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Is Twitter Right for You?

Lesson 13 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Is Twitter Right for You?

Lesson 13 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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13. Is Twitter Right for You?


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Is Twitter Right for You?

making the most out of Twitter. So I want to share a story with all of you that of all the social platforms that I'm on, which, as you know, is quite a few. This was the one that took me the longest to learn. And I think of Twitter as a second language because there's so many nuances about, you know, within Twitter. But once you learn it, and once you start using it is an amazing engine for your business. So I've been on it actively for three years, and I go to Twitter for so many things. And one of my favorite things about Twitter is using it for customer service. Because if you can't get an answer to anything, you just tweet the company and boom, someone's right on that. So I've embraced it within my business, and we use it daily. It is a huge, huge driver to traffic for everything that we dio. So I am excited that a J is gonna be on stage with me very soon. Yes, I have a second handsome guy coming up to join May, so just stay tuned. Everyone saying there's all these women on stage w...

here the guys. Well, I got you covered. All right, So here's what you're gonna learn. You gonna learn all about the Twitter basics. You're gonna learn whether or not it's right for your business. Remember, we talked about not failing compelled to be on every platform that you have to do all of them. So we're just gonna give you all the overview of it and why it might could possibly be good for your business. And A J is gonna talk about his proven Twitter marketing plan, which is pretty amazing, pretty awesome. And he's very high energy thinking Nathan's high energy that I'm high energy. I'm thrilled Ages on the final segment here today. So here's a few things I want to go over before a J takes the stage, which is just a lot of basics. Ah, lot of Twitter basic. So I want to make sure you know all the terminology. I do this when I teach instagram, and it's amazing to me that some people just you know, everyone has a different starting point. So for all the newbies out there for all the people that aren't yet on Twitter, I just want to have you covered, Um, you can share images, links and video on Twitter, and age is going to go over all that. And Hashtags, as you should know by now, work extremely well on Twitter. And you want to be using hashtags when you tweet so that you could be aggregated with that conversation. And those of you on Twitter right now can be connecting with with each other. Simply from the hashtags would be get social. And it's also paid ads on Twitter. Um, so here's some of basic language. Sorry, I went too quickly on the slide, but let me just point out first, you just can post a tweet, and every tweet has on Lee 140 characters. So this is why some people get tripped up by that they don't quite know how to do the links or how many characters use or what hashtag to use. And that's all Twitter is. Is understanding the language within 140 characters, and that could be a challenging. That's why some people don't take it on Anat. Mention like instagram, I like to say, is when a user gets mentioned on Twitter and so you can at mention them whenever you want to get their attention and they'll get a notification that they were at mentioned and then they'll engage in the conversation back with you. A Retweet isn't is like a nice way to to read repost someone's content that you like and share that to your following. So if you see something on Twitter that you think your followers would like reading Retweeting, that is a compliment to the content creator. A reply is simply when you reply to someone's tweet. So if anyone ever asked you a question, I always say, Don't leave any questions or comments behind, and I try to do that on Twitter as well. But to be honest, my Twitter feed moves so quickly that sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with all of that and finally, direct messages. And this is where you can send a private direct message to someone. But you have to both be following each other to send a direct message message, and I don't know what a jays take on. Direct messaging is I'll be interested to hear, but I hate the automatic direct messages that come in on Twitter. I find it very, very spammy on DSO. I used that feature to solidify relationships I have on Twitter to go deeper in a conversation, but I don't have anything automatically being posted as a direct message. It just doesn't feel right. And often when I get them, I'm like, Do you even know who I'm talking to? Because the direct message has nothing to do with the content. So just be wary of that. And again, I'd like to hear what A J has to say about that. So why would you use Twitter for your business? Well, you can build relationships and create a conversation with your customers very quickly. You can also easily communicate and troubleshoot customer issues, so somebody's unhappy and a lot of the big This is again, back to the brands, the bigger brands. So if anyone is ever unhappy and you are big brand, you want to put that fire out instantly on Twitter because it can go viral in that conversation can affect the brand so you can communicate and troubleshoot right, and I always get a response from big brands like right away. I think every big brand now has somebody monitoring Twitter all day to take care of the customer service. You can promote publish content as we talked about earlier, and you can establish credibility when you do that, and then you can get customer feedback, so I like it. I like asking customers questions back. Like when they say something to me. I'm in the middle of your course. I really love it. I'm on module one and I would ask question back. What are you learning from Module one? What's your biggest take away? So I engaged back When people are saying really nice things about my content that I'm sharing, I want to know what about my content is relevant. So I know that maybe that's something I should be creating more of and doing more again back to listening to your clients, nurturing those relationships and giving them or of that content, to solidify the relationship. And then, lastly, you could you could engage with people in your industry. So a lot of the speakers that I meet on stage I engage with before, during and after an event and one of my little ninja tips that I like to dio before I go to a conference. I always connect with all the speakers. I find out who they are on Twitter and if you don't, you know their name. But you don't know their Twitter account. You go to their home page on their website and every business should have the social share buttons on their website. So this is like something that I do every single time I speak. And if you're gonna be attending a virtual conference or if you're going to be going to a live conference, it's a good habit to get into so that you could be having a conversation with them, right? They're when you're learning. So these are different types of Twitter post that I wanted to go over and again. I think age is going to share a lot more about this. But you can just have a text. As long as you stay within the 140 characters, you can have an image and you can have a video and we use all of these on Twitter. We share texts, we share images. We share content from all of our content that we produce. And we also do a lot of videos. And recently, because we just found out I didn't know this until two days ago when we were creating the content for this is that you can do polls and I don't know how long you been able to do polls, but this is a really cool features. So for those of you that want to get a yes or no answer, this is what you can create on Twitter, like right now. And it's live for 24 hours. So we decided to create this tweet. So this tweet is from my daughter's interview. I have my oldest daughter's 23 I wanted to share just in a tweet that she was on this podcast. And it is Entrepreneur entrepreneur dot net. My daughter's name is Amanda Zimmerman in its episode 87. So I wanted to give a shout out to the content Creator. I was a problem proud mom of my daughter, and I wanted to just share this and give props back to the Content Creator, which is the podcast and, um, you Lange's podcast. So I invite all of you guys to check that one out. So that's a text post within the 140 characters an image post and I wanted to do what Sonny did. I had prepared this knowing. I was pretty sure that you could take a picture of this on from anyone watching Could take a screenshot and follow along and watch me on Snapchat But I love that you can share on Twitter and image. So if you're trying to get more people, so follow you on Snapchat. This is a great way to do it because people can easily start following you. So this was something I did recently. And then I talked about the video post that I do in Facebook groups. I talked about videos I do sometimes on Instagram, but this is a video posted it on Twitter and you can do a longer video on Twitter than Instagram is round 15 seconds. Twitter is 30 seconds. So you really can get a lot in in 30 seconds if you want to share content and have a call to action. And I think that this one was done right before we closed our course. And I want to let people know that you only have a couple hours to purchase the course here. You know, take action by it now. So again, when people see you and video, they feel your energy. And sometimes that's a great way toe post. And then finally, this is the one I want to show you the poll. So this is at the end. This is what we did a couple of days ago to grab the screenshot. Like how many people will be watching you on creativelive. So I wanted to make sure I did this. And when I When I put the pull out in the morning and I took the screen grab, nobody had said yes or no. So here I am reaching out to my audience because I wanted to get some good answers here and some organically came in. But people that I knew would be in the audience reach Upton of you guys. And I said, Can you please say yes that you're gonna be in the audience so I can get the pole like, get some action on the pole? So this was me kind of reaching out to people on Facebook to tell him to go to Twitter, call to action and just just look at my tweet and again say yes or no. So what I like about the poll and I'm gonna be curious to hear if A J uses this for his business is that it's just yes or no so really basic way to get people to Teoh. Answer a question that you might have in your business. So Twitter's right for your business. If you're stronger than words than you are with images, if you would rather share information in short, sweet sound bites than long post. If you understand how to use, HASHTAG said, you absolutely no need to know how to use Hashtags on Twitter. It's recommended not to use more than two in a tweet any more than that. It's just too much. And so you need to know what those keywords are. You heard Rachel talk about it. You heard Sonny talk about it, and I know age is going to spend some time here as well. You also need to know how to shorten a link. So what we used to short in any link because we want to track it I talked about this earlier is bit Lee B I t dot l y. And that's the link that we have for the Facebook contest. That's the link that we share in for our strategy guide. So you need to know how to shorten links so that you can really get the most content that you want in that tweet that where you only have 100 40 characters, and then you need to really understand the basic Twitter language. And as I said, full disclosure, this was the hardest platform for me to learn. But now that I understand it and I understand how valuable it could be, it is a great tool.

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Sue B. Zimmerman's *Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels* is one of the best I've seen of it's kind (or the best). It was easy to see that each guest speaker was prepared and truly loved what they were talking about - people can feel that. The energy was contagious. But, like everything else, one has to be diligent and follow those strategies that applies to them and their projects. It takes work! What I liked most was that although Sue brought all these experts together in one place to speak to us, she DID NOT make us feel as if we MUST master EACH and EVERY social networking channel in order to be successful. Sue B. Zimmerman made it fun, which makes one want to roll up their sleeves and get started and put in the work! THANK YOU, Sue B. Zimmerman! Roz Fruchtman (@PhotoshopHaven)

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!

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