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Social Media Tools with Morgan Sutton

Lesson 31 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Social Media Tools with Morgan Sutton

Lesson 31 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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31. Social Media Tools with Morgan Sutton


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Lesson Info

Social Media Tools with Morgan Sutton

This is my final section, and it's about social media tools, and I'm really excited to show you this mainly because of the graphic I need to get Mandy Nakashima Shout out. I hope she's watching and that sleeping during this. But she is our graphic designer, and she put together this amazing graphic for me because I wanted to welcome you into my office. And that's what this represents. And I mean my metaphorical office, because I'm going to show you like the foundation of our our business in terms of tools. But I thought this was really cute, so I got to Dio. So we're going to start with our desk and my desk is Google Drive. So I know that Rachel introduced Google Dr Teoh earlier, and that is because we think it rocks. Basically, Google Drive comes with any Gmail account. So on your Gmail email up in the ray hand corner there, like these nine squares or something, and when you click it, you see all these other tools that Google gives you for free. Please check it out. One of them is Goo...

gle Drive, and Google Drive is can be a lot of different things. I mean, it could be cloud storage. They have an app. I'm gonna give you my other cloud storage. And it's all just because I'm using these tools because of their the best, the functionality that they can give our business. All of these things have overlapping functionalities, but you don't have to pick one and only use one. You should use people for their best skills. You should use tools for their best skills, and I mean not use it for other things, because why frustrate yourself? Like you don't have to be just a Google drive user when Dropbox works better for your large file sharing and that's what I'm gonna tell you. So this is the desk Google Drive. It's amazing collaboration, tool. And because there are three of us on the team, it's really, really important to make sure that we're not all editing the same document at the same time, because that could mean that my thoughts are lost and sues thoughts, override it, and then we have to fight and like, that really sucks. So we use Google drive instead, and basically it is like live. I don't even know, like live word document like everyone can have a word, have a Google drive word document opened up on their computer and see each other typing. It's amazing. So Google Drive is in a variety of formats, so it's not only with, like, normal, where documents but with power points, excel, spreadsheets There also forms. But if you are logged into that document, you can see the other people working on it, and it auto saves what everyone is doing at the same time. So, like Web based collaboration, it's amazing. Ah, the auto save feature, I mean just is perfect because we all just lose stuff all the time. So awesome. And then it also has an amazing, amazing search functionality. So I know you saw Rachel's folder for the launch, So Rachel's folder for the launch was called Insta Results 2015. There are a lot of folders and sues drive that are called insta results. Um, naming is really important on, you know it can get a little crazy. So if you're not naming things really specifically or if you're not able to keep one folder for one purpose than the search function is really amazing, make sure your including the name of the project. Make sure including the date or, if there's a number of priority, set up some naming nomenclature that works for you, because the fact that you can literally type in search like you type in Google any like word or phrase, and it populates all of the documents that you need is very cool. That's cool drive, and that's my desk. And that's how we work day to day. And so I wanted to establish that foundation. Um, the White board for me is our productivity tool, and that can be either trail Oh, or base camp. I actually used both for different reasons, So the point of a productivity's tool is basically to live outside of your inbox. You want to have a home base for your to do list, and your task you don't want your email is to be your to do list. If you're your email, list your email in box. If your email inbox is your to do list, then you have all these unready things that, like summer actually unreadiness important, and some are just things to go back to, and then the important person gets neglected. So we don't want that. So instead, what we do is manage tasks in a productivity tool like cello or bass camp. It's something that you can reference every day while you're working or just project by project uh, tremolo. I use project by project. So if you don't know Amy Porterfield, you should know I'm a fan girl And she did an amazing podcast about Scrum and scrubbed and some other guys program, So I don't know his name. Didn't read his book. Listen to Amy, but, uh, scrum was a really cool way to lay out the project. And that's what I did for our last insta results launch. So I used trail. Oh, because it warranted itself. Teoh Visual representation of the project and understanding not only just a task list, but what I am working on now what I have already done what is in the next segment? It's very visual, and Sue is a visual learner. So in order for me to be able to represent the status of the project for someone who's a visual learner, I used Trillo. It's free, it's a Web based. You can have multiple boards for multiple projects, and, um, that's really cool. So here's what it looks like for a weekly social media plan. I got you already because this is not what I used it for. Used for a project, but basically you could categorize it instead of prelaunch post launch webinars by social platform. And so I made up some posts Facebook post about the holiday, whatever. And you can decide how many of these kind of tabs you want. One of our tabs was today out. I will. And so you can pick up one item and move it over there. And if you don't get it, move it back to the to do list. And when it's done, you can have this insane amount of satisfaction that you've done all these things. Look at this pile of stuff that I got there. That's amazing. So each of these things things Sorry. Each of these items have its own information set up in it. So basically all I did was tap on the Facebook flash sale fake post, and what you can do is you can put it to do list, or you can add comments. You can assign it to a member. Eso here on the side here. You can make a checklist, name the checklist, have multiple checklists for the one task and then check them off as as it goes. And it gives you a percentage of how far along you are on the project, which is really satisfying. And it turns green when you're done. So all these little things matter, But so you've got the checklist, You consent a due date. So it sends you an email on the day that it's Dio and you're like, Oh, yeah, I didn't log into my to do list. I'm so strung out I have so many things to dio I forgot that was Do you can check it off? You can also add a common if you need to to your other team members or sign it. Two team members. Lastly, you can attach files here. So all three of my desk, the Google drive, my productivity tools Trillo and Base camp as well as dropbox, which we'll talk about, can carry files. But will you know that it's in this random task and if you check it off, will, you know, to go back and look for that attachment? I don't know. It depends on your process. So I wanted to show you that it's cape. You're capable of attaching the file. You want a reference something or need it to complete the task. But for it to be a place where you store something that you'd ever want to look back on, I don't know if you would if it was already checked off. Have something to think about. So there you go. We've gone through the item and we've moved it over to done pretty cool. So base camp, on the other hand, is Maura list basis. So right now they set themselves up where it's the first board for free. So we're on trailer trail. Oh, you have multiple boards for as many projects as you want for free. So you can kind of keep that one thought. And one police base camp is generally a paid project management service, so they have one board for free. If you want to try it out. Um, there's a A list representation of what you're doing. So where you could visually see the tasks and carry and move them around these air wanting to do list after another to do list after another to do list. I like that because I use base camp as my long term to do list, and this could be a whole other Creativelive course, like how Morgan organizes her notebooks. But I carry around a paper notebook to do my this today's task and this week's tasks. So base camp is the place that I go to do a long term to do list that I wouldn't wanna forget about it. It was in the email, but who doesn't need it for a month? Um, yes, it's basically my Internet to do list. Um, here's what it looks like on the top. You have all these different discussions, and you can have different to do list. This is my December to do it if you want to know what I'm doing after we sign off on this course and each of these things can be clicked into a swell like you could Dontrelle. Oh, where you can put, um, comments, bullets, upload files, whatever you want. So similar Estrella. But it just just depends on how you learn. Um, yes, so you can have it email certain people on your team to tell them that you've added a note to it. It's very cool. Both of them are meant for you to be able to work with other people are inform other people. But to be honest, our base camp is really just Morgan and Rachel's. Long term to do list eso product to be tool. My best practices would just be commit to it for 21 days says on Google that it takes 21 days to create a have it, so just try it and see if it sticks. And if it doesn't work or you can pinpoint what's wrong with it, try a different tool instead. Um, do the one that you enjoy most. I think I said this before, But just if it doesn't feel comfortable, If you're not excited that you're organized on this platform, then maybe you need to try something new. Finally, analyse and delegate what you don't enjoy So that doing this, uh, using this productivity tool for 21 days, where you can see what tasks you're doing on a daily and weekly basis can help you identify what's not getting checked off if it's not getting checked off than something's wrong, and I don't know what it is. I don't know if you don't like doing it, if it's too complicated, if it's not the right project for you. But either way, you need to make sure that you can identify what's going wrong and so over those couple of weeks. Your concede if I don't check off three LinkedIn posts every week, then maybe I don't like being on LinkedIn. You know, you got to make that decision for you. Lastly, is the file cabinet, which is Dropbox. I like to use Dropbox has my file away. All of us have dropbox installed on our computers. It basically just looks like another file on our computer automatically thinks and Dropbox is our cloud storage. It's easy, very easy to share. Large files. Um, it can give you a link to share to have the other person download the file. It's super easy. I also like that you can put it on your computer. So then you have offline access to the files. So when you're on a plane and you don't have WiFi, if Google Drive is your only access to your file, then you can't get on the Internet. Then you're not editing that Google Drive document. If something is saved on your dropbox and it is set up on your computer like this with the little Dropbox icon there, it's like it's a full during your computer so you can edit it on your computer in your own time. And then wouldn't you get on WiFi? It will sink up to your cloud. That's why I prefer better. Some social media time savers are carousel click to tweet and sprout Social Carousel is an app that was created by a Dropbox. It is basically just for photos. I totally recommend downloading it and playing it with it. It basically aggregate your photos from Dropbox as well as your phone and shows it to you in a time line setting. So when you scroll through it, you have easy throwback Thursdays, which is an easy way to create content. So I swear it's a super fun app to scroll through it. All your photos in one place and, um, cool thing to read like source. Those kind of photos. Click to Tweet is online. Quick click to tweet dot com on where you could hyperlink text or image where someone clicks it. It opens up a window for them to just tweeted on their Twitter account. Uh, it's really cool to use in e mails to get make it easy for people to share. Ah, what you want them, Teoh take away. And it also gets some cool analytics on like how many clicks that you got on that specific thought. Lastly, Sprout Social is a played paid platform for scheduling on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and lengthen. Ah, a couple of these platforms don't really have easy scheduling abilities right now, so we love sprout social. It's what we use for Twitter, and it also gives you great analytics to decide what time you should be posting. Ah, what content is getting most engaged and that's why we like spread social. So to recap, I know we're already recapping landing page. We have a landing page for someone that will sell your free item. If you have that free item set up pitched on the landing page, people are more likely to give you their email on a form. If they complete that form in its integrated properly with your CRM tool, then they will be directed to a thank you page everything's working properly, they'll be subscribed here. List automatically that your job is done for you and they will receive your lead magnet. And that's awesome. So I wanted to share with you quickly How to crack. Does that stand out email to not only sell your lead magnet, but to just communicate stronger with your list? Um ner Turner Turner Church. It's very important, So your message it matters. Time to nurture your community. We've told you your email list is gold, so it's important to put this on. Priority number one set up on email communication plan That makes most sense for you. Decide what day of the week is the easiest for you to get this email out. Incented to them. Okay, don't prioritize what what's best best best for your list, because it could mean that it could never get out. And what's best for your list is for that email to get out later on, when you're more comfortable with it or you have a team member that really loves writing it, you can make that more strategic decision. But right now what's important is just getting started and nurturing. Correspond consistently used your authentic voice. Uh, make sure that you have an awesome subject line that gets people really excited to open that email. If you're not doing that, if you're not thinking getting an email subject line that really get someone thinking, then your click opens will be more so just make sure that you're making people interested. Place your call to action in multiple places so your email list, like your landing page, is probably talking about one specific thing. Whether or not it's about the YouTube video that you just put out. Or it's about, um, coming on creativelive and watching us there, it probably has some kind of focus, and you want to make sure that you the people, have opportunities to get to that next place. So instead of linking Teoh a ton of different things in one email, give them a few opportunities to join you where you want them to join you. So Rachel will probably link Teoh other place probably three times in the email once when she first mentions it, and then once down at the end, make sure that you join me here, and then maybe a P s easy is that finally include images we love to show sue smiling faces, which is possible because it makes people happy. And so you want to make sure that you can break up that text a little bit with some images, so just be creative. All right, guys, that was it. So I'm so happy that I was here and able to share this information with you. You know, I just want to make sure that you get started. You get started with your email issue, get started with Twitter, Facebook, instagram, all whatever other platform made sense for you. The reason why we wanted to put together this courses So you could see what platform worked best for your business, not overwhelm you that you need to do every platform. So you out there, You here, Please don't be over alone by thinking that you need to join every platform and how you can create a strategy there instead, decide what is more productive for my business. And what can I honestly implement? And how can I use some of the things that Morgan just taught me to make it easier on myself in my team? Because we just want you guys to have success, so Yeah, all good. So, Morgan, that was a lot. Luckily, I'm a fast talker. Yeah, I mean, I what a couple of things that you said that I really liked were You know, you have to have systems if you want to have success. And clearly, before Morgan came into my life, I would call myself organized chaos. Now, everything systematized and organized, you crushed it. Thank you. Okay, so we're gonna recap one more time so that you guys in bed this cycle into your brain and take it home with you tonight. All right. So this is what we've been working on throughout the whole course, and you all should understand each one of these elements as we go through the cycle, having published having the business values in place. Okay, So your company's vision, your brand messaging and we hit home with that a lot. And what you sell your published content, the value that you provide to your community. And this is really and this is really important that you are always providing value and not just doing it for the sake of doing it. Put value behind everything that you d'oh and always build trust. I trust all you guys here. Like we've built trust in this room, right? I want to trust it's really important and then forming relationships with your customers. So those of you that have been watching know that all my clients, many of them here in the room, many of them watching I am a really a really relationship with them. I care about their success. My mission in everything I do is to help other business owners have success. Because I have been very fortunate in my life to have success and have successful businesses, and I just really want to help other people have success. And so this is my why this is what gets me out of bed every morning, and this is what really fuels May. And I'm just so thrilled that I'm able to speak to a global audience and really hit home with that message. Okay, so promotion. This is all the social, which I love, So I my brain is in the promotion. That's where I spend most of my time is in the Social and Morgan and Rachel, or on the other part of the cycle, until it comes time to nurture and sell. But getting your published content in front of your audience is so important if you really want to have a business and sell something and using social media to bring value to where every year customers are. So you really need to know where your customers are so that you can bring value to them and everything that you're doing. Whoops back. Sorry. You want to make sure you're growing your email list. Oh, that's what happens when I click back. So now I could tell Steve Dato and these are the five channels that you need to focus on or that we focus on. You don't need to focus on any of them. You need to do the ones that are right for you. There are so many more out there. But these are the ones that have been working for us that we wanted to bring to you because I have connections and relationships with people and all these places. And I knew that they would add so much value back to that word value in this course. So we talked about Facebook from Nathan A. J. Taught us about Twitter. Yours truly taught you about Instagram Pinterest with Jeff See and periscope was Brian fans. Oh, and then, of course, we've had so many other guests here is well, so let's go back to growing that email list. Morgan just hit home with that, and I hope that she gave you guys a lot of great ideas on what kind of leave magnet to create for your business. And it's really the most invaluable thing about about the business. And being in business is growing that list because you own that list you don't know. You don't own any other social platform that is yours toe own and have and communicate with. So you want to use this to provide value and build relationships with your targeted audience. And now you all know how to attract your target audience, right? Yes. Okay, so now we're back to nurturing, and it's important to continue to build that trust and use your published content to provide value to back to your community, always going back and always providing value and then engaging with your tribe. And it's so important because your vibe attract your drop. You need to have the vibe. It's one with your brand and then selling. You're here because you're trying to make money, so you need to know what you need to know how to sell and want to sell. And when you do sell, people want to buy from you because you've built that relationship. You build that trust and you're using your publishing channels and your social channels to promote your products or services. And then we're always nurturing. Were always tweaking. We're always going back. We're always listening and where we're listening, we're tweaking were changing and we're providing value back to the community. I mean, I will tell you that the nurturing peace, the reason it's here twice in the cycle is because you need to listen and see what people's pain points are as you deliver content and give value. So you guys, the time is now you absolutely need to commit to get results. You have to commit, commit needs, being all in, not halfway, and you have to commit. But you don't have to be perfect. You just need to commit. You need to create a daily plan to stay top of mind, and this is why I post on Instagram every single day I want to stay top of mine. I want to be connected with my audience. And the more you stay top of mind, the person that sees it might not actually buy from you. But they will talk about you at conferences at events. And that is how you you just have to stay present in top of mind. And you really, at the end of the day, you have to enjoy what you are doing every single day because if you're not enjoying it, you need to really rethink the whole cycle. Okay, commit to get results, create a daily plan to stay on top of mind and do what you enjoy. All right, so this is my quote. And of course, Johanna turned it into a fabulous art. The more that you shine the light on others, the more the light will shine on you. This is my quote. This is this is I'm all in right here, you guys and I've been fortunate to be surrounded by the most incredible audience. And we have been taking pictures. Believe it or not, throughout this course, and I wanted to just celebrate some of you here. I didn't get to put all the photos up. Things represents everybody here with me right now. And this quote is a treatable for those of you watching, this is my quote. I put it everywhere and my last slide. This is actually said to say this my last slide, but my last flight is a huge shout out thank you to creativelive as a whole. Erin, my producer is emoji girl up in the back. He has been the glue behind this whole course. And there's so much gratitude from Morgan, Rachel and myself, and we're just so thrilled and honored that we could be on stage again here. Yeah. Wow. Well, that fabulous. We descended on amazing two sessions of our class. I wanted to give you some comments on love from the Internet. Martin Martin Casper says this two day seminar has been one of the most excellent and informative classes that I've ever attended. Su begets social creativelive. I am a complete newbie, for instance, to periscope and very excited to integrate it into my business. So one of those excellent classes ever that he's ever attended. Now I'm going to join you on stage to close out and I'm gonna give you an emoji kiss. So thank you so much for joining us. Do I want to Thank you. Thank you so much fun. Thanks for everybody in our studio audience. Everybody online for being here and we'll see you back here. Creative life soon.

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