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Goal Setting for Each Role

Let's, first again, take a brief recap of what we've done so far today and it's been a lot, hasn't it? There's there's a lot of reflection that's gone in. First of all, we've identified the accomplishments and disappointments over this past year that you had, and we selected some lessons learned out of those lessons learned. We looked at guidelines of sweet, positive advice to yourself. Remember I said I was going to tattoo it on your forehead. I was just kidding, but you did put him on your best year yet wallet cards so that you could keep them with you, put them on your bathroom, mirror your your computer screen and make sure that you remember that these guidelines are going to take me to behaviors and actions that are going to shift my experiences. My results to help me have more favorable accomplishments and less disappointments, and maybe even bust up some patterns of disappointments that have been going on in your life. Additionally. Then we went into the power question. We went ...

into the paradigm that is limiting you from getting what it is you want in life or your successes. What air the boulders, thie obstacles that get in your way and we shift did the most powerful limiting paradigm that you felt was really causing. The boulders on your path we created an empowering paradigm something that as I said it was a new coat to new cloak that you were taking and wearing that might not be one hundred percent true today but it has the potential to be new and your reality your vision at the end of this year so we created those then we went in and we looked at the values the values that drive your life both maybe the positive ones and ones not so positive, some negative values ones that come from other places outside of you but which values you wanted to turn up the volume on to amp up this year and and really have a neck sprechen of them at a new level ah high level we went into this last segment we went into the roles all the different hats you wear as a person as a business person personal professional and which eight which eight we're going to land on your list this year giving the most attention to those and selecting just one one of those that was going to be a breakthrough in performance for you included in those roles was the most important one I think the most important one which is your own personal coach or what was it every called it cheerleader dorrie's cheerleader or you have a really great great thing so we have identified ah huge portion of the best year yet process in making the one page plan we're ready now to roll into what else goes on to those plans and that are your goals so let's talk about gold setting remember way different than new year's resolutions gold setting is a process that's quite specific at a specific because we like using you've heard it before if you've been in business smart goals smart goal standing for as for specific ah goal that is detailed out with clear deliver balls of results knowing what those are what what is the intention of the goal they're measurable that means that there's usually something associated with it how many? How much who's involved they're attainable there's a eighty percent chance or more that you can attain it. So if we have a goal that I intend to be president of the united states and that's my goal in two thousand and what is our election year so two thousand and whatever the next election is, is that really attainable if I'm not even running or have my application in or I mean we're talking really that the reality stick here because then we come in to relevant and realistic? Is it important to your future viability and relevant to your vision and your values remember the values work we talked to so we're weaving that in and aligning it and naturally needs to be time bound think big remember that this is already automatically time bound because it is your best year yet so we have a year though some of your goals some of your goals will naturally have times on him that may equate teo a month in the year um september one ah february twenty eight so smart goals again our specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic and time bound and that's what we're going to learn to do today when we're creating a powerful goal here's an example remember the goal of my coach the role excuse me of my coach here's an example of a very smart goal be in the top twenty five percent fitness category for my age by year in let's see if it passed the mustard it's specific right it's measurable is that attainable probably relevant realistic and timed check check check check another example in the role of parent spin half a day each month with chris and leslie doing what they want so what they want half a day who's involved so we have all those elements that are in there is it relevant? Is it realistic? Well you're going to be the judge of that if it's relevant and realistic um I want you to think big I don't want you to be putting in too many goals that are associate id or writing goals that are process oriented where you absolutely know how you're going to get something um gole riding to me it is it's a craft and once you once you really get this with this first best year yet plan I think you're going to enjoy it because as you look more towards the bigger picture I ask questions and clients I say for the sake of what what is it you want to achieve in that role? What do you want to be known for? Let's give another example business owner and the goal devise at least one new wage month of acquiring new clients so that I have twelve additional clients at year end so you see when we jump to the end we go what is it that you would like in this role that this is going to be a segment that involves ah lot of a lot of riding ah lot of thinking and then at the same time and internet audience I need you to still stay engaged to and yet right is understanding what we're doing here because this is a very big component a very important component to making your best year get plan your plan so what we'll do is I want you to take the roles that you identified in question seven you had eight rolls on page let's see what that was twenty one in your booklet on page twenty one in your booklet if you just write out the role and then I want you to write the goal in this fashion first of all think of what result at the end of this year do I want in that role so let's just play with one for a second okay erica are you willing let's choose one roll oh my coat my coach okay so what is the end result you would like um at the end of this full year what would you like it to be um to be known for or something in that role uh lose twenty pounds lose twenty pounds so I would be twenty pounds lighter right? Okay so my coach would my inner coach would be getting me involved in something and we're going to get into the specifics but you have a very attainable goal here that is saying yeah twenty pounds because you didn't say two hundred pounds and two hundred pounds really we have to really think about this is that realistic and relevant? Well, it could be if if somebody's doing something such a surgery or you know you have to make the relevance of it and the realism of it um true to you if we if we go too far out then it's not quite um we maybe bringing in our limiting paradigm again or something that going oh that's not gonna work that's just too far out I have no problems with creating goals that are really far in the future hey, after all that's what we do in business is your business owner you need to create a strategic plan that's out there three or five years before our personal life and best year yet I love it that people just look at a year at a time and then stack up all those previous years that they've done their best year yet and they see how the progress they've been doing in each roll keeps unfolding and blossoming so who's the parent here we have ok ruth tell me a goal that you would like the end result that you would like as a parent at the end of this year um I would like tio the end result um let's see I would like to be celebrating um I'm launching one to college that both from sort of celebrating successful college experiences for both kids ok so you would be let's see if we've got this right you would be the mother of college graduates now quite a one is heading out one is starting so one would be launching so being successful launch let's focus on the successful launch okay so I am a mother of a new college uh student yes yes and so I love it when people go uh I am a happy empty nester does that tell you in the role of parent what's going on they flown the nest the house is empty so in these roles what is the end result? You would like what would as a coach one time I wrote I am an award winning coach and that year I really did in ten to go after that award so that's how I clarified the label and then I started writing goals that went with that so what I like to dio little bit a little bit easier I think and goal writing is right the label of what the role is of what the end result would be I am a uh loving wife married twenty two years that would be the end of this year I am a newly married yes spouse uh I am a photographer I am a speaker trainer photographer videographer think I'm using that tomorrow in an example which tells him ah ha they're videographer by occupation and craft and they are specifically saying I am the videographer of choice for speakers and trainers so let's try and this is this is a little bit of brain power let's see if we've got those down a couple of them becky, did you write one already kind of going back and forth and doing having a little bit stage one? Um but as the organizer um a friend and I are hosting kind of these adventurer a scavenger hunts through different neighborhoods in the city so doing that every two months okay by the end of the year kind of having established we're calling it like a little society a group of people that are doing it so you're the founder of and you may be calling that what it isthe yes yeah yeah I am the founder of yeah the abc scavenger hunt society something along those lines yeah, okay something kind of silly and fun um and try and do one every two months that's you know, specific to the neighborhood that ties in different tourist and adventure you know, that kind of stuff so there's a yes that's that has some great things too it sounds like some fun to hopefully sounds like your values air coming into it it sounds good. Erica, what do you have? This is where I'm I identified that I'm fighting, doing this right now you're doing it right? So so I'm there's a lot of questions and not just I'm not just writing it out, but basically we have the label. So for example, my coach one sort of the up at the top level label that you were just speaking of is, um I am I've minimized my anxiety and m twenty pounds lighter is that where I'm going? And then I have specific goals on how I get there we're going to go into the very specific of the goals I wanted to to give a label sometimes instead of just two the label of spouse of business owner to really okay sex it up what is what is thie end result in that role if you can do that I just it's just a process I like that seems to to help people identify with so what's it gonna look like at the end result and kelly shaking her head and easy one okay we've been talking about it for a while so we're going to do it we are as a wife were with my husband we were a couple that dances well together by the end of twenty four huh take dance lessons yes were a dancing machine ok we're a couple of dancers yes yes so I know the internets probably crazy with this and they're able to come up with a couple of their roles let's see if they have written anything in yet they still definitely are um yeah we're seeing the same well we say lots of positive comments but please yes identify your goals menus you keep in mind let's have a look at these so as we're going into this let's see evie do you have one that's more specific too um to one of their there you're going to relabel the role well I had uh for a friend and a friend was one of my roles and I said I'm a thoughtful inspirational friend that was like the end result yes I'm a thoughtful and so so the role is thoughtful inspirational friend okay good, good I think you've got it this is good and and, uh how about you ruth? Do you have one that you re labelled all might? Well as far as a role I read I relabeled the business owner to creative leader because of some things I d'oh okay? And so um I it has to do with innovative arts education so it's innovative art so I'm I, um founded thie the innovative arts education project programs okay, so I am the let's let's try I'm insisting I'm the founder okay of um it innovative of arts of all right, so then let's short now eso eso the label would be founder of innovative arts a program okay, good, good there's a label there's a label that's what we're wearing this the name badge and do you do see how it might embody for you what the result is where you're headed in that role? What you intend for that role? Yes. Ok. Yeah. Good. Any other examples? While we're working with that in here to make samples from online? Um cat lady says for you to be the financial manager of my house to get my taxes done my dad's taxes my mama states taxes all in by that april fifteenth deadline so that's a pretty clear goal that's very great, very measurable it's got you know, the time and uh all the details there so so they're jumping ahead a little bit and I love that okay that's where we are going is and this is a little dynamic this is a little interesting here with creative life because this segment requires quite a bit of writing and because you are writing what are the goals you have in each of these roles? What I introduced you two was trying a process that I find to be a pretty easy some of my colleagues and best year yet used this to which is helping you identify the label of the role which includes an end result so now as we start writing the goals that you have for these roles each of these and you may have more than one or two important thing is to let me go back a slide here is to make sure that they are specific they're smart goals specific measurable attainable realistic time bound relevant of course and so as you keep writing I'm going to keep talking and internet I know you're going to need to do both uh I'm just going to uh talk about a lot of client examples and and how it shows up for many people over the years that and again the distinction that this is not writing a new year's resolution or just blowing a lot of lot of air into a balloon this is the guts to what it is you want to achieve and not the how to this is not the how to this is what you want in each of these roles so some really fun examples many for myself because I've been a a best year yet users I said for sixteen years now I create plans for myself personally and I create plans for my husband and I as a couple I also have a business plan so the focus on those are extremely different I'll talk about oh let's let's talk about the couple plan for a moment that's always a fun one so is a couple dumb as a spouse we have goals that we sit out and write each year and we ask ourselves so what is it we want to achieve this year in these goals are in these roles excuse me goals rolls okay, I'll get it uh what do we want to achieve? And when we're looking at the end of the year we kind of jumped forward as if we were writing our christmas letter from a year from now and what are we riding to people? What are we telling them that we did well remember that question I asked you at the very beginning what would make this your best year yet? Ah lot of those things might be in there and then we look and we go ah that's a lot but let's break this down what are the things that go under our roles what do we want to be known for? Well, we want to be known as, um the couple or a couple lest you something specific we have the specific role of grand parents. So what do we want to be known for? We want to be known as grand parents that provide life, memorable experiences and adventures for each grandchild. And as you as you write that out as you learn that that is thie end result, we want that's what we would be riding in our christmas letter about the adventures with the will or grandchildren. Then we look and we say so what do you want to dio? You got twelve months? Well, let's see let's, uh, let's plan an activity with each child individually for the year let's take all of them together for some alone time just with us as a family and then let's do something with the entire family, their family meaning the parents now. So as we're starting to whittle it down, what is it we're going to dio we tie it into well, we don't know the actual what necessarily is it going to be the ice capades? Is it going to be camping isn't going to be a ski trip and teaching him too risky, but we do have the overall idea. Of what the result is we want to produce. Remember I said, if you involve other people, sometimes you better touch base with them. Two we'll talk about that at the end.

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