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Use Live Streaming for Your Business

Lesson 16 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Use Live Streaming for Your Business

Lesson 16 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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16. Use Live Streaming for Your Business


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Use Live Streaming for Your Business

So let's talk about why live streaming. So I have personally grown the fastest on my life stream periscope account than any other platform. And I really think it goes back to people feeling your energy and your vibe. And obviously, if you're putting out great content that people can consume, it's kind of like your own TV channel and people. As soon as you press broadcast, people can watch you from all over the world. So within 30 seconds of pressing broadcasts on periscope, I have a live audience similar to this, and I'm able to teach my instagram tips on a daily basis or give some business tips. And so I I just love the value of video. And if you haven't tried it yet for your business, I think today, after Brian and I get offstage, you might just write that down is one of your favorite channels that you're gonna want to jump into. As I said, it's where I've grown the fastest. I think I have, um, almost 8500 followers on periscope now, and I've been on the platform for about five month...

s, and just to give you some perspective, it took me over a year on Instagram. To get to that many followers, um, you can provide both promotional and published content, so it fills both of those pieces in the cycle that we talked about. You can use it when you're live, it's the promotional, and then it's it's on your Web site. If you want toe, repurpose it and you can repurpose it on uploaded to YouTube. You can transcribe your your periscopes and share them on your website, so it's a great way to repurpose content like we talked about. You can create a strong connection with the viewers, and that's really what I think is the most powerful is that even though they're not talking back to their comments, are keeping you going and your energy there in the broadcast. So it's right for your business. And again, I really want to emphasize this that you have to decide what's best for your business. I'm really enthusiastic about it, and I know Brian is, but you might not be that person that is gonna want to embrace it. But if you want to create a strong connection with your community, it's absolutely a phenomenal platform. If you're willing to have an interactive conversation Where actually people think your kind of crazy on. I'm sure Brian's experience this like when I'm on periscope at the airport. Everyone's looking at me like, why is she talking to her phone? What? I'm done. I kind of go around and say you guys, not periscope is and a lot of people don't. So it's fine. I get to educate people on the go. And also, if you are OK with not being perfect and I'm okay with not being perfect for me, it's always been progress, not perfection. Yes, I've dropped my phone in the middle of a broadcast. Yes, I've been dropped off the broadcast often. I don't have makeup on in my broadcast. I want to share a lesson. I want to teach something. I want to get it out to my followers, and I'm gonna make that happen. And people don't judge you on how you look. They judge you on the content that you deliver, so it's really important to have that kind of mindset. So I'm gonna talk about some periscope basics. And the photo on the right was when I was at the Periscope Summit and Brian was there along with me, and the one on the left is when I first started on Periscope and I created an image on Instagram to share on Instagram to let people know that I was on periscope because I didn't want it to just be a screen grab of the periscope image. I wanted to look a little bit more branded like we're talking about. That's why you see me with my sign and there's my call to action acts to be Zimmerman. So everyone everyone listening knows to follow me on periscope. But at the moment, so periscope is a live stream app, but you can also watch it from the desktop. I've personally never watched it from the desktop. I'm a mobile girl. It's on my phone always. It's gonna be interesting for me to hear if Brian I know he has a lot of gaps. It's going at once, but his preferred way to watch it. And like I said, the global engagement is crazy on periscope. Often when I get on a broadcast, I will ask where people are tuning in from, and it's mind blowing that you literally hit a global audience within seconds of going live. So periscope basics. What I want to capture your attention on in this slide is a I'm with Alex Pettit, who is a phenomenal on periscope. And if you're not calling him, you should be. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the periscope summit as well, because he was also a speaker. But I want what I want to bring to your attention are some of the gadgets and extended tools that you can use to have your periscope experience be a little bit more professional. So, believe it or not, a selfie stick stick brings it higher and gets more people in the frame. And then on the right, I have this phenomenal gadget, and even if Brian has this, it's a suction cut that when you put it on a window because that light from the natural window is amazing. So I travel a lot. I'm in a hotel a lot, so I like using my IPad is where I broadcast from. I can step away and I could have my hands in the frame with me. So that is just a couple little tricks that I have experienced over time in making my experience when I broadcast a little bit more professional. Another another thing that I dio and this is Justin Barker. He was my direct. He was my producer for my previous to creativelive courses, and we're very good friends were jumping here on my trampoline, as you can see at my house and Justin, I it was at the beginning when I started using periscope and we were in the woods walking and we were scoping. We saw the value of it and he likes to, Let's tell we're gonna be going live soon. So that's where I used 1/3 party app on instagram toe. Let people know that we're going live again. A call to action. You want to let your people know you want across promote when you're going live And if you can make it that much more fun in the image it's great. So here and on the left you see that this is a great instagram Photo is when you when you literally have someone take a picture of the phone of your experience, so angle in. And so we did this on that picture. So just make sure that if you're gonna go live on a scope. Having a call to action is awesome. And then I wanted to give a huge shout out to my daughter, Lila Zimmerman at Fresh Fit and fearless, who has embraced Periscope as a 19 year old. And I know a lot of the teenagers are not using periscope, but I made her do it this summer with because she kind of listens to her mom when I say this is good for your business. So Lila is fresh, fit and fearless on Instagram, and she has grown. She's the epitome of someone who loves what they dio and just simply started an instagram account, which I will talk more about in Scream later and started cross promoting with her YouTube channel with her blawg and with Paris Coping and Instagramming. And she's grown over 13 she's close to 14,000 followers. Now she's written any book. He's selling her e book on her Instagram account every day, and so this morning I sent Lila a little Texas A bloc. Can you commute? Showed out on your instagram account because I'm gonna be on stage. It will be talking about you, and she's really protective because you should be about what content you share on your account to make sure it aligns with your account, cause her accounts all about healthy food. And then when you see a picture of her mom, it might not look quite is is, like, cohesive with the branding. But she did it, so I was really happy. So so anyway, so those of you that want some inspiration from a great account while it's doing all the right way, and I'm really proud of her, obviously, and I wanted to just share that. Her whole journey has started from instagram to periscope to blogging to YouTube. So she's in the cycle like all of you are, and she's doing it really well. So if you need some inspiration, it's a great account.

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I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

Roz Fruchtman

Sue B. Zimmerman's *Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels* is one of the best I've seen of it's kind (or the best). It was easy to see that each guest speaker was prepared and truly loved what they were talking about - people can feel that. The energy was contagious. But, like everything else, one has to be diligent and follow those strategies that applies to them and their projects. It takes work! What I liked most was that although Sue brought all these experts together in one place to speak to us, she DID NOT make us feel as if we MUST master EACH and EVERY social networking channel in order to be successful. Sue B. Zimmerman made it fun, which makes one want to roll up their sleeves and get started and put in the work! THANK YOU, Sue B. Zimmerman! Roz Fruchtman (@PhotoshopHaven)

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!

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