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The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

Lesson 10 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

Lesson 10 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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10. The Importance of a Facebook Business Page


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The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

so on a personal page, which is where you have your family, your friends and your personal information you can on Lee get not only you have a cap it getting 5000 friends there. So once you've reached that Max, you can't add any more friends. So it's really important to have a business so that you can have a business page and with a business page, you want to get people toe like your business page because when that pages liked, people will start seeing what you posts in their news feed in their personal newsfeed. And this is how you get their attention. Um, you also can have with the business. You also can have a group. Okay, so I have a lot of groups, and I'd love to hear from the live audience soon. If you are in groups and if you've had success being in groups, I have groups for a lot of my online courses and to build community. We talked earlier about reaching out to groups. When you have questions that you want to ask around your brand, you want to get more clarity about what you'r...

e doing with your business or you want to know what pain points that you can solve. Facebook groups are a great place to do that. The two groups that I invite all of you to write down and join that are free, that are. Two of my groups are instagram results with an S. We have over 4500 active members in that group where I share free instagram information. Remember, Rebecca talked about this funny talked about this giving value and hearing free content is a way to build trust and are the other group that's free that I've recently became Part of is hashtag scope past Sunday, which I will talk more about in the periscope session with Brian fans. Oh, but this is a group to join. If you want to tune in and learn for myself. Vincenzo Landino and Amy Schmidt, our We do this every Sunday at 9 a.m. e S t. And it's awesome. So building a community on Facebook and a group is really a great way to but to grow your business. So a lot of people are overwhelmed with their business pages and they feel like they don't get the engagement. But you really have to have a business page if you're gonna target people to make money with Facebook ads. So we love having a business page. We've had a lot of success with our Facebook ads, and we know that it's where we have grown our community and give a lot of value. So there is one point for at least the last time I checked. Nathan can correct me on this 1.4 billion active users on Facebook and 20% 20% of the global audiences actually on Facebook and your customers on Facebook checking in all the time. So you definitely should have a presence there. Just a quick show of hands. Does everybody in the audience have a Facebook page? Yea. OK, so this resonates for all of you. Awesome. Okay, so you, in order to have a Facebook page for those of you in the worldwide audience that might not yet have a page, you need to first have a personal page toe, have a business page on Facebook. You need Teoh, your content posted Ken, that's posted on your personal should be different. That what's posted on your business obviously your business should be giving value around your business, and you want to personalize your with your profile picture or your cover photo. So there's a way that you can get some more branding with using a really good profile picture and a cover photo. So what makes a good cover photo? Because I see a lot of cover photos on a lot of cover foods that people don't have. And then I see some that are really good. And if you're here to really be one with your brand we talked about when you land on any of your channels, you should know and feel that branding. And so with your Facebook page gives you the opportunity to put a nice timeline photo a cover photo. And it's all about branding and aligning with your brand. So Rachel showed a few of our timeline cover photos When we had our campaign, there was one with our campaign around insta results, and we change that, depending on what our campaign is and what we're doing. So you can easily use camera, as Rebecca had mentioned to change that that cover photo and really make it stand out with your brand. And when you upload your cover photo to Facebook. It shows up everyone that's like your page. It shows up in the news feed as a new post. So if you're feel and some of my clients that I've worked with and what we've done is the strategies, we change that photo, ah, couple of times in a month, just to get more eyeballs on it and get more likes on the page. So if you're feeling that you're not getting a lot of likes on your business, take a page. Try changing up that cover photo. Um, it's a place where you can post information. A lot of people don't know when you click on that cover photo. You can actually lead people to a bit. Lee linked to a link. We want to drive traffic back to your website, so that's a place where you can do a call to action so that you can get back people back to where you're growing your list and again with the cover photo. There's real estate there, and you should be using it. You should be using it to drive traffic back. Okay, so here is an example of one of our pages. This is on Steuby, Zimmerman. And you see where it says Click here. People don't know to click that, so you can put it in text on right on the image. And when you click that it takes you over to our strategy guide. This is are often this is what's on our website. This is being consistent with what we have on every platform. And it's that bit Lee linked to grab the free strategy guide. So this is what we lead people to and have been leaving leading people to all year as to grow our email list. So this is this is a great place to do that. I'm going to check back in with a live audience. Are all of you utilizing the cover photo to drive traffic back to your website? Okay, so those of you that are saying no, because I want people to like, I love that you're all learning. You know something new today and this is like you're gonna go home and do this, right, Carrie? Okay. So how many of you have didn't realize that you can actually utilize this is real estate to drive back? Oh, Okay. Four of you. Great. So you paid for the price of a mission right here. Okay, so So Definitely use that and offer them something for free that they're gonna want to go grab. And you can change out this link at any time. And like I said, if you change the cover photo twice a month is what I recommend to get more eyeballs on your business page. It shows up in the new speed from everyone that's like to your page, and you might get And, you know, some of your friends and followers might see it as well. Okay. And you can also tag your personal page when you do that, so your followers from your personal page will see it. A couple little ninja tips. Okay. All right. So there's different types of posts that are native to Facebook. One is a plain text status update. And to be honest with you, I very really do them because I'm all about imagery and everything. I post is always with an image. But interestingly enough, in preparation for this presentation, we needed a sample of that. I'm like I cannot find any post without an image, cause we always post with an image. So I created one. We could take a screen grab and it got a lot of engagement. So I think the point is when you shake things up and don't always do it the same way your followers might just take note to that without the image. Because I really thought every post I did on Facebook should have some image attached to it. But you can just have it be a tech status. Okay? You also can have a link a link post. I'm gonna show what that looks like in a minute, and you can have an image post in a video posted have examples of all of these to show you guys. All right, so these are the four different types that are native to Facebook. Remember? Rachel talked about being native to the platform, so just jot down these, and, um, you should be trying experimenting with each one of them. Okay, so this is what the text status update looks like. And I actually did this in a Facebook group. Okay, so this was just a tip on instagram tip that I shared in the instagram results Facebook group that I'm talking about and I have this big pet peeve that whenever you share anyone's content, no matter whose it is, especially on Instagram and people feel like they can just take a screen grab and share it as their own. I always preached that you have to share it to the content creator. And so I just wanted to teach that lesson, and I screen grabbed it here. But since I posted that, there's been a lot of comments about people saying, I really liked that. You said that So this is reinforced to me that there's an opportunity to doom or of just these basic text status updates. Okay. And another one is an example of re for Leo. Are you all fans of Marie Folio? So if content yes, yes, right? So if content that you're sharing aligns with your brand we talked about sharing other people's content, and I love this post because, um, Marie always says everything is figure out Herbal. That's like the one thing like talk about branding on point Marie Folio. She's absolutely brilliant, and that spews out of her mouth all the time, and she's like That's a treatable. Those are some of the things that spew out of her mouth. And so I follow Marie. She lands in my email inbox. Every Tuesday I watched all of her videos. This is content that I like to get in my in box because I learned from Marie. What? What what do island for Marie? She's a rock star on video and her sets amazing and our contents amazing. Her deliveries amazing. However, I want to share with all of you that if you go back 10 years ago when Marie started, you will see that she started like all of us somewhere, Square one. And you know, so you know her videos or not as polished and you know she's talking to herself. The animation she did it. My point here and sharing this story is that you just have to start, and you don't have to feel like it's perfect because everyone starts somewhere. We don't all start with 10,000 followers on Instagram. You start with zero, so it's just like starting to do it and getting used to doing it and seeing what feels right for you. And let's go back to that. What do you enjoy doing? What's fun? What do you really like sharing. So that's an example of sharing the video and then an image post Rachel talked about this earlier is sharing quote. So Chris Brogan is a great friend of mine. I think the world of him and whenever anything brilliant rolls out of his mouth when he's speaking, I write it down and I turn it and I turn soundbites from speakers that I love when I'm speaking on Stage two brand herbal graphic images. So it's still aligns with my brand. It's Chris is quote, and you heard Rachel say, Put your website on it in a subtle way so that if it does go viral, if it does get shared, people will know the source of the content. So we shared this on Facebook, and we also shared this on INSTAGRAM, and we got a lot of engagement on Chris Brogan's And here's the other thing. You guys, you can tag the content creator, and so Chris would reach wheat this to his less when he saw it, if I had it, if I shoot it on Twitter, I tagged him on Instagram. He left a comment and said, Thanks for sharing. So this is how you kind of align with these relationships that you're building. Give shoutouts to other people that align with your business values because people noticed the shout outs, the tags, the repost, the retweets and it's how we like, bring this amazing community that much closer. And you guys are all testament to that right here, all these smiling faces in the right place, Okay, And then the last one is the video post. So this is act. Every time I look at this, I kind of laugh. So I did three training videos for our instant itself launched. And let me just tell you something that took Morgan and I five hours to do. It was not easy, but Morgan captured all the bloopers in this. Okay, so they Morgan and Rachel asked me It was okay to post this. It's hysterical. And it's me, like getting through and pushing through all the videos that we had to create. And the truth is, people love behind the scenes. They love knowing how you do what you do. And I love knowing that you're not perfect doing what you dio and so sharing the behind the scenes in your business, I think, is always a great way just to get people toe to see what's at the core of who you are and what you dio. So that's a fun one, and that got a lot of engagement. So that's an example of video. I also share a lot of videos in my groups and the way that I do videos. You guys, I just hold out my phone and hide alot best angle, and I talked to the phone. Do I talk to it 15 times sometimes because I don't get it right, so but no one knows that when they see it in the Facebook group. I nailed it in the Facebook group. You don't know how many times it took me. It's like when you do a selfie and I take, like, 50 selfie till I get the perfect one. So So I enjoyed being on video, but guess what? I used to not be enjoyed being on video, but why do I enjoy it? Because I know that it works and go. It goes back to people seeing your eyes, hearing your voice, feeling your passion, feeling your energy, the more they can get a piece of that, the more connected to they'll be. So I I encourage you all to practice on video and talk to the camera like it's your perfect avatar, your client, your best friend. Talk. Talk to Kim like you talking to Sue Bee. Just hold it up there and talk to May and create that. 15 2nd I'm gonna make all you guys in the audience do it to post for tomorrow. So anyway, so that's another great way to do it. And then how to engage on Facebook. So there's all kinds of ways that you can engage. You can like a picture. You can comment, you can leave a private message or you can post on friend's business pages. So, like everything I preach, liking something is nice. But actually leaving a comment is so much nicer. I don't know about you guys, but our business page is the most challenging page to get comments that, but I know it's so important to grow the likes because then we can grow the audience that we're targeting our ads to, and we have a lot of great success with our ads, so don't think that because you're not getting comments in your Facebook page that you're not getting eyeballs on your Facebook page and Nathan's gonna go into this more in terms of in terms of, like how to get more engagement on that Facebook page and why it's so important that you need to consistently be posting okay and then private messaging. So here's a little suit being into tip when we have a block post and I see that we haven't really received that many shares on it, and we're finally you guys. It's taking us a good year to get a blawg system down for our team that's consistently being posted most. Every week we post the block post, and if I'm saying that we're not getting a lot of shares meeting, people aren't tweeting it or showing it to Facebook or comments. I will message privately each one of you here in the audience and I will say, because you guys just mind I've done it to all of you. Will you please go and leave a comment on my blawg? Because how can you say notice to be right? So because I would do it for you if you asked me if I know you. I like you and I trust you. And you needed me to share anything and kindly. And you are the epitome of someone that shares all the time. And I so appreciate that because this is what this is how this is what helped you get your your business engine going If you're not getting traction, asked people that you're connected Teoh to help you. So I do this with a private message, and I asked people to engage, so at least it starts getting some momentum. Okay, so is that is that all helpful? You guys are all smiling. Great. Like just asked if you guys need anything for me, just ask, You know, if you don't ask, you're not gonna get all right. So the value of focusing on Facebook, I'm gonna quickly go through this because I'm really gonna let Nathan dive into a lot of this. But it's easy to engage with your target market and build a community. And you know that the people that have liked your page on Facebook are there for the content that you're sharing were sharing as you saw Rachel, where we're sharing other people's content that gets value our followers. A lot of that is instagram marketing, but it's also online business marketing and how to be successful in your online business. It obviously helps with C S CEO and proves the visibility online because you can search in Facebook and you can target with Facebook ads as we talked about, and just to let you all know, like we're super stoked about the Instagram ads. And we are. We've had a lot of success with the Facebook ads, and we haven't yet dived in deep with the answer Grandma's. But I'm excited that it's the same power editor in the same way to target on instagram as it is on Facebook. So a lot of hyper focused targeting you can do with the people that actually like your page. All right, so Facebook. I think Facebook is right for everybody's business, and you guys are a testament to that cause you're all here with your hands up. But if you want to, if you want to reach a really broad audience, obviously they're on Facebook. The last debt that I saw was 4.1 billion active users on Facebook, and this is where you could do massive sharing massive marketing. It's it's low cost. You can really target hyper target your audience effectively to promote your business with Facebook ads. I just messed mentioned. Um, you can also, um, use Facebook, even if you're not technologically savvy. Like my parents. My dad's 83 my mother 76 there on Facebook. They're like where you go in this week. So weren't you just in Dallas like Mom just called me a Facebook? Enough to call me. You get an update, and maybe you should be downloading Instagram, cause that's really where I share were. So, anyway, it's an effective way to share, even if you're not savvy. And if you want to post videos, images, articles or other links, it is really the best place to be sharing everything.

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