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Understanding Twitter Best Practices with AJ Amyx

Lesson 14 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Understanding Twitter Best Practices with AJ Amyx

Lesson 14 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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14. Understanding Twitter Best Practices with AJ Amyx


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Lesson Info

Understanding Twitter Best Practices with AJ Amyx

There's so much more to learn about Twitter. And that's why I brought in a Twitter Pro. So I'm super excited to bring up the next and final guest of the day, which is a J Amex. Let me tell you little back story about a J. C Beautiful thing about all my guests that are coming up here on stage. I've met all of them except for one online first. So a J came into my life in a Facebook group. So if everyone in the audience in a face at least one if not 20 or 50 right, okay in a Facebook group and I someone was asking a question about Instagram and Instagram marketing. And so obviously I answered those questions and a couple of the people in the group responded. And then I think I got a Jay's attention. He wanted to understand how these instagram for his business and I answered him. I said, I do free 15 minute consults. He got in touch with me. We talked. We chatted. He ended up hiring me and the SPC team to be his coach and started in a Facebook group. True story. And so one of the things th...

at we helped A J focus on in his business because he's so brilliant in so many areas. And he wasn't, you know, he was spreading himself too thin. And I really believe this. With all of you, all every business owner, the more you get hyper focused on that one thing that you do when you do really well, the more success you have. And so I knew that for me, that was instagram marketing, and A J knew it was Twitter. So what you're looking at here is a photo from Social Media Marketing World in San Diego when we had so much fun because we had great lighting, and I'm all about taking a good photo in great lighting. And, of course, I had the hash tag signs. So we did a little photo shoot out there and I wanted to share that photo with all of you. And then yesterday, a J. And I snapped the pic, and I thought it was perfect to put here. So I'm thrilled to bring up the second very handsome guest of a jam right here. All right, ladies, I'm excited because we're talking about some twitter today. If you guys are excited, you guys like winding down at the end of the day, Just say, Yes, I'm excited. Yeah, it was good. Like choir. This is nice. Sweet. So here's my outcome for you guys today. I want you guys to figure out how to build the raving audience that all of you guys deserve. Toe have I want to figure out How can we actually get mawr traffic to your website? But more importantly, Bill, you're freaking list man. Like if What is spending a lot of time here on social media about Twitter? Specifically, Tweet, Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. But it's not adding dollars in your bank account. What's the point? That's not adding US leads and tour business. What's the point? If it's not adding conversations, this guy looks like a phone like back in the day. So adding conversations on the phone right? What's the point? I want talk about How can we build our email list? And then how can we make some more money? That's good. Yes, Awesome. So here's a cool thing. We can do all of this and simply minutes a day like that's it. I'm not telling you to spend 50,000 hours on Twitter every single day because that's how many hours are actually technically in a day. Not really, but we're center tweeting all the time. You have to do that. You have to get really this automatic. Now here's the deal. Why I got involved with Twitter, right? Sue told you guys like this is kind of my gateway drug into what I do. OK, so what Twitter is here is 2000 and 12. Is that a place? My business, where I was making money is doing well, and in order for me to go the next level, I needed to continue building my email list. But I didn't have enough money to start spending on Facebook gets because everybody and industry at that time, this 2012 Facebook ads, everybody was like buying leads for cheap. And I had this mindset that I thought I have. It's been like thousands of dollars a month to be profitable on ads, and at that time in my business, I could spend a couple of 1000. But if I lost it, I would been like What do I do now? So I got really, really resourceful. And I asked myself, I said, What can I do to reach my audience now? In that moment, Twitter came up out of nowhere, right, Because we have to understand that in our businesses, in our lives, if we ask really empowering questions that we get really empowering answers if we asked really disempowering questions, we get really disempowering answers. So we have become very conscious of the questions that we're asking ourselves. So here I was all right. Used Twitter, I said, Okay, well, what do I do to use Twitter? Right? And it said, Well, why don't you go follow people who are following the leaders that have a product or service that similar to you? I'm like, Well, that's a genius concept, right? So outlined this plan. I still want to allocate 15 minutes a day to start going out and following these people who are following the thought leaders in the industry. And we're gonna get into exactly how to do this today for you guys. And what happened was within literally 24 hours, people started following me. I'm about one or two. I mean, like, 2030 40 50 60 80 right, And I, as I continued to consistently do the work. If you guys know me, if you don't know me, I'm all about doing the work very consistently every day, day in, day out, do the work, Okay? And as I did that a week later, I had set up a Skype call with someone and she became a client. And that was like 1000 years to $1200 client that came in from Twitter. Right, because Twitter is very, very different, we're going to get into. So how do we do this? Okay, we'll put me back up. So let's look at Twitter here. Why? You know, you talked about why and all that stuff. So let's look at some staff because people like that. So there's 320 million active users active people, like on the platform. So there's people for you guys to connect with. We'll talk about why it's easy to actually connect with people on Twitter. They also wrote out a stat not too long ago that there's a 1,000,000,000 unique visitors or visits monthly to sites that have embedded tweets. Right, so you guys can bring traffic to your site that's important. And then the other thing is 80% of the people on the platform on mobile. I want to pause here just a little bit because this is really important to understand that the users are on mobile. Because if your content the content that you're publishing on your website, if your websites not mobile friendly and you're like I want to go all in to use Twitter to drive traffic to build my email list and you're driving the traffic by doing when we teach you guys today but the contents optimized for mobile, what's gonna happen? They're gonna bounce right now, we have a number of high bounce rate. They're not going to opt in that I'm able to read your contents to be frustrating. So you to make sure that if you're willing to go all in on Twitter, what you need to make sure that your content is mobile friendly, that's really important. Here is the other thing cool about Twitter, our mission statement, right. To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly. This is my favorite part about Twitter. Without barriers right there. No barriers. You want to get into a conversation with somebody popping the conversation. You want to shoot out some information and share your message and take a stance and lead your industry. Lead your industry. You don't like something. Take a stand, shift the message right, and you can do it very quickly, all from the touch of your phone rather than I don't know what to say. Uh, don't you just say what you want to say? It's OK. Some people like it. Some people not gonna like it. That's cool. BU ship your message. Lead your people the people that you feel you want to lead Right now we could do this through text likes to talk about. We can do this through images. We can do this via periscope, which is live stream, which is owned by Twitter. So you guys can live stream from this, your smartphone from the palm of your hand, and we do this through video. Now there's three steps, my friends, to dominating and crushing On Twitter. We have power plan and promote. There's nothing side tangent here on Twitter. It makes you a very effective communicator, right? Rather than being like really long winded and having these long formulate price essence and speeches. You're like I have three step guys. We have power plan promote. That's it. Done. Drop the mic walk off stage. Right. So let's check this out. So what is this idea of power? So anybody and their mother, their grandmother, if they have a pet monkey, they could probably train the monkey to set up a Twitter profile. Right. So you actually have to get a place of power so you can lead your people. But I mean by this is your absolutely clear on what you want to accomplish from the platform. And you have the ability personally, to be confident in certain to show up and lead your people. We live in a day and age where everybody can ship content from the palm of their hand, every single person but the Onley people that are willing to stand out, or those who are willing to put their message on the line like put your message, ship your message. Right. So, Nina, you're putting pushing out this podcast. We talked about it earlier. Breakfast I was going to 100 would be really gonna be raw. This is beautiful right twitters and be great for taking that stance of the real and raw message and shipping it to make it larger than life to getting more. People were in a day and age, my friends, where people are hungry, hungry for real and raw and authentic communication. This is what I mean by power. And I actually have a process to give. So when you're driving traffic, people are finding you. When you're connecting with people that this person stands out like crazy. I tell you what to do or not to do the second piece of this and back up to click happy. Here we go, his plan here. So here's the deal with Twitter. It's all about consistency. Getting results on Twitter is like getting results in our body. People like what we're talking about. Attack. Now we're talking about like a body is like, What's the connection? What I'm getting at is you have to be clear on the outcome, right? Like we want to lose weight. We want to tone up. We want to build more mass, like whatever our goal is, it doesn't matter whatever our own personal goal is, but we can't just walk into the gym one day because we're inspired and then be like that squat machine looks pretty good. Get on the rack and drop out of squat, right? And then, like three days later, were like, we get on the Morgan, getting never in your run, right? Like we're not going to be able to get the results that we want in our bodies, right? You have to have the plan and you have to show up in the gym and do the work day in and day out. Doesn't mean that you have spent a long time, right? 30 minutes. Get in there, knock it out, push yourself and go home. Right. And if you do that consistently, you get results. Whatever those products are, they get you the results. If you're willing to do the work right, Twitter's the same way. Now, here's the other thing, though. If you're doing the work and got the results in our bodies and we stop what happens, we just back tracked back to where we were. And then we're getting inspiring. We gotta come back. So I still like Chip, chip, chip, chip back and forth, back and forth results with voters the same way consistency put in your calendar. You train your assistant to do it. That's what I do have an assistant. That's the truth. We all have teams all of us are leading into. We have teams behind the scenes helping us because we don't have enough time to do everything. But we have to know what's works and then train them for them to do the work consistently. Right, You have to have the plan and we're gonna give you guys that today. Now the last thing here is promotion. You guys can be out of place of power. You guys could be implementing the plan, meaning creating tweets and doing like nine times a day and the tall the suffering begin today. But if you're not going to learn how to promote that account correctly, right, whether we're using paid. But for today's training, we're going talk about how to do it without being paid. Is organic strategies will? No one's going to know you exist, you guys to be cranking out tons and tons of amazing content being exactly 100 right? But nobody's gonna know you're being 100 lets you know how to show up from what? The account. Cool, Awesome. So let's check this out. First stage is power. Okay, so if we turn our attention to the screen here, there's three pieces. Number one. We have the profile picture. You want to build your profile. Picture 400 pixels by 400 pixels. You also want to use your face. So we live in a day and age where people want to do business with people. And if they're anything like me, which I can say most of them are in this capacity, were willing to spend a little bit more money for the personal connection rather than somebody that I don't know who I'm giving my money to write. Like if I have to call customer service and go through the little line is like dia. 123456 Pay somebody else who's a lot simpler where I could just talk to somebody directly if something goes wrong. So put your face for your brand. Now, if you are a company, cause I know there's lots of people out there that are reviewing, and maybe you have a company right, figure out where your goaless If your goal is like to talk about with customer service than have your company's logo be your face of Twitter but maybe was taking customer service, there may be rolling out customer updates or something of that nature, right? That would make sense. Or maybe you could ask, How could we position somebody if your goal is to get leads? How could I position somebody in my company to be the face on Twitter that's willing to connect with people toe, uncover problems and opportunities to then either send them to my site to opt in to the lead magnet or text and get phone numbers or set up phone calls or take him to email or take him to Facebook or take him to the next logical step within your cell sequence? But this starts with the personal profile picture Little story here. So I've tested this for different companies. Okay, we had their personal brand and we had their logo. We published the same types of content within their personal brand, ran the same strategy with the one that had the logo on it, and guess which one actually grew faster. Personal brand hands down kick the other one in the face. Like teeth were on the ground, Blood everywhere. I mean, it was nasty. Like it was like, growing like crazy. Okay, so what I'm getting at is go with a personal profile picture. Also, make sure people can see your eyes. OK, Like I said, people want to connect with people when they can see your eyes. It helps him. Still, trust helps him. Still respect. Right. So have a nice 3/4 crop picture. You don't have to have, like, thousands of dollar. Professional photography is have really good lighting. Okay, Now, the second piece of this is having a rocking bio. A lot of people make this mistake of just randomly throwing hash tags and keywords. And like at other different Twitter accounts in there, there's like I would not put in there. Right? So what? I always tell people use 3 to 4 words that describe you as a human being in life and business. Remember, this comes back to you, right? Being personable, people want to connect with people. So these words help them understand who you are in life in business. And that's entry got out. This is interesting. I'd like to connect more. This person, the next piece of this formula for the bio. And by the way, this will help you get more traffic to your site. Increase click throughs. Your C T. All right, click through rate to the site is having what I call a power statement. Which is? I help who do what. Very simple. Do not make this sexy. Do not make this clever like Do not make this complicated. Keep it ridiculously simple and just tell them I hope this type of person do that. Now. The other piece of this that doesn't really have to do a Twitter but it's really important is that your lead magnet on the site needs to be Congrats with your power statement because you're saying I help these types of people get these types of results and then they click on the link right here below, right, and they're coming to the site. And then the offer is not ungroomed with what you said. They're like, Oh, I don't want that bounce rate goes up. You make sure your lead nine is congruent with your power statement, so they need to start building your list now. the third piece of power. Here is your cover photo. So just kind of real quick here. Designed the things 3000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. Now, if you go to Twitter and do some research, they're gonna tell you 1500 pixels by 500 pixels. Yep, 15. About 500. But it'll be pixellated, right? So I do not like pixelated images. It screams like amateur does not scream. Rock star does not scream authority so over design it 3000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall. And use this as your virtual billboard to establish you as the authority. And there's different ways to do this right there. You can use media logos. You could use that scene. If you've been on podcast, you can use these types of logos. If you're promoting a book or a podcast and opt in offer, you could package this to use the extra virtual billboard. So this brings us to the second thing. Oh, actually, backups Lucero fast. So she was a great example. Let's look, Let's reverse engineer what she did here. She has her cover photo very different than mine, but it's very congressional with her brand. Right? Nautical. She has diagonal lines. Diagonal lines actually create energy. Su super energetic, her brandis energetic, right? It's congruent who she is. Bright, vivid colors like this is sues brand, right? This is what she displays here. In her her rocking bio, she has instagram, expert speaker, Rollerblade er, top creativelive and structures. Not just a creative live in structures like I am the top creativelive instruction, right? This is good, right? She's taking a stance. She's telling people. And then she says, I teach entrepreneurs and marketing professionals how to use Instagram to get tangible results. Super simple. Now here's the other cool thing is she's promoting the this course, right? She changed her link because she knew lots of people today would be tuning in Thing Who is this? Susan Berman. Never heard of her. And they're going. Oh, interesting. And guess what? They're coming right back to the class. Everything. Soo does this strategic? What? I would encourage you guys to do on whatever platform that you're using. Get strategic and knowing. OK, if I'm making this posting, what's the purpose of it? Is it to bring people back to my blawg? Is it to promote somebody else that I want to befriend. Is it just toe add value to my tribe? Ultimately, by doing 1/3 party share like get ridiculously strategic. So this brings us to our next piece, which is playing were flying through this information like rapid speed. But there's so much stuff to do here. And I told you I give you the three pieces here. So here's the plan thing. You have to have the consistent strategy. Okay, so part of this is focusing on relationships, so understand that relationships are everything, everything and for somehow, like with this whole deal of social, somehow we forget that there's like people like with flesh and blood and breathing oxygen behind the keyboards like they're the ones typing these tweets. They're the ones on the other end of periscope. They're the ones on the other end of their instagram on their mobile phone, right, like so we have to understand that relationships are thank and they changed the game offline and online. So the culture of Twitter is very different than that of the other platform. So we look at the culture, a Facebook. Rebeck and I were talking about this in the green room. It's very intimate, right? It's more personable. We can have these long winded, private message conversations about family and vacations, and we can talk about business. And there's a way to actually use that to close lots of businesses. Well, but Twitter right is like this This open cocktail party. If somebody sends you like a Facebook friend request and you don't know them, you're like we have mutual friends. Did we go to school together? We gotta event, uh, delete creeper, right? Like like you're gone, right? Twitter is not that way. If you go and you see like, let's say Well, you should example of going out to a bar, something you go up to the bar, you're ordering your drinks right and out, like behind you. You hear these people talking about Weimaraners and for those that don't know, Weimaraners are like dogs. Like the great ones that you saw on Sesame Street that were the word close, right? So have a Weimaraner. So use this example the time. So let's say we hear people behind us talk about Weimaraners who ordered our drinks. What we do is we walk up But hey, man, I heard you guys talking about Weimaraners. Hop in the conversation like Absolutely. And then you start building friendships, relationships. You start networking. This is the game of Twitter, right? Relationships. So use that to your advantage. The next piece of this is sharing truly valuable content. Okay, so lots of people like Well, what do I tweet? How many times do I tweet? A day always told people to tweet at least nine times a day, Right, because the average life span of a tweet is about 18 minutes. So again, not like Facebook, Where if you post eight pain times in a day, people are like, Oh, my gosh! Block on, follow right there. Like gone. Twitter is not that way. Not everybody's going to see your content coming up in the feet. It's gonna get lost. But people will be searching it via keyword in hashtags talk so much that this gets dry here. Okay, so here on the nine times of tweets, you have to become the hub of information. This is why I was telling you guys know what you and your company stand for. Take a stance. Be 100 right like, take a stance. And then once you know your stance and what you stand against, allow all of your content, your tweets, your social media content But your tweets, in this case to revolve around that stand the stances like the hub. Right? So if you know what your stand for now you know what types of third party content to share. You know what type of statistics to share. You know what type of images and inspirational videos, right? Because everything comes back to what do you stand for? And then how can your twitter feed become the source? The hub where you are the expert for your information in your industry, this makes sense. Yes. Awesome. Make sure your wake. So the types of content that to share if we can talk about this just one hit on real fast quick tips statistics like did you knows? Third party shares retweets right, retweeting other people quoting other people inspirational images, inspirational videos. These are all types of tweets that you can dio

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