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In Studio Coaching w/ Jinny Pt 2

All right erica so we're going to talk about your goals great right all right we won't have time to talk about all of your goals now maybe someone's second story didn't coach you on so we don't have a different coach uh see um well uh this one that I have that I think is a little not as um specific is some of the other ones is stay on top of routine tasks by creating an implementing a schedule is well keeping uh the calendar up to date invisible what do you think about that girl um I think that it relies heavily on the monthly goals right specific there's a lot a bit long right there's a lot that has to be rolled up in the monthly goal so that what's the result you want so we can come back to not the how but the what that's how yeah uh yeah yeah I mean it really comes down teo reducing anxiety and stress so one of my guidelines is eat the frog first and like what you were saying earlier exactly I've heard that one yeah uh dori helped me with that um so basically I avoid doing the thing...

I want to do the things that I avoid first I want to do them first just like you what you were saying with your writing yes um so there's even a lot of routine tasks that I just put off and then they become urgent and then I don't do him I still don't do them in trouble and then they weigh on my mind and I still don't do them and I'm have anxiety and stress over them okay, so what is the what is that uh what is the result that you want this year? Um the first thing that comes to mind is just staying on top of the small I think that's how right I want you stay on top of the small things you're going to be just like me not writing my writing my article I wantto be stress free okay, I want to be stress free buy uh what not I'm not looking for a date here. I want to be stress free about my work by doing you could say practicing gold time yeah, I think that that's what I need to dio practicing gold time at least x hours a week it's amazing how much you could get done you know, if I really practiced if I just had something a simple is practice goal time two hours a day well, it had my meditation and I'd had my exercise. Those are both gold time then I'd be working on my plan a bit that's gold time and then I'd outline my article two hours and that might not exactly fit for you but you see what I mean that makes a lot of sense because I do see where just the non urgent task turns into urgent so if I practice the gold time than that can I eventually there aren't any fires you know what I write my article once every two weeks I'm stress free like that but I like the practice you know I don't I remember your plan is quite you've got quite a few wonderful ambitions this year which is good no problem so what's the goal now um I'd like to be stress free by practicing gold time um ten hours per week I'm not quite sure what a reasonable amount would be I mean I know there's a lot of little stuff too but if we do gold time once one or two hours a day but you know it's amazing how fast the little stuff kid son yeah stuff takes a long time if we're procrastinating e take months of what I could for crowd on a team mills yeah on them carried that on me left and then you know then you're back in the grey zone right? So I'm horrible look at this I can't get anything done you exactly um so you picked the amount of time but do you think practice gold time it could be whatever an hour per day yeah great I like I love that yes that's it can you imagine? Would you be stress free I believe so yeah especially knowing that I have that time um carved out to dio yeah, I love that thank you if it's magical I've had you know ceo is crazy with email and meetings and people calling them and you know all the rest of it and talk to them about gold time and it couldn't believe what happened you know they're lighter there on top of things it's amazing and you've completely gotten that concept I can tell by the way you talk about it you could teach it uh it's a it's a new tool that I hadn't had any experience with so I'm gonna be a huge help thank you good what's another one that you'd like to come rediscover and thoughtfully cultivate friendships by reaching out at least three times per month read it again a little bit more slowly rediscover and thoughtfully cultivate friendships by reaching out at least three times per month perfect oh okay yeah what you want and you're you've measured it by saying x times among right perfect okay that's a great one um I feel pretty good about all of them. Um I've have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily anything now she is discreet it again there's quite a bit in there have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily is that sounds like something you could do you could have set into your life absolutely. It sounds like you know how I do my meditation practice in the morning is just that just lift the whole day and I once did do a meditation practice daily and it really changes the dynamic of it certainly does. And then I slowly, you know, every other day and every week and now I don't do it at all. Can you make a promise to e mean a goal like that is a promise. So, you know, I'm not your coach, but you know, there's a lot of people listening here. Oh, yeah. And I recently upped my commitment to my own meditation practice by making a promise to somebody that I would do it every day. Dae hee I said every day and I've kept that promise. Yeah, I absolutely can and you will get starting tomorrow. Oh, one hundred percent that's. Wonderful. Yeah. Okay, read it again. I have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes. Do we take the anxiety out? I hate to put negative stuff in a goal. What if we just send it out? If you're clear minded, are you no, no anxiety no, yes, like that, just take it out, okay? Yeah yeah pretty attached to anxiety since I took it out in the great show yeah that's really I it's very helpful to stake that out okay read it now have a clear minded life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily I like that clean okay one more um uh find my inner voice as an artist by working on projects that facilitate refining and learning new skills at least fifteen hours weekly I'm confused by that one it's got a lot in it what's the result you want find my inner voice as an artist find your inner voice is an artist what's your what do you do your photographer your uh well I actually quit a job that I hated last summer good for you you take the leap well my husband helped me um but now have the opportunity to do what excites me haven't I mean do you have a particular artistic um well that's part of the question is that I think it's mixed media but part of part of this goal really is the goal is to work on projects to find what that is I'm not one hundred percent sure what that looks like yet? Ok reid the girl again okay going um find my inner voice as an artist by working on projects that facilitate refining and learning new skills at least fifteen hours weekly to your real goal is to find your just read the first part find my inner voice as an artist how about that? Great yeah, yeah and then a tte that time tell me when you've found your inner voice as an artist, you will have found which particular uh, a gift that you have to give to the world, right? Right? You will know what you're going to focus on, whether it's this or this or this I sense you have a lot of options right now. Yes, the whole world ahead of you remind me of myself. I'm telling myself over creator I could do this good, theo, you know, and then you have to do is endorses choose jess and it's so powerful to choose there are so many things that you could do, you could do many things. I've watched you over that's a day or so and, uh, you're quite capable, but this that focusing down you've heard this thing about think they say if once you've spent ten thousand hours on something, you're an expert but to do that you actually have to focus on one thing. Yes, but that's so this year is a year of exploration by the end you're gonna know that's that's my passion if I asked you right now what's your passion to create to create and you just want to know what it's going to be there, yes yeah, I'm not quite sure so that's what that's ok that's ok I just assumed as you feel it might happen in three months or six months when you feel you could make a choice with it thank you alright thank you so much this's great and so open thank you very much for erica. Okay dorri come on back up here. Well, we're going to do now I think I'll just give this back to you you're you're you're the expert okay, so what we're going to do if you remember back to the beginning when we said okay, this is what we're up to this is why we're doing this and these are the goals were going to achieve and we said, you know, there are goals for you but we want them to be your goals for you so let's see how how did you do? Okay, so our purpose I better stand over here yes, so can can we see that we're to acknowledge and appreciate what happened last year? And, uh I think we did that pretty well. Everybody did the internet land you did that very well too from those defined the useful lessons, good jobs, good jobs on creating those guidelines from the useful lessons you did a great job coaching and because they're they're guidelines are phenomenal, their stellar yeah, they're not big long stories they just the headline right right the headlines are good and we created a positive internal focus for producing results that was shifting that limiting paradigm over to an empowering paradise and there's wonderful with our call into I could feel that with him in the room there just just when he got it did you embody that and fill that too for him when he said that at the end idea to build it get all the clients I want uh okay okay identify my top ten goals for next year you tightened up there was a little moaning and groaning I heard that when I asked you to wipe off some of them but you also did a very good job of getting rid of should sze and ott twos and this first year there may be something that sneaks on there or you find in there just no don't should on yourself ok alright complete my one page plan we did we did and we celebrated that and you learned how you're going to put your plans into action that's the big part it wass work putting together your plan but now you're really work really really begins don't you agree? Oh absolutely so do you feel? I just like I like this one to ten business okay, so I'm going up we'll give you a minute to think about this on a scale of one to ten how certain are you that you know how to put your plan into action and let's ask that to the internet so quickly chatted in scale of one to ten let's see what's coming up with the one, two tents all right? And so let's find out starting with you evey if I know how I'm gonna put my plan into action, I think I'm, uh nine nine taken nine excellent for you good, I was going to say eight just to get into the pro and it'll help kind of define and sort it out a little further and it's very intuitive I mean there's people of all ages and all technical ability using it please don't use mine up here they don't t pro it's a result hard way in front of my computer I can do this goes back to that pc and that mac thing alright. And erika um it's a ten and when I was realizing is that you know, so you may nine nine point five, but really the nine nine point five is just letting my doubts and of whether or not I can do it so I do believe that I have the tools to do it now you do, I can't wait to bust those doubts and those doubts will be busted all bet by february next year let's hear from the internet to be mainly ate a lot of lights coming that's fabulous that's the green zone that is green way yeah oh that makes us very happy, doesn't it? I like it's alright so we're knowing how to put our plans into action and may your best year be next year and your best year yet truly extraordinary be just as you wish it to be you have the ability to do that so that's our relation for you well I just want to reply because I think it's so important and I know you feel that way about the other people that have just made their plans so let's wish when another just think may but take it from us we're wishing this for you and all of you out there mayor next year be honest to goodness your best year yet be truly extraordinary and be just as you wish it to be yes, just as you wish it to be can you imagine it? Could you take it? I'll toast to that one. Yes okay, thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you so much, my dear. You were extraordinary and I'm so glad I came wei are to be taken for creating such a fabulous process your question has a legacy that last year after year after year for all of us did I tell you my new paradigm no my new paradigm member, the back thing, and I can't do anything, and I guess it's all over for me, and I don't know if I'm going to go out to creative live because it center, etcetera, my new paradigm is let me think I'm re claiming the life I love the life I deserve and this was created january first. Yet so it's a brand spanking new paradise it is that. Oh, good. So we'll check in with you in jackson you're absolutely but this is a creative live and you and all of you have certainly made that a reality for me. Thank you very much. And let's see, we have one more thing for internet audience. We want to make sure that you go on over to best year yet dot com slash creative live to side up for those free monthly newsletters. The audio lesson number one, which kicks you off your first month with the full proof combination and there's. One more exciting thing one month from now, on march fifth, we have a live webcast with jenny coaching those who call in it's free and it's at nine a m mountain standard time you go over to there will give you the number will set you up so you can find out if and how you're tracking your plan for that first month of being and doing and applying your guidelines and making your plan happen, we usually have a problem. Sorry, we scheduled it that time, because no matter where you live in the world, you should be able to. Some of you will have to maybe be up a little later, get up a little early, but it should work for a lot of people, right and it's life. And yet we also know that some of you can't make that time zone, but you, khun, still benefit from listening to all of the others that are on their lives. It'll be recorded. The webcast will be recorded for you, so go over there and sign up and look at all our other products again. There's. A very special discount for you, and only for creative life.

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Join executive coach Dory Willer to learn how to use the successful Best Year Yet® system to create a strategic plan for making your personal and professional goals a reality.

Dory guides you through setting goals and crafting step-by-step plans for achieving them. Dory is joined by Best Year Yet® founder Jinny Ditzler, who explains how to crash through your own obstacles to personal and professional success and access your greatest strengths.

By the end of the course, you will have a clear plan that motivates and inspires you to make the changes and delivers the results you’ve always wanted. You’ll also make a plan for the first month to make sure you leave the workshop, knowing “I can do this!” This course is a must for anyone who wants the clarity and confidence to transform their life.



I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

a Creativelive Student

This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.