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Feeling Good About Your Score

Kelly, you want to take focus on priorities first, focus on priorities let's see family plan a monthly date with spouse and two kids? Um, yes, well, I had a date with my husband and I had a date with my daughter and unfortunately, my son was, you know, off with his grand parents, so I guess I'm in sixty six percent sixty six percent. I'll take it. Do I hear higher? Sixty sixty seven, sixty seven, sixty eight, sixty six point six. All right, so there we go and okay, v you take exceed client's expectations. How weld it did lin be creative? Do it this month, I'm going to say eighty percent wow, you guys are screaming. This is good. My experience has been that we get up in these numbers somewhere around and usually with one or two of our guidelines, we get up there, we latch onto one and wow, I've got it, I've really got it and I've been doing my my plan, my birthday's in october. I love doing my plan on my birthday. And so what am I you know, I love a couple of months into the year and I'...

ve got two of them down pretty good. I got connect and I've got trust the flow, but that one turn up, my love wow, did that take a back seat? And in fact I go to this place is saying what was that third one? Oh, I have to go take a look at it and so my scores would be rather low this month gave me an opportunity what do we call that? One of those opportunities that happen as I mentioned and the opportunity came from the outside, it wasn't conscious something that I could create but it's certainly giving me the opportunity and the challenge to use that guideline as much as I can, so this month it may have a high rating. I see ratings that are high, I see lots of them at a hundred percent when we've been working our plan for a couple of years and I mean a couple of years, a couple of months during the year they get really high and then there's one bugger that sits there and keeps getting a low score. What do you think he would do with that one guideline let's pretend we're in months seven and you've got one down in the thirties or the forties and the others are screaming in the eighties in the nineties what would be something that you could d'oh look at my monthly goals and see how I can, like, think of specific ways that I can incorporate that guideline into those monthly goals that's a great idea any others I think what I might too is stick that guideline back again so it's it's like it was the first two months three months or so get it back on the microwave get it back on my phone case so that I've got to remind myself again but yes I love that erica looking for the opportunity within the activities within the goals that I'm going to specifically work it in and use it these guidelines again they take you to that place of creating the new paradigm so let's be good it's uh the first month of the brand new paradigm the new vision this score maybe rather low it may come in at about fifteen percent because remember it's not true today it's not lin be creative reality so does that fill discouraging know we have a whole year to make this a reality generally when we say we're going from san francisco to new york it doesn't happen like that the fastest still the way I know is by airplane it still takes five hours that's not like that so we give it time when you're measuring this one you're also looking at what is happening around you that's the sign of land that showing it showing up what might this be for lin be creative evey what might be a sign of land um in terms of the new um that is showing up it's actually whoa this is happening I would say that um she's been contacted by new trainers that would like her services that she hadn't hadn't before had contact with and that would up that score wouldn't it now it's it's interesting here the scores were doing even though we're pretending we're land the scores are our scores you notice there was nobody looking over your shoulder here but when you're being coached when you're being coach your coach I guarantee you will challenge you in the very beginning about your scores all right good you did thirty three percent I loved that this thirty three percent of no percent or I like the challenge well wait a minute you just told me everything about it that sounds like one hundred percent to me well then we have those people who live in the land of perfection all right can we put it at ninety nine percent? Yes we can do that we can do that and all that the internet is asking that too is suggesting that well you know to be perfect like that it's all right it's okay whatever the scores are there right for you but notice as you do this month after month or pretend to notice now as you do this month after month how you are looking at only what you did do not what you didn't do because what you didn't d'oh just automatically goes right back to entering our goals for the next month and we're saying what can I improve? What can I do to improve let's continue down with some of these over to the score here of my inner coach that was the major role focus so during this first month how much attention how much focus how much of my time did this roll this hat that I said I need a breakthrough of performance get huh you want to do fifty wanna do forty what I hear we'll do a forty five how's that yes there's my initial reaction would be tio wait to score that until I score some of the goals that pertain to the coach wonderful. Is that okay? Yeah, I was wondering if it was important to give a gut agut um assessment first before you do that there's no right or wrong way and if you want to score your goals first or you want to score your guidelines first there's there's no right or wrong way the right way though is your way what you feel and what works. I like that I like that you connected the goal to that and then you want to go up when you get used to doing this like this I'm sitting in the car got my ipad there I'm going boom boom boom boom boom um and you do this month after month you're going toe be a pro at pro doing that so you do it whichever way works for you let's show you how we're scoring the actual activities that we said we were going to dio all right over here we said that we were going to ask them and participating alright that's pretty easy right we did yet if we didn't have the opportunity to ask someone because they were gone all month we may want to come over here to this little note tab and say, uh exclude this from my average because and it's a note to yourself it's saying, um but jan was working on a, uh, project that took her out of state all month and I felt not good timing to ask her ask her him so we're going to take it out of average so that would be what we would do and then this would zero out zeroes out and it's not included in your average notes are fun. You can also put a note there because you want to remind yourself of something uh and and have these printed out okay let's continue down with giving some scores on this so we created the idea jar that was pretty easy, good now we purchased creative life social media boot camp whoa! Do you need that? See the traction we're getting here is feeling good? I did do that or I didn't have all the resource is for it, so I'm going to put it over to next month, but I put it in my shopping cart, so I didn't purchase it because it wasn't in my budget yet, but I put it in my shopping cart so that when the money does come in, I'm buying it notice that that's not a hundred percent but that's fifty percent because I've done something towards it, give yourself credit for what you did, they love that actually, we'll definitely get to your question, erica, but seven wishes and when him are saying that they hear, you know that chastisement in the back of their head the fact that when we're in school, it's always being graded on on what you've done wrong. But finally this is obviously flipping this on its head and scoring you for what you did, right? And that's an procrastination is asking what happens if we do miss milestones considers consistently is this where we then need to rejigger the plan in our monthly revisit of the goals? No, not in my opinion as your coach. What I would say is it's not so much that we need to reconsider the plan, we need to look at what your guidelines aren't producing for you or are you living living in your limited paradigm again? Uh, you're limiting paradigm I think it's something there I think something is creating that boulder that obstacle remember you're limiting paradigm was the the belief that puts obstacles and prevents you from having the success so I think that way we would drill back over and take a look and say hey is that gremlin on your shoulder again? Is that what's happening teo and if that's not the case then I'd look at hmm which guidelines are we really not using? They're because those milestones air coming from your annual goals your annual goals came from what you found through the process of creating was exciting enticing we know where your guidelines came from and they came from the disappointments lessons learned and the accomplishment list so you see how the hip bone's connected to the leg bone the leg bone to the knee bone same process here with best year yet and your plan so I I hope that wasn't insulting but that is the answer from a coaching perspective you said you want that I know you can get there you may need some help on getting there if a milestone iss mist over and over and over now one more caviar was that milestone a little too big a little too unrealistic ah little bit too much of the smorgasbord effect so erica you had a question sort of tags on that which is for example if um number three there uh wass too big because you you know actually well I don't I don't have the money for the next three months or whatever it is to buy it would you then would that flag to you? Okay, I need to maybe um instead of right now the purchase would be the goal it's really would be save money for the goal for the for the purchase bingo okay, yes, I'm going to crown you coach right now good on dh and we would exclude it we go right back up to here and we would exclude it and we'd excluded by doing that and putting a note in alright, that shifted as you noticed as we're entering our scores look what happens you actually get a measurement stick here you get a scorecard, a scorecard of visually how you're doing and month after month after month you're going to get a score card let's put a lot of up a bunch of these in again I'm just going to pretend here and we'll go on down the line but that when it was out this one's in one hundred go back up here one hundred nothing during this month I did this on purpose. I like doing this with my clients because even though they intend not to have something happened this month, you never know when something does, so I'd like to give him credit when something did show up so in this one created community create a community of like minded people by starting a videographer meet up group well their intention was not to do anything in february but lo and behold what did the universe bring them? They're wondering eyes what did they see? They saw a meet up group and a person who wants me to come in and collaborate with them so this one instead of excluding it I give it the opportunity to get a I didn't do it but look what fell into my lap or I would simply just go and excluded your choice your plan you're the pro and you are the operator you can do it as I'm suggesting or you can just leave it blank and say there would be no score next to it because I absolutely had nothing planned for it let's keep doing something here with twenty five I got it and create an incentive for the spring why am I using even numbers no need or twenty five it can go to thirty three percent we just can't do the point please don't sit on the fence it's either a three or it's a four all right let's not screw up our coders here okay? So another one here we've got sixty seven percent I'm going to get this and then mom is starting her list on the refrigerator for me of my honey do's this one's forty four as you can see when you're reading them and the month is done you have pretty much figured out what your score is the most important thing is to make sure that you're scoring what you did do not what you didn't do that you not bringing in that mindset again of oh woe is me and kicked myself I didn't do things all right let's see we're going to save this so you can see that beautiful graf here we are you pile those up month after month after month there's a page in here so that you can put that and you can see your progress what I like to dio is I take the score the average score I send it to me in an email when it comes to my teams or it comes to my husband as the team of the couple dumb or my business partner when I had a business partner and we were doing this who write in the subject line february average score seventy percent b why why february seventy percent because as I saved those who could go ok february was seventy percent march is sixty two that you're you're getting the perspective here visuals air good right? We're creative we like visual things graphs work their visual and their colorful too you can also go into and I generally like my client's plane with the weekly the weekly portion of the pro system here this wonderful software program when you have experienced the monthly now those air people that there are people out there who are extremely detail or in it and they love this so though dive in right away but I suggest that you try the monthly then work yourself to the weekly the weekly is magnificent for those of us who truly used this as our tool and and they work it end they take this seriously when you're working with businesses that adopt this in their culture they are quite serious about this these air going on on the weekly plans this is how this employee and this employee and this employees are doing things their goals maybe yes seventy five eighty percent of them are associated with their jobs, their occupation, the profession, the industry, the company and then another percentage of them are quite personal and they hide him there's a feature in here to hide your goals so that they can't see him and then the manager looks at all of them is that cool that's a really cool way of kate keeping people on track seen what's being done and seeing where somebody needs some help to keep the goals going great tool for project management too and a wonderful one as we've noticed our market drove us to for performance evaluations for those of you on in large companies again it's talking about what you are doing, what you can d'oh not so much the punishing of what you didn't d'oh no, I think things of organically progress thank you fantastic way I have a question about size about setting the size of your girls and taylor stone the saying I know that I'm going to be going getting sorry I'll start again I know I'm going to be going to get a significant derailing in the next couple of months because that's going to become a new stable in my life so should I load up the first quarter with heavy goals particularly or is that a really bad idea who let me ask you is that a really bad idea? Is that a really good idea what is on your agenda? What is your calendar have uh if you can take it on and you want to take it on and it's going to be helping you progress your plan and you know that you've got this wall coming up this derailing that's coming up then by all means do it isn't going to is it going to flat out exhaust you though? Is it going? Teo um or is it going to juice you isn't going to give you some juice. These questions some of these questions you know, I wish I could just say, oh yes, you need to do this or you need to do that it's this or it's that but I'm not a consultant I'm a coach and I know that you have the answer I may need to play with it within you to help you find that sweet spot what the real answer is going to work for you um working your plan will help you could be a master at producing the results so you can find that answer if that's going to work if that burns you out and you've got that wall coming that's going to derail you I said whoa, wait a minute doesn't your teacup need to be full by the time that that derailment you know is going to be coming on rubio photo saying when you when you start your plan ish year do you do you use your previous year's plan is a point of departure or do you just start from scratch fresh every year and then you to your year over year comparison I start from scratch and most my colleagues due to uh the past year is a past years gone it's done I mentioned though I mentioned that I like to look at all the years and I've only done that a couple of times because I was looking for a threat but my recommendation is start fresh it's a brand new year we're closing the chapter we're closing that that page on this last year start fresh how that graph could be helpful if you're looking at um consistently productive times versus one son that aren't maybe there's a pattern there but love it's starting fresh yeah look at your grass I like the post my graphs I look at their colorful and they remind me I am progressing this plan all right so there's that performance review in there to where all your grafts are lined up all your your month's issue khun see down here of what you've done and and how they've done we've only got one in here for your example but there's this wonderful what I call the scoring ofyour traffic lights the end of every quarter another wonderful measurement stick for you that determined are my goals in progress are they doing well? Are they in good shape? Oh this one needs attention I'm derailing a little bit and this one's good and this one's good and when you sign into that very first page to get into your pro system your traffic light show up so again along with the milestones once each quarter being able to which goals might oh this one's really in trouble I'm really resisting this one what I do when I it's it's about honesty with yourself when you are seeing something in red it's that you got to ask yourself okay there's a lot of resistance here I'm not doing this chances are that its resistance so you ask yourself all right back up which guideline is going to help me out of this one? Which one will it be and so in the case of the guidelines of lin be creative let's see take time to recharge focus on priorities first exceed client's expectations which one would take gold number five asked for referrals from clients out of the red zone probably those last two guidelines could be some behavior some action that lin be creative could take to get that back into yellow or green something on progress I mentioned there's a fun little um well there's more than just fun um we have our values here to let me not skip over that I find this to be okay save the changes over here in our values remember we said these are the ones we want to amp up again same thing start for the each quarter how well did I d'oh and using the value pumping it up, increasing my expression of it and utilizing it in my life for these was financial freedom making a different spirituality balance work family and family so we put a score in again bells and whistles terrific over here all of these lead you to the principal's things to help you stay the course with best year yet and of course thea audio lesson's over here jenny has recorded for every single month I talked about we know where you're going to fall, what you're going to need it need in month two in month five in months seven in looking at ok month too it's time to remind you of the gold time management in month number five it's time to play the game in months six we've got a lesson on focus focus focus because that's where it comes up or as an example months seven I know that keeping an eye on your plan because you're making the progress in these lessons go with you and where we perceive you normally are you're one or you're sixteen they still fit this is my favorite when I go over to preferences and I set an email revive minder so I'm going to add a new email reminder I'm going to send it on monday of every week I'm going to send it to myself we'll pretend I'm lin be creative I'm not going to send it to my coach because my coach doesn't need it and what's it going to say remember to use gosh okay remember to use guide line number one now all right it's fine, right? Okay guideline number one what would you do if you saw that in your email monday after monday after monday after monday? Yes, yes, we would push, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete because we're oh, we know what that is, but if I really wanted to remember guideline number one and I know I'm going to delete it, what would be smart here we'll use dorrie's trust the flow because I'm going to see it it's right in front of me these air fun I can say ha ha got you I don't even need to open it up and and I love this tool because here's the tool I use I go in I like to populate it for my clients you could populate it for yourself put it in for a monday a wednesday of friday put your guidelines in remind yourself the destination you're going with your new paradigm set yourself a date remember back up here we had we had wind well once per review date I think I'm going to send me I'm going to send myself a notice that it's time to have my date to score my plan to set my activities isn't that brilliant that's another perfect idea of a tool and a tactic to use with with our technology of using the software to teo remind yourself that I need to keep this in front of me because I'm going to be a master of producing report results so what we've done now you've made your plan you've learned how to score your plan and create activities this allows you to be a master at producing the results as I said the real work begins now after you make that one page plan the real work is your work which is doing the plan living the plan, adjusting the plan, scoring your performance planning for the next and giving yourself a good pat on the back for the things that you did d'oh and then looking at it saying and what can I do better? What can I do next so let's find out if there's any questions from the internet audience that they may have been chatting about? Well, I've been going on and on about, well, this being our internet audience it's probably wouldn't happen anywhere else in the world. They went into a huge debate over with pieces or max, we'd better be off in their own little word at the moment, but I think they've been following along. Otherwise, I want to point out that I am demonstrating today my guideline of trusting the flow did I do well? Did I get a hundred percent? Yeah, actually, they didn't have general questions about best practices on working with a coach let's say that you do choose to have a coach in your life what kind of costs our associate id once the experience gonna be like you talked a little bit about it being virtual in live right? Uh, well, what I like about the best year yet organization is they built in coaching as one of your tools we have, as I mentioned four hundred fifty coaches around the globe and they are waiting right now for you to visit best year yet dot com slash creative live on that site, you can go to a shopping cart that has different coaching packages, including minimally having your plan reviewed by a coach online. I mean by e mail or by phone or, you know, whatever, there's all these different packages at different price points very affordable. Um, I wish I could quote the prices, but go on, take a look at those because I don't remember those I'll trust the flow that they are online to see that their packages we work with clients for a year at a time for every single month, or we work with clients just to review their plan and tighten it up. So working with the coach helps you see things broader than what you didn't see and the best year yet coach is, of course, our license trained experts at helping you get the results and learn pro, too, because they're going to be working it with you. Yeah, that's great, because a lot of people out there have not worked with coaches before, so it's it's the first experience with this kind of coaching? Well, now you can say you've worked with the coach because that's, what we've done today, you've been coached. Definitely our in studio audience has been coach and many of you who sent us in questions have been coat and actually you can say that you've been coached by three coaches and we have one more coming up so you'll be able to say you been coached by four all right? So we're coming to the end of this module. How do you feel about the pro system or paper and pencil of doing this? You're clear yes, on what it is you need to measure but more importantly, are you clear that you're scoring yourself on what you did? Teo not one what? You didn't. Tio erica, does this make a big difference for you? Oh, yeah. It's very exciting. I can see the smile on. Totally all right. Yeah, totally changes the way you look at it and the expectations and that kind of thing. Okay. And what about you, kelly? Yes, clear, concise fill in the blank, you know, giving a number to it. So and the visual graph? I'm a visual person, so having that at the end of the month I would be okay, I like easy peasy. Easy peasy works for me. Yes. And what kids could use this and those who might be a little technology challenge, um they're using it to the a d h client I have lives by this that answers that question again. This helps them focus. Now, I will be honest. They don't like going into the weekly, but they love the monthly. Yeah, I think it's a great way to hold yourself accountable, which is a big thing for me, so and that's it that's it it's the accountability factor, because you are in integrity here when you're producing the results, because you are doing what you said, it's most important to you and integrity, is keeping the promises that you make to yourself first.

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Join executive coach Dory Willer to learn how to use the successful Best Year Yet® system to create a strategic plan for making your personal and professional goals a reality.

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I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

a Creativelive Student

This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.