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Promote Your Content with Rebekah Radice

Lesson 9 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Promote Your Content with Rebekah Radice

Lesson 9 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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9. Promote Your Content with Rebekah Radice


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Promote Your Content with Rebekah Radice

all right. Our next gift. We have back to back awesome guests today, and my next guest is Rebecca Brady's. You may have seen her online. I discovered her online because she has the most adorable smile and she's so beautiful and inside and out. I met her online first, and then we connected in person at Social Media Marketing World 2015 and then again it inbound in Boston. And so this picture with Peggy Fitzpatrick and we know you're watching. So hello to Peggy and Amy Schmidt. Our who, I hope is also watching are also colleagues of ours that we hang out with. And we like to take photos and share all over the Web. And Rebecca came yesterday for the training When I said Let's come over here and take a great self in For those of you that need to know how to take a great deal, Selfie again, it's putting the phone towards the light and bring it to you. So that's what you're looking at. This beautiful person who is so smart she is a digital mastermind strategist, and I love the way that she ...

shares content. I love the way that she teaches it and basically just lover. So come on on stage, Theo. I think this is the worst. Thank you. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. How amazing has all of this, Ben. Wow. Yeah. Rachel just totally blew my mind, so I'm gonna try to follow her up. But it was a perfect Segway into what I'm going to talk about, which is now You're creating all of this amazing content. And how what do you do with it? How do you promote that content and really get it out there into the world? I think we're probably all content creators in a one way, shape or form. I have been a blogger just to give you a little bit of my background. I started my first blogging 2004 a little while ago, and at the time, of course, we didn't really call it blogging. It was Maura journal, just kind of writing, putting information out there, connecting with people on a level of Hey, here's what I like what I dio on being able to talk about that at a level that we had never been able to do before. So I'm gonna talk a lot about blogging. But really, everything I'm going to talk about today relates to any kind of content that you're creating and how to really maximize how you're promoting that content. I love that picture. So content creation as we all know, it's really just the beginning. It's where we're starting as we're creating all those beautiful graphics or any of that content that's going on our website that's going on our blawg as much as it feels like we've probably just, you know, birth, the latest and greatest idea within our business. When we hit, publish or push or send or whatever it is, we're only just getting started. We've now got that that worked to Dio to promote that content, to get it out there in front of ah, whole new audience. And that's so much of what we're talking about here today, which is how can you leverage all of the different avenues out there? How can you leverage the social networks? How can you leverage some of the options I'm going to talk about here today to truly get your content out there in front of an audience that's probably dying to see your content. That's probably within your industry within your niche. But maybe hasn't heard of you yet. And so now you're able to tap into these different opportunities to get that content out there. So now, before we really jump into the how and the wear in the what and the win, which, as I said, I been doing this for a little over 10 years, so I kind of figured out what works, what doesn't. But obviously, it's gonna have a lot to do with your business with your industry and, of course, with your community. And I'm gonna talk a little bit about that to the value and really testing and testing and then testing Samora and really figuring out What is it that your audience is looking for every single day? But first thing spurs. So I see a lot people out there just randomly creating content and people that come to me and say, Why isn't my content just it's not getting the eyeballs it should. It's not getting the traction that it should. I'm not getting the likes of the shares or those vanity Metrics said. Of course, we we tend to look at. And I'll tell you, I see something very consistent across the board and it's three different things. So, first of all, no purpose. So you've never really identified what the purposes of your content. You haven't really sat down and figured out what is the reason that I'm creating this content? And of course, you haven't even figured out who's my audience. Who am I speaking with on a daily basis? And I love that both Sonny and Rachel talked about that about how incredibly important it is to have a purpose behind every single thing you dio behind every piece of content that you put out there. You should sit there and say, Let me take a good hard look at this piece of content and determine is it moving me closer towards Michaels isn't getting me closer towards those objectives, and that's another one. I'm gonna talk a little bit about not having a clear objective. And is it really promoting the brand and the business that I want to put out there in the world? Is it helping me sell my product? Is it helping me sell my service? So thinking about what your purpose is thinking about what your objective is. So what is the goal of that piece of content? Is it self serving? Is that just pushing it out there? Is it self promotional, or is it really serving your community? And is it really serving your company as well and then lost in a sea of noise? And that we see happen an awful lot these days? Because we have so much coming out of so many people creating content that is very simple if you have not taken the time to figure out your purpose, to figure out your objectives, to put a strategy around all of that to get sucked up into that noise and get lost. And that's where I see time and time again where people start to trip up because, unfortunately, they haven't really defined their brand. They haven't really defined their business, and they haven't figured out what the purpose is behind every single piece of content that they're creating. So now let's step into now that you've kind of take it a step back because sometimes I think we all know you have to take a step back to really move forward. in the right direction and often times you know you get into social media without knowing what you want to get out of social media. And so sometimes it's really good to take a good hard look at what you're putting out there, what you're creating on a daily basis and isn't exactly what you want people to perceive toe understand, to draw from your content. So as you start to take a look at that, do a little bit of analysis. Let's talk about what it is that makes ah, great piece of content. What is it that defines all of those amazing pieces that really capture our attention that make us stop dead in our tracks? Well, the 1st 1 is that it's contagious and contagious content is spread herbal content. It's that content that we see every single day sues content that every single time I see sues content. I'm like, Boom! Got to go there, right? Got a double tap. Gotta click. Whatever that action is, she's asking me to take I'm doing it. Why? Because I know there's gonna be an enormous amount of value behind sues content, but I also know that it's contagious that sue creates content you just want to share. You want to pass that content along, and you need to think about that with your content as well. How do you create something that other people are gonna want to share? That people want to rally around you and become that support system, that word of mouth marketing that helps you spread your net? Get that word out even further than before, and next up is you want to make people care. So now that you've created contagious content, it's not enough just to create content right? Because otherwise we'd all be doing it, and we do it all day long and everybody would be successful. But instead you have to actually make people care about that content. You have to make people feel your content, so there's got to be that ability to tap into the emotion to really understand what the needs are, what those problems are. And Rachel talked a little bit about that understanding. What what problem do you solve four your customers for your clients, for anybody that's seeking you out that whether it's on your Web site, whether it's on your block, whether it's on your social channels. How do you create that? That feeling of Wow, I just I know that every single time I take a look at Joanna or Nina's piece of content that I'm gonna learn a little bit more about her. I'm gonna get a little bit more insight into who she is or what our business is all about. And all of a sudden you're opening up that door of opportunity where you're creating an X tended relationship instead of maybe just that, the artificial relationship that we contend toe have on social media. Now, all of a sudden, people are stepping inside your world. They're getting to know you just a little bit more, and that's that's what making people care does about your content. It creates that connection that bond between you, between them, between your company and instead of you just being a faceless company or faceless name and somebody maybe they bumped into on Twitter. All of a sudden, I have something in common with you, and I call these commonalities that these little conversations that we have across social media, coffee table conversations and it's those little tidbits about you, those little things about your business about your life that all of a sudden you're sharing and people are able to say, Oh, well, I'm a huge coffee lover, too. And all this thing you've started that conversation and so you you allow people to care about your content. Will you allow them to understand just a little bit more about you? Just a little bit more about who you are, what your business is all about. And I would encourage you to take a good hard look at What are you putting out there about yourself About your business? You know, we can talk about this all day long because everybody is gonna have a different feeling about it, a different take on it. And you have to feel, you know, very comfortable in what you put out there. And it also has to feel very true to you and to your business. Eso It's a good place to start to figure out. First of all, what is it that I I would dio all day long Even if I didn't get paid for it for May I dressed to dogs so I talk a lot about my rescue pumps and I take a lot of pictures with me and my dogs, probably to you know, the dismay of my family and everybody else. But the point is, is I'm making connections with people that have something you know in common with me, that we have similarities, that we can talk about what's going on within our world. That's not just about our business and those air those coffee table conversations, as I said that just encourage that dialogue and allow us to grow, grow our communities in a way that I don't believe it otherwise possible if we keep up that wall, if we don't allow people to truly come inside and get a better a better feel of who we are in what we dio another place to start as he start to think about. You know what? What is it that makes that content contagious? What is it that makes that content share a ble? And how do you make people care? Is take a look at other people's content, Take a look at your own content. What was the last time you went through your entire feed on Facebook or on Instagram? I kind of got sucked into that rabbit hole the other day, and it's a good place to go every once in a while to get a feel for what is the perception other people are walking away with as a land on your social profile? So take a look at all of your content, then go out there, do a competitive analysis, take a look at your competitors content and say what's working and what's not. Because there in lies the opportunity right there in lies, that opportunity to really differentiate or to take a look and say, Wow there, too, in a really great job at X or Y or Z. And certainly, you know, nobody here is going to condone copycatting somebody else's content. But there's a lot toe learn from seeing what other people are doing. Really, really well. I look to sue for that all the time. You know what's what's through doing now that's maybe a little bit different or innovative or unique. And how could I use that within my business to connect with other people? So taking a look at yourself as well as your competitors really great a place to start as well and as you do that you start to feel the emotion because that's the emotion they're tapping into as you're helping them care about your content And is it true to your business? So are are you Ah, happy person. Are you cheerful or maybe your more serious within your business? You know, if you were an attorney, happy, cheerful might not be on brand for you. So it definitely has to be true to who you are. So as they do meet you as we all get to meet in person that you're exactly who you are, you know, online as you are offline and vice versa. Uh, the next step is making your content terrible and share a bowl Content, as we've talked about, is content that what it's contagious you've made people care about. And I put it into three pieces and purpose we've already talked about which is having a purpose behind your content. 2nd 1 is having a plan which Rachel talked a lot about so strategy behind that content. And I was joking with Sunny yesterday we were talking about we're both very strategic and in what we do and that there's never gonna be something that's gonna go out there that isn't somehow interconnected. Everything else were doing, so it's not enough to just have purpose. It's not enough to just know why you want to share that content. You've actually got to put a plan in place. So think through long term. And I know Rachel just talked about having that, you know, maybe three month or six month plan in place and knowing what does. What is this specific campaign? What is this promotion and how does my content support that? And then performance? Because last but not least, as I said a little bit earlier, we have to test, always be testing, always be looking at your content and saying, I could have done better or I could do it a little bit different next time. Or if I just made this one little tweak. I bet it would perform, Ah, whole lot better. So performances key. You've got to take that that I of Yeah, I might be a little connected to it. I might love it, but I know that there's always that opportunity to do a little bit more to be a little bit better. And that's where you know, data analysis comes in on a firm believer. Numbers don't lie. If you're taking a look at your numbers, your truly paying attention to them, they're going to tell you where you need to go next. They're gonna tell you when you need to maybe adjust and change your sales that maybe you're moving in the wrong direction. So really paying attention to all of your analytics. So maybe it's Google analytics. Maybe it's your Facebook insights. Maybe it's Twitter. All of that data that we have available to us is critical that you take a look at that on a weekly basis on a monthly basis, at least just to see what's resonating with people. What, you know, what went off with a bang and what does kind of you know, felt fell to the floor with a big, loud thud. And unfortunately, probably not something you're gonna want to do again. And I don't know about you, but every once in a while I'm really shocked, you know, I'll take a look at my insights and go what? Yeah, there was no way I thought that was gonna be a big performer, and yet it took off. So it's a great place for you to take a look at what's doing well, how can I manufacture that over and over and over again? Because once you find once you find that that persona for your brand, once you find what works, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that again and again. And I'll talk a little bit about this, too. But, you know, the whole idea behind promoting your content is not having to reinvent the wheel. We're doing enough within our businesses, right? You know, you're wearing multiple hats juggling multiple balls all day long. The last thing you need to dio is have to re create content every day. And so the idea behind promoting your content is extending the shelf life it's in, giving it, ah, bigger life than it ever could have had if it was just one piece of content. So it's taking that one piece of content, turning it into 10. Turning it into 15 may be turning into 20 which is actually one of the bonus giveaways that I've included, where we're just gonna talk about five year. But there's 20 different ways that I'm gonna share how you can create just massive conversation happening around your content. So beyond all of the other things I've talked about, what else is shareable content? So shareable content is one that really speaks the language of your audience. So it's solution based, and I don't know if anybody has ever heard of jobs to be done. But basically the theory behind it is the fact that every single person that ever hires you is hiring your company for one specific reason. It's a job that they're hiring your company to do. So maybe it's their hiring you to give them peace of mind. Maybe they're hiring you to free up their time. Maybe they're hiring you to I manage all of this craziness that is social media that does all of the above. So understanding why your clients hire you is going to make it terribly easy for you to create share a bill content. Now what I do know is that there are three basic reasons that consumers fine, and once you understand those and couple that with the job that you're performing for them, the job that your company does on their behalf, then all of a sudden it starts to click. All of the pieces can fall into place as far as what does that content look like? So the 1st 1 is satisfy a basic necessity. So maybe they're buying because they're they're trying to satisfy, you know, basic necessity, like food or clothing or shelter. So very simple. Next one is to solve the problem. So it's understanding what Rachel talks so much about. What, you know, what is it that they're coming to you for as a solution. So understanding what is that one problem that you could potentially solve that would change their life? That would make life so much easier for them. Thinking about that again will really help drive the content that you're creating. And then the last one is to better themselves. So they want a better life. They want a better body. They want more money of whatever that situation might be. So think about what's the reason behind one of those that people are coming to you into your company. And then what problem? Or what job do you perform or what is that problem that you saw? Because once you start to get there and you get really clear, crystal clear on that. Then, like I said, it becomes very, very simple to start to create that content that they're looking for. That's really going to resonate with them day in and day out. I know that in my business, and I'm certain it is in all of yours if you put if you go into it with that giver's heart, if you go into it with that, that mindset of value first off, how can I be an asset? How can I be of value to these potential clients every single day? Whether it's on instagram on Twitter on Facebook, how can I give, give, give? You are naturally going to attract the exact client you're looking for, and I guarantee that because when you're putting that out there into the world, when you're saying to people, Here's here's what I know. Here's what I have amassed all this knowledge and information right up here in my head that I've learned all these years. I want to just give it away and you start to share this on a daily basis. What do you think they naturally start to think? Wow, If Susan given away this much for free imagine what she's giving away when I buy her course or imagine what she's giving away. You know, when I opted for that download. So going into it with the giver's heart, you're never gonna lose, at least not in my opinion, and I have definitely built my business based off of that exact mentality. So next up is let's dive into the specifics of where you can actually promote your content. There are just a ton of different options out there. As you can imagine, you the sky is really the limit into how you can recreate, reinvent, repurpose your content and get it out there. So I'm gonna whittle it down to my top five. The five. I believe that you could even just put one of these into practice today and see immediate results. So if you did all five totally while your audience on, did we just give you miles and miles worth of content beyond you know what you've initially created? So let's talk about the how the where the what and the when, Like I said, and first of all, is using visual marketing. I think we all know the power of visual marketing no matter, no matter the social network at this point. So let's say you have just created or published your latest blawg poster. You just created your latest promotion or your latest piece of content. Will visual marketing can come in and it can really help you set the stage. Set the tone for a different perspective, maybe a different take on that content. So rather than just pushing out that blonde that block post one time, maybe you create a themed a series of posts around this. And here is one that we have created a post planner, which is Ah, an instagram tips. So we're doing these on Instagram, and we, uh we continue to test these up, but what are we doing? We're just taking a tip or a quote something out of our content. And now we're re sharing that re sharing that as visual marketing. And you could do that. You know, I used Instagram as an example, but you could do that across any of your social networks and just make sure it's on brand, so make sure that everything you do is streamlined. That look and feel is very consistent to your website. to your blood so that no matter where people are connecting with you, no matter where they're finding you, they just instantaneously know that that's you. They don't have to think about it. They don't have to hunt and Peck to try to figure out that it's you. You connected those dots on their behalf. Second up is another theme Siri's that we created. I run a Twitter chat, co founder of a Twitter chat called Influencer Chat with two other beautiful ladies, Diana Adams and an Tran, And we create graphics every single week to go with all of the content that were chatting about on Tuesdays. And so no matter where you look across Twitter across instagram across Facebook, wherever we're sharing this content again very similar theme where you're going to start to see Oh, OK, that's got to be influencer chat because it's the same look. It's the same field. So think about that as you're using visual marketing as you're using just those those little nuggets of visuals to quickly and effectively get your point across that you're not bouncing around with different colors. You're not bouncing around with different fonts. You're not bouncing around with different elements, different graphics so that, unfortunately, nobody can connect to your content, make it instantly and easily recognizable. And another example of that is with viral chad. Another Twitter chat I room with Post Planner, where again, Same situation we are taking tips were taking just tidbits from that content we've already created. And we're repurpose ing that are reinventing that into visual marketing that now tells a very different story. But it all leads back to what to our end goal, which is to maybe move people away from the visual marketing over to our product over to our latest promotion over to our latest vlog posts. So really raising awareness, but doing it in a different way where it's keeping your content fresh, relevant, interesting, not so stagnant, not boring. And it doesn't feel like they're just pushing content at people all the time. Once you're starting to create those visuals extremely important that you're creating those graphics with every single social network in mind, that's we know they're all very different. Audiences are very different. One size does not fit all literally. When it comes to your graphics, you should be creating specific graphics for each social network. Now I said, This is going to be easy, so I'm definitely not telling you to run out there and create, you know, 10 15 different graphics. First of all, you can create a template within this Siri's that you just drop that information into, and there's a lot of great tools out there. Can Va relay that I absolutely love? And I know Rachel's gonna talk a lot about tools, So it could be very simple for you to create themes like this on and create visuals or graphics for each social network without having to beat your head against the wall. And you can also you lies some standard sizes that work very well on multiple different social networks. So, for example, this portrait style image is perfectly sized for Pinterest and for Google Plus, and this is my my perfect size at 7 35 by 1200 you know, as I said, just takes up a lot of real estate, takes up a lot of room eso gives you plenty of space, and then, with Facebook and Instagram, they play nice as well, so that 1 to 1 ratio nice little square that can work very well on both of nose. And in fact, if you place that text just so right there in the middle of that, you can actually use it for Twitter, To which you would see on my block, I create all of my graphics so that they're easily share a ble on multiple different social networks. So it doesn't have to take somebody with a lot of design experience. It doesn't have to take somebody a whole lot of time either to be able to create these graphics. So what are some qualities of shareable graphics? We've talked a little bit about him, but one else. What really stands out to you? Well, first of all, for me, it's always eye popping. You know, it just grabs your attention and a good friend of mine. Ashley Fox does. Ah, hilarious job with all of his graphics. Just that love, every single one he puts out because they're very true to him. Very true to his business. But they are most definitely eye popping. They catch my attention every single time. Now, granted, these would not be on brand for me might not be for you either. So you have to find what works the best for you. But what is it? What is it that you could create that's going to quickly capture people's attention? Next up is make it unique, so make it unique to you to your business. Make sure that all of those elements I've already talked about so the design, the style, the colors, the font, all of them are consistent across everything that you're doing every once in a while. It's not not a bad idea to be provocative again. Might not be your brand might not be your business, but sometimes it's kind of fun is to push the envelope. Sometimes it's kind of fun to do things that make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, because every time I feel a little bit uncomfortable, I know I'm pushing myself. I'm pushing. Maybe those visuals a little bit further than I initially thought they were going to go. So think about what is it that you could say that you could put into ah, visual that would really create that whom I thought within your audience that would make them want to click on that. That would make them want to take that next step with you because you've asked a question or you put something out there that it was just a little bit different than you typically put out there using video. And, you know, I'm not gonna stay too long on this because we have some amazing people with, you know, Sonny and Steve data that are talking all about video but video. Phenomenal way to get your content out there to really talk about your content in a way that makes that instant connection that allows people to see your face, to hear your voice, to get to know you in a very different way. And we have a lot of different options with YouTube, of course, live streaming video. Where now we've we've taken maybe something static, something that is prettied up that we've edited. And now we're live streaming with things like mere catch with things like periscope and blab and blab. It's one of my absolute favorites because of the interactive nature of that, our ability to really communicate and talk with with your audience. So think about how you can take maybe those tips. I already talked about those how to something within your content that you could take one step further and put into some video. Joining communities is a fantastic way if you're a blogger, if you're a content creator, there are a ton of communities literally hundreds and hundreds of communities out there that can be very specific to your industry can be very specific to your niche. Can really connect you with other like minded professionals. Other people that are creating content very similar to yours, that are looking to spread that message and they're looking for help. And I'll tell you, this is one of the best things I ever did for myself when I first started as a blogger was joining several different blogger communities and I say Blogger, But there's there's plenty of them out there, depending on the type of content that you're creating, and it's just finding those that feel right for you that it's the right audience, that it's the right group, that they're truly there, too. Not only share their content but help you share yours. So a few of my favorites just to give you an idea Tribe er was probably one of the first ones that I joined T. R I b e r r ah, and tribal is ah, blogger community where exactly what I just talked about. It's a bunch of people that have come together sharing content from any industry, any niche. So any vertical you can think of. And now what you're doing is you're joining a tribe. I think we've all heard that term at this point. Ah, and you're you're joining multiple different tribes of people that are saying, Hey, Rebecca, I'm you know, I'm creating content around marketing or social media, and you are too. So let's join teens and join forces and start to share each other's content. And so now all of a sudden, I've got this group of people that's a working on my behalf to help me spread the message behind my business and behind my content. So start to look at, you know, maybe something like tribe er or Social Buzz Club. Another one that I really just love. The women that had started this Ah, a smaller group and tribe er, but very, very specific, depending on if you're in the health industry or maybe more very specialized industries, and you know that you've gotta have a certain level of quality expertise knowledge to write that type of content on what all of this does is it allows you to start not just sharing your own content but sharing other people's content, which to me is critical in the relationship building. In allowing other people to take your content, spread it and then what? Raise awareness around your business, builds your credibility, your authority within that space on then viral content buzzes another terrific place for you to be able to share your content. Very similar in the sense that it's a tribe works a little bit different and how you're you're sharing each other's content. But between all of these, idea is the same. The idea is you're putting out high quality content. I'm putting out high quality content. Let's join forces and share each other's content where all of a sudden, as I said, it's taking on a life of its own. So great way for you to increase that reach without feeling is if you're spending a whole lot of money on ads, which certainly is an important aspect of this. But I always come at it from an organic point of view. First Let's figure out what weaken Dio as inexpensively as possible before diving into other opportunities and number four super important repurpose ing your content. I am all about repurpose ing getting the most mileage out of every piece of content that you create. I know Rachel talked about slide share a little bit. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to take a piece of content and maybe just pull out, you know, one or two or maybe even three tips on Now, all of a sudden I could recreate that and turn that into a flight share with a whole new audience that maybe has never seen my content over on Instagram or Facebook. So think about how could you maybe breathe new life into content you've already created? Remember? Like I said, it's not about reinventing the wheel all the time. Ah, and then how can you take that content that you're creating right now and put it out there in front of a whole new audience without having to dio a ton of work? Next is promoting with branded quotes, So I talked a little bit about visual marketing. Visual marketing just extends into so many different arenas. You know, as far as how we can repurpose content and branded quotes to me are just that way for people to further get to know us further, understand what our business is all about. What do we do day in a day out? What are we passionate about? What is it that you just absolutely love talking about? And these were the people that are eager to find and connect with you and and how can you get that across? Well, in my opinion, visual marketing branded quotes can really do that. They could really it raise awareness. They can really help people understand. Maybe your methodology. Maybe it's your process for how you do things within your business. Maybe it's, you know, taking some quotes that you shared within ah conference. Maybe it's something you tweeted out that got a whole lot of traction in your life. That did really well, I should take that read, you know, repurpose that into something else will think about repurpose ing it into a branded quote, something that ah, as I talked so much about, is very on Brand for us, streamlined with your look and feel, Um, and starts to give people that further insight into who you are and what you dio and then last but not least, is emailing your list. So every single time you do something, if you are hitting published on a blawg post, if you are promoting a webinar or a conference or maybe a local event, you should be notifying your email list. Not only that, you should always be looking Teoh. How can I build that email lists? You know, been that that saying That's gone around for a long time? And I don't know if you know who actually said it, sue. But the idea is that the one with the biggest list win. I disagree. I believe that it's the one with the most targeted. The quality of the left? Yes, exactly, exactly. And so building your list based off of everything I've talked about here, where you're really getting to know your audience, really understanding their needs, your knowing what the purpose is behind your content. Now, all of a sudden, you can easily build that list of targeted people, because what would you rather have? 100, people that it could care less about your business. They could care less about your product or 5000 people. That man they want to buy every single time you put something new out or they want to know every single time you had published on a block post because they want to run over there, they want to read it. They want to share it with everybody. So, to me, much more important that you get hyper targeted super focused on who your audiences and build that list. Because I will tell you, you know, getting started in for was not important to make. Initially, I was like List will list why I use email. But, you know, I wasn't necessarily looking to build an email list of round of my business. So I waited a couple of years, and that's one of the biggest mistakes I believe I made was just in gaining that traction in that moment, Um, and really getting that going because those people just like everybody else across your social channels, those that are connected to you through your email, they become your champions. They become your advocates. They become those people that actively want to share your content that want to share your message and help you get that content out there in front of more people. So every single time you do something every single time, you know, you you push post on that new piece of content, ensure that you're getting it out there in front of those people that you've cultivated that relationship with that you've been nurturing all along the way that you know are going to respond to you and say, Oh, my gosh, Nina, this is a best thing you've ever written. This is amazing. I have to share this with my entire list, and you can start to see how that you know, as I said, takes on a life of its own. So e mailing your list should never be a second or even third thought. It should be a part of your strategy. As you look, Teoh, how am I gonna promote my content? How am I best going to get my content out there consistently, Um, and as soon and I have talked so much about it, I probably over the years have built anywhere from 50 to 100 different ways that I will repurpose content depending on what it is or the actions I will take after I've created a piece of content and you need to do the same exact thing you need to figure out what are your best channels. Where you going to get the biggest bang for your buck in the sense of where you getting the most activity Is that instagram? Is it Facebook? So really start to cultivate those relationships and then maintain that consistently over and over again and have your checklists. They can be something as simple as these five points I've talked about. It could be 20 points, but whatever the case may be, know that you can commit to that day in and day out that people are going to see that you are showing up without fail. So with that do that is everything I've got. I would love to connect with everybody I know I didn't talk a little bit about that beforehand, but you can find me at my blawg, which is still the same since 2000 for Rebecca, release dot com and across any social network. I'm pretty much everywhere at Rebecca Pretty. Thank you. So we have a bonus material from Rebecca and tell us a little bit more about what that is. It's called the 20 ways to promote your contact. Yeah, exactly. So you know, like I said, we just talked about five here today. Five different ways. This is 20 ways, um, with actionable tips on what? Step to take. So with all of these five plus 15 more of kind of that plug and play of go here, go here, go here to promote your content. And here's the exact steps you need to take to create that piece of content. Wow, Rebecca, that was five. And you have How many in the bonus? 2020 2020. Ok, you guys, that was a lot for five. I can't imagine what? Yeah, I was trying to, you know, condensed shuttle in there much from watching you. This was great every day for you that we're learning from each other. It's all good. So the two things that you said that really resonated for me was target audience. It does not matter how many followers you have on instagram followers have a name platform. Honey, people have any medalist long as it's targeted followers. And every single day like you. Our goal of the SPC team is to grow our email list, period. So were lined with all that. Imagine that. Thanks. Thank you. Great. Great tweets for you to see Rebecca. All right, so there's a few more things I want toe just recap Really Back to the online business cycle. OMG. Rachel and Rebecca gave us so much information to focus on. So we did we establish How did determine your core business values on why published content is so important for your business. Then next phase we're gonna talk about is the promotional period. So this is what you guys learned now And the the next phase that you're gonna hear if with one of my favorite speakers. I'm not gonna mention them right now, but he's coming up on deck and you guys will hear him soon. So here's what you learned. You learn how to build a foundation with Rachel all about published content, you learn systems to use for sharing that content. And then she really talked about hashtags. I'm gonna go over hashtags Maurin my instagram section. But I love that she gave you a little bit of the formulas that you all could be using for your business. And like she said, they might not all apply to you, but definitely use some of those formulas because they really have worked for us. And the thing about hashtag, sometimes you just have to try new ones. And then Rebecca finally how to create a campaign. And that was so much great content. So much great information. I actually have some new ideas for our business after listening to her. So I hope you all do as well. So I would like to know if there's any questions that you're getting in. Are we good? Good for you guys. Any from you guys? Yeah. Talk about tools tomorrow. But I'm curious if Rachel still here? Yeah, well, here, OK. Just curious about the tool that she uses for pushing her or planning her block content. If there's a particular calendar. Editorial, County? Yes, way that we do have a content. So? So Rebecca on stage mentioned that Rachel is teaching the tools. That would be Morgan. She got mixed up. That's OK. Morgan's coming on tomorrow. Planning our vlog posts really is in the content calendar that Rachel manages, and we have. We plan out our content every quarter what we're going to be doing for the next quarter. So we're that much far ahead. And we actually planned the whole year a swell and then we fill in each quarter. And, like she said, we do that in the Google doc and she has a content calendar. Is the Google doc do the folders integrate into and sink into a Google calendar? No, no. Don't think they're all documents in a Google doc in folders, and Rachel has all organized and we can go in there and we share them with each other, like just for example. So whenever an email is going to go out for the team, Rachel, typically right, sat email based on the content that we're going to share and before Morgan schedules it to push it out. I get my eyes on, we all get our eyes on it for typos. And yes, we've had a few were only human. And just to make sure that we're all signing off on the content before it gets pushed out. So that's our system that works for us and our team of three. And so you know you do What? What's going to be best for you? And I know a lot of you might not have a team to do that. But the point with Rachel, Really? You heard her say she can't live without the Google docks because she organizes everything for our content. And if you follow us, which I think you'd all do and you're on our list, you know how much content we push out and it has to be organized. You have to have a strategy, and you have to know which platform to share it to.

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