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YouTube Content with Steve Dotto

Lesson 19 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

YouTube Content with Steve Dotto

Lesson 19 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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19. YouTube Content with Steve Dotto


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YouTube Content with Steve Dotto

the next place for heading is a YouTube video day video segment. So why you to for your business? So YouTube is owned by Google, and if you do it right, it really helps with your CEO. And I actually do have a YouTube channel. And I know for a fact that so many people find me just simply by Googling and they land on my YouTube video. And then they watch 1234 Maybe they're there. I have people tweet me and said, Just spent my whole day on YouTube channel consuming instagram content. So I know that it's really great for ASIO as well. You can build relationships much faster through video, as Brian just demonstrated, and you can show off your personality. Brian's was pretty awesome, right and experience very efficiently. So YouTube is right for your business if you're willing to communicate on video, so you really have to be comfortable with video again. Let's go back to that not looking perfect all the time and having talking to the camera like it's your actual friend. If you are an an ext...

ra vert and want to get yourself and your message out there, it's absolutely for you. If your content can be a tutorial based content, I think, and my next guest is gonna a testament to this that the aspect of teaching and giving value So a couple of quick basic aspects about YouTube the this one is my timeline photo, which is branded. And I want, you know, going back to that branding and making sure, no matter where people land, they know that it's your brand. They know that it's your vibe, and they instantly know that they should check in because they're connected with you on YouTube. You can even link your social share buttons as you see on the bottom left, and you can even give away a tip. So if you click that link, it takes you to our website on our YouTube channel. I have a welcome video so that when you actually land there, it gives my story. And this is an opportunity for you to get to know like and trust me before you even start watching my YouTube video. We also have playlist, and we have many different playlists set up this three that I'm gonna show you the one that most people go to is my instagram tips for business. And this is where you can consume Ah, lot of information about Instagram and most of our videos There are under five minutes. We also have a playlist instagram business interviews that I've done with different people. Kendall Covitz, Giada Self Norman if you might know from simple green smoothies and I've even interviewed people from other industries as well, and I just wanted to let you know I know Rachel yesterday talked about our most popular video. This is the one that, actually, after I research got the most popular. The most comments and views is how to delete an instagram content comment. Remember when Sonny said. People are just going into Google in there, typing How to? How do you do this? This is the one that people want to know how to delete a comment, and a lot of people still don't know how to delete a comment on Instagram. So that's my quick lunch to be in the YouTube space. But I have the best of the best coming on who I've learned so much from my good friend Steve Dato. And let me just tell you a little story about Steve Dahl. So I learned a lot on YouTube and Morgan, who you're going to hear from at the end of the day and I after work because many of you know I have had a store in the Cape Scooby Doo. We would come home from work and we would watch YouTube videos, and we wanted to learn more how to get more efficient in our business, more productive in our business. And this guy landed in our on our screen and we would literally be watching video after video of Steve Dato and like, Oh my God, he's so funny! He's such a genius. I just love this guy. And so I ended up speaking at a conference where Steve was speaking social media camp last year in Victoria B. C. And I had the opportunity to meet him in person, and that was like Brian saying, You know, as soon as we met, I instantly like, ran up to him, gave him a hug, and I was so excited to meet Steve Dato and we have become very, very, very dear friends over the past year and 1/2. I call in my accountability partner and a lot of what I do. I know that I can ask him anything about video about my business. And he's there for me as a friend with no ulterior motive. It's just like we collaborate on a lot. And as you can see from these pictures, we have 1/2 tag Shit, ton of fun. So let's welcome my next guest, steve dot out to the patio you didn't say is when you met me. A social media kit. You scared the heck out of me. Why did I do that? Because you were you. What if that means Everybody knows I don't have to explain, but you just overwhelming. It's a thrill for me to be here. Tornado is that you were you were, ah, force of nature Is the correct force of nature a little bit overwhelming? Sometimes in a possibly I'm here. I I think the best quarter ever heard about soon was Chris broken at an event that we did said I told Sue No, I can't do this event. This is what happens when you say notice who you're at the event way. Never say no. Do you think it is a thrill for me to be here. Just having listened to the content that Brian was delivering moments ago, I couldn't ask for it. Well, sues introduction itself was phenomenal, but Brian set the stage so well for what's happening in the world. A video. So we're going, we've got I'm gonna rush ahead. I'm not as fast a talker is, Brian, but I'm still pretty fast. I'm still pretty fast. So I think you did. Probably now, on behalf of content and I'm going to try for a Knauer of content in my 35 minutes or so, let me get just give you a big quick background for those of you who don't know who I am. Eyes for 20 years, the better part of 20 years I was in the traditional broadcast world in Canada. I had a syndicated television show called Auto Tech, which is still my brand, which was broadcast to homes right across the country for as for a little bit over years. And when I stopped doing that, the show was a how to computer. So I taught people how to use technology. I can still remember teaching people how to upgrade their modems from 28 8 to 56 kilobytes. Whatever is on all the sounds and all that sort of stuff. But we migrated and eventually a show like mine just didn't belong on broadcast TV. Name or the content was far more far more digestible and far more appropriate to be delivered in a channel like YouTube. So about three years ago, I began the migration from traditional broadcast to social media, and for me, it's been it's been a complete voyage of discovery. When I started it about three as a stable three years ago on my YouTube channel, I didn't know anything about the Internet marketing world about content marketing. I was a TV guy. My relationships were with television networks and with sponsors, advertising agencies. That was the world that I knew so for me as I moved over to YouTube and started to build in YouTube, and I will be saying over and over again. I know it's probably the the kind of the ugly sister of the social media platforms, because everybody thinks of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. But when I started learning about social media and started applying the social media techniques to I started playing the social media techniques to YouTube. It was an epiphany for me. The magic moment happened when I realized that my customer, the viewer, the person who was watching my video was the person who I got to have a conversation with in the past, my viewer was just somebody out there that would watch the TV show my customers with the television networks and the advertisers, the sponsors. And that was from my business. Relationship with was with So the ability to be able to actually just communicate with you guys with the people who watch the show and people ask you what you want to see and then provide content for you and have a real relationship. Oh, I was a happy boy when I figured that out. So what is it about video we're gonna? We're gonna start with having a conversation about that, and I'm gonna probably go over live with the same ground that Brian went over. And that's who's been talking about. But the bottom line with video in why video is so magic. And here's the thing. We're gonna be talking specifically YouTube, but begin with the concept of video is almost sometimes like a little bit frustrated when people ask me to talk about it because they will. Does anybody ever ask people to talk about words or text? You know, because video can be applied in so many different spaces in so many different ways, just like we apply words in different spaces in different ways. But our society, our community, has come to view video in a different, and it's got some magical. It's got the mystical, magical properties that other mediums don't have. It takes us a very long time to build a relationship through words through typing blawg created for people understand our ethos, for people understand our energy, our morality, all of those things takes a long time to convey by text. Some writers have the ability to be able to convey it almost instantly, but they're special creatures. The rest of us we as human beings when we boil down to what we are is were put on Earth to communicate. If you think about it, I'm gonna get very Zen on you for a moment. But if you think about what are we born doing and what we die doing, communicating everything that we do is all about this. It's what? An engagement about a conversation. It's what we live for. So in all of our senses are tuned to make us better communicators from our words our voice, our years, our eyes in the more senses that we can bring to bear in in physical proximity the sense of smell and the energy we get the sense of space, how we how we communicate by just posture or how we owe our the tilt of an eyebrow the nod of a head and being Satya close, I guess next things I would go up the chimney. But the bottom line is all of these senses we bring to bear and we trust them. We have this innate reliance on using these senses for trust. In the past, it was isn't food or prey, right? Is it food or something? We eat it or, you know, we look that we looked at the senses to do those things. Now we look at them to decide whether that we're gonna trust you whether you know you whether we want to engage with you, whether interested and we like you, we rely on it for all of those things. So I believe that video is the fastest track to the Keltie again. This term was new to me three years ago, getting people to know you toe like you and to trust you. And if you can engage more senses, you can fast track that relationship. And that's what video does in all of its forms. It doesn't matter what's on YouTube Doesn't matter. What's on Facebook doesn't matter where if then periscope in live streaming. It's the fast track to all of those things. So, of course, as we know, everybody's on the video bandwagon. Us. I began it. I started it all with YouTube, frankly, But now, everybody Facebook, they've all got the video there, all that video happening. So let's let's let's let's look at all the places that we can use it and see if we can boil it down, put it in context, and then I'm gonna bring it back to the creation of videos that we're going to do ourselves here are within YouTube, and then how we leverage that into other networks. That all makes sense. I hope it does good. So where do we use video went. So I look at video, this could be break broken apart into and many, many other streams. But from my perspective, YouTube is designed for content marketing. It's designed for us to create authority to create some sort of Ah, some sort of a, uh, a presentation format. It's not unengaged. The video and by its nature, is not as engaging a medium, not in recorded form in live streaming for absolutely, but not in recorded form. So you to buy see all about content marketing. How are we going to actually end up creating a narrative that people gonna watch and introduced? Like what? Look what suited when she discovered my how to videos, Got to know me, felt she had a relationship with me, to the point that when that of initial introduction came, I didn't know Sue, but she felt like she knew me, and that was that. And that's great. That's I mean, I love that concept. When people in and it does happen on a regular basis, people come, they say. I feel like I know you already, because in my channel, at least, I my same personality that is in real life is presented on the channel. So we have the promotion that we have the content marketing side. Then we have the promotional side. It kind of gets me a little bit browned off occasionally with all this talk of Facebook. Video is so amazing and all this other stuff on people dissing my baby YouTube because of Facebook thing about it. And I use Facebook video all the time. Don't get me wrong, but Facebook is marketing video. It's promotional. Nobody asked to see my video on Facebook. You know it is invasive on YouTube. They ask to see my video. This is a profound point in Facebook. It's happenstance. It comes across its whatever reason it's being prevented. But it's not the request of the person who's who is viewing the video. They might choose to watch it or not, but it would. They didn't go and look for it. It's targeted when it's on YouTube, then you've got information information products such as courses, tutorials, this product that we're doing right now, a creative life, tremendous use of video, obviously, but it's in an information product mode and then finally, that you can have your brand building, which I look at the most of the live streaming as very much brand building, although it can cross over in education and training in all of those other areas. But today, specifically because we only have limited time and I'm owning a lot of this one spot instead of the full two days, which is what video should require. I'm going to talk about YouTube, which is in this you've heard it from so many presenters. It's the second largest search engine in the world. It's huge, and this is one of the things that people want. The epiphany for many people comes in YouTube when they discover the power of YouTube. Search All of you here in the studio audience and all of you online are seeking one thing you're seeking to be sought. You're seeking to be found. Everything that we build in social media is designed to get people to find us and the proper people to find us. The people who should be discovering us to discovers all of the social networks are involved in the same ongoing journey on the same ongoing quest to get people to find us once they're there. The conversation happens and they facilitate the conversation. That's great, but it all begins with a quest. It all begins with getting people to discover us when the second largest search engine in the world is available to you. And there are really simple rules that we could all understand in order to rank in that this is something we should not be ignoring people. So this is crucial. The second thing I understand it's Facebook are YouTube is not a broadcast platform, and maybe it used to be a broadcast platform, but it's not anymore. It is now a social network. I think I was fortunate because I started my emphasis on YouTube at the same time as YouTube changed the rules t to disallow anonymous comments that cleaned up the comments here in YouTube, which used to be just a quagmire of nastiness, to be perfectly honest. And a lot of YouTube content creators turned off the comments field because it was it was rude and it was obnoxious. Frankly, YouTube changed the rules to require your Google I d in orderto log in now in order to leave comments, which means that you can't do it under the veil of anonymity. it cleaned up the comments area. And even though comments are not necessarily the best social platform, they are a social platform. And personally, I credit a lot of my growth of my own channel to the fact that I engage in comments each and every day. I look when people ask me, What's your social network? I say YouTube. I don't even think twice. YouTube is my social network. It's where I engaged with my community. I ultimately use all of the other social networks, but YouTube is the one that I focus on and concentrate on. So if you are going to go down that path, you can use YouTube as your social network. And there's two things that we need to make clear, and they're huge assed faras. YouTube is concerned, and Brian alluded to it earlier in a did allude to it. He hit it right on the head. Mobility is key. Here's the thing about video that we tend to lose, and the Internet in general, in YouTube, specifically is because the numbers are so vast. It doesn't matter what sort of YouTube content creator you are. You've got a tally of how many people watch your video and how many people subscribe to the channel. And the numbers are enormous even for small content creators like myself. I've got somewhere out 100,000 followers now, and I have 150 years, 160, views per month. I don't say that because I want you to think all Steve's doing really well because it's Steve's not doing really well and he's not doing really poorly. Steve's doing what Steve is doing because we can't measure ourselves in this vast world that is the Internet by anybody else's standards. We have to measure yourself against our own standards, so that's one. But the second thing to understand is in these huge numbers, we tend to think about the numbers as the goal, their intimate connections that happen every time somebody watches your video and we can't lose site of that. When somebody watches one of my videos, it's a 1 to 1 communication. Even though it's asynchronous for me, it's synchronous for them and they're watching and they're engaging with me. At that point, they've invited me into their home, not only into their home now, but with Mobile. They've invited me into their hands. There's an additional degree of intimacy with viewing video in a handheld device, because you just, you know, you're just kind of cocoon there, right in the head, and we cannot lose sight of this is that that connection is very riel, and we have toe honor that in our content and how we present it and we can't lose sight of it. So when somebody watches one of your videos, it's a intimate experience for the heck. A lot of people are watching their videos sitting on the toilet, if you know what I mean. How much more intimate can we be than that particular exchange? I don't want to know specifics about who is and who isn't, but I know it's happening and eso at least areas. So as soon as I met you, we're friends. There's no two ways about it. We are friends. So mobility number one as far as key. The second thing, it's spurge. I can't tell you how magical and wonderful searches on YouTube for me. My YouTube channel took off when I figured out what was happening in search, and I started ranking in search and one of my proudest moments, which was a very private moment, and it did not happen on the toilet. But it happened when I was sitting down in searching. I just looked up every note one day for some reason and YouTube search. And there was my video, like ranked third or fourth. And what? Holy jumping. No wonder I'm getting lots of views on this video. It's ranking in search. So I started typing in all the other words of the videos that I was producing. This was before I was really getting into the really kind of, just as I was starting my strike. And when I started seeing how I ranked in search, the penny dropped and I started to understand. This is why my channels going. It's not cause I'm fantastic. It's because I'm ranking in search into this point. Now what I do check my YouTube analytics. Over 60% of the traffic to my videos comes from people who have never seen me before, but through YouTube search or YouTube suggested video, and that is powerful in it craft everything else that I do. And if you start ranking well in YouTube search, guess what happens YouTube gets, the ranking carries through and it doesn't happen as often, but all of a sudden you start ranking in Google Search. And when I do searches on some very nice keywords Now, all of a sudden my videos air coming up as the suggested video in Google search. And at that point there, those videos are getting tremendous traction. So that is the reward for having for doing the efforts that I'm gonna be talking about the process that we're gonna go through now so quickly. How am I doing for time we're gonna bank through this, I'm gonna go through four segments that I want to go through with you today. I want you to first of all, understand your YouTube relationship because it's crucial for you. And I understand what our relationship is with YouTube because it's very different than every other social network. Especially, very different than Facebook's network, which I, as a far as I'm concerned, is a rather dysfunctional relationship. My YouTube relationship very functional. Thank you. Then we're gonna also talk about how we honor that relationship, how we work within YouTube's CEO, not to fool YouTube into ranking our videos, but to make the proper people see our video crucial to understand, I'm gonna talk to you about calls to action. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the format of video because, as we said at the beginning, there's so many different ways that you can want to deliver your video, that the format is gonna be relevant in all of them. But I'm gonna talk about a few of the little challenges we face in video, which is unique from sips, a typically block post when we want to create an action. Because the end of the day, if we're creating videos here for YouTube, we want to call to action. We want toe move our audience into a direction of ultimately being on our mail list. The end of the day is long regards. The hub of my relationship was with YouTube. If somebody subscribe to my channel on YouTube, they're YouTube's customer. They're not my customer, the Dharma customer. They're not my relationship until they move on to my mail list. So I always, always always focused on that and then finally gonna talk about the importance of taking that YouTube content and cross posting at leveraging it into all of the other social platforms. All right, so you tube only wants one thing when it comes down to the end of the day, YouTube is a very simple organism. They only want one thing. They want people to find what they're looking for. Because YouTube is not a broadcast platform, it's a search engine. And if you if you think about how you use YouTube, you go. You type in a term that you're looking for and you want results. You want to be sent to a video and not waste time and see exactly what is being presented that video. So YouTube's goal for you and Fry when we're in as a consumer is to look for something, find it, watch the video get value, and the nature of YouTube video is that we don't watch a single video, but we binge consumed. So YouTube wants to hold us on their platform for as long as possible. There mechanism, of course, being YouTube ads that ultimately ends up paying for things. And even if the ads aren't monetized, the YouTube channel itself is monetized cause I was an ad in the upper right hand side. So YouTube's getting their piece of the action as we go along. But they want to hold you there. And that's why the suggested videos. So YouTube. If they we think that that's what they want, then it's a very simple relationship for us to be happy with YouTube or for you to be back with us. We have to simply articulate what it is we're offering. We don't have to create the best video in the most popular video in the world to ranking YouTube search, We have toe create a relevant video for the search term. We have to ask, what are people interested in? Create a video on that, And if it's a small audience, a large audience that's going to depend on your market, You know, if you're if you are, I don't know if you sell private airplanes, jet airplanes and you custom build them. You custom fit interiors for airplanes. You probably only have a couple of 1000 customers in the world, so your video might only get a couple of 100 views, but that's if it's a couple of 100 the right people. Then you're golden, right? If it ranks in search custom airplane interiors for really rich people. It comes up and they watch that video. So for you and I, all we have to do is we have to deliver the video that meets that needs. And if we do that, then we're gonna Rankin search. If you rank in search your life is going to be a joy because the things that should be found are going to be found. So what do you need to add? Fortunately for this one, I could blast through this because my giveaway to you is my YouTube launch sequence. It's everything I do in each and every video. That is, that his lend me to success. I see a big ass smile happening here. So yes, because I've come up with a process that I walk through, which is included. But the bottom line is you don't play games. You do do keyword research. You wait your key wards towards the very front of the video, the words in front of the title. And that's how YouTube discovers your video early on. And that's how you create. And that's how you create search traction. Then having a thumbnail image is crucial for all of your videos for branding long term. Why not for the success of that video? But when people watch other videos that are related, having a consistent branding appearing in the suggested video create social proof and ultimately leads leads people to you The end of the day. The more that you see a branded image in a YouTube thumbnail, the more that you're gonna think that person's relevant. That video is relevant, and that's going to lead you to ultimately click. One thing about YouTube video is it's not an instant relationship. It's a slow building relationship that happens over time. And you have to trust that if you create good content, people watch a video. You don't have to put your call to action too much towards the front. Instead, give them the content. Trust that if your contents could, they'll come back to you and I can pretty sure Soup can verify that. She watched me many times before she had a relationship with me. It was that constant returning that built the relationship, and then you, of course, have to pay attention to your description tags, and I walked through that entire publishing sequence. As I say as a bonus, where you calls to action. Do not put your calls to action to forward towards the front of a video. Don't be desperate. Act like you've been there before and believe that if you can create good quality content that people will return if they're the right people to return. Uh, yeah, I'd mention already two bones. Your video. Good. Ultimately, with every video that I published, the very first thing I do as soon as it's published on YouTube is Cross posted it to my own block site because I want to move people into my onto my own site, and that's where I have the opportunity to top them in. And if you format it, cross post check, there's check it out, and there it is. If you see right here, I just got a little graphic here. This is what happens on my page. This overcomes the biggest challenges in YouTube. Videos are living your medium if you think about it, So as soon as people click to opt in and when you ask them to do in action, they disengaged from your video. And this is a problem because then they have to have to get them back into our video. And it's a problem for S CEO. It's a problem for retention. It's a problem for us delivering content. So if we ask them to move away from our video too early, we've lost the value of them engaging. Whereas we get them to watch the video here and a play window on our site, they can opt in without doing anything. They can opt in without losing the stream. That's the win win situation. Ultimately, you have to move them over to your own site. And I also wanted Thio Thio Give a shout out against your bonus material. It's a video launch sequence, workflow and a video launch sequence video. Can you tell us more about that? Okay, so what I've done is over the years, what I've done is I've created I needed a systematic approach to publishing a video so that each one would rank and search, and I would the most important moments of a videos life in the 1st 24 hours. You have to create traction, which tells you to basically that this video is valuable and it's going to start to rank more quickly and search. So there's a checklist, a process that I go through for each and every video that I do before I watch it. I'm not talking about the content of the video. People think once they've gone through the effort of creating the creative process of a video that they're done, your job is just starting. If you've got a good video, you have to shine a light on it. And you do that by setting it up for success by following these steps in the sequence and I walk you through a chapter and verse of what to do with each video and at the end of the If you do that consistently on a number of videos, you've got a publishing strategy that should work. So that's that's the bonus content and to follow you. Where should they follow if they want Todo lo tech, follow me on YouTube, find me and just go to YouTube for Dato Tech, all of my social platforms or at dot, detect or just follow suit. Zimmerman, because she's always talking about what do you see? A pay with me and you can click because you were doing so good and I will wrap up with us together. So here is what you learned today. The best value of video basics, and Steve covered. I covered some and you went deep into a lot of it. Way also talked about how to use live stream for your business with Brian fans. Oh, and as you could see from being on stage, it's pretty dang powerful. Getting people to engage in jumping into your broadcast and talking and communicating big word. Take away for everyone. Speaking is engagement. And you resonated with that. How you go back to the comments on all your videos and you engage with everybody. And I know that you spend hours and hours seem to do it. It requires patients, requires patience and you've got patients. So that's good. All right. And we talked about all those strategies for periscope and obviously YouTube content Any. Crush it with the YouTube content, right? Did a great job. Very entertaining. We can tell that you were an actor or never, never, never stood in front before giving. Thanks, everybody okay. Are there any questions for me from the live audience? Yes. Thank you. thank you. So I have a question for you and Steve as well. I don't know if he Yeah, I can answer it. Okay, I know you can't. So you talked about search rink and how important it is and how valuable it is for your videos. And I know how powerful it is because I used to divinity tutorials that ranked really high, and that was really great and successful. But I'm transitioning now into more of storytelling and support encouragement for mom entrepreneurs. And I don't know, how can I rain rink on YouTube with a content like that? That's not editorial. That's not like a how to guide and correct me from long in the back. But I think it really goes back to the keywords. And we talked about those branding key words and the words that people are using on Twitter on instagram on other platforms that you would bring over into the title of those videos and in the description of those videos. Right. Okay. I can only imagine they're not going to rank us high as how to tutorials. Yeah, that's a That's a great question because people are always searching. How do I do. X, how do I delete an instagram comment? How do I you want? You want to add to that? You have to recognize what a storytelling video is gonna resonate with a smaller audience. I mean, it's finding what they're looking for. That's your audience. And that's a community building. More important than what's happening on YouTube is gonna be the ongoing brand building that you're doing in your own channel. And when you promote that video to your list when you publish it, that's when you're gonna start to create the traction because people are gonna be looking for. I'm looking how to feel better on YouTube or your storytelling that so it zig niche market understanding and understand what success looks like. 4 500 views might be really successful. Where is a tutorial? Video? Might have a lot more. Thanks so much helpful given. Okay, I'm gonna stand over here just in case I get you to question and I can't answer it. It's sort of both. What is the full your philosophy on? If you make a video for you tube sharing it to Facebook? Do you share the link to Facebook or do you share it has made a video on Facebook. Yeah, you want to share what's native to the platform and so sharing. But that's a common philosophy, and that's a good philosophy. It depends on your thing. I share the link to my block post. I created a black post, and that's what I share. I recognize the fact that Facebook is gonna hold me hostage and make me actually promote it for anybody to see it. But I ultimately want them on my platform. And that's exactly what we do in bed. We embed that link into our block post. In fact, just toe just to give you a little bit more depth in that in the people and you can you can take a seat. What we do is we actually take our YouTube videos and we transcribe them and we have someone edit them down and we create block post from our YouTube videos. And then we embed the video in the block post, get doing it right. You're just using my whole giveaway. OK, but does that help Okay? Yes, yes, just follow up like I know it like fantastic Amy, She always says, like since since she uploaded her YouTube videos to Facebook directly. She's like getting way more of us on this, um, video, so maybe that's a valid content. I think you each have to choose your own strategy, and aid is crushing it with that concept. And uploading my philosophy is a new face on Facebook. Ultimately, the people haven't asked to see the video, so you might be getting views. But those views aren't necessarily the right people's views and always so the raw numbers You have to pay attention to its What are you getting conversions? What is happening with getting people getting back to your site and opting? Analyst? That's the metric that I look at. Yes, and that is the theme throughout this whole, this whole course, getting them onto your email us. I don't think that's a bad strategy, but it's not the one that I employ. It works for me, is different, everything. It's gonna be different for every single person

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I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

Roz Fruchtman

Sue B. Zimmerman's *Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels* is one of the best I've seen of it's kind (or the best). It was easy to see that each guest speaker was prepared and truly loved what they were talking about - people can feel that. The energy was contagious. But, like everything else, one has to be diligent and follow those strategies that applies to them and their projects. It takes work! What I liked most was that although Sue brought all these experts together in one place to speak to us, she DID NOT make us feel as if we MUST master EACH and EVERY social networking channel in order to be successful. Sue B. Zimmerman made it fun, which makes one want to roll up their sleeves and get started and put in the work! THANK YOU, Sue B. Zimmerman! Roz Fruchtman (@PhotoshopHaven)

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!

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