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Strategies for Periscope with Brian Fanzo

Lesson 18 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Strategies for Periscope with Brian Fanzo

Lesson 18 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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18. Strategies for Periscope with Brian Fanzo


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Strategies for Periscope with Brian Fanzo

So, you know, we kind of give you a preview of what periscope is. And periscopes one of the apse. But if you're kind of listening to this are watching this You're saying I never heard of periscope brand new. It didn't exist a year ago. That's how brand new it is. So not only if you just heard about it today. You're still in early adopter. You're still brand new in the curve. This is This is something we are all learning every single day. I learned so was talking about that earlier. She learns every day I watch broadcast and I learned things about different places. They did the lighting. You know, Sue always put the the outside light behind the cameras. It likes you Very good or hey, how the way when did I switch toe landscape versus portrait. And so for me, what this comes down to really is understanding the kind of the differences of what we're actually doing. And before I get into that, I want about video. We don't talk about video throughout the day. You guys have a little bit from ...

sunny. Yesterday I loved how a J went into Twitter video I can tell you I do five Twitter videos a day. I try to because for me, how do I stand out from the crowd? Hold. I let my audience No, I care. I send a very short, personalized message. Thank you for sharing my content because video to me makes people. It's that easy. Anyone can hit Retweet. Anyone could do the little things if you go a little bit above and beyond, and then you let them kind of look you in the eyes. And that's really what I think. Video is kind of transforming social because the relationships are different because we're able to actually look so in the I don't have to be convinced that they're riel. And so one of the things that I want to actually talk about here is that video is growing. Snapchat has video. We have Vine that's been around for a while, I can tell you there's about eight APS that now play in this live streaming space YouTube. Everyone knows about Facebook video and the organic reach you get out of Facebook. Video video is growing every single day, especially the younger audience. We want to consume content. How we want where we want it. We want to do it in a way that actually makes sense. This is kind of interesting. So it only came out in February, but 40 years worth of video is watched daily on periscope daily. So think about it this way for me. I actually think about it when I'm like Well, I don't know what Maybe I ran out of my TiVo. I'm a big TV fan. To begin with, My TiVo is all gone. I don't have anything left. Left the watch, I'm gonna scroll. The channels are lots I want to hear from someone that's real, That's doing something unique. Yesterday there was someone that actually his name is Mitch Oats. He actually went underwater, and he was scuba diving with his periscope camera underwater. I would much rather watch that than watch, you know, flipping through the channels, watching reruns of SportsCenter. So for me, this is this is part of the game changer. And the other aspect here is every 12 12 new people are activated on, so mobile social added every single second. Now, the key word of that is like way. Brian, you're talking about periscope live Streaming mobile is the key because we are now living in what I like to call a mobile now world and what that really means and how we're kind of leveraging that is these APS, Our new live streaming is not new. I always tell the story that I remember when Steve Jobs announced the first IPhone or the first IPod and someone had, like, a hat camera wired to like a FTP server that went to Justin dot TV, which was a broadcasting site. And I'm watching it from my desk at my my job. Sorry, but that's what that was. Live streaming to me was this idea. But what we've changed is the mobile aspect of it and the engagement as you guys saw what we were doing a demo earlier. The comments are flying. People are giving you hearts. The hearts are nonverbal cues. The all the sudden start stop getting hard. There's two things You either don't have a good signal and people can't give you heart, which remember, I said, signals is very important or you've kind of drowned on, and people are no longer carrying extra interest. I didn't find out one of the other ones with people like Brian, You talk so fast, I have to take notes so I can tap the screen, which I'm okay with. I would much rather you take notes, then tap the screen for hearts. That nonverbal cues. It's this interaction. People don't wanna watch a broadcast on TV and be talked at. They want to talk with you. They want to help shape the content. And I can tell you Meerkat came out first. It came out in early March, Remember that came out in late February, but my first time was March 4th. But this is my ah ha moment, and I think it would kind of make sense to you is I was in Barcelona working at an event where I was at they had flaming out. I was doing live video blog's and guess what I did in my life Video blogger. I had a selfie stick. I was holding it out and I was walking and I was giving people a tour of this amazing event in Barcelona and giving you my video bloggers. Nothing fancy because I didn't listen toe to Sunny or or Steve that we're going to see earlier. I did have a very Shor thumbnails or all of those things, but I love doing it. And a brand had brought me out there and so on message me and said, Hey, Brian, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ashton Kutcher using this brand new app It's all you. You love the talk. You don't shut up, Jump on there. And so I said, OK, download 30 seconds later downloaded. I clicked it. I was like What's interesting? What does it need? I just with the hashtag of the event in the title on it live and all sudden went live and I want about five feet. I was like, Oh, this is kind of like what I was just doing. I click the button, the cameras on him like, Hey, everybody, I'm here and someone immediately said, Hey, Brian, what's that in the background? Is that the new Samsung phone? You walk over and show me that right then my mind was blown because I just did a long YouTube video and guess what? They heard what I wanted to show that Guess what I get to create with periscope when I get create with meerkat and these tools what the audience wants to do. It's really a community. You have to help shape the content from watching some of the audience here for me. I'm friends with you. I have ah relationship with you and you're in my scopes asking questions, supporting me, telling me what you would like to see, what information you would like and that collaborative conversations that really to me is a game changer. So there bunch of different APS. But what I like to tell everybody is you won't actually hear me talk about APS. Every brand that hires me, every person that I consult with, I don't even tell them or talk to them about the technology or the app itself into the very end. Not usually surprising, I'm a tech geek. I am mass like my fun times is hacking with tools. I'm a computer science guy, and but for me, I don't care about the technology. I don't care what app you're using. Find out which relative to your audience connect you. Sue really stressed yesterday that I think is more important than anything, maximizing your time, finding out what works for you and your audience, and that's where you're spending your time, especially where it's fun. But what I love about this is it's about conveying your passion. If you're a small business, you're a solo per newer or really for any size business. Who is the best person to tell your story you because you care because you believe in it because your work your tail off to make it happen. So what's great about this technology is it allows you to convey your passion in a way that could have never happened before. And I talked about it. A periscope summit. I was a closing keynote at Periscope Summit. I said, When I meet people from periscope that were I've been being people from Twitter for years. Sue and I first met. We've literally ran down the hallway for a giant hug in front of the in front of the board because it was like, Oh, my goodness, we finally met and that was from Twitter, and that was from fostering in a relationship. But I mean, people have have found in connecting with your periscope. The hugs are tighter, and it might sound kind of crazy, but it's because these people vulture in the eye they trust you. They believe you have seen me with my kids running around the background or they've seen me Paris coping from something I do on the weekend or me giving tips on personal branding. Or maybe I'm at an event and I'm interviewing somebody, but they are a part of my life. I don't have to convince them who I am, What I'm about there are part of that. I think that's really what's powerful here. So what you're seeing here is one of the tools called blab and blab, one of the newer ones. But I like to think of blab as what I wished Google hangouts where all the time. Because really, the only guarantee you have a Google hangouts is that something would go wrong. And I love Google hangouts. I monetize them for two years was part of my business model. But the problem was getting new users on and bringing the community involved. What blab is is actually gives you four screens of livestream, so this is a perfect screenshot cause, as for my favorite people, but all four of them are in a different location. They could be on their phone or their desktop with blab, but you're able to actually have a collaborative conversation. There's a comments section. There's the ability to share this to Twitter and everything I'm talking to you about. The reason these APs to me are important is because it's mobile and it bridges your social audience. This doesn't require you to build a whole new audience that no one no one knows about you. I always tell people all you need is one location. If you have an audience all on your email newsletter by the end of this, you're gonna prove to you that you can educate every one of them and get them on periscope. They don't have to have. They don't have to be on Twitter today. Don't have to have the periscope. App downloaded for me is about understanding where your audiences and providing value. So I look at blab as the perfect after Paris Pope or the amplifier. So I'm doing a really good rants because I have a tendency to some rants, and I'm talking about something I really care about. My comments are going crazy. All these people have all this insight. I'll say, Hey, why don't we jump on blab I'll bring you on camera with me. Talk about a powerful way to have a conversation and doing things like Okay. Oh, and Steve daughter's gonna come in here a little bit later. Steve got me hooked on his webinar without ever saying talking about his webinar. What he did was he jumped on blab after his weapon are was over and did that kind of the recap and interview the people that were on there and said, Hey, what do you guys think? Give me some feedback on my webinar 10 minutes into that, I'm like, Steve, Where's the link I want? I need to know Evernote give me more. But he never had a sell me anything because he was actually using blab is kind of like the after Show that you know this thing I got fan, how did I get people access to something they haven't had before? Which is really nice And you see a couple screenshots here. The nice part also is people want to share people that are doing great things. I might sound a little sentimental. I really, truly believe that us as a world, we're doing great things together often times the news that we see on TV focuses on the bad. I like to think that we, as people that have the access to do this on our mobile device, have you had the ability to actually focus on the good. And that's why I love periscope and meerkat. If you heard about how many people have heard about Facebook mentions, so Facebook mentions is a very similar app. The difference is I like to think of it the celebrity version, because not everyone can download it. I can't download. I don't have a verified check mark on my page or my Facebook account. So you have a verified check mark toe actually use Facebook mentions for periscope. All you need to do is sign up for a Twitter account and download the app. And for me, the question I always get is Brian. What do I talk about? Where do where do I start? Every one of us has a story to tell, and I think if we focus on telling our story from our point of view, you can never go wrong because I don't care if you have one person or 180 that we're watching live on that one. You can impact one person that talks, the one other person that grows your business, and I also here. There's another part here that really is important to me. And people were saying, Okay, Brian, here's we understand its mobile. Now everybody's on mobile. My target demographic is 35 of 45 year old women. And what do I do about that? How do I How do I get that? Actually, how do I get to them for me? I like to understand who influences the influencer. Who do your people listen to 35 or 45 year old woman that's buying jeans? Asked only talk to 35 to 45 year old women? Or do you talk to your daughters who are 16 to 26 or you're reading people that are blogging about it at that age? Maybe they're on periscope. So for me, understanding that it's really doesn't have to be your direct audience for your business. But it could be who influences your direct audience or ultimately, someone actually just shares it to your audience, and I kind of get into that a minute. So one of the reasons that I love this. It's because I like to call your digital eyeballs. And if you look me in the digital eyeballs, you'll know that I'm passionate. I talk, talk a lot, talk fast, but I care right, and I think there's lots of brands your business today. I guarantee almost everybody is listening to this is going to tell me Their website says I'm authentic and you should trust me. I have a great culture, and then they send you to a stale website as a bunch of can pictures of someone other deaths like I can like they're working right. I think we're over that. I think we've realized that anyone can say that you're trusting that your authentic, that you're passionate. But how can you actually prove it? And brands are doing that today. They're using it for recruiting. If you're looking to hire people, why don't you do a periscope of what the job would be like a day in the life of the job I'm hiring? Why don't you give them behind the scenes access to what your culture is? Food truck. Friday why don't you go around and ask people how they're doing on food truck Friday. For me, this ability to allow your audience to look into your digital eyeballs makes that fail factor a lot different. Because people don't have to say, Do I trust that person? And part of that reason is it allows us to build relationships like never before because it allows people to get that inside view. Because usually when you follow someone Twitter you like, are they only gonna auto tweet something every day. And I'm gonna really bother me. They never gonna reply back. You know, when you signed up for Twitter, they tell you to follow 13 celebrities, and those 13 celebrities are ever going to engage with you. So you think Twitter is a broadcast platform. But for me, what I love to think about it is how do I build relationships? How do I make people remember me? And really, when you start looking, you're the I. When I start seeing who you actually are, that is a game changer. So now you're asking me. All right, Brian, how do I build my audience? I don't believe you tell people to go on periscope. I believe you educate them and give them a tease. and a taster. And what I mean by that is, as you can see here and soon. I did it for one of our early ones. This is way back when I wish I had the date on that one. But building your audience. So for me, Suze audiences on instagram I was We were talking about what was going on our first periscope. How did I let my Instagram audience know about it? Well, there is no schedule feature and periscope. There is one of meerkat, but that doesn't mean you can't schedule your content. Creativity is super important, but consistency is super important creativity as well. But what I believe you should do there's educate your audience when you're going live. Even it's that morning. Go on, Instagram and post a graphic that says, Hey, I'm going live at this time. Follow me here. If you want to watch the broadcast or created graphic in one of my favorite things, I do. The video teases. So I do a video tease on Instagram. I'll upload 2.5 minutes of my periscope on my Facebook page, and I'll say at the end, if you want to see more about it. It's on here. Or download the periscope app. To me, it's about educating and inspiring them to come over the periscope. If you tell them go down on this, you have to watch me live. You're gonna say no. I don't need more shiny objects. I don't need a new app. I can barely handle the five APS that I have now my phone. But what I actually believe it comes down to is pretty graphic. I love easy tools that are creating graphics like Camba, like the relay that these, these tools that are out there create great graphics. One of my rules of thumb, any graphic I'm using for only social sharing. I spent no more than eight minutes. So eight minutes I put a timer up. It's a little button I have in my computer eight minutes so that a man's done because guess what. I'm I'm not a perfectionist, but I'll tweak what fondue I want. Last time I checked, nobody cares what fun I wanted. Long. It's readable when it comes to like my audience, so I really focus on creating a great show. Social graphic. I get it for our scope yesterday. So you guys, to my instagram account I actually said I created took the Super Geographic that she gave me. I took one of me on periscope and said, Just so you guys know 9 a.m. On may be on the creative life stage. To me, it's about educating and bridging that audience so kind of wrap This kind of go through the last hole pieces think like a fan is my philosophy, and it just came to me because people kept saying about Brian, What do what do you think brands could do this? I was like, Well, I love the idea that I'm getting access. The PGA Tour was giving me access to Tiger Woods, chipping his balls on the private course that no one that was even paying thousands of dollars to the Pittsburgh Penguins in a Pittsburgh fan. As you can tell by the color that is head to Joe Pittsburgh Penguins did an interview on one of the great ones with SportsCenter. The Penguins loss could not get the Stanley Cup. SportsCenter showed me eight seconds of Sidney Crosby's interview periscope via the Penguin Pittsburgh Penguins. Twitter account for 8.5 minutes. So me, that was like, Wow, as a fan, I love that. So now is your business. You say, What do my fans want to hear people tell me? But I don't have any fans. I guarantee you dio and I guarantee they say the city of a brick and mortar company tell people what the five process was off. Why you put things in the front window? Why did Sue do certain hats upfront? Why did she change her inventory? She no longer carries backwards baseball caps. All Fodor's telling that story, giving people that inside access because I always tell people, Why would I actually leave? Why would I leave amazon dot com to go to a brick and mortar? Because I care, And I know they care about me. Amazon doesn't care other than retargeting me on my Facebook, right? Like that's what that's about the level they care. But I want I want you to give people a reason to care, and it's so easy to do that with periscope, giving them unique access. Remember, unique access means it's mobile. I love you, Tube. I believe this is not compete with YouTube. I believe this amplifies every channel it does not compete with. So, you know, this isn't polished production when you guys heard on, If you heard but, like the NHL is trying to ban people from Paris coping from the crowd. If you watch the hockey game, it's hard enough to follow a hockey game on HD TV, let alone someone's mobile phone that's actually holding it, shaking it back and forth. So for me, it's like, what unique access could I give? So for me, it's showing the green room showing before you open the door. You have a brand new sales, have a line out the door, giving people access to that, letting them know, Hey, it's not your email newsletter tomorrow morning, a.m. Before he opened. Store it nine to give you a chance to ask me any question you want. I know when you come in my business, I'm too busy to kind of do a lot of one off talking for an hour before I go live. Before we open the doors, I'm gonna give you access to that. I guarantee you it changes that person's purchasing decision going. I don't know if I go to that sale today, too. They care that much about me, and that to me, is the way this works. So sharing behind the scenes event amplification, I also love questions and answers you. One of the other things that people on do is doing a great job yesterday. What content do I create? Who creates the content? One of my favorite things to do is to ask your audience. Sounds easy, right? So, I mean, you should does it great. And I think that's such a powerful way of doing it. Get on there and say, Hey, I'm talking about personal branding today. I talk about my five things about personal branding that I say at the end. What things did you love meteo to talk about personal branding afterwards? We're not shy, right? We live in a social world today where the first thing we do when we have a bad experiences would grab her phone right. It used to be the ideal way would get mad, kicks something, go grab a drink. We do something now it's like I'm gonna tweet them like I was doing it yesterday at a bad airline experience. I was like, I want to tweet them. Well, it's that same idea where you're asking them for feedback, they're gonna voluntarily give you feedback. I think it's really an important piece for crowd sourcing. You can also use this content. I actually take my periscopes and I m bed the parts that are relative to a block post. I didn't bet in a block post. So now I'm not wasting that our not creating a blawg and actually take it even a step further. I've hired a community manager to actually take mine. She actually scripts my entire ones, and we do it as a whole block. So on my website, you'll see almost everyone on my block. Posts are a topic, a title Ah, block content and then the in bed of the video because I don't know what my audience, how they want to consume their content, give them multiple options, more multiple avenues to do so. So this is brand new. And across the other question I get all the time is what in the world what's the future of livestream? I have no idea. No clue. I can't even tell you what the next updates gonna be with any of these features. But I do believe in these two things. Storytelling inauthenticity are never going away. No matter what your business is, you've heard the old adage people buy from people they like. People remember people that created experience. And if you're able to actually do that and make that work, you're gonna make a difference. You're not gonna out of sight, out of mind, which I like to think leads to out of business so focused on being connected with your audience, providing that unique access storytelling every time there is not an industry or brand. And I feel free to tweet me after this were anyone that's watching this Give me challenge me. Give me an industry. We've had a mortuary. Why I put this challenge on stage one time I give, like eight ideas from the mortuary and he was blown away. Every industry, every brand, every size of business, from small to solo preneurs to someone it's just doing it as a hobby. You know, I love the idea of giving people access. They cannot get anywhere else. So I talked fast, so I'm going to a little things I can remember and I give you my playbook that I talked about at the beginning. Real time does not mean you do not need a strategy. There's a lot of people on these abs today. When you go look at it that forget this concept is clicking on and they go, Oh, I forgot that I was gonna live and they're walking through the towels hanging behind them and they have no real message. People, we all have hours. You have to respect people's 24 hours. So for me, I go in there with a plan of action. I go in there with what I'm gonna talk about and also a timeframe because you couldn't drag on. You don't even realize all of a sudden you're doing ah livestream for way longer than you planned on it. But you also have the ability. Did you have to realize that sometimes the comments are going to shape the content in the direction you're going, So have a strategy. We'll be willing to kind of roll with it. When I was down the fisherman's warf this morning talking about this class, we were going all kinds of indefinite, he said. Well, Brian, the periscope some it's happening in San Francisco to what you're doing there, and I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna be back here for periscope someone. I went to a little random laparoscope summit, and for me it was perfect because my audience was kind of asking about. And then the peace Here were the question we asked earlier. How often do I do it? What should I talk about? Nobody will ever complain that you're providing too much value or you're helping them too much. They will complain if you're selling them too much, you're talking at them too much. Or I like to say your phones further than your arm away because if it's further than your arm away proved to me that you can read my comments further than arm away. She's a different Abbott different technology, a polished video production team, because then they can actually create better content because you're not engaging with the audience to begin with. And one of my favorite quotes here, you know, trust transparency creates trust, but it's really that authenticity that you wanna build with your audience and this tool. It gives you the ability and the window into who you are so Here's my last take away. Here's my playbook. You do these five things, so you could you could raise your notes. The whole thing I talk about. You said you have to watch the replay Anyhow, you talk too fast. Thes five things that you do this in all five of your scopes. I promise your audience will find value. The 1st 1 you do every single time is you welcome people in the room. You'll see a lot of people that take that thing in there like I don't wait till there's 40 people in here. No, because that means the 1st 39 you didn't care about. First thing you do is you welcome people in the room. Thank you guys for joining, giving a little background where you're at. It gives people a bit of time to come in there. Introduce yourself every time. If someone's watching the replay, if someone's watching it a year from now because you've uploaded onto YouTube or you're using it for other pieces for me, introduce yourself. It doesn't be a long winded thing. You don't have to read your well. Hopefully not read your link in bio cause you know That's a whole nother story. Uh, but then the 3rd 1 is provider of our value. Deliver your content. Some people will look at me and say, Brian, how do you answer comments and then continue on your way? That's kind of how I've built my piece. It's not for everybody. So if for you delivering value is I need to say what I planned on saying and I will answer your questions at the end, all you have to do is say that up front. Alright, guys, I'm getting to telling you these five tips. I know you guys gonna have questions. Save your questions for the end. I appreciate your hearts appreciated for sharing. Let me get in the content. I'll answer your questions afterwards because then that doesn't worry about your educating the audience. I don't think you're ignoring them, and you're still answering the questions of fighting that engagement for me, this part of this tool is really just letting people know your thoughts. I'm overwhelmed. There's too many questions. Can you save it? Those kind of things. We want to hear you. We want that to Dio. The 4th 1 is engaged. The community makes you're asking those questions? Answer them. This is where you give your call to action. This is where you happen to sit in there? Oh, that thing that you see behind me on the white board? No, I was just brainstorming this brand new Twitter class that I'm rolling out. You guys wouldn't know about that. It's on this website, right? I do a very good job of Hey, I won't let you guys know this kind of a little bit. Call the action. And last but not least is a recap. The recap might sound funny, but people jump in the streams throughout. Our numbers were 85. We're live here earlier. Well, listen to hit 140. Well, the difference in 8540. None of them heard my preview. Now that I'm even heard my intro. So at the end, I always do a recap. Because if someone jumps in there and all of something like, that's what you talked about, what's the first thing they do when you go off air is what you're replay. And that, to me, is powerful because what I want something I feel is I wanted to feel when they jump in my scope that they're not left out and I'm listening and I care. So ultimately, what? I believe what you could do this technology is I don't think it matters what app you use. I don't care what your audience is or what your business is. If you tell your story, convey your passion and action. Show that you care about your audiences. Feedback. This this can change your game. It can amplify every channel. You can build your email audience and things that you would have never imagined, so that will move the questions. Yes, I have some questions. Question the audience microphone. Go ahead with Ryan. That was great. Before going to questions. I just want to say two things that you said that really resonated for May. Occasionally, I do forget to do that. Who am I on my broadcast and then halfway through our mike? Some people watching. What do you do it? Do you have in your mind? I want to do it in the first minute? 1st 30 seconds. So my goal is usually in that first minute I do the welcome everybody. How's it going? It's great day on Wednesday I just flew San Francisco. This is what's going on. And then as soon as I kind of get that, usually it's when you start seeing like, a couple people say, Hey, good morning that I'm like, Oh, yeah. And just so you guys don't know who I am And then I do the 30 and the other thing that you said that really resonated for me because I have not broadcasted in 24 hours. I've been busy with Greek, you know, on stage here. So staying top of mind, having a broadcast so that you stay top of mind. He said What you said top of mind something else in and out of business. So I don't wanna be out of sight, out of mind. So out of sight, out of mind, Out of business. I really like that. I think that's a treatable. That is true, because the more you stay top of mind, the more people know that you're engaging in your they're putting out your method. So those two things really resonated anyway, So back to the question. Hi, Brian. Thank you so much for that. That was awesome. My father I have a question What are your gadget shows? Have all kinds of try. You share your phone, So Yeah. So what you saw here is actually kind of Ah, yeah. There's a twofold to the tripod. You know, it's just a tripod. I actually have all my my site from a tool perspective. But any tripod that actually hooks on a a device, actually, hold your phone. What you see here is kind of a biographer. I have a phrase. Agree. Yeah, And this is a lens. And what this is is a widescreen lens. So for me, for this audience, when I actually put my phone in there, it would zoom in like the 1st 4 people by putting my phone. And here it actually does a wide angle lens, which is really nice. And then I have a bunch of different microphones, so I do everything from a lot of microphone. If it's just on me, if I'm doing on the street interviews I can use, um, XLR microphone. The key really is, and most of these companies are making it now. They all plug in to your headphone jack. So and it's everywhere right now. So, like on my website think like a fan dot video. So I think I found out video. If you put that in your browser, you can actually just click, and you can see all of my gear from the old oak cliff like I even have. If you don't want to do something big like that, I have it on me. I even take it when I go pictures of my kids or even Snapchat because this is a fish eye lens that actually clicks on the top of my camera. And so I just click on that. We're going to get cell phones. It's too, And I want to get Rachel and Morgan on her team. In I click this on the top, and now I have that on there. So for me, these are all pieces. Audio quality is important. I will tell you the the Apple headphones. If you're an Apple user, the apple headphones plugged into your IPhone. If you're outside is amazing. It's amazing how just that little bit, because there's not that extra win. But also remember, these acts are different than YouTube. I don't people tell me something like, Well, Bryant works great in my apple IPhones But why was it not working when I was using the YouTube capture at? Well, these abs were actually made and optimized for these devices. So it's actually using the microphones in a different way than some of these other APs would, because they want to maximize that. So I think actually, the technology, it's fun. Thes companies are adding new things every day because they even know this was coming to the market. You have have more recesses on your website. Yes. Yeah, I have a full list of all. I have every block, every giving this keynote think like a fan. So it's all in there all on. Think like a fan video. Thank you so much from the online audience. Jordan Danny Ellis has has asked you any suggestions for how product based businesses could use periscope. Love it. Great question on I love product Bayside, because to me, you know, anyone can talk about the features, the benefits you can send him to a website. I don't know the how and why. I want to know. What is the reason we create this project? What was the product in my favorite thing? Every every company let me Go talk to your product manager. Let me go talk to the team that actually did the research and development. Because if you give people Hey, we heard that people were having this problem where they're trying to take selfies and they couldn't take selfies And they wanted to do this on a fish eye lens. They don't want to have a whole case that was a fish island, and we decided we're gonna make this. But then we want to make it to full and you start to give the backstory of your product. Don't tell me why I need to buy it. Tell me the back story and the problem, its solving It's amazing. Don't sell it right. And I can tell you, I don't know. I've done four or five product demos very recently as an influencer. So that's sending me and paying me to do it. It's amazing. I never even give, like, the features of the benefits of the cell at the end. I mean, there was people that I was giving one away for free and I did a broadcast. 13 people say they bought it before I could even give it away for free, and I don't even tell him where they were googling it because I was giving him this tools. For this reason, this is what it's about. So for me, it's that idea that anyone can get the content anywhere else. And I think that's a staple here for last two days. For me. It's How do you provide unique information, Unique experience, that they'll actually want to buy something you don't have to tell him. So happiness is key way we actually have to move on. Sorry, but yeah, you can ask him in the green room. Thanks, buddy. That was great. Thank you. Really. You guys pretty much every day. And I did not know about a lot of those updates, So I'm really excited special about that fast Ford feature.

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