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Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

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Systems for Sharing Content With Rachel Polish

Sue B. Zimmerman

Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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7. Systems for Sharing Content With Rachel Polish


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Systems for Sharing Content With Rachel Polish


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Systems for Sharing Content With Rachel Polish

Now I want to talk a little bit about some systems we've got for sharing content. What kinds of content you should be sharing. What does it mean to have that social media mindset? We just talked a little bit about published content. I want to move a little bit more into the social space and and really what it means to have a social media mindset. If you leave your social media efforts up to chance, you're just waiting for results like it's random. Successful social media is not random. It has to be intentional. You have to plan. You have to think about these things. The likes wants, the needs that your customer has. You're leaving it up to chance. You're leaving your results up to chance. You want to adopt some key social media behaviors? Okay, so what does this mean? These are the conscious things that you want to consider when you are sharing to social media and this applies to basically any platform, it's not enough to have a social media presence. Your posts engagement need to be a...

uthentic. Aligned with your brand. They have to be share a bull on all of these things. keep moving. Number one, I'm a little had myself here, So Okay, so adopting yourself, if you again. If you leave your social efforts up to chance, you're leaving the results of the chance Number one. Build yourself up to be a go to resource. Sue is the go to resource for instagram. That's what we are pushing. Okay? There are other people in the world that are go to resource for sustainable living. Four crock pot recipes for, um, crafting and other things. What can you do to set yourself up to be that go to resource for your particular industry? Um, I like I like to use wedding planners as an example or or even a bridal shop. So let's say a store that sells wedding dresses, OK, if they just put up every single wedding dress that they ever sold, they would only be getting people who are like searching wedding dress. They're not building their audience with people who could potentially want a wedding dress in the future. You're keeping your margin or your audience very narrow if you are not thinking about the bigger picture. And I'm not saying you should be targeting a giant massive audience. But how can you narrow the picture a little bit? Yeah, so you don't have to be the only resource in your industry, but you want to be. One of the resource is that people think of when they think of your topic, so writing about the things that make you credible, So instead of just writing about wedding dresses, there's only so much you can say, right. You're talking about different venues that people love to get married in different themes, color palette, anything that has to do with wedding and that special time in someone's life, right? So it's not just I'm talking about wedding dresses. I'm talking about a bigger picture. 90% of what you share on social media should be shareable. This is the theme. You'll hear up. You know, I say, Sue says. It's funny, says it. Rebeca is going to say it again. I'm sure a few other people later in the course will say it again, and I say 90% because leave a little wiggle room for yourself. Okay, of the 10 post You should want people to be able to share what's the psychology of sharing Why does somebody share something? Because they want to look good in front of their audience? What can you share that somebody will want to share to make themselves look good to their audience? A little bit tricky there. Hope everyone's following. Let us know from the global audience online in the chat if you have any questions about this specifically, But again, I'll say it again. The psychology of why people share is to make themselves look good to their own audience, to their friends, their family. They wanna look cool or smart or in the no. So what can you share that's helping them get their or helping making them want to share that and be motivational or supportive or well informed that they can look. They can share that stuff to their own audience. It pulls in that you know, that kind of emotional pull to get somebody to want to share. So ask yourself every time you put something up. Would somebody that is my target person want to share this? That makes that I hope so. Okay, It's not all about you. Number three. Not all about you. It's not all about what you sell It's about the industry that you're in so share Other block posts, share other things from other people. It's not all about you. Talk about out things outside of what you're selling. Number four. Be assertive while showing off your personality. I have this conversation a few times. Every bonds with different people, different clients. You have to be assertive, Teoh. And this is something that I don't hear people talk about too often, but you have to define to the world to your Internet audience what it is that you're selling and what it is that you're about. You have to You have to explain it in a very specific manners that people understand what you're about and not just let them guess will be assertive. Tell them this is about this. This is what I'm talking about. This is who I am. This is what my business is about. This is a block post Iroh. And I wrote it because I felt this way. Be really specific. Be assertive, Tell them. But in order to not sound like a jerk, you want to leave your personality into it. So things that you would normally say your lingo that you've got going on. You definitely want to be assertive, but keep your keep your personality in there. The last number five here is to treat each platform differently. And I say this because it's so easy and you think it's time effective on this ninja. I'm gonna write the tweet, and then I'm gonna put it on instagram. And then I'm going to copy and paste the same thing and use it as my YouTube description. And then I'm going to take the everything and posted on Facebook. And look at May I'm, you know, efficient while you're efficiently getting nothing done, because that doesn't work as well as if you were to treat each platform like they are their own community, their own network, their own ecosystem. Okay, we've got It's called being native to the platform. You have to understand the culture. So, for example Okay, so on Instagram, everybody knows you can't put a clickable link in the post if you don't stay tuned later in this course, you will tell you that you can't put the link in the description of the post. So you have to drive people to the link in your bio Therefore, I have to change up the verb ege that I'm using on Instagram versus Facebook. Also on Twitter, you cannot write Ah, whole lengthy paragraph surprising only 140 characters. So you've gotta we've it. And so that requires being a little more clever and leaving a little to be desired and serious there with your tweets. You can't right the whole shebang right there in the twitter posts. So you've got to keep it short and concise. All right, let's just summarise again. Become a go to resource 90% and want to be share a bowl. And these were just like when you're thinking about your posts from a big picture. Okay, this is these are the things that things I want you to consider not all about you. You want to talk about other people, other parts of your industry that are relevant to your customer and you want to be assertive, but leave your own personality into it so you don't look like a big jerk. Lastly, native, make sure that you understand if you're going to be on Instagram. Let's talk like the people talk on Instagram. Let's speak to people in the way that they're comfortable listening to us. What should you share? Industry information. And I've talked about that already. A lot videos. Don't be afraid to share videos from yourself or somebody else. You can share other videos. Just today, I have shared the creative live video that they put up that was done for us about this course. And we didn't quite make that video. Yeah, we were in Florida filming it, but, uh, you know, they it was their content. So feel free. You can share other content from other people. Articles and blog's related to your industry. Obviously, photos, photo is a great post on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook thought provoking ideas and questions. I'm going to get to an example of this in a minute that will spark interest. Okay, you don't. Every Facebook post doesn't need to be a video or photo. You can just say, What do you think about this? What? You know, side tip. If you give them options A, B, C, D and E, they're much more likely to answer because you've presented the answers in front of them. They don't have to think of it on their own and they can just reply with O. D. I sit, D you know some of example we've done in the past? What best describes you? Social media manager, social media marketer. Uh um solo preneurs Or or I don't have a business yet, and you know, So we list those examples and people can choose, so, you know, ideas, questions. What do you think about this? You know, things like that. Resource is don't be afraid to just say Hey, I found this really useful. This is a great tool. Try it or this is a great location. I just had my baby shower here. Anyone in the world that lives in my world? Anyone in my community who? No. Someone looking for a baby shower location. You know, that's just being helpful. That's okay. To share on social media. Yeah. Questions online. Goody. A lot of activity there says great. Sure. Samantha Jewell has a question. When you have several business concepts to sell, how do you decide what to primarily promote concerning social media? Do you advise focusing on what's already profitable or the business needing some attention? I think it depends on your band with because she for her if she says that she has a wellness blawg and additional marketing company. So it sounds like two very different. Okay, so if they are very different entities, treat them like they're very different. Um, my first impression is to say, focus on one at a time on and and develop content for one. Do we have the name of this person? Samantha Jewell, Samantha Jewell, Samantha Sam. However, you go stick to one thing at a time focused on your wellness piece. What gets you most excited today right now in this moment, what are you most excited after watching this course? What will you apply to which business? That's how you know which one are you most excited to go work on? Do something with that focus there for a while. If you get mo mentum, great momentum, Great. Stick with it. Keep going. If not, maybe explore the other avenue I would say Don't try to do both at the same time. Really? Really Well, you're just spreading yourself too thin. That's one of the biggest lessons we have learned in the last probably 12 to 16 months here on our team. Is that the 16 to 1 thing at a time and do that really well. And don't try to overextend yourself or your team or people you know, people that work for you. The last piece is obviously your own published content, and I wanted to say that because you should share every single thing that you post. If you're posting one block post a week, you better be sharing it every single time. Don't leave one out. You should share all of all of them. I wanted to go through different kinds of posts that you can think about so there's a short form post that leaves things. It's like less is more in this case is great. Short form posts are great for sparking interest. This is I'm going to use Facebook examples here for the next few slides. But just understand that this concept can be really applied to you know, any any platform in most cases, the okay, so short form you'll see. So I closed my store dot dot dot I'm not writing half of the block post as the Facebook Post. That's what the blog's for. And this is actually a great example of it. Um, a block that's not like specific to our industry is is more of a personal blawg. So the short form post work really well. Long form contrasts. This is also a Facebook post. People love to re long, warm based Facebook post Sometime I didn't want to put this up on her block. We had another block planned and, you know, I wanted to keep the rolling, but I wasn't afraid. Teoh right? A full long story about something that happened over the weekend and write it out in the Facebook description. This got so much engagement because people are getting so much information here at once. So the more we're putting here, there's opportunity for different people to connect with different elements of the long post, and therefore they might share it for different reasons. So play with it when that was posted. That was when Michael Cells are just started embracing blab. Yeah, and this was, I think, one of his first blabs that he was on with Amy. Yeah, tens on my right. Yes. And you're like, OMG, It's a weekend, but I'm working anyway. So because you just went live on blab and, um, there's content here that we need to share online. Yeah, absolutely. And so we wrote this up and it was just it was timely. And so it was relevant for people we knew people in our audience would connect with it. And so we wrote up a longer form Facebook Post. Don't be afraid to do this, okay? Even though it feels a little different, you might find that it gets a lot of engagement. And I don't do this every day, not even every week. But you know, when it's when it makes sense, we do it. Get inside the mind of your audience, just some inspiration or things that you can say that you know will connect with people. Read this one out loud so you guys can if you're having trouble seeing this. If you haven't moved yet today, there's still time for successful people. Don't stare at their Facebook Twitter and Instagram feeds for 10 hours without moving. Hop to it and clear your mind. We're not saying I'm about to go out for a walk right now. I love running. Can't wait to go for a run, but the message connects with the photo. It's it's relevant and this was posted, I think, on a Monday, actually, and so it was like, You know, if you've got that Monday kind of like drag, move your butt out of your chair and go for a walk. That's what this post is saying. And so that's inside the mind of our audience because we know our audience is likely people just like you who are working on their business. And they might be staring at Facebook and Instagram and Twitter for 10 hours straight. Don't do that. Move. This is again example of a slide share were celebrating somebody else's content. This is actually Donna Moretz, and she wrote a great content. Ah, great slide share post with about visual content and visual marketing. It was excellent, so I shared it. I'm not afraid to share other content customers and clients when relevant. Okay, Sonny obviously work with funny, and she's had so much success recently that we knew our audience makes. Our audience would also enjoy Sonny's content. I would not have shared this if I didn't think our audience would also enjoy something's content. Let's say I was working with, like, um, a garbage disposal company like I wouldn't just put up like a garbage disposal company because our social media people are business owners are not interested in that, necessarily. So when it's relevant, talk about your customers. That gives you credibility. And this is an example of asking questions to get people involved. This is Instagram's main account. They do something called Weekend hashtag Project. It's excellent. Search the hashtag W H p abs. Yeah, wh p. And you can see the different things that they ask of their community. And they have this contest they do every single week. And sex land. It's a great way to get people engaged, so ask people questions to get them involved.

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A cohesive social media strategy will help you expand your sphere of influence and grow your business. Find out how it is done in Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels with Sue B. Zimmerman. 

Sue is a small business owner and a master of social media. In this class, she’ll help you understand how social really works and she’ll dive into the details for activating your social media marketing plan. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop a social media strategy 
  • Grow and be a part of an online community 
  • Create affordable ads that will grow your business 
  • Produce consistent branding across multiple platforms 
  • Optimize your profiles for clicks 
Social media for business is inherently different than posting for personal friends. In Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels, Sue will identify those differences and teach you how to posts for instant business results. 

You’ll learn how Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter should all be used to share the story of your business and create interest in your brand. 

You don’t need a ton of time or money to make social media work for your business. Find out how to craft an effective strategy that doesn’t waste time and yields real results in Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels with Sue B. Zimmerman.

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