click. Like the love Fridays. Right? We'll pick a winner at 2 p.m. Eastern. Okay. Wow. 5 p.m. Today and you'll get two free movie tickets to your local theater. Enjoy over the weekend. The reason that what I want to point out about this particular update is a lot of people in the give away these updates. You guys have probably seen this before, right? People will give away an IPhone or an IPad or your hand on Amazon gift card, right? These things will get a lot of entries. So you know this. They get so many entries, but they're not quality entries. So I someone doing one of these giveaways, you know, all I think I just think, Wow, what they pay mail, chimp or a web on a monthly basis is just gonna go up with a bunch of crappy leads, right? Cause you know, they build based on how big your list is, but it's a crappy list, right? So you want to make sure you're building in something that emotionally aligns with your audience. So if you're a local shop or someone watching online your local brick and mortar location Okay, this is a great thing to do. Do something Local movie tickets to a local theater, things like that. Out of curiosity and those of you online, tell me real quick in the chat, which is below and to the right of me on your screen. I want to know if you're a physical location, OK? Or you're an online business and I'm gonna go Lily in a second and look is just gonna say, Oh, Nathan, the majority are brick and mortar. Maybe we'll pick on one or two of you at the end of the show. Lily, you have that. Matthew could do that. Calculation your head really fast, right? Yes, she can. All right, we're good. Let's go forward. We'll figure it out. Develop a content strategy is number two after you've asked for the like, and we'll win my content strategy. This actually also has to do with how your audience learns, right? You know, auditory visual or kinesthetic. Okay, You want only create content that caters to that community. And here's what I mean. It's a combination of text updates, visual content and links, and you want to get it into a pattern. This is the key. The reason small businesses usually fail at this is because they get really inspired. After seeing sue on stage or learning. They go home and they do it for like, three or four days. Mastery comes when you do the same thing over and over for longer than anybody else. So you have. You're not gonna do it unless you build it into a daily habit. That doesn't take you a lot of time to execute true or false, because we have lives, right? Rachel, if you have kids and you in the audience. Okay? We have kids. Okay? Lives and kids. So you need to build a system and then have this system just work. That's why Post Planner is doing so well. This is the system that we use its combination of videos. Okay, Links. Okay. And any time you see a play button, that's either audio. So a snippet from a podcast or a snippet from a course or snippet from a keynote that I've given. Okay. So again, we're also in this content strategy. You'll see across the bottom of the deck the little dashed teal lines where there's a contest on Monday and then it little says, What does it say? Carry on the end there on the last day and under the under the last box winner. Right Winner. OK, so you want to make sure and we'll break down. How you sure, in a contest to make to double your email list in a second, So continue to watch. But this tell you develop a content strategy. I'm gonna now go to the next slide. It's a good one. It's Nina, right? I'm telling you, this is a good one. When the best lied you've ever seen. What's your name? Terry. It's a really good one. Are you ready? You guys, like, on the edge of your seat? Get to come to the edge of your seat. Come on, get up front. There. We got Nina's ready. These are all the tools that we use to automate these processes. So this is a great one toe. Take a picture of it's a great one to screenshot. It's a great one to tweet out. We're talking on Twitter at soup begets social. You can talk to us there, but we use a combination of Post Planner. OK, if this then that which basically says it by post to instagram that also posted to Twitter. It's very easy. Use Hoot Suite, Buffer, sprout social and Edgar. Okay, I'll break down. Why? You know, some of you might be going well, I thought Post put on Edgar, do the same thing. Postpone. It is a lot that Edgar doesn't adhere. Does some things that actually only one thing that post player doesn't do. And here's what. Here's what it does. Edgar will allow me to basically set up buckets, literally. Think of it like tin buckets on your front porch, and any time I have an idea for content, I just dropped them in buckets. What a hoot suite does or most platforms do is they just go through the bucket and the bucket is empty. There's no water in the bucket. What Edgar does is it puts the content back in the bucket and keep cycling it through. So I literally could be gone for two months and it keeps going. Does that make sense? That's what I mean by setting up daily habits that work no matter where you are. Otherwise you'll fail. It won't work because we're busy. We have lives of kids K. So use these different tools. I say this a lot. I mean, people get addicted to tools. But I will tell you really sound strategy begins okay with having the right tools, whether that's people on your team, like using the tools right or the tools that you put together to make sure your systems working to talk about systems work like you've seen my notebooks are these things give a microphone to you already, Mike. Great systems like I live by these right you Are you dio what's the system you're most proud of in your business with more gonna Rachel that we get on Skype calls on a regular basis to check in with each other. What is it like a Monday Wednesday Friday? Call 2 to 3 or what it's typically on Friday and again on Monday, but during launch, its every day. But but just really checking in and making sure that we're all reaching our goals and the contents being created and everyone knows what to do next. And you know you have to be community. The point is you have to be communicating with your team to have absolutely one of the things guys that I lived. When I tell my team, Mo mentum is always king rights. By creating systems, you create mo mentum, and over time, when that snowball gets big enough, it doesn't matter who stands in front of it. What is going on the hill? They're gonna get smushed and you're gonna win, and we'll like winning. We like winning a lot, right? Okay, everybody wants to win carries like this guy's like crazy. Why is he so competitive? I'm really competitive, but that's another story. Okay, let's move forward. Optimized for the news feed those that hate math. We're gonna hate this. Next slide. 321 Here it is. Aliens have not over taken earth. I will break this down. What? This means it's this The summation notation. Okay, of affinity. Times wait. Times, time decay. This is at a high level. Do any of a beautiful smile, By the way, I'm just I'm feeding from it on stage. I love it. I mean, is now smart. Everyone's smiling. Us is good. This is what Facebook uses to decide. Okay, Even Jeremy smiling. This is great. This is what Facebook uses to decide what to show at the top. Your news feed. So as a business, if you know the system you can optimize for the system. This is Facebook system. So what we're gonna know what I'm gonna do is gonna break down how you can optimize for this as you're creating your own content before we do that. Lily, I just want to go over to really fast. Are we seeing any questions? Come in that you think I should address right now? Way responses to your online versus brick and mortar question. Okay, give me. What do you think? People are online, but there are a few that are brick and mortar and there a few that are both. And Lily. What questions are we seeing here is not a question. Can you speak to Facebook algorithms? I have almost 300 fans, and I'm hearing that people are no longer seeing my posts. And it is evident because likes and comments have gone down in the last year. Do I now have to pay for ads for my followers to see my posts? Well, guys have to tell you, this is dangerous territory, cause when you start talking Facebook outwardly, you're talking my language. This is what I love, and the answer is yes, right in any marketplace, when there's more people competing, there's less winners because only a few people can win. There's more people on Facebook. There's less winners. Now you can pay your way to the top, or you can figure out ways to get unfair advantages. Toe win. So what will dook? I will continue breakdown over the next probably 10 to slides ways we get an unfair advantage so that you can rise above the noise and so that your 3000 fans will actually see your updates and your content. And Lily, that starts with this algorithm. OK, I'll break down exactly how this works and we'll go back to Italy for some more questions. We've got affinity, weight and time decay. Here's what those things mean. Okay, first things first, all that w very variable means is popularity. And you can literally calculate the W score on any Facebook post by simply adding up the number of likes comments and shares. That's I mean, at a high level. That's what ISS likes. Comments and shares. That's weight. The next thing K is relevancy or affinity. Anyone have a guess what, if any means forever, Forever online and on and on. Good. Pass it over to Angie. Angie. What? Your guest. Carrie, get ready. Oh, how well it matches to what they're interested in. How well it matches what they're interested in. Okay, carry with your guests. Affinity. It's very similar to what you said. How relevant is it to your people that are your friends or followers? Great. Yet that's exactly right, guys. So it basically have the people that are potentially going to see your status update how they liked your page before. Have they have they engaged with it? Okay, that's what, if any, means. And lastly, time to case simply means how recent was the post, right? Is it relevant to current events? So you want to optimize for these things posting that are popular, relevant and recent. That's it. That's all that equation means. Okay, if you're not playing to one of those three things, your system is broken. Redefine the system.

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