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Gold Time Management

So let's take us into gold time management again remember that we were talking about how not important and urgent activities will suck ah lot of our time and derail a somewhat from our plan more so those activities that are not urgent and not important in doing your plans in putting your activities together month by month and we're just playing here with the first month it's easy to see wow look at that look how many things air in there that are taking my time and that's not going to help me do the activities in the commitments that I've just written down for this first month? You'll notice that because in every week and you go back and you say, well, how did I do? Did it? I'm eye on target with those plans? What do I need to? Oh, you know what? I wasted so much time the other day on facebook trying to stay up with whatever it wass was it essential did now that facebook time is fine if it's purposeful and if it's progressing one of your goals and one of your goals might be to stay conn...

ected with clients? Are relationships good? You may want to up your facebook time, but this is a this is a box here when we're talking about the crisis is thie emergencies the deadline driven projects that if we don't have enough carved out time to put in there for when these things happen because they will always happen uh you're going to be short you're going to have nothing in your teacup it's going to be dry planning your monthly activities that's gold time and this is where your best year yet planet is planning your activities put measuring your progress gold time and that's one of those principles that will carry you through each month with what to dio take the time when would be a good time for you becky to sit down every month and look at your best year yet plan and start working on your activities what's going to be optimal for you monday morning it eight o'clock somewhere alright so monday morning at eight o'clock or somewhere around that so then that would become a calendar appointment for yourself. Yes okay. And what time would that calendar appointment be? Well on monday mornings at eight o'clock okay all right everybody don't call don't expect an email you want to test becky though write her an e mail and see if she responds right at eight o'clock that's what I would do is a coach go well gold time, gold time gold time erica what about you what's going to be optimal for you? Um I think mine would probably be um the last tuesday or wednesday of the month at like noon okay, so the last tuesday or wednesday of the month oh oh I'm sorry I was but I'm thinking specifically of creating these goals right right o for each month ok? Frida month okay, okay. So which one is it? Tuesday or wednesday of the last of the month let's go tuesday okay, tuesday it is final answer locked in so tuesday it is for erica that's when you are plain and active doing your activities in there. All right, so that's a date for you that's sacred time for you and and that's why I created like a date uh don't make it a half too. So what? When I set it up for my clients, I asked them, um all right, so you're going to do this? Where you going to do what? Are you going to do it on the ipad? You're going to do it in pencil and paper? Are you going to do it on your pro system on the computer, which could be ipad to how and where are you going to do it and what's going to be happening around you. So I think I'd like for the first month I'll try doing it on pencil and paper and then putting it into awesome electronic form okay, um and I'll do it at my desk in my living room, okay? So that's you know if if others share your desk in the living room you know you've got to put a reserve sign on it I'm trying to show you that this is so important to be intentional and to stay committed and you're going to do this every month minimally every month this is one of the secrets that I find or I should say secret it's not a secret but it is the success tactic that helps you do this so important to also measure what your activities are so that we can look at which boxes are they falling into because you've just brought in a brand new system into the culture of you you have a culture you you're going to learn to take those guidelines and employ them and in fact all of you have a guideline right now that somehow associates itself with a result which would be gold time management you may not see it I can see it as a coach you'll feel it which is more important and you'll do it which is more important your guidelines are over there in gold time management my guidelines trust the flow yes I'm going to share the shears guidelines with you these are my personal guidelines and trust the flow is one of them where would that fall strategy the strategy isn't it and as I trust the flow even when a crisis comes up I can still trust the flow of I have the ability to handle that crisis I'm going to go into that urgent and important box and everything's going to be fine and then I get tow walk right back over to gold time with my time when the crisis is handled connect daily connect daily into me that means ground myself complete myself you know hold on tio ah higher whatever it is to connect me to the earth to the heavens I need that where would that be over in gold time making sure that I have the the amount of time carved out every morning that is going to give me the gold time in my choice it's it's morning sometimes it's it's just before I go to bed gold time the last one turn up my love turn it my love called time alright kelly okay so I will schedule my gold time for the first of the month. Okay? About eleven ish about eleven ish that's good enough for me can it coincide with something that I've started also yes can which is okay, I like I like double duty I like walking, walking with a friend and both of us listening you know what? We have one of those things that the earbuds go to both of us and we're listening to creative life seriously or we're listening to another thing that's really cool and now what am I doing? I'm really double duty ing it I'm a triple duty in it right or whatever it is that's really cool the more you can do that look at how much more time you've got in and you're doing things in gold time I'm doing some learning I'm doing some relationship I'm doing some collaboration were helping both our bodies and I'm gonna put a smile on my doctor because he's goingto love what my my results are so yes double duty yes okay evey um but I have a question for you on this I feel like the problem child of their group but oh, I love questions so I worked freelance and I'm kind of wondering how teo, you know my schedule changes often and sometimes it's really packed and then the following week I have a little more time to do things so whenever it's a struggle for me whenever I have to schedule something into my schedule that's a regular occurrence okay it tends to get bumped because of the way of my work life isthe eso which box do you live in most the time? Um it's hard to say I mean somewhere in there in a urgent definitely on the urgent side okay, we've got that you got there and you kind of probably straddle a lot important and not important important to not important okay, all right and so because in that and that is sometimes the fact of the life of a freelancer or the nature of of a leader to the majority of people in leadership live in urgent and not important they're pulled into urgent and important, and they want to be in gold time this oh, this is just fairytale land for me. I can visualize it. It just sounds so good that I can't live over on that side. I have to live on this site. So when can you with that? Put yourself over into gold time. Oh, it certainly can, and I do have time to get myself over there, it's my, my, uh, dilemma is that I can't always do it at the same time every week for me to say the first monday of every month, right? It doesn't stand for you and I wouldn't coach you that way because what's your guideline because that guy liked the rules get the rules? Yes, and I would not dare coach you in that way, so I'd say makeup, your rule and and that's the nice thing about this is make of the world that's gonna work for you what's going to be perfect for you because once you have that in, but it is important, it is important at some time that I'm able to plan out because without planning out you are living by default your your results are going to be haphazard I'm not saying you're not going to get results we have all been getting results but the more we get deliver it the more we get intentional whoa now and the clarity of it are results just scream and people go I wanna have what she's having what is that you're doing? I really like where can I buy that? It was if it's a piece of clothing off the rack well you too can have this alright better check oh yes um usually of most email on both of the bottom quadrants there well can you distinguish on your emails which ones are not urgent and not important? I would say hey, check out these cute little panda bears that are cuddling each other, right? Yes that's on them not urgent good. Good are it may be very urgent. It may be important er and urgent because okay, we've got a look at the concept if somebody is sending those cute little panda bears and it's because they've got some kind of research paper going on and their needing them all right, so but I gave you an example to me that would be that would be not urgent, not important, somebody sending me a chain letter or these cute photographs so when it's over here in urgent and not important most the emails that come to me from my clients I require I'm required to respond to them because it's my business yes so I'm going to spend a lot of my time over there I know the majority of my day is over there I'm just saying that if I can build time in gold time over there if I otherwise I have no time for that gold time box that's the one that usually uh scripts we let it go we don't know how many of you as business owners actually take a day or longer and actually do a strict a strategic plan for yourself a retreat uh uh questioning kelly's kelly smiling just like I'm trying to hold my smile it you have to work it in you had to be deliberate about it and it's one of the first things that will go when you have way too much work way too much stuff going on and kelly doesn't work suffer when you haven't taken that time to plan out what do you want to be when you grow up this next year is your business does michael port put on a great show here at creative live and one of his principles? I think it was called book solid one of his principles are the red velvet rope policy that's a strategy and a tactic to sit back and say what clients are ideal to me which ones belong in my red rope and get through the red rope and which ones to have to say no, thank you or over there there's somebody for you over there that's ideal strategy did that answer your question? Because we're talking about the e mails all of this, as with my answers with all of the internet to is it depends on what's going on in you and only you have that answer, but I'm going to see if I can pull it out from you. Let me ask you these questions, what emails can you determine that you're touching are important to you when I work with the leader over here? E mails, meetings calls the very first thing I go through and I look at to get them to some gold time to grab a little gold time is so don't you haven't under study and assistant or this person over here who's aspiring to your position? Can't you just send those emails to them and ask them the carbon copy you on him? And once your confidence comes up that they're handling them, let that one go so a chunk of e mail is gone those reports that you're reviewing do you really need to touch those reports and look at him? Or can this person do it? So this gold time principle is a time management, a life management, a career management a business management system to grab the specialness of the time that's important to make this happen for you that's why we put best year yet over there, do you mind? Could I turn to the internet and see if there's any questions that are bubbling through there? We've got some great comments, and one of the things I love about creative life is not only do we have a global audience, but we have an audience of all sorts of backgrounds, but all sorts of ages. We've had some great comments from some of our older viewers who really get, you know, getting back on track. But we've got a seventeen year old just joined us in the chat room, and they're saying their time is pretty flexible, but they need to set a monthly time like to set their goal. So this up applies to everybody, so thank you, electric bubbles for joining us and absolutely and sarah says, uh, and that this is actually a good thing that's coming up once you know what your goals are once you know what your velvet rope policy is, you know what to say yes or no to so sarah says oh it's funny my life is already adhering to my goals my friend just texted me if to see if I wanted to volunteer with her at a weak and can't trip that definitely fits with my adventure seeking goal so it's a yes yes it's a yes it's a why and shout out cheer to your cheer cheer to the seventeen year old uh little tip it here you want to be an exceptional student uh you want to do get your grades up or you've got uh an idea of where the college you want to go into use this process the twelve year olds that are using this process are amazing we have a superintendent in the denver school district's trained in the best year yet process as a best year yet coach bringing this best year yet into the school systems I know she's been doing it for a number of years in the denver school district wow can you imagine having this when you were a student and and using this process I have a russian client have a russian client who goes to stanford over here in california and her doctorate her thesis she used this to do it and six years later she is still using it she's already achieved her doctorate but she's using it in her business because that was so good to get me through that and jordan we have a question from goalie actually and goldie's bean following along and really trying to understand you know the difference between a limited paradigm and limiting belief but one very specific question they've asked his condori speak once again about true health issues and they how they could be limiting in your police for example if you have a d d or something that impacts your attention it seems like this likely impacts achieving your goals what are your thoughts on this so I I love that one because I have a great client who does have a dhd infact even my sister in law has a d h d and has written a book for students on how teo in a programme in a process and it's fun working with people like that because we have a realism of a reality a belief that I can't stay focused and I go oh wait wait wait but when you do stay focused what is that like and what causes you to stay focus in one case maybe maybe it's a synthetic medication so that's fine so I stay focused when I take my synthetic medication that's fine another one maybe that they stay focused with uh things that they're interested in and so the rial reality of that and how to create the goals the goals may be a little bit different they're not shallow at all they're not shallow goes but they are goals that are designed teo whatever the opportunity is our conditions can be riel but do we need to write the story that creates it as a limiting paradigm? I used that example yesterday, I have a medical condition. It's, true it's in the medical journals, it's all that stuff, but do I want it toe limit me? Or do I want to say, oh, that's, my story? But what else can I dio and I start focusing over there instead of what I can't do what I can do, but I can do let's continue with the wrap up of how to achieve the success, so success, we see it so many times as a ladder in the process of your best year. Yet that wrong that you stepped on creating your your entire one page plan, you have created annual goals, the ten goals that at the end of this year you intend to achieve. Now, I've just taught you how to do monthly goals, how to break it down. We can do the same thing with weekly goals, and I want to show you that after this segment's over into our afternoon segment, there's additional tools, I want to introduce you to there's, an audio siri's of producing results lessons that jenny has put together, we know where you're going to be in the entire year of producing your plan, there's going to be times that you're wondering how this is gonna work times that are high times that are low, and we have created these wonderful audio lessons that match just about every month off where we know you're going to be in producing the results. Gold time management, trying to keep you conscious and aware of where your time is either frittering away or being deliberate and being used to help progress your plan. And this afternoon, producing results online. It's this terrific. I just love it. I love software it's a software program that we developed based on all of our clients saying, okay, I got this paper and pencil thing we've been doing for all these years. But can you join the twenty first century? And can you give us this online in an app or something? And that's another reason why erica, I can sit there with my pad while we're in the car driving up to the mountains go. Okay, here we go. Jeff, how do we do this month while he's driving? Or what do you think our goal should be for this one in this month? That it's on your phone, then it's on your your thing, then it's on your computer and you tap in success takes everything, all the tactics, all the tools we khun d'oh

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This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.